Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-04-06 (Quarantine’n'Chill: Decembuary 33rd Edition)

• April 6th, 2020

What’s up, perverts?! Welcome to the Quarantine’n’Chill: Decembuary 33rd Edition! Naturally, by that title and by the previous two podcasts, you can expect another random fuckin’ conglomeration of awesome fuckin’ shit that you should listen to if you’re smart. How y’all doing with this motherfucking quarantine shit, eh? I’m still anxiety-ridden as 10 fucks in a 1 fuck capacity lunar excursion module. Looking at the fuckin’ news these days has me shook pretty much 24/7. We’re livin’ in fuckin’ Wackyland, perverts, and it’s no goddamn fun.


Know what, though? I’m gonna refrain from going too much farther into it. I’ve been noticing a lot of people on my social media posting lots of other kinds of stuff other than current events, almost to points where I wonder if they’re aware of what’s going on at all, but I see the merit in it. There’s a lot of understandable despair going around the world, especially in this country, and there’s not a lot any of us can do about our current circumstances with the exception of volunteering or something. That, or continuing to work from home. I genuinely hope you’re all paying at least some attention to news and/or social media outlets so you can get some sort of accurate information about this virus. By that, I mean cross-reference your shit before calling it accurate. That’s one of the worst viruses of our time, too: fuckin’ mis- and disinformation. Everyone’s fuckin’ credibility is questionable nowadays.


To be fair… It’s been largely questionable for many decades now. Likely millenia, but there’s a far greater global population now, and it’s really fuckin’ hard to sift through the noise to get to some sort of truth. Also, I don’t blame any of you for not listening to my podcasts right now. In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t listened to the entirety of any of my editions that I’ve posted since I stopped working on March 13th. I usually listen to them when I’m driving, and what with all the news, Netflix, the Michael Moore podcast, the Office Ladies podcast, and various other shit I’ve been steadily going through, I’ve either been forgetting and/or not utilizing my time as efficiently as I should be. Anyway, this podcast has a few tracks I want to talk about:


1. The track by Lindemann called Knebel, oh my fucking god, that uncensored video is an experience. The song is an experience too, but if you’re feeling brave, look up the fuckin’ uncensored video on Pornhub. The track is half Americana and half standard Rammstein industrial-metal fare. Holy fuck, the transition between the two genres is explosive. You’ll notice it even if you’re listening to this in the background.


2. The Die Antwoord song is another track off their new album HOUSE OF ZEF. It’s got a very different feel to it than 9/10ths of their catalog. Very interesting, and I hope y’all motherfuckers agree.


3. I included the Animal Crossing song for all my friends using this time to delve into that new installment. I’m not into it myself, but the song is pretty cool. I’ve played a couple remixes from the game on previous podcasts, actually.


4. The Mega Ran track called Wily’s Revenge, if y’all don’t know Mega Ran, he’s a nerdcore artist and he put out an entire album of hip-hop based on the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack and story. This one’s about Mega Man, which ought to be fuckin’ obvious. Pretty awesome shit, so keep your ears peeled.


5. The Red Paintings is an Australian rock band that paints people during their live show. I’ve seen them twice, and they were fuckin’ phenomenal both times. They did by far the best version of Tears for Fears highly emotional song, “Mad World,” that I’ve ever heard. The Gary Jules version at the end of Donnie Darko is great and all, but The Red Paintings version is even more beautiful. You owe it to yourself to look it up and love it like I do.


6. Skrape is a nü-metal band that barely performed anywhere during the brief duration of their career. Their album cover for New Killer America was actually something that grossed out a number of people for just being a close-up of an extremely filthy thumbnail or something. Understandable, of course. Pretty cool music for what’s basically a very tired (not to mention retired) genre, in my opinion.


7. Erra and Veil of Maya are new discoveries of mine, and pretty damn awesome metal, if you ask me. Also, the Rob Scallon track is delightfully bizarre in that it’s sort of a metal/swing-jazz hybrid. Keep your ears wide open for that stuff if you can dig it.


8. Astral Projection is a psytrance group, short for psychedelic trance. Hopefully you perverts already knew that. I’m not sure if there are any significant distinctions, but I’ve heard the word Goa used to describe the same stuff. I dunno. Anyway, Astral Projection was the first psytrance artist I discovered, and some of my all-time favorite tracks in the genre are theirs, especially the 13-minute long Dancing Galaxy (Ambient Mix). That shit is fantastic if you’re lookin’ to drift the fuck away. This People Can Fly track, (first of all, it’s a remix I hadn’t heard before) the  samples in it are David Duchovny of X-Files and Californication fame. It’s from a (probably) lesser known movie he did with Brad Pitt called Kalifornia. The movie was interesting enough, I suppose, but it wasn’t hugely memorable. Maybe I need to give it another watch.


9. The rest are mostly just random finds, some from past podcasts, some from soundtracks of games and movies I haven’t seen or played in ages that’ll fuck with you hard if those games/movies are nostalgic for you, too. As usual, I’m saving the more somber stuff for the end, so nobody starts off their fuckin’ Mondays depressed as fuck. It’s all fucktacularly magnificent Aural Sex though, and should be appreciated as such.


All that said and done did, there’s a yojne coming…


It’s not here yet…


It’s almost here.


It’s HERE!


No, wait…


Yes, now! Fuckin’ yojne!!!



01 Josh A, Iamjakehill - Wash Your Hands (from Wash Your Hands) [00:04:29]


02 Lindemann - Knebel (from F & M (Deluxe)) [00:06:12]


03 Royal Crown Revue - Hey Pachuco (from The Mask OST) [00:09:58]


04 Helynt - Animal Crossing (from Animal Crossing) [00:13:02]


05 Orphic - Nautical Nonsense (from Fractal Beach B-Sides) [00:15:56]


06 Techno Kitten Adventure - Intergalactical High (from Intergalactical High) [00:20:40]


07 MC Hammer - This Is What We Do (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles OST) [00:24:31]


08 Blvkstn - High Key Low Key (feat. Lox Chatterbox) (from High Key Low Key) [00:29:20]


09 MISHO - Introvert (Call Me Crazy) (feat. Sebu & Serj Tankian) (from Introvert (Call Me Crazy)) [00:32:26]


10 30 Seconds To Mars - Oblivion (from 30 Seconds To Mars) [00:35:44]


11 Netsky - Eyes Closed (from Eyes Closed / Smile) [00:39:10]


12 Mickey Avalon - Waiting To Die (from Mickey Avalon) [00:45:25]


13 Gwar - S.F.W. (from S.F.W. OST) [00:49:18]


14 Chester Bennington - System (from Queen of the Damned OST) [00:51:33]


15 The Red Paintings - They Don't Care About Us (from They Don't Care About Us) [00:56:28]


16 Zero 7 - When it Falls (from When it Falls) [00:59:54]


17 Toby Emerson & Christoph Maitland - Fall Silently (feat. Veela) (from ReRave OST) [01:05:19]


18 Erra - Breach (from Neon) [01:06:49]


19 The Glitch Mob - Take Control (from Chemicals EP) [01:11:27]


20 The Haunted - Brute Force (from Strength In Numbers) [01:14:37]


21 Spunkadelic - 9.95 (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles OST) [01:17:24]


22 Camellia, Bang Riot - Banger A.F., Broooo!!! (from Xronial Xero) [01:21:16]


23 Oliver - Fast Forward (from Light Years Away) [01:25:30]


24 Tykwer, Klimek & Heil - Running One (from Run Lola Run OST) [01:30:11]


25 Atacama, Jakaan - Complete Awakening (from Complete Awakening) [01:35:40]


26 Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose (from S.F.W. OST) [01:43:12]


27 Neoh - Belive In (sic) (from Out Of Control) [01:49:01]


28 Wayne Static - Not Meant For Me (from Queen of the Damned OST) [01:52:58]


29 Butthole Surfers - Whatever (I Had A Dream) (from Romeo + Juliet OST) [01:57:04]


30 Astral Projection - People Can Fly (Outsiders Remix) (from People Can Fly (Outsiders Remix)) [02:01:02]


31 Entity & Darwin - Your Own Destiny (from ReRave OST) [02:09:55]


32 Jim Carrey - Cuban Pete (Arkin Movie Mix) (from The Mask OST) [02:11:29]


33 にしかわっち - 大魔司教サ○ケアウツ (from にしかわっちの一夜漬けトラックス) [02:13:38]


34 Operatica - Vocalise, song for voice & piano, Op. 34/14 (from O: Volume 1) [02:14:43]


35 Dan Balan - Chica Bomb (from ReRave OST) [02:19:49]


36 Techno Kitten Adventure - Taste of Heavin (sic) (feat. R-KADE) (from Taste of Heavin (sic) (feat. R-KADE)) [02:21:24]


37 Ian Urbina, VHS Dreams - True Marvel (from Final Frontier (Inspired by “The Outlaw Ocean” a Book by Ian Urbina) [02:24:52]


38 Erra - Eye of God (from Eye of God) [02:29:36]


39 Fixions - Black Racers (from Mother Russia Bleeds) [02:33:05]


40 Entity & Darwin - Hookie Mammoth (from ReRave OST) [02:36:37]


41 Skrape - What You Say (from New Killer America) [02:38:08]


42 Mega Ran - Wily's Revenge (feat. JohnFetus) (from Wily's Revenge) [02:41:28]


43 Veil Of Maya - Members Only (from Members Only) [02:45:06]


44 Ian Urbina, Idealism - Blue Skies, Blue Seas (from Distant, Quiet Waters (Inspired by “The Outlaw Ocean” a Book by Ian Urbina) [02:48:55]


45 Milo - Prince Abakaliki of Nigeria needs your help (from Milo takes Baths) [02:52:05]


46 Rob Scallon - Djazz (from Djazz) [02:55:05]


47 Fixions - Asaka Trance (from Dark Days) [02:57:47]


48 Veil Of Maya - Mikasa (from Matriarch) [03:01:58]


49 Styles, Mark Breeze - You're Shining (Audiojunkie & Stylus Remix) (from You're Shining) [03:05:03]


50 Re-Con, Demand - Like A Rainbow (feat. Mandy Edge) (from Like A Rainbow) [03:10:27]


51 Netsky - I See The Future In Your Eyes (from I See The Future In Your Eyes) [03:16:28]


52 Thievery Corporation - Passing Stars (feat. Elin Melgarejo) (Symphonik Version) (from Symphonik) [03:20:38]


53 Karrin Alyson - Everytime We Say Goodbye (from Jazz Love Songs After Dark (Playboy Jazz Series)) [03:23:15]


54 Emily Kinney & Lauren Cohan - The Parting Glass (from The Walking Dead OST Vol. 1) [03:29:08]


55 Nellee Hooper - Mercutio’s Death (from Romeo + Juliet Vol. 2) [03:32:00]


56 Rollins Band - A Life Denied (from A Nicer Shade Of Red) [03:35:34]


57 Radiohead - Talk Show Host (from Romeo + Juliet OST) [03:40:08]


58 Die Antwoord - No 1 (from HOUSE OF ZEF) [03:44:17]


59 Maggie Siff - Lullaby for a Soldier (Arms of the Angels) (from Songs of Anarchy: Vol. 3) [03:48:43]


60 The White Buffalo & The Forest Rangers - Come Join The Murder (from Songs of Anarchy: Vol. 4) [03:51:44]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-03-30 (Quarantine’n'Chill: Day 14 Edition)

• March 30th, 2020

(Note: Because I uploaded 5 podcasts this month, I had only about 250MB left of my 2.5GB monthly data allowance on this site, so I had to make this podcast 160kbps instead of the usual 320kbps. If you think the quality sucks, just let me know and I'll put the full quality version up on Dropbox for you or some shit.)


Day 14. What does it mean? We’ll discuss in just a bit, but first… HI! Welcome motherfuckers one and all to the Quarantine’n’Chill: Day 14 Edition. So, day 14… We’re supposed to be voluntarily quarantining ourselves for at least 14 days, right? What happens after that? We just go back to work and pretend that there isn’t a rapidly escalating pandemic going on outside? Nahhh. See, that voluntary 14 day quarantine was only about flattening the curve. Basically their polite way of saying, “Look, pussy, you’re probably gonna get it, but we can’t go crashing the economy, and you’re fucking expendable.” Yeah, it was only about flattening the curve so that medical services wouldn’t be overwhelmed. Solid course of action, indeed. Still doesn’t address the actual fucking pandemic, for which we are fucking SHAMEFULLY underprepared.


I don’t know about y’all, but I’m really not trying to catch this fuckin’ shit. It’s notoriously worse for older people, and I live with my 71-year-old mother, but I’ve also heard people under 30 are dying from it too. I don’t know what their medical history was, but considering I’ve indulged in a fair amount of smokeage in my time on this planet, I’m not really tryin’ to roll the fuckin’ dice on whether or not I live through it. Not gonna lie though, the thought of dying and thus no longer having to pay off my debts isn’t entirely unappealing. Wish there was a fucking middle ground, but sometimes shit just be like that when your country is overrun by old, greedy white people.


It’d be lovely if we were allowed to live, especially considering how fucking, “eSsEnTiAl,” we all are all of a fucking sudden. This is one of the reasons why I’ve been paying such close attention to politics lately. If I’m gonna die of something preventable, I want to know the reason why. Speaking of which, I just got the bill for that hospital visit I had a few weeks ago. $3,000 fucking dollars just to find out I was fine. I’m gonna try and get it taken care of via Medicaid or some shit, but I mean, wow… You see what the fuck I’m talking about when I say I’d kinda just rather die than receive treatment? If treatment is going to bankrupt me, I’d rather just fuckin’ die than have to be further trapped in my so-called life. Life isn’t always worth living, despite what anyone might say. I can think of numerous circumstances where death would be far more compassionate.


