2021-05-10 (Flashback Edition: 2014-05-12 (Massively Monstrous Metal Mother’s Day Edition))

• May 10th, 2021

Mwahahaha!!!!!1!!!!11!!! Welcome, motherfuckers and motherfuckerettes, to the Massively Monstrous Metal Mother’s Day Edition of Monday Morning Aural Fuckin’ Sex! First of all, let me apologize once again that this edition is coming to you late. There were several pressing matters to which I had to attend, but goddammit, I still made it and got it out to you all. I sincerely hope some of you are still enjoying this podcast as much as you were when I first started putting it out, and as much as I still enjoy it. I’ve spent (and continue to spend) countless hours scouring my massive music collection for fucktacularity to share with you perverts. I know I’ve replayed a lot of tracks now, but that’ll happen when you put out a weekly podcast that’s usually over 2-3 hours long. Anyway, enough of all that shit. This podcast is 66 fuckin’ tracks of purest osmium and over 4 hours long, topping my previous all metal edition by 15 minutes or so. 66 tracks, and it’s being released on May 12th, 2014, which, if you take all the numbers of the date and add them together until you get a single digit number, you get a fuckin’ 6. I was hoping I could find another 6 in this equation somewhere, hehe.

Also, just as I said on my previous all metal edition, I’m sure some of you might be glancing over this track listing and saying something to the effect of, “Mehh, those bands suck. They’re not metal. I know metal ‘cause I’m like, king (or queen) shit of all things metal, and my opinion is superior to yours just because.” To which I would respond with a full strength slap across your bitch-ass face, because you’re a fucking nimrod. Grow up; people like different shit. Get over it. Anyway, countdown to yojne in 3…2…1… Yojne!

01 Limp Bizkit - Intro (from Three Dollar Bill, Y’All) [00:01:51]

02 Behemoth - Ov Fire and the Void (from Evangelion) [00:02:40]

03 Fear Factory - 0-0 {Where Evil Dwells} (from Obsolete) [00:07:05]

04 iwrestledabearonce - See You In Shell (from It’s All Happening) [00:11:56]

05 Otep - Eet the Children (from The Ascension) [00:15:12]

06 Bad Acid Trip - Beware of the Little People With Terrible Visions (from Lynch the Weirdo) [00:18:57]

07 A Black Rose Burial - Straight From the Mind of the Modern Day Vigilante (from An Awakening of Revenants) [00:19:09]

08 Pantera - Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills (from Far Beyond Driven) [00:22:12]

09 Ministry - Cuz U R Next (from The Wicked Lake OST) [00:24:57]

10 With Dead Hands Rising - That’s Why You Don’t Pick Up Dead Crows (from Horror Grows Near) [00:28:06]

11 White Zombie - Feed the Gods (from Airheads OST) [00:31:03]

12 Buckethead - Funbus (feat. Dirk Rogers & Keith Aazami) (from Enter the Chicken) [00:34:52]

13 Between the Buried and Me - All Bodies (from Alaska) [00:38:15]

14 Anal Cunt - Song Titles Are Fucking Stupid (from Everyone Should Be Killed) [00:44:25]

15 The Dillinger Escape Plan - When Good Dogs Do Bad Things (from Irony Is A Dead Scene feat. Mike Patton) [00:44:54]

16 Meshuggah - The Exquisite Machinery of Torture (from Chaosphere) [00:50:52]

17 Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man (from Brave New World) [00:54:44]

18 Ministry - Just One Fix (Video Edit) (from Just One Fix Single) [00:59:14]

19 Mushroomhead - 12 Hundred (from Savior Sorrow) [01:03:30]

20 Slipknot - Eyeless (from Slipknot) [01:06:49]

21 Lamb of God - Laid to Rest (from Ashes of the Wake) [01:10:44]

22 Ministry - No “W” (from Houses of the Molé) [01:14:31]

23 KoЯn - Clown (with a Twist) (from KoЯn) [01:17:54]

24 KoЯn - Twist (from Life Is Peachy) [01:18:31]

25 Kittie - Never Come Home (from I’ve Failed You) [01:23:17]

26 Cradle of Filth - From the Cradle to Enslave (from From the Cradle to Enslave EP) [01:26:25]

27 After the Burial - Berzerker (from Rareform) [01:32:58]

28 At the Gates - Blinded By Fear (from Slaughter of the Soul) [01:38:30]

29 Killswitch Engage - Break the Silence (from As Daylight Dies) [01:41:27]

30 Wolf Eyes - Stabbed in the Face (from Burned Mind) [01:45:52]

31 Meshuggah - Rational Gaze (from Nothing) [01:49:31]

32 DragonForce - Through the Fire and Flames (from Inhuman Rampage) [01:54:20]

33 Kittie - Sleepwalking (from In The Black) [02:01:41]

34 Melt-Banana - Cat in Red (from Fantômas/Melt-Banana Split) [02:04:48]

35 Walls of Jericho - A Trigger Full of Promises (from With Devils Amongst Us All) [02:06:44]

36 Machine Head - Davidian (from Burn My Eyes) [02:10:32]

37 BIGdumbFACE - Burgalveist (from Duke Lion Fights The Terror!!) [02:15:20]

38 Deftones - Teething (from The Crow: City of Angels OST) [02:18:06]

39 DevilDriver - Clouds Over California (from The Last Kind Words) [02:21:34]

40 In Flames - Leeches (from Come Clarity) [02:25:39]

41 Arch Enemy - We Will Rise (from Anthems of Rebellion) [02:28:32]

42 Chimaira - Severed (from Pass Out Of Existence) [02:32:34]

43 All That Remains - Some of the People, All of the Time (from For We Are Many) [02:35:48]

44 Metallica - One (from …And Justice For All) [02:39:06]

45 White Zombie - Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks & Cannibal Girls (from Beavis & Butthead Do America OST) [02:46:31]

46 All Shall Perish - The Ones We Left Behind (from Awaken The Dreamers) [02:50:21]

47 All Shall Perish - Awaken The Dreamers (from Awaken The Dreamers) [02:51:26]

48 Dimmu Borgir - IndoctriNation (from Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia) [02:55:59]

49 Kittie - Pussy Sugar (from Until The End) [03:01:56]

50 Mudvayne - Death Blooms (from L.D. 50) [03:06:05]

51 Slipknot - Only One (from Slipknot) [03:10:57]

52 Moonchild - Litany V (feat. John Zorn & Mike Patton) (from Six Litanies for Heliogabalus) [03:13:18]

53 American Head Charge - Seamless (from The War Of Art) [03:17:41]

54 All That Remains - Become The Catalyst (from The Fall Of Ideals) [03:22:09]

55 Mod Flanders Conspiracy - Just Because I Got My Arms And Legs Surgically Lengthened Doesn’t Make Me A Sell-Out Midget (from The Tragic Urn Spill) [03:25:11]

56 A Wilhelm Scream - Get Mad, You Son of a Bitch (from Career Suicide) [03:29:12]

57 As I Lay Dying - The Sound of Truth (from An Ocean Between Us) [03:33:05]

58 Kittie - Brackish (from Spit) [03:37:21]

59 Bad Acid Trip - Join The Circus (from Lynch The Weirdo) [03:40:15]

60 A Life Once Lost - Prepare Yourself for What is About to Come (from The Fourth Plague: Flies) [03:43:15]

61 Metallica - Dyer’s Eve (from …And Justice For All) [03:46:00]

62 Megadeth - Diadems (from Hidden Treasures) [03:51:12]

63 Agalloch - Limbs (from Ashes Against The Grain) [03:55:01]

64 Opeth - Patterns In The Ivy (from Blackwater Park) [04:04:51]

65 Opeth - Blackwater Park (from Blackwater Park) [04:06:36]

66 Tool - Lateralus (from Lateralus) [04:18:36]

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2021-05-03 (Don’t Funk With My Soul Edition Vol. 2)

• May 3rd, 2021

What the fuck is up, perverts?! Welcome to the 2nd volume of the Don’t Funk With My Soul Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! It’s been over a year since the 1st one, actually. No particular reason why except that I know not everyone can hang with funk & soul. I think y’all are missin’ out, and I’ll bet ya just haven’t had any experiences in your lives for which funk or soul are appropriate soundtracks. Goddamn shame, and I hope for your sake that you learn to love it someday the way I do.


Anyway, this is obviously a grand departure in overall tonality from last week’s Vantablack & Neon Edition. I suspect this one won’t be listened to nearly as much, but like I said, you’re missin’ out. Lots of fuckin’ wonderful classics and newer jams in here. Some of them are tracks from previous editions that deserve to be featured here, some are old favorites from ages ago that just haven’t been played on this podcast at all yet. Frankly, between this edition and the 1st one I made last year, I think they’re both excellent introductions to the genres if you’re somehow entirely unfamiliar. There are a couple things I want to mention before we get goin’:


1. The song by H.E.R. called, “I Can’t Breathe;” I’ve played that a number of times on this podcast since I found it last year. It’s a beautiful and important song, and it deserves repeated listens. Keep your ears open for it if this’ll be your first time listening to it. The recited poetry from the latter half of the track is just… wow. Speaking as someone whose chosen creative medium for over 20 years has been poetry, that one’s jarring. It’s deliberately uncomfortable for anyone still in the dark about there being two Americas; two very different experiences largely dependent on nothing else but the melanin content of your skin. Listen to it, listen to it, listen to it. That’s all.


2. The James Brown song called, “King Heroin.” Another one with rough subject matter, but important nonetheless. Even in years past, I would’ve thought or said I knew enough about the subject. Now, I know too much. Funk & soul aren’t always the danceable jams you’re used to hearing on the radio and shit. Lots of really real shit spoken about on these albums; all you gotta do is dig a little, pay a little attention, be a little curious.


3. A good number of these tracks were ones I found or rediscovered through a show called Snowfall. It’s an FX show, but it’s also available on Hulu. It’s about how the crack epidemic started, how the CIA was involved, etc. I don’t know how true to life it is, but how it’s depicted gives you some pretty good insight into how ugly the whole thing was and continues to be. It’s a fantastic show, and it deserves awards. I’m never one to call for anyone to win awards, but Snowfall deserves them in my opinion.


4. I’ve never closely examined the differences between disco & funk, but so far as I can tell, disco has more poppy vibes whereas funk is more jazzy. Jazzier? I dunno. I only bring it up ‘cause I know there are probably all sorts of disco compilations that have Kool & The Gang tracks on them. I imagine a number of funk/disco artists may have either walked the line between the two, or fully transitioned at some point insofar as any group realistically can, given the already moderately blurry boundaries between them.


5. On a similar note, I have little doubt in my mind that either R&B formed from soul, or vice versa. I think those two especially share a lot of similarities. So, you may hear some R&Bish tracks that are being designated as soul for the purposes of this podcast, but ya know, try not to get your asshole tied in too tight a knot over it. I know there are some more notable differences, especially when contrasting two entirely different eras of popular music. Like, obviously there are differences between Boyz II Men and Four Tops, but I also think the two crowds wouldn’t have much to fight each other about if they were together at a concert.


6. Future funk is a thing. The first thing that popped into my head seeing that phrase is, “Daft Punk,” and I may very well include some of their jams in future installments of this. These editions might veer a bit into house territory at some point, but try not to punch yourselves in the face too hard over it. It’s just music, silly perverts. All that matters is whether or not it moves you. Both negative and positive reactions are just as valid and fascinating, by the way. Even the stuff that doesn’t affect you much at all. There have been numerous occasions when I listened to something, and it didn’t hit me that hard until I went back to it and paid closer attention. The first Slipknot album was like that for me, and now it’s one of my all-time favorites. You just have to remain open to the possibility that you may have missed something, and with a little curiosity, a little focus, you can go back anytime and find it. That applies to all sorts of stuff, actually.


7. The Labrinth track called, “Still Don’t Know My Name.” I’ve played that one numerous times since I discovered it. That one’s prominently featured in the HBO series called Euphoria. Another one that’s rough in subject matter, but painfully beautiful in depiction. Highly recommend that one along with Snowfall.


