2022-11-28 (Thankful.?. Edition)

• November 28th, 2022


I'm just... so thankful.

So. Fucking. Thankful.


For every beautifully stupid fucking day,

for every marvelously pointless fucking night,

for the exquisite silence and death that shrouds

them both with the comforts denied

by the presence of fucking humans...


I'm thankful for the silence of your absence.

Thankful for the death that smirks at me

beneath each pair of headlights,

lurking in every forest,

inviting to every body of water.

The embrace of nothing so entices,

though I'm imprisoned in existence for

however much longer I can bear it.

I know you've been so patient,

and I'm thankful for it.


I'm thankful for the isolation I've cultivated.

Far greater peace here than I'd find

enduring your mind-paralyzing mediocrity

and agonizing chaos.

The monotonous life through which so many drift,

like shit waiting to be flushed,

curiosity only in what's comfortable,

passion in only the most banal of everything.

You must have multiple lives ahead of you,

since you're so content watching this one

drip daily from your urethra like some cosmic chlamydia.


I'm thankful for the sun I despise

for gracing this miserably undeserving planet with life,

squandered in maddening pursuits of greed,

of narcissism,

of domination for its own sake.

For no fucking reason at all.

Thank you for being extraordinary in the cold

indifference of everything else,

and fuck you for giving us cancer,

the treatment of which will drive us bankrupt.

Because capitalism...


I'm thankful for everything in life that costs money.

I'm thankful the value of it is entirely arbitrary.

I'm thankful we've built a society so thoughtfully

around human need and fulfillment,

except for the destitute.

There must be something wrong with them, no doubt.

Why wouldn't every living being want to work themselves to death?

Why wouldn't we wish to devote every waking moment to labor?

Surely, this is what God intended for his chosen people.

No, not those chosen people, the other ones.

The ones with all the most objectively beautiful features,

as if beauty was ever fucking objective.


I'm thankful for racism, for bigotry,

for brazenly dispassionate conservatism,

because short of a facial tattoo that reads,

"I'm a hopeless fucking imbecile,"

there exist few better ways to convey such a crucial message.

Of course, I'd rather such blithering troglodytes NOT

infect every society with such vociferous ignorance,

but I won't shed tears when trash takes itself out.

I'm thankful to see the futility lurking behind every word.

Your utter and complete failure is inevitable,

even if we have to regularly endure your noise.


I'm thankful to everyone who will ignore & misinterpret me.

I'm thankful to be a paradoxically non-binary polyamorous pansexual

whose pronouns are it & its,

because humanity was stripped from me ages ago.

To be fair, I helped.

Humanity is just so fucking ugly.

My identity is nil because, well, why fucking bother?

As if you or anyone cares who I am, who anyone is or isn't.

That's fuckin' freedom, baby!

I need another fix.

Shoot me up with more distractions,

because this farce they've concocted might kill me with kindness.


I'm thankful for the white-hot hatred that spurs me

from my coffin every night.

How else would I ever succeed?

Make something of myself?

Join the club.

It is what it is.

It is what the powerful psychopaths have made it,

and none of us asked to be here.


We should be thankful, though.

We can spurt fluid from all our most desirable orifices.

We can neurochemically intoxicate ourselves.

We can spend ourselves to abject poverty,

and then sell whatever's left of our dignity in drive-throughs

with cardboard signs for quarters and dimes.

So long as we glorify their God,

every moment of our suffering is worthwhile.


I'm thankful for the gleeful degradation of all splendor.

Lol, right? Fuckin' losers, thinking life occurs anywhere

other than hunched over our super special rectangles.

Our little windows to the world,

through which we must portray ourselves as perfect,

through which we can cackle like hyenas at others less fortunate.

It's so much fun being human.


I'm so thankful for this remarkable society,

in which we scavenge every available resource for our own benefit,

regardless of the detriment inflicted,

regardless of any consideration for any sort of future

for anyone except ourselves.

We're Americans! This is our destiny manifest!

I'm thankful to chuckle at the hilariously pitiful such as they/them,

those who are most certainly binary beyond all shadows of doubt.

God said so in that book we didn't bother reading, so...


I'm thankful to watch so many precious moments of life

be expelled like so many golden droplets of piss

in service of this grand plan,

this unfathomably intelligent design sold to us

long before we were forced to learn what money is.

God is capitalism, and vice versa.

Nothing else matters so long as the rich remain above us all.

I'm so, so fucking thankful to be a part of all this.


Tell me more of meritocracy,

of supposedly incorruptible democracy.

Tell me another patriotic fable to suffocate myself to sleep.

Yes, pardon me while I hold my breath and fucking asphyxiate.

You gotta be versatile in this day and age!


I'm thankful for the fidelity I wasted on the indecisive.

I'm thankful for the tears I shed that only alienated me more.

Thankful for the lives and selves I created from jagged shards,

thankful to have them pulverized into dust

which further enabled their addictions.

I'm thankful for every lover who broke my heart,

and every friend who shattered it.