I’m sorry if that’s fuckin’ depressing, but fuck, it should be. Maybe instead of ignoring the shit that twists our lives into unrecognizable dumpster fires, we ought to actually get involved in these “boring” (wah-fucking-wah) processes like politics. Speaking of that, I hope at least some of you have heard about the accusation of sexual assault against Joe Biden from a former senate staffer of his named Tara Reade. If not, look it the fuck up. This should piss you the fuck off. If it doesn’t, I truly question your humanity. It should piss you off further that you haven’t heard about it yet because mainstream media outlets refuse to cover anything so egregiously injurious to a current presidential candidate, especially when he’s the only one protecting the delicate fucking Democratic establishment from the big, bad Bernie.


If you think Bernie supporters criticism of Biden is harsh, just you fucking wait until after the primary. If he actually becomes the nominee, he’s going to be torn to fucking shreds. I promise you that the Tara Reade thing will be covered in full then. I promise you that Kult 45 will be shining a bright fucking spotlight on Joe Biden’s gaffes all the way through the general election. Biden will be obliterated in a debate against Trump, and we’ll piss away four more years with this fuckwad. Four more precious years that we absolutely do not have to piss away for the sake of our health, and the planet’s ability to sustain us. Just you fuckin’ wait until the food riots start. Just you fuckin’ wait until we have refugees from coastal states with nowhere to go. Just you fuckin’ wait, and only after it’s far, far too fucking late, only then will you realize what an absolutely abysmal mistake you made by throwing all your support behind this mealy-mouthed fucking centrist who promised, “results,” over revolution.


Revolution will come one way or another, I promise you. More and more, it’s looking like my predictions of it coming violently are being set in motion. You’ve gotta understand that I’m not trying to be alarmist here, and if I am, it’s for a goddamn good reason. I don’t want to see this country descend into such utter chaos with people dying needlessly in greater numbers than ever before, but if you want something more solid as a basis for my predictions, take a look at how Cheetonius has handled this pandemic. Look at how absent Biden has been through it all too, as Bernie fought for us in the $2 trillion economic recovery bill that just passed. Bernie made it so that we actually get something out of it. I’m pretty sure Biden had nothing to fucking do with it.


But yeah, look at how badly this fuckwad bungled our response to this pandemic. This NEVER would have happened had anyone believed in Bernie in 2016, if the DNC hadn’t fucking torpedoed him then as they’re doing now. To be fair, Hillary probably would have done something to prepare. Biden, too. Cheetonius, however? Shiiiiiit. He has been so desperately trying to downplay it all ever since he first caught wind of it because he knows it’d hurt his chances for re-election. Not sure why though, ‘cause his cult is so hopelessly devoted to him that even if he stabbed them in the throats one-by-one, they’d use their last breaths to murmur something to the effect of, “OMG, he touched me!” *sigh* That is a beautiful image, though.


I’m sorry if you think it’s monstrous or whatever, but the image of hopeless fucking morons being executed one-by-one is fun to me, especially if they’re racist to boot. I know it might sound dangerously close to eugenics, but man, these are people who have been an anchor on progress for so fucking long. I generally pride myself as having a great amount of patience, but holy fucking fuck, I have had it with tolerating these pieces of garbage for the sake of tolerance. There’s a thing called the paradox of tolerance, and you should look it up just in case you think I’m being too harsh. These are people who actively encourage and/or cause the suffering of people of color simply because their skin is a different color to their own. These people and their backwards perspectives go far beyond politics, and actually, I think white nationalists have mostly abandoned Cheetonius Maximus for not being divisive enough.


Remember how the surviving Nazis fled Germany after World War II? When did that ever cease becoming a viable option in this country? Why can’t we do that here? Because we’re a fucking, “free,” country? That’s a fucking loophole and you know it. They thrive on freedom of speech with no accountability, and I’m all for holding them thoroughly fucking accountable. Maybe go as far as they did in Inglourious Basterds. Actually, there’s a real danger of those fuckwads gaining ample enough numbers at some point to do some real damage to this country. Just because they haven’t yet doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Always punch a Nazi is basically what I’m saying. I’d go beyond punching if I knew I could get away with it, but that’s me, and I’m not running for political office or anything with a great amount of influence. I just have this little fuckin’ podcast, and speaking of which, what’d’ya say I shut the fuck up already so we can get to the fucking music already? Hmm?!


Not just yet, motherfuckers. I want to talk a little bit about what I have in store for your eager ear cavities this week.


1. As with last week, a good amount of these tracks are from podcasts past. However, there are more new tracks this time. I would guess somewhere around 20, but the old tracks are ones that I felt deserved some more exposure, so here they are.


2. The tracks by iSorin… Fuuuuuck. Those tracks are like a fucking warm blanket, man. I played Sentient on a past podcast, but Embrace is new for this edition. Embrace is basically a rearrangement of the classic trance track, “As The Rush Comes,” by Motorcycle. That original and a number of remixes of it are extremely near and dear to my heart, perverts. The iSorin track actually got added not only to this podcast and my Recent Likes playlist on Spotify, but also my All-Time Favorites playlist. Yeah, it’s seriously that fuckin’ awesome. Keep your ears peeled for that one.


3. The Ed Gein track, “A Way to Kill Old People,” is just a reference to some people calling Covid-19 the, “boomer remover,” virus. I can’t completely advocate for the removal of all boomers considering my mom is one, but boy-oh-boy would it be great to remove some of these fucks who are selling our futures out from under us on both the Democrat and the Republican sides.


4. The Equilibrium track called, “Final Tear,” samples a speech by Greta Thunberg, and the lyrics are particularly relevant to our ongoing and escalating climate crisis. Look ‘em up if you can spare 4/15ths of a fuck or 7/23rds of a shit.


5. The track, “L Is for Love,” samples a speech given by noted philosopher Alan Watts. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, look into him. He makes a lot of excellent points, and actually, I played a track called, “Something,” by an artist named Azedia which samples him as well. Both fantastic tracks, check them out, and check Alan Watts out too.


6. The artist SWARM is someone I’ve been reeeeally getting into lately. I’m not entirely sure how to classify his stuff, but it’d probably be somewhere between industrial and dubstep or even deathstep. Excellent work by him, and I hope you agree if you notice it. I think he stands out from the rest pretty well.


7. Die Antwoord has a new album called HOUSE OF ZEF. I haven’t heard all of it yet, but yeah. Any of you perverts who’re fans of theirs ought to give it a listen. I know there’s been controversy around them lately due to some shit that happened with Yolandi calling a guy a faggot, but I don’t know. I saw the video, and I know they’re not homophobic or anti-gay, especially considering DJ HI-TEK is gay. I think it’s just some shit that was said ‘cause she was out for blood after being harassed by this guy in the bathroom.


8. Defrag is one of my all-time favorite electronic musicians. I know breakcore is an acquired taste and all, but if any artists would be gateways to the genre, Defrag and BLÆRG would be two I’d point to if I were recommending any. There are plenty of drums for the breakcore purists, but there are lots of other instruments there to keep things interesting, too.


All that fuckin’ said, let us all now go down to the fuckin’ basement with our buddy Catnapp and fuckin’ yojneeeee…



01 Catnapp - Down in the Basement (from Break) [00:08:02]


02 Equilibrium - Final Tear (from Renegades) [00:11:40]


03 Ed Gein - A Way To Kill Old People. (from It’s A Shame…) [00:16:04]


04 SampliFire - Soul (from Soul EP) [00:17:58]


05 Alias & Doseone - The Deadener (from Less Is Orchestra) [00:21:55]


06 BLVK JVCK - GVNG X4 (feat. Comethazine) (from GVNG X4 (feat. Comethazine)) [00:26:10]


07 Protest The Hero - Silent Genocide (from Search For The Truth) [00:29:10]


08 Kai Wachi - SILENCE (from SILENCE) [00:34:01]


09 Caro Emerald - Pack Up The Louie (Caravan Palace Remix) (from The Shocking Miss Emerald (The Remixes)) [00:36:22]


10 Reverse Engineering - Heart Juice (feat. Diyala) (from Schemers) [00:39:47]


11 Åsmund Vivås - L Is for Love (feat. Alan Watts) (from L Is for Love) [00:44:18]


12 Standerwick - Deep End (feat. HALIENE) (Trivecta Extended Remix) (from Deep End (Trivecta Remix)) [00:46:58]


13 iSorin - Embrace (motionxbeats remix) (from Embrace (motionxbeats remix)) [00:51:04]


14 Purity Ring - repetition (from another eternity) [00:55:37]


15 Au5 - Only In A Dream (feat. Nytrix) (from Only In A Dream) [00:59:12]


16 Defrag - Make Them Real (from Drown) [01:05:56]


17 SWARM, I-Exist - In My Dreams (from In My Dreams) [01:08:48]


18 Serj Tankian - Distant Thing (from Jazz-Is-Christ) [01:13:49]


19 ASTN - Flowers (from Flowers) [01:17:26]


20 Dabin - Hope It Hurts (feat. Essenger) (from Hope It Hurts) [01:20:24]


21 SWARM - The Nothing (from The Nothing) [01:24:40]


22 Xerox & Illumination - No Way Out (from The Beast Within) [01:30:01]


23 DILLY DALLY - Know Yourself (from Know Yourself) [01:37:13]


24 Pendulum - Self Vs. Self (feat. In Flames) (from Immersion) [01:40:22]


25 HIGHSOCIETY - Give You More (Haterade Remix) (from Give You More (The Remixes)) [01:45:03]


26 iSorin - Sentient (Yume Collective) (from Sentient (Yume Collective)) [01:48:37]


27 IWRESTLEDABEARONCE - Vlork: Mighty Wielder of Sheep (from IWRESTLEDABEARONCE) [01:51:57]


28 Space Laces - Torque (Gammer Remix) (from Overdrive Remixes) [01:56:46]


29 Lone Catalysts - Renaissance (from The Catalysts Files) [01:59:55]


30 Crystal Lake - Aeon (from Helix) [02:04:39]


31 Maduk - Company (feat. Juul) (from Company) [02:07:52]


32 Riot Ten - Rail Breaker (feat. Rico Act) (from Rail Breaker (feat. Rico Act)) [02:11:54]


33 Defrag - With Insects In My Head (from Lost Lands EP) [02:15:25]


34 Kasbo - Kaleidoscope (from Kasbo) [02:18:27]


35 Savoy - Cata (feat. Lobounce) (from Self Predator) [02:23:23]


36 August Burns Red - Paramount (from Paramount) [02:26:56]


37 SYN - Cyberpunk (from Cyberpunk) [02:31:37]


38 Space Laces - Bugbass (from Bugbass) [02:35:14]


39 Mr. Bill - Earth Glow (feat. Gater) (from Halftime EP) [02:38:06]


40 Strawberry Girls - Shadown Of The Moon (feat. Sarah Glass, Jenna Fournier & Kathleen Delano) (from Italian Ghosts) [02:41:19]


41 Omid - Club Apotheosis (feat. Hymnal) (from Monolith) [02:46:15]


42 Ventana - The Sad History Of The World (from American Survival Guide Vol. 1) [02:52:29]


43 TesseracT - Perfection: Concealing Fate Part Four (from Concealing Fate EP) [02:56:57]


44 Mija - that one time [...] (from time stops OST) [02:59:35]


45 Die Antwoord - WHEN THE SUN GOES OUT (feat. Roger Ballen) (from HOUSE OF ZEF) [03:04:33]


46 Slipknot - All Out Life (from All Out Life) [03:06:51]


47 Noctilucent - Something New (from Something New) [03:12:23]


48 Miles Away, Ronak - Where I'm Going (from Where I’m Going) [03:17:17]


49 Slow Magic - Home (from Home) [03:21:37]


50 EvenS - Where Are We Now (from Helios/Where Are We Now) [03:25:31]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-03-23 (Quarantine’n'Chill Edition)

• March 23rd, 2020

Mothafuckaphobes and mothafuckaphiliacs! Gelatin square tomcats and giant mutant carrots named George! Welcome (because now I’m tired of emoclew) to the Quarantine’n’Chill Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Contrary to the note of levity in the title, I am indeed taking this crisis seriously. I haven’t worked in over a week, and my anxiety is building like the fuckin’ Burj Khalifa over how I’m supposed to meet my bills on the 1st when I’m fuckin’ terrified of working right now considering I do ridesharing and being in such close proximity with someone who was just in a potentially (maybe, just maybe) crowded area like a goddamn airport… Yeah.


Even if I just drove people around town, I have no idea what precautions, if any, these people have taken. The whole thing is fuckin’ fucked, perverts, and the politicians are still arguing over whether or not to let us live… I really wonder what’s gonna be enough for us to put aside all the petty bullshit that separates us, unify to overthrow this fuckin’ oligarchy, and live some sort of future in whatever’s left after shit gets really ugly. I can dream, can’t I? To be honest, it’d probably have to be a fuckin’ cataclysm so ruinous that there’s just no way for society to patch the holes fast enough. As bad as things are right now, I know how much worse things could get. I genuinely hope it doesn’t get to that point, just as much as I genuinely hope we figure out unity at some point. Maybe we’re a hopeless species. I don’t want to believe that, and even though there’s ample justification for the feeling, there are too many variables right now for it to be accurate to any significant measure.


But yeah, as far as quarantining goes, I know it’s hard on pretty much all of us except those with savings enough to weather a crisis this severe. I haven’t yet been able to regain very much at all of the money I gathered for my credit card payments, but I’m trying my hardest to not traipse aimlessly into despair, or be shoved into it. Speaking of which, my condolences go out to Paul Grisafe’s loved ones for their recent loss. He was always a nice guy to me, and I enjoyed his company the handful of times I hung out with him.


Anyway, because I haven’t been driving this week, I didn’t devote as much time to searching through new music. I should have, but honestly, my attention has been yanked in so many goddamn directions over the past week with all this coronavirus news, and mostly I just forgot. Ergo, there are only about 10 or 11 brand new tracks on today’s list. Worry not, however. The old tracks are ones are from past podcasts and my vast digital library. It’s kind of crazy how much time I used to devote to expanding my digital music library. I guess I got to feeling a bit confined by the remainder of space on my HDDs, and the fact that buying new hard drives isn’t much of a priority right now.


