Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-06-29 (Robot Porn v9.0)

• June 29th, 2020

Robot Porn Vol. 9, muthafuckaaaas! Welcome to it, learn it, live it, love it. This is the only type of edition that I have 9 fuckin’ volumes of, and 12 if you count my DJ mixes (which, incidentally, can also be found on my Mixcloud if you’re actually curious). I’m definitely way overdue for another DJ mix, I know. I tend to put a LOT of work into them, so even beyond my hope that you yojne my podcasts, I esPECIally hope you yojne those. Anyway, there’s not much to say about these tracks this week. Some artists you’ll see multiple times on this edition, so definitely look into them if you look into any of them at all. We’ve seen a lot of these names before, but ALL the goddamn tracks are new discoveries. That’s right, so open your tender little earholes good and wide for me, ‘cause we doin’ this shit right nao!



01 Teminite - Rise and Shine (from Rise and Shine) [00:00:39]


02 Sekai, PsoGnar - Level Up (from Level Up) [00:05:07]


03 501 - Escaping Monday (Escaping Monday EP) [00:09:23]


04 The Chainsmokers - Save Yourself (NGHTMRE VIP REMIX) (from Save Yourself (NGHTMRE VIP REMIX)) [00:13:57]


05 BLVK JVCK - THVT SH!T (from THVT SH!T) [00:16:16]


06 Kai Wachi - RI$E (from RI$E) [00:18:50]


07 Excision, Downlink - Resistance (from Resistance) [00:22:15]


08 Dr. Ozi, Chime - Vengeance (from Vengeance) [00:26:46]


09 Zomboy - City 2 City (feat. Belle Humble) (from The Dead Symphonic EP) [00:29:28]


10 Tristam - Who We Are (from Monstercat Best of Dubstep, Vol. 1) [00:34:42]


11 Bassnectar - All Colors (feat. Blakkamoore) (from All Colors) [00:39:13]


12 Oliverse - Somethin Good (from Disciple X Miniladd) [00:42:44]


13 Au5 - Funk Ain't Even (feat. Nasty Purple) (from Funk Ain't Even) [00:47:08]


14 Virus Syndicate, Infekt - Media Jungle (from Media Jungle) [00:53:35]


15 SWARM - Drag Me Down (feat. Man Ov God) (from Drag Me Down) [00:56:47]


16 Superwet - Obey (from Obey EP) [01:00:18]


17 Ravachol - Brutal (from Brutal) [01:03:43]


18 MUST DIE! - CHAOS (from CHAOS) [01:06:33]


19 Stonebank - Drop Bombs (from Drop Bombs) [01:09:52]


20 In Hearts Wake - Worldwide Suicide (PhaseOne Remix) (from Worldwide Suicide (PhaseOne Remix)) [01:13:38]


21 SWARM, Lucchii - Sacrifice (from Sacrifice) [01:17:34]


22 Kai Wachi - ASMODEUS (from ASMODEUS) [01:21:51]


23 Dogma, ELEVATD - Decimation VIP (from Decimation VIP) [01:24:22]


24 Virtual Riot - Cry Some More (from Cry Some More) [01:27:23]


25 Amy Steele - Bury You Deep (Gemini Remix) (from Bury You Deep (Gemini Remix)) [01:30:41]


26 Cadmium, Paul Flint - A Stranger's Dead (from A Stranger's Dead) [01:34:17]


27 Blanke - Fragile Violence (feat. Nevve) (yetep Remix) (from Fragile Violence (yetep Remix)) [01:39:29]


28 BLVK JVCK - WHVT (from WHVT) [01:43:20]


29 Bloom Line, BLÜ EYES - How (from How) [01:46:37]


30 Doctor P - Flying Spaghetti Monster (Spag Heddy Remix) (from The Remixes) [01:50:10]


31 Tryple - Space Invaders (Tryple Remix) (from Space Invaders (Tryple Remix)) [01:52:24]


32 Spag Heddy - Oh My! VIP (from Oh My! VIP) [01:57:49]


33 Effin - Cheese (from Cheese) [02:00:17]


34 EH!DE - Runnin' (from Cult EP) [02:03:14]


35 Chime - Pixel Perfect (from Pixel Perfect) [02:06:42]


36 Extra Terra, Barenhvrd - Droidcore (from Droidcore) [02:10:22]


37 Stabby - Dojo (from Zanshin) [02:14:03]


38 BH - The Summit (from The Summit / Fight Forever) [02:17:49]


39 Ephixa - Dubstep Killed Rock 'n' Roll (from Monstercat Best of Dubstep, Vol. 1) [02:22:29]


40 Chime - Sherwood (from Sherwood) [02:26:39]


41 The Glitch Mob, 1788-L - Momentary Lapse (from Momentary Lapse) [02:30:18]


42 Crywolf - Quantum Immortality (AWAY Remix) (from Quantum Immortality (AWAY Remix)) [02:34:20]


43 Remnant.Exe, iSorin - Absolve (from Absolve) [02:38:45]


44 Erio, Mythic Creature - Illusive Dream (feat. Sky Child) (from Illusive Dream (feat. Sky Child)) [02:42:41]


45 Pixel Terror - Dilemma (feat. Dyson) (from Dilemma) [02:46:50]


46 Don Diablo, Matt Nash - Starlight (Could You Be Mine) (Collin McLoughlin Remix) (from Starlight (Could You Be Mine)) [02:49:18]


47 Wevlth - Into U (from Into U) [02:52:15]


48 Ookay - Thief (Flux Pavilion Remix) (from Thief (Flux Pavilion Remix)) [02:55:34]


49 Tristam - Follow Me (from Monstercat Best of Dubstep, Vol. 1) [03:00:01]


50 Diamond Eyes - Stay with Me (feat. Christina Grimmie) (from Stay with Me) [03:04:18]


51 Said the Sky, Illenium - In Your Wake (feat. Jeza) (from In Your Wake (feat. Jeza)) [03:08:18]


52 Trivecta - Wasteland (Wooli Remix) (from Wasteland (Wooli Remix)) [03:13:38]


53 Skeler - Worlds Away (from Worlds Away) [03:17:52]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-06-22 (Punk-Hop Edition)

• June 22nd, 2020

What’s up, perverts, pervettes and toothpaste spaghetti aliens from planet Nom-3 in the Schnebula Fwebula quadrant? Welcome to the inaugural Punk-Hop Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex! Can ya fuckin’ guess by that ever-so-cryptic name what sorts of stuff we have in store for us this week? To be honest, I was on the fence about just calling this the Listen or Burn Vol. 3 edition, but this one is pretty much exclusively just punk and hip-hop. Those Listen or Burn editions cover numerous other genres beyond the two. Granted, some of these songs might venture outside the strictly fuckin’ policed borders of the punk and hip-hop genres. In fact, those two sub-genres have sub-genres of their own, and so on, and fuckin’ so on. As I’ve said ad nauseum, genres are a fine way to gain an introductory understanding of a particular sound, but nobody should ever get so caught up in those classifications that they shun anything that deviates from them.


Anyway, yeah, a few things to note:


1. A lot of these tracks are new to me and therefore also to this podcast. Not all of ‘em, but most of the 4 ½ hours is all gnu sheeeeet. I searched for hours and hours for this stuff, so I hope someone fuckin’ yojnes besides me.


2. You’ll notice I included 9 different tracks from a group called Ho99o9 (pronounced “Horror”). These guys are from my home state of Jersey, they’ve toured with Korn and Alice In Chains, they’re modern afropunk, they’re eclectic as 10 fucks on a bicycle built for 1, they’ve done tracks with The Prodigy and 3TEETH, and y’all should fuckin’ listen to ‘em. I think they’re goddamn excellent, and they’re also donating proceeds from new merchandise sales to black charities and legal defense funds, so your support would be more than welcome.


3. I included a number of tracks from lesser known black punk groups (or groups that prominently feature black artists) like Ho99o9 (obviously), The Txlips Band, X-Ray Spex, Rough Francis, Suffrajett, Death (not the metal group), Skunk Anansie, Pure Hell & Death Grips. I would’ve included something from Bad Brains, but I’ve played them numerous times in the past, and I wanted to give lesser known artists more time in this minuscule fuckin’ spotlight I’ve got here. If you somehow don’t know Bad Brains, do yourself a goddamn favor and look ‘em up.


4. There are 6 different tracks called Fuck Donald Trump on this edition because I’ve really been feelin’ that powerful albeit ineloquent sentiment over the past hundred years or so since 2016. There’s no need for eloquence in criticism of him, though. He brings it on himself in fuckin’ barrels. I have no doubt that in the next two weeks as we see spikes of COVID-19 across the US, people on the left will be blamed for their protests despite having taken precautions in their desperate fight for justice. The rally held on Saturday, which was hilariously humiliating due to people on the internet requesting tickets with the deliberate intention of not showing up, those people who actually went (as far as I know) took no such precautions. They’ll likely pay the price, and we’ll get blamed for it… *sigh* So it fucking goes.


All that said, to kick off this inaugural edition, I have a special treat in the form of my mother reciting the lyrics to Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Yojne!



01 My Mom - Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme Song (from The Domicile of Silly Shit: Nipple-Calcifying A cappellas (723rd Anniversary Remastered Super Deluxe Gourmet Reacharound Edition)) [00:02:25]


02 The Original Donald Trump - I’m Fuckin’ Orange (from Donald Trump Is a Piece of Shit) [00:03:36]


03 YG - FDT (feat. Nipsey Hussle) (from Still Brazy (Deluxe)) [00:05:05]


04 Propagandhi - The Only Good Fascist Is a Very Dead Fascist (from Less Talk, More Rock) [00:08:52]


05 Ho99o9 - Mega City Nine (unknown virus 4.) (from Cyber Cop [Unauthorized MP3.]) [00:10:01]


06 Anti-Flag - A Nation Sleeps (from 20/20 Vision) [00:12:16]


07 Akir - Politricks (from Legacy) [00:14:23]


08 blink-182 - Generational Divide (from Generational Divide) [00:18:02]


09 Dead Prez - Politrikkks (from Politrikkks) [00:18:50]


10 Cancer Bats - Trust No One (from Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones (Remastered) [10 Year Anniversary Edition]) [00:22:14]


11 Death Grips - Beware (from Exmilitary) [00:24:55]


12 Leftöver Crack - One Dead Cop (from Fuck World Trade) [00:30:47]


13 Pharoahe Monch - W.A.R. (feat. Immortal Technique & Vernon Reid) (from W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)) [00:34:26]


14 Ho99o9 - Internet Thuggin' (unknown virus 2.) (from Cyber Cop [Unauthorized MP3.]) [00:38:51]


15 East Coast Avengers - Hey America (feat. Freddie Foxxx, Apathy, Termanology, Slaine, Celph Titled, Statik Selektah & King Magnetic) (from Prison Planet) [00:41:38]