I don't even know what shape, what sort of mass

resides in my chest anymore,

keeping me alive in spite of all my desperate protests.


I'm thankful for every ounce of anguish,

because all that didn't kill me made me stronger.

Right? That's the line, right?

I'm thankful for all the trauma inflicted,

for all my moronic fucking pursuits,

for every time I attempted to love.

Lol, fuckin' loser! Lol lol lol!


I'm thankful for all the bullets and guns.

It's our right, after all, no matter how wrong.

So long as the rich get richer,

all else is expendable,

especially our inconsequential lives.

Who cares if they had to identify your children by their teeth?

Who cares if the police are callow cowards?

Get back to the mine, you fucking peasant!

Lol! Owned!

Watch them scramble for their lives!

*sigh* It's so lovely to be superior.


I'm thankful for all the time we waste,


while our world prepares to purge us

like so much liquid shit.

We just couldn't decide! What could we have done?!

They said we didn't have the money!

They said we had to wait!

They said, they said, they said...


I'm thankful for all the inhumane torment I won't live to witness.

I'm thankful for the starvation of the apocalyptically opulent.

I'm thankful for the drowning of the mindlessly discriminatory.

I'm thankful for the desiccation of the environment,

so long as they actually experience a few moments of suffering.

I'm thankful for the wisdom only gained after it's far too late.

I'm thankful for every arresting wail of the frivolous,

as they consider the possibility that they may have been incorrect.

They may have been short-sighted.

They may have purchased their own demise,

like the irredeemable consumers they are.


I'm thankful for every ultimately useless cent I scraped together,

to sustain a sinking survival.

I'm thankful for every penny I'm charged to maintain my health,

to prolong an existence I haven't wanted for decades.

I'm thankful for the interest charged on necessary medical procedures.

What good would my life be if I wasn't actively inviting

insurance companies to suck me dry beyond recognition?


I'm thankful for the intoxicants that enabled me to surpass

the typically eclipsing futility that darkens every endeavor.

I'm thankful for the escape from the excruciating tedium

of routine,

of the status quo,

of the relentless machine that grinds every dream from vibrant life

to grey paste.


I'm thankful to see my past self as naïve as he was.

Thankful to see hope eternally preserved prior to every strangulation of reality.

I'm thankful that words like these went staggeringly unappreciated,

as if those receiving had never experienced words before.

I'm thankful to have been misunderstood at every turn,

and not even remotely implored for clarity.

Nothing has made me feel more sublimely ineffectual.

I'm thankful that you made me feel so completely useless.


I'm thankful that I've neglected to prove myself worthy of life.

I'm thankful that I might perish entirely without a murmur.

I'm thankful... that I loved, and was loved, at least once.

I'm thankful for her gaze, her embrace, her kiss.

I'm thankful to have had a glimpse of what actual life could have been.


Most of all, I'm thankful that there is an inevitable end to all of this.

Thankful that none can escape it, no matter how wealthy.

Thankful that I once experienced pure truth through joyful tears,

and that I will one day return to the silence having made a little noise.

Thankful that I will die having once lived...

Finally, I am thankful

for every moment

of yojne.



01 Nine Inch Nails - Burn (from Natural Born Killers OST) [00:09:57]


02 Camo & Krooked - Watch It Burn (feat. Ayah Marar) (from Cross The Line) [00:14:56]


03 ††† - The Beginning Of The End (from The Beginning Of The End) [00:18:18]


04 Defrag - I Arrived Cold (from Lost Lands EP) [00:22:47]


05 Charles Bukowski - The Genius Of The Crowd (from Uncensored) [00:25:20]


06 Chromatics - Into The Black (from Kill For Love) [00:27:41]


07 Alpha Wolf - A Quiet Place to Die (from A Quiet Place to Die) [00:32:58]


08 carolesdaughter - please put me in a medically induced coma (from please put me in a medically induced coma) [00:35:23]