8. Nah, nothin’ else to say except yojne, so yojne your yojnin’ socks off, muthayojners!


01 James Brown - Get Up Offa That Thing (from Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics: James Brown) [00:03:34]


02 Kool & The Gang - Get Down On It (from The Very Best Of Kool & The Gang (Reissue)) [00:07:41]


03 Isaac Hayes - Theme From "Shaft" (from Top 50 Funk Hits) [00:11:07]


04 Newcleus - Jam On It (from Jam On Revenge) [00:15:39]


05 The Isley Brothers - It's Your Thing (from It’s Our Thing) [00:22:02]


06 Ray Charles - Roll With My Baby (from Ray’s Blues) [00:24:44]


07 Lakeside - Fantastic Voyage (Extended) (from The Best of Lakeside) [00:27:18]


08 GRiZ, Ganja White Night - Ease Your Mind (from Ease Your Mind) [00:33:23]


09 Rick James - Mary Jane (from Come Get It! (Expanded Edition)) [00:38:04]


10 The Universals - New Generation (from Florida Funk) [00:42:59]


11 Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces (from Let’s Go Round Again: The Best of AWB) [00:45:22]


12 Parliament - P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) (from Mothership Connection) [00:49:19]


13 Cameo - Word Up (from Word Up) [00:57:00]


14 Lyn Collins - Think (About It) (from Think (About It)) [01:01:14]


15 Zapp - More Bounce to the Ounce (from Zapp) [01:04:32]


16 Ronnie Hudson - West Coast Poplock (from Magic Disc Records- West Coast Rap-thology) [01:09:41]


17 Kool & The Gang - Hollywood Swinging (from Wild And Peaceful) [01:15:06]


18 George Clinton - Atomic Dog (from Computer Games) [01:19:39]


19 Dazz Band - Let It Whip (from 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Best Of The Dazz Band) [01:24:17]


20 The Gap Band - Oops Up Side Your Head (12" Single Version) (from 12” 80s Classics) [01:28:55]


21 Maceo And The Macks - Soul Power 74 (Pt. 2) (from Us) [01:37:31]


22 Zapp - Dance Floor (from Zapp II) [01:41:35]


23 Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music (from Wild Cherry) [01:52:18]


24 Final Solution - Brotherman (from Brotherman: OST by The Final Solution) [01:57:11]


25 Ray Charles - Black Coffee (from The Atlantic Studio Albums In Mono (Remaster)) [02:01:43]


26 Earth, Wind & Fire - Fantasy (from All ’N All) [02:07:08]


27 O.T. Sykes - Stone Crush on You (from Stone Crush: Memphis Modern Soul 1977-1987) [02:11:44]


28 Kool & The Gang - Jungle Boogie (from Wild And Peaceful) [02:16:46]


29 The Hygrades - In the Jungle (Instrumental) (from Wake Up You! The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock, Vol. 1 (1972-1977)) [02:19:48]


30 Snoh Aalegra - Whoa (from - Ugh, those feels again) [02:22:53]


31 daste., DVNA - here with me (from here with me) [02:26:07]


32 Lou Ragland - Understand Each Other (Instrumental) (from I Travel Alone) [02:29:45]


33 Raleigh Ritchie, Elsa y Elmar - STFU (Duet Version) (from STFU (Duet Version)) [02:34:41]


34 Teddy Pendergrass - Love T.K.O. (from The Essential Teddy Pendergrass) [02:38:31]


35 Stretch - Why Did You Do It (Remastered) (from Elastique (Remastered)) [02:43:23]


36 Bill Withers - Use Me (from Still Bill) [02:46:52]


37 Johnny Burgos - ALL Outta Fucks (feat. Jonny Tobin) (from Gone Into The Grey) [02:50:32]


38 Fousheé - single af (from single af) [02:54:53]


39 War - Galaxy (from Galaxy) [02:57:55]


40 The Isley Brothers - Footsteps In the Dark - Pt. 1 & 2 (from It’s Your Thing: The Story Of The Isley Brothers) [03:05:56]


41 James Brown - King Heroin (from There It Is) [03:10:57]


42 H.E.R. - I Can't Breathe (from I Can’t Breathe) [03:14:51]


43 Labrinth - Still Don't Know My Name (from Euphoria (Original Score from the HBO Series)) [03:19:32]


44 Solomon Burke - None Of Us Are Free (from Don’t Give Up On Me) [03:22:03]

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2021-04-26 (Vantablack & Neon Edition Vol. 4)

• April 26th, 2021



am profoundly…




But a-fucking-las, the show must go on! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the 4th volume of the Vantablack & Neon Edition on Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! That said, yes, I am indeed profoundly exhausted. I’ve been running on 4ish hours of sleep for the past 16 because I’m a dumb, stupid idiot who’s dumb and stupid. Nah, I just didn’t prepare properly. That shit kinda comes and goes, ya know? My dedication to puttin’ out this podcast might feel like torture sometimes, but I still think it’s worth the effort. 


Any-fuckin’-way, enough of all that shit. “What the backwards goose fuck is Vantablack & Neon supposed to be?”, the uninitiated might ask. Simply, goth, industrial and synthwave music. Less simply, it’s all variations of those three general genres. I hear lots of stuff in common between it all, and you likely will too if ya just sit the fuck down and give it a chance! Gosh golly-gee willickers! What? I dunno. I’m tired, bitch; don’t judge me.


Let us discuss the tune-age, shall we?


1. If you think any of this stuff doesn’t fit the theme, well, feel free to tell me about it so long as you’re polite about it. If you’re incapable of civility, well, I’m sure there are many disease-ridden moose balls you can suck somewhere out there. I don’t have the disease-ridden moose ball tracker either, so you’re on your own there.


2. With all these duo-theme editions, I always try to alternate between A- and B-type stuff track by track, but sometimes I over-compile and there’s more of one than the other. I could just delete whatever throws it off balance, but that would mean depriving myself and all y’all of some delectable fucktacularity. Who the fuck do you think I am? You think I’d do that to you, dearest perverts? Hell-to-the-fuck-no. So, ya know what? Asymmetry can be tolerable, and ya may have to just tolerate it. Plenty of chaos like that in the universe. Either that, or you could turn off the podcast, and maybe catch up with the moose ball suckers from #1. Don’t let me stand in your way.


3. As I also frequently do, I did attempt to arrange the playlist in that magnetic poetry sort of fashion. Some of the tracks relate to each other in title, lyrics, tonality, or some other way, but some don’t have much or any relation to speak of. So, if you’re listening to the podcast and you feel a sort of flow, that’s me tweakin’ shit for an hour or so behind the fuckin’ scenes. See how good I am to you? No need to tickle my testes to express your gratitude, I just want y’all to yojne.


4. As far as the new/old status of the tracks, well, some are returning favorites from past V&N editions, some are classics that haven’t yet made an appearance on the V&N editions, but most are brand spankin’ new, even to me. We’re all in for some delicious treats this week.


5. As you may recall, I said last week I wasn’t sure if there were any notable distinctions between retrowave and synthwave. Well, I finally fuckin’ looked it up! Turns out, nah, they’re pretty much synonymous. Outrun is another name for both of those, but supposedly that tends to have more video-game-style synths and tends to be purely instrumental. Know what else I just learned about that’s supposedly been a thing for a number of years now? “Fashwave…” a portmanteau of fascist and wave, and is supposedly some white-supremacist, alt-right version of “vaporwave.” Let me tell ya, I already don’t understand vaporwave. Maybe I’m getting old, but holy shit, I just don’t get the point of it. Maybe I just haven’t heard anything in the genre that appeals to me yet. All I know is I delved into it for a few hours one night, and I actually felt compelled to dig myself back up and out of the rabbit hole rather than farther down in. 


So, “fashwave,” eh? You can eat my asswave. Don’t forgetwave to caresswave my nutswave, and handywave my pulsatingwave prickwave. You’ve chosen the political ideology of some of the biggest losers in human history, and one day, just like them, you will lose. It’s funny, your so-called replacement theory is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’d love so much to see you all disappear from existence forever so the rest of us can get some fuckin’ shit done around here, but I know there are much greater enemies who pull your strings. You’re a bunch of pitiful little puppets, and you might go your whole lives never realizing that. Truly pitiful.


Any-fuckin’-way, 6. Track 17 is by a group called Einstürzende Neubauten. Let’s say it together: Ein-shtur-zenda Noy-bowten. I’ll be happy to remind you of that if ever you forget. To be frank, I’m likely not even pronouncing it as well as a native German speaker, but since I’m not one, you’re stuck with me and mine until you find one your damn selves. Anyway, that group is fucking phenomenal. Do yourselves an enormous favor and look into them. Try to find some live footage and just admire the spectacle. If you’re similarly as inquisitive as I, you’ll probably love it. The first time they reeled me in, I was laying in my bed reading a book while a playlist of them and Skinny Puppy was playing. When Halber Mensch came on, fuck, I thought I’d died and was at the gates of hell. That song is haunting as 10 fucks in a canoe built for one. Highly, highly recommended.


7. Watch out for the fun-ass funkwave or whatever-the-fuck-wave that is the Revival track by Van Derand. New discovery of mine, and it’s danceable as fuck. I mean, most anything is danceable if ya try hard enough. That is if ya can stop bein’ such a damn neurotic ninny long enough to embrace the absurdity of life and all its impermanence, to let the music move that fuckin’ pile of flesh you’re piloting, to bask in the downright miraculous mystery of music itself and its myriad effects on the mind… You get the idea.


8. The Trevor Something track called The Ghost, wow. Minimalistic as fuck, but really quite satisfying nonetheless. I know I have a broad-ass palette, but give it a whirl. Y’all can skip it and run screaming back to your comfort zones if you’re uncomfortable with anything you don’t already know, but good lord, that seems like a boring-ass way to squander a life. 


9. Nope, no fuckin’ 9 here either. Never any nines! Nein nines!


10. Because fuck my entire fuckin’ life, bud. No, 10 is a shoutout to the lovely and talented proprietor of Penny Wigs, Ms. Amanda Tea, for showing me Kælan Mikla and Houses of Heaven. Yojne those tracks, and be sure to hit up Penny Wigs on Etsy for all your Vantablack and Neon style hair accessories, because eventually this pandemic will get under control, and there will be reasons to dress up again. Don’t want to be caught with your pants down when that happens, or maybe you do. That does sound like fun.


And with that, we now commence ze yojne…

01 Ministry - Just One Fix (V.E.) (from Just One Fix) [00:05:07]


02 Extra Terra - Neural Link (from Neural Link) [00:09:26]


03 Anti-Mechanism - Ready To Detonate (from The Ending Swallows Us Whole…) [00:12:44]


04 Olexandr Ignatov - Take Off (from Take Off) [00:17:01]


05 Nine Inch Nails - Into The Void (from The Fragile (Right)) [00:20:48]


06 Rogue VHS - Nighthawk (from Nighthawk) [00:25:36]


07 Damn Whøre - Vantablack (from Pure Salope) [00:29:26]


08 Xryo - Neon Dreams (from Neon Dreams) [00:32:53]


09 SWARM - Throw Me In The Fire (from Throw Me In The Fire) [00:36:19]


10 Van Derand - Revival (from Revival) [00:39:50]


11 KMFDM - D.I.Y. (from Adios) [00:44:36]


12 Signal Void - Stasis (from Stasis) [00:49:23]


13 Skinny Puppy - Love in Vein (from Last Rights) [00:53:44]


14 YOUTH 83, Tima - Unfold (from Unfold) [00:59:16]


15 3TEETH - Lights Out (feat. Ho99o9) (from Lights Out) [01:02:59]


16 The Midnight, Timecop1983 - River of Darkness (from Nocturnal) [01:07:09]


17 Einstürzende Neubauten - Seele Brennt (from Halber Mensch) [01:13:09]


18 Tonebox - Nocturn (from Nocturn) [01:17:03]


19 Nostalghia - God Be You (from God Be You) [01:22:38]


20 Toxxify - Ruined System (from Dark Future) [01:27:18]


21 Psyclon Nine - Flesh Harvest (from Crwn Thy Frnicatr) [01:30:41]


22 Carpenter Brut - Disco Zombi Italia (from TRILOGY) [01:34:58]


23 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - The Days Of Swine & Roses (from Confessions Of A Knife (Remastered)) [01:40:13]