16 F-Minus, Leftöver Crack - So You Wanna Be a Cop? (from Baby Jesus, Sliced Up In The Manger) [00:44:50]


17 Pharoahe Monch - Book Of Judges (from Desire) [00:48:46]


18 U.S. Bombs - Riot Sirens (from Road Case) [00:52:16]


19 Akir - This Is Your Life (Pt. 2) (from Legacy) [00:54:52]


20 Akir - Kunta Kinte (from Legacy) [00:59:09]


21 Death of a Nation - Metaphors For Murderers (from Death of a Nation) [01:02:58]


22 Tamu - Fuck Donald Trump (feat. D.L. Hughley) (from Fuck Donald Trump) [01:09:14]


23 Tanner Mackey - Donald Drumpf Is Our Lord and Savior (Fuck Donald Trump) (from The Mentor or the Charlatan) [01:12:18]


24 Jedi Mind Tricks - Imperial Tyranny (feat. King Magnetic) (from Violence Begets Violence) [01:13:27]


25 Anti-Flag - Racists (Acoustic) (from American Reckoning) [01:17:04]


26 Ho99o9 - War Is Hell (from United States of Horror) [01:20:19]


27 Skunk Anansie - This Means War (from This Means War) [01:23:41]


28 Jedi Mind Tricks - On The Eve Of War (feat. GZA) (Julio Caesar Chavez Mix) (from Before The Great Collapse (12”)) [01:27:51]


29 Bad Religion - The Kids Are Alt-Right (from The Kids Are Alt-Right) [01:31:47]


30 Enemy Radio - The Kids Ain't Alright (from Loud Is Not Enough) [01:34:24]


31 Descendents - Who We Are (from Who We Are) [01:37:38]


32 DMX - Who We Be (from The Great Depression) [01:41:27]


33 Ho99o9 - Hated In Amerika (from Mutant Freax) [01:46:07]


34 East Coast Avengers - Lady Liberty (feat. Slaine) (from Prison Planet) [01:48:08]


35 Bad Cop, Bad Cop - Pursuit of Liberty (from The Ride) [01:52:14]


36 Public Enemy - State Of The Union (STFU) (from State Of The Union (STFU)) [01:55:37]


37 Bi Tyrant - Fuck Donald Trump (from Bisexual Tyrant) [01:58:30]


38 Jon Lumi - Fuck Donald Trump (from Fuck Donald Trump) [01:59:10]


39 Ice Cube - Arrest The President (from Everythangs Corrupt) [02:02:30]


40 Death Grips - Get Got (from The Money Store) [02:06:22]


41 The Exploited - Fuck The System (from Fuck The System) [02:09:10]


42 Dead Prez - Scar Strangled Banner (from Information Age (Deluxe Edition)) [02:12:42]


43 Neck Deep - Don't Wait (feat. Sam Carter) (from The Peace And The Panic) [02:16:18]


44 Ho99o9 - Yellow Tape (Error) (from Cyber Warfare) [02:19:31]


45 All Gonna Die - Slave Culture (from Traitor) [02:22:07]


46 Fort Minor - Kenji (from The Rising Tied) [02:24:39]


47 Rough Francis - Panthers in the Night (from Panthers in the Night) [02:28:25]


48 Dead Prez - Wolves (Intro) (from Let’s Get Free) [02:30:10]


49 Perkele - Leaders of Tomorrow (from Leaders of Tomorrow) [02:32:25]


50 Pharoahe Monch - Same Sh!t, Different Toilet (feat. Styles P) (from Same Sh!t, Different Toilet) [02:36:21]


51 Pure Hell - Hard Action (from Noise Addiction) [02:39:27]


52 Death Grips - I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States (from The Powers That B) [02:41:53]


53 Ho99o9 - Hate Crimes (from Dead Bodies in the Lake) [02:44:31]


54 Dead Prez - Take Me to the Future (from Information Age (Deluxe Edition)) [02:47:48]


55 Propagandhi - Homophobes Are Just Pissed 'Cause They Can't Get Laid (from How to Clean Everything (Reissue)) [02:52:28]


56 Ice Cube - Good Cop Bad Cop (from Everythangs Corrupt) [02:54:09]


57 MDC - Dead Cops / America’s So Straight (from Now More Than Ever) [02:57:32]


58 KRS-One - Sound of da Police (from Return of the Boom Bap) [02:59:30]


59 The Crucifucks - Cops for Fertilizer (from Our Will Be Done) [03:03:38]


60 Dead Prez - Assassination (from Let’s Get Free) [03:05:26]


61 Death - Politicians In My Eyes (from …For The Whole World To See) [03:07:26]


62 The Txlips Band - Die Today (from Queens of the New Age) [03:13:09]


63 Vinnie Paz - End of Days (feat. Block McCloud) (from Season of the Assassin) [03:18:51]


64 The Elected Officials - Death For Sale (from Missile Whistle) [03:22:33]


65 Akir - Apocalypse (Remix) (feat. Immortal Technique & Pharoah Monche) (from The Secret) [03:24:18]


66 Street Dogs - Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing (from Stand For Something Or Die For Nothing) [03:27:55]


67 Dead Prez - Propaganda (from Let’s Get Free) [03:31:16]


68 Ho99o9 - Christopher Dorner (from Christopher Dorner / Pray or Prey) [03:36:27]


69 Grandmaster Flash - The Message (feat. The Furious Five & The Sugarhill Gang) (from Rapper’s Delight) [03:38:31]


70 Bad Cop, Bad Cop - Womanarchist (from Womanarchist) [03:45:40]


71 Common - Black America Again (feat. Stevie Wonder) (from Black America Again) [03:48:30]


72 X-Ray Spex - Identity (from Germ Free Adolescents: The Anthology) [03:54:24]


73 Dilated Peoples - Worst Comes To Worst (from Expansion Team) [03:56:44]


74 Ho99o9 - Punk Police (unknown virus 5.) (feat. N8NOFACE) (from Cyber Cop [Unauthorized MP3.]) [04:00:20]


75 La Coka Nostra - I'm An American (feat. B-Real) (from A Brand You Can Trust) [04:01:48]


76 Senses Fail - Gold Jacket, Green Jacket… (from If There Is Light, It Will Find You) [04:05:45]


77 Pharoahe Monch - The Truth (feat. Common & Talib Kweli) (from Internal Affairs) [04:09:09]


78 Propagandhi - Fuck the Border (from Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes) [04:12:57]


79 serpentwithfeet - A Comma (from Apparition EP) [04:14:26]


80 Suffrajett - Love Me More (from Suffrajett) [04:17:08]


81 Ho99o9 - Pray or Prey (from Christopher Dorner / Pray or Prey) [04:20:58]


82 Good Riddance - Dry Season (from Peace in Our Time) [04:24:35]


83 YG - FDT Pt. 2 (feat. G-Eazy & Macklemore) (from FDT Pt. 2) [04:26:54]


84 Sum 41 - 45 (A Matter Of Time) (from Order In Decline) [04:30:33]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-06-15 (Chill the Fuck Out Edition Vol. 5)

• June 15th, 2020

Chiiiiilllll the Fuuuuuuckkkkk Ouuuuuuttttt, perverts, pervettes and unicorn toast monsters of all shapes and sizes… Welcome to the 5th installment of the Chill the Fuck Out Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex! I bet you’re all wondering why I chose to do this type of edition after the past two weeks of Listen or Burn. Let me guess, “Did he lose his fire? Did he lose his soul? Does he not care anymore?” Those are your thoughts, aren’t they? AREN’T THEEEEY?! Well, the answer is no, not at all, and I do indeed still care. As I was delightfully reminded by my friend Jenna’s post on Facebook, rest is part of the fuel we all need to properly get shit done in our lives. By the way Jenna, whether or not you ever hear this, love and miss you! Hope you’re doing well and staying safe out there.


Anyway, after the past two weeks of horrendous news stories and multiple viral videos of police brutality a day, I need to rest a bit. I really hope we have a better week in store for us. I don’t know about you, but I watch a lot of political news shows on YouTube, clips from mainstream networks, netshows, podcasts, etc. It can get exhausting hearing about all this shit, and I can only imagine it’s many times more exhausting living through it directly. So, I put together another volume of this as a way to just fuckin’ be able to chill a little bit during the day. I don’t think it’s too much to ask, although during the pandemic that’s still happening and getting worse, all I’ve really been able to do is fuckin’ chill. Still though, I need a little time in my day to not be fuckin’ irate.


Anyway, lemme tell ya some shit about the music we’re hearing this week:


1. Big shout out to Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks, one of the best progressive news outlets on YouTube in my opinion. She put together a “chill” playlist on Spotify, literally called “chill,” and I enjoyed the whole fuckin’ thing. The worst any track was on that list was a bit mediocre, and there were a few old favorites of mine on there. Massive Attack’s “Teardrop,” “Paradise Circus,” James Blake’s, “Retrograde,” and maybe one other, but everything else was completely new to me. After listening to it all the way through, I came up with somewhere around 16-20 new tracks for this podcast. So, huge thank you to Ana for putting together such an awesome playlist. To all my listeners, check out the Young Turks on YouTube. Give something current a watch and see if you identify with them. I certainly do.


2. As I usually do, I tried to organize the tracks in meaningful ways. There are usually multiple stories being told between the lyrics and track titles. Some of it is just random, though. Again, it’s like magnetic poetry. Can’t always use all the words, and there’s no need to anyway. I basically treat every edition like a mixtape I’m making for someone special. In this case, my someone special is anyone willing to listen. Even those who don’t listen, so long as they’re expanding their horizons in some way. Anything else but that seems far too pitifully bland.


3. I would guess there’s something like 3 hours of new and/or never-before-played tracks in this edition. Others are older favorites from past editions that perhaps didn’t get the attention they deserve, or just fit this theme so well that it wasn’t right to exclude them. Also, yeah, this edition is just a mouse’s cunt hair under 5 hours. Doesn’t top Volume 4, which is by far the longest podcast I’ve ever done for some reason, but yeah. Lots of fantastic shit to chill us all out this week.


4. The last hour and 40 minutes is dedicated to Sunny Rae, a girl I still miss dearly after almost 10 years. Ironically, Sunny has turned out to be one of the biggest reasons for me to stay alive and fight depression wherever I find it. She continues to inspire me, even to this day. If ever I were to believe in blessings and such, I would consider myself blessed to have loved her.


Anyway, hope you all yojne your fuckin’ socks off and they come out your nose!!!! Or something… Or just yojne.