09 Unknown Brain - Control (feat. Rival & Jex) (from Control) [00:38:26]


10 Daniel Deluxe - Darkness (from Darkness) [00:42:09]


11 INTERCOM - The Upside Down (Stranger Things Inspired) (from The Upside Down (Stranger Things Inspired)) [00:45:22]


12 Arizon - Meet You There (from DafuQ! EDM Playlist Vol. 22 // August 2014) [00:49:49]


13 Johnny Cash - The Beast In Me (from American I) [00:54:18]


14 Arch Enemy - Instinct (from Anthems of Rebellion) [00:56:56]


15 Once Human - Eye of Chaos (from Evolution) [01:00:30]


16 Spring Awakening Cast - Left Behind (from Spring Awakening (2006 Broadway Cast Recording)) [01:05:12]


17 The Amity Affliction - Like Love (from Like Love) [01:09:25]


18 Gemp - In Memoriam (from (Basically Nothing)) [01:13:15]


19 Halou - I Would Love To Give Up (from Wiser) [01:16:34]


20 Landon Tewers - Whipits (from Dead Kid) [01:20:23]


21 VAST Presents Bang Band Sixxx - Loneliness Is Fine (from Relay) [01:23:43]


22 Raleigh Ritchie - Time in a Tree (from Time in a Tree) [01:27:21]


23 Nostalghia - Kingdom of Disturb (from Imagō) [01:31:02]


24 Seven Lions - December (feat. Davey Havok) (from The Throes of Winter) [01:37:27]


25 Josh A, Iamjakehill - Endless Nightmare (from Chaos) [01:43:58]


26 Fiona Apple - Every Single Night (from The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do) [01:46:28]


27 Skan - Living Hell (feat. Lox Chatterbox, M.I.M.E. & Blvkstn) (from Living Hell) [01:49:43]


28 David García Díaz - Shadow (from Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice OST) [01:52:48]


29 Daniéle Kitty - Orestes (from https://youtu.be/FjoxUK6Slgg) [01:55:01]


30 Deftones - Hearts / Wires (from Gore) [01:58:58]


31 Adventure Club - Save Me (feat. Adara) (from Red // Blue) [02:04:16]


32 Lana Del Rey - Gods & Monsters (from Born To Die [Paradise Edition]) [02:07:04]


33 Make Them Suffer - Erase Me (from Erase Me) [02:10:57]


34 Gunship - When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies (from Dark All Day) [02:14:38]


35 Dabin - Hope It Hurts (feat. Essenger) (from Hope It Hurts) [02:20:20]


36 Whales - Too Weird (feat. Kini Solana) (from Pelagios) [02:24:36]


37 Beowülf - We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve (from We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve) [02:27:38]


38 Ghost of a Gentleman - Street Signs (from Empty Room) [02:30:03]


39 Mega Ran, Amanda Lepre - Cries Of The Planet (from Cries Of The Planet) [02:33:41]


40 Washington - One For Sorrow (from There There) [02:36:51]


41 Twiztid - Woe Woe (from W.I.C.K.E.D.) [02:40:25]


42 Resonanta, Subsets, Cartography - Yuletide (Whithe Remix) (from Forevr_isnt_4_evry1) [02:45:34]


43 CLANN - I Hold You (from Seelie) [02:49:50]


44 Standerwick - Deep End (feat. HALIENE) (Trivecta Extended Remix) (from Deep End (Trivecta Remix)) [02:58:53]


45 Daniéle Kitty - Passenger (from https://youtu.be/LY6jkyyx1ws) [03:03:05]


46 All Grace - Surrender (feat. Mr. Sam) (John Palmer’s The Sweetest Thing Remix) (from Surrender) [03:07:38]


47 Yinyues - Everything (feat. Mimi Page) (from Everything) [03:12:06]


48 Anathema - Ariel (from Distant Satellites) [03:16:21]


49 NAVVI - Sol (from Omni) [03:22:46]


50 Otep - Untitled Poem (from Generation Doom (Deluxe Edition)) [03:26:08]


51 Ekoh - Westside (from Westside) [03:29:56]


52 Immortal Technique - Crimes Of The Heart (feat. Maya Azucena) (from The 3rd World) [03:33:25]


53 Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge (from Among My Swan) [03:37:33]


54 Foals - Spanish Sahara (from Total Life Forever) [03:42:15]


55 Mike Shinoda - Over Again (from Post Traumatic (Deluxe Version)) [03:48:58]


56 Twiztid - LDLHA-IBCSYWA (from Abominationz (Monoxide)) [03:52:43]


57 Spring Awakening Cast - Those You've Known (from Spring Awakening (2006 Broadway Cast Recording)) [03:57:17]


58 LSB - Missing You (feat. Tyler Daley & DRS) (from Missing You) [04:01:41]


59 Trivecta - Wasteland (Wooli Remix) (from Wasteland (Wooli Remix)) [04:08:45]


60 Kittie - Time Never Heals (from I’ve Failed You) [04:13:00]


61 Lorna Shore - Pain Remains I: Dancing Like Flames (from Pain Remains) [04:17:21]


62 Lorna Shore - Pain Remains II: After All I've Done, I'll Disappear (from Pain Remains) [04:23:13]


63 Lorna Shore - Pain Remains III: In a Sea of Fire (from Pain Remains) [04:28:50]

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2022-11-21 (Fucktacular Classics Edition Vol. 4)

• November 21st, 2022

What is fuck the up, perverts?! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the 3rd volume of the Fucktacular Classics Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! What could Fucktacular Classics be all about, you might so inquisitively inquire? Um, just a collection of cool music from various old editions. Hey, fuck you if you think it’s uncreative. I’ve only done 3 of these motherfuckers in the entire 10+ years I’ve been doing this podcast, my little hiatus not withstanding. These are some of my favorite tracks of all time. Some are pretty rare (as far as I know), some without a doubt, but as you might’ve guessed, all absolutely fucktacular. Don’t really have much to say besides all that, so uh, yeah.


Let’s fuckin’ yojne!