24 Void Stare - Neuromancer's Call (from Neuromancer’s Call) [01:46:12]


25 Dulce Liquido - Pissed Off (from Shock Therapy) [01:51:05]


26 Deathpact - ID (CloZee Remix) (from ID (CloZee Remix)) [01:56:42]


27 Ministry - Supermanic Soul (from Dark Side of the Spoon) [02:00:15]


28 Moonrunner83, Megan McDuffee - Streets (from Streets (Deluxe Edition)) [02:03:28]


29 Panzer Ag - Battlefield (from This Is My Battlefield) [02:07:34]


30 Kælan Mikla - Næturblóm (from Nótt eftir nótt) [02:12:29]


31 SWARM, Sentinel Complex, Man Ov God - Make It Out Alive (from Make It Out Alive) [02:16:30]


32 Signal Void - Find You (feat. King Protea) (from Find You) [02:19:43]


33 KMFDM - Juke-Joint Jezebel (Metropolis) (from Juke-Joint Jezebel: The Giorgio Moroder Mixes) [02:23:34]


34 Ollie Wride, Sunglasses Kid - Stranger Love (from Stranger Love) [02:28:50]


35 Rammstein - Du Riechst So Gut (from Herzeleid) [02:34:34]


36 Fury Weekend - Automatic Love (feat. Essenger) (from Automatic Love (feat. Essenger)) [02:39:21]


37 Nostalghia - Cool For Chaos (from Cool For Chaos EP) [02:43:18]


38 Annie - In Heaven (from Dark Hearts) [02:47:50]


39 Houses of Heaven - In Soft Confusion (from Silent Places) [02:51:27]


40 Gunship - Art3mis & Parzival (feat. Stella Le Page) (from Dark All Day) [02:54:35]


41 :wumpscut: - Turns Off Pain (Recommended Version) (from Dried Blood of Gomorrha) [02:59:14]


42 Amphibious Assault - By Any Other Name (from Simulacrima) [03:05:10]


43 Genitorturers - Lecher Bitch (from Flesh Is The Law) [03:08:58]


44 Trevor Something - The Ghost (from The Ghost) [03:13:11]


45 Nine Inch Nails - Terrible Lie (from Pretty Hate Machine) [03:17:06]


46 World Complete - Synthétique (from Synthétique) [03:21:41]


47 Combichrist - Not My Enemy (from Not My Enemy) [03:26:21]


48 Shadowrunner, Primo - Sunrise (from Sunrise) [03:30:58]


49 kidneythieves - Zerøspace (from Zerøspace) [03:35:39]


50 VHS Dreams - Holon (The 4th Dimension) (from Lost World) [03:39:28]


51 Gabriel and the Apocalypse - pointTHREE (TIMELINES Remix) (from pointTHREE (TIMELINES Remix)) [03:46:58]


52 The Evening - Told Ya (from Told Ya) [03:50:02]


53 Молчат Дома - Судно (Борис Рыжий) (from Этажи) [03:53:31]


54 Saint Mars, Tryzdin - Ocean Blues (Droid Bishop Remix) (from Ocean Blues (Droid Bishop Remix)) [03:55:50]


55 KillMatriarch - Monotone (from Order through Chaos) [04:00:45]


56 Vogel - Night City (from Hologram) [04:03:50]


57 Hammershøi - Hammershøi assassiné (from Cathédrales) [04:09:26]


58 NyxTheShield - Vantablack (from Glitchtale: Do Or Die OST) [04:13:32]


59 D'Abyss - Drive or Die (from Drive or Die) [04:18:27]


60 LukHash, Meredith Bull - Dying Breath (from Dying Breath) [04:22:45]


61 Hocico - Our Death (from haTe neVer dieS (tHe celebratIon)) [04:27:03]


62 OSC - The Ride Home (from Girls on Bikes) [04:32:25]


63 Teargas & Plateglass - One Day Across the Valley (from Black Triage) [04:36:03]


64 Rogue VHS - Pale Blue (from Pale Blue) [04:41:38]


65 Mushroomhead - Embrace the Ending (from Savior Sorrow) [04:46:38]

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2021-04-19 (Send Newds Edition Vol. 4)

• April 19th, 2021

Fuck’s up the what, pervarios and pervuigis?! Emo-to-the-muthafuckin’-clew to the Send Newds Edition Vol. 4! Just like last week, this is just some new shit I’ve found within the past week or so. Got a lot of contributions this week, actually. I’ll be shouting those out specifically a little later. Also, about half of these tracks are leftover from the previous week. I thought about just making another 5 hr podcast, but it would’ve taken me significantly longer, and I did urgently need sleep for a doctor’s appointment I had later that day. I’m sure y’all grudge-holdin’-ass-muthafuckas can forgive me for that, right? Right.

Anyway, let’s discuss what we’ll be hearing this week:

1. Right from the start, the first track is a call back to a previous random new shit edition I did called the Spread Love Edition. Fantastic podcast right there, in case ya haven’t heard it yet. I’m biased, of course, but I also happen to be correct. “BuT hOw CaN aN oPiNiOn Be CoRrEcT?” Because even though our rights have been quietly disappearing into the midnight tar of our plutocratic corporatocracy over the past 40 years, there’s one right no one can take from you, and that’s the right to be wrong. Feel free to eat whichever dirtiest set of genitals you least prefer. Anyway, in doing this call back, I wondered if I ought to do another Spread Love Edition, and I dunno. I think it stands well enough on its own, and spreading love ought to be every day, not just occasionally. 

2. Shoutout to my roommate Josh for showing me Toxxify and D’Abyss this week. Some sexy-ass synthwave right there, you’ll see, or hear. Shoutout to my great buddy Al for the prog rock/metal phenomenons that are Animals As Leaders and Chon.  Shoutout to my other great friend Shy for the Giraffes? Giraffes! track around the halfway point, as well as the Save Us from the Archon track near the end. More astounding-ass prog tracks right there, and the Giraffes! track has an obnoxiously long and hilarious title. Check it out: I Am S/H(Im)E[R] As You Am S/H(Im)E[R] As You Are Me and We Am I and I Are All Our Together: Our Collective Consciousness' Psychogenic Fugue. How could you not want to immediately figure out what the fuck who was smoking on that jam?

3. This is more like a 2.5 than a 3, but whatever. If any of you listening out there ever wants to send me tracks, I’m always eagerly looking for cool shit, and my tastes are far broader than even this podcast encompasses. For example, I’ve never done an all classical or opera edition, much to y’alls delight, no doubt. I do really love both of those, though. I’ve been to numerous operas over the years, and I’ve enjoyed myself almost every time. So yeah, don’t be shy about showing me stuff. The worst I’d likely ever say is that it isn’t for me. Unless you’re trolling me by sending me some white power music or some shit, then you can go fuck yourself. Truly, you probably need a good fuckin’ if you’d waste your time like that.

4. Let’s get the genre list together, shall we? We’ve got yup, more liquid, soulful pop, retro/synthwave (still unsure whether there any notable distinctions between those, or if they’re basically synonymous), deathcore, synthwave but with dubstep-ish elements (perhaps synthstep? I don’t fuckin’ know), riddim (which for those out of the know is basically just hard, headbangin’ sort of dubstep), a jazzy glitchstep fusion (which, wow, what a combo), a punky jungle jam (which, again, wow), hip-hop, death metal, a little brostep kind of as a nostalgic nod to times of lesser knowledge of the genre, liquid synthwave (yup, I found more of it, and it’s fuckin’ sexy!), Pussy Riot (because I have no fuckin’ idea how you could classify those fantastic women), melodic dubstep, dark synthwave (which might as well just be called industrial, for fuck’s sake, but whatever), a couple tracks that are semi-witch-house-esque but with some chillstep elements (hopefully someone out there can classify them better than I just attempted to), prog rock/metal, progressive trance, a sort of lounge americana with The Real Tuesday Weld tracks, another surprisingly rockin’ track from Twiztid, fuckin’ cabaret pop (I honestly don’t even fuckin’ know, haha)… Do you see that preposterous-ass fucking run-on sentence there? That’s how much fucktacularity I crammed in this motherfucker. All I can feel is pity for ya if ya don’t partake.

5. Few words specifically here about certain tracks. The Carnifex track called Dead Bodies Everywhere is indeed a KoRn cover, and it’s pretty sweet. I feel like KoRn covers are pretty rare, I dunno. As far as KoRn themselves go, well, I liked them up to a point, and I kinda just gradually lost interest. Who knows? Maybe I can revitalize it if I give the later stuff more of a shot.

6. The track by Whales called Too Weird, wow. I felt those lyrics hard. I’ve felt like that, and been made to feel like that so often through my romantic history. That’s why I joke about being too much. Sometimes I think some people dated me for the novelty of someone like me, or for the idea, but didn’t know what to do with the reality of me after a while, so the affection just faded. I dunno, shit’s largely a mystery to me since closure’s always been quite an elusive luxury. Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did, do and will.

7. Surely by now at least one of you has caught me talkin’ about SWARM and him being the truth. Well, no SWARM tracks this week. However, the artist SIERRA was one of the recommendations from SWARM’s Spotify page, so expect some SWARM-y stuff there.

8. That aforementioned lounge americana group called The Real Tuesday Weld? Well, as far as I know, that’s not their only sound. I first found them through an animated video of theirs on YouTube for Bathtime in Clerkenwell. It’s an upbeat, 30’s-style-jazzy scat track. No, not a poop track. I mean scat like rhythmic gibberish. Anyway, yeah, that track was played over the credits of one of the early Weeds episodes. If you enjoy their tracks I’ve included this week, take a look at that video if possible. It’s a lot of fun.

9. Nine starts with the letter N. Know what else starts with the letter N? Nope! No nine!

10. …fuck you, Me. And also, yojne!

01 Makoto - Spread Love (feat. Pete Simpson) (Full Length Mix) (from Spread Love / Contact) [00:04:55]

02 Wilkinson - Take You Higher (Montell2099 Remix) (from Take You Higher (Montell2099 Remix)) [00:11:48]

03 AG - Trouble Don't (feat. Rey) (from Trouble Don’t) [00:15:54]

04 Toxxify - Dark Future (from Dark Future) [00:18:19]

05 Icreatedamonster - Snake In The Garden (Special Edition) [feat. Misstiq] (from Snake In The Garden (Special Edition) [feat. Misstiq]) [00:22:05]

06 Sublab - Hyper Focus (from Hyper Focus) [00:26:26]

07 Lamb of God - Hyperthermic / Accelerate (from Lamb of God (Deluxe Version)) [00:29:52]

08 Extra Terra - The Sentinel (from The Sentinel) [00:33:54]

09 Terravita, Bare - Aim To Kill (Awertnex Remix) (from Aim To Kill (Awertnex Remix)) [00:37:04]

10 Erra - Gungrave (from ERRA) [00:40:51]

11 SoDown, Bass Physics - Pull The Trigger (from Pull The Trigger) [00:44:44]

12 Point Break Candy, Raney Shockne - Hole In The Sun (feat. COS & Conway) [From Cyberpunk 2077] (from Hole In The Sun (feat. COS & Conway) [From Cyberpunk 2077]) [00:47:16]

13 Merkules - Homicide (feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) (from Homicide) [00:50:41]

14 Carnifex - Dead Bodies Everywhere (from Dead Bodies Everywhere) [00:54:49]

15 D'Abyss - Dead or Alive (from Dead or Alive) [00:59:18]

16 Doctor P - Get Money (from Get Money) [01:05:02]

17 Snavs - Less (Snavs VIP) (from Opal (Remixes)) [01:07:58]

18 CRT_HEAD - Overcharge (from Power Up) [01:11:07]

19 meganeko - Velocity (from Nascens) [01:14:20]

20 Siiickbrain - Power (feat. Pussy Riot) (from Power (feat. Pussy Riot)) [01:21:17]

21 Whales - Too Weird (feat. Kini Solana) (from Pelagios) [01:24:12]

22 SIERRA - Unbroken (from Gone) [01:27:15]

23 Ennja - Sleepless (from Sleepless) [01:30:19]

24 Animals As Leaders - Physical Education (from The Joy of Motion) [01:34:01]

25 Dr. Ozi, Chime, Trinergy - Motion (from Motion) [01:38:35]

26 Giraffes? Giraffes! - I Am S/H(Im)E[R] As You Am S/H(Im)E[R] As You Are Me and We Am I and I Are All Our Together: Our Collective Consciousness' Psychogenic Fugue (from More Skin With Milk-Mouth) [01:42:14]

27 Trifonic - Nightrun (Comaduster Remix) (from Nightrun (Comaduster Remix)) [01:51:42]

28 B-complex - Girl With Flower (from Girl With Flower) [01:56:39]

29 Champagne Drip, Eko Zu, Kraddy, KillWill - Like a Feather (Champagne Drip Remix) (from Like a Feather (Champagne Drip Remix)) [02:03:03]

30 Night Lovell - Bottom Top (from Bottom Top) [02:07:16]

31 Vbdx, 侍 Samurai - Black Bird (from Black Bird) [02:09:08]

32 Born Of Osiris - White Nile (from White Nile) [02:12:22]

33 Rob Scallon, Nick Pierce - MudHook (from MudHook) [02:16:07]

34 Hot Noizes, Historus - Texas (from Texas) [02:18:43]

35 Jacknife, The Bloody Beetroots - Jericho (from Jericho) [02:26:05]

36 Chon - Fall (from Grow) [02:29:08]

37 The Real Tuesday Weld - Blood Knuckled and Dusted (feat. Oriana Curls) (from Blood Knuckled and Dusted) [02:32:43]

38 Kung Fu Vampire, Bukshot - Don't Get Beat Up (K-Oddic Future Mix) (from Don't Get Beat Up (K-Oddic Future Mix)) [02:36:43]

39 Twiztid - Perfect Problem (from Perfect Problem) [02:39:57]

40 VCTMS - New Face // Same Loneliness (from New Face // Same Loneliness) [02:43:37]

41 Melanie Martinez - Carousel (from Cry Baby (Deluxe)) [02:47:24]

42 Jauz - Oceans & Galaxies (feat. HALIENE) (from Oceans & Galaxies) [02:51:10]

43 MitiS - Follow You (feat. Rico & Miella) (from Lost) [02:54:24]

44 Idun Nicoline - Lost Without You (Boxplot Remix) (from Lost Without You (Boxplot Remix)) [02:58:18]

45 DNMO, The Arcturians - Without You Near (from Without You Near) [03:02:43]

46 Jeremy Vancaulart - Hurt (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Millennial Remix) (from Hurt (Millenial Remix)) [03:06:08]

47 Save Us from the Archon - I. You Don't Recall Our House Near the Ocean (from Thereafter) [03:09:47]

48 The Real Tuesday Weld - (Still) Terminally Ambivalent Over You (from I, Lucifer) [03:15:28]

49 Scattle - Shooting Star (from XYCLE (Original Game Soundtrack)) [03:18:33]

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2021-04-12 (Send Newds Edition Vol. 3)

• April 12th, 2021

Up the fuck what’s, pervarinos and pervalitties?! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to another muthafuckin’ Monday and another Monday Morning Aural Sex! This week… we’ve got… yup, another Send Newds Edition! Vol. 3, to be specific. No idea if any of y’all enjoy these new shit compilations I make, but obviously, I fuckin’ yojne every molecule of fuck out of ‘em. They’re made by me, like, hello?! I figure if you trust my taste at all, you ought to give these editions a whirl. Like I say, you can always skip ahead this track or that track if they happen to twist your tender taste nips too hard, or perhaps tickle your mental genitals too ruminatively.

For those uninitiated, this is just a compilation of new tracks I’ve found over the past week. Not sure about y’all, but doing whatever I can to expand my horizons has been a greatly fulfilling purpose for my life. I don’t get too bogged down in notions of purpose, except that which you define for yourself, but learning new things is certainly a great one, in my opinion. This podcast is part of that effort, but as I’ve said in previous editions, it doesn’t matter whether you listen to any of these at all. It only matters that you lead fulfilling lives, and for your sakes, I hope you never lose the fire of curiosity that’s inside all of us. I hope you’re frequently learning new things as an integral part of living your most fulfilling lives.

Any-fuckin’-way, I’ma cut the hippie shit now so we can get on with this. Befo’ we do though, I gots some miscellaneous shit to say:

1. Shoutout to my roommate Josh who pointed out the Gnarkill track, and for being a good sport listening through a number of bad and mediocre tracks with me along the way to this finalized compilation. Also for telling me about Brendon Small. I’ve been a fan of Metalocalypse for years, but I only just last week listened to his solo stuff on Spotify. Guess I’m not as big a fan as I should be or should have been, ‘cause his solo stuff is fuckin’ mondo cool, and you’re about to find out for yourselves.

2. Serj Tankian has a new EP, and it’s pretty sweet! I’m making the assumption here that y’all know who he is. I’m not even gonna state it, so y’all can either listen through the rest of this confused, or you can fuckin’ Google him. Anyway, yeah, got two tracks from that this week, so keep your ears peeled, or something.

3. I’m not really sure how to classify Mr. Bill’s music, but it’s certainly interesting. Got two tracks from his recent release, “Slapnea,” on here this week. I’ve been enjoying just about everything I’ve heard from him (or her, because who the fuck knows?). It’s some sort of electronic music, but it’s honestly kinda genre-defying. Anyway, look out for those ‘cause you might yojne them as much as I do.

4. The GWAR song is… without Oderus. It makes me so sad knowing he’s gone, but there is something of a tribute to him in the lyrics, so at least there’s that. I’m not sure if that’s some incarnation of Beefcake the Mighty singing on there or whomever it is who replaced Oderus, but the song’s pretty cool even though it’s different. It’ll never be the same GWAR without Oderus, but whatever different thing it becomes could be pretty cool too. I’ll have to listen to more of it and see for myself.

5. Shoutout to any guitar music aficionados listening out there. That aforementioned Brendon Small track is there for ya along with the GoGo Penguin track, the Marcin (something I can’t pronounce) track which is indeed a cover of Led Zeppelin’s classic, “Kashmir,” and the one done by Enter The Animus & Berried Alive. Good lord, some sheer virtuosity crammed in those jams. 

6. There’s a good amount of trance, liquid, dubstep and j-core in this edition. I didn’t aim for that, but it came up on my Release Radar on Spotify, so there ya go. Lotta really beautiful melodies in all that stuff, so yojne if you can hang with beautiful melodies. 

7. While we’re on the subject of genres, let’s at least attempt to list what we’ve got in store for us this week, shall we? Let’s see, we’ve got liquid, metal, rock, deathcore, horrorcore, underground hip-hop, Armenian rock, melodic dubstep, the aforementioned inscrutable fuckin’ electronic music, acoustic rock, IDM with guitars, bedroom pop, trance, guitar virtuoso music, chillout trance, j-core, R&B, house, funk, modern classical, chipcore (if that’s even a thing), hardcore hip-hop, glitchstep or whatever-the-fuck, I mean goddamn… the genre party goes on and fuckin’ on.

8. SWARM? Yeah, SWARM’s the fuckin’ truth! I fuckin’ told y’all, and I’ll tell y’all a million fuckin’ times if I need to! Either that or until ya can’t fuckin’ stand me anymore and stab me in the throat, whichever comes first.

9. Rest in power to DMX… I think the song I’ve included this week might be the last song he ever recorded, but I imagine we may see some posthumously released stuff at some point; perhaps stuff leftover from previous albums’ sessions. I don’t know if anyone’s conflicted over DMX’s death since he supposedly did a lot of bad stuff in his life. I don’t know all the details, but I know he struggled a lot with drugs, and that’s a struggle I know. He made a lot of great music and inspired many of the artists I love today, so even though the person DMX may have been far from perfect, the music is still the soundtrack to lots of good memories for me. 

10. Nope! No more fuckin’ yammering! Let us now yojne!

01 DMX - X Moves (feat. Bootsy Collins, Steve Howe & Ian Paice) (from X Moves) [00:03:55]

02 REDALiCE - SHAKE! (from SHAKE!) [00:07:16]

03 Gnarkill - I Got Erection! (from GNARKILL) [00:09:45]

04 Pharoahe Monch, Buckwild, DJ Revolution - Get Down (from Get Down) [00:11:41]

05 Micah Scale - Get 'em Started (feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) (from Get ‘em Started) [00:15:19]

06 Deathpact - SONG SIX (from SPLIT // PERSONALITY) [00:20:34]

07 1788-L - Human Machine (from Parallel: S) [00:25:23]

08 MDK, meganeko - Supercharge (from Supercharge) [00:28:56]

09 Tones, Diabolic, Stoupe - Me > You (from Me > You) [00:33:28]

10 Maduk - Poison (feat. Gid Sedgwick) (from Poison / Bringing Me Down) [00:35:41]

11 Alla Xul Elu - Alternate Dimension (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie) (from Alternate Dimension) [00:40:05]

12 Brendon Small - My Name Is Murder (from Galaktikon II: Become the Storm) [00:44:04]

13 Blitz Union - Plastic (Zardonic Remix) (from Plastic (Zardonic Remix)) [00:47:19]

14 Kev Masih, Truth - Sunshine (from Sunshine) [00:51:22]

15 Gwar - Fuck This Place (Acoustic) (from Fuck This Place (Acoustic)) [00:54:34]

16 SWARM - Throw Me In The Fire (from Throw Me In The Fire) [00:57:22]

17 Dirt Monkey, TYNAN - Blaze (from Blaze) [01:00:52]

18 ILLtemper, King Gordy, Donnie Menace - The Devils Defects (from The Devils Defects) [01:05:06]

19 Enter The Animus, Berried Alive - Unbearable (from Unbearable) [01:09:07]

20 Ekoh - C.R.E.A.M. (Clout Rules Everything Around Me) (from C.R.E.A.M. (Clout Rules Everything Around Me)) [01:12:39]

21 Serj Tankian - Your Mom (from Elasticity) [01:16:11]

22 Lia Rose, Son Of Nun, Tom Morello - Must Be Undone (from Must Be Undone) [01:19:23]

23 August Burns Red - Icarus (from Icarus) [01:23:39]

24 Mr. Bill - Sopor (from Slapnea) [01:27:16]

25 Marcin Patrzałek - Kashmir (from Kashmir) [01:30:11]

26 Same Vibe, Tarro - Spaceship (from Spaceship) [01:32:54]

27 York, Grooveprofessor - Relax (from La Maison De L’Elephant) [01:40:43]

28 Balmorhea - Nos (from The Wind) [01:45:58]

29 Serj Tankian - Electric Yerevan (from Elasticity) [01:47:15]

30 Millenial Trash, Ace Aura - Noddin' 2 (from The Noddin’ Remixes No One Asked For) [01:50:58]

31 Lex the Hex Master - Thriller (from Thriller) [01:54:20]

32 Crossfaith - RedZone (from RedZone) [01:57:33]

33 iSorin - Alcyone (from Alcyone) [02:01:18]

34 Keeno - I Wonder (feat. Ellie Madison) (Whiney Remix) (from I Wonder (Whiney Remix)) [02:05:22]

35 Mr. Bill - Hypnogogia (from Slapnea) [02:09:29]

36 Tomahawk - Predators and Scavengers (from Tonic Immobility) [02:14:02]

37 GoGo Penguin - F Maj Pixie (Squarepusher Remix) (from F Maj Pixie (Squarepusher Remix)) [02:16:56]

38 Zeds Dead - i think you're cool (feat. Jenna Pemkowski) (from Catching Z’s) [02:23:14]

39 Somna - Secret (feat. HALIENE) (Chillout Mix) (from Secret) [02:26:44]

40 VCTMS - The Words 'Best Friend' Become Redefined (from The Words 'Best Friend' Become Redefined) [02:30:21]

41 Pixel Terror, ESPER, Isaiah Brown - Medusa (from Medusa) [02:33:44]

42 Andy Moor - Safe On Both Sides (Extended Mix) (from Safe On Both Sides) [02:37:48]

43 Raleigh Ritchie, Elsa y Elmar - STFU (Duet Version) (from STFU (Duet Version)) [02:45:21]

44 PsoGnar - Traitor (from Traitor) [02:49:10]

45 GXD - Sail (feat. Elle Vee) (ReOrder Extended Remix) (from Sail (ReOrder Remix)) [02:53:51]

46 MitiS - Without Me (feat. Danni Carra) (from Lost) [02:59:09]

47 Trivecta - Ghost in the Machine (from Ghost in the Machine) [03:03:31]

48 Serhat Durmus - My Feelings (feat. Georgia Ku) (from My Feelings) [03:07:50]

49 Jason Ross, Blanke - One More Day (feat. Chandler Leighton) (from One More Day (feat. Chandler Leighton)) [03:11:09]

50 Leah Rye, Emba, Telomic - Silver Lining (from Silver Lining) [03:15:35]

51 Craig Connelly - Keep Me Believing (feat. Megan McDuffee) (Extended Mix) (from Keep Me Believing) [03:20:25]

52 Dimension - Lord's Prayer (feat. Liam Bailey) (from Organ) [03:28:10]

53 dj-Jo - Last Theater (feat. Chris Logan) (Remix) (from Last Theater (Remix)) [03:33:21]

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2021-04-05 (Flashback Edition: 2012-03-19 (Sunny Rae Memorial Edition))

• April 5th, 2021

Reposting this old edition for two reasons: 

1. I don't even remember removing it, and of all the podcasts I've ever done, this is one of the most worthwhile.

2. To just let anyone curious know that it I am still working on the conversation recordings. It's been difficult lately to make the time due to myriad circumstances, not least of which being it being extremely emotionally draining. I promise that I will get it finished, but it's excruciating torment every step of the way. This was a love that very nearly drove me insane, like, to the point I was losing my grip on reality like grains of sand through shaking hands. 


Anyway, yeah, I will get that stuff done as soon as I'm able. I'm already a little over half-way through as it is. Also, in the intro of this edition, you'll hear & see me call it the "Emo Weepfest," Edition. I don't know why I did that instead of just calling it what I'm calling it now, what it always should've been called. My only guess is that it was some awkward & grotesque evasion due to so often feeling ashamed of my emotions; feeling unwelcome to speak about how something made me feel; feeling like such vulnerability from me would only be met with aggressive defensiveness, or just ignored altogether. Sometimes it was abusive significant others, other times it was my societal environment and the toxic masculinity bullshit. Doesn't excuse it; it's just an attempt at some sort of explanation.


Anyway, this is the first memorial edition I made for her. I made a second one a year later that's around 2 hours longer. Frankly though, there are tracks included on almost every single podcast I've ever made (to this day) that remind me of her in some way. While that might seem maudlin, unhealthy, etc. just know that we used to speak extensively about music, what we like, what we seek, what fulfills us. Music was a love language for us. To this day, I frequently find all sorts of new tracks that I know she would enjoy, and one of the best ways I know of to honor someone's memory is to enjoy such things twofold in the wake of their absence. She remains a driving force in me to pursue my passions, and a seemingly infinite source of inspiration. There are so many lessons we can all learn from our individual experiences of Sunny, but only if we're receptive and/or perceptive enough to learn them. Easier said than done, I know, but it's still true. Honoring her memory seems to be a continuous, lifelong process for those of us who loved her. 


Anyway, I've yammered on long enough. Yojne this edition as much as reasonably possible.


Good morning perverts!  Welcome to another Monday Morning Aural Sex.  First off, I need to warn you that this is a memorial podcast that I'm appropriately titling the Emo Weepfest Edition, because it's filled with a lot of preeeetty depressing music.  And I won't be talking much beyond this intro.  Frankly, I wouldn't blame you if you passed on this one and waited until next week when the music will be happier overall.  But, you know, this music is out there whether we choose to listen to it or not.  Music like this, it really opens us up if we let it.  But yeah, I felt the need to give you that fair warning.

Anyway, I imagine everyone listening has at least a few songs they revisit when they're down.  Well, yesterday marks one year since a dear friend, a woman I was honored with the chance to love, shot herself.  All these songs have something to do with her directly, figuratively or were just songs that made me think of her.  I'm sure you'll recognize a few of them.  Some of them might be really difficult to listen to, but that's why I've named this one the Emo Weepfest, ya know?  This one's gonna be rough, but sometimes it's healthy to get those emotions out; to keep them from festering, and sometimes you come out of it feeling really refreshed.

I hope whatever's feasibly best can come from this does.  I hope you enjoy it, my darling music perverts.  I love you all very much.


01 00111111 - 06-22-08 (from An Extraordinary Love)

02 00111111 - Black Hole Sun (Onyx Star Arrangement w/ Guitar) (from An Extraordinary Love)

03 Emilie Autumn - Thank God I'm Pretty (from Opheliac)

04 Kidney Thieves - Pretty (from Trickster)

05 Poloroid - So Damn Beautiful (from Nip/Tuck OST)

06 Sunny Day Real Estate - Seven (from Diary)

07 The Postal Service - This Place Is A Prison (from Give Up)

08 Kidney Thieves - Creature (from Trickster)

09 VNV Nation - Illusion (from Judgement)

10 Nujabes - Reflection Eternal (from Modal Soul)

11 KnowSleep - Forgiveness (Interlude) (from Sunny's CD Mix (Disc 1))

12 Mazzy Star - Fade Into You (from So Tonight That I Might See)

13 Bim - The Magic Of Us (from Bim)

14 Massive Attack - Teardrop (Like An Onyx Star Edit) (from An Extraordinary Love)

15 Mr. Sam feat. Rami - Surrender (John Palmer's The Sweetest Thing Remix) (from Angels Chill Trance Essentials Vol. 1 (Disc 1))

16 BT - Good Morning Kaia (from This Binary Universe)

17 Barenaked Ladies - Hidden Sun (from Monitor This! December 2000/January 2001)

18 Slipknot - Snuff (from All Hope Is Gone)

19 Twiztid - All The Rest (from Heartbroken And Homicidal)

20 Kittie - This Too Shall Pass (from Funeral For Yesterday)

21 Free Dominguez - Silver Line (from .Unearth.)

22 cKy - Close Yet Far (from Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild)

23 Atmosphere - Guarantees (from Sunny's CD Mix (Disc 2))

24 Sage Francis - Keep Moving (from Human The Death Dance)

25 Henry Rollins - Accident (from Nights Behind The Tree Line)

26 Free Dominguez - That Day (from .Unearth.)

27 Johnette Napolitano - Suicide Note (from Underworld OST)

28 The Captains Intangible - Any Other Way (from Diary of the Dead OST)

29 Brand New - You Won't Know (from The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me)

30 Marilyn Manson - Coma Black: a) Eden Eye, b) The Apple of Dischord (from Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death))

31 Marilyn Manson - Count To Six And Die (The Vacuum of Infinite Space Encompassing) (from Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death))

32 Dinah Washington - This Bitter Earth (from Shutter Island OST (Disc 2))

33 The Red Paintings - Mad World (from Walls)

34 Berry Weight - Sky Below (feat. Astrid Engberg) (from Music For Imaginary Movies)

35 00111111 - You Still Own The Air (from An Extraordinary Love)

36 BT - See You On The Other Side (from This Binary Universe)

37 Tool - Forty-Six & 2 (from Ænima)

38 Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (from Wish You Were Here)

39 Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry (from Sunny's CD Mix (Disc 1))

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2021-03-29 (Psychopathic/MNE Family Edition Vol. 5 (Pt. 2))

• March 29th, 2021

Well hello, muthafackos! So, as you can see, I was forced to split this up into two parts. Check it out though, it wasn’t even Podbean that forced me to do it. The audio software (aka digital audio workstation or DAW) wouldn’t even make an mp3 that was 7+ hours long. So hey, guess I’ll just go fuck myself, right? Anyway, this one picks up right where the last one left off with the exception of this lil’ intro right here. Trust me, it’s way easier to do shit this way than for me to go back, record this explanation and change the intro, thus altering all the goddamn timestamps and shit. Anyway, let the yojne resume!

56 Twiztid - Bad Side (from Abominationz (Monoxide)) [00:00:29]

57 Molly Gruesome - Nothin' But Bad (from reverbnation.com/mollygruesome) [00:04:28]

58 Immortal Technique - The Martyr (from The Martyr) [00:06:45]

59 Corporate Avenger - When I Get To Heaven (from Born Again) [00:11:13]

60 Alla Xul Elu - Praise No Name (from Sci Co, Vol. 1) [00:13:07]

61 Madd Maxxx - Decline of Mankind (from Sick Hop) [00:15:24]

62 Insane Clown Posse - Great Milenko (from The Great Milenko) [00:20:00]

63 Die Antwoord - Shit Just Got Real (feat. Sen Dog) (from Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid) [00:21:56]

64 Dayton Family - When The Feds Come Runnin’ In (from Charges Of Indictment) [00:25:44]

65 Psychopathic Rydas - Somebody’s Gettin’ Shot (from Duk Da Fuk Down) [00:29:05]

66 Esham - Boom! (feat. Violent J) (from Repentance) [00:33:17]

67 Alla Xul Elu - L.I.F.E. (from Mauxuleum) [00:36:43]

68 Insane Clown Posse - Mr Happy (from Bizzar) [00:39:38]

69 Twiztid - The World (from Mirror, Mirror) [00:44:22]

70 Boondox - The Sober Truth (from Abaddon) [00:47:53]

71 Corporate Avenger - Web Of Lies (from Freedom Is A State Of Mind) [00:51:41]

72 Immortal Technique - Industrial Revolution (from Revolutionary Vol. 2) [00:55:57]

73 Insane Clown Posse - Tilt-A-Whirl (from Bizaar) [00:59:35]

74 Die Antwoord - Ugly Boy (from Donker Mag) [01:03:32]

75 Alla Xul Elu - Belial (feat. Insane Poetry) (from The Almighty) [01:07:05]

76 Boondoxxx - Torn Possession (from Psychopathics From Outer Space 3) [01:11:08]

77 Twiztid - livin' @ the bottom (from livin’ @ the bottom) [01:14:48]

78 Immortal Technique - Obnoxious (from Revolutionary Vol. 2) [01:18:19]

79 Insane Clown Posse - Jake Jeckel (from The Amazing Jeckel Brothers) [01:23:07]

80 Insane Clown Posse - Jack Jeckel (from The Amazing Jeckel Brothers) [01:24:19]

81 Twiztid - Come Alive (feat. Kid Bookie & Young Wicked) (from Revelashen) [01:25:45]

82 (hed)p.e. - Crazy Legs (from Broke) [01:30:35]

83 Esham - Panic Attack (feat. Violent J) (from Tongues) [01:34:38]

84 Twiztid - Spin the Bottle (feat. Insane Clown Posse) (from Mostasteless (Island Ver.)) [01:37:27]

85 Razakel - Cock Block (feat. Ruby, Molly Gruesome & Lil V) (from Muerta REUP Another Dose of Death) [01:41:41]

86 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Body Rott (from The Art of War (Disc 1)) [01:47:55]

87 Insane Clown Posse - Juggalo Paradise (from Bizzar) [01:52:56]

88 Twiztid - Afraid Of Me (from Green Book) [01:56:36]

89 Anybody Killa - Hated Me (from Hatchet Warrior) [02:00:44]

90 Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Ghost (feat. Kung Fu Vampire) (from The Casket Factory) [02:06:08]

91 Twiztid - Different (from Freek Show) [02:09:58]

92 Dark Lotus - The Walls (from Black Rain) [02:13:31]

93 Insane Clown Posse - You Should Know (from The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost)) [02:18:02]

94 Twiztid - 4get U (feat. Ekoh & Young Wicked) (from 4get U) [02:22:30]

95 Oh! the Horror - Tears of Gold (from Tears of Gold) [02:27:02]

96 Insane Clown Posse - The Wraith (from The Wraith: Shangri-La) [02:29:57]

97 Twiztid - LDLHA-IBCSYWA (from Abominationz (Monoxide)) [02:33:30]

98 Corporate Avenger - Heaven’s Joke (from Freedom Is A State Of Mind) [02:38:06]

99 Anybody Killa - Last Chance (from Medicine Bag) [02:44:47]

100 Tech N9ne - I Caught Crazy! (4Ever) (from N9NA) [02:49:09]

101 Insane Clown Posse - Down With The Clown (from The Great Milenko) [02:52:00]

102 The Rydas - Ima Be A Ryda (from The Rydas) [02:55:52]

103 Boondox - Death of a Hater (feat. Jamie Madrox) (from Krimson Creek) [03:03:15]

104 Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Hatchet Execution (feat. The Psychopathic Family) (from 1 Less G N Da Hood) [03:08:53]

105 Shaggy 2 Dope, DJ Clay - I Live My Life on Stage (from Book of the Wicked, Chapter One) [03:14:09]

106 Insane Clown Posse - Juggalo Homies (feat. Twiztid) (from The Wraith: Shangri-La) [03:18:05]

107 Dark Lotus - Juggalo Family (from Tales From The Lotus Pod (Original)) [03:22:38]

108 Insane Clown Posse - Juggalo Chant (from The Wraith Sampler) [03:28:40]

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2021-03-29 (Psychopathic/MNE Family Edition Vol. 5 (Pt. 1))

• March 29th, 2021

Warning: the following podcast is not meant for people who take life way too seriously, people with myopic senses of humor (or no sense of it at all), or people who can't appreciate rap/hip-hop because Lil' Wayne ruined it or some shit, understandable though that particular case may be.  If you are easily offended by reality, fantasy and all the potential horrors therein, well, we can scarcely imagine how you found this podcast at all, but you should probably be listening to something nice and safe on terrestrial radio instead.  Go back now before it’s too late. If any of the aforementioned things apply to you, turn this podcast off right now, and go back to your quiet, comfortable little bubble.  We here at Monday Morning Aural Sex headquarters sincerely hope you're living profoundly fulfilling lives of pointless discrimination and one-dimensional personality development and/or inertia.  We also hope you'll go aggressively fuck yourselves with a severed moose's AIDS dick.  Yojne!

Juggalos, juggalettes, genderly-ambiguous ninjas, masked psychos, killer fuckin’ clowns, deranged goddamn homicidal maniacs, perverts one and all, emo-motherfuckin’-clew to the 5th volume of the Psychopathic/MNE Family Edition of the only podcast on the internet that asks entirely too much of its extremely limited audience’s time week after week after mother.fuckin’.week, Monday Morning Aural Fuckin’ Sex! That’s right, goddammit! After 6 ½ fuckin’ years, we’ve finally got a 5th volume of this shit! That’s right, a fully-fledged 5th volume, not a new one just because Psychopathic and MNE are separate entities now (more on that later). 

Why did it take me so long to make another one of these? Weeellll, ya see… I know most of y’all can’t fuckin’ hang with this shit. I stopped making ‘em for the longest fuckin’ time because it felt like nobody gave a fuck. Know what I realized after untangling that stupid fuckin’ knot in my head? How the fuck is that any different from all the other times I’ve done things that are important to me and pretty much no one else?! All the awesome stuff that I’ve endeavored to share with the world over the years, and so few have ever given a fuck, a shit, pretty much any feedback at all. 

That shit used to drag me down hard, ‘cause it felt like I was failing at my mission. Know what, though? It’s like that old saying, “To the world, you may only be one person, but to one person, you may be the world.” I say fuck the whole world if they can’t hang. I would and have happily broadcast to audiences of 1 before, and if that’s the case, so be fuckin’ it. That’s why I revived this goddamn podcast in the first place back in 2019! *sigh* Depression can be a fuckin’ bitch, perverts. That’s all I can say. I did elaborate on that subject at the end of that first revival edition back on April Fool’s day of 2019, so you’re welcome to go listen if you so desire.

Anyway, since the last volume of this, I actually got my good friend Al into Psychopathic and MNE music. I even got the two of us VIP tickets for Twiztid and ICP back in late 2019, and maybe if you’re good boys and girls, I’ll share the pictures sometime between today and the end of days. Fuck you, okay? Sometimes I enjoy just experiencing shit w/o posting it. Actually, I was going to write something to accompany those pictures; something to the effect of what being a juggalo has meant to me after so long. Truth of the matter is I’ve been saying the shit in a variety of ways over the years to anyone willing to listen, but lemme see if I can’t sum it up for y’all right here.

Know what it means to me? Well, it’s in the name of this edition: family. I’m not some delusional fucknut who thinks anyone who listens to Psychopathic/MNE is automatically welcome to move in or some shit. The point is that the family mindstate, treating each other with compassion and love especially when many of us so often go without in our daily lives, that’s what it’s about. No matter where you go in the world, if you and whomever else both enjoy this music, you have something in common immediately. Something that only a small portion of the human population even knows about, let alone actually enjoys. Off to a decent start, right? Of course they might be an irredeemable fuckhead, but you deal with that shit however you need to once it comes to light. No family’s perfect, there are plenty of miserable sacks of shit in the juggalo world, but there are WAY more on the exterior, and lots of ‘em hate on juggalos for all sorts of reasons. 

Mostly, I hear & see comments about ugliness, stupidity, and wow, with hot takes like those, it’s a wonder they don’t all have their own YouTube shows. Sad bastards all about the hate-fests, just guzzlin’ that fuckin’ Haterade. Other comments are about shit like arrogance and various other socially unacceptable behavior. Thing is that none of that dumb trash applies to juggalos as a whole. Again, there are plenty of dipshits out there who deserve entirely valid and constructive criticism (or destructive if there’s truly no hope for them). That includes the number of dipshit juggalos who’ve completely perverted or misinterpreted what it means to be a juggalo. Some are simply lashing out for whatever reason, some are just like that everyday. Most everyone deserves a shot to improve and right wrongs of the past. Anyway, I think I made my point. That family mindstate is why I still proudly call myself a juggalo.

If that’s not enough, think of this: the Psychopathic Hatchet Man symbol was first drawn on a goddamn napkin. That’s where it all began. 20 years of Gatherings (and I’ve been to 7 of them), decades of touring the world, millions of albums sold, this whole underground empire was built with shit being shoveled on them for years and years, and there are still people who hate on it all despite not having done jack shit with their own lives. Shit, I’m pretty sure people who spew negative shit like that are probably just frustrated with not having done more or enough themselves. Even sadder knowing they’d be welcomed by juggalos if they could only extract their craniums from their anuses for a minute, but haters gonna hate. Anyway, yeah, even if you can’t hang with the music or the family mindstate, you gotta respect the work ethic of these two goofy misfits who built a whole subculture from the ground up, brick by fuckin’ brick. There are tens of thousands of people who have that napkin drawing inked on their bodies for life. 

The juggalo world, the family, the music, it’s all been there for me at all of the lowest points of my life. You know how wonderful it feels just to chuckle at a dumb joke in a goofy song after being mired in the tar pits of depression? There’ve been times when I thought there’s no end to the darkness, that I should just stop kidding myself and put a fuckin’ period at the end of the pitiful joke life can feel like sometimes. So, to have even some small sliver of light, some brief chuckle that reminds me to embrace the absurdity of life rather than drive myself insane trying to assign purpose to and/or define the chaos, that shit’s like fuckin’ manna. That little bit of laughter helps re-align perspective, it helps the mental knots untie themselves, it helps to remember that there are people out there like me with similar struggles with their own darkness. You want to shit on that? Have at it, Hoss. We’ll be over here just tryin’ to enjoy our lives while you try to make others as miserable as your own. Hope that shit works out for ya.

I know, 4 paragraphs is way more of a summary than even I was expecting. I could go on even further, but I’ll fuckin’ spare ya. This fuckin’ intro is long enough as it is. Let’s discuss what the fuck we have in store for us this week, shall we?

1. This podcast is officially the longest I’ve ever made, clocking in at just under 7 and a half motherfuckin’ hours worth of purest fucktacularity. To be perfectly honest, I’m not even sure Podbean will accept it or if I’ll need to trim it down. I could just as easily put half of this edition aside to make another one in the future, but frankly, I’m curious enough to try just for that reason. This is yet another example of me being too much, of course. I just kept finding shit I wanted to add, and with so much of this music that’s so near and dear to me, it was both easy and fun as fuck to compile it all. Only took me a couple hours, actually. Plus, there are even more artists who fit this edition’s criteria now than there were in the past, so yeah, that’s why this shit is so fuckin’ long. Sorry, not sorry.

2. The tracks consist of artists obviously from both Psychopathic and MNE labels, but less obviously, artists who’ve either toured with ICP and/or Twiztid, performed at the Gathering, or who fuckin’ should if we can ever get through this bottomless cunt of a pandemic. These are all over the timeline, so you’ll hear classics and newer cuts alike. A good number of them have been played on my random new shit podcasts, but an edition like this gives them the chance they deserve to shine. Some were lifted from previous Psychopathic Family editions because well, it just wouldn’t have felt right leaving ‘em out. 

3. I included a track by “The Rydas,” which is just the MNE crew trying to revive the Psychopathic Rydas w/o J and Shaggy. It feels weird without them there, but I miss the Rydas albums, so I’m kinda glad to have anything new in that style. That said, let me just add that it’s truly disappointing we aren’t likely to see any new Dark Lotus albums anytime soon either. For so long, we were used to Psychopathic encompassing this whole juggalo subculture and the music that fueled it, but now we have two different entities to support. That is, assuming you’re like me in that you haven’t taken a side in the matter, and also perhaps don’t want to. It’s been 7+ years since the split, and I dunno. I still love all these artists, but I miss the greater sense of unity I felt before. Life goes on, I s’pose.

4. Shit, I’m pretty sure I’ve said all that needed saying, so all that’s left is to fuckin’ yojne. If you’re somehow a newcomer to this world, the first track ought to serve as an excellent preface to help you understand it all, why it exists, where it comes from, etc. If you’re a veteran muthafacko, then I apologize for flappin’ my goddamn gums so much.


01 Insane Clown Posse - Simple & Blunt (from The Wraith Sampler) [00:07:54]

02 Oh! the Horror - Halloween 365 (Remix) (feat. Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Young Wicked, Boondox, The R.O.C., Lex the Hex Master, Rapper REDD) (from Halloween 365 (Remix)) [00:11:37]

03 Psychopathic Rydas - Time 2 Ride (from Check Your Shit In Bitch!) [00:15:50]

04 Twiztid - Barely Surviving (Ride or Die) (from The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?’s) [00:19:39]

05 Insane Clown Posse - Walk Into The Darkness (from The Wraith: Hell’s Pit) [00:24:05]

06 Boondox - Dead of Night (feat. Bukshot & Young Wicked) (from Dead of Night) [00:27:20]

07 Alla Xul Elu - Mask Made Me Do It (from Mauxuleum) [00:31:38]

08 Anybody Killa - Kill Me (from Hatchet Warrior) [00:34:53]

09 Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Deadman Walking (from Gang Rags) [00:37:05]

10 Tech N9ne - Worldwide Choppers (feat. Ceza, U$O, Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes, D-Loc, JL of B.Hood, Twisted Insane) (from All 6s and 7s) [00:40:25]

11 Insane Clown Posse - Beautiful Doom (from Bang! Pow! Boom! (Blue)) [00:45:51]

12 Inner City Posse - Ghetto Zone (from Dog Beats) [00:48:55]

13 Twiztid - Mirror (from Mirror, Mirror) [00:54:53]

14 Twiztid - Reflection (from Mirror, Mirror) [00:56:00]

15 Dark Lotus - Opaque Brotherhood (from Opaque Brotherhood) [00:59:15]

16 Soopa Villains - Conquer (from Psychopathics From Outer Space 2) [01:03:07]

17 Twiztid - Kill Somebody (from The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?’s) [01:06:55]

18 The Killjoy Club - Don’t Fuck Wit Me (from Reindeer Games) [01:12:15]

19 G-Mo Skee - Bring Em to Life (from Bring Em to Life) [01:16:39]

20 Insane Clown Posse - Carnival of Carnage (from Carnival of Carnage) [01:19:25]

21 Insane Clown Posse - 17 Dead (from Beverly Kills 50187) [01:22:09]

22 Oh! the Horror - Strange (from Strange) [01:28:03]

23 Tech N9ne - The Industry Is Punks (from Absolute Power) [01:31:06]

24 Lex the Hex Master - Gangstas (from Beyond Redemption) [01:36:35]

25 Blaze Ya Dead Homie - I'm a G (from Cadaver) [01:39:42]

26 The Killjoy Club - Surprize (from Reindeer Games) [01:41:56]

27 Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Thug Luv (feat. 2Pac) (from The Collection Vol. 2) [01:46:36]

28 Insane Clown Posse - Thug Pit (feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Kottonmouth Kings, Tech N9ne & Esham) (from 20th Anniversary Hallowicked) [01:51:44]

29 Dark Lotus - Villainous (from The Mud, Water, Air and Blood) [01:56:06]

30 Kottonmouth Kings - FTI2 (feat. Tech N9ne) (from Strange Noize Tour) [01:59:52]

31 (hed)p.e. - Firsty (from (hed)p.e.) [02:04:00]

32 Twiztid - Come On Let's Get High (from The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?’s) [02:06:26]

33 Alla Xul Elu - Smoke (from Smoke) [02:11:25]

34 Lex the Hex Master - Chill Mode (from Chill Mode) [02:15:26]

35 Boondox - Get It In (from Get It In) [02:19:26]

36 Zug Izland - Fly (feat. Insane Clown Posse) (from Cracked Tiles) [02:22:09]

37 Insane Clown Posse - Wax Museum (from Ringmaster) [02:26:34]

38 Insane Clown Posse - Murder Go Round (from Ringmaster) [02:31:46]

39 Oh! the Horror - Boomstick! (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie) (from Boomstick!) [02:37:25]

40 Twiztid - siamese amazement (from Generation Nightmare) [02:40:37]

41 Powerman 5000 - When Worlds Collide (from Tonight the Stars Revolt!) [02:42:46]

42 Insane Clown Posse & Twiztid - The Dirt Ball (from Psychopathics From Outer Space) [02:45:41]

43 The Underground Avengers - Thanos (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Crucifix, Jamie Madrox, Jelly Roll, King Iso, Krizz Kaliko, Monoxide, Rittz, Tech N9ne) (from Anomaly 88) [02:51:06]

44 Dark Lotus - Headache (from Tales From The Lotus Pod (Original)) [02:57:02]

45 Esham - Migraine Headache (feat. Insane Clown Posse) (from Acid Rain) [03:02:40]

46 Tech N9ne - He’s A Mental Giant (from All 6s and 7s) [03:05:37]

47 Die Antwoord - Banana Brain (from Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid) [03:09:25]

48 Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Escape Artist (from Clockwork Gray) [03:14:10]

49 Insane Clown Posse - Riddle Box (from Riddle Box) [03:19:05]

50 (hed)p.e. - Serpent Boy (from (hed)p.e.) [03:21:55]

51 Twiztid - Corkscrew (from Corkscrew) [03:27:43]

52 Mushroomhead - Qwerty (from The Righteous & The Butterfly) [03:30:12]

53 Dark Lotus - Hurt Myself (from Tales From The Lotus Pod (Original)) [03:33:37]

54 Twiztid - Psychopathic Psychiatric Hotline (from Abominationz (Monoxide)) [03:38:46]

55 Insane Clown Posse - Mental Warp (from Forgotten Freshness Vol. 2) [03:40:07]

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2021-03-22 (Liquid Makes Me Wet Edition Vol. 5)

• March 22nd, 2021

IIIIIIIII’m goddamn exhaaaaaausted!
And IIIIII wanna go to fuckin’ beeed!

That was, “I’m Goddamn Exhausted (And I Wanna Go To Fuckin’ Bed),” by yours truly, the Fuckhead Extraordinaire, Double-fuckin’-O. By the fuckin’ way, emo-goddamn-muthafuckin’-clew to the 5th installment of the Liquid Makes Me Wet Edition! Surely to fuck y’all don’t need this shit explained to you still, do you? Really?! Well, okie fuckin’ dokie then.

Liquid is short for Liquid Funk &/or Liquid Drum’n’Bass. As far as I know, those two are basically synonymous. If I’m somehow incorrect, please forgive my ignorance and fuckin’ educate me! Anyway, what that means is that there’s more of a focus on melodic elements so it’s not just the genre’s namesake: drums and bass. Truth be told, there’s plenty of melody to be found in regular drum’n’bass, it just might be less prominent than it would typically need to be to be classified more accurately as liquid.

Liquid is fuckin’ fantastic, high-energy and (of course) melodic EDM that’s great for working out, especially running and various other forms of cardio. It’s also great if you say fuck that and just wanna chill on the couch playin’ games. You know I can fuck with both, and liquid works well either way. Absolutely fuckin’ excellent for driving too, although perhaps best at night so you don’t have the usual fucktrumpets clogging the roads.

Anyway, I won’t jaw your fuckin’ ears off this morning with the usual horse-hockey. Frankly, I didn’t sing that fuckin’ song at the beginning for no reason. I do it to myself by procrastinating, I know, but this week was a bit different for a reason I’ll mention in a sec. I will mention a couple things:

1. This whole thing is a little over 4 ½ hours because I’m too much, and I suck, and we all suck for not having enough time, and for living on Earth, and breathing air, and… I dunno. Maybe just yojne it throughout the week or some shit, hmm? Sound good, sweetie-muffin-cakes? The app does save your place after all.

2. The track order is far from fuckin’ random this time. I generally try to make some sort of story out of the track titles, you know, to create a good flow in the mix. Obviously, I don’t expect anyone to decipher it or anything, and some of it is indeed just placed where it’s placed for no particular reason. It’s just a little extra flavor I add for myself and for anyone else who might notice.

3. Out of the 60 tracks chosen for this mix, only 9 of them are from previous podcasts. That’s right, it’s almost completely brand spankin’ new shit we’ll be adding to our liquid repertoire this week. Some of the older tracks are there to commemorate March 18th, which marks 10 years since a woman I loved light years beyond words decided to end her life. Anyone who knows me at all knows that woman’s name was Sunny Rae, and I still miss her every single day. The specific older tracks I’m talking about are Arizon’s, “Meet You There,” (one of my all-time favorite songs, to be honest), Sub Focus’, “Turn Back Time (Metrik Remix),” Delta Heavy’s, “Ghost,” and GLXY & DRS’, “She Sings for Me.” All phenomenally beautiful tracks, and you’ll hear what I mean if you can hang. There are newer tracks all around those that are there for the same reason, but I’m not gonna name all of ‘em. I’m sure you can figure out which ones they are. It’s not fuckin’ rocket science.

4. Back in August of last dumpster fire, I played two artists on the Some Mo’ Gnu Shit Edition named Zardonic and Hallucinator. Anyway, very happy to have them make a glorious fuckin’ return to the podcast after what seems like far too long. I would say just listen to them and see why I love ‘em, but it’s even easier than that if you Google them and see what they look like. How could I not get down with these guys, hmm? Fuckin’ impossible, I tell you.

5. The Camo & Krooked song, “Watch It Burn,” when I found it yesterday, it had 13M streams. What the actual fuck?! How did I miss out on that absolute magma for so long?! Y’all have failed me! Not one of y’all brought that shit to my attention, and I’m ashamed of every one of you. Because, you know, it’s your fuckin’ jobs to constantly comb streaming services to keep me informed of awesome music. That’s reality, right? Anyway…

6. The Rameses B track, “Jenova?” Yes indeed, that is his rendition of the classic Final Fantasy VII track, and it’s fuckin’ sweet! Also, the Urbandawn track, “Come Together,” near the end? A muthafuckin’ liquid Beatles cover! No shit, really! I was pleasantly astonished, and perhaps you will be too.

7. No doubt you’d need a doctorate degree in some relevant field to figure this out, but the more frequently you see these artists’ names popping up in the podcast playlists, the higher I fuckin’ recommend them! If you don’t check them out, shit, you’re missin’ out, ya sad-ass muthafucka.

8. Before we get this shit crankin’, I’ve got a favor to beg of dear ol’ Gabe from The Office. Gabe, can you say somethin’ to these chirpity fuckin’ birds outside my window?

And with that, we commence, ze yojne! 

01 ShockOne - Follow Me (Blanke Remix) (from Follow Me (Blanke Remix)) [00:04:00]

02 Arizon - Meet You There (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 22 // August 2014) [00:08:23]

03 Reach - The Law (Zardonic Remix) (from The Law (Zardonic Remix)) [00:12:51]

04 Flux Pavilion - Pull The Trigger (Maduk Remix) (from Rampage Sampler 02) [00:16:34]

05 Camo & Krooked - Watch It Burn (feat. Ayah Marar) (from Cross The Line) [00:20:15]

06 Zardonic - Superhot (Hyperhot Mix) (from Superhot: Mind Control Delete Soundtrack) [00:23:36]

07 DRS, Dynamite MC, DJ Zinc - Get Down (from Playing In The Dark) [00:28:27]

08 Dimension - Pull Me Under (ft. Raphaella) (from BEM Playlist: 001 // JUNE 2015) [00:32:10]

09 Tantrum Desire - Oblivion (feat. Solah) (from Diversified) [00:36:34]

10 Sub Focus - Turn Back Time (Metrik Remix) (from Turn Back Time) [00:40:26]

11 Dimension, Culture Shock - Love To Give (feat. Billy Lockett) (from Love To Give) [00:44:32]

12 Cyantific, ShockOne - Body Movin' (from Bloodline) [00:47:50]

13 Operator Unknown - Ready For You (feat. Carmi) (from Ready For You) [00:51:54]

14 Dimension - Desire (feat. Sub Focus) (from Organ) [00:56:20]

15 Technimatic - Lakota (feat. A Little Sound) (from Lakota (feat. A Little Sound)) [00:59:51]

16 Hallucinator - Control VIP (feat. Kiara) (from Rejects LP) [01:03:53]

17 Metrik - Freefall (feat. Reija Lee) (from Freefall) [01:09:47]

18 Seba - Addicted (Technimatic Remix) (from Spearhead Presents: The Soundtrack) [01:13:41]

19 Riya, Villem, Mcleod, DRS - Ships (from Hurt Heals EP) [01:18:48]

20 Dr Meaker - Deep in My Heart (feat. Lorna King) (DJ Marky & Dr Meaker Remix) (from Deep in My Heart (DJ Marky & Dr Meaker Remix)) [01:23:57]

21 Snails, Pegboard Nerds - Deep In The Night (Muzzy Remix) (from Deep In The Night (Muzzy Remix)) [01:29:06]

22 Sub Focus, Wilkinson - Enter Night (from Portals) [01:33:10]

23 Halogenix - The Night (feat. Solah) (from Jump Suit) [01:37:01]

24 Nelver - Nightwalker (from Offworld Transmissions Volume 3) [01:41:34]

25 Tantrum Desire, Matrix & Futurebound - The Shadows (from Diversified) [01:48:24]

26 Degs, Pola & Bryson - Sleepless (from Sleepless) [01:52:58]

27 Blooom - Reality (from Reality) [01:57:24]

28 Feint - Horizons (from Liquicity Memoirs) [02:00:42]

29 Netsky - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (from Second Nature) [02:05:21]

30 Logistics - As Sure as Sunrise (feat. Hugh Hardie) (from Polyphony) [02:08:36]

31 Metrik - Chasing Sunrise (feat. Elisabeth Troy) (from Chasing Sunrise) [02:12:42]

32 Logistics - The Light Without You (feat. Salt Ashes) (from Hologram) [02:16:48]

33 Makoto - Bluebird (feat. Hugh Hardie) (from Sick Music 2019) [02:21:03]

34 Logistics - Watching The World Go By (feat. Alice Smith) (from Fear Not) [02:25:50]

35 Krakota - See For Miles (from See For Miles) [02:30:58]

36 Bladerunner - Jungle Jungle (Makoto Remix) (from Get Hype Remixed EP Part 1) [02:35:45]

37 [ K S R ] - Sweet Jungle (feat. Dogger) (from Sweet Jungle) [02:39:52]