01 Spinmont - Indica (from Stuff You Can Chill on, Vol. 2) [00:03:23]


02 Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Kiss the Sky (from Voices and Choices) [00:05:31]


03 Gramatik - Muy Tranquilo (from SB3) [00:09:07]


04 Anna Of The North - Sway (Chainsmokers Remix) (from Sway (Chainsmokers Remix)) [00:12:56]


05 Kazy Lambist - Doing Yoga (from On You (Radio Edit)) [00:15:50]


06 Kyson - Every High (Young & Sick in-Flight Remix) (from Every High (The Remixes)) [00:20:35]


07 BANKS - Waiting Game (from Goddess (Deluxe)) [00:24:46]


08 Big Gigantic - Long Time Coming (from Brighter Future) [00:28:11]


09 Atomica - Recent (from Metropolitan) [00:30:20]


10 The Chainsmokers - New York City (JayKode Remix) (from [00:33:37]


11 Edlan, Smote, Bazil MC - The Way of Time (from Heathen EP) [00:38:31]


12 VAST Presents Bang Band Sixxx - Loneliness Is Fine (from Relay) [00:43:19]


13 The Black Queen - The End Where We Start (from Fever Daydream) [00:46:56]


14 Deftones - Hearts/Wires (from Gore) [00:50:53]


15 Charlotte Day Wilson - Work (from Work) [00:56:11]


16 Fakear - Give Me a Sign (feat. Dana Williams) (from Give Me a Sign) [00:59:52]


17 Hiromi - Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 8, Pathetique (feat. Anthony Jackson & Simon Phillips) (from Voice) [01:03:55]


18 Elderbrook - Closer (from Closer) [01:08:57]


19 Agar Agar - Prettiest Virgin (Myth Syzer Remix) (from Prettiest Virgin (Myth Syzer Remix)) [01:12:54]


20 SYN - Sans lendemain (from Sans lendemain) [01:17:01]


21 2nd Element - Underwaterfall (from Underwaterfall) [01:19:43]


22 Portishead - Wandering Star (from Dummy) [01:26:33]


23 Dani Mari - Drifting (feat. Fear Club) (from Vampire) [01:31:22]


24 LLLL - Hollow (from Hollow) [01:35:50]


25 Charlotte Gainsbourg - Deadly Valentine (from Rest) [01:39:34]


26 Telefon Tel Aviv - You Are The Worst Thing In The World (from Immolate Yourself) [01:45:37]


27 DJ Muggs - Gone For Good (feat. Everlast) (from Dust) [01:50:14]


28 Actium - Letting Go (from Letting Go) [01:54:19]


29 CMA - Fragments Of The Past (from Life EP) [01:58:42]


30 BANKS - Contaminated (from III) [02:03:07]


31 Fakear - Chakra (from All Glows) [02:07:45]


32 Heilung - Othan (from Lifa) [02:11:48]


33 iSorin - Sentient (Yume Collective) (from Sentient (Yume Collective)) [02:22:01]


34 The Avener - Castle In The Snow (feat. Kadebostany) (from The Wanderings Of The Avener) [02:25:25]


35 Elder Island - Bonfires (from Bonfires) [02:28:53]


36 Big Wild - Venice Venture (from Venice Venture) [02:32:38]


37 French 79 - Diamond Veins (feat. Sarah Rebecca) (from Olympic) [02:36:15]


38 Polo & Pan - Canopée (from Caravelle) [02:40:08]


39 The Avener - Fade Out Lines (feat. Phoebe Killdeer) (The Avener Rework) (from The Wanderings Of The Avener) [02:44:39]


40 Vestascension - An Endless Voyage (from Breaching The Sound) [02:49:10]


41 Zimmer, Panama - Wildflowers (from Zimmer) [02:56:48]


42 Sirens Of Lesbos - We'll Be Fine (from We’ll Be Fine) [03:00:23]


43 William Orbit - Water From A Vine Leaf (from Best Of Strange Cargo) [03:04:06]


44 Rameses B - Moonlight (from Inspire EP) [03:10:58]


45 Ekoh - Westside (from Westside) [03:16:32]


46 SYN - Seven (from Seven) [03:20:00]


47 Nostalghia - Heroin (from Wicked Woman) [03:23:10]


48 San Holo, Broods - Honest (from Honest) [03:26:56]


49 CMA - You're Not Alone (from You’re Not Alone) [03:30:39]


50 GLXY, DRS - She Sings for Me (from Research & Development) [03:35:14]


51 Labrinth - Still Don't Know My Name (from Euphoria (Original Score from the HBO Series)) [03:40:11]


52 Erik Satie, Thomas Lemmer - Gymnopédie 1 (from Gymnopédies) [03:42:43]


53 James Blake - Retrograde (from Overgrown) [03:46:17]


54 Whiteout, One Half Bear - The Part In-Between (Soty & Seven24 Remix) (from Best of Chill Out Vocal Trance 2019) [03:49:57]


55 Deftones - Digital Bath (from White Pony) [03:54:43]


56 iSorin - Embrace (motionxbeats remix) (from Embrace (motionxbeats remix)) [03:58:53]


57 kidneythieves - Serene Dream (from Zerøspace) [04:03:25]


58 Veruca Salt - Aurora (from Tank Girl OST) [04:06:57]


59 Ferry Corsten - Piece Of You (feat. HALIENE) (from Blueprint) [04:10:55]


60 Thom Yorke - Unmade (from Suspiria (Music for the Luca Guadagnino Film)) [04:15:19]


61 Mike Shinoda - Over Again (from Post Traumatic (Deluxe Version)) [04:19:41]


62 Elon Dust - Wish You Were Here (feat. Melissa Heart) (from Wish You Were Here) [04:23:27]


63 Mango, Mathman - Lonely Night (Zero T's Setting Sun Remix) (from Lonely Night (Zero T's Setting Sun Remix)) [04:26:45]


64 Home - Nights (I Wish I Could Be There) (from Odyssey) [04:30:48]


65 LSB - Missing You (feat. Tyler Daley & DRS) (from Missing You) [04:33:49]


66 Bim - Stay In My Memory (from Scatterheart) [04:40:55]


67 Kisnou - We'll Meet Again (from We’ll Meet Again) [04:44:32]


68 Joel Lyssarides, Niklas Fernqvist, Rasmus Svensson Blixt - A Better Place (from A Better Place) [04:49:24]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-06-08 (Listen or Burn Edition Vol. 2)

• June 8th, 2020

That’s right, perverts and pervettes, another volume of the Listen or Burn Edition. Volume fuckin’ 2! Why? Because this has been an utterly horrific fucking week after the utterly horrific fucking week before it. The constitutional rights violations are piling up even faster than the bodies of the wounded and murdered. I honestly couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to do this week other than expand upon the visceral fucking anger in last week’s edition. If you’re not outraged, you’re not fucking paying attention, and that means that your fuckin’ privilege is showing. However, however, I can understand if you can’t stomach the brutality we’re seeing every day. I can understand if it’s emotionally devastating to witness these events unfold and these people be brutalized, or maybe you’re in some unique circumstance that somehow prevents you from being as outraged as everyone else.


Outrage isn’t enough, though. Anger fades like any other emotion, but this anger is mobilizing motherfuckers on an unprecedented scale. Incidentally, I’m really not looking forward to the news in the next couple weeks as we see surges in COVID cases because of the protests before and after what happened to George Floyd. Clearly, I believe in the cause we’re currently fighting for, and the fucking entitled nitwits who protested demanding they be allowed to get haircuts can fuckin’ eat a dick, but now I’m even more anxious about the next surge we’re bound to see. The cause is still just, but fuck, why did it have to happen in the middle of damn pandemic?! I’ve been waiting for action like this for decades! Goddammit, I’m just pissed I can’t be out there in physical solidarity with y’all. I want to be documenting the police along with everyone else, even though seeing what I’ve seen fuckin’ terrifies me.


I just… I really hope this doesn’t just fade away like Occupy did. It’s been almost a decade since then, with countless instances of extreme police misconduct in between. Like I said last week, I’m just glad something is finally fuckin’ happening again, and I really hope we see some actual change come from this. This feels different this time. This feels like something so big, it’s beyond their control. Something they need to listen to, or they will fucking burn.


As far as what to expect from the music, shit, pretty much the same kind of stuff from last week. I really didn’t want to do anything different, because I’m even more irate about this shit than I was last week. I hope someone somewhere is energized and/or inspired by this music to take action if they haven’t already done so. There isn’t much left to say except that I hope this week has some better news in store for us, and that I hope you fuckin’ yojne…



01 All That Remains - Now Let Them Tremble (from For We Are Many) [00:01:53]


02 All That Remains - For We Are Many (from For We Are Many) [00:03:16]


03 Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name (from Rage Against The Machine) [00:06:12]


04 The Death Set - Lite The Fuse (from King Babies EP) [00:11:23]


05 Anti-Flag - Hate Conquers All (from Hate Conquers All) [00:13:16]


06 30 Seconds To Mars - Escape (from This Is War) [00:16:01]


07 Arch Enemy - War Eternal (from War Eternal) [00:18:23]


08 Kayzo - Battle Drums (feat. Atreyu) (from Battle Drums) [00:22:32]


09 Otep - Undefeated (from KULT 45) [00:26:01]


10 Sullivan King - I’ll Fight Back (from I’ll Fight Back) [00:28:38]


11 The Prodigy - Fight Fire With Fire (feat. Ho99o9) (from No Tourists) [00:32:45]


12 Excision - Rumble (feat. Space Laces) (from Apex) [00:35:58]


13 Pantera - Rise (from Vulgar Display Of Power) [00:40:27]


14 Hatebreed - I Will Be Heard (from Perseverance) [00:45:02]


15 Otep - Halt Right (from KULT 45) [00:47:58]


16 Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off (from Plastic Surgery Disasters/In God We Trust Inc.) [00:50:33]


17 Twiztid - livin’ @ the bottom (from livin’ @ the bottom) [00:51:34]


18 The Living End - Prisoner Of Society (from The Living End) [00:55:05]


19 Delta Heavy - Anarchy (feat. Everyone You Know) (from Anarchy) [00:58:53]


20 Dr. Dre - The Day The Niggaz Took Over (feat. Daz, RBX & Snoop Dogg) (from The Chronic) [01:02:27]


21 Otep - To The Gallows (from KULT 45) [01:07:00]


22 T.S.O.L. - Abolish Government / Silent Majority (from T.S.O.L./Weathered Statues) [01:10:00]


23 Dance With The Dead - War (from Loved to Death) [01:11:58]


24 Anti-Flag - Free Nation? (from A New Kind of Army) [01:16:49]


25 KMFDM - Search & Destroy (from Nihil) [01:19:28]


26 Pantera - The Badge (from The Crow OST) [01:22:52]


27 Cookie Monsta - Ruff (feat. Tima Dee) (from Circus Three) [01:26:42]


28 Rage Against The Machine - Know Your Enemy (from Rage Against The Machine) [01:30:06]


29 Otep - Molotov (from KULT 45) [01:34:59]


30 Trampa, MARAUDA - Ruckus (from Ruckus) [01:38:03]


31 Afu-Ra - Reign on Me (feat. Mann) (from Reign on Me) [01:40:27]


32 Heilung - Opening Ceremony (from Lifa) [01:43:57]


33 Heilung - Krigsgaldr (from Lifa) [01:44:53]


34 grandson - Blood // Water (from a modern tragedy vol. 1) [01:54:32]