01 The Death Set - Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap (from Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap) [00:00:30]


02 Ween - Waving My Dick In the Wind (from The Mollusk) [00:02:25]


03 Bad Lip Reading - Kicked Your Monkey (from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcQfiYUXrtI) [00:04:35]


04 The Shaftman - Shaftman (from Industrial Fucking Strength 2: Unleash The Brutality (Disc 1)) [00:08:40]


05 Slim Gaillard - Yip Roc Heresy (from Laughing In Rhythm: The Best Of The Verve Years) [00:14:00]


06 The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) (from Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) Single) [00:16:27]


07 KnowSleep - Forgiveness (Interlude) (from Sunny's CD Mix 1) [00:21:28]


08 KnowSleep - Slight Attendent (from Sunny's CD Mix 1) [00:22:26]


09 Metallica - Motorbreath (from Kill 'Em All) [00:27:10]


10 Lye By Mistake - Nero's Intention (from Arrangements For Fulminating Vective) [00:30:12]


11 GWAR -  S.F.W. (from S.F.W. OST) [00:39:25]


12 2Pac - Pain (from Regulate) [00:41:40]


13 Rage Against The Machine - The Ghost Of Tom Joad (from Renegades) [00:46:03]


14 From Autumn To Ashes - Sugar Wolf (from Abandon Your Friends) [00:51:37]


15 Beastie Boys - The Sounds of Science (from Paul's Boutique) [00:57:10]


16 Taylor Mali - Like, You Know (Live at Def Poetry Jam) (from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGAMd-tT6fQ) [01:00:21]


17 G3RSt - Something Stupid This Way Comes (from Mashed In Plastic: The David Lynch Mashup Album) [01:03:05]


18 A Perfect Circle - Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm of the War Drums (from eMOTIVe) [01:07:52]


19 Wesley Willis - They Threw Me Out Of Church (from Greatest Hits Vol. 2) [01:13:19]


20 Cradle Of Filth - Tearing The Veil From Grace (from Midian) [01:15:47]


21 OceanLab - Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten Remix) (from Sirens of the Sea: Remixed (Disc 2)) [01:23:57]


22 Ministry - Cuz U R Next (from The Wicked Lake OST) [01:31:11]


23 NaS - NY State Of Mind, Pt. II (from I Am...) [01:34:20]


24 Corporate Avenger - Christians Murdered Indians (from Freedom Is A State Of Mind) [01:37:55]


25 Rollins Band - Volume 4 (from Weight) [01:43:12]


26 Adam Sandler - Toll Booth Willie (from They're All Gonna Laugh At You) [01:47:43]


27 TaQ - DXY! (from Beatmania IIDX 4th Style OST) [01:51:27]


28 10 Side - BXY! (from Kutimu - Soulful Mouths) [01:53:11]


29 L.E.D. - THE SHINING POLARIS -kors k mix- (feat. Sana) (remixed by kors k) (from Denjin K (Disc 2)) [01:54:55]


30 Mr. Bungle - Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz (from Disco Volante) [02:00:45]


31 CunninLynguists - Never Know Why (feat. Immortal Technique) (from A Piece Of Strange) [02:06:47]


32 The Knife - Heartbeats (from Deep Cuts) [02:10:38]


33 BLÆRG - Reverse Entropy Catalyst (from Sesquipedalia) [02:14:28]


34 The Agonist - Ideomotor (from Prisoners) [02:17:50]


35 The Prodigy - Narayan (from The Fat Of The Land) [02:25:54]


36 Immortal Technique - The War vs. Us All (feat. Mumia Abu-Jamal) (from Bin Laden Remix Single) [02:35:00]


37 George Carlin - Keeping People Alert (from What Am I Doing In New Jersey?) [02:37:41]


38 The A.M.D.A - Fuck The Rails (from Bonkers 16_ Maximum Hardcore Energy!) [02:48:51]


39 PJ Harvey - This Mess We're In (feat. Thom Yorke) (from Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea) [02:54:12]


40 Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache (from The End of Heartache) [02:58:02]


41 Tool - Forty Six & 2 (from Ænima) [03:02:59]


42 Patrick Bryze, Jim Tonique - Better World [Part 1] (Horney United Solarium RMX) (from Sunny's CD Mix 2) [03:08:56]


43 Röyksopp - What Else Is There? (from Sunny's CD Mix 1) [03:15:04]


44 Wax Audio - Golden Teardrops (from Mashopolos III: Mashups For The People) [03:20:11]


45 Nujabes - Reflection Eternal (from Modal Soul) [03:23:52]


46 .?. - ...God, Those Pearly Whites (from TBA album) [03:28:08]


47 Tool - Disgustipated (from Undertow) [03:36:05]

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2022-11-14 (All-Star Series: Excision Edition Pt. 2)

• November 14th, 2022

Part 2, motherfuckers! Let's do this!


