Thursday Night Euphonious Fucksauce: 2012-07-09 (Fuck The Sun Edition, Part 2)

Edit: 09-24-2012 - Removed this podcast to make room for new one.  Message me if you'd like to hear this podcast.

Ohhhh say can you seeeee, by the dawn's early liiiiihahahahahahaha!!!

Videos!  Check 'em out!  You know the fuckin' drill by now!

01 Slipknot - Surfacing [Live] (from Slipknot [Expanded Edition])

02 David Bowie vs. Tori Amos (Wax Audio) - Tori's Deranged (from Mashopolos II: The Mashening, and Mashed In Plastic)

03 Dir en grey - Cage (from Gauze)

04 Bim - Raindrops (Live & Acoustic) (from Soundcloud)

05 Peter Gabriel - Washing Of The Water (from Us)

06 Vidyasagar - Aasai Aasai... (from Dhool OST)

07 Jackie 'O' - Save Tonight (Remix) (from Save Tonight (Remix) Single)

08 iiO - At The End (UltraSun Remix) (from At The End (UltraSun Remix) Single)

09 The Prodigy - Break And Enter (from Music For The Jilted Generation)

10 BT - A Million Stars (feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw) (from These Hopeful Machines (Disc 2))

11 Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (from Stripped)

12 Eminem - Beautiful (from Relapse)

13 Otep - Perfectly Flawed (from The Ascension)

14 The Engine Room - A Perfect Lie (Nip/Tuck Theme Song) (from Nip/Tuck OST)

15 Violent J - But You Didn't (by Joseph Morehead) (from Insane Clown Posse Hotline)

16 Leonard Cohen - Democracy (Spoken Edit) (from... somewhere)

17 Henry Rollins - Disintegration (from Nights Behind The Tree Line)

18 REK - Uselessorgan (from Tough Titties)

19 Sonic Youth - G-Force (from Screaming Fields Of Sonic Love)

20 Frank Sinatra - That's Life (from That's Life)

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