I guess it’s still technically a digital library on Spotify, and even though there are extra steps to expanding my personal library that way, it’s a much, MUCH larger library than mine. I give credit where credit’s due, perverts. I could never compete with them, especially since the ID3tags on so much of my shit are fucked up. Not to the point where you have no idea what you’re listening to 99% of the time or anything, but there isn’t nearly as much uniformity as I’d like because, well, I’m only one fuckin’ person, and I don’t have that much time to go through all my shit that way. Not to mention that a good portion of my shit is unsearchable on the internet, so I’d just be making shit up for my shit, motherfuckin’ shitting shitter.


Soooo, let’s discuss a bit about the tracks we’ll be hearing…


You know what? After looking over the tracklist, I think most of it is self-explanatory. Oh, except that I just mentioned giving credit where credit’s due, and I should credit my dear friend Casey for kicking my ass into gear and listening to SKYND. Very cool shit, and I’m looking forward to listening to more. Honestly, after listening to that track for only a few seconds, I was a fan. Perhaps you will be, too. I hope you become a fan of all this shit, ‘cause if you don’t, then you’re not yojneing to your full potential, and that’s just fuckin’ sad. Crank up the goddamn yojne, motherfuckerinos!



01 Ice Cube - Fuck Dying (from War & Peace Volume 1 (The War Disc)) [00:03:07]


02 Gareth Emery - You’ll Be OK (feat. Annabel) (from You’ll Be OK) [00:07:10]


03 L.A.O.S, Riggz - Zeros & Ones (from Finally) [00:10:36]


04 Alma - Avalanches (Feat. Sound Remedy & Kill Paris) (from Dubstep Top (December)) [00:17:36]


05 The Butthole Surfers - The Shame Of Life (from Weird Revolution) [00:22:02]


06 SKYND - Elisa Lam (from Elisa Lam) [00:25:51]




08 DiGiT - Leaves (from BEM Playlist: 006 // AUGUST 2015) [00:33:09]


09 INTERCOM - The Upside Down (Stranger Things Inspired) (from The Upside Down (Stranger Things Inspired)) [00:37:15]


10 Twenty One Pilots - Car Radio (from Vessel) [00:41:43]


11 Ida Maria - Oh My God (from Fortress Round My Heart) [00:46:08]


12 The Glitch Mob - Chemicals (from Chemicals EP) [00:49:20]


13 The Flashbulb - Chik Habit (from Flexing Habitual) [00:52:14]


14 George Carlin - Oh, Beautiful (from (insert album title here)) [00:54:47]


15 Death of a Nation - The United States Of Amnesiacs  (from Death of a Nation) [00:55:14]


16 The Doors - You’re All A Bunch Of Fucking Idiots (from Live In Miami 1969) [00:59:02]


17 Walls Of Jericho - Another Day, Another Idiot (from With Devils Amongst Us All) [01:00:38]


18 NOFX - Idiots Are Taking Over (from Regaining Unconsciousness EP) [01:02:34]


19 Lamb Of God - Walk With Me In Hell (from Sacrament) [01:05:54]


20 Serj Tankian - Uneducated Democracy (from Harakiri) [01:10:58]


21 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Helpless Corpses Enactment (from In Glorious Times) [01:14:52]


22 LARS - Stomp (from Last American Rock Stars) [01:20:49]


23 Diabolic - Frontlines (feat. Immortal Technique) (from Liar & a Thief) [01:24:17]


24 Metallica - …And Justice For All (from …And Justice For All) [01:28:32]


25 Bluud Brothers - Enemies (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie) (from Enemies) [01:38:15]


26 Serj Tankian - Charades (from Axis of Justice Concert Series Vol. 1) [01:42:01]


27 Delta Heavy - Paradise Lost (from Paradise Lost) [01:45:12]


28 Voicians - Wasteland (from Wasteland (Deluxe Edition)) [01:49:47]


29 Moth - The Damned (from Disconnected EP) [01:53:51]


30 Mizuki - Damn Fucking Right (from DubStep Pro v.10 from AGR) [01:58:22]


31 Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - Yippie-Kay-Yay Mother Fucker (from Danza III: The Series Of Unfortunate Events) [02:02:04]


32 Winter Face - Circles (from Underside LP 3) [02:05:26]


33 Supersavagekillthedraco, Cage, Youngotti - Piumino moncler (from Piumino moncler) [02:10:53]


34 PsoGnar - Rain Dance (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 23 // September 2014) [02:12:29]


35 Lone - Jaded (from Reality Testing) [02:17:17]


36 Shapeshifter - Sleepless (from The System Is A Vampire) [02:21:53]


37 CunninLynguists - Brain Cell (from A Piece Of Strange) [02:27:02]


38 Dimension - Pull Me Under (ft. Raphaella) (from BEM Playlist: 001 // JUNE 2015) [02:31:24]


39 Elon Dust - Let Me In (from Let Me In) [02:35:45]


40 Ghostpoet - Dial Tones (feat. Lucy Rose) (Fear Club Remix) (from Dubstep Top (December)) [02:38:56]


41 Kayzo - This Time (from This Time) [02:43:25]


42 Labrinth - Still Don't Know My Name (from Euphoria (Original Score from the HBO Series)) [02:46:11]


43 Jai Wolf - Starlight (from Starlight) [02:48:42]


44 i broke my robot - the further away (from tomorrow does not exist) [02:52:19]


45 Shulman - A Magnificent Void (from In Search of a Meaningful Moment) [02:56:28]


46 Rabbit In The Moon - Dubassex (Wish You Were Here) (from Decade) [03:07:30]


47 Elon Dust - Wish You Were Here (feat. Melissa Heart) (from Wish You Were Here) [03:12:24]


48 Delta Heavy, Modestep - Here With Me (Clockvice Remix) (from Here With Me (Remixes)) [03:15:43]


49 Labrinth - Forever (from Euphoria (Original Score from the HBO Series)) [03:20:11]


50 Mushroomhead - Destroy The World Around Me (from XIII) [03:23:29]


51 Arizon - Meet You There (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 22 // August 2014) [03:31:50]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-03-16 (Be The Change Edition)

• March 16th, 2020

Merry fuckin’ Monday, vertpers and perverts! Emo-fuckin’-clew to the Be The Change Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex! What could that title possibly mean? Well, sit fuckin’ tight and I’ll explain. Surely you’re all familiar with the quote that’s (actually mistakenly) attributed to Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” That’s basically what this is about. First of all, let’s review the piece Gandhi did write that comes close to that quote:


“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.”


Solid enough, right? Well, some of you may not know, but Gandhi had actually quite a number of not-so-honorable qualities such as racism and sexual misconduct. There are a number of articles about it on Google, so look ‘em up if you’re ever curious. Regardless of how the reality of him was inconsistent with the mystique of wisdom and moral authority ascribed to him during his life and especially posthumously, there’s still ample value in the idea of being the change we wish to see in the world.


Many of you have been suffering my frequent political posts over the past few weeks, no doubt. Truly, I wouldn’t be bothering with all that if I didn’t strongly feel like we all have a shot at a better future with Bernie Sanders. I spoke in the edition posted two weeks ago about my own reasons for supporting him, but my god, there are so many reasons beyond those which would benefit me. It’s absolutely bananas to me that anyone has to try so hard to sell people on ideas like guaranteed healthcare, education, rapid reform in regards to climate change, etc., but I digress.


This isn’t meant to be a political edition, even though it does have a couple politically-charged songs. Even if Bernie ends up not being the nominee, the absolute worst thing we can do is despair back to apathy. Apathy is a cancer, and frankly, a luxury almost none of us can afford any longer. I say that we all need to get more involved with local elections. I say that we all need to get more involved in our communities. It’s so easy to be pessimistic and/or cynical. Believe me, I know it through and through. It’s a daily struggle for me probably much like it is for many of you. The most damning thing is that frame of mind is the most conducive to the stability of the current power structure that keeps all our necks under the boot of greed and myriad other awful bullshit to which greed gives way.


Greed is one of the biggest things that separates us from each other, making us believe that (at best) we can only ever look out for ourselves. Listen, speaking as someone who has a long history of being betrayed and treated like utter garbage, I can tell you that even our best efforts sometimes yield no results, or at least none like those we feel our best efforts should yield. Some people really are just utter shit, and life is too short to try reforming all of them. You’ve just got to say a little prayer, flip a lil’ bird and be on your merry fuckin’ way.


So, maybe you tried being the change, and you got shattered. So have I, perverts and pervettes. I’ve been shattered so many times, I don’t know how the pieces keep coming back together to resemble anything like anyone I once was, but they fuckin’ do somehow. Perhaps it’s just that I’m well aware of the cycle of abuse being the sick reality it too frequently is. The abused will abuse, and so on, and fuckin’ so on. It has to stop somewhere, so why not with you? Why not rise above the piss poor examples shown to you and be the polar opposite? Why not at least attempt to inspire others? Shit, if in your perspective the world is far too great a scale in which to be any particularly significant change, be the change you wish to see in your household. Be it in your own heart. Be it in your own mind. If you take the time to do that work on your interior, and you conduct yourself with respect and compassion throughout your life, you will eventually see results. Maybe even revolution… *gasp*


That last bit was a political allusion, but nonetheless a pretty firm assessment, in my opinion. So, you might be curious what I’m doing to be the change. Well, how ‘bout this fuckin’ podcast for starters? Case in point, it’s now 3PM EST, and I’ve been awake for damn near 24 hours now due to a variety of stupid shit. I’m even more fuckin’ exhausted than I usually am when I’m doing this, and yet here I am doing it just to ATTEMPT to share some sweet fucktacularity with all your tender little ear holes. Furthermore, do you perverts realize that I spend $240 annually to host this shit on Podbean? I’ve been spending that amount (or close to it) since January of 2012. I’m not tryin’ to brag or lament that; just sayin’ that’s how much I care about the attempt (the ATTEMPT) to share awesome music with you.


Sure, I could probably find some free method somewhere somehow. I could just post individual songs on my social media stories or feeds, yadda yadda. This podcasting effort feels more effective and appropriate to my goals of simply making mixes for my own yojnement and that of any beautifully curious souls who choose to join me for any little while. I truly love any and all of you who’ve listened to me even for a minute, despite the fact that I don’t do this for anyone’s validation. That was something I used to get hung up on because it often felt so lonely finding all this wonderful music that fulfilled me so profoundly, spurring me on to new discoveries, experiences, insights and appreciations, and yet feeling like I had no one in my life who cared.


Let me just say that the world feels pretty fucking small from the silent darkness of your room. It feels even smaller when you have depression bearing down on you year in, year out. You’ve gotta realize that so much of our darkness is nothing but a wretched series of misperceptions. I’ve gone as far to call them flat out lies, because that’s often what my logic has proven them to be. If you find yourself wrapped up in feelings that the world is fucked, no one gives a shit, I challenge you to step outside. Step outside and go somewhere you’ve never been. Discover something new, and the more you do that, the more you see how your depression shrinks your own life around you like a fuckin’ encroaching abyss, and that it’s just not all that accurate to think that way. Again, the more you work on your interior, the more likely it’ll be that you see an improvement on your exterior.


Any-fuckin’-way, whatch’y’all say I quit my fuckin’ yammering already and we get on with the yojne, hmm? Whatch’y’all say ‘bout ‘dat?! I know whatch’y’all’d say:


“Um, okay. Whatever.”


No, I don’t. I don’t know whatch’y’all’d say. I just know what I hope, and what I hope above all hopes is that you simply. fuckin’. yojne…



01 NIOEH x K.HƯNG x MIN x ERIK - Ghen Cô Vy (from [00:05:53]


02 D.O.A. - Fucked up Donald (from Treason) [00:08:56]


03 The Glitch Mob - Can't Kill Us (from Love Death Immortality) [00:10:06]


04 The Prodigy - Medicine (South Central Remix) (from The Day Is My Enemy (Expanded Edition)) [00:14:57]


05 SwuM, Idealism - Dreaming (from Dreaming) [00:19:35]


06 SWARM - Void (from Void) [00:22:02]


07 Dani Mari - Drifting (feat. Fear Club) (from Vampire) [00:25:52]


08 Telomic - After Hours (from Gravity Within) [00:30:17]


09 GRAVEDGR - BE WARY (from BE WARY) [00:34:19]


10 Boondox - Dead of Night (feat. Bukshot & Young Wicked) (from Dead of Night) [00:37:25]


11 Abraxis, Crystal Skies, Dimibo - Night Rider (from Night Rider) [00:41:44]


12 clipping. - Body & Blood (from CLPPNG) [00:46:46]


13 Doctor P - Fuck The Speaker (from Animal Vegetable Mineral, Pt. 2) [00:51:14]


14 Cunninlynguists - Violet (The Upper Room) (from Rose Azura Njano) [00:54:19]


15 HIGHSOCIETY - LFG (from LFG) [00:58:05]


16 filous - Feel Good Inc. (feat. LissA) (Gorillaz cover) (from Feel Good Inc.) [01:01:40]


17 Igorrr - Parpaing (feat. George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher) (from Parpaing) [01:05:28]


18 Ekoh - Love Yourself (feat. Cameron Dettman) (from Love Yourself (feat. Cameron Dettman)) [01:09:03]


19 Dimension, Culture Shock - Love To Give (feat. Billy Lockett) (from Love To Give) [01:13:03]


20 Blake Anthony - Flaus (feat. Daryl XL) (from Black Anthony) [01:16:22]


21 Zeds Dead - Ether (feat. Deathpact) (from We Are Deadbeats (Vol. 4)) [01:18:02]


22 John Lee Hooker - Boogie Chillen (Take 2) (from Boogie Chillen) [01:22:06]


23 VCTMS - Gutted (I'll Spill) (from Gutted (I’ll Spill)) [01:24:53]


24 SWARM - Eat Me Alive (feat. Soundr) (from Eat Me Alive EP) [01:27:26]


25 Panda Eyes - Think Different (feat. Gabriel Guardian) (from Think Different) [01:32:07]


26 BT - Atari's Lantern (Extended Mix) (from Atari’s Lantern) [01:36:54]


27 Lord Finesse - Hip 2 Da Game (from The Awakening) [01:44:00]


28 Flux Pavilion - Saviour (feat. Tasha Baxter & Kaleidoscope Orchestra) (CRaymak VIP Remix) (from Saviour (CRaymak VIP Remix)) [01:47:57]


29 Parov Stelar - Brass Devil (from Brass Devil) [01:53:09]


30 Metrik - We Are The Energy (from We Are The Energy) [01:57:01]


31 Zanoii - Break Through (from Break Through) [02:01:38]


32 Degs, Pola & Bryson - Sleepless (from Sleepless) [02:04:37]


33 Landon Tewers - Excrete (from Ai640 Pt. 3) [02:09:05]


34 t+pazolite - Messed Up Gravity (from Messed Up Gravity) [02:11:47]


35 Night Lovell - Still Cold / Pathway Private (from Red Teenage Melody) [02:17:13]


36 Seven Lions - Only Now (feat. Tyler Graves) (from Only Now (feat. Tyler Graves)) [02:21:42]


37 Isorin - OMNI (from OMNI) [02:25:07]


38 Koven - Butterfly Effect (from Butterfly Effect) [02:29:02]


39 Jack Rainey, York - Fiction Ain't A Friend (Steve Brian Extended Remix) (from Fiction Ain't A Friend (Steve Brian Remix)) [02:32:29]


40 Twiztid - Never Change (from Never Change) [02:38:33]


41 Camellia - Rip It Off (Now) Rip It Off (feat. kradness) (from Rip It Off (Now) Rip It Off) [02:42:19]


42 Noah Kin - Scapegoat (from Scapegoat) [02:46:31]


43 Omnia - Generation (Extended Mix) (from Generation) [02:49:43]


44 Pete Flux - Success (feat. Parental) (from Traveling Thought) [02:53:58]


45 Richard Devine - Plonked Spectral (from Risp LP) [02:58:13]


46 Andre Damar - Westside (from Westside) [03:05:37]


47 Gareth Emery - You Are (feat. Emily Vaughn) (from You Are) [03:10:48]


48 Ekoh - Ms Humpty Dumpty (from Ms Humpty Dumpty) [03:13:57]


49 The Amity Affliction - Forever (from Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them) [03:17:44]


50 The Chainsmokers - Family (feat. Kygo) (from World War Joy) [03:20:50]


51 AG - We'll Be Free (feat. nilu) (from We’ll Be Free) [03:23:59]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-03-09 (All-Star Series: The Prodigy & Keith Flint Memorial Edition)

• March 9th, 2020

Up what’s, motherfuckerettes y motherfuckerinos? Emo-goddamn-motherfuckin’-nun-cunt-sniffin’-clew to another Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! This week, oh my, I have an incredibly special edition for you. This week, we have both another installment of the All-Star Series and a memorial edition for The Prodigy and Keith Flint respectively. Last week marked one year since Keith Flint made the decision to leave this sad, little world of ours behind. Perverts, I’m sure most of you know my history with suicide and how profoundly devastated I’ve been by it. Keith Flint doing what he did really hit me hard, not just because he did it and no doubt threw countless souls into horrendous despair, but also because I’ve loved The Prodigy for over 20 years.


I’ve been a HUGE fan of theirs for over 2 goddamn decades, and I actually managed to get tickets for their show in NYC that was scheduled for June of last year. As far as I know, they haven’t toured the states very much at all since the mid-to-late 90s when their album, “Fat of the Land,” was at its peak popularity, so I was geeked as 10 fucks on a bicycle built specifically for 2 fucks and 2 fucks only. I was FINALLY gonna see them live. I was FINALLY gonna get to experience their show along with a whole group of my friends, and then it happened… To say my disappointment was absolute would be an understatement, as I don’t think I’ll ever be okay with it. It’s just one of those fucking gaping voids in my heart that I just have to live with now.


See, whereas most people only know The Prodigy for their popular singles like Smack My Bitch Up, Firestarter, Breathe (all on the same fuckin’ album, by the fuckin’ way), I actually have love for each and every Prodigy album. Different amounts for different albums, but they’re all Prodigy albums, so even the mediocre tracks get a pass. The fucked up thing is that the mediocre tracks are very, very few and far between, in my opinion. I could go (and frequently have gone) on and on, extolling the virtues of this Prodigy album or track versus another. The Prodigy’s influence on my life runs deep, perverts.


For example, Keith Flint’s dual-hawk haircut, I knew a kid in my middle school who had that haircut. I immediately thought he must be cool if he could somehow rock such a peculiar hairstyle, and during one of the nights I hung out with him at his place, his dad put on Insane Clown Posse. That’s right. Albeit very, very indirect, and I no doubt would have discovered ICP through some other avenue at some point, The Prodigy assisted me in my discovery of a group that would prove to be yet another of my all-time favorites. The Prodigy was pretty much the first electronic group I paid attention to. Up until that point, I had been fixated primarily on heavy metal and anything similar. The Prodigy, with their big beat sound, helped bridge the gap and opened up doors of curiosity I didn’t even know I had yet to open.


I have no doubt in my mind that many of you were as enamored by those Fat of the Land singles as I was. I’m sure most of you still rock Smack My Bitch Up, Firestarter and/or Breathe from time to time. The thing is that I loved those tracks and music videos so much that I went further into their world, discovering their previous albums and having my tastes challenged by the diverse electronic sounds therein. Experience was definitely the more challenging of the two, simply because I was too young in the early 90s to be present in the rave music scene, and by the time I got to it, it sounded pretty primitive to me. The thing is that I didn’t dismiss it, because it still bore the highly credible Prodigy name, and I was therefore inclined by the respect I have for them to keep my mind open to it. You see? The Prodigy actually helped me establish one of my most thoroughly useful practices in music appreciation that has pushed me to discover and form love for so, SO many different styles of music. Do you perverts have any idea the debt of gratitude I have to Liam, Maxim and Keef? Do you even give 847/3rds of a squirrel turd? I guess that would be many, many squirrel turds, so most likely not. Unless you’re some kind of freak who collects squirrel turds… Fuckin’ freak. Why can’t you be normal like me? Haha.


Anyway, yet another way The Prodigy helped me broaden my horizons was through the Hackers soundtrack. My 90s kid perverts might remember the cheesiness that was that early Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie, Matthew Lillard movie. That soundtrack was pure fuckin’ lava, and The Prodigy’s two contributions granted legitimacy to all the rest of the tracks on the album. I know it’s flawed logic, I know that there are plenty of compilations that have utterly shit tracks amidst the lava, but that was the way I approached that soundtrack because I loved The Prodigy so much. That drove me to discover Underworld, Stereo MCs, and Leftfield among others. The Spawn soundtrack, mind you, that one didn’t need The Prodigy’s help. The Prodigy & Tom Morello’s track, “One Man Army,” (which I just discovered is the vocal version of another track called, “No Man Army,”) is great and all, but the Spawn soundtrack was/is loaded with lava already just from first glance at the tracklist. If you don’t know that album, oh man, you are fuckin’ missing out.


Anyway, moving on… I imagine many of you perverts may be surprised to hear this, but Keith Flint actually recorded a solo album under the name Flint. Unfortunately, it hasn’t ever seen a proper release, but there was a video made for the track Aim4, and Razor appeared on The Prodigy’s greatest hits compilation. It sucks, ‘cause there are actually promo copies that circulated around when it was recorded, but those motherfuckers are now worth hundreds of fuckin’ dollars on Promo copies! These are things that aren’t even supposed to be sold anywhere, which probably ups their value even more. I have no idea what the album sounds like, honestly. If we’re going by the two tracks, “Aim4,” and, “Razor,” then it might be a pretty fuckin’ awesome album. I’ve actually considered making a petition to Liam and Maxim to somehow obtain the rights so it can be released posthumously. Maybe even donate some of the profits to a mental health charity or something, with the rest going to his family.


Here I fucking go again with my long-ass intros. Let me try to wrap this shit up. I think I’ve said all that needed saying for the moment except for these tidbits regarding specific tracks:


1. I made an executive fucking decision to exclude the original versions of the commonly-known singles. Honestly, why the fuck would you be listening to a podcast like mine if all you’re trying to hear are some singles you already know you love? Have I not made it crystal fuckin’ clear to you motherfuckers yet that I’m trying to get you to expand your fuckin’ heads? Broaden your horizons? Tear your fuckin’ minds open, even? Listen, I did include remixes of those tracks. They’re excellent fuckin’ remixes, and while they may or may not be even better than the originals, they deserve some goddamn love.


2. Some tracks, I’ve actually included two versions. The Day Is My Enemy, for example. I fuckin’ LOVE, like, hump a motherfuckin’ doorknob, LOOOOOOVE that track. I love the fuck out of every remix I’ve heard of it, and I actually JUST discovered the Bad Company remix a few hours ago on my drive home. That track is fuckin’ nuclear lava. That shit is fuckin’ planet destroying, and you’re about to find out what I mean. BUT! But, I couldn’t just leave out the Caspa remix because I fuckin’ LOOOOVE that version as well. I stopped short of including the original and the Liam re-work because, fuck, I had to stop somewhere.


3. This edition is another one over 4 fuckin’ hours long. Suck it up, buttercup. We’ve got at least a thousand metric fucktons of epic fucktacularity in store for us this week, so maybe just deal with it. Maybe even yojne it. Stranger things have happened.


4. There is a remastered version of Music for the Jilted Generation, but the tracks I chose from that album are from the original version simply because I assumed nobody would notice or care, and it was more convenient for me to just drag and drop the original versions from my own library. In the interest of full transparency, not to mention my own rampant fuckin’ music perversion and enthusiasm for The Prodigy, I wanted to tell you so at least you know. The remastered versions do sound better, so if you yojne the originals, definitely check out the remasters as well.


5. For anyone who might be curious about the Marilyn Manson track, that’s there because that’s fuckin’ Keith doing the vocals! Yup, they apparently got together and Keith did his own rendition of Manson’s mOBSCENE. Pretty nifty fuckin’ shit right there.


6. On the subject of Keith, and the reason why this edition is so long, I tried to include pretty much every track on which he does the vocals. There are numerous tracks on this edition that he actually had nothing to do with, but I included them anyway because by and large, Keith was/is the face of The Prodigy. I’ve got nothing but love for Liam and Maxim, but I’m pretty certain it was Keith’s image during the Fat of the Land years that cemented them in the psyches of most of the people who remember them fondly today. That’s why this is a combination All-Star Series and memorial edition. It would be a considerably shorter podcast if I used only the tracks on which Keith was credited, and Keith was primarily a dancer during the early years of the group. So, even though he didn’t write or do vocals on all that much, he was still integral to the group’s image and live performances.


With all that fuckin’ said… Perverts, it is now the time in which the commencement of yojnement occurs, incredibly! Or else…



01 The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy (Bad Company Remix) (from The Day Is My Enemy (Bad Company Remix)) [00:08:00]


02 The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (Sub Focus Remix) (from Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)) [00:11:57]


03 Caspa - War (feat. Keith Flint) (Subscape Remix) (from War (feat. Keith Flint)) [00:17:28]


04 The Prodigy - Omen (from Invaders Must Die) [00:21:53]


05 FLINT - Aim4 (from Device #1 (Unreleased)) [00:25:27]


06 The Prodigy - Firestarter (Alvin Risk Remix) (from The Fat Of The Land (Expanded Edition)) [00:28:24]


07 Maxim - 808 (feat. Cianna Blaze) (from 808) [00:31:38]


08 The Prodigy - Music Reach 1/2/3/4 (from Experience Expanded (Disc 1)) [00:35:14]


09 The Prodigy - Light Up the Sky (from No Tourists) [00:39:24]


10 The Prodigy - Girls (from Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned) [00:42:40]


11 Marilyn Manson - mOBSCENE (Overnight Mix feat. Keith Flint) (from mOBSCENE) [00:46:44]


12 The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) (from Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)) [00:50:25]


13 The Prodigy - Break And Enter (from Music For The Jilted Generation) [00:55:25]


14 The Prodigy - Wall of Death (from The Day Is My Enemy) [01:03:47]


15 The Prodigy - Baby's Got A Temper (Main Mix) (from Baby's Got A Temper) [01:07:36]


16 The Prodigy - Hyperspeed (G-Force Part 2) (from Experience Expanded (Disc 1)) [01:12:00]


17 The Prodigy - One Love (Original Mix) (from One Love) [01:17:13]


18 The Prodigy - Fuel My Fire (L7 cover) (from The Fat Of The Land) [01:23:03]


19 The Prodigy - Spitfire (feat. Juliette Lewis) (from Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned) [01:27:19]


20 The Prodigy - Fight Fire with Fire (feat. Ho99o9) (from No Tourists) [01:32:26]


21 The Prodigy - World’s On Fire (from Invaders Must Die) [01:35:51]


22 The Prodigy - Memphis Bells (feat. Princess Superstar) (from Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned) [01:40:40]


23 The Prodigy - Out Of Space (from Experience Expanded (Disc 1)) [01:45:04]


24 The Prodigy - Poison (from Music For The Jilted Generation) [01:50:01]


25 The Prodigy - Champions of London (from No Tourists) [01:56:42]


26 The Prodigy - Mind Fields (from The Fat Of The Land) [02:01:29]


27 The Prodigy - Rebel Radio (from The Day Is My Enemy) [02:07:06]


28 The Prodigy - Their Law (from Music For The Jilted Generation) [02:10:56]


29 The Prodigy - Nasty (Spor Remix) (from The Day Is My Enemy (Expanded Edition)) [02:17:34]


30 The Prodigy - One Man Army (feat. Tom Morello) (from Spawn OST) [02:22:24]


31 The Prodigy - The Narcotic Suite: 3 Kilos (from Music For The Jilted Generation) [02:26:35]


32 The Prodigy - Breathe (The Glitch Mob Remix) (from The Fat Of The Land (Expanded Edition)) [02:34:01]


33 The Prodigy - Get Your Fight On (from The Day Is My Enemy) [02:38:18]


34 The Prodigy - You’ll Be Under My Wheels (from Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned) [02:41:49]


35 The Prodigy - Thunder (from Invaders Must Die) [02:45:45]


36 The Prodigy - Resonate (from No Tourists) [02:49:49]


37 The Prodigy - Speedway (from Music For The Jilted Generation) [02:53:35]


38 The Prodigy - Rhythm Bomb (feat. Flux Pavilion) (NGHTMRE Remix) (from Rhythm Bomb (feat. Flux Pavilion) (NGHTMRE Remix)) [03:02:31]


39 The Prodigy - Ruff In The Jungle Bizness (Uplifting Vibes Remix) (from Experience Expanded (Disc 2)) [03:05:40]


40 The Prodigy - Timebomb Zone (from No Tourists) [03:09:53]


41 The Prodigy - Ibiza (feat. Sleaford Mods) (from The Day Is My Enemy) [03:13:12]


42 The Prodigy - Narayan (from Fat Of The Land) [03:15:57]


43 The Prodigy - Roadblox (The Jaguar Skills Ninja Terminator Remix) (from The Day Is My Enemy (Expanded Edition)) [03:25:03]


44 The Prodigy - Razor (from Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005) [03:29:18]


45 The Prodigy - Destroy (from The Day Is My Enemy) [03:33:14]


46 The Prodigy - Hotride (El Batori Mix) (from Hotride) [03:37:41]


47 The Prodigy - Wild Frontier (Killsonik Remix) (from The Day Is My Enemy (Expanded Edition)) [03:42:24]


48 The Prodigy - Serial Thrilla (from The Fat Of The Land) [03:47:27]


49 The Prodigy - Medusa’s Path (from Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned) [03:52:38]


50 The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital (from Invaders Must Die) [03:58:40]


51 The Prodigy - AWOL (Strike One) (from The Day Is My Enemy (Expanded Edition)) [04:02:19]


52 The Prodigy - Rok-Weiler (from The Day Is My Enemy) [04:05:11]


53 The Prodigy - Run With The Wolves (from Invaders Must Die) [04:08:52]


54 The Prodigy - Give Me a Signal (feat. Barns Courtney) (from No Tourists) [04:13:04]


55 The Prodigy - Colours (from Invaders Must Die) [04:16:53]


56 The Prodigy - No Good (Start the Dance) (from Music For The Jilted Generation) [04:20:20]


57 The Prodigy - Rise of the Eagles (from The Day Is My Enemy (Expanded Edition)) [04:26:31]


58 The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy (Caspa Remix) (from The Day Is My Enemy (Expanded Edition)) [04:30:11]


59 Maxim - Respect (feat. Lee Gough) (from Respect) [04:33:38]


60 The Prodigy - Shut 'Em Up (feat. Public Enemy & Manfred Mann) (from The Day Is My Enemy (Expanded Edition)) [04:37:10]


61 The Prodigy - Invisible Sun (from The Day Is My Enemy) [04:41:20]


62 The Prodigy - We Live Forever (from No Tourists) [04:45:32]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-03-02 (Why I Support Bernie Sanders Edition)

• March 2nd, 2020

Emoclew one and all loveliest of lovely perverts to another Yadnom and another Yadnom Gninrom Larua Xes. Okay, no more of that stupid shit. Hi there! Welcome to the Why I Support Bernie Sanders Edition! *sigh* Okay, right from the get-go, I can already feel the hate. Beats the fuckin’ shit out of me why, though. As far as I’ve researched (and believe me, that’s no small amount), he best exemplifies my own values. What are my values, you may ask? Compassion, for one. Compassion for my fellow man, no matter how strange (for the most part). Red or blue, Republican or Democrat, I think we can all agree that pedophiles should be executed in the streets, so there’s no point in squandering compassion on them.


Bernie is literally the only politician I’ve ever seen in my 25 years of being politically-aware who seems to actually care about his fellow man, and though I can’t claim anywhere near as much activism as him, I care about my fellow man as well. Let’s go back further, though. Even though I grew up in a pretty lily-white suburb, one of my first best friends was a black kid. Race wasn’t even a consideration back then, and to the best of my knowledge at the time, that’s just the way the world was. Race didn’t matter. Oh my, how horrendously wrong I turned out to be, but my friendship with him was what solidified that perspective in me. Now, to see so much division being sown day after month after year, it’s just so fucking exhausting and infuriating in equal measure.


It’s made even worse by the knowledge that I can’t do much about it except fight it however possible wherever I find it, but it feels like an endless game of fuckin’ Whac-A-Mole. I can’t even imagine how exhausting and infuriating it is for my friends of color who experience it themselves on a day-to-day basis. So, yeah, that’s one reason in particular that I support Bernie. I’m still scratchin’ my head tryin’ to figure out why Biden won the South Carolina primary. I’m sure it was a number of things that just worked in his favor, and while I’m happy for him to some extent because it’s supposedly the first primary contest he’s won in his three attempted presidential campaigns, when I listen to him speak, I still feel like he’s not saying very much at all. Bernie spits facts & figures, and Biden kinda just drools ambiguities. I really don’t think he has much of a shot against resident Cheeto.


Anyway, my support for Bernie isn’t completely selfless. As I said in my 2020 video blog, I’m absolutely drowning in student debt, and will be for the next 14 fucking years unless I start making payments of $350/mo. I can’t even afford. What’s even more fun about that is that over the course of those 14 years, I’ll have doubled the principle amount of the loan in capitalized interest. Isn’t that fun? I think that’s fun. That’s fun, right? Yeah, so anyway, there’s also my lack of health insurance. No vision insurance, either. I do have dental insurance, but it’s fucking dogshit. They only pay for $1200 worth of procedures in any given year, and it’s usually like a 60/40 split favoring me, but it’s still a pretty hefty amount of fuckin’ money considering the kinds of shit I need done.


I know, you’re thinking, “Fuck you, guy! What, you already got life, and now you want health, too?! Who the fuck do you think you are?” Listen, I don’t think it’s partisan in any fuckin’ way to desire a healthy life; I don’t think it’s too much to want some sort of stable future. I’m pretty sure even the staunchiest of staunch right-wingers wants to have a healthy life. The biggest difference between us is who we feel deserves life at all. Me, I think most living people deserve life, with one notable exception being anyone willing to kill and/or rape others due to a horrifically distorted worldview. That’s another thing! Mental. Goddamn. Health. Care.


Perverts… I talked about my desire to talk to a psychotherapist on my 2020 video. Fortunately, it’s not an urgent need right now, but I’ve got to imagine that my life would have had far fewer rough fucking edges had I been financially capable of receiving psychotherapy at any point in my life. Do you have any fucking idea how many accumulated days worth of time that I’ve spent trying to untangle fuckin’ mental knots by myself? Do you have any idea how much it hurt every day feeling like I couldn’t talk to anyone because I felt like I made everyone uncomfortable and/or confused with my problems? Frankly, I got lucky in being able to emerge from so much pitch fucking blackness with my life mostly intact. Way too many people aren’t so lucky, however, and I fucking miss one of them every goddamn day. It’s been almost 9 years, and I still miss her every goddamn day.


Those are some other reasons that seem pretty valid to me. Maybe they’re not to you, I don’t know. I don’t think it’s right that we had to have a fundraiser for my father only a month or so before he died to try and raise money for the outstanding medical bills he incurred as a result of a pre-leukemic blood condition he got, leading to two bone marrow transplants, countless platelet infusions and a month-long stay in the hospital. I mean, my stories seem fuckin’ tame as all fuck compared to the innumerable stories others have around this country, but the pain is just as real for each of us.


If all that’s not enough, I’ve also been feeling tightness in my chest lately, but obviously I can’t go get anything checked due to my lack of insurance. So, if I suddenly stop releasing podcasts, ya might wanna check in with me to see if I’m dead. I don’t want to die, perverts; I just need life to get better. I need to feel like there’s something to look forward to, something fulfilling. Not just for me, but for all of us, even those with whom I disagree. Again though, criminally insane people are exceptions to that rule. But yeah, death doesn’t seem like such an unwelcome alternative to 14+ years of debt slavery.


Even though I’m well-aware there’s a middle ground, I don’t think it’s right that America prides itself so thoroughly on so many things, and yet also callously lets its homeless and hungry freeze and starve. It lets its students sink or swim in fucking oceans of debt. It lets its sick (sometimes) be treated only to then be driven into bankruptcy for having been treated. These are so-called radical notions of basic human decency that have far too fucking long gone ignored in favor of shameless, endless fucking greed. These things display an utterly egregious lack of empathy which make me ashamed of my country. I know, “Love it or leave it,” right? If only the early American colonists had the modern-day rhetoric we suffer from the blithering fucking troglodytes of today…


Anyway, I’ll spare you anymore snowflakey libtard anecdotes for now. Let me tell you a bit about what we’ve got in store for this week’s edition:


1. A metric fuckton of Rage Against The Machine and related side-projects. Why? Well, fuckin’ duh. I’m sure it’s a little too obvious for some of you, and I’m sure there are loads of you who’re upset with Rage themselves for the outlandish fuckin’ ticket prices we’ve been seeing for this upcoming tour. I don’t know whose fault that is, or to what degree. All I know is that I felt energized as 50 fucks in a 5 fuck bucket when I saw them co-headline the Rock The Bells show with Wu-Tang Clan on Randalls Island in NYC back in summer of ’07. The crowd was so fuckin’ amped up, I got this vision in my head of all of us marching on Washington that very night. Obviously, that’s silly as fuck and it didn’t happen, but it was still fun to imagine.


2. The two tracks called Rumble are a tribute to Michael Moore and his podcast also called… What the fuck do you think? Rumble! If you perverts haven’t listened to it yet, I highly recommend it. Shit, even if you have listened to it, I’ll highly recommend it. I’ll fuckin’ sneak in your house while you’re asleep and dive into your melons like fuckin’ Inception and recommend it so when you wake up, you think it was your own fuckin’ idea. How ‘bout that shit, hmm? He’s already had over 5,000,000 downloads, and he’s only 40 something episodes in. His podcast is one of the main reasons I even bother listening to podcasts other than my own. Even better, it’s not cluttered with a bunch of bullshit ads. Say and think what you want about him, I’ve always profoundly admired and respected him, even so far back as his movie, “The Big One,” from the mid-90s, so I wanted to pay tribute.


3. A lot of these tracks are gems that I’ve played numerous times across the lifespan of this podcast. There are a few making their debuts, but frankly, this one was pretty fuckin’ easy to compile. It’s a little over 4 hours long, and at some point, I just had to put blinders on to get the tracks I felt most deserved to be here. I definitely could have gone on and on and fuckin’ on. I know, I’m too much.


Aaaaand, with that… wenowyojne!



01 John Lennon - Power To The People (from The John Lennon Collection) [00:07:48]


02 Whyt Rbbt - Revolution (from Revolution) [00:10:54]


03 Chuck D & Henry Rollins - Rise Above (from Rise Above - 24 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three) [00:14:37]


04 Rage Against The Machine - Bombtrack (from Rage Against The Machine) [00:16:45]


05 FEVER 333 - … (from STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS) [00:20:45]


06 FEVER 333 - BURN IT (from BURN IT) [00:21:37]


07 Knife Party - Bonfire (from Rage Valley) [00:25:24]


08 Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now In The Fire (from The Battle Of Los Angeles) [00:29:49]


09 Prophets Of Rage - The Counteroffensive (from Prophets Of Rage) [00:33:07]


10 Prophets Of Rage - Unfuck The World (from Prophets Of Rage) [00:33:44]


11 Nothing More - Do You Really Want It (from The Stories We Tell Ourselves) [00:37:43]


12 The Staple Singers - For What It's Worth (from For What It's Worth) [00:41:34]


13 Rage Against The Machine - Guerrilla Radio (from The Battle Of Los Angeles) [00:43:55]


14 Link Wray & His Ray Men - Rumble (from The Link Wray Collection 1956-62) [00:47:20]


15 Excision - Rumble (feat. Space Laces) (from Apex) [00:49:36]


16 Slipknot - Gematria (The Killing Name) (from All Hope Is Gone) [00:54:00]


17 Rage Against The Machine - Calm Like A Bomb (from The Battle Of Los Angeles) [00:59:58]


18 Powerman 5000 - Assess The Mess (from Transform) [01:04:55]


19 Powerman 5000 - Action (from Transform) [01:05:27]


20 BTS - Burning Up (Fire) (from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever) [01:09:02]


21 AJR - Burn The House Down (from The Click (Deluxe Edition)) [01:12:25]


22 The Nightwatchman - House Gone Up In Flames (from One Man Revolution) [01:15:54]


23 Nothing More - Let 'em Burn (from The Stories We Tell Ourselves) [01:19:10]


24 Rage Against The Machine - Voice Of The Voiceless (from The Battle Of Los Angeles) [01:23:05]


25 Rage Against The Machine - The Ghost Of Tom Joad (from Renegades) [01:25:36]


26 Marvin Gaye - You're The Man (Original Mono Single Version) (from What’s Going On - 40th Anniversary (Super Deluxe)) [01:31:11]


27 The Code - Alert, Aware, Involved (from A-F Records Sampler) [01:36:49]


28 Rage Against The Machine - Street Fighting Man (from Renegades) [01:39:22]


29 Anti-Flag - One Trillion Dollars (from For Blood And Empire) [01:43:53]


30 Afu-Ra - Reign on Me (feat. Mann) (from Reign on Me) [01:46:17]


31 Immortal Technique - Rich Man’s World (1%) (from The Martyr) [01:49:49]


32 Cypress Hill - Shut ‘Em Down (feat. Tom Morello) (from Rise Up) [01:54:28]


33 Street Sweeper Social Club - Fight! Smash! Win! (from Street Sweeper Social Club) [01:57:49]


34 Excision - Fight Through The Pain (feat. Sullivan King) (from Apex) [02:01:14]


35 Public Enemy - Fight The Power (from Fear Of A Black Planet) [02:05:11]


36 The Nightwatchman - Whatever It Takes (from The Fabled City) [02:09:48]


37 Rage Against The Machine - Take The Power Back (from Rage Against The Machine) [02:13:52]


38 The Nightwatchman - The Road I Must Travel (from One Man Revolution) [02:19:25]


39 Rage Against The Machine - Tire Me (from Evil Empire) [02:23:07]


40 Revolution Harmony - We Are (feat. Serj Tankian, Ihsahn & Devin Townsend) (from We Are) [02:26:00]


41 1991 - The People (from The People) [02:32:34]


42 Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People (from Stand!) [02:35:28]


43 FEVER 333 - ONE OF US (from STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS) [02:37:45]


44 Prophets Of Rage - Strength In Numbers (from Prophets Of Rage) [02:41:06]


45 The Nightwatchman - Alone Without You (from Sicko OST) [02:44:08]


46 Rage Against The Machine - Born As Ghosts (from The Battle Of Los Angeles) [02:47:09]


47 Roy Zimmerman - Superdelegate (from Thanks For The Support) [02:50:29]


48 Cypress Hill - Rise Up (feat. Tom Morello) (from Rise Up) [02:52:43]


49 One Day As A Lion - One Day As A Lion (from One Day As A Lion) [02:56:32]


50 Rage Against The Machine - Know Your Enemy (from Rage Against The Machine) [03:00:55]


51 Chali 2na, The Funk Hunters - Get Involved (feat. Defunk) (from Get Involved (feat. Defunk)) [03:05:48]


52 Rage Against The Machine - Wake Up (from Rage Against The Machine) [03:09:35]


53 Dead Kennedys - Stars And Stripes Of Corruption (from Frankenchrist) [03:15:35]


54 Rage Against The Machine - Township Rebellion (from Rage Against The Machine) [03:21:51]


55 K'NAAN - Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) (feat. Snow Tha Product, Riz MC & Residente) (from The Hamilton Mixtape) [03:27:13]


56 Rage Against The Machine - Freedom (from Rage Against The Machine) [03:31:55]


57 Manic Street Preachers - If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (from This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours) [03:38:01]


58 Thought Riot - Save the Humans (from A-F Records Sampler) [03:42:44]


59 Anti-Flag - Hate Conquers All (from Hate Conquers All) [03:45:09]


60 Rage Against The Machine - Bullet In The Head (from Rage Against The Machine) [03:47:55]


61 Scars On Broadway - They Say (from Scars On Broadway) [03:53:01]


62 Serj Tankian - Harakiri (from Harakiri) [03:55:46]


63 Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone (from All Hope Is Gone) [04:00:01]


64 The Nightwatchman - Save The Hammer For The Man (feat. Ben Harper) (from Union Town EP) [04:04:39]


65 Gary Clark Jr. - This Land (from This Land) [04:09:51]


66 The Nightwatchman - This Land Is Your Land (from Union Town EP) [04:15:30]


67 John Legend - History Has Its Eyes On You (from The Hamilton Mixtape) [04:19:07]


68 Prophets Of Rage - The Party's Over (from The Party’s Over) [04:22:21]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-02-24 (Lo-Fi Beats to Study, Game, Chill, Hop Hiply, Loaf, Slice Loaves and Cure Cancer To Edition)

• February 24th, 2020

I just came to kick ass and slice loaves, and I’m all outta loaves to slice, muthafucka. Already cured cancer, too. Not really. Someone should, though. Shit fuckin’ sucks. Anyway, hi again! Emo-fuckin’-clew to the Lo-Fi Beats to Study, Game, Chill, Hop Hiply, Loaf, Slice Loaves and Cure Cancer To Edition! So, naturally by that obnoxiously long title, you can tell we’re in for several full hours of Zimbabwean surfgrindducksteppolkacore. Yojne!


No, wait, don’t yojne yet. I have more shit to say. Not MUCH more as I usually do though, so calm your fuckin’ tits. 5 of these tracks are making a return from the last lo-fi edition I did back in August, but I won’t tell you which ones ‘cause I’m a fuckhead. Nah, I just want you to be curious. If that makes me a fuckhead, then a fuckhead be I. Aside from those 5, these are ALL new tracks making their debuts on this podcast. As may have been clear by the title, this isn’t strictly just a lo-fi beats playlist. We’ve also got some lounge, chillhop, jazzhop, world, and breadcore to look forward to. Not really breadcore, as only demonic butter elves are privy to that. It’s crazy. It’s actually outside the humanly audible frequency spectrum. Damn fuckin’ butter elves, man, I swear…


Couple things I wanna mention:


1. I had some fun organizing the tracks this week. Take a gander (or a goose, if you prefer to keep fuckin’ toiling under the oppressive regime of the brutal goose patriarchy or some shit) at the track list and you’ll see what I mean. Honestly, I do that as much as I can each week, although I’m downright 100% fuckin’ certain that I’m the only one who gives 4/23rds of an ostrich turd about that shit. Hah! See what I did there? I’m a humorous person.


2. Please, PLEASE keep your ears wide open and peeled like fuckin’ grapes for toddlers for the Shinichi Osawa track called One Us. That one is fuckin’ magical to me.


3. Those of you perverts who may have listened to (maybe even… yojned) my other lo-fi beats edition may have noticed a number of tracks by an artist called Berry Weight. Listen, motherfuckers… I’ve been trying repeatedly since 20-fuckin’-10 to get someone to appreciate Berry Weight like I do. Please go check them out if you like the tracks you hear on this podcast. Leames and Inqiteka are also side-projects of theirs. I think they’re fuckin’ wonderful. When I got their album, “Music for Imaginary Movies,” back in 2010, I listened to that fucker on repeat at least fuckin’ 10 times. That never happens… let me repeat that: That. Never. Happens. Seriously, I fuckin’ love their stuff, and I know someone out there besides me does too. I’ll keep tryin’ ’til that someone emerges.


4. The track by Prophet & Architect may be a bit of a departure from the overall theme, but I think it fit well enough, and it’s my podcast, and you should listen to it and appreciate it like I do, bitch. I’m actually friends with one of the guys behind the project. I forget if he’s the Prophet or the Architect, but it’s pretty sweet stuff, and I think you’ll dig it.


All that said, let us commence with the starting of the beginning of the yojne!



01 Engelwood - Good Evening (from Boardwalk Bumps 3) [00:02:34]


02 Oatmello - Sunday Afternoon (from Imperfections) [00:04:34]


03 less.people - aural sex (from respect.her) [00:06:04]


04 chief. - sorry (from late nights) [00:09:17]


05 BKNAPP - Select Screen (from SNES BEATS) [00:10:33]


06 Kiks - No Worries (from No Worries) [00:12:07]


07 Sebastian Kamae, freshgoodies - No Worries (from No Worries) [00:16:08]


08 B-Side - When Streets Are Empty (from When Streets Are Empty) [00:18:31]


09 Shinichi Osawa, RHYME - One Us (from Opus ∞) [00:21:20]


10 j'san - Alone by Your Side (from Alone by Your Side) [00:25:11]


11 Seasons' End - Listen (feat. SmooVth) (from Moments in life) [00:26:32]


12 Ekoh - Peace (feat. Ember) (from Peace) [00:30:16]


13 Berry Weight - Hollow Earth B (from Unreleased) [00:33:05]


14 Prophet & Architect - Synthia (from We Are) [00:36:17]


15 Moose Dawa - Bravo (from Reflekt) [00:41:40]


16 Yung Lean - Silver Arrows (from Stranger) [00:44:18]


17 ticofaces, Loafy Building - Down Here (from Down Here) [00:47:18]


18 Inqiteka - La Dance Du Paradisier (from Inqiteka) [00:48:52]


19 Avocuddle, Weegie, Koosen - Safety (from Safety) [00:52:54]


20 Nuages - Closer (from Closer) [00:55:44]


21 Epidemic - Universall (from Somethin’ for Tha Listeners) [01:00:46]


22 Clément Matrat - Lonely (from Lonely) [01:07:49]


23 cucu, Shiloh - I Don't Trust Nobody (from I Don't Trust Nobody) [01:09:56]


24 moow - Bad Mood (from I Can’t Tell You How Much It Hurts) [01:11:04]


25 Nujabes - Spiral (from Spiritual State) [01:12:24]


26 Kydd Jones - Back to the Future (feat. Croupdawg, Muneshine & Elmnt) (from Back to the Future) [01:15:55]


27 Inqiteka - Gwezenn Ha Telenn (from Inqiteka) [01:20:05]


28 Kendall Miles, Somar - Light Year Love (from Light Year Love) [01:23:47]


29 Alex Hine - snow (from Winter) [01:25:40]


30 Cold - Existence (from Existence) [01:27:39]


31 Cuco - Winter's Ballad (from Songs4u) [01:29:53]


32 j'san - cozy winter (from Chillhop Essentials Winter 2017) [01:34:29]


33 WYS - Snowman (from 1 Am. Study Session) [01:36:54]


34 Funky DL - Thief in the Night (from Life After Dennison) [01:40:05]


35 mt. fujitive - Waffle Break (from Winter Weibs) [01:43:19]


36 Leames - Sous L'Ombre Du Chene (from Dreams Under Trees) [01:44:44]


37 Kam Robinson, DJ Grumble - Lay Low (from MOOD SWINGS) [01:53:14]


38 PRGMAT - Lucid Dream (from SENTIMENT LP: THE POSTSCRIPTUM) [01:55:51]


39 Weedthief, Maadrhino - Float Through Forever (from Float Through Forever) [01:59:04]


40 Ol' Burger Beats - Set It (from Out of Sight, Out of Mind) [02:01:02]


41 Yellow Days - The Tree I Climb (feat. Nick Walters) (from Is Everything Okay In Your World?) [02:03:12]


42 Sebastian Kamae - Cerveza (from Cerveza) [02:06:46]


43 Syndrome - Cocktails (from Idolz) [02:09:35]


44 Jeru The Damaja - Me Or The Papes (from Wrath Of The Math) [02:11:13]


45 Walker Higgins - Pulses (from Pulses) [02:15:38]


46 Inqiteka - Quirishari (from Inqiteka) [02:18:03]


47 Nujabes - Waiting For The Clouds (feat. Substantial) (from Spiritual State) [02:22:36]


48 Slacker - Plswaveback (from OP-1) [02:26:23]


49 Jerk, Truthcity - Persistence (from Pressing On) [02:29:07]


50 Stan Forebee - Cargo Rhodes (from Cargo Rhodes / Deliverance) [02:33:18]


51 Epidemic - Past the margin (feat. Tragic Allies) (from Monochrome Skies) [02:35:44]


52 furino - 6 (from from the i miss you department) [02:40:23]


53 less.people - faceless woman (from respect.her) [02:42:14]


54 Epektase, Pandrezz, j'san - Quiet Nights (from Quiet Nights) [02:45:24]


55 SoulChef - Next to Nothing (Instrumental) (from Next to Nothing (Instrumental)) [02:47:30]


56 Idealism - a moment of silence (from hiraeth ep) [02:49:20]


57 Tenno - Memories (from Memories) [02:51:30]


58 Sorryvera - Only the Stars Know (from Cosmic Dreams) [02:55:00]


59 j'san - i feel serene (from i feel serene) [02:56:42]


60 twuan - SERENADE (from SERENADE) [02:57:58]


61 Exile - Love Line (feat. Blu) (from Radio - AM/FM) [02:59:48]


62 Jazzinuf - Soul Mates (from Soul Mates) [03:02:55]


63 j'san - her eyes (from her) [03:04:29]


64 j'san, Pandrezz - sunny (from sunny) [03:06:37]


65 fluff - /i love you_/ (from /i love you_/) [03:08:53]


66 Tundra Beats - I Wish We Stayed in Touch (from I Wish We Stayed in Touch) [03:10:32]


67 H.1 - Nothing changes: everything is different (from Nothing changes: everything is different) [03:12:20]


68 Kupla - I will wait for you to come home (from I will wait for you to come home) [03:15:08]


69 Jordan Maxwell - Waiting (feat. Shiloh) (from Waiting (feat. Shiloh)) [03:17:14]


70 Jobii - Thank You Come Again (from Water Lily) [03:19:42]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-02-17 (Just Make Me Feel Something Edition)

• February 17th, 2020

Hi! Emoclew to the Just Make Me Feel Something Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex! Why? Well, I appreciate your listening, and I wanted to emoclew you. Truth be told, I want to emoclew you all night long, baby…


Anyway, hi! As my more ardent perverts may know, these ambiguously named editions are pretty much just whatever as far as genres. Genres far and fuckin’ wide across the spectrum in this. As far as the title goes, that’s basically my approach to music in general: just make me feel something. Revulsion counts, by the way. That’s why I’ve included the 645AR track called, “4 Da Trap,” because it’s the most hilariously, outlandishly ridiculous thing I’ve heard in quite a while, and it needs to be shared much like Vitas’ song, “The 7th Element.” If you haven’t heard that track, treat yourself to a listen sometime. I won’t spoil it. The dude’s actually a fantastic singer, even though that particular song is hilariously bizarre. I can’t say the same for the former, however. He’s still a new discovery, though. There might be some notable talent lurking somewhere.


So, to expand further on the title, and as I mentioned in a previous edition, I tend to approach music being as emotionally blank as possible. I more often let the music determine my mood than vice versa, because that enables me to be more open to new sounds, perspectives, etc. That’s one of the main reasons I’m always finding new artists and tracks, along with not wanting to tire out old favorites. To be fair… there are a lot of artists in this edition that I already knew and have played before, but it’s pretty much all entirely new tracks this week. Anyway, I also wanted to make this edition since Valentine’s Day just happened, and Valentine’s Day is about feelings ’n’ shit, sooo… yeah.


Another way I approach music is that when I hear a song that doesn’t particularly appeal to me, I see it as an issue with myself rather than with the music itself. I see it as a deficiency in my own understanding and/or emotional capacity. Sure, I have plenty of legitimate reasons for disliking certain things. However, there are a few genres, sub-genres, specific songs and such for which I have yet to find a taste, and it’s not necessarily the fault of those things themselves or the people who like them. I just crave something else or more than what those genres, sub-genres and/or specific songs tend to deliver. That’s why a lot of pop music (including pop country and mainstream rap) leaves me cold. I want more than that stuff typically gives me.


Not to say I’m so advanced or any such bullshit like that. I don’t condemn or condescend to anyone for their tastes in music; not anymore, at least. I’ve had to unlearn a lot of counterproductive and downright destructive psychosocial habits instilled in me over the years. I’ve even stopped ragging on Disturbed, because I saw a really rather socially-conscious video of theirs talking about mental illness, addiction and suicide. I realized that for whatever reason, some people really find comfort in their music. I can’t relate, but I’m not going to shit on anyone’s comfort unless it seeks to diminish or destroy others’ or my own. I’m sure there are plenty of myopic Disturbed fans out there who criticize others for their tastes, but I’m not going to sink to that level. Not anymore. Shit, even Chad Kroeger of Nickelback somehow managed to endear himself to Devin Townsend of Strapping Young Lad. Neither Disturbed nor Nickelback will likely ever be played seriously on this podcast, though. Who knows? Stranger things have happened, but I’m not holding my fuckin’ breath either.


I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s profoundly fascinating to examine the psychology behind music and people’s tastes, especially my own. As far as I’m concerned, I think we should all appreciate (and even listen to) a vastly diverse array of music that coincides with our capacity for emotion. Obviously, nobody is happy all the time. Nobody is mad all the time. That’s why it boggles my mind that some people envelop themselves in one or two genres for so long. The human experience is indeed an emotional one, so I think we owe it to ourselves to explore and understand it as much as possible. I think it enables us to communicate with each other on far deeper levels. So much as I can tell, all music is an emotional expression of some sort. Most likely, every musician who felt compelled to disturb the equilibrium of air pressure with their music did so due to some emotion or another. Even the most minimalistic compositions have emotion. I’d say one exception to the rule would be music produced entirely by an artificial intelligence for whom the concept of emotion is foreign.


Another thing I think needs to be addressed, as my roommate Josh aptly reminded me, is the aspect of artist versus entertainment. Having interned at a pop music studio in Hollywood back in 2011, I gained some insight into the process (not to mention the egos) in that industry, and there are definitely some who are only in it for the money. Even that’s an emotion, however. It’s a horrendously ugly one that causes untold suffering across the world, but greed is indeed an emotion. There are a number of pop artists who have tracks with lyrical content beyond the ever-so-staggering depths of partying, fucking, falling in or out of love, etc. You know what I’m talking about. You probably know and love a few of those artists and tracks yourself. Shit, I even put a Lady Gaga track near the beginning of last week’s edition, and I remember that I considered her pretty bland when I first delved into her stuff. Finding out that she actually writes her music herself as opposed to many other pop artists was definitely a plus, but the tonality and lyrical content still left me cold. I’ve tried to re-sensitize myself to things I once considered mediocre because of that aforementioned sense of personal understanding and/or emotional capacity deficiency, and the process has gotten easier over time, but I most definitely used to be far more close-minded than I am now.


I remember back in 199-fuckin’-4 when I was watching Woodstock on Pay-Per-View, and I scoffed at Nine Inch Nails because - dumb little kid that I was - I thought that keyboards had no place in heavy metal. I was primarily into mainstream metal like Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden and such, and I felt like anything that didn’t coincide with that sound was just worthless. Mind you, before I discovered metal, I was into stuff like Vanilla Ice, Michael Jackson, and even Jefferson Starship when I was in pre-school and kindergarten. I used to rock the fuck out to We Built This City on my way to pre-school, and I’ve never really lost my enthusiasm for that track, despite it being cheesy as fuck as it is. Fuck you, I like cheese, okay? Except on Chinese food. Chinese food seems to have very little cheese involved at all. I dunno.


So, having established that most pop music tends to be representative of a more superficial experience of emotion, the goal then becomes to go deeper. Go deeper into euphoria, rage, despair, etc. The problem with that is just that even far beyond pop, a lot of music just doesn’t go particularly far into those things. It’s emotional, sure, but the emotions are typically expressed in pretty mediocre ways. Yet, that’s not even a bad thing! There’s plenty of excellent music that doesn’t serve that purpose. There’s plenty of stuff that’s great for just shutting off your brain for a little while, and that stuff has merit just as much as the most objectively fulfilling compositions in existence. Because of that, I can’t logically condemn or condescend to anyone for liking pop, country, mainstream rap, salsa, etc. That, and I just don’t want to be a dick. The world’s got plenty of that shit to go the fuck around and off a goddamn cliff.


I say that elitism needs to fuck off forever. Your experience of music and emotion isn’t superior to anyone else’s; it’s just different. Country music fans aren’t blithering morons for liking what they like. It’d be awesome to see them dig deeper into music as a whole, but even if they never do, I’m no one to condemn or condescend to anyone, and neither are you. Shit, as someone who greatly enjoys Insane Clown Posse, I know how quick people are to judge others for their tastes. Unfortunately, a lot of that comes from the experiences with certain fans. There are shitty people everywhere, though. There are shitty fans of every genre that give others bad names, and I think that ought to be considered before rushing to any judgments. Right, like that’s going to happen. One fuckhead podcaster is going to change the world with his opinions, right? I know.


The biggest lament that I have is just that so many people seem to be completely content with whatever terrestrial radio stations spit out between blocks of commercials. There are entire oceans of amazing stuff out there just waiting to be explored, but many people seem content to just play in the puddles. That’s one of the reasons why I cherish communication so much. I want to communicate as effectively as possible in an effort to inspire people to live more fulfilling lives, full of discoveries that blow their fuckin’ minds, if only they could find it in themselves to be a little more curious. Even simply branching out in genres with which they’re downright nauseatingly familiar (in terms of the span of time, not the scope) can be so rewarding. I don’t know. I just know we can all do better. We can all be living more fulfilling lives, and sometimes the ways we can enhance our lives require damn near minimal effort of us. Frankly, I think it’s more taxing and generally difficult to avoid emotion than it is to feel and try to understand it. When we put in that effort, we can communicate more effectively, and communication is what makes or breaks humanity. It’s the purpose of language itself, and music too, for that matter.


Speaking of music, let me try to wrap this fuckin’ novel up already so we can proceed the yojnement. Couple things I want to mention:


1. The Cheap Trick song, “Mighty Wings,” is epic as fuck and it might melt your face off, so watch out.


2. AG’s song, “Terrible Thing,” is there because of the Sabrina show on Netflix. It plays during an awesome scene, and I won’t spoil it just in case that show happens to be unwatched in your list.


3. The John Dolmayan song, “Street Spirit,” is there because John’s the drummer for System of a Down! He’s coming out with a full length album sometime soon, but I’m pretty sure there’s only this one single for now. I hope you perverts already knew that, but I thought I’d clarify just in case.


4. Igorrr’s track, “Very Noise,” has an amazing music video. All their videos are amazing, frankly. I imagine most people might skip that group entirely, but I find them phenomenal. Maybe you will someday, too.


5. Prophets of Rage is a side-project that 3 out of 4 members of Rage Against The Machine put together with Chuck D of Public Enemy and B Real of Cyprus Hill on vocals, and they’re fucking awesome. I saw them in concert back in 2016, and what a fuckin’ show, man. If they ever come around again, definitely treat yourself to a ticket.


6. Lisa Miskovsky did the vocals for the theme to the video game Mirror’s Edge. That song’s called Still Alive, it’s one of my favorite video game songs of all time, and I just happened to stumble across this new collaboration of hers this week. So yeah, fuckin’ yojne that good and hard.


7. The Billie Eilish song is there because, well, I like it. I know that opinions fuckin’ abound about her, but I enjoyed the track when I heard it, so I included it. End of story.


8. Gymnopédie 1, even though I’m probably butchering the pronunciation, that’s there because it reminds me of a certain someone… Same goes for the Yestalgia song, “See You Tomorrow Sunshine.” So, ya know, hintity-fuckin’-hint-hint or whatever.


9. The songs, “Sway (Chainsmokers Remix),” and, “New York City (JayKode Remix),” are songs that I found through a pornographic rhythm game called Cock Hero. It truly is as thoroughly ridiculous as it sounds. Ask or Google it if you’re curious, because it’s really quite hilarious to behold. Kinda strange how the two I chose both had something to do with The Chainsmokers. Totally unintentional, and additionally, I’ve actually heard tracks that I’ve played on my podcasts in that series. Kind of amusing to have those songs reframed in such a context. Doing that sort of thing is excellent for weakening the impact of bad memories on certain songs, too. I know from experience.


Aaaaand with that, we now commence the holy ritual of yojneeeee…



01 Bandlez - Fun (from Rave Savers EP) [00:10:10]


02 Prophets Of Rage - Unfuck The World (from Prophets Of Rage) [00:13:19]


03 FEVER 333 - BURN IT (from BURN IT) [00:17:18]


04 Afu-Ra - Reign on Me (feat. Mann) (from Reign on Me) [00:21:05]


05 645AR - 4 Da Trap (from 4 Da Trap) [00:24:35]


06 Cheap Trick - Mighty Wings (from Top Gun OST) [00:26:10]


07 GRAVEDGR - MOVE (feat. Krischvn) (from MOVE) [00:29:56]


08 Oh! the Horror - Boomstick! (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie) (from Boomstick!) [00:32:55]


09 Anna Of The North - Sway (Chainsmokers Remix) (from Sway (Chainsmokers Remix)) [00:36:07]


10 FiNCH ASOZiAL - Rave Religion (feat. Little Big) (from Rave Religion (feat. Little Big)) [00:39:02]


11 Igorrr - Very Noise (from Very Noise) [00:42:00]


12 Trampa, MARAUDA - Ruckus (from Ruckus) [00:43:40]


13 SYN - Sans lendemain (from Sans lendemain) [00:46:04]


14 Anti-Flag - 20/20 Vision (from 20/20 Vision) [00:48:49]


15 Stonebank - The Government (from The Government) [00:51:15] (Yo, what the actual fuck? Track title and time code… That’s kinda bananas)


16 Teminite - Bring Me To Life (feat. The Arcturians) (Evanescence cover) (from Bring Me To Life) [00:55:15]


17 The Chainsmokers - New York City (JayKode Remix) (from [00:59:32]


18 Extra Terra, Retrology - Exodus (from Exodus) [01:04:26]


19 John Dolmayan - Street Spirit (feat. M. Shadows & Tom Morello) (from Street Spirit) [01:07:22]


20 Zack De La Rocha - digging for windows (from digging for windows) [01:10:52]


21 Onyx - Never Going Back (from Lost Treasures) [01:14:18]


22 AG - Terrible Thing (from Terrible Thing) [01:18:05]


23 Slushii - Candy Flip (from Candy Flip) [01:21:36]


24 Gareth Emery, NASH - Yesterday (feat. Linney) (Extended Mix) (from Yesterday) [01:24:42]


25 August Burns Red - Defender (from Defender) [01:29:29]


26 Delta Heavy - A.I. (Wheezly ReWired) (from Only in Dreams (Remixes)) [01:33:40]


27 Koko Taylor - Wang Dang Doodle (from The Alligator Records Years) [01:38:15]


28 Eptic - Propane (from Propane) [01:43:03]


29 Gang Starr, Redman, Method Man - Bad Name (Remix) (from Bad Name (Remix)) [01:46:18]


30 Incubus - Our Love (from Our Love) [01:49:53]


31 S3RL - You Are Mine (feat. Kayliana) (from You Are Mine) [01:52:58]


32 Marsheaux - Eyes Without a Face (from E-Bay Queen Is Dead) [01:56:08]


33 The Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes (from The Undisputed Truth) [02:00:50]


34 Mija - Digressions (with Gammer) (from Digressions (with Gammer)) [02:04:02]


35 Bear Grillz - Smile Without U (feat. Nevve) (from Smile Without U (feat. Nevve)) [02:07:56]


36 Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (from No Time To Die) [02:11:01]


37 Zeds Dead - Save My Grave (feat. DNMO & GG Magree) (from We Are Deadbeats (Vol. 4)) [02:14:54]


38 Logistics - Stay True (feat. Thomas Oliver) (from Stay True) [02:18:31]


39 Twiztid - 4get U (feat. Ekoh & Young Wicked) (from 4get U) [02:23:41]


40 Pelle Ekerstam - Det Som Hände Mig Var Du (feat. Lisa Miskovsky) (from Det Som Hände Mig Var Du) [02:28:14]


41 t+pazolite, P*Light - IZANA (from IZANA) [02:32:29]


42 The Rydas - Ima Be A Ryda (from The Rydas) [02:34:30]


43 Kompany, Wooli - Bussback (from Bussback) [02:41:53]


44 Polyrhythmics - Lord of the Fries (from Caldera) [02:45:53]


45 The Amity Affliction - Catatonia (from Catatonia) [02:52:01]


46 Special Darkness - Stock (from Occult Box (Deluxe Edition)) [02:55:32]


47 Vaski - Midnight Air (from Weightless, Vol. 2) [02:59:42]


48 Potatohead People - Returning the Flavour (feat. Trian Kayhatu) (from Do My Thing / Returning the Flavour) [03:03:10]


49 The Roots - Who Tells Your Story (feat. Common & Ingrid Michaelson) (from The Hamilton Mixtape) [03:06:08]


50 Metrik - The Arrival (feat. Jan Burton) (from The Departure) [03:10:19]


51 San Holo, Broods - Honest (from Honest) [03:14:47]


52 Taylor Torrence - If We Say Goodbye (feat. Natalie Major) (Extended Mix) (from If We Say Goodbye) [03:18:31]


53 Erik Satie, Thomas Lemmer - Gymnopédie 1 (from Gymnopédies) [03:24:49]


54 SYN - Seven (from Seven) [03:28:23]


55 Gost - Lights (from Fall The Stars EP) [03:31:34]


56 J2 - I Am Fire (feat. Eivør) (from I Am Fire (feat. Eivør)) [03:34:34]


57 Yestalgia - See You Tomorrow Sunshine (from See You Tomorrow Sunshine) [03:37:51]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-02-10 (My Favorite Ladies Edition Vol. 2)

• February 10th, 2020

What’s up, motherfuckerettes and motherfuckers?! Emo-fuckin’-clew to the second volume of the My Favorite Ladies Edition of (to the best of my knowledge) the only fuckin’ music podcast out there that keeps ya guessin’ from week to week, Monday Morning Aural Fuckin’ Sex! I felt like the second volume of this one would be appropriate considering Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while I’m obviously not skirting military orders to marry any of these particular ladies, I would still like to honor them in this ongoing, journalistic little podcast of mine. I think it’s pretty awesome anyone ever did that. Skirt military orders, I mean. Most people don’t give a fuck about podcasts at all, but it’s whatever. I’m just sayin’ it’s awesome that anyone ever felt so in love that they were willing to defy direct orders, probably deeply held vows, to marry the one they loved.


That’s assuming the story is historically accurate. Who even fuckin’ knows? Maybe it’s all bullshit and I’m misinformed. Still a pretty cool story though, bro. That love shit? I fucks wit it. Not so much these days, ‘cause it done been fuckin’ wit me a little too much over the past couple decades. Nah, I definitely appreciate and congratulate anyone in a monogamous, committed relationship. Mainly ‘cause I clearly have no idea how anyone does that anymore. The idea just seems like some phenomenally advanced scientific theory that will forever be out of my comprehension. I know relationships aren’t beds of roses either, fucking believe me.


I think it largely comes down to communication, the differences and/or the lack of, specifically. Seldom have I ever seen people willing to put in the effort to make sure they’re understood, to make sure they say what needs to be said. I imagine it’s too frightening to be that vulnerable for a lot of people. I don’t know. Maybe I’m overanalyzing monogamy itself. It seems like the longest, happiest relationships are the most simplistic. Not to say they’re boring, just more grounded, more pragmatic. I’m sure the answer lies somewhere in the grey, like so much else in life.


Any-fuckin’-way, I’m gonna stop rambling like a fish-banana now so we can get underway this yojne!



01 KnowSleep - ElectroDub (feat. Taylor Maiden Space) (from KnowSleep) [00:01:42]


02 Björk - Army of Me (feat. Skunk Anansie) (from Sucker Punch OST) [00:07:06]


03 Lady Gaga - Marry The Night (from Born This Way) [00:13:52]


04 Pigface - Mind Your Own Business (feat. Fallon Bowman) (from Easy Listening…) [00:18:16]


05 Lamb - What Sound (from What Sound) [00:21:31]


06 DJ Rap - Fuck With Your Head (from Learning Curve) [00:25:11]


07 Hanin Elias - Untouchable (from Future Noir) [00:31:41]


08 The Bastard Fairies - We’re All Going To Hell (from Memento Mori) [00:35:18]


09 MDFMK - Get Out Of My Head (from MDFMK) [00:38:06]


10 Ashley O - On A Roll (from On A Roll) [00:42:57]


11 Ella Fitzgerald - All Through The Night (from Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Cole Porter Songbook) [00:45:18]


12 worm is green - The Darkness (from glow) [00:48:32]


13 Alexys Forrest - The Tale of The Girl and The Monsters (from [00:53:42]


14 kors k - Horizon (feat. LIA) (from Ways For Liberation) [00:56:27]


15 Arch Enemy - Never Forgive, Never Forget (from War Eternal) [01:01:30]


16 Stubborn Ahole - Special (feat. Nae Joy Gizzy) (from [01:05:08]


17 Lolita Storm - Suzy (Straight Version) (from Sick Slits EP) [01:09:16]


18 Nightwish - Sacrament Of Wilderness (from Oceanborn) [01:11:11]


19 Veronica Tarlitz - Simple Pleasures (from Facebook) [01:15:18]


20 Snake River Conspiracy - Oh Well (from Sonic Jihad) [01:18:26]


21 kidneythieves - Pretty (from Trickster) [01:21:59]


22 Alexys Forrest - Love Song (The Cure cover) (from [01:27:13]


23 Genitorturers - Flesh Is The Law (from Flesh Is The Law) [01:30:34]


24 Molly Gruesome - Deadbeat (from [01:34:21]


25 Little Big - Hateful Love (from Funeral Rave) [01:37:56]


26 Stonebank - Ripped to Pieces (feat. EMEL) (from Ripped to Pieces) [01:41:15]


27 Night Vision - Runaway (from Runaway) [01:45:38]


28 Grimes - Realiti (from Art Angels) [01:49:17]


29 Rezz, 1788-L - H E X (from Certain Kind of Magic) [01:54:16]


30 Chrysta Bell - Polish Poem (from INLAND EMPIRE OST) [01:57:36]


31 OceanLab - Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten’s Remix) (from Clear Blue Water) [02:03:27]


32 Heilung - Fylgija Futhorck (from Lifa) [02:10:40]


33 The Agonist - Swan Lake, Op. 20 (from Lullabies Of The Dormant Mind) [02:23:18]


34 Atomica - Delorian (from Metropolitan) [02:26:08]


35 Stonebank, Darren Styles - Sky Is Falling (feat. EMEL) (from Sky Is Falling) [02:29:29]


36 Bond - Time (feat. Grant Black & Stuart Crichton) (from Remixed) [02:33:10]


37 Imogen Heap - Headlock (from Speak for Yourself) [02:37:29]


38 Veronica Tarlitz - Song For Mom (from Facebook) [02:40:58]


39 t.A.T.u. - Stars (from 200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane) [02:45:27]


40 Echostream - Just Kill Me (from Identity) [02:49:29]


41 NAVVI - Sol (from Omni) [02:54:11]


42 Sarah Brightman - Beautiful (from Harem) [02:57:33]


43 Furkan & Jelbrim - Where You Go (feat. LÏDYA & Alex Ammons) (from Where You Go) [03:02:05]


44 The Captains Intangible - Any Other Way (from George A. Romero’s Diary Of The Dead OST) [03:05:09]


45 Ferry Corsten - Piece Of You (feat. HALIENE) (from Blueprint) [03:09:15]


46 Billie Holiday - I’ll Be Seeing You (from The Complete Commodore Recordings - Disc 1: 1944) [03:13:39]


47 Excision - Die For You (feat. Akylla) (from Apex) [03:17:07]


48 Max Richter - This Bitter Earth / On The Nature Of Daylight (feat. Dinah Washington) (from Shutter Island OST) [03:21:01]


49 Akira Yamaoka - Waiting For You (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) (Live at Heaven’s Night) (from Silent Hill 4: The Room OST (Disc 1)) [03:27:10]


50 Akira Yamaoka - Acceptance (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) (from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories OST) [03:33:25]


51 Cœur de Pirate - Off to Sleep (from Child of Light OST) [03:37:19]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-02-03 (Don’t Funk With My Soul Edition)

• February 3rd, 2020

Good fuckin’ morning, perverted perverts of Pervertistan! Emo-fuckin’-clew to another installment of your and my favorite podcast, Monday Morning Aural Sex! This week is a brand new type of edition which I’ve oh-so-fucking-cleverly dubbed, “Don’t Funk With My Soul…” Can ya fuckin’ guess what kind of music we’ll be hearing? Hmm?! Can ya?!?!


That’s right, experimental, avant-garde, post-country-polka-step-wave-core from Zimbabwe! Funk and soul, definitely, but keep your fuckin’ peeled ears peeled for that whether it happens or not, because wow. That’d be fuckin’ amazing if anything ever existed that could be described thusly.


Anyway, I’m sure a number of these tracks could be considered, “typical white guy,” tracks, but fuck you. I wanted to throw in some classics for this inaugural new type of edition, so there they are. I’ve got lots of classic funk and soul mixed in with more modern stuff, and I’ve got quite a number of Beatles covers in here too. It’s actually kind of crazy how many funk and/or soul versions of Beatles songs I found.


In case you might be wondering why I’m making this type of edition, well first of all, that’s racist. Second, I actually listen to funk and soul all the fucking time. Literally, almost every rideshare passenger I get, I put on Ray Charles artist radio on Spotify. It’s actually been the most complimented stuff I’ve ever played during my rides, so I’ve stuck with it for at least a year now. Considering how often I’ve heard a few of these jams, you would think I’d be sick to death of them by now and wouldn’t ever want to do a podcast around these genres, but you’d obviously be fuckin’ wrong about that shit. Wouldn’t you?


It’s pretty astonishing how much staying power these artists have. I think part of it is simply because I don’t play the music loud during my rides, so it doesn’t stick in my head as prominently as it would otherwise. Also, I’m sure some of these tracks seem outside of the funk & soul genres and more like R&B, but it’s all related. It’s got a rich history, and any of you more ardent music history buff perverts might enjoy delving into it if you can spare a fuck or a shit.


Any-fuckin’-way, let us yojne before our nipples escape and form an alliance against us and make us their slaves to keep on display in intergalactic zoos for no pay. That’s not the American way! They wouldn’t let us eat hay, or lay by the bay, or make things out of clay, it just may…





01 James Brown, Fred Wesley, The J.B.'s - People Get Up And Drive Your Funky Soul - Remix (from Motherlode) [00:01:52]


02 Ray Charles - A Bit of Soul - Remaster (from The Genius!) [00:10:48]


03 Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove (from Raise!) [00:13:03]


04 KIRBY - We Don't Funk (from We Don’t Funk) [00:18:38]


05 Peeping Tom - Mojo (feat. Rahzel & Dan the Automator) (from Peeping Tom) [00:20:36]


06 Parliament - Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) (from Mothership Connection) [00:24:13]


07 Childish Gambino - This Is America (from This Is America) [00:29:54]


08 Sly & The Family Stone - Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey (from The Essential Sly & The Family Stone) [00:33:36]


09 Bill Withers - Let It Be (Beatles cover) (from Just As I Am) [00:39:33]


10 Ray Charles - Let the Good Times Roll (from The Genius Of Ray Charles) [00:42:02]


11 Curtis Mayfield - (Don't Worry) If There Is a Hell Below, We're All Going to Go (from Curtis (Expanded Edition)) [00:44:50]


12 Ray Charles - Mess Around (from Ray’s Blues) [00:52:33]


13 Al Green - I’m a Ram (from Gets Next to You) [00:55:10]


14 Berhana - Grey Luh (from Grey Luh) [00:58:49]


15 Labi Siffre - I Got The... - 2006 Remaster (from Remember My Song) [01:03:07]


16 Freddie Scott - (You) Got What I Need (from Celeste & Jesse Forever OST) [01:09:34]


17 The Time - Jungle Love (from Ice Cream Castle) [01:12:27]


18 Otis Redding - Love Man (from Love Man) [01:17:50]


19 James Brown - Get Up I Feel Like Being Like A Sex Machine - Pts. 1 & 2 (from 70’s Funk Classics) [01:20:03]


20 Lovage - Book of the Month (from Lovage: Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By) [01:25:16]


21 Sam Cooke - It's All Right (from The Man Who Invented Soul) [01:29:40]


22 Sly & The Family Stone - I Want To Take You Higher (from Stand!) [01:32:17]


23 Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up - Extended Version (from Curtis (Expanded Edition)) [01:37:35]


24 Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street (from Midnight Mover: The Bobby Womack Collection) [01:46:22]


25 Junior Parker - Taxman (Beatles cover) (from Funny How Time Slips Away) [01:50:06]


26 Stevie Wonder - Evil (from Music Of My Mind) [01:53:44]


27 Curtis Mayfield - Freddie's Dead (from Superfly) [01:57:14]


28 Otis Redding - Day Tripper (Beatles cover) (from Complete & Unbelievable: The Otis Redding Dictionary of Soul) [02:02:34]


29 Roy Ayers - Funk in the Hole (from Virgin Ubiquity II) [02:05:13]


30 Tank and The Bangas - Ants (from Ants) [02:10:45]


31 Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman (from Superfly: Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition) [02:15:42]


32 Wilson Pickett - Hey Jude (Beatles cover) (from Hey Jude) [02:20:37]


33 Little Richard - I Saw Her Standing There (Beatles cover) (from The Rill Thing) [02:24:37]


34 Ray Charles - Tell All the World About You (from What’d I Say) [02:28:00]


35 Al Green - I Want to Hold Your Hand (Beatles cover) (from Love Ritual) [02:29:58]


36 Sam Cooke - You Send Me (from The Man Who Invented Soul) [02:32:12]


37 James Brown - Something (Beatles cover) (from The Singles Vol. 8: 1972-1973) [02:34:52]


38 WATCH THE DUCK - There You Are (from There You Are) [02:38:20]


39 Luke James - all of your love (from all of your love) [02:42:03]


40 Nina Simone - Here Comes the Sun (Remastered) (Beatles cover) (from Here Comes The Sun) [02:45:39]


41 Bobby Hebb - Sunny (from Sunny) [02:49:07]


42 The Temptations - I Wish It Would Rain (from Motown: The Complete No. 1’s) [02:51:46]


43 Bill Withers - City of the Angels (from Naked & Warm) [02:54:28]

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