01 Excision, Datsik - Jaguar (feat. Mr. Hudson) (from X-Rated) [00:00:00]


02 Excision - That Girl (from Dubstep Meditations) [00:03:20]


03 Excision & Pegboard Nerds - Bring The Madness (feat. Mayor Apeshit) (Trinergy & Tim Ismag Remix) (from Bring The Madness Remixes) [00:08:49]


04 Excision, Liquid Stranger - Get to the Point (Cyberoptics Remix) (from Get to the Point (Cyberoptics Remix)) [00:13:06]


05 Destroid - Funk Hole VIP (from Excision 2014 Mix Compilation) [00:18:23]


06 Excision, Downlink - Reploid (Document One Remix) (from Heavy Artillery / Reploid (Remixes)) [00:22:42]


07 Excision, Downlink - Swerve (Specimen A Remix) (from X-Rated (The Remixes)) [00:27:17]


08 Excision, Downlink - Robo Kitty (from Codename X) [00:31:53]


09 Excision, Downlink - Robo Kitty (Dubscribe Remix) (from Robo Kitty (Dubscribe Remix)) [00:35:54]


10 Excision - No Escape (from No Escape / Bug Powdah) [00:39:06]


11 Excision, Datsik - Boom (SkisM Remix) (from Boom (SkisM Remix) / Swagga (Downlink Remix)) [00:44:33]


12 Excision, Subtronics - Bunker Buster (from Bunker Buster) [00:49:35]


13 Excision - Throwin’ Elbows (from Virus) [00:53:15]


14 Excision, Dion Timmer - Necromancer (from Necromancer) [00:56:15]


15 Excision, Hairitage - Hypnosis (from Onyx) [00:59:25]


16 Destroid - Bounce VIP (from Excision 2014 Mix Compilation) [01:03:03]


17 Destroid - Bounce (Mayhem & Antiserum Remix) (from Destroid: The Invasion Remixes) [01:06:49]


18 Excision - Cough Drop (from Onyx) [01:11:29]


19 Excision - Float Away (from Codename X) [01:14:34]


20 Excision, Datsik - Calypso (Culprate Remix) (from [ROTD025]Various EP) [01:18:30]


21 Excision, SLANDER - Your Fault (feat. Elle Vee) (from Your Fault) [01:24:01]


22 Excision, Sullivan King - Our Fire (from Onyx) [01:29:08]


23 Excision, Seven Lions, Wooli - Another Me (feat. Dylan Matthew) (from Evolution EP) [01:33:22]


24 Excision, Whales - The Last Time (feat. RIELL) (from The Last Time) [01:36:36]


25 Excision - The Village (from DUBLINE010) [01:39:28]


26 Excision - Generator (from Virus) [01:45:06]


27 Destroid - Flip the Switch (Bar9 Remix) (from Destroid: The Invasion Remixes) [01:49:36]


28 Excision, Dion Timmer - Mirror (from Virus) [01:53:16]


29 Excision, Dion Timmer - Mirror (Kai Wachi Remix) (from Virus: The Remixes) [01:57:24]


30 Excision, Protohype - Are You Ready (from Virus) [02:01:16]


31 Excision, Dion Timmer - Final Boss (from Virus) [02:04:08]


32 Excision, Wooli - Name Drop (from Name Drop) [02:07:20]


33 Excision - With You (feat. Madi) (from Virus) [02:11:04]


34 Excision - With You (feat. Madi) (Sullivan King Remix) (from Virus: The Remixes) [02:15:26]


35 Excision - Live Wire (from Codename X) [02:19:13]


36 Excision - Pause (from The Launch EP Part 1) [02:23:21]


37 Excision - Codename X (Ryle & Sullivan King Remix) (from Codename X - The Remixes) [02:29:05]


38 Excision - Fight Through The Pain (feat. Sullivan King) (from Apex) [02:33:00]


39 Excision, The Frim - X Up (feat. Messinian) (from Codename X) [02:37:09]


40 Excision, The Frim - X Up (feat. Messinian) (Erotic Cafe' Remix) (from X Up The Remixes) [02:41:11]


41 Excision, The Frim - Night Shine (feat. Luciana) (from Codename X) [02:44:51]


42 Excision, Downlink - Not Enough (feat. Skaught Parry) (from Existence EP) [02:49:10]


43 Excision, UBUR - Back To Back (feat. Armanni Reign) (from Back To Back) [02:53:54]


44 Excision, Dion Timmer - Breaking Through (from Breaking Through) [02:56:42]


45 Excision, Dion Timmer - Out Of Time (feat. Splitbreed) (from Codename X) [03:00:11]


46 Illenium, Excision - In My Mind (feat. HALIENE) (from Fallen Embers) [03:03:55]


47 Illenium, Excision - In My Mind (feat. HALIENE) (Deathpact Reprise) (from Fallen Embers (Remixes)) [03:08:49]

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2022-11-14 (All-Star Series: Excision Edition Pt. 1)

• November 14th, 2022

What the fuck is up, perverrrrrts?! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the muthafuckin’ Excision edition of the All-Star Series, right the fuck here on Monday Morning Aural muthafuckin’ Sex! Boy fuckin’ howdy, have we got a podcast ahead of us this week. As you may have noticed, this is coming to you in 2 parts. Know why? ‘Cause this motherfucker is over 6½ muthafuckin’ hours long! I literally cannot bounce a podcast that long. Pro Tools will essentially be like, nah bruh, try again. Seriously, I tried it with the 5th volume of the Psychopathic Family Edition. That shit was something like 7½ hours, and yeah, Pro Tools straight up refused to make a file that big. No idea why, but yeah, that’s why it’s 2 parts. I could have easily made a number of my other All-Star editions multiple parts. Shit, Mike Patton alone could be like 5 to 10, same goes for Henry Rollins.


