Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-11-11 (Punk as Fuck Edition Vol. 5)

• November 11th, 2019

What’s up, motherfuckers of the true punk and poseur persuasions?! As we all know, there really are only two types of people. Hah! Fuckin’ elitist cunts. Isn’t this fuckin’ joke of a country divisive enough as it is? Anyway, more on that in a bit. I have to humbly apologize for this coming to you later than usual. My schedule lately has been such that I’m actually getting to sleep sometime before dawn, so between working and all the other shit goin’ on in my world right now, I had to get some fuckin’ sleep. So I did, and that meant I could actually do this without being as fuckin’ exhausted as I usually am when I put this shit together for you perverts. Any-fuckin’-way, emo-fuckin’-clew to the 5th installment of the Punk as Fuck Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! So, clearly, this will be a podcast made up entirely of easy listening, pop country stadium jams, mumble rap, mind-numbing Xtian anthems and other such rambling, monotonous fuckin’ mediocrity.




This one is following my current trend of being pretty much entirely new tracks. Some of the tracks are long-time favorites, but most are new to both this podcast and to me. Especially this group I just discovered, the Sex Pistols. Apparently, they’re from the UK, and they’re anarchists or something. Wild, wacky shtuff. Also, I’ve got a thousand-acre fuckin’ salmon farm in Siberia I’d like to sell ya. Also also, some of these tracks might deviate from what you consider to be punk, but ya know, you’re just gonna have to put on your big boy/girl/non-binary-neon-unicorn panties and deal with it. If punk was/is ever about anything, it was/is about pushing boundaries. Pretty fuckin’ sad how it became one of the most rigidly and contentiously defined subgenres of music in history, at least as far as I know. Is punk dead? Is it not dead? That person’s a poseur! No they’re not!


WHO FUCKIN’ CARES, BITCH?! It’s music. Let people enjoy shit. As I’ve said countless times in the intros to these editions and others similar, if you encounter someone listening to something you consider to be a weak-ass, watered-down example of a genre that you love and know well, try expanding their fuckin’ horizons instead of heaping scorn on them. If someone’s only in it for the fashion, let them fuckin’ be. How does their vacant fuckin’ way of life affect yours? They’ll grow out of it like the fickle little cunts they are, and you’ll have your precious scene back aaaalllll to yourselves. Like I said earlier, this fuckin’ joke of a country is divisive enough without numerous subcultures duking it out amongst themselves and each other due to different instruments making different sounds in different ways, or different clothes looking different from other different clothes. It’s like a fuckin’ Nazi-esque search-and-ridicule endeavor for so-called purity in the scene. If you’re such a fucking profound authority, take it upon yourself to educate anyone you think might be receptive to it.


Just, ya know, don’t be a fuckin’ cock about it. It’s pretty much fuckin’ impossible to open someone’s mind if you insult them before attempting to do so. Anyway, I’m making a new edition of this series because I’ve been following politics pretty closely lately, and that fuckin’ shit always gets my blood boiling. Punk is great music for that, and same goes for hip-hop (or rap, depending on who you ask). That’s one thing I definitely appreciated about the Warped Tour festival, even though I really had a difficult time enjoying myself at the one I went to in the early 2000s.


All that said, fuck, let’s do this and fuckin’ yojne, eh?!



01 The Death Set - Lite The Fuse (from King Babies EP) [00:02:50]


02 The Exploited - (Fuck The) U.S.A. (from Totally Exploited - Best Of) [00:04:43]


03 Choking Victim - Fuck America (from No Gods / No Managers) [00:08:00]


04 Death of a Nation - The United States Of Amnesiacs (from Death of a Nation) [00:10:19]


05 The Clash - I’m So Bored With The U.S.A. (from The Clash) [00:14:04]


06 Pennywise - American Lies (from Never Gonna Die) [00:16:27]


07 Moral Decline - Fuck Rednecks (from America For Sale) [00:18:36]


08 Dead Kennedys - Triumph Of The Swill (from Bedtime For Democracy) [00:20:53]


09 Zero Boys - Civilization’s Dying (from Vicious Circle) [00:23:10]


10 Anti-Flag - Hate Conquers All (from Hate Conquers All) [00:25:06]


11 Ho99o9 - Hated In Amerika (from Mutant Freax) [00:27:52]


12 Bad Religion - Nobody Listens (from The Gray Race) [00:29:52]


13 Criminal Instinct - The Virus (from The Virus) [00:31:47]


14 Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off (from Plastic Surgery Disasters/In God We Trust Inc.) [00:32:49]


15 NOFX - Kill All The White Man (from The Longest Line) [00:33:49]


16 Leftöver Crack - Nazi White Trash (from Leftover Leftover Crack) [00:36:36]


17 Beastie Boys - Tough Guy (Remastered 2009) (from Ill Communication (Deluxe Version/Remastered)) [00:39:43]


18 Gwar - Eat Steel (from This Toilet Earth) [00:40:40]


19 Ho99o9 - Get a Grip (from Dead Bodies in the Lake) [00:42:08]


20 Minutemen - Corona (from Double Nickels on the Dime) [00:42:29]


21 Lunachicks - Luxury Problem (from Luxury Problem) [00:44:51]


22 The Death Set - Can You Seen Straight? (from Michel Poiccard) [00:47:41]


23 El Noi del Sucre - Ni Dios Ni Amo (from A Mi Manera Vol. 2 (Leyendas de un Desconocido)) [00:50:10]


24 SECTION H8 - Day of the Rope (from Winter Games - Single) [00:55:17]


25 Dream State - Primrose (from Primrose) [00:59:21]


26 Lower Class Brats - Background Music (from Rather Be Hated Than Ignored) [01:03:36]


27 The Stooges - T.V. Eye (from Funhouse) [01:06:44]


28 Koffin Kats - The Way Of The Road (from Our Way & The Highway) [01:10:58]


29 Free - Equity Head (from Ex Tenebris) [01:13:22]


30 Ho99o9 - Punk Police (unknown virus 5.) (from Cyber Cop [Unauthorized MP3.]) [01:15:17]


31 Deviated Instinct - Rock ’n’ Roll Conformity (from Welcome To The Orgy) [01:16:44]


32 Dicks - Fake Bands (from 1980-1986) [01:19:02]


33 Paddy And The Rats - Scums Of The Seven Seas (from Tales From The Docks) [01:20:26]


34 The Misfits - Astro Zombies (from Walk Among Us) [01:23:12]


35 Bad Religion - Atheist Peace (from The Empire Strikes First) [01:25:21]


36 Die Toten Hosen - Wannsee (from Laune der Natur Spezialedition mit Learning English Lesson 2) [01:27:18]


37 Toy Dolls - Florence Is Deaf (But There’s No Need To Shout) (from A Far Out Disc) [01:30:21]


38 The Death Set - I Like The Wrong Way (from Michel Poiccard) [01:32:55]


39 Operation Ivy - Knowledge (from Operation Ivy) [01:33:40]


40 The Distillers - Bullet And The Bullseye (from Sing Sing Death House) [01:35:20]


41 D.I. - Richard Hung Himself (from Team Goon) [01:36:32]


42 Minor Threat - Minor Threat (from Complete Discography) [01:40:16]


43 Lastkaj 14 - Börja om (from Becksvart) [01:41:42]


44 Funeral Chic - Jump (from Superstition) [01:44:20]


45 MDC - Business On Parade (from Millions of Dead Cops / More Dead Cops) [01:45:42]


46 The Death Set - A Problem Is A Problem It Don’t Matter Where You From (from Michel Poiccard) [01:47:06]


47 Kaos Urbano - Héroe Solitario (from Más Vivos Que Muertos) [01:49:19]


48 Riskee & The Ridicule - Accelerate (from Body Bag Your Scene) [01:52:10]


49 Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer (from Young, Loud and Snotty) [01:55:56]


50 Germs - Lexicon Devil (from GI) [01:58:59]


51 Ho99o9 - Sub-Zer0 (from United States of Ho99o9) [02:00:39]


52 Stiff Little Fingers - Suspect Device (Single Version) (from All The Best) [02:02:50]


53 Reagan Youth - Degenerated (May 1983) (from The Complete Youth Anthems For The New Order) [02:05:30]


54 L7 - Fast And Frightening (from Smell The Magic) [02:07:45]


55 The Adicts - Chinese Takeaway (from Sound of Music) [02:10:15]


56 Mimikry - Alla vill till himmelen men ingen vill dö (feat. Martin Westerstrand) (from Grit) [02:12:50]


57 Leftöver Crack - Muppet Namblin’ (w/ The Distillers) (from Leftover Leftover Crack) [02:15:42]


58 Les Sales Majestés - Sois pauvre et tais toi ! (from Sois pauvre et tais toi!) [02:16:43]


59 OVER ARM THROW - Lamplight (from Songs -what I sing when a war resounds this-) [02:19:48]


60 Smokey Bastard - Eden Holme - Pt. 1 (from Tales from the Wasteland) [02:23:19]


61 Driller Killer - From Out of Nowhere (from Total Fuckin’ Brutalized) [02:26:52]


62 S.M.N. - I MADE YOU BLACK (from BAD HOP) [02:29:06]


63 Rotting Out - Reaper (from Reaper) [02:31:18]


64 The Distillers - Oh Serena (from The Distillers) [02:32:56]


65 Circle Jerks - Live Fast Die Young (from Group Sex) [02:35:28]


66 Stellar Corpses - Leave A Stellar Corpse (from Respect The Dead) [02:36:58]


67 Hands Of God - No Mercy (from Blueprint for Self Destruction) [02:39:25]


68 Fear - I Don’t Care About You (from The Record) [02:42:50]


69 Hüsker Dü - Don’t Want to Know If You Are Lonely (from Candy Apple Grey) [02:44:33]


70 Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant (from Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols) [02:47:55]


71 The Stooges - Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell (Bowie Mix) (from Raw Power (Legacy Edition)) [02:51:09]


72 Toxic Holocaust - The Liars Are Burning (from Conjure and Command) [02:55:52]


73 Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve?) - 1996 (from Love Bites (Special Edition)) [02:58:43]


74 Lunachicks - Hope To Die (from Luxury Problem) [03:01:19]


75 Templeton Pek - The Aftermath (from Watching the World Come Undone) [03:05:19]


76 Bad Brains - Sailin’ On (from Bad Brains) [03:09:22]


77 The Living End - Roll On (from Roll On) [03:11:17]


78 Zero Boys - New Generation (from Vicious Circle) [03:14:22]


79 Stray From The Path - The First Will Be Last (from The First Will Be Last) [03:15:58]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-11-04 (Neu Edition)

• November 4th, 2019

Nooo, not Northeastern University, not neuroglioblastoma cell line, not the influential German electronic group from the 70s either, and no, I didn’t fuckin’ misspell the English word, “new.” Can you fuckin’ imagine? I’d have to be waaaaay too fucked up beyond repair to actually misspell the intended name of one of my podcasts. No, this… is the Neu Edition! What does fuckin’, “neu,” mean? It means, “new,” but in German! Why did I choose such a fuckin’ obvious and one-word name for this edition? I don’t fuckin’ know. I didn’t feel like being clever or moderately insightful this week. Eat a dick if you don’t like it. Start your own fuckin’ podcast so you can do better than me, bitch.