35 Anti-Flag - Until it Happens to You (from Underground Network) [01:58:02]


36 Chali 2na, The Funk Hunters - Get Involved (feat. Defunk) (from Get Involved (feat. Defunk)) [02:00:46]


37 Gabriel and the Apocalypse - Systematic Chaos (from Alpha Bionic) [02:04:34]


38 FEVER 333 - ONE OF US (from STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS) [02:08:00]


39 Gary Clark Jr. - This Land (from This Land) [02:11:21]


40 KMFDM - D.I.Y. (from Adios) [02:17:00]


41 The Exploited - (Fuck The) U.S.A. (from Totally Exploited - Best Of) [02:21:50]


42 Dead By Wednesday - Democracy Is Dead (from Democracy Is Dead) [02:25:07]


43 Zero Boys - Civilization’s Dying (from Vicious Circle) [02:27:31]


44 Anti-Flag - The Modern Rome Burning (from The Bright Lights Of America) [02:29:27]


45 Bleed From Within - The End of All We Know (from The End of All We Know) [02:33:43]


46 Stonebank - The Government (from The Government) [02:37:51]


47 Annisokay - STFU (from STFU) [02:41:54]


48 Ministry - Twilight Zone (from Amerikkkant) [02:45:21]


49 The Roots - Who Tells Your Story (feat. Common & Ingrid Michaelson) (from The Hamilton Mixtape) [02:53:25]


50 All That Remains - Keepers Of Fellow Man (from For We Are Many) [02:57:37]


51 30 Seconds To Mars - This Is War (from This Is War) [03:00:41]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-06-01 (Listen or Burn Edition)

• June 1st, 2020

What’s up, muthafuckaaaas?! Welcome to the Listen or Burn Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex! Why Listen or Burn? Well, aren’t you an adorably curious soul. Sit the fuck down and I’ll tell ya. There’s some shit goin’ on in this country, maybe you’ve seen it, heard about it, or been in it. If you haven’t, fuck, you might be Jared Leto. Anyway, yeah, a man named George Floyd was unapologetically executed in the street by an overzealous and pretty apparently racist fucking pig named Derek Chauvin. Good news? Shit, there’s not much, but I heard he was arrested, and his wife divorced him. This motherfucker deserves to have his life destroyed because of the multiple lives he destroyed by doing what he did. This motherfucker had no idea the powder keg he was igniting by doing what he did. He clearly had no idea, or else he might’ve done what any human with a fucking modicum of compassion would have done and taken his fucking knee off George Floyd’s motherfucking neck.


Wasn’t just him either. Nah, numerous cops had their knees on him, and they need to have their lives destroyed all the same. You might think that’s too harsh, well just remember motherfucker, it’s all hunky fuckin’ dory until it happens to you. To all you oblivious caucasians, if you think it can’t happen to white people, you’re fuckin’ deluding yourselves. It can and it does, but it happens a WHOLE LOT FUCKING MORE to people of color. Shit, if you’re an oblivious caucasian at this point, and you’re listening to me, fuckin’ turn me off. You obviously haven’t been actually listening to me speak at all over the past 8 fuckin’ years I’ve been doing this podcast. I know I took a 3 year break, but I was still paying for this motherfucker, so I count it.


Anyway, yeah, lots of bad faith actors on the news these days saying the protestors are doin’ it wrong. FYI, bad faith actors are basically trolls. Motherfuckers saying shit they know is incorrect and/or abhorrent just to get a rise out of us. Fuck them and fuck the money that drives them. If I believed in hell, I’d wish them 20 fuckin’ eternities in it. Protestors are always doin’ it wrong in their eyes. Kaepernick was botherin’ fuckin’ nobody, just taking a knee to raise awareness of extreme police brutality towards people of color, and these motherfuckers ousted him from his career and ran him into the ground will all sorts of colorful personal insults. You’re showing your true colors when you say shit like that, motherfucker. If you’re one of those people who thought bad shit about him for doing his peaceful protest, I don’t want to fuckin’ know you at all. Tom Araya, the vocalist for Slayer, posted some mocking shit towards him on Instagram, and now I can’t fuck with Slayer anymore. All in all, not a huge loss. I only liked a couple songs here and there.


You might say, oh, you’ve gotta separate the art from the artist. Marquis de Sade was an utter piece of shit during his life, but I still read a number of his books. Fuck no, motherfucker. I’m all for holding people accountable for their shit regardless of who they are, especially those who avoid accountability like fuckin’ COVID-19. I’m definitely all for holding every cop accountable for their fuckin’ cold-blooded murder. Can you imagine how fuckin’ tied up the courts would be if every cop was prosecuted, convicted and appropriately sentenced? Good fuckin’ lord. Also, you might notice I’m saying fuck a lot more than usual in this intro. IT’S BECAUSE THIS SHIT MAKES ME FUCKIN’ IRATE! If it doesn’t do the same to you, fuckin’ ask yourself why. Ask yourself fuckin’ why it doesn’t anger you. If only, but motherfuckers avoid introspection in much the same way they avoid accountability. I’d even say one leads to the other, respectively.


So, Listen or Burn, this podcast is dedicated to George Floyd of course. It’s also dedicated to every person of color who’s been harassed, unjustly profiled, beaten and/or murdered by the police. I’m talkin’ about Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Amadou Diallo, Mike Brown, Philando Castile, Trayvon Martin, fuckin’ Rodney King, the list goes on and fuckin’ on. Shit is popping off at these protests, and by and large, I’m seeing the police antagonizing the people. You know what else I’ve seen, though? I’ve seen videos in which the police chose to listen to the protestors, in which they chose to march with them. You know what happened? THEIR FUCKIN’ CITIES DIDN’T BURN DOWN! You know what else, though? The people burning, looting, vandalizing shit, these folks are being condemned by the other protestors who’ve been around long enough to know that riots are quickly squashed. Rioting is how the message of the protest becomes lost in the noise, but still, I can both identify with and understand why the burning, looting and vandalizing is happening.


This is a reflection of the terror and the despair in these peoples’ lives. I can’t tell you how fuckin’ much I wished people at Occupy would’ve picked up molotovs and started tossing instead of just sitting around in a park only to eventually get thrown out. That message got lost in the lack of leadership. Too many voices created too much noise, and there was no direction, no plan. Shit was disappointing as fuck, but I doubt things turning riotous would’ve been any better. I just get pissed when there’s a strong message, and it gets lost like so much other bullshit in the great American deluge of bullshit. Shit like what happened to George Floyd has been pissing me off for decades, but somehow it’s taken this fuckin’ long, in the middle of a fuckin’ pandemic no less, for people to stand the fuck up and demand change. Like, fuck, way to wait ’til the last minute. I mean, this shit just should not have taken so long, but I’m glad something is finally fuckin’ happening.


Listen or Burn is about just that. Listen to the people, listen to our grievances, or fuckin’ burn. I’m talkin’ ‘bout legitimate grievances, by the fuck way. It’s not a legitimate grievance if you’re pissed about being inconvenienced not being able to get haircuts during a fucking pandemic. The people protesting because they can’t pay their bills and they’re pissed at the government still trying to decide to let us live? That’s fuckin’ legitimate. Anyone with a fraction of a fuckin’ brain knows what I’m talkin’ about. So, you wanna know what you ought to do if you want to control your fuckin’ cities? Fuckin’ listen to us. Listen to what needs to be done and fuckin’ do it. Most all of it is completely fuckin’ reasonable. People just wanna fuckin’ live, man. I’ve been on that for decades, and I’m fuckin’ white! I can’t even imagine how much more difficult my life would be if I was a person of color. As many stories as I hear from the internet and friends, it’s something I still can’t conceive of.


So you know what I do with my white privilege? I do whatever I can to share it. I didn’t do shit to earn it, and I want people around me to have the same kind of relative peace I’ve been experiencing most of my life. Don’t get me wrong, shit’s still thoroughly fucked around this bitch for myriad reasons beyond privilege and racism, but a lot of the shit’s interconnected. White people run the world, and the system fucks us all except those at the top. I’ve been saying for years that an even bigger problem than racism is classism, but that shit’s connected too. Because of classism, not to mention a delusional obedience to the 1st amendment, racism continues to thrive in this backwards fuckin’ country. So, if you’re against classism and yet somehow still a racist, you’re a hopeless fuckin’ bootlicker, and I have little doubt that you voted for Trump like the easily-duped fuckin’ nincompoop that you are.


As soon as that motherfucker opened his mouth the very first time about Obama’s birth certificate, and probably even earlier, y’all should’ve known that somethin’ was fucked up. Fuck, his comments about Ivanka? That doesn’t strike you as creepy as fuck? The motherfucker is an incoherent fuckin’ imbecile, and he STILL conned you motherfuckers, and now you’re in a fuckin’ cult. Congratulations. You motherfuckers who just wanted to shake up the system, and this is the motherfucker you chose to lead the charge? Fuck you. Sincerely, eat a fuckin’ dick. Your voice doesn’t fuckin’ matter anymore that it did before just because you have a fuckin’ Twitter account, bitch. Run your stupid fuckin’ mouth all you want, but just know that you’re a fuckin’ dipshit, and anyone who isn’t a fellow dipshit sees right through you. You don’t fuckin’ matter. You align yourselves with losers of history, the fuckin’ Nazis, the Confederacy, the KKK… You are literal fuckin’ garbage, and you need to be taken out.


I wish a motherfucker would, man. I’m so goddamn tired of these literal pieces of fecal matter clinging to Trump’s sphincter. Ya know, ‘cause he talks out his ass all the time? Yeah, you see what I did. You’re welcome. Anyway, yeah, let’s get to the fuckin’ music already. I’ve already spent nearly a fuckin’ hour writing this shit for y’all, and it’s now 5 A-fuckin’-M. Some things I need to clarify first, though:


1. A lot of these tracks are ones I’ve played before on this podcast, some many times. They fit the theme, so I included them. You know I’m always down for new shit, always finding new shit. There’s a little of that in here. Maybe an hour or so out of the four. Yeah, that too. This one deserved a little longer length. Giggity.


2. Some of these songs are pro-riot, some of them are anti-. The pro-riot songs are there to illustrate the fuckin’ anger and desperation that drives us to such actions. The anti-riot stuff is there because the reality of rioting is often drastically counter-productive. I know it, but I understand it nonetheless.