Any-fuckin’-way, I should probably talk about Excision at some point, eh? So… imagine a world consumed by earth-shattering bass vibrations. An apocalypse of twisting and morphing sounds that melt minds and make bodies thrash. The spectacular audiovisual experience of an Excision show has the capacity to transport fans to another dimension where Headbangers rule the land. His current touring stage production The Evolution is his most captivating and impressive to date. Equipped with an absurd amount of lights, lasers, subwoofers, and massive immersive visuals, it’s guaranteed to blow the minds of all in attendance. Excision continuously pushes the boundaries on heavy Bass Music and production, championing an unmatched dedication to his craft and fan experience within the genre.


Hailing from Kelowna, British Columbia, Excision has spent his career dedicated to the Bass Music scene, leading and innovating in the creation of a massive, passionate Dubstep community. Within the last five years, Excision has launched multiple large-scale festival productions that over 100,000 dedicated fans call “home.” Excision’s dedication to touring is unheralded as he’s headlined well over 1000 shows in the last decade of touring, including at his major branded events like Thunderdome, The Coliseum, and many more.

Excision’s expansive discography spans five full-length studio albums, countless EPs and singles, 15 annual fan-favorite mixes, all of which have collectively amassed over 2 billion streams globally. His new record label Subsidia was birthed in 2020 following in the footsteps of his previous imprint Rottun Records, and it released over 400 tracks in its first year alone.


Excision’s influence can be felt in every facet of the industry, and though he’s already established a legendary brand, he’s continually striving to help the community grow. As he says, “Everything I do is focused around the mission of helping Bass Music grow, while still staying true to itself, constantly innovative and fresh. We have such a caring and loving group of people involved within this scene, and I hope the music will help more people find their home within it.” The preceding 3 paragraphs were from his website, and now lemme say a bit about my experience of Excision.


First of all, I’m fairly certain that I’ve been down with Excision since before I even started this fuckin’ podcast in January of 2012. He was one of the first dubstep artists I ever heard of, and it was actually Sunny who drove me to look into dubstep in the first place. It’s since become one of my all-time favorite genres because in a lot of ways, it feels like the heavy metal of EDM. Metal is another genre that blew me away back when I was but a wee lad of 7. It was Metallica’s, “Enter Sandman,” specifically, and note to self, I should totally do an All-Star edition for them as a low key troll. Anyway, there are other subgenres of EDM that could be considered heavy-metal-adjacent as well. Shit, plenty of drum’n’bass, gabber, speedcore and such sample metal riffs pretty frequently too.


I digress, which I know is so bizarre for a magnificent fuckhead such as myself. If you need any qualifying examples of my assertion of dubstep being like the heavy metal of EDM, I humbly direct your attention to the classic Excision track, “Headbanga.” As far as I’m aware, headbanging started because of metal, so Excision and most other modern dubstep artists are merely carrying the euphoric tradition into the future. I should note here that “dubstep,” is now just as broad a genre as heavy metal. When it started, it was far more minimalistic, spookier, more throbbing bass lines (I’m talkin’, like, the deepest of wubs), and barely any erratically arranged distorted synths. The unfairly cursory glances of dubstep’s harsher critics say that it all sounds the same, or it’s too abrasive, shit like that. Obviously, when you’re not actually paying attention, of course it’s all going to sound similar or the same.


The fact remains that Excision has run the dubstep gamut from the more original sound created by UK artists in the early aughts (possibly even the 90s, but I’m not 100% sure), to the more abrasive variation known as riddim; from the Skrillex-style brostep, to tenderly melodic and emotional, Excision has proven himself exceptional through and through in his evolution and experimentation. Finally, let me say a few things about all the phenomenal fuckin’ shit we’re about to have crammed in our ears.


As with every All-Star edition, I do a super deep dive into the career of the artists I feature. I found tracks that Excision himself probably fuckin’ forgot about. “The Village?” Yeah, that was lurking on a lonely little record label compilation (I think) called DUBLINE010. I only found that ‘cause I thoroughly combed through his Discogs page, and much to my great delight, it was actually on Spotify. Certainly wasn’t anywhere on his profile. “That Girl,” from Dubstep Meditations? Another track I had no idea existed. That one’s gorgeously chill right there. I could have thrown in a track or two that isn’t available on Spotify, but I didn’t want to differ too greatly from the playlist that I compiled. Speaking of which, let me just say here that I love my past self so much for saving my present self hours and hours and fucking HOURS of work.