38 Enei - Runnin (feat. Georgia Yates) (from Machines) [02:45:03]

39 Air.K & Cephei - Way Home (from GLOW/2) [02:49:58]

40 Degs - Levitate Your Mind (feat. Unglued) (from Levitate Your Mind) [02:55:35]

41 S.P.Y - Dreaming (from Alone In The Dark: EP 3) [02:59:41]

42 Pola & Bryson - Dream Days (from Lost in Thought) [03:04:16]

43 TwoThirds, Feint - Epiphany (feat. Veela) (Hollidayrain Remix) (from Epiphany) [03:09:03]

44 Rameses B - Memoirs (Feint Remix) (from Memoirs EP) [03:16:04]

45 Schematic, Polaris - Sculpture (from Sick Music 2018) [03:20:07]

46 Rameses B - Jenova (from Jenova) [03:26:21]

47 ShockOne, Ekko & Sidetrack - Klaxon (from A Dark Machine) [03:31:39]

48 Workforce - Fragments (from Late Night Soundtrack) [03:35:19]

49 Chase & Status - All Goes Wrong (feat. Tom Grennan) (Dawn Wall Remix) (from All Goes Wrong (Dawn Wall Remix)) [03:40:54]

50 Boxplot - We Lose It All (feat. Voicians) (from Alice (LIQUICITY)) [03:45:07]

51 Delta Heavy - Ghost (from BEM Playlist: 004 // JULY 2015) [03:50:31]

52 Hybrid Minds - Lost (from Hybrid Minds) [03:54:45]

53 T & Sugah - Lost On My Own (feat. ZAZU) (Flite Remix) (from Lost On My Own (Flite Remix)) [04:00:15]

54 Anile, DRS - Constant Reminder (from Constant Reminder) [04:04:44]

55 GLXY, DRS - She Sings for Me (from Research & Development) [04:10:18]

56 Camo & Krooked, Mefjus - No Tomorrow (feat. Sophie Lindinger) (from No Tomorrow) [04:15:14]

57 Delta Heavy - End of Days (from Down the Rabbit Hole EP) [04:19:38]

58 Urbandawn - Come Together (feat. Tyson Kelly) (from Come Together (feat. Tyson Kelly)) [04:24:09]

59 Stylus, Lunos - Do It Again (feat. LØREN) (from Do It Again) [04:27:59]

60 Feint - One Last Time (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 24 // October 2014) [04:32:43]

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2021-03-15 (Robot Pr0n X)

• March 15th, 2021

Good morning, devoted perverts and pervettes. We regret to inform you that our regularly scheduled broadcast has been altered slightly from the metric fuckton of purest aural fuckin’ sex we deliver every week. In compliance with new FCC standards, we will now only play high-quality audio recordings of Tucker Carlson tongue-punching Mitch McConnell’s prolapsed fartbox with brazen abandon, and all the pretentious condescension we’ve come to expect from America’s favorite whore. This week, there’s nearly 5 and a half hours worth of it. Golly, when Cucker commits to a task, he really goes in. Doesn’t he?

HAAAAHHH!!! Robot Pr0n X, muthafuckaaaas! That’s right, we’re back to Pr0n, ‘cause calling it “p0rn” probably did more harm than good. Doesn’t matter though, ‘cause this shit right here is a massive retrospective on the absolute best of the best Robot Pr0n has ever delivered. Timeless classics, new finds, underappreciated gems, they’re all right fuckin’ here! If you’re a Robot Pr0n virgin, then fuck, you couldn’t have picked a better edition to pop that sweet cherry, baby. Hope you’re ready to fuck and fuck shit up, ‘cause if you can do that, yojne will cum naturally. So, let’s do this! That’s right, fuckin’ yojne, goddammit!

01 Excision - Exterminate (from Apex) [00:00:44]

02 Scout McMillan - Polyhymnia (from Broken Branches) [00:04:10]

03 The Frim - Hi (from Black Label Vol. 3) [00:06:31]

04 KATFYR - Binary (from UKF Dubstep 2013) [00:10:16]

05 Different Heaven & Omar Varela - Incredicool (Cormak Remix) (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 23 // September 2014) [00:14:49]

06 Excision & Downlink - Headbanga (from Headbanga) [00:19:00]

07 J.Rabbit, Tremourz - Sexy Party (from Sexy Party) [00:22:53]

08 Riot Ten, CHRMNDRS - Poppin (feat. Krystall Poppin) (from Poppin (feat. Krystall Poppin)) [00:28:20]

09 Sullivan King - Reckless (from Show Some Teeth) [00:30:47]

10 Genetix, Sadhu - Tear Shit Up (from Tear Shit Up) [00:34:05]

11 EH!DE - Here We Go (from The winds of chaos) [00:38:12]

12 Flux Pavilion - Bass Cannon (from Circus One) [00:42:13]

13 Bear Grillz, Riot Ten - Run It (feat. Bok Nero) (Kompany Remix) (from Friends Remixed EP) [00:47:15]

14 1788-L, totto - F U L L / B U R S T (from S E N T I E N C E) [00:50:57]

15 Sekai, PsoGnar - Level Up (from Level Up) [00:54:51]

16 HIGHSOCIETY - On My Level (from On My Level) [00:59:07]

17 BLVK JVCK - GVNG X4 (feat. Comethazine) (from GVNG X4 (feat. Comethazine)) [01:02:51]

18 GRAVEDGR - WARDOGZ (feat. City Morgue) (from WARDOGZ) [01:05:40]

19 NvrLeft - Ride or Die (feat. City Tucker) (from Lost Lands 2019 Compilation) [01:08:04]

20 Astronaut - Champions (feat. Harry Brooks Jr.) (Soummyo Biswas & Souvik.C Remix) (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 23 // September 2014) [01:10:49]

21 Snails & Adventure Club - Follow Me (feat. Sara Diamond) (from Follow Me) [01:15:26]

22 The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy (Caspa Remix) (from The Day Is My Enemy (Expanded Edition)) [01:18:25]

23 HIGHSOCIETY - Dark (from Dark) [01:21:52]

24 Varien & SirensCeol - Moonlight (feat. Aloma Steele) (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 20 // June 2014) [01:24:48]

25 Excision - Drowning (feat. Akylla) (from Virus) [01:28:49]

26 Moth - 666 (Corruptor Remix) (from 666 Remixes) [01:32:34]

27 Bear Grillz - Going Down (Under) (from Mo Honey Mo Problems) [01:35:32]

28 Excision & Dion Timmer - Africa (from Virus) [01:38:30]

29 Ephixa - Lost Woods (Dubstep Remix) (from Zelda Step) [01:42:27]

30 Alma - Avalanches (feat. Sound Remedy & Kill Paris) (from Dubstep Top (December)) [01:46:16]

31 Au5 - Snowblind (feat. Tasha Baxter)  (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 23 // September 2014) [01:50:39]

32 SKisM - Rave Review (Dodge & Fuski Remix) (from Never Say Die (Deluxe Edition)) [01:56:16]

33 Benny Benassi - Cinema (Skrillex Remix) (from Skrillex - Assorted Songs) [02:00:09]

34 Borgore - Magic Trick (feat. Juicy J) (from Magic Trick (feat. Juicy J)) [02:05:12]

35 501 - Beat The System (from Beat The System EP) [02:07:59]

36 BLVK JVCK - THVT SH!T (from THVT SH!T) [02:10:43]

37 Downlink - Raw Power (from The Launch) [02:13:17]

38 Black Tiger Sex Machine, Hairitage, Hyro The Hero - Resistance (from Futuristic Thriller) [02:18:05]

39 KOU, SYN - RIOT (from RIOT) [02:20:51]

40 Pixel Terror - Backfire (from Artillery) [02:24:50]

41 Excision, Downlink - Resistance (from Resistance) [02:28:33]

42 Snails - STOMP (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 24 // October 2014) [02:33:00]

43 Dr. Ozi - Beatdown (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 22 // August 2014) [02:37:13]

44 Doctor P, Adam F - The Pit (feat. Method Man) (Doctor P VIP Mix) (from The Pit (feat. Method Man)) [02:40:55]

45 Habstrakt, Megalodon - Revenge (from The Storm EP) [02:44:34]

46 Figure, Code:Pandorum - RedRum (from Monsters 7) [02:48:39]

47 Disciple - How We Roll (from Disciple Alliance Vol. 6) [02:52:18]

48 Nostalgia - Butterscotch (from Know Me EP) [02:55:44]

49 Borgore - Decisions (from Decisions EP (Deluxe Edition)) [02:59:17]

50 Knife Party - Fire Hive (Krewella’s “Fuck On Me” Remix) (from Fire Hive (Krewella’s “Fuck On Me” Remix)) [03:02:29]

51 KDrew - Last Train To Paradise (Killabyte Remix) (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 24 // October 2014) [03:05:32]

52 Ghastly - We Might Fall (feat. Matthew Koma) (from We Might Fall) [03:09:44]

53 Bullseye - Close (from BEM Playlist: 001 // JUNE 2015) [03:12:39]

54 Tristam - Truth (Dabin Remix) (from Truth) [03:17:04]

55 Kompany - Feel It All (from Feel It All) [03:22:07]

56 Stubborn Ahole - Special (feat. Nae Joy Gizzy) (from soundcloud.com/naejoy) [03:26:54]

57 Crystal Skies - Feels Right (feat. RUNN) (from Constellations) [03:31:02]

58 12th Planet - Follow (feat. Katie Sky) (from Follow) [03:34:27]

59 8-bit Universe - Never Gonna Give You Up (from https://youtu.be/uQOyBxTWFAY) [03:37:10]

60 Chime - Pixel Perfect (from Pixel Perfect) [03:39:56]

61 Nitro Fun - Cheat Codes (from Cheat Codes) [03:43:36]

62 Hundaes - If Only (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 24 // October 2014) [03:47:06]

63 dj-Jo - Unravel (feat. Hatsune Miku) (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 23 // September 2014) [03:50:07]

64 Borgore - Sad B*tch (feat. Tima Dee) (from Sad B*tch) [03:53:58]

65 Hot Noizes feat. Lime Kid - Залишись (from Dubstep Top (December)) [03:56:50]

66 Kai Wachi - Over My Head (feat. Dia Frampton) (from Over My Head) [04:00:29]

67 Standerwick - Deep End (feat. HALIENE) (Trivecta Extended Remix) (from Deep End (Trivecta Remix)) [04:04:21]

68 Riot Ten, Whales - Save You (feat. Megan Stokes) (Kompany Remix) (from Save You (feat. Megan Stokes)) [04:08:29]

69 Freestylers - Cracks (feat. Belle Humble) (Flux Pavilion Remix) (from Cracks) [04:12:05]

70 Alex Metric & Charli XCX - End of the World (Xilent Remix) (from End of the World (Remixes)) [04:16:39]

71 MitiS - Hurt (feat. Zack Gray) (from Hurt (feat. Zack Gray)) [04:22:08]

72 Blame - On My Own (feat. Ruff Sqwad) (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) (from On My Own) [04:26:11]

73 Jarvis & Roughmath - Time (feat. Ivy J) (from BEM Playlist: 004 // JULY 2015) [04:30:18]

74 Dabin - Hope It Hurts (feat. Essenger) (from Hope It Hurts) [04:34:39]

75 Excision, Wooli - Erase You (feat. HALIENE) (from Subsidia Dawn: Vol. 1) [04:38:54]

76 Trivecta - Wasteland (Wooli Remix) (from Wasteland (Wooli Remix)) [04:42:28]

77 Skrillex - Summit (Krewella “Breath” Remix) (from Summit (Krewella “Breath” Remix)) [04:46:41]

78 Phrenik - Stay Where You Are (feat. Nikki B) (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 21 // July 2014) [04:49:52]

79 LSDREAM, Champagne Drip - ETERNAL NOW (from RENEGADES OF LIGHT) [04:53:24]

80 MitiS - Try (feat. RØRY) (from Try (feat. RØRY)) [04:57:17]

81 Virtual Riot - Alive (feat. Lisa Rowe) (from There Goes Your Money) [05:01:24]

82 Dabin - Alive (feat. RUNN) (Trivecta Remix) (from Wild Youth (The Remixes)) [05:05:18]

83 Sullivan King, Wooli - Don't Forget Me (from Don’t Forget Me) [05:09:16]

84 PhaseOne, Hydraulix - Hit Rwind (not sorry Remix) (from Hit Rewind) [05:13:23]

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