3. The song by Death of a Nation, fuck, I’ve played that at least four or five times since I started releasing podcasts again last year. The United States of Amnesiacs is a fantastic track, and you ought to fuckin’ recognize it as such. Keep your ears peeled.


4. Go to YouTube at some point in your days ahead and look up Trevor Noah talkin’ about the protests, George Floyd and Amy Cooper (the fuckin’ Karen who was both threatening an unarmed black man with police presence and choking the absolute shit out of her poor dog). Or just click this link here: For those of you on Instagram, I’m sorry that Instagram sucks donkey cock from the back and doesn’t allow hyperlinks in comments sections. Either look this podcast up on Facebook or where I host the shit. Anyway, Trevor Noah, host of the Daily Show-a for those-a who don’t know-a, has a lot of wise words on the subject. The man’s definitely worth listening to, in my opinion.


I’m pretty sure that’s all that needs to be said, but to anyone listening who might be part of the protests, I hope y’all stay unharmed. This has got to be one of the absolute worst times in the history of the country to be taking to the streets, due to the fuckin’ pandemic and all, but y’all are fighting for a just cause. If I wasn’t terrified of bringin’ COVID back home with me and infecting my elderly mom, I’d be right out there with ya. I hope the fire inside serves its purpose, I hope justice is adequately served, and I hope we see some real change come out of this shit.

Finally, even though many of us are grieving and angry as fuck right now, I hope this podcast is something you thoroughly fuckin’ yojne. BLACK LIVES FUCKIN’ MATTER!



01 Anti-Flag - Fuck Police Brutality (from Die For The Government) [00:08:22]


02 The Game - Don't Shoot (feat. Rick Ross, Fabolous, Diddy, 2 Chainz, Wale, DJ Khaled, Swizz Beatz, Yo Gotti, Curren$y, Problem, King Pharaoh & TGT) (from Don't Shoot) [00:10:39]


03 Immortal Technique - The Martyr (from The Martyr) [00:16:39]


04 Atari Teenage Riot - Get Up While You Can (from The Future Of War) [00:21:06]


05 Otep - Rise, Rebel, Resist (from Smash The Control Machine) [00:24:29]


06 Safiya Asya Bukhari (former Black Panther, Black Liberation Army) - Live At The Solidarity Conference (from DiY-FEST Compilation Vol. 1) [00:28:26]


07 N.W.A. - Fuck Tha Police (from Straight Outta Compton) [00:30:49]


08 Fear Factory - Securitron (Police State 2000) (from Obsolete) [00:36:34]


09 Wale - Salary Kaep (from Self Promotion EP) [00:42:18]


10 Diabolic - Frontlines (feat. Immortal Technique) (from Liar & a Thief) [00:44:48]


11 Rage Against The Machine - Bombtrack (from Rage Against The Machine) [00:49:03]


12 Bomb 20 - The Fall (from Field Manual) [00:53:04]


13 Bomb 20 - Burn The Shit Down (from Field Manual) [00:53:54]


14 Nine Inch Nails - Burn (from Natural Born Killers OST) [00:57:32]


15 FEVER 333 - BURN IT (from BURN IT) [01:02:31]


16 Nothing More - Let 'em Burn (from The Stories We Tell Ourselves) [01:06:18]


17 Fear Factory - Freedom Or Fire (from Obsolete) [01:10:13]


18 Dead Prez - Police State (from Let’s Get Free) [01:15:19]


19 Vic Mensa - 16 Shots (from There’s Alot Going On) [01:19:00]


20 Choking Victim - Money (from No Gods, No Managers) [01:24:42]


21 YG - Police Get Away Wit Murder (from Still Brazy (Deluxe)) [01:28:15]


22 Ministry - Thieves (from The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste) [01:31:34]


23 Immortal Technique - Civil War (feat. Killer Mike, Chuck D & Brother Ali) (from The Martyr) [01:36:28]


24 Rage Against The Machine - Calm Like A Bomb (from The Battle Of Los Angeles) [01:41:27]


25 Atari Teenage Riot - Start The Riot (from Burn, Berlin, Burn!) [01:46:23]


26 Diabolic - Riot (feat. Deadly Hunta & John Otto) (from Liar & a Thief) [01:49:59]


27 Cypress Hill - Shut ‘Em Down (feat. Tom Morello) (from Rise Up) [01:53:48]


28 Anti-Flag - You Can Kill The Protestor, But You Can’t Kill The Protest (from The Terror State) [01:57:10]


29 Killer Mike - Don't Die (from R.A.P. Music) [01:59:35]


30 Rage Against The Machine - Settle For Nothing (from Rage Against The Machine) [02:03:39]


31 System of a Down - Attack (from Hypnotize) [02:08:20]


32 Dead Kennedys - Riot (from Plastic Surgery Disasters/In God We Trust Inc.) [02:11:25]


33 Rage Against The Machine - War Within A Breath (from The Battle Of Los Angeles) [02:17:20]


34 Cypress Hill - Pigs (from Cypress Hill) [02:20:56]


35 Insane Clown Posse - Piggy Pie (Old School) (from Forgotten Freshness Vol. 2) [02:23:40]


36 Anti-Flag - Police Story (from A New Kind of Army) [02:28:03]


37 Minor Threat - (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone (from Complete Discography) [02:31:39]


38 Whyt Rbbt - Revolution (from Revolution) [02:33:42]


39 Atari Teenage Riot - Revolution Action (from 60 Second Wipe Out) [02:37:24]


40 One Day As A Lion - One Day As A Lion (from One Day As A Lion EP) [02:41:33]


41 Anti-Flag - One People One Struggle (from The Terror State) [02:45:57]


42 Rage Against The Machine - Township Rebellion (from Rage Against The Machine) [02:48:56]


43 Bad Religion - Nobody Listens (from The Gray Race) [02:54:18]


44 Death of a Nation - The United States Of Amnesiacs (from Death of a Nation) [02:56:12]


45 Childish Gambino - This Is America (from This Is America) [02:59:58]


46 Descendents - ‘Merican (from ‘Merican EP) [03:03:40]


47 Morgue - Donald Trump Is A Fucking Cunt (from [03:05:29]


48 D.O.A. - Fucked up Donald (from Treason) [03:08:54]


49 Rage Against The Machine - Take The Power Back (from Rage Against The Machine) [03:10:03]


50 Max Death - Fuck Tha Police (from This Is Terror) [03:15:37]


51 Dead Kennedys - Police Truck (from Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death) [03:20:06]


52 System of a Down - Deer Dance (from Toxicity) [03:22:30]


53 Otep - Confrontation (from The Ascension) [03:25:24]


54 Rage Against The Machine - Born As Ghosts (from The Battle Of Los Angeles) [03:28:34]


55 The Doors - Five To One (from Waiting For The Sun) [03:31:54]


56 Anti-Flag - Got The Numbers (from A New Kind of Army) [03:36:13]


57 Prophets Of Rage - Strength In Numbers (from Prophets Of Rage) [03:39:21]


58 Choking Victim - Fuck America (from No Gods, No Managers) [03:42:25]


59 Dead Kennedys - I Fought The Law (from Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death) [03:44:44]


60 Rage Against The Machine - Year Of Tha Boomerang (from Evil Empire) [03:47:01]


61 Kenneth Whalum - Might Not Be Ok (feat. Big K.R.I.T.) (from Might Not Be Ok (feat. Big K.R.I.T.)) [03:51:00]


62 The Red Paintings - They Don't Care About Us (from They Don’t Care About Us) [03:54:15]


63 System of a Down - Sad Statue (from Mezmerize) [03:57:41]


64 Metallica - …And Justice For All (from …And Justice For All) [04:01:06]


65 Immortal Technique - Ultimas Palabras (from The Martyr) [04:10:48]


66 Chrisette Michele - Black Lives Matter (from Out of Control) [04:18:22]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-05-25 (Witch-rowave Trap-House Edition Vol. 2)

• May 25th, 2020

“How about a NEW podcast for a change, Pauuuullll?!”


Well, calm your fuckin’ mammaries, ‘cause it’s right fuckin’ here! Welcome one and all, all and one, to the second installment of the Witch-rowave Trap-House Edition! It’s been nearly a year since the last one. My, my, my how time flies, eh? It flies, and yet with our current sociopolitical climate, it feels like it either stands still or flies backwards. Ah well, that’s neither here nor there right now. What is here AND there right now (because it’s quantum as fuck) are a few things I want to tell you about the stuff we’ll be hearing this week.


1. Witch House, because duh. I still can’t altogether describe the genre, especially since the name isn’t particularly accurate as far as I can tell. Like I said on the first installment, Witch House is a genre I first heard about when someone was describing the music of Chino Moreno’s side-project †††(Crosses). I’ve included one of their tracks as a point of reference, but to be honest, I don’t think that’s particularly accurate either. I can say that you can generally expect songs in minor keys, vocals drenched in reverb, often minimalistic melodies, and I think you can fairly easily tell the difference between stuff in the Witch House genre as opposed to the Retrowave/Outrun/Dark Wave/Synthwave/WTFwave stuff. I think it does blend well enough though, thus why I created this edition.


2. Once again, I’ve used an image from the Neon Witch photography series by Sergey “Aku” Shetukhin, aka @akunohako on Instagram. If you like the image, go check out the rest of the series. You won’t be disappointed.


3. Almost all of these tracks are new discoveries. Almost 4 hours of them, in fact. After two Flashback editions in a row, I owe you all some new stuff, so here ya go. You’re in for quite a few treats if you’re cool enough to dig ‘em. Also, the artists from whom I included multiple tracks are some of my favorites. You’d notice that in the first edition as well. If you’re looking for avenues into these genres, those are the artists I’d point to first. Them, and some genre-specific playlists on Spotify.


Anyway, nothing else needs to be said as far as I can tell. So, ya know what that means? You know what the fuck that means. That means, that it is time, for yojne.