Ya see, I used to acquire music at a much greater rate than I do these days, and many moons ago, I found a collection of Rottun Records’ singles and EPs. I didn’t really know most of the artists on there, but my curiosity was (and continues to be) such that it didn’t matter. If/whenever I got around to listening to it, if I didn’t care for it, oh fuckin’ well. If I did care for it, well then lucky fuckin’ me, right? Yeah, well, all that high-quality and high-frequency acquisition ended up saving me tons of hours I would have otherwise spent cutting, optimizing, tagging and bouncing 6½ hours worth of goddamn tracks. Anyway, yeah, very pleased with my past self for the first time in fuck knows how long. I’m seemingly notorious for all my poor decisions in life, but at least I did one thing right. Yay.


Speaking of poor decisions, you most acutely observant perverts might notice Datsik’s name on a number of these tracks. Yeah, without going too far into it, I don’t at all condone the actions he was accused of, and I do think his apology could have been better. That said, Excision worked with him on so much shit that I would be forced to exclude a ton of absolute bangers from this edition. I already excluded Vindicate, and that was one of my favorites from back when I first heard it on Saints Row IV. I think I even saw Datsik live before I got the chance to see Excision. Speaking of which, if you get the chance to see Excision live and you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and check out his show. Even if you plug your ears through the whole thing, it’s an absolute audiovisual extravaganza. But yeah, Datsik… I don’t know if there’s any coming back for him or not. Certainly not without an apology that addresses the issues specifically, but that might never happen considering the legal jeopardy that’d land him in.


All that said, the tracks with his name on them are not at all being included because of his contribution. I would just hate for this edition to be less than it could have been simply because one shithead made some terrible life decisions. Anyway, enough about him. You probably noticed there are a number of remixes here, some included and arranged along with the original for convenient A/B comparison whenever possible. I mean, I don’t know if any of y’all will appreciate that or find it annoying, but it’s something I would definitely appreciate as a listener, so there ya fuckin’ go. I’ve always been a bit on the fence about including remixes in All-Star editions because some of the best remixes ever made are damn near entirely new tracks, and they’re more indicative of the remixer’s talent than the original artist. That is true of some of these, but not all. There are a metric fuckton of remixes that people have done of Excision’s tracks, and only a handful of them are worth a second listen. Only an even smaller handful are actually better than the original tracks, in my opinion. Those are the remixes present here without the accompanying original track.


Mind you, I pretty much listened through Excision’s entire career for this edition. Excision doesn’t have any bad tracks in my opinion, some are just less memorable than others. Shit, that’s bound to happen in a career that spans 15 fuckin’ years. Speaking of which, I’m pretty sure I’ve included the very first track he ever released here called, “No Escape,” waaaay back in ’07. Feels like a goddamn eternity ago; I was such a profoundly different person back then. Time makes fools of us all, right? Yeah, yeah, I know. “Wrap this fucking intro up already, will ya?” I know this might come as a surprise to y’all, but ya see, I’m really just too fuckin’ much. I also threw all these tracks into Mixed In Key so I could organize the tracks to flow well harmonically, just like one would do with a legit DJ mix. Not that such an effort would even be appreciable to anyone without exceptionally trained ears, but yeah, I did that too. It’s not gonna be perfect, of course, but the effort was indeed made.


At long last, let me just say that virtually all of the artists featured in this edition, from the collaborators to the remixers and vocalists, you should look further into all of them and their material. Seriously, this is like a crème de la crème of All-Star editions, at least as far as dubstep goes. I should have done this edition ages ago, but Excision has the honor of being the first ever dubstep artist in the All-Star Series, and ever so well-deserved. With all that done did and muthafuckin’ said…