Soooo, you’ve no doubt noticed by now that I’m coming to you once AGAIN un-robotized. I don’t know if/when I’ll return to the “robotic,” voice. Maybe if someone (almost anyone, I suppose) requests it, and I would guess that the chances are greater that Donald Trump will poke his head out of my asshole and say, “I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque.”


Anyway, back to why I named this edition, “Neu.” Well, this edition has allll new shit on it. Over 30 artists whose music I’d never even heard before this past week, along with some new discoveries from artists who I have played. Again, not tryin’ to brag, just tryin’ to demonstrate how fuckin’ easy it is to branch out with your fuckin’ tastes. How many times do I gotta fuckin’ say that shit, hmm? IT’S. FUCKIN’. EMBARASSING!


…Anyway, as far as why, “neu,” instead of simply, “new,” I just enjoy the different vowel sounds. I know, I can be pretty fuckin’ easily amused sometimes. Can’t we all? In case you haven’t noticed, I sometimes shake things up that don’t need to be shaken up just for the fucking sake of shaking things up.


Case in point, I sometimes say emoclew because at some point, I decided I was tired of saying, “welcome.” I’ve said, “doof,” when I got tired of saying food, and I’ve said, “yojne,” in the intro of just about every podcast I’ve done since 2012 or so, which (as only the most rockety of rocket scientists can decipher) is, “enjoy,” but BACKWARDSSSSS! I know, fucking mindgasm, right?


I don’t know, man. A lot of life can feel like the days blur together in a seamless fucking drag, even if you’re not depressed through it all. That’s likely why people clamor over the fuckin’ weekend all the time, aside from the fact they made shitty fuckin’ life decisions and ended up in a job they loathe (which, if I just described you, maybe try adjusting things a little or a lot so that you’re happier with your fuckin’ day-to-day). I say, go ahead and use backwards fuckin’ words. Shake things the fuck up, even if only a little bit. Why the fuck not? Who gives a fuck if people think you’re weird? It’s a fuckton better than trying to squeeze into whatever fuckin’ nimrod’s definition of normal could be. Teenage wisdom, I know, but it’s still fuckin’ valid. Plus, even though that revelation’s got fuckin’ cobwebs on it from how old it is, a lot of so-called adults could use a lesson or two on it. Probably live considerably more fulfilling fuckin’ lives.


That sounds like a good place to wrap it up, and no, I don’t mean use a condom. Fucking ew, and no, that doesn’t mean what you think it means. Just that I hate the utter lack of fucking sensation, literally. Makes fucking fucking pointless, pretty much. I’d much rather just get tested semi-regularly with someone I trust, which pphhhhh, fucking good luck with that one. Y’all go ahead and have yourselves a fuckin’ blasty blast; I’ll be over here holding my breath ’til I fuckin’ asphyxiate. But shit, I’ve been wrong plenty of times in my life, fuck. Maybe the universe will someday prove to me yet fucking again how full of shit I am.


Aww, see? Look at me and my fuckin’ feely-weelings. There I fuckin’ go, havin’ myself a grand ol’ fuckin’ pity party, and unwrapping shit when I said I’d wrap shit the fuck up. Cheese’n’Rice, self, go to H E double hockey sticks and shut the front door, because it. is time. to yojneeeeee!







01 meganeko - that’s some spooky stuff (from that’s some spooky stuff) [00:03:27]


02 Purity Ring - Fineshrine (from Shrines) [00:07:44]


03 Akosmo - First Steps (From “Celeste”) (from First Steps (From “Celeste”)) [00:11:13]


04 Alias & Doseone - The Deadener (from Less Is Orchestra) [00:15:49]


05 Joker - G Shit (from XXIV Bit EP) [00:20:05]


06 Crystal Lake - Aeon (from Helix) [00:24:17]


07 SYN - Cyberpunk (from Cyberpunk) [00:27:30]


08 SWARM - The Nothing (from The Nothing) [00:31:07]


09 El Tigr3 - She Swallowed Burning Coals (from ¡Roar!) [00:36:28]


10 Kai Wachi, Code:Pandorum - Paimon (from Paimon) [00:41:01]


11 Wildstylez, Sound Rush - Untamable (feat. Ruby Prophet) (from Untamable (feat. Ruby Prophet)) [00:43:34]


12 Hopes Die Last - Alphawolves (from Alphawolves) [00:46:41]


13 Michael St. Laurent - Know You Well (feat. Laura Hahn) (from Know You Well (feat. Laura Hahn)) [00:51:52]


14 Grimecraft - Chemical Plant (From “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”) - Remix (from Spindash 2) [00:56:18]


15 After The Burial - Exit, Exist (from Evergreen) [00:59:30]


16 Black Tiger Sex Machine - Hell Motel (from Hell Motel) [01:03:22]


17 Dirtyphonics, Bossfight - Evil Inside (from Evil Inside) [01:07:46]


18 Dance With The Dead - Get Out (from B-Sides: Vol. 1) [01:10:50]


19 Alias & Doseone - T.L.R. (from Less Is Orchestra) [01:13:20]


20 Lox Chatterbox - Hourglass (feat. Monsters With Tiny Mustaches) (from Hourglass (feat. Monsters With Tiny Mustaches)) [01:17:00]


21 ASTN - Flowers (from Flowers) [01:21:14]


22 Slushii - I Don’t Need You (from Watch Yo Back) [01:24:10]


23 Little Cecil - 1982 (from 1982) [01:27:31]


24 bLind - Two Step (The Veldt) [Final Fantasy VI Remix] (from Two Step (The Veldt) [Final Fantasy VI Remix]) [01:32:41]


25 Gunship - Cthulhu (feat. Corin Hardy) (from Fangoria Presents: Hollydoom OMST) [01:37:26]


26 Sidewalks and Skeletons - Sleep Paralysis (from White Light) [01:43:19]


27 Rous - Recensere (from MAE) [01:46:40]


28 Electus - Your World (from Your World) [01:50:42]


29 Conquer Divide - Nightmares (from Conquer Divide) [01:55:39]


30 Kognitif - Strange Day (from My Space World) [02:00:53]


31 A_rival - Ryu’s Theme (Street Fighter Remix) (from HeadBangers) [02:03:53]


32 S.P.Y - Dreaming (from Alone In The Dark: EP 3) [02:07:35]


33 Trye - By Your Side (from By Your Side) [02:12:11]


34 El Tigr3 - Infanticide (from Man-Eater) [02:15:09]


35 GHOST DATA - Arc Star (feat. Altruist) (from Void Walker) [02:20:03]


36 Razakel - Cock Block (feat. Ruby, Molly Gruesome & Lil V) (from Muerta REUP Another Dose Of Death) [02:23:45]


37 HEALTH - CRUSHER (from DISCO3) [02:30:01]


38 Lully - Wow Esme (from Wow Esme) [02:33:20]


39 meganeko - Delete (Bossfight Remix) (from Delete (Bossfight Remix)) [02:36:32]


40 Nana The Shrimp - Speedball (feat. DZA) (from Speedball) [02:40:35]


41 A_rival - Juri (From “Street Fighter”) (from Juri (From “Street Fighter”)) [02:44:09]


42 Biqram - Slip Into Darkness (from Slip Into Darkness) [02:47:25]


43 Azedia - Something (from Something) [02:49:22]


44 Goth Babe - Sunnnn (from Pacific II) [02:55:46]


45 The Amity Affliction - Shine On (from Shine On) [03:00:04]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-10-28 (Samheinning Edition)

• October 28th, 2019
Mwahahahaha!!! Happy fuckin’ Halloween, perverts, pervettes, non-binary pervs and all that good shit! Welcome to the Samheinning Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! I certainly hope you understood the play on words there before hearing me pronounce the title in this intro. If not, no worries. I mispronounced Samhein as Sam-Hayn for the longest time because, fuck, apparently it’s not pronounced at ALL the way it looks. At least, not the way I grew up understanding English.
Aaaany-fuckin’-way, what will we be hearing this year?! Well, there are a handful of tracks from previous Halloween editions, previous editions in general, and a handful of new ones. Halloween always makes me a bit nostalgic, not least of all because I used to be able to have a lot more fun with it. I’ve just been out working for Halloween for the past two years, and in 2017 I had to work like a fuckin’ madman to put on a party that wasn’t even all I wanted it to be. I’m sure I’m the only one who was dissatisfied, not to mention the only one who ended up doubled over in pain, literally crawling around the kitchen floor trying to clean the house after everyone left. I have a tendency to go overboard with my parties as I do with so many other things in my life, but shit, I’d rather be too much than not enough. All too accustomed to the latter, but that’s another can of fuckin’ worms altogether.
That’s not what we’re here for anyway! We’re here to yojne, and yojne we fuckin’ shall! Hope you all have a happy, healthy, and at least moderately safe Halloween, and with that, let us ALL now perform the sacred ritual of YOJNEEEEE!!!
01 Twiztid - W.I.C.K.E.D. (Intro) (from W.I.C.K.E.D.) [00:01:29]
02 Twiztid - Buckets of Blood (from W.I.C.K.E.D.) [00:04:02]
03 Lamb of God - Walk With Me In Hell (from Sacrament) [00:08:00]
04 Ministry - Tonight We Murder (from Demon Knight OST) [00:13:00]
05 Cookie Monsta - You Can Do It (from Me Want Cookie EP) [00:16:48]
06 Wolf Eyes - Dead In A Boat (from Burned Mind) [00:20:00]
07 00111111 - Honest Lies… (from my gray matter) [00:20:11]
08 All That Remains - Now Let Them Tremble (from For We Are Many) [00:21:23]
09 Poppy - Scary Mask (feat. FEVER 333) (from Scary Mask) [00:22:44]
10 GRAVEDGR - RAMPAGE (from Rampage) [00:25:42]
11 White Zombie - Grease Paint and Monkey Brains (from Astro-Creep: 2000) [00:28:32]
12 Insane Clown Posse - House of Horrors (from The Great Milenko) [00:32:10]
13 Twiztid - Green Pumpkinz (Emerald Squash Remix) (from Trick or Treat EP) [00:36:29]
14 Mark J. Hadley - Slender (from Slender - The Arrival OST) [00:40:19]
15 Daniel Deluxe - Darkness (from Darkness) [00:42:20]
16 3TEETH - Lights Out (feat. Ho99o9) (from Lights Out) [00:46:27]
17 Akira Yamaoka - Another Point of View (from Silent Hill 3 Unreleased Tracks) [00:50:36]
18 monomer - Title Theme (from The Mummy Demastered OVGST) [00:52:17]
19 Mudvayne - Nothing To Gein (from L.D. 50) [00:54:16]
20 DevilDriver - Digging Up The Corpses (from Head On To Heartache EP) [00:59:45]
21 Slipknot - A Liar’s Funeral (from We Are Not Your Kind) [01:03:31]
22 Aiden & Stalins War - Knife Blood Nightmare (from A Split of Nightmares) [01:08:44]
23 Insane Clown Posse - Dead Body Man (from Riddle Box) [01:12:11]
24 Meg Foster - Open Wide The Gates (from The Lords of Salem OST) [01:16:29]
25 Behemoth - Bartzabel (from I Loved You at Your Darkest) [01:16:41]
26 Moth - 666 (Corruptor Remix) (from 666 Remixes) [01:21:40]
27 Alla Xul Elu - Belial (feat. Insane Poetry) (from The Almighty) [01:24:38]
28 KALEO - Broken Bones (from A/B) [01:28:39]
29 Darkest Hour - Demon(s) (from Deliver Us) [01:32:38]
30 Figure - Pumpkinhead (feat. Kool Keith) (from Figure: Monsters 6.66) [01:36:24]
31 Twiztid - Pimples on Ya Pumpkin (feat. ABK & The R.O.C.) [01:40:26]
32 The Reborn Identity - Violent At Heart (from Mashed In Plastic - The David Lynch Mashup Album) [01:43:54]
33 Helicopter Showdown - The Terror (from The Wrestler) [01:48:51]
34 Clint Mansell ft. Kronos Quartet - Hope Overture (from Requiem For A Dream OST) [01:52:29]
35 Nostalghia - I’d Still Kill You (from Chrysalis) [01:54:56]
36 Rob Zombie - House of 1000 Corpses (from The Sinister Urge) [01:58:31]
37 The Amity Affliction - All My Friends Are Dead (from All My Friends Are Dead) [02:04:29]
38 Walls Of Jericho - All Hail The Dead (from All Hail The Dead) [02:08:08]
39 Air - Ghost Song (from The Virgin Suicides) [02:11:21]
40 Delta Heavy - Ghost (from Paradise Lost) [02:13:21]
41 Griffin Boice - The Lords Theme (from The Lords Of Salem OST) [02:17:24]
42 Insane Clown Posse - The Carousel (from The Marvelous Missing Link: The Outtakes) [02:18:11]
43 Cradle of Filth - Saffron’s Curse (from Midian) [02:22:34]
44 Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Death Behind The Wheel (from Dead Vulture) [02:28:52]
45 Gnarls Barkley - Necromancer (from St. Elsewhere) [02:31:45]
46 Dark Lotus - Graverobbers (from Psychopathics From Outer Space Pt. 2) [02:34:39]
47 The Misfits - Skulls (from Walk Among Us) [02:38:48]
48 Twiztid - Carve My Face (feat. The R.O.C.) (from Carve My Face) [02:40:45]
49 The Bridge City Sinners - Kreacher (from Here’s to the Devil) [02:43:39]
50 Silverchair & Vitro - Spawn (from Spawn OST) [02:46:40]
51 Slipknot - Solway Firth (from We Are Not Your Kind) [02:51:07]
52 Otep - Kisses & Kerosene (from Smash The Control Machine) [02:56:49]
53 Venetian Snares - All The Children Are Dead (from Doll Doll Doll) [03:00:38]
54 Twiztid - Death Day (from Death Day) [03:09:36]
55 Camille Saint-Saëns, Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, Andrew Wan, Kent Nagano - Danse Macabre, Op.40, R. 171 (from Danse Macabre) [03:12:43]
56 Behemoth - Lucifer (from Evangelion) [03:19:57]
57 Patricia Quinn - Lord Hear Us (from The Lords Of Salem OST) [03:20:10]
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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-10-21 (A Story Worth Telling Edition)

• October 21st, 2019

Gninrom Doog, perverts, pervettes and everything between, beyond, backwards and fuckin’ upside-down! Emoclew to another installment of Monday Morning Aural Sex: A Story Worth Telling Edition. You’ll notice I’m coming to you once again un-robotized, because I guess some people out there like my voice or something. *shrugs* I dunno. Anyway, I’ll bet your nipples are just throbbing with antici-pation waiting for me to explain why I chose that title. Well, I would bet, but I’m fairly certain I’d lose, and I can’t imagine how one would bet on such a thing anyway.


I’m gonna sound like a weak-ass fuckin’ hippie here, but it does happen to be something in which I believe strongly: your life story should be one worth telling. I know, fucking thank you, Captain Obvious. Listen though, even if nobody ever fucking listens, you could still write it down and reflect in later years. Definitely your life story, but beyond that too. Love stories, crazy experiences, times your fuckin’ mind was blown by something you learned way too late or some shit; you get the idea. Don’t let yourself get slowly drained away in a mire of mediocrity, never exploring outside your comfort zone. Human life is literally too short to absorb and process all the fucking awesome shit that’s going on around you all the time, and yet, you somehow find time to be bored. Fucking how?!


Let me touch again on something I brought up on a previous edition: that article I read about people not seeking out new music past a certain age. I know as well as anyone how easily statistical data can be manipulated, falsified, etc. to support agendas and/or desired outcomes, but I can’t see anything to be gained for anyone from twisting those findings. My Fuck, even if you never listen to a single one of my podcasts, even if you hate literally every single fucking song I’ve ever played (which, wow, maybe relax a little), I really hope no one I know allows that shit to happen to themselves. It’s so fuckin’ easy to branch out and discover new musicians, artists, new films, video games, books, etc. and all it takes is just a little curiosity. In fact, this edition contains 18 fuckin’ artists I just discovered this week. Not even tryin’ to brag (‘cause fucking why?); I’m just tryin’ to let you know how easy it is.


That’s one aspect of the ubiquitous convenience provided to us via the digital age about which I’m very enthusiastic, indeed. I mean, fucking duh. I’ve only been sayin’ pretty much the same goddamn fuckin’ shit for 2 decades or so. Y’all motherfuckers don’t really think this podcast is my first foray into exploring and sharing music, do you? Shiiiiit, I’ve been making mixtapes since I was 5 or 6 and I was still rockin’ out to Vanilla Ice & Michael Jackson. Case in point, I’ve also always taken pride in confounding any who might criticize my so-called bad taste by balancing it with something they too enjoy. Anytime someone claimed something was bad, I looked for what they considered good and tried to see if it was actually they who had/have bad taste. I’ve often been disappointed by examinations like those, but whatever. Taste is subjective like so much else in life.


Anyway, I’m grateful beyond words to those who’ve actually listened to me, to you who’s listening to me now, even if it’s just myself. I love you, future me. Yojne as often as fucking possible, even ’til your last breath. No one knows when that’ll happen, so what the fuck are any of us waiting for?! Life is passing us by as we speak! Me, I hope I’ll use my last breath of my story to laugh. All that fuckin’ said, let us yojneeeeeeeeee!



01 Metrik - Hi! (from LIFE/THRILLS) [00:03:01]


02 Spineshank - Dead To Me (from Self-Destructive Pattern) [00:06:40]


03 Labrinth - Still Don’t Know My Name (from Euphoria (Original Score from the HBO Series)) [00:10:11]


04 Flux Pavilion - Daydreamer (feat. Example) (from Daydreamer (feat. Example)) [00:12:42]


05 Nothing More - Do You Really Want It (from The Stories We Tell Ourselves) [00:16:26]


06 Merkules - Bass (feat. Tech N9ne & Hopsin) (from Bass (feat. Tech N9ne & Hopsin)) [00:20:18]


07 VCTMS - Devil’s // Door (feat. Aiden Versteegh) (from Vol. III Halfway Happy) [00:24:09]


08 Savoy - Cata (feat. Lobounce) (from Self Predator) [00:27:36]


09 Insane Clown Posse - Cuss Words - Dr. Punch (feat. Ouija Macc) (from Cuss Words) [00:31:09]


10 Sullivan King - Reckless (from Show Some Teeth) [00:37:27]


11 Govinda - Alien Sex Magick (from Alien Sex Magick) [00:40:45]


12 Alaclair Ensemble - 0 à 120 (from Le sens des paroles) [00:44:12]


13 3TEETH - Degrade (from <shutdown.exe>) [00:47:16]


14 Conform - Eat More Death (from Circa ’94) [00:50:42]


15 Nostalghia - God Be You (from God Be You) [00:54:32]


16 Ho99o9 - Punk Police (unknown virus 5.) (feat. N8NOFACE) (from Cyber Cop [Unauthorized MP3.]) [00:59:13]


17 Shirobon - (◕ヮ◕)*:・゚ (feat. Protodome) (from Infinity) [01:00:41]


18 James Brown - The Boss (from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels OST) [01:03:14]


19 Arkadiusz Reikowski - Steel Rats (feat. Ania Suszek) (from Steel Rats OST) [01:06:23]


20 Dance With The Dead - War (from Loved to Death) [01:09:20]


21 DILLY DALLY - Marijuana (from Heaven) [01:14:10]


22 Wilson Pickett - Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool You (from In Philadelphia) [01:18:16]


23 Venetian Snares - She Runs (from My Love Is A Bulldozer) [01:20:56]


24 BONES (UK) - Pretty Waste (from Pretty Waste) [01:27:52]


25 Insane Clown Posse - You Should Know (from The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost)) [01:30:39]


26 Tom Green - Crack Baby Don’t Come Back (from The Tom Green Show) [01:35:05]


27 Catnapp - Armed (feat. FFX) (from Fear) [01:38:23]


28 Labrinth - Forever (from Euphoria (Original Score from the HBO Series)) [01:41:03]


29 Raleigh Ritchie - Sicko (from Mind the Gap) [01:44:21]


30 VCTMS - Sick // Tired (feat. Devin MacGillivray) (from Vol. II Inside the Mind) [01:47:38]


31 Twiztid - sick mind (from Generation Nightmare) [01:50:00]


32 Adventure Club - Wolfpack (from The Death Or Glory Sessions) [01:54:04]


33 Landon Tewers - Destroy (from Ai640) [01:57:44]


34 Josh A, Iamjakehill - Suicide Forest (from Chaos) [02:01:03]


35 Boxplot - Tramontane (from Tramontane EP) [02:03:52]


36 DILLY DALLY - Believe (from Heaven) [02:08:32]


37 Monsters With Tiny Mustaches - Freedom (Different Heaven Remix) (from Enter Eva) [02:12:51]


38 Shirobon - Cyberstrike (feat. Sabrepulse) (from The Arcade Dream) [02:17:14]


39 Mr. Moods - Instriation (feat. Millennium Jazz Music, The Jazz Jousters & Erik Jackson) (from The Jazz Jousters Series, Vol. 2) [02:20:23]


40 LoneMoon - Miss Understood (from Miss Understood) [02:23:11]


41 Boom Jinx - Forgotten September (feat. Thomas Bergersen) (from No Answers In Luck) [02:26:42]


42 Catnapp - Fade (feat. Dabow) (from Fade) [02:29:23]


43 Ekko & Sidetrack - Let The Light In (feat. Reija Lee) (from Let The Light In / Melt) [02:32:30]


44 CharlesTheFirst - Nightfall (from The Ascent) [02:36:20]


45 Gramatik - Late Night Jazz (from Water 4 The Soul) [02:40:05]


46 Hiromi - Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 8, Pathetique (feat. Anthony Jackson & Simon Phillips) (from Voice) [02:44:34]


47 Fraunhofer Diffraction - Final Fantasy (from Serenity Pt. 1) [02:49:36]


48 Sullivan King - Falling (WhyBeatz Remix) (from Falling (WhyBeatz Remix)) [02:55:20]


49 Orbital - Tiny Foldable Cities (from Tiny Foldable Cities) [02:57:53]


50 The Midnight - Jason (feat. Nikki Flores) (from Endless Summer) [03:03:37]


51 Twiztid - siamese amazement (from Generation Nightmare) [03:09:03]


52 Shakatura - Galactivation (from Galactivation) [03:11:11]


53 Prototyperaptor - Last Sprite Standing (from 3-1) [03:15:47]


54 Sappheiros - Passion (from Passion) [03:20:40]


55 Týr - Cemetery Gates (Bonus Track) (from Valkyrja) [03:24:49]


56 Broods - Taking You There (Live From Spotify London / 2014) (from Spotify Sessions (Live)) [03:32:07]


57 Fiona Apple - Every Single Night (from The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do) [03:35:52]


58 Mike Shinoda - What The Words Meant (from Post Traumatic (Deluxe Version)) [03:39:07]


59 Blanke - Peace In Emptiness (from Change & Decay) [03:42:37]


60 Delta Heavy - Reborn (from Paradise Lost) [03:46:55]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-10-14 (Flashback Edition: 2013-01-14 (SpeedbreakhardglitSchIrachDoorMousecore Edition Vol. 1))

• October 14th, 2019

Goooood morning perverts!  Welcome to Vol. 1 of the SpeedbreakhardglitSchIrachDoorMousecore Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex!  I hope you're all nice and sleepy today 'cause this edition is about to wake you the fuck up.  If you're already awake and alert, well, this edition will probably be like ingesting speed, LSD and about 10 5-Hour Energy drinks.  I mean, that's what it takes to wake me up every day.  I can't speak for you perverts, but regardless, I hope you enjoy the living, dead, undead and fucking metaphysical fuck out of this edition, and don't forget to tear your fucking genitals off in public and throw them at strangers (especially police officers) :)!  <---- Loud smiles!



01 Doormouse - Toxic Jungle (from Mama Didn't Raise No Punk, I Made Myself One 12" EP)


02 Otto Von Schirach - Subatomic Disco Divas (from Oozing Bass Spasms)


03 Loffciamcore & Imil - At Least Speedcore Artists Aren't In It For The Money (from 3 Way Shit)


04 DJ Plague - Terrorists Never Miss (from This Is Terror 6: Welcome To Terrorland (Disc 2))


05 Passenger Of Shit - Snortwhitepoopowderupgoatscunt (from Floating With My Poo)


06 Venetian Snares - Sporto Fucking Sellout Cocksuckerface (from Pink + Green CDM)


07 Interrupt Vector - Speedcore Sunday (from


08 Ryu vs Sota - Go Beyond!! (from beatmania IIDX 15th style DJ TROOPERS OST (Disc 2))


09 ??? - Intro (from Some fuckin' album… Honestly, I have no fuckin' clue right now and the fucking ID3tag was empty.  Ah well.)


10 Loffciamcore - I'm Fucking You On Friday (from Stepmania - SPEEEEEEEEDCORE)


11 m1dy - TokyoStyleSpeedCore (from Speedcore Dandy)


12 Defragmentation - Noise Anthology (from Self Construct)


13 m1dy - 37 Dicks (from Stepmania - SPEEEEEEEEDCORE)


14 Mar - This Is My Place (from Stepmania - HST Originals)


15 Venetian Snares - Contain (from Meathole)


16 青龍 - 3y3s (from beatmania IIDX 16th style EMPRESS OST (Disc 2))


17 DJ Scotch Egg - Tetris Wonderland (from KFC Core)


18 DJ Technetium - Voyaju… 1996-70 (from Touhou Hadokoa)


19 BLÆRG - Incessant Subversive Decibels (from Incessant Subversive Decibels)


20 谷町丁目 - 59 (from Swimsuit Squad)


21 Eclipse - 24/7 (Breeze & Styles Remix) (from Happy 2B Hardcore Chapter Eight: The Lost Mix)


22 朱雀 - Vanessa (from beatmania IIDX 14th style GOLD OST (Disc 2))


23 Aphex Twin - Vordhosbn (from Drukqs (Disc 1))


24 Interrupt Vector & DJ Plague - Nasty Things (from This Is Terror 4 (Disc 2))


25 Dev/Null - Real Ultimate Power (from Lazer Thrash)


26 BLÆRG - Seratonin Diode (from Everything Was Altered)


27 Defrag - The Stones (from Lament Element)


28 Aaron Spectre - Pay To Cum VIP (from Amen, Punk EP)


29 Wheelsfalloff - Woman (from Tough Titties-(Goulburn_Poultry_Fanciers_Society))


30 Brisk & Trixxy - Eye Opener (from Happy 2B Hardcore Vol. 3)




32 DJ TECHNORCH fw. GUHROOVY - KAMAITACHI (from beatmania IIDX 14th style GOLD OST (Disc 1))


33 Doormouse - Requiem For A Cream (from The Album?)


34 Aphex Twin - Funny Little Man (from Come To Daddy EP)


35 Otto Von Schirach - DJ Hepatitis Hamburger (from Spine Serpents From Sperm Island)


36 Venetian Snares - Kétsarkü Mozgalom (from Rossz Csillag Alatt Született)


37 Passenger Of Shit - Trendycocksuckerssuckmyretardvomitpussycunt (from Floating With My Poo)


38 Cardopusher - I Will Act Like I Care (feat. Sickboy) (from Unity Means Power)


39 Evil Activities - Back On Track (feat. Neophyte) (from Army of Hardcore Vol. 3 (Disc 2))


40 DJ The Blade - What The Fuck Is Breakcore? (Don't You Fucking Look At Me Mix) (from Beauty And The Bass)


41 Doormouse - Anyone Who Names A Track "Anyone Who Names A Track 'So And So Can Kiss My Such And Such Ass' Can Kiss My (Adjective) (Noun) Ass" Can Kiss My (Better Adjective) (Better Noun) Ass (from Freaked Out Mess)


42 Silvia - Vertexβ (from Stepmania - HST Originals)


43 Aphex Twin - Girl/Boy Song (from Richard D. James Album)


44 DJ The Blade - Cognitive Liberty (from Unprotected Anal Intercourse)


45 Anc - Loaded Futurefile (from Speedcore Nation Hate)


46 Judith Priest - Clerical Error (from Vomit!)


47 Renard - Dash Hopes II (from Stepmania - Mungyodance 3)


48 Doormouse - Keishaka Kore (from Temple Of Terror 2005 [Mixed by DJ Smurf] (Disc 1))


49 DJ Bass - The Target (from Army of Hardcore Vol. 3 (Disc 1))


50 Cardopusher - Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (from Hippie Killers Don't Mind Jah Conversations)


51 Nightmare - Epileptic Crisis (from Stepmania - Mungyodance 3)


52 Sickboy - Bohemian Crapsody (from Shake Hands With A Clenched Fist)


53 Otto Von Schirach - Spine Serpents Of Sperm Island (from Spine Serpents Of Sperm Island)


54 Doormouse - Doyodamnthing (from Hand Hammered Vinyl)


55 DJ Scotch Egg - Scotch Land (from KFC Core)


56 CALF - CALDERA (from beatmania 7th Mix -Keepin' Evolution- OST)

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-10-07 (Robot Porn Edition Vol. 8)

• October 7th, 2019

How goes stuff and things, motherfuckers and motherfuckerettes?! Emo-fuckin’-clew to the 8th goddamn installment in what I was formerly calling the Robot Pr0n series, but now am switching to simply Robot Porn! In case you might be wondering, that refers to motherfuckin’ dubstep! In case you might also (or alternately) be wondering, the reason my voice isn’t altered and layered this week is because I received a request to do this intro normally, and I figured what more amusing edition to do an “un-robotized” intro than fuckin’ Robot Porn?! Hmm?! Well, it amused me… Fuck you.


In regards to the whole Pr0n vs. Porn thing, well, I’ve never particularly cared for so-called leetspeak, and I suppose I just said pr0n for so many years in an effort to make the whole thing more robotic, I guess? I don’t really fuckin’ know. I was never that attached to it. Plus, I have a feeling that calling this podcast, “porn,” instead of, “pr0n,” is liable to get me some greater exposure, seeing as one word is obviously far more often Googled than the other. We’ll see how it goes.


Let’s speak briefly on what we’ll be hearing this week:


I included a number of tracks from previous editions because I felt they deserve second, third, maybe even well beyond fourth listens, so they got spots on this edition. I thought about making this one all new stuff, but there were just too many older tracks I felt really belonged on this Robot Porn revival. I haven’t done one of these editions in over 3 years, so you best believe this one’s got lots of love put into it. About that, actually, I’ve been a huge fan of dubstep for about a decade now, so my tastes have grown more discriminating. As is often the case, I sifted through a lot of relatively mediocre tracks on my way to these picks, so I hope someone out there appreciates that effort, even if they end up at odds with me and my opinions over the quality of these tracks.


Speaking of that, just about all these artists are excellent examples of their genres and/or sub-genres. Most of them actively push boundaries, and I love the shit out of that. That’s where all the most interesting stuff is for me, and for most others too, for that matter. A number of these artists are entirely new to me, like Sharks, tomatoism, RCKT PWR, etc. Maybe you’ll find some awesome new artists you’ll look further into from this podcast. That’s pretty much my greatest hope, and the main reason I continue to do this.


That seems like a good spot to wrap this up. Soooo, without any further muthafuckin’ ado, commence ze yojne!



01 ChainLynx - Like This (from Like This) [00:01:50]


02 Nitro Fun - New Game (from New Game) [00:05:57]


03 Genetix, Sadhu - Tear Shit Up (from Tear Shit Up) [00:10:12]


04 Bro Safari, Tank Parade - Blitz (from Blitz) [00:14:19]


05 Caspa - War (feat. Keith Flint) (Subscape Remix) (from War (feat. Keith Flint)) [00:18:21]


06 1788-L, totto - F U L L / B U R S T (from S E N T I E N C E) [00:22:42]


07 Flux Pavilion - Call to Arms (feat. Meaux Green) (from Call to Arms) [00:26:34]


08 Chime - Get Your Hands Dirty (from Flatline Vol. 5) [00:29:49]


09 Snails - Crank Bass (feat. Liam Cormier) (from SLIMEAGEDDON) [00:33:01]


10 Snails & Adventure Club - Follow Me (feat. Sara Diamond) (from Follow Me) [00:37:17]


11 Virtual Riot - Alive (feat. Lisa Rowe) (from There Goes Your Money) [00:40:16]


12 Slushii - Level Up (from Find Your Wings) [00:44:09]


13 Astronaut vs. Barely Alive - Some Kind of Monster (from Rivals EP) [00:47:27]


14 Dubloadz - Break The Rail (feat. Sullivan King) (from Dubloadz and the 9000 Ghosts) [00:51:01]


15 R!OT - 9001 (from [00:55:03]


16 Eptic - Power (from Power) [00:58:16]


17 Extra Terra - Retrobot (from Retrobot) [01:02:28]




19 tomatoism - Sunshot (from Sunshot) [01:09:30]


20 8-bit Universe - Never Gonna Give You Up (8 Bit Dubstep Remix Cover Version) [Tribute to Rick Astley] (from [01:12:42]


21 Standerwick - Deep End (feat. HALIENE) (Trivecta Extended Remix) (from Deep End (Trivecta Remix)) [01:15:27]


22 Bossfight - No Sleep (from Next Wave) [01:19:33]


23 LICK, Slowpalace - DISAPPEAR (feat. Sara Skinner) (from DISAPPEAR) [01:23:08]


24 Barely Alive - Shutdown (from Odyssey) [01:26:10]


25 Panda Eyes - I Am Undead (from Isolation EP) [01:29:29]


26 Figure, Code:Pandorum - RedRum (from Monsters 7) [01:32:41]


27 Ghastly, MOONBOY - Psycho (from Psycho) [01:36:19]


28 Sullivan King - Show Stopper (from The Demented) [01:39:58]


29 Pixel Terror - Crush (from Crush) [01:44:01]


30 Mark The Beast - In Love With The Devil (feat. SEIDS) (Mantis Remix) (from In Love With The Devil (Remixes)) [01:48:08]


31 MUST DIE! - BLISS 2K (from BLISS 2K) [01:51:34]


32 Adventure Club - Save Me (feat. Adara) (from Red // Blue) [01:54:58]


33 Monsters With Tiny Mustaches - Check Point (feat. Killabyte) (from Enter Eva) [01:57:43]


34 Aurix - Breathe (from Breathe) [02:01:50]


35 Dabin - Hold (feat. Daniela Andrade) (Hyper Potions Remix) (from Hold Remixes) [02:06:41]


36 PhaseOne - Crash & Burn (feat. Northlane) (from Crash & Burn) [02:11:04]


37 SLANDER, Crankdat - Kneel Before Me (feat. Asking Alexandria) (from Kneel Before Me) [02:15:06]


38 The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy (Caspa Remix) (from The Day Is My Enemy (Expanded Edition)) [02:18:16]


39 B-Sides, Pixel Terror - Starlight (feat. GABBY BÜKO) (from Starlight (feat. GABBY BÜKO)) [02:21:44]


40 Zomboy - Terror Squad (Bro Safari & Ricky Remedy Remix) (from Resurrected) [02:24:52]


41 Teminite - Uprising (from Uprising) [02:27:45]


42 Pegboard Nerds - Gunslinga (feat. MC Mota) (from Gunslinga) [02:32:28]


43 Your Fucking Mother & EH!DE - Pocket Monsters (from MOTHERFUCKING EP) [02:35:12]


44 Panda Eyes - Fruits (from The Lost Levels) [02:38:49]


45 Chime - Starstorm (from Starstorm) [02:42:35]


46 Sharks - Maelstrom (from Maelstrom) [02:46:45]


47 TheFatRat, Slaydit, Anjulie - Stronger (from Stronger) [02:51:47]


48 Ray Volpe - Origin (from Purpose EP) [02:55:10]


49 Excision, Wooli - Evolution (feat. Sam King) (from Evolution EP) [02:59:02]


50 RCKT PWR - M A M M O T H (from M A M M O T H) [03:02:39]


51 Pixel Terror - Gun Metal (from Gun Metal) [03:06:36]


52 Space Laces - Torque (from Torque) [03:09:48]


53 tomatoism - Perfect Jazz Improvisation (from Ahoge) [03:13:24]


54 Knife Party - PLUR Police (Jauz Remix) (from Trigger Warning EP) [03:17:04]


55 RL Grime - Era (1788-L Remix) (from NOVA (The Remixes, Vol. 1)) [03:20:42]


56 Teminite - Fireflies (feat. Starr Chen) (from Firepower) [03:24:17]


57 ShockOne - Pray For Me (from A Dark Machine) [03:30:15]


58 Ekali, 1788-L - R U I N (from R U I N) [03:34:38]


59 Delta Heavy, Modestep - Here With Me (Clockvice Remix) (from Here With Me (Remixes)) [03:38:26]


60 Seven Lions, Wooli, Trivecta - Island (feat. Nevve) (Sullivan King Remix) (from Island (feat. Nevve) (Remixes)) [03:42:53]


61 Crystal Skies - Never Change (feat. Gallie Fisher) (from Never Change) [03:47:17]


62 Excision - Die For You (feat. Akylla) (from Apex) [03:51:19]


63 QUIX - All I Have (feat. Aviella) (Kuur Remix) (from Illusions (Remixes, Vol. 1)) [03:55:11]


64 Dabin - Alive (feat. RUNN) (Trivecta Remix) (from Wild Youth (The Remixes)) [03:57:57]


65 PhaseOne, Hydraulix - Hit Rwind (not sorry Remix) (from Hit Rewind) [04:01:56]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-09-30 (My Favorite Ladies Edition Vol. 1)

• September 30th, 2019

Mu-tha-fuck-in’ perverts! Emoclew to the inaugural edition of what is sure to be an epically fucktacular series for this podcast, the My Favorite Ladies Edition Vol. 1! I can’t fuckin’ believe that I’ve done over 220 something podcasts, and never fuckin’ thought to do one of these! I thought back to all my All-Star Editions too, and those were all fuckin’ dudes! I didn’t mean for that to happen at all, but it did, and I’m thoroughly ashamed. So, in order to rectify what I consider to be a gross error, I have searched faaaaaar and fuckin’ wide for some of the best of the best tracks that exemplify what these ladies are capable of. Please, PLEASE open up a discussion with me anytime you might be curious why I chose any of these particular tracks, or if you have any suggestions I should add for future editions. I promise to give just about anything you send me a focused listen and careful consideration.


I ought to mention that in my searching, I ended up compiling over 10 fucking hours of tracks. Only the most perverted of you perverts knows that my podcasts are typically about 3 hours long, so I had to make pass after pass after pass down the tracklist trying to make cuts. Lemme fuckin’ tell ya, that wasn’t easy. There’s SO much cool fuckin’ music out there done by female artists, including stuff from a few with whom I’m thoroughly proud to be friends. I wanted to ask them for their permission to use their stuff on this podcast first, so look out for that stuff in future volumes of this edition.


One more thing I ought to mention: we’re beginning and ending this podcast with music from my favorite lady of all time. She’s a lady to whom I owe my very existence, and I love her dearly. Yes indeed, I do mean my mother, Jan Sivertsen. The tracks are listed under The First Few, because that was the name of my parents’ touring band they had before I was born and crushed all their dreams… Not really. At least I hope not. Geez, never mind, Nosey McNoserson. Also, it doesn’t feel right calling my parents’ music, “aural sex,” so I’ll leave that to you perverted bastards out there.


Aaaaand with that, well, we yojne, because yojne is life, and life is yojne. So yojne your genitals off, and then glue them back on, because genitals are important.


So… ya know, yeah. Yojne.



01 The First Few - Those Were The Days (from Could It Be) [00:01:50]


02 Otep - Equal Rights, Equal Lefts (from Generation Doom) [00:06:25]


03 Nostalghia - Sunshiny Milk (from Chrysalis) [00:09:54]


04 Kittie - Spit (Live) (from Origins/Evolutions (Live)) [00:12:54]


05 Once Human - Eye of Chaos (from Evolution) [00:15:42]


06 kidneythieves - Zerospace (from Zerøspace) [00:20:22]


07 Catnapp - The Mover (feat. Modeselektor) (from Break) [00:24:10]


08 IWRESTLEDABEARONCE - Alaskan Flounder Basket (from IWRESTLEDABEARONCE) [00:27:04]


09 The Knife - Neverland (from Silent Shout) [00:29:42]


10 Excision - Drowning (feat. Akylla) (from Virus) [00:33:15]


11 PJ Harvey - Naked Cousin (from The Crow: City of Angels OST) [00:37:00]


12 Björk - Human Behavior (from Debut) [00:40:52]


13 Buckethead - Coma (feat. Azam Ali & Serj Tankian) (from Enter The Chicken) [00:44:57]


14 Arch Enemy - Instinct (from Anthems of Rebellion) [00:50:33]


15 CASHFORGOLD - i could be your goddess (from i could be your goddess) [00:54:08]


16 Portishead - Western Eyes (from Portishead) [00:57:18]


17 Miley Cyrus - Mother’s Daughter (from SHE IS COMING) [01:01:14]


18 Billie Eilish - you should see me in a crown (from you should see me in a crown) [01:04:46]


19 Rose McGowan - RM486 (from RM486) [01:07:45]


20 X-Ray Spex - I Am a Cliché (from Let’s Submerge: The Anthology) [01:13:23]


21 Cœur de pirate - Fondu au noir (from Cœur de pirate) [01:15:14]


22 Akira Yamaoka - You’re Not Here (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) (from Silent Hill 3 OST) [01:18:00]


23 Lana Del Rey - Gods & Monsters (from Born To Die [Paradise Edition]) [01:21:40]


24 iwrestledabearonce - You Ain’t No Family (from It’s All Happening) [01:25:33]


25 Garfunkel and Oates - The Loophole (from Secretions) [01:29:18]


26 Fiona Apple - Fast As You Can (from When the Pawn Hits the Conflicts He Thinks Like a King What He Knows Throws the Blows When He Goes to the Fight and He’ll Win the Whole Thing ‘fore He Enters the Ring There’s No Body to Batter When Your Mind Is Your Might so When You Go Solo, You Hold Your Own Hand and Remember That Depth Is the Greatest of Heights and If You Know Where You Stand, Then You Know Where to Land and If You Fall It Won’t Matter, Cuz You’ll Know That You’re Right) [01:33:52]


27 Infected Mushroom - Fields of Grey (feat. Sasha Grey) (from Converting Vegetarians II) [01:38:27]


28 Keys N Krates - Save Me (feat. Katy B) (from Midnite Mass EP) [01:42:46]


29 Nostalghia - Kingdom of Disturb (from Imagō) [01:46:23]


30 Otep - Atom To Adam (from Atavist) [01:52:48]


31 Otep - Reading Constance’s Poem (from [01:56:49]


32 Ashnikko, Raf Riley - Bubblegum (feat. Avelino) (from Sass Pancakes) [01:57:32]


33 Mr Sam - Surrender (feat. Rani) (John Palmer’s The Sweetest Thing Remix) (from Surrender) [02:00:40]


34 Karkaos - Eden (from Empire) [02:05:08]


35 Snow Tha Product - Nights (feat. W. Darling) (from Half Way There…Pt. 1) [02:13:06]


36 Poppy - Voicemail (from Voicemail) [02:16:59]


37 GLaDOS - Still Alive (from Portal OST) [02:19:40]


38 Heilung - Krigsgaldr (from Lifa) [02:22:32]


39 The Sundays - Wild Horses (from Blind) [02:32:12]


40 Bim - Stop You (from Two) [02:36:49]


41 Rezz, Deathpact - Kiss of Death (from Beyond the Senses) [02:40:00]


42 Otep - We Dream Like Lions (from Atavist) [02:43:17]


43 Astrid Engberg - Siberia (from Life Goes On) [02:46:24]


44 Portishead - Roads (from Dummy) [02:52:27]


45 Poppy - Fade Into You (Mazzy Star cover) (from Unreleased) [02:57:28]


46 Lindsey Stirling - Love Goes On And On (feat. Amy Lee) (from Artemis) [03:02:19]


47 Halou - I Would Love To Give Up (from Wiser) [03:06:21]


48 Rebekah Del Rio - Llorando (from Mulholland Dr. OST) [03:10:12]


49 Kittie - This Too Shall Pass (from Funeral For Yesterday) [03:13:42]


50 Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive (The Theme From Mirror’s Edge) (from Mirror’s Edge: Still Alive - The Remixes) [03:16:45]


51 Billie Holiday - I’ll Look Around (from The Lady Sings 1944 - 1950 (1)) [03:20:56]


52 Bim - Stay In My Memory (from Scatterheart) [03:24:06]


53 Johnette Napolitano - Suicide Note (from Underworld OST) [03:27:44]


54 Kittie - Time Never Heals (from I’ve Failed You) [03:33:10]


55 Otep - Shattered Pieces (from House Of Secrets) [03:37:35]


56 Aimee Mann - It’s Not (from Lost In Space) [03:41:37]


57 The First Few - You Forgot To Say Goodbye (from Unreleased) [03:44:56]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-09-23 (Al’s Well That Ends Well Edition)

• September 22nd, 2019

Motherfuckers and fuckermothers! Emoclew to the Al’s Well That Ends Well Edition of your and my favorite fuckin’ podcast, Monday Morning Aural Sex! This week I’m co-hosting this shit with a longtime friend of mine, Albert Fraser V, aka five, but his real last name is ForVendetta. Don’t tell anyone.


I met Al on a website I’ve occasionally talked about called True Achievements. We had a session to run through the co-op achievements on a game called N+, and we ended up having a great conversation. Later found out we lived within an hour of each other, so we decided to hang out and try to do some local co-op stuff on Guitar Hero 3. Local meaning not online, by the way. For those of you who aren’t too familiar with gaming terminology. Al’s a fuckin’ beast at Guitar Hero, so he helped me with some stuff I was stuck on, and I’m forever grateful for it.


Speaking of Guitar Hero, I’ve got a story for you motherfuckers. Never told this story on this podcast, so buckle up. So, a few years ago, Activision tried reviving the series with Guitar Hero Live. It was okay. Far from a revival, but a decent game. Unfortunately, the online portion had achievements that required long, LONG grinding to the tune of (see what I did there? hehe) 1,000,000 strums. You can actually do all the other online achievements and still only have about 130,000 strums logged. What this means is that you have to spend long, tedious fucking hours and hours playing the online portion long fucking after you’ve reached the max level and gotten all the score boosts, and literally all fuckin’ incentive to keep playing is stripped away.


Understandably, neither of us had much willpower to endure that fucking slog. Then, on which was indeed a dark fuckin’ day, we learned that the online portion of the game would be shut down due to song license expiration and shit. This wouldn’t concern most people, but we’re fucking achievement hunters, so we put ourselves through some horrendous fuckin’ torture sometimes to get achievements and hopefully even completions. Some of us are more completionistic than others (is that even a word? Fuck it, whatever.). Some of us just play and get whatever achievements we can. We’re both somewhere in between.


Back to the story, so we find out the online is going down. On True Achievements, someone posted a guide for that 1,000,000 strums achievement recommending using a reciprocating saw to automate the strumming. Seemed extreme, considering it required either the purchase or rental of a fucking power tool for the purpose of earning a worthless little achievement, but 10 minutes later, at the fucking hardware store…


We ended up only spending about $30-40 bucks, but still. I mean, now we have reciprocating saws in case anything around the house needs fucking sawing. Anyway, we laid the saws on some throw pillows, just high enough to sit over the guitars’ strum bars. Then, we wrapped the blades in electric tape along with a small T-shaped piece of cardboard just over the strum bars to facilitate the actual strumming. We also couldn’t leave the saws with the triggers down all the way, because they were too powerful, so we wrapped electric tape around the triggers tight enough to get them going, but only at about 20% power. Is this fucking ridiculous enough for you all yet?


Now, because we wanted that achievement on both the Xbox One AND the Xbox 360 versions, we decided to passively run two copies at once, and we actively worked on whichever other platform wasn’t being occupied. We actually had to temporarily evict my mom from the living room, for about 3 days. We checked on the setup every 30-40 minutes, and turned them off when we went to bed. We also had issues with the servers dropping us and having to set things up again, which made this whole process even more fun. Worst of all, holy fucking Christ, the noise… Men, women, boys and girls, do you have any idea the noise that a reciprocating saw makes? Let alone the noise that they make when they’re being run across a plastic strum bar? Holy jumping-jack fucksauce, that shit was phenomenally irritating. Anyway, we did get all of it done, and my shit got done just under the wire, so when I finally work up the stones to revisit the offline portion, I’ll be damn proud of those completions.


Anyway, back to the intro so we can actually start playing fucking music at some point. So, we’ve been hanging out regularly for about 4 years now, and we even took a cross-country road trip together. It’s a great friendship, and it’s funny that it was made through at least what I consider to be extraordinary circumstances. Plus, one of the reasons it’s great is that we have similar taste in music, which you’re all about to find out. We share awesome new music with each other pretty often, and that’s something I’ve always cherished about all my friendships, actually. If you show me something new that I love, you’ve got a permanent place in my heart, because I’m always searching for new stuff.


Anyway, this week’s tracks are made up of a bunch of stuff we want to play for each other, and for you, of course. I searched far and wide for my stuff, and I imagine Al did too. Much like I did with my roommate Josh’s co-host podcast, I’ll be alternating our picks one after another, until we have more of one than the other.


All that said, let’s chat a little bit about what we’ll be hearing. The older artists were chosen because I pretty much always listen to older music when I’m doing Lyft rides. It’s inoffensive for the most part, and I pretty much never get tired of it. It’s strange, because I’m not normally like that unless the tracks are particularly exceptional. I guess I just really fucking love old music? I’m okay with that. By the way, the Count Basie song, “Double-O,” was a must, because that’s my gaming nickname. I kinda hope I don’t ever have a girl call me Double-O in bed, but I’ve had way worse shit go down. Half-kidding, by the way.


Aaaanyway, moving on, Ashnikko is an awesome junk pop/hip-hop artist that Josh just showed me. Look out for that track. Catnapp is similar. I just found her through the collaboration with Otto Von Schirach. Very excellent stuff in her catalog. That Drugzilla album title, though… “Laugh? I Almost Swallowed My Window!” Amazing. Ghost of a Gentleman is a band that’s fronted by one of Al’s friends. We saw them perform around his town, and they did a great job. I could easily see them on a Life Is Strange soundtrack. Definitely good shit. Danger Zone is there because of our mutual fondness for Archer. Daaaanger Zoooone!


Mike Shinoda put out a solo album! Go check it out if you’re in the mood to be sad, or if you already feel sad about something! Excellent stuff, though, for real. Nostalghia is an artist you all need to listen to more. It is seriously your  own loss if you don’t. She’s fantastic. Otto Von Schirach is there because we’re seeing him on Friday! I haven’t seen that wacky motherfucker since 2012 when he toured with Atari Teenage Riot. One of the most fucking spectacular shows I’ve ever been to, by the way, and only $15, too.  The Venetian Snares tracks… Well, breakcore isn’t for everyone, so I guess I’m sorry if it’s not for you, ‘cause I think it’s fucking wonderful. The White Swan and Karkaos both have ties to Kittie. If you’re curious, fuckin’ ask me. I love those ladies somethin’ fierce. We’ll also be playing one of Al’s favorite tracks ever recorded, but I’m lettin’ that one be a surprise, even though now I probably fuckin’ ruined it.


That’s about it. I could blather fuckin’ on and on still, but it’s Al’s turn to do so.



01 Alter Bridge - Cry of Achilles (from Fortress) [00:06:52]


02 Neutral Milk Hotel - Two-Headed Boy (from In the Aeroplane Over the Sea) [00:13:20]


03 Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone (from Top Gun OST) [00:17:45]


04 Harley Poe - The Hearse Song (from Satan, Sex and No Regrets) [00:21:15]


05 Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention - Hot Poop (from We’re Only In It For The Money) [00:23:56]


06 Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention - What’s The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? (from We’re Only In It For The Money) [00:24:21]


07 Harley Poe - Eat Shit and Die (from Have a Great Life.) [00:25:24]


08 The Exploited - (Fuck The) U.S.A. (from Totally Exploited - Best Of) [00:31:15]


09 Sylosis - Altered States Of Consciousness (from Edge Of The Earth) [00:34:31]


10 Catnapp - Down in the Basement (from Break) [00:39:48]


11 Architects - Holy Hell (from Holy Hell) [00:43:25]


12 Venetian Snares - Your Face When I Finally (from Your Face) [00:47:34]


13 KAWALA - Kept in the Dark (from Counting the Miles) [00:54:06]


14 Twiztid - V5 - strike (feat. Alla Xul Elu) (from Generation Nightmare) [00:57:33]


15 Al Di Meola - Race With Devil On Spanish Highway (from Elegant Gypsy) [01:01:00]


16 Karkaos - Kolossòs (from Children of the Void) [01:07:12]


17 Buckethead - Nottingham Lace (from Enter The Chicken) [01:11:26]


18 Count Basie - Double-O (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [01:17:58]


19 Buckethead - Whitewash (from Colma) [01:20:40]


20 Ashnikko, Raf Riley - Fuck Me In Shibuya (from Sass Pancakes) [01:25:17]


21 Architects - Red Hypergiant (from Lost Forever // Lost Together) [01:28:49]


22 Insane Clown Posse - My Fun House (from Ringmaster) [01:30:57]


23 Arctic Monkeys - Old Yellow Bricks (from Favourite Worst Nightmare) [01:35:55]


24 Otto Von Schirach - Subatomic Disco Divas (from Oozing Bass Spasms) [01:39:00]


25 Sylosis - A Dying Vine (from Monolith) [01:43:00]


26 Caro Emerald - Pack Up The Louie (Caravan Palace Remix) (from The Shocking Miss Emerald (The Remixes)) [01:48:49]


27 Brown Bird - Blood from the Tree (from Axis Mundi) [01:52:13]


28 Nostalghia - Little White Moment (from Imagō) [01:56:37]


29 Le Trio Joubran - Masâr (from Majâz) [02:01:17]


30 Venetian Snares - My Love Is A Bulldozer (from My Love Is A Bulldozer) [02:06:00]


31 Witchcraft - Democracy (from Legend) [02:11:05]


32 Curtis Mayfield - Freddie’s Dead (from Superfly) [02:14:47]


33 The Tallest Man On Earth - The Wild Hunt (from The Wild Hunt) [02:20:07]


34 FEVER 333 - ONE OF US (from STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS) [02:23:21]


35 Sylosis - Monolith (from Monolith) [02:26:42]


36 FantomenK - Dance of the incognizant (from FantomenK) [02:31:43]


37 The Tallest Man On Earth - Where Do My Bluebird Fly (from Shallow Grave) [02:38:45]


38 LARS - Rock n Roll (feat. Twiztid) (from Last American Rock Stars) [02:41:59]


39 KAWALA - Roads (from Counting the Miles) [02:45:27]


40 Mike Shinoda - Lift Off (feat. Chino Moreno and Machine Gun Kelly) (from Post Traumatic (Deluxe Version)) [02:49:27]


41 Ghost of a Gentleman - Street Signs (from Empty Room) [02:53:23]


42 Catnapp - Rattle Snake (feat. Otto Von Schirach) (from Rattle Snake) [02:57:02]


43 Ella Fitzgerald - It’s Only a Paper Moon (from Jazz Divas Vol. 1) [02:59:36]


44 The White Swan - Illuminate (from Anubis) [03:02:16]


45 Drugzilla - Why You Never Became a Dancer (from Laugh? I Almost Swallowed My Window!) [03:06:51]


46 Caravan Palace - Aftermath (from <|º_º|>) [03:09:41]


47 Mark Morton - Cross Off (feat. Chester Bennington) (from Cross Off) [03:12:37]


48 Stolen Babies - Filistata (from There Be Squabbles Ahead) [03:16:44]


49 Otto Von Schirach - Captive Earth People (from Captive Earth People) [03:20:00]


50 Sarah Vaughan - How High The Moon (from At Mister Kelly’s) [03:23:05]


51 Venetian Snares - 1000 Years (from My Love Is A Bulldozer) [03:26:03]


52 James Brown - King Heroin (from There It Is) [03:32:11]


53 grandson - Overdose (from a modern tragedy vol. 1) [03:36:04]


54 York, Steve Brian - Salida Del Sol (York’s Album Mix) (from Islanders) [03:39:52]


55 Mike Shinoda - Over Again (from Post Traumatic (Deluxe Version)) [03:46:31]


56 Neutral Milk Hotel - Two-Headed Boy Pt. 2 (from In the Aeroplane Over the Sea) [03:50:17]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-09-16 (Fucktacular Classics Edition Vol. 2)

• September 16th, 2019

Muthafuckaaaaaas!!! Welcome to another monkey-fuckin’ Monday (if you fuck monkeys, that is… weirdo) and another Monday Morning Aural Sex: the second volume of the Fucktacular Classics Edition! One or two of you might recall the first one of these I released back in late 2015 while I was picking up the tiny little pieces of my life. Happy to say that my life is considerably much better these days, by the way. Anyway, yeah, I put the first one together of random tracks from some of the earliest editions back in 2012, and this one is pretty much the same deal.


I’ve had some great times with friends recording these podcasts, including getting wine drunk and yammering the fuck on about this, that and any other shit with Cat DeCuir way back in the day. Also happy to include my friends Alex Sanchez and Constance in this little stroll down memory fuckin’ lane. I know last week I was saying I didn’t want to be playing old tracks on this podcast in the midst of this 2019 revival I’ve got going on, but shit, having nostalgia like this makes me appreciate the road ahead even more. Maybe I just love that I can remember all sorts of shit around these songs, you know, memories made and so on. Anyone else agree with that?


So yeah, these tracks we’ll be hearing are some of my favorites I’ve ever played, and a good portion of them were only ever on one edition. I do like to keep this shit fresh, despite some of them being just so damn dark  that I really didn’t want to hear them twice. Fortunately, because I’m in a better mental state, I can listen to them again from a different perspective. I’ll most likely put tracks like that towards the end so I don’t bum all you perverts the fuck out, but if you’re in the mood for that, stick around ’til the end.


Any-fuckin’-way, let us have our kicks and yojne before this whole shithouse goes up in flames!



01 Atari Teenage Riot - Too Dead For Me (from 60 Second Wipe Out) [00:01:11]


02 Leftfield - Open Up (from Leftism) [00:05:07]


03 Apartment 26 - Give Me More (from Music For The Massive) [00:11:56]


04 Innerpartysystem - Don’t Stop (from Innerpartysystem) [00:15:33]


05 Akira Yamaoka - Lost Carol (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) (Long Version) (from Silent Hill: Sounds Box (Disc 8 - Extra Music & Silent Hill The Arcade)) [00:19:50]


06 00111111 - Talk 01 (from MMAS: 2012-01-30) [00:22:29]


07 Evil Activities - Back On Track (feat. Neophyte) (from Army Of Hardcore Vol. 3 (Disc 2)) [00:24:13]


08 The Thompson Twins - Play With Me (Remix) (from Cool World OST) [00:29:17]


09 Defrag - The Stones (from Lament Element) [00:33:17]


10 Dir en Grey - Obscure (from Vulgar) [00:36:34]


11 00111111 - Talk 01 (from MMAS: 2012-05-07 (The Edition That’s Very Editioney feat. Cat DeCuir)) [00:40:31]


12 Vanilla Ice - Cool As Ice (feat. Naomi Campbell) (from Cool As Ice OST) [00:41:15]


13 Sage Francis - Slow Down Gandhi (from A Healthy Distrust) [00:46:43]


14 Freestylers - Cracks (feat. Belle Humble) (Flux Pavilion Remix) (from Cracks) [00:51:35]


15 Boy Hits Car - As I Watch The Sun Fuck The Ocean (from Boy Hits Car) [00:56:11]


16 00111111 - Talk 03 (feat. Cat DeCuir) (from MMAS: 2012-05-07 (The Edition That’s Very Editioney feat. Cat DeCuir)) [00:59:23]


17 Einstürzende Neubauten - Seele Brennt (from Halber Mensch) [00:59:48]


18 Buckethead - Funbus (feat. Dirk Rogers & Keith Aazami) (from Enter The Chicken) [01:03:44]


19 Mick Gordon - Voices of Devs (from [01:07:10]


20 00111111 - Talk 05 (feat. Cat DeCuir) (from MMAS: 2012-04-16 (The !!!!!!! Edition)) [01:10:44]


21 Tiger Lillies - The Hamster Song (from… Cat’s too drunk to care) [01:10:47]


22 00111111 - Talk 06 (feat. Cat DeCuir) (from MMAS: 2012-04-16 (The !!!!!!! Edition)) [01:12:59]


23 Big Pig - I Can’t Break Away (from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure OST) [01:13:09]


24 Spunkadelic - 9.95 (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles OST) [01:16:44]


25 Fluke - Another Kind Of Blues (Dream Edit) (from Puppy) [01:20:30]


26 00111111 - Talk 04 (feat. Constance Morgendorffer) (from MMAS: 2012-04-30 (Fuck Geography Edition)) [01:25:08]


27 Ishii Yasushi - The World Without Logos (from Hellsing OST Vol. 1 Raid) [01:25:43]


28 Konishi Kayo & Kondoo Yukio - Lilium ~opening version~ (from Elfen Lied OST) [01:29:46]


29 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Hour of Zero (from The Reincarnation of Luna) [01:31:15]


30 00111111 - Talk 07 (from MMAS: 2012-01-30) [01:36:26]


31 Nine Inch Nails - Burn (from Natural Born Killers OST) [01:36:44]


32 The Red Paintings - Walls (from Walls EP) [01:41:43]


33 Panzer Ag - Battlefield (from This Is My Battlefield) [01:44:42]


34 Tool - Bottom (from Undertow) [01:49:37]


35 00111111 - Talk 05 (feat. Cat DeCuir) (from MMAS: 2012-05-07 (The Edition That’s Very Editioney feat. Cat DeCuir)) [01:56:48]


36 Puscifer - Sour Grapes (Where’s The Line? Mix) (from Sound Into Blood Into Wine) [01:58:25]


37 Marilyn Manson - Angel With The Scabbed Wings (w/ intro) (from Dead To The World Tour (VHS Rip)) [02:05:41]


38 00111111 - Talk 0666 (The Nine Satanic Statements) (from MMAS: 2012-05-07 (The Edition That’s Very Editioney feat. Cat DeCuir)) [02:11:47]


39 Orbital - Satan Spawn (feat. Kirk Hammett) (from Work 1989-2002) [02:12:59]


40 00111111 - Talk 07 (feat. Cat DeCuir) (from MMAS: 2012-05-07 (The Edition That’s Very Editioney feat. Cat DeCuir)) [02:16:43]


41 Rage Against the Machine - Hadda Be Playing on the Jukebox (from Live & Rare) [02:18:23]


42 Between the Buried and Me - Selkies: The Endless Obsession (from Alaska) [02:26:23]


43 Skrillex - Make It Bun Dem (feat. Damian Marley) (from Make It Bun Dem) [02:33:37]


44 00111111 - Talk 07 (feat. Alex “Figgies” Sanchez) (from MMAS: 2012-04-23 (The Pure Fucking Insanity Edition feat. Alex "Figgies" Ruiz)) [02:37:03]


45 Imogen Heap - Clear The Area (from Speak For Yourself) [02:37:48]


46 The Bastard Fairies - A Case Against Love (from Memento Mori) [02:41:54]


47 Nobuo Uematsu - Terra (from FFVI Piano Collection) [02:44:44]


48 Frédéric Chopin - Concerto for Piano & Orchestra No.2 in F minor, Op.21 (from Romantic Piano Adagios (Disc 1)) [02:48:11]


49 00111111 - Talk 09 (feat. Cat DeCuir) (from MMAS: 2012-05-07 (The Edition That’s Very Editioney feat. Cat DeCuir)) [02:57:11]


50 Dog Fashion Disco - Castaway (from Committed To A Bright Future) [02:58:26]


51 Coal Chamber - Amir of the Desert (from Coal Chamber) [03:02:43]


52 The Nightwatchman - Alone Without You (from “Sicko”) [Bonus Track] (from One Man Revolution) [03:03:27]


53 00111111 - Talk 10 (feat. Cat DeCuir) (from MMAS: 2012-05-07 (The Edition That’s Very Editioney feat. Cat DeCuir)) [03:06:29]


54 Vanilla Ice - Havin’ A Roni (from To The Extreme) [03:08:46]


55 00111111 - You Own The Air (2008-06-22) (from An Extraordinary Love) [03:09:54]


56 Massive Attack - Teardrop (Like An Onyx Star Edit 2015) (original from Mezzanine) [03:11:36]


57 Conjure One - Endless Dream (from Extraordinary Ways) [03:19:02]


58 Bim - The Magic Of Us (from Bim EP) [03:23:26]


59 Lovage - Anger Management (from Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady To) [03:26:47]


60 Rollins Band - Such A Drag (from A Nicer Shade Of Red) [03:31:02]


61 Vistalance - Take It Back (from Emergency Room) [03:43:38]


62 Cold - Rain Song (from Year of the Spider) [03:47:26]


63 Dinah Washington & Max Richter - This Bitter Earth - On The Nature of Daylight (from Shutter Island OST) [03:51:00]


64 Deftones - Diamond Eyes (from Diamond Eyes) [03:57:00]


65 Darren Korb - Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme) (from Bastion OGST) [04:00:08]


66 Ultimate Sound Effects Library - New Yorker Climaxing (from Sounds of Passion) [04:03:01]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-09-09 (Sunset, Adventure, Sunrise Edition)

• September 9th, 2019

What’s up, muthafuckaaaaas?! If you’re as exhausted as I am say, heeeeyyyyyy… Zzz… Zzz…Yes indeed, it is I! Double-O, Xtian Silver, or simply Paul welcoming you (that’s right, motherfucker, you listening to this right fuckin’ now) to another Monday Morning Aural Sex! This week, we have the Sunset, Adventure, Sunrise Edition. “Why for such title, dear Fucklord of Fucksylvania?” you might ask. Well, the most obvious reason could be my love of the nighttime. Seriously, all my most favorite moments in my life happened at night. Small wonder then that I work at night and sleep all day. It’s mostly only mildly annoying when I need to be out somewhere during the day, like the bank or post office, but holy fuck… I’m so in love with the night at this point, switching sides would fuck me up hard. I know I’ll probably have to do it eventually, which is why I’m cherishing the absolute fuck out of it while I can.


Any-fuckin’-way, the Adventure between Sunset and Sunrise is about the never-ending musical discovery adventure that I’m on. Truly, I’m looking for new stuff almost every fuckin’ day so that I don’t have to resort to playing old tracks on this podcast. Nothing wrong with old tracks; quite the contrary. I’m pretty sure that certain tracks will never lose their appeal unless I actively try to wear them out. I’m sure you perverts can relate. The simple fact remains that as many different artists & bands we may love, we can always expand our horizons with even the slightest amount of effort.


Case in point: when I’m making a genre-specific podcast, I pull up said genre on Spotify and go through all the playlists, following them and listening to them as I’m going about my nights. I sift through a fair amount of mediocre stuff on my way to find tracks that I feel compelled to share. You ought to know that what I put on this podcast is all stuff I’m especially fond of. Like, 4.5-5 star ratings for all of it, unless I’m using it for a joke like I did with Disturbed’s Sound of Silence. 4 stars are stuff I like that I don’t feel particularly compelled to share (at least, not yet), and 3 stars are basically just mediocre and I don’t even bother putting those on any playlist. So, understand that all the stuff I play for you is stuff I think at least one other person somewhere out there would really enjoy. I certainly know I enjoy it, but obviously, I’m biased.


With that in mind, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to any and all of you out there who have joined me on my continuous adventure here, even if only for a little while. Even if you ended up hating my podcast, I’m grateful beyond words that you at least gave it a try. Just by that little bit of curiosity, you’re fuckin’ awesome to me. If you’ve listened to entire editions, I might be compelled to ask for your hand in marriage, so watch out for that.


On the real though (as the kids say), I’m grateful for any amount of time you spent on this little podcast of mine, especially if you ever guest-hosted. I know it was probably weird and felt pointless, but I’m grateful for your efforts nonetheless. I’m well aware of all the different mediums we all have for listening to music these days, and I know most people either don’t give a fuck and listen to the radio, or they do give a fuck and they’re on their own musical adventures. I emphatically hope that it’s the latter, but ya know…


Anyway, as we approach a point when music is actually played on this fuckin’ shit, let me quickly mention that there are actually two tracks in this list from an earlier edition released this year. One of my favorite 2019 editions, actually. I have pretty much ironclad confidence in saying that none of you know which tracks they are, which edition they’re from, or care to find out, but it’s all good. I don’t do this for your validation. I’ll leave that to the scholars who might be so bored one day as to pore over my assorted podcastery long after I’ve returned to the silent everything.


Believe it or not, I’ve done something over 200 of these fuckin’ podcasts. I’m pretty proud of this body of work, and along with my writing and photography, I guess it’s something of a legacy. An audio record of rampant passion for music, perhaps? I don’t fuckin’ know. I will say this: the most I’ve ever endeavored to do with this podcast is to inspire you; inspire you to dig deeper into your passions, discover new things, hear some awesome new music, all that happy horseshit, man. Maybe even enjoy your fuckin’ Monday, despite this day being legendarily shitty for most human beings. I know I’ve succeeded in that for a few people at least.


Boy-fuckin’-howdy, can I yammer. Enough of my fuckin’ yammering, already. Let’s do this, and by “this,” I mean yojne!



01 Claude McLin - Jambo (from Jambo/Jambo (Instrumental)) [00:03:20]


02 Noisestorm - This Feeling (from This Feeling) [00:05:44]


03 Bop Alloy - Another Day In the Life (feat. Cise Star, Mr. SOS & Steph The Sapphic Songstress) (from Substantial & Marcus D Are Bop Alloy) [00:09:54]


04 Slushii - Level Up (from Find Your Wings) [00:14:10]


05 GRAVEDGR - RAMPAGE (from Rampage) [00:17:29]


06 Delta Heavy - Anarchy (feat. Everyone You Know) (from Anarchy) [00:20:20]


07 Year of the Cobra - Into the Fray (from Into the Fray) [00:23:54]


08 Snails - Funk With Me (feat. Big Gigantic) (from OWSLA Spring Compilation 2015) [00:28:24]


09 Lo Key, Alla Xul Elu - Into the Fire (from Demon Days) [00:30:49]


10 Ferry Corsten - Beautiful (Seven Lions Remix) (from Beautiful) [00:36:23]


11 KALEO - Broken Bones (from A/B) [00:42:16]


12 Black Tiger Sex Machine - Face Down (feat. Panther) (SUB-human Remix) (from Face Down (SUB-human Remix)) [00:46:14]


13 Terranova - Bombing Bastards (from Close The Door) [00:50:29]


14 The Amity Affliction - All My Friends Are Dead (from All My Friends Are Dead) [00:55:39]


15 The Alphabet Zero - Friends Don’t Lie (feat. Kellie Besch) (from We Used to Feel Alone) [00:59:20]


16 SAYMYNAME - Say My Name (feat. Lil Debbie) (from Say My Name) [01:03:12]


17 Donnie Menace, Alla Xul Elu - Life Ender (from Bonded by Chaos) [01:06:39]


18 Professor Kliq - Plastic and Flashing Lights (from The Scientific Method, Vol. 2) [01:10:18]


19 KRISTINE - The Danger (from Kristine) [01:14:59]


20 Anomalie - Notre-Dame Est (from Métropole Part II) [01:18:35]


21 Mimosa - Enzo (from EQUiLiBRiUM) [01:21:00]


22 Bassnectar, Dorfex Bos - Horizons (from Reflective (Part 1)) [01:24:21]


23 Kozah - Dream State (from Dream State) [01:28:30]


24 Epik High - 싸워 We Fight Ourselves (feat. Younha) (from EPIK HIGH - SHOEBOX) [01:32:49]


25 Leames - Wild Language (from Dreams Under Trees) [01:36:56]


26 Enz - La mélodie des choses (feat. Sissy Akoma) (from La mélodie des choses (feat. Sissy Akoma)) [01:41:11]


27 Mr. Bill, Au5 - Chpinklez (from The Recency Effect) [01:45:20]


28 Alla Xul Elu - Xuligans (from Church of Xul) [01:50:18]


29 Delta Heavy - White Flag (from Paradise Lost) [01:53:18]


30 Night Vision - Runaway (from Runaway) [01:56:14]


31 GameboyJones - Kool-Aid (Cuphead Rap Song) (feat. DEFMATCH) (from Kool-Aid (Cuphead Rap Song) (feat. DEFMATCH)) [01:59:54]


32 The Dead Tongues - Ebb and Flow (from Unsung Passage) [02:02:42]


33 Alex Cortiz - Barfly (Slo-Fi Mix) (from Barfly (Remixes)) [02:05:53]


34 Dirtyphonics, 12th Planet - Freefall (feat. Julie Hardy) (High Maintenance Remix) (from Write Your Future Remixes) [02:11:16]


35 GRAVEDGR, Lil Texas - KAMIKAZE (VIP) (from KAMIKAZE (VIP)) [02:15:22]


36 Funky DL - No Time For Looking Back (Lounge Version) (from The Jazz Lounge) [02:18:28]


37 12mé & Raph - Through with love (from Headfones 0.3 ‘Voicing’) [02:23:28]


38 Feed Me - Feel Love (feat. Rosie Doonan) (from Feel Love) [02:27:31]


39 Tantrum Desire - Goddess of Love (from Diversified) [02:33:04]


40 The Trifinity - The Dubstep (from Trifinity) [02:37:58]


41 Aurix - Breathe (from Breathe) [02:40:56]


42 grandson - Blood // Water (from a modern tragedy vol. 1) [02:45:49]


43 PANTyRAiD - Beba (from The Sauce) [02:49:19]


44 ShockOne - Bleed Black (feat. Cruz Patterson) (from A Dark Machine) [02:53:08]


45 S U R V I V E - Holographic Landscape (from LLR002) [02:56:58]


46 Attune - Option Key (from Attune) [03:00:58]


47 Joker - Anamorphic (from Anamorphic/Forever) [03:06:10]


48 Mr. Bill, Of The Trees - Pish Posh (from Pish Posh) [03:12:46]


49 Snoop Dogg - Imagine (feat. Dr. Dre & D’Angelo) (from The Blue Carpet Treatment) [03:16:48]


50 Okami (Ọ) - Alluvial (from Alluvial) [03:21:01]


51 Arcade High - One Year Ago (from Pixel Passion) [03:25:33]


52 Atmosphere - Yesterday (from When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold) [03:30:07]


53 Resonata, Subsets, Cartography - Yuletide (Whithe Remix) (from Forever_isnt_4_every1) [03:33:23]


54 Electus - Where’d You Go (from Musical Hallucinations) [03:37:39]


55 GentleBeatz - Heartbroken (from Soul City) [03:41:14]


56 Poolz - I’ll be there With You (from I’ll be there With You) [03:43:54]

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