01 ††† - BI†CHES BREW (from †††) [00:02:19]


02 Dynatron - Throttle Up (from The Legacy Collection, Vol. 1) [00:05:47]


03 Fraunhofer Diffraction - Before the Dawn (from A Place to Drown the Dreams) [00:09:37]


04 Zombie Hyperdrive - Red Eyes (from Hyperion) [00:12:40]


05 Skeler - Tetsuo (from Tetsuo) [00:17:05]


06 Gunship - Maximum Black (from GUNSHIP) [00:21:31]


07 CLFRD - In the Dark (from Growth) [00:27:05]


08 Carpenter Brut - Turbo Killer (from TRILOGY) [00:30:23]


09 IC3PEAK - Привет (from Сказка) [00:33:51]


10 Dance With the Dead - Dressed to Kill (from Near Dark) [00:36:32]


11 King Plague - Ave Plague (from Ave Plague) [00:40:50]


12 Daniel Deluxe - Sojourn (from Exile) [00:44:44]


13 Al_ne - Beyond (from Beyond) [00:48:06]


14 Ian Urbina, VHS Dreams - The Next Frontier (from Final Frontier (Inspired by 'The Outlaw Ocean' a Book by Ian Urbina)) [00:51:40]


15 MISOGI - Aqua Pura (from Barcelona / Aqua Pura) [00:57:21]


16 Von Kaiser - Amber (from Ghosts of Miami) [01:00:31]


17 NxxxxxS - Everybody Is A Suspect (from Remember Last Summer) [01:05:51]


18 Carpenter Brut - Escape from Midwich Valley (from TRILOGY) [01:09:25]


19 foxwedding - Ghost Lite (from wave 002) [01:16:09]


20 Dan Deacon - Feel the Lightning (from Gliss Riffer) [01:19:53]


21 Chainless - Grey Veils (from Grey Veils) [01:24:34]


22 Gunship - Vale of Shadows (from The Rise of the Synths EP 2 (The Official Companion Album)) [01:27:41]


23 Pastel Ghost - Clouds (from Abyss) [01:33:36]


24 Wevlth - Higher (from Higher) [01:37:38]


25 Unworldly - Appeal (from Appeal) [01:42:25]


26 Fukkk Offf - Pacific Coast Highway (from Pacific Coast Highway) [01:45:21]


27 Klasey Jones - Cement (from Foreign Buyers Club) [01:48:44]


28 Lost Years - West Side Lane (from Black Waves) [01:53:20]


29 CHVRN - November (from Fall) [01:57:02]


30 Daniel Deluxe - Infiltrator (from Infiltrator) [02:01:09]


31 Dark Smoke Signal - Afterlife (from Afterlife) [02:04:39]


32 Sidewalks and Skeletons - White Light (from White Light) [02:08:33]


33 Jessie Frye - Fantasy (from Fantasy) [02:12:42]


34 Dyzphoria - Taurine (from Taurine) [02:16:25]


35 oOoOO - Seaww (from Roses / Seaww - Emotion Single) [02:19:38]


36 HeartBeatHero - Let's be friends (from Retro Heart Island) [02:22:57]


37 Wevlth - Simulation (from Simulation) [02:26:20]


38 M|O|O|N - Warehouse (feat. Glass Teeth) (from Particles) [02:29:47]


39 Sidewalks and Skeletons - Nowhere (from Nowhere) [02:33:26]


40 Wice - Star Fighter (from Magnatron 2.0) [02:37:57]


41 WHITE KATANA - FADE (feat. niteboi) (from FADE) [02:42:17]


42 Satellite Young - Sniper Rouge (feat. Mitch Murder) (from Satellite Young) [02:45:58]


43 Skeler - Falling Apart (from Falling Apart) [02:49:49]


44 Magic Sword - Sword of Truth (from Volume 1) [02:54:00]


45 WTCHCRFT - HIDE & SEEK (from HIDE & SEEK) [02:59:56]


46 Mega Drive - Converter (from Mega Drive) [03:05:25]


47 shxde - Numb (from Numb (Yume Collective)) [03:11:52]


48 Power Glove - Power Core (from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Original Game Soundtrack)) [03:15:31]


49 Skit - Juneau (from Yusoul Vol. 2) [03:17:35]


50 The Midnight - The Equaliser (Not Alone) (from Endless Summer) [03:20:54]


51 Sidewalks and Skeletons - The Void (from The Void) [03:24:41]


52 Von Kaiser - Landline (from Landline) [03:28:29]


53 Øfdream - Fallen Angel (from Øfdream: Anthology, Pt. 1) [03:33:19]


54 Signal Void - Find You (feat. King Protea) (from Find You) [03:37:10]


55 CASHFORGOLD, Tim Schaufert - Wherever You Go (from Glass Houses) [03:41:03]


56 The Midnight - Light Years (feat. Nikki Flores) (from Nocturnal) [03:44:27]


57 foxwedding - Here, at the End of All Things (from Here, at the End of All Things) [03:49:44]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-05-18 (Flashback Edition: 2012-05-07 (The Edition That’s Very Editioney feat. Cat Ravyn))

• May 18th, 2020

Awwww yeeeah, muthafuckin' Monday Morning Aural Sex up in this bitch in full muthafuckin' efizzect mah muthafuckin' pizzerverts... or something.  I hear the kids today speaking like that and I'm just trying to stay young at heart, dag nabbit!  Damn kids with your jazz music and new fangled glowing idiot boxes!  Honestly though, I have no fucking idea what's cool except what's cool to me.  

Hmm?  Oh, I'm sorry!  I didn't know your opinion was supposed to matter to me!  I'm so sorry!  Is there any way I can make it up to you?  ...huh?  Well.. um... wow, I've never seen one that looked like that before.  I suppose I could put my mouth on it... Wow, that tastes pretty good, but you and your opinion can still fuck off and die.  K?  Thanks!  Love ya!  :-)  

You wanna know what's cool?  Ice, bitch.  Ice is fuckin' cool, because it's frozen water, and how you gonna get cooler than ice?  Hmm?  How?  What, you gonna go all "absolute zero" on me?  Well, guess what, ho, it's still fuckin' ice whether it's frozen air or water... so there.  :-P Don't forget to check out the links to the various music videos below!  Some of them are fucking pr-I-C-E-less! The deepest depth of my most utterly profound gratitude goes to the testicle-oblitering, insatiably perverted genitalia dictatrix Cat Ravyn for co-hosting this week's podcast with me!

01 Vanilla Ice - Cool As Ice (feat. Naomi Campbell) (from Cool As Ice OST)

02 Leftfield - Open Up (from Leftism)

03 Snake River Conspiracy - Vulcan (from Sonic Jihad)

04 Portishead - Machine Gun (from Third)

05 Film Dialogue - PIr2 (from PI OST)

06 Aphex Twin - Bucephalus Bouncing Ball (from PI OST)

07 Howard Stern - Pig Virus (from Howard Stern's Private Parts OST)

08 Rob Zombie - The Great American Nightmare (from Howard Stern's Private Parts OST)

09 Howard Stern - Oh Howard (from Howard Stern's Private Parts OST)

10 Bill (aka Snake Charmer) - Bill At His Most Masochistic (Dialogue) (from Kill Bill Vol. 1)

11 Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (from Kill Bill Vol. 1)

12 Pigface - Nutopia (from The Best Of Pigface: Preaching to the Perverted)

13 Alien Sex Fiend - My Brain Is In The Cupboard Above The Kitchen (from Here Cum Germs)

14 The Stooges - The Weirdness (from The Weirdness)

15 Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad (from Classic Queen)

16 My Ruin - Beauty Fiend (from A Prayer Under Pressure Of Violent Anguish)

17 The Birthday Massacre - Kill The Lights (from Walking With Strangers)

18 Panzer AG - Battlefield (from This Is My Battlefield)

19 Tool - Bottom (from Undertow)

20 Puscifer - Sour Grapes (Where's The Line? Mix) (from Sound Into Blood Into Wine)

21 Marilyn Manson - Angel With The Scabbed Wings (Live) (from Dead To The World VHS Rip)

22 Orbital - Satan Spawn (Spawn Version) (from Work 1989-2002)

23 That Handsome Devil - Dating Tips (from That Handsome Devil)

24 The Bastard Fairies - A Case Against Love (from Memento Mori)

25 D12 - Bizarre (Skit) (from Devil's Night)

26 D12 - Nasty Mind (from Devil's Night)

27 Twiztid - Spin The Bottle (feat. Insane Clown Posse) (from Mostasteless)

28 Chopin, Frédéric - Concerto for Piano & Orchestra No. 2 in F minor, Op. 21 (from Romantic Piano Adagios (Disc 1))

29 Tool - Schism (Lustmord Remix) (from Schism DVD Single)

30 Stone Sour - The Frozen (from Come What(ever) May)

31 The Nightwatchman - Alone Without You (Bonus Track) (from One Man Revolution)

32 Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now In The Fire (from The Battle Of Los Angeles)

33 Miss Kittin - Frank Sinatra (from First Album (with The Hacker))

34 One-Way Mirror - Fuck You (Lily Allen cover) (from Rest In Peace - Covers Vol. 5)

35 Mr. Bungle - Violenza Domestica (from Disco Volante)

36 Vanilla Ice - Havin' A Roni (from To The Extreme)

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-05-11 (Flashback Edition: 2013-04-01 (Nickelback Fucking RULES Edition))

• May 11th, 2020

Ohhh man, perverts.  I've gotta say, I've been listening to a lot of Nickelback lately 'cause I don't wanna just buy into the hate hype.  I wanna have my own opinion, ya know?  Honestly, it's time to set the record straight about these guys, so I've decided to put together this here podcast that's FULL of NOTHING but NICKELBACK!  I know there'll be a lot of haters who probably won't even listen to this edition, but trust me.  Have an open mind, and you might just yojne.  You just might.



01 Nickelback - How You Remind Me (from Silver Side Up)


02 Nickelback - Little Friend (from Curb)


03 Nickelback - This Means War (from Here And Now)


04 Nickelback - Cowboy Hat (from The State)


05 Nickelback - Old Enough (from A Cowboy From Hell)


06 Nickelback - Feelin' Way Too Damn Good (from The Long Road)


07 Nickelback - Side Of A Bullet (from All The Right Reasons)


08 Nickelback - S.E.X. (from Dark Horse)


09 Nickelback - Someday (Acoustic) (from Someday Single)


10 Nickelback - Hangnail (from Silver Side Up)


11 Nickelback - Where? (from Curb)


12 Nickelback - If Everyone Cared (from All The Right Reasons)


13 Nickelback - Leader Of Men (from A Cowboy From Hell)


14 Nickelback - Throw Yourself Away (from The Long Road)


15 Nickelback - Something In Your Mouth (from Dark Horse)


16 Nickelback - Deep (from The State)


17 Nickelback - Window Shopper (from Hesher EP)


18 Nickelback - Kiss It Goodbye (from Here And Now)


19 Nickelback - Pusher (from Curb)


20 Nickelback - Hollywood (from Silver Side Up)


21 Nickelback - Trying Not To Love You (from Trying Not To Love You Single)


22 Nickelback - Burn It To The Ground (Clean Edit) (from Burn It To The Ground Single)


23 Nickelback - Another Hole In The Head (from The Long Road)


24 Nickelback - I'd Come For You (from Dark Horse)


25 Nickelback - Too Bad (Diggla Mix) (from Too Bad Single)


26 Nickelback - Follow You Home (from All The Right Reasons)


27 Nickelback - Where Do I Hide (from A Cowboy From Hell)


28 Nickelback - Diggin' This (from The State)


29 Nickelback - Good Times Gone (from Silver Side Up)


30 Nickelback - Bottoms Up (from Here And Now)


31 Nickelback - Yanking Out My… (from The Long Road)





Ahhhh!!! hahahahaha, yeah fucking right.  Nickelback?!  Bitch, please!  April fuckin' Fool's perverts!  Stay tuned, 'cause I've got a sweet ass bunch of aural fuckin' sex for you right here, even right up to the end.  And speaking of the end…



01 Nickelback - How You Remind Me (Brutal Mutant Elephant Rape Remix)


02 Otto Von Schirach - Ovulation Celebration (from Spine Serpents From Sperm Island)


03 Bim - Lights Out (from Lifelines EP)


04 Kelly - Shoes (from Shoes)


05 Mod Flanders Conspiracy - Just Because I Got My Arms And Legs Surgically Lengthened Doesn't Make Me A Sell-Out Midget (from The Tragic Urn Spill)


06 Napalm Death - C.S. (Conservative Shithead) Part 2 (from Enemy Of The Music Business)


07 Emerald Hill, Oscar Oberheim & Spike Shellcracker - They Call Me Sonic (Air Rave) (from They Call Me Sonic Single)


08 Röyksopp - What Else Is There? (Trentemøller Remix) (from What Else Is There? (The Remixes))


09 Akira Yamaoka - Lost Carol (Long Version) (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) (from Silent Hill: Sounds Box [CD8: Extra Music & Silent Hill The Arcade])


10 Daft Punk - Derezzed (The Glitch Mob Remix) (from TRON Legacy R3C0NF1GUR3D)


11 Atari Teenage Riot - P.R.E.S.S. (from The Future Of War)


12 Patti Page - How Much Is That Doggie In The Window (from Bioshock - The Songs Of Rapture)


13 The Dillinger Escape Plan - 82588 (from Ire Works)


14 Kultur Shock - Horse Thief (from Kultura-Diktatura)


15 The Strokes - Reptilia (from Room On Fire)


16 Aerosmith - Eat The Rich (from Get A Grip)


17 One-Way Mirror - Fuck You (Lily Allen cover) (from Rest In Peace - Covers Vol. 5)


18 The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - Television The Drug Of The Nation (from Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury)


19 Colatron - Twin Hearts (from Mashed In Plastic: The David Lynch Mashup Album)


20 Shigeru Matsuzaki - Katamari On The Swing (from We Love Katamari OST)


21 The Expendables - Sacrifice (from The Expendables)


22 Snake River Conspiracy - Oh Well (from Sonic Jihad)


23 The Devil Wears Prada - Dez Moines (from With Roots Above And Branches Below)


24 Damian Marley - Road To Zion (feat. Nas) (from Welcome To Jamrock)


25 Yoav - Where Is My Mind? (Pixies cover) (feat. Emily Browning) (from Sucker Punch OST)


26 Ian Van Dahl - Castles In The Sky (Wippenburg Remix) (from Castles In The Sky (Remixes))


27 L.E.D. vs kors k - SOLID STATE SQUAD (from Denjin K)


28 kors k - Love Is Eternity (Full Version) (from kors k misc.)


29 Skimall - I Want To Get A Tattoo Of A Wolf Howling At The Moon Inside A Wolf Howling At The Moon (from Ye Olde Barn Compilation)


30 Passenger Of Shit - Wank My Farting Fanny Vomit (from Drop Name Records Vol. 1)


31 Justin Bieber - Baby (feat. Ludacris) (Exquisitely Brutal & Utterly Sadistic Mutant Elephant Rape Remix) (from… right here on Monday Morning Aural Sex, bitch!)

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-05-04 (Glitch in the Matrix Edition)

• May 4th, 2020

Perrrrrverts! Welcome… to the desert… of the real. Also, welcome to the Glitch in the Matrix Edition of Monday Morning Aural Fuckin’ Sex! What could that possibly mean for the future of our delicate fuckin’ ear sphincters? Well, probably similar to what you imagine it means. Basically, stuff from the Matrix soundtracks along with stuff that’s similar to it. On a side note, it’s been way too fuckin’ long since I loved any soundtrack like I love ones from iconic 90s movies. There was one guy named Graeme Revell whose name kept popping up on all sorts of awesome soundtracks, and I have a feeling he retired from the industry since I haven’t heard any soundtrack over the past decade or two that had his level of quality.


Any-fuckin’-way, yeah, there’s a bunch of older stuff on this one. To be frank, I didn’t need to do much research for this edition. This is an edition I could’ve made ages ago. There are a number of new tracks, as usual. There are also older tracks that have never made appearances on this podcast, but they’re ones that hold great nostalgic appeal for me. Couple things I wanna mention before we execute:


1. You’ll likely notice lots of apocalyptic, robotic and computer-related track titles… Those aren’t there by accident. I try to compile all of these podcasts in a magnetic poetry sort of fashion, too. The sequences usually have some sort of design behind them. Doesn’t always work, just like magnetic poetry. Sometimes you have random stuff left over, but I include that stuff anyway ‘cause it’s all fucktacular and relevant to the edition even if not in any particular sequence.


2. For this edition, since the Matrix was/is near and dear to many of us, I decided to include the more well-known tracks from the soundtracks. If I was the only one listening to this, I might not have done so, but I want you to yojne this too, and you’re not very likely to branch out if you don’t have a fuckin’ tree or two as a point (or points) of reference. So, you’re welcome.


3. Anyone who hasn’t seen the Animatrix… run (do not walk) and watch it. It’s an anthology done by 9 different animation artists, and some of it expands upon the original story of the Matrix. The kid who approaches Neo when they first get back to Zion in Reloaded? They have a whole origin story for him, which gives his character much greater depth. People who hadn’t watched Animatrix and/or played Enter the Matrix in the interim between the original Matrix movie and Reloaded were probably left a little colder by that movie and the subsequent Revolutions movie. Anyway, yeah, The Animatrix soundtrack is another one that blew me away to the point that I looked further into just about every artist on it. Excellent work all around, and you should check it out if you have any inkling of what’s good for you.


4. Anyone familiar with Harmonix (the company that made the first two Guitar Hero games and then Rock Band) might recognize the tracks from the Amplitude soundtrack. Amplitude was a truly unique music game, much like their previous game FreQuency. The only game out right now that’s similar to those is Rock Band Blitz that came out on Xbox Live Arcade like 5 or 6 years ago. I imagine it was probably released on Wii or Wii U and PS3 as well, but I’m not sure. The games are difficult to describe, but basically you travel from track to track hitting notes and unlocking the various elements of songs for a little while until you have to go back and do it again. They were/are a hell of a lot of fun if you’re into music games like I am.


All that saying done did and said, let us now launch yojne(dot)exe…



01 Lunatic Calm - Leave You Far Behind (from The Matrix OST) [00:02:59]


02 1788-L, totto - F U L L / B U R S T (from S E N T I E N C E) [00:06:10]


03 Freeland - We Want Your Soul (from Now & Them) [00:10:03]


04 Excision - Exterminate (from Apex) [00:15:10]


05 KATFYR - Binary (from UKF Dubstep 2013) [00:18:35]


06 Mushroomhead - Qwerty (from The Righteous & The Butterfly) [00:23:11]


07 Wilkinson - Machina (from Machina) [00:26:35]




09 Symbion Project - Synthesized (from Amplitude Original Game Audio) [00:34:12]


10 Envotion - Robots (from Robots) [00:36:56]


11 F-777 - Airborne Robots (from Ludicrous Speed) [00:42:07]


12 Komputer Kontroller - Robot Rockerz (from Amplitude Original Game Audio) [00:46:34]


13 L.E.D. vs kors k - SOLID STATE SQUAD (from Denjin K (Disc 1)) [00:49:03]


14 Rage Against The Machine - Calm Like A Bomb (from The Matrix Reloaded (Disc 1)) [00:53:40]


15 Subtronics - Blow Stuff Up (from Scream Saver) [00:58:38]


16 Knife Party - Destroy Them With Fucken Lazers (OMG & ShockWave Bootleg Remix) (from [01:01:34]


17 Tech Itch and Don Davis - The Real (from The Animatrix OST) [01:05:15]


18 Juno Reactor - Masters Of The Universe (from Shango) [01:13:13]


19 Alex Metric & Charli XCX - End of the World (Xilent Remix) (from End of the World) [01:19:15]


20 L.E.D. - ACID IMMORTAL (from Denjin K (Disc 1)) [01:24:44]


21 PYLOT - A Race Against Time (from A Race Against Time) [01:28:35]


22 Excision & Dion Timmer - Out Of Time ft. Splitbreed (Terravita Remix) (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 24 // October 2014) [01:32:39]


23 Gunship - Fly for Your Life (from GUNSHIP) [01:38:13]


24 Voicians - Wasteland (from Wasteland (Deluxe Edition)) [01:42:38]


25 Ekali, 1788-L - R U I N (from R U I N) [01:46:39]


26 Blanke - Control (from Control) [01:50:26]


27 Opium Of The Masses vs Toast3d - Infinity In Totality (from The Lost Planet) [01:53:57]


28 CHVRN - Control (from Fall) [02:02:48]


29 Extra Terra - Neural Link (Retrology Remix) (from Neural Link (Retrology Remix)) [02:07:00]


30 Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Variation) (from The Matrix OST) [02:10:46]


31 Peace Orchestra - Who Am I? (Animatrix Edit) (from The Animatrix OST) [02:18:10]


32 Clint Mansell - πr² (from π Music For The Motion Picture) [02:24:05]


33 Clint Mansell - 2πr (from π Music For The Motion Picture) [02:25:34]


34 Mac Quayle - 1.0_8-whatsyourask.m4p (from Mr. Robot, Vol. 1 (Original Television Series Soundtrack)) [02:28:39]


35 Del Tha Funkee Homosapien - Virus (from Deltron 3030) [02:30:06]


36 Layo And Bushwacka! - Blind Tiger (from The Animatrix OST) [02:34:28]


37 Rage Against The Machine - Wake Up (from The Matrix OST) [02:40:42]


38 Juno Reactor & Don Davis - Mona Lisa Overdrive (from The Matrix Reloaded (Disc 2)) [02:46:42]


39 Ark Patrol - Sinner (from Chillstep & Wave (LVL2)) [02:56:46]


40 Dieselboy - Sub-Culture (Dieselboy & Kaos Rock Remix) (from Amplitude Original Game Audio) [03:00:21]


41 Ryu - Plan 8 (from beatmania IIDX 20th style tricoro OST) [03:04:30]


42 Roni Size / Reprazent - Railing Pt. 2 (from In The Mode) [03:06:30]


43 Waveshaper - 66 MHz (from 66 MHz) [03:09:44]


44 Astral Planes - Only (from Only) [03:13:35]


45 Roni Size & Cypress Hill - Child Of The Wild West (from Blade II OST) [03:17:40]


46 Tut Tut Child - Power Fracture (from Power Fracture) [03:21:50]


47 TYNAN - Mal De Mar (from Corruption EP) [03:25:14]


48 BITWVLF - Black Peach (Sidewalks and Skeletons Remix) (from River) [03:28:15]


49 Soul Coughing & Roni Size - A Plane Scraped Its Belly On A Sooty Yellow Moon (from Spawn OST) [03:30:51]


50 Team Sleep - The Passportal (from The Matrix Reloaded (Disc 1)) [03:36:10]


51 Dubvirus - Razorgirl (from DEF CON 24: The Official Soundtrack) [03:39:05]


52 Underworld - Cowgirl (from Hackers OST) [03:43:44]


53 Tasha Baxter - Alpha Zero (from Alpha Zero) [03:52:34]


54 FKA Twigs - Two Weeks (from LP1) [03:55:25]


55 Fluke - Another Kind Of Blues (Dream Edit) (from Puppy) [03:59:26]


56 Home - Nights (I Wish I Could Be There) (from Odyssey) [04:04:04]


57 Dabin - Hold (feat. Daniela Andrade) (Hyper Potions Remix) (from Hold Remixes) [04:07:04]


58 Maxence Cyrin - Where Is My Mind (from Novö Piano) [04:11:30]


59 Juno Reactor & Don Davis - Navras (from The Matrix Revolutions OST) [04:14:07]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-04-27 (Osmium-20: The Mutation Edition)

• April 27th, 2020

Sometime in 2019, a plague spread across humanity: the plague of Osmium-X. The few human beings spared its devastation with only shreds of their former lives have nomadically wandered through the wasteland for what feels like generations. Without any competent leadership, without any social safety nets, many tribes turned to warfare for survival. Tribes were conquered for their toilet paper and their hand sanitizer, the women were marginalized, the men were converted to Kult 45, and the children were forced onto assembly lines to make iPhones. Many despaired for the America they used to know, failing to acknowledge the fatal mistake they made at the primary polls in 2016, and again in 2020.


Now, in 2020, a new plague has emerged. The scientist who discovered it, known only by the peculiar binary sequence 00111111, has dubbed this new plague Osmium-20. He was quoted as saying, “I don’t fuckin’ know. I guess that’s how motherfuckers name shit now. Fuck outta here with your questions, bitch.” News of this plague would have been the last straw for many, but it was revealed that this would include not only metal, but hardstyle, hardcore, dubstep, breakcore and basically anything you can bang your fuckin’ head to. Many myopic conspiracy theorists claimed that no true Osmium edition could contain such so-called impurities, claiming that metal is somehow an only child. Ladies and gentlemen of the planet formerly known as Earth, metal has many siblings, and they can be even heavier than their metal ancestors.


This new plague, this Osmium-20, has proven effective against such other pernicious viruses as elitism, ignorance, and apathy. This scientist… I’m being told to just fuckin’ call him Double-O. Anyway, this scientist is now dispersing this plague across whatever’s left of these states, united in name alone. From somewhere in the former United States, he alone fights through the fire and flames for the soul of humanity, or some other epic power metal shit like that.


Yes! That’s correct! We have here over four and a half fucking hours of Osmium to absorb into our thick fuckin’ heads! The majority of it is brand fuckin’ new, too! The shit that isn’t is shit you mighta missed, but deserves someone else’s attention besides my fuckin’ own, so there. You know the fuckin’ drill by now. By the way, no one better snitch on me to Metallica, ‘cause then I’ll owe ‘em each a jet or a yacht or a new set of golf pants or some shit. Without any further muthafuckin’, cocksuckin’, cuntlickin’, anusticklin’ ado…





01 John Carpenter - Main Title (from Escape From New York OST) [00:00:00]


02 Behemoth - Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel (from The Satanist) [00:02:58]


03 Ministry - Alert Level (Quarantined Mix) (from Alert Level (Quarantined Mix)) [00:07:19]


04 Metallica - Hardwired (from Hardwired… To Self-Destruct (Deluxe)) [00:13:17]


05 Machine Head - Is There Anybody out There? (from Is There Anybody out There?) [00:16:23]


06 The Amity Affliction - Soak Me in Bleach (from Soak Me in Bleach) [00:20:50]


07 Extra Terra - This Is Not The End (feat. Yvan Desfrançais) (Nost Remix) (from This Is Not The End (Nost Remix)) [00:24:29]


08 Bleed From Within - The End of All We Know (from The End of All We Know) [00:28:36]


09 GRAVEDGR - RAMPAGE (from RAMPAGE) [00:32:43]


10 Equilibrium - Renegades - A Lost Generation (from Renegades) [00:35:32]


11 Lamb of God - Memento Mori (from Memento Mori) [00:39:57]


12 Lost Society - No Absolution (from No Absolution) [00:45:38]


13 Gammer, Whizzkid - We Are The Vampires (from We Are The Vampires) [00:49:45]


14 Upon A Burning Body - Built from War (from Built from War) [00:54:33]


15 CABAL - Death March (from Death March) [00:57:53]


16 Sullivan King - Reckless (from Show Some Teeth) [01:01:01]


17 Conform - Eat More Death (from Circa ’94) [01:04:18]


18 Make Them Suffer - Erase Me (from Erase Me) [01:08:09]


19 SWARM - Void (from Void) [01:11:48]


20 Viscera - Obsidian (from Obsidian) [01:15:38]


21 In Hearts Wake - Worldwide Suicide (from Worldwide Suicide) [01:20:26]


22 Poppy - X (from Am I A Girl?) [01:22:18]


23 DED - A Mannequin Idol (Lullaby) (from Mannequin Eyes) [01:25:06]


24 Realicide - The Absent Rapist (from Enduring The Viral Hell Part 2) [01:28:32]


25 Fit For A King - Breaking The Mirror (from Breaking The Mirror) [01:31:12]


26 Fit For An Autopsy - Fear Tomorrow (from Fear Tomorrow) [01:34:43]


27 Negative A - Koksoccer Fuck You (E-Noid Remix) (from Hardcore Gladiators) [01:39:08]


28 Architects - Holy Hell (from Holy Hell) [01:43:43]


29 Annisokay - STFU (from STFU) [01:47:52]


30 Once Human - You Cunt (from The Life I Remember) [01:51:20]


31 Code Orange - Swallowing the Rabbit Whole (from Swallowing the Rabbit Whole / Underneath) [01:54:22]


32 Bury Tomorrow - Choke (from Choke) [01:58:02]


33 Blackguard - By My Hand (feat. Morgan Lander) (from Storm) [02:01:44]


34 Bleach - The Head That Controls Both Right and Left Sides Eats Meats and Slobbers Even Today (from The Head That Controls Both Right and Left Sides Eats Meats and Slobbers Even Today) [02:06:07]


35 Dienamics - Totally Fucked (from Industrial Fucking Strength 4: Chillin’ Is Killin’ (Killin’ Disc)) [02:09:10]


36 Suicide Silence - Love Me to Death (from Love Me to Death) [02:13:26]


37 If I Were You, Ryan Kirby - Hate Me (from Hate Me) [02:17:36]


38 Judas Priest - Painkiller (from Painkiller) [02:20:18]


39 In This Moment - The In-Between (from The In-Between) [02:26:19]


40 Loffciamcore - Poke Her Face Again (from Black Betty Is Splitter Bitch (maybe… might be a different mix, not that you actually give a fuck ;P)) [02:30:33]


41 VCTMS - Gutted (I'll Spill) (from Gutted (I'll Spill)) [02:32:54]


42 Igorrr - Barocco Satani (from Spirituality and Distortion) [02:35:25]


43 Behemoth - Bartzabel (from I Loved You at Your Darkest) [02:38:53]


44 SYN - Synners (from Synners) [02:43:52]


45 Sylosis - Calcified (from Calcified) [02:47:52]


46 Karkaos - Kolossòs (feat. Morgan Lander) (from Children of the Void) [02:51:44]


47 The World Over - Feral (from Feral) [02:55:54]


48 August Burns Red - Defender (from Defender) [02:59:06]


49 Oh! the Horror - Boomstick! (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie) (from Boomstick!) [03:03:19]


50 Rise Of The Northstar - Here Comes The Boom (from Here Comes The Boom) [03:06:31]


51 DJ Chucky - Blue Mirage (Long Edit) (from Cyber Beatnation 1st Conclusion) [03:10:34]


52 Landon Tewers - Destroy (from Ai640) [03:13:52]


53 The Haunted - 99 (from rEVOLVEr (Deluxe Edition)) [03:17:11]


54 Meshuggah - Clocks (from The Violent Sleep of Reason) [03:21:06]


55 Bear Grillz - Drop That (from Drop That) [03:28:17]


56 PhaseOne - Break Em (Dirtyphonics Remix) (from Break Em (Dirtyphonics Remix)) [03:31:32]


57 Klitorix - Anal Destruction Factory (from Sociopath Breakdown Vol. 2) [03:35:02]


58 The Amity Affliction - Catatonia (from Catatonia) [03:37:21]


59 Orbit Culture - The Shadowing (from The Shadowing) [03:40:45]


60 Miss May I - Shadows Inside (from Shadows Inside) [03:45:08]


61 Evil Activities - Vengeance (from Evilution (Disc 2)) [03:49:01]


62 Korpiklaani, Heidevolk - Bier Bier (Netherlands) (from Bier Bier (Netherlands)) [03:54:48]


63 Power Trip - Hornet's Nest (from Hornet’s Nest) [03:57:46]


64 DJ TECHNORCH fw. GUHROOVY - KAMAITACHI (from beatmania IIDX 14th style GOLD OST (Disc 1)) [04:02:24]


65 Jinjer - On the Top (from On the Top) [04:04:18]


66 Polaris - Landmine (from Landmine) [04:09:40]


67 kors k vs teranoid - tripping contact (teranoid&MC Natsack Remix) (from beatmania IIDX 13th style DistorteD OST (Disc 2)) [04:13:26]


68 Hopes Die Last - Alphawolves (from Alphawolves) [04:15:22]


69 Anchors Affliction - Questions (from Steadfast) [04:20:33]


70 Slipknot - Solway Firth (from We Are Not Your Kind) [04:24:25]


71 Equilibrium - Final Tear (from Renegades) [04:30:18]


72 Machine Head - Circle The Drain (from Circle The Drain) [04:34:42]


73 TOOL - Pneuma (from Fear Inoculum) [04:38:43]


74 The White Swan - Illuminate (from Anubis) [04:50:26]


75 Flaw - Get Up Again (from Through The Eyes) [04:55:01]


76 Brothers of Metal - Yggdrasil (from Yggdrasil) [04:57:51]

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