01 Excision - System Check (from Aftermatch EP) [00:07:09]


02 Excision - Exterminate (from Apex) [00:08:11]


03 Excision, Downlink - Headbanga (from Headbanga) [00:11:38]


04 Excision, Downlink - Resistance (from Resistance) [00:15:32]


05 Destroid - Annihilate (from Destroid - The Invasion) [00:19:52]


06 Excision, Subvert - Darkness (from Rude Symphony / Darkness) [00:24:55]


07 Excision, Kai Wachi - Demisaur (from Demisaur) [00:28:32]


08 Excision, Downlink - Existence VIP (from Existence EP) [00:32:00]


09 Destroid - Get Stupid (from Excision 2014 Mix Compilation) [00:35:54]


10 Destroid - Wasteland (from Destroid - The Invasion) [00:40:05]


11 Destroid - Wasteland (Barely Alive Remix) (from Destroid: The Invasion Remixes) [00:44:17]


12 Excision - Warning (from The Launch EP Part 6) [00:48:09]


13 Excision, Wooli - Evolution (feat. Sam King) (from Evolution EP) [00:53:21]


14 Excision, Datsik - 8-Bit Superhero (from X-Rated) [00:56:59]


15 Excision - Back to Life (feat. Sarah de Warren) (from Onyx) [01:01:50]


16 Excision, Datsik - 8-Bit Superhero (Eptic Remix) (from X-Rated (The Remixes)) [01:05:03]


17 Excision - Death Wish (feat. Sam King) (from Virus) [01:09:41]


18 Excision, Wooli - Erase You (feat. HALIENE) (from Subsidia Dawn: Vol. 1) [01:12:26]


19 Excision, Dion Timmer - Time Stood Still (from Breaking Through) [01:16:03]


20 Excision - Wake Up (feat. Sullivan King) (from Apex) [01:20:01]


21 Excision - Home (feat. Dion Timmer) (from Apex) [01:25:38]


22 Excision, Dion Timmer - Africa (from Virus) [01:29:28]


23 Excision - The Paradox (from Virus) [01:33:25]


24 Excision - The Paradox (Seven Lions & Dimibo Remix) (from Virus: The Remixes) [01:38:12]


25 Illenium, Excision - Feel Something (feat. I Prevail) (from Feel Something (feat. I Prevail)) [01:42:54]


26 Excision - G Shit (feat. Sam King) (from Virus) [01:46:31]


27 Band of Horses - The Funeral (Excision Remix) (from The Funeral (Excision Remix)) [01:50:09]


28 Excision - Drowning (feat. Akylla) (from Virus) [01:54:55]


29 Excision, Dion Timmer - End Of The World (feat. Donna Tella) (from Onyx) [01:58:39]


30 Excision vs. The SubDivision - Titanium (from Hypothermic EP) [02:02:16]


31 Excision - X-Rated (feat. Messinian) (from X-Rated) [02:08:13]


32 Excision - Neck Brace (from Virus) [02:12:34]


33 Excision, Dion Timmer - Hoods Up (feat. Messinian) (from Apex) [02:16:42]


34 Excision, Dion Timmer - Hoods Up (feat. Messinian) (Figure Remix) (from Textacy (Remixes)) [02:20:34]


35 Destroid - Raise Your Fist (from Destroid - The Invasion) [02:24:30]


36 Excision, Downlink - Crowd Control (Delta Heavy Remix) (from Rottun Recordings #BeatportDecade Dubstep) [02:29:11]


37 Excision - Sleepless (feat. Savvy) (from X-Rated) [02:33:36]


38 Excision, Savvy - Sleepless (Xilent Remix) (from X-Rated (The Remixes)) [02:38:55]


39 Excision - Her (from Virus) [02:43:56]


40 Excision, Illenium, Shallows - Gold (Stupid Love) (from Apex) [02:47:47]


41 Excision, Dion Timmer - Salvation (feat. Alexis Donn) (from Salvation) [02:52:36]


42 Excision - Die For You (feat. Akylla) (from Apex) [02:56:42]


43 Excision, Wooli, Trivecta - Oxygen (feat. Julianne Hope) (from Evolution EP) [03:00:33]


44 Excision, Downlink - Heavy Artillery (feat. Messinian) (from Heavy Artillery / Reploid) [03:04:12]


45 Excision, Downlink - Heavy Artillery (feat. Messinian) (SkisM Remix) (from Heavy Artillery / Reploid (Remixes)) [03:08:19]


46 Excision, PhaseOne - Demise (from Demise) [03:13:21]

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2022-11-07 (Flashback Edition: 2012-11-05 (Laughter Is An Instant Vacation Edition))

• November 7th, 2022

Hahahaha!! How's it goin', perverts?!  Welcome to the Laughter Is An Instant Vacation Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex!  This one's gonna be nothin' but comedy from start to finish and I won't bother interrupting the flow with all the silly bullshit I usually talk about like the artist names, track titles and album names and all that.  I'll leave that up to you if you're curious enough to find out.  All that info is right where you found this podcast to listen to anyway, and all the track titles are pertinent enough to make it really easy to figure out what you're listening to, so if you hear somethin' ya like, go further with it!  All these comics and comedic musical tracks are fuckin' fantastic and there's much more where all these came from, believe me.  Without any further ado, let's start this shit off right with one of the all-time comedic giants, George fuckin' Carlin!


01 George Carlin - The Laughter Reflex (from Carlin On Comedy)

02 Ren & Stimpy - Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy (from You Eediot!)

03 Mr. Mackey & The Kids Of South Park - It's Easy, Mmmkay (from South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut)

04 Chris Rock - Busboys, McDonalds and Minimum Wage (from Born Suspect)

05 Louie C.K. - Something Shitty Is Going To Happen (from Louie, Season 1, Episode 1)

06 Henry Rollins - Talk With Heidi May (from Harmony In My Head 2004)

07 George Carlin - Life's Little Moments (from Parental Advisory)

08 Bill Maher - Inky Dinky Don't (from New Rules: Polite Musings From A Timid Observer)

09 Bill Hicks - Fuck Artists Only (from Shock & Awe)

10 Unknown - Yogurt (from Misc. WAVs)

11 King Missile - Martin Scorcese (from Happy Hour)

12 Mitch Hedberg - Pop (from Mitch All Together)

13 George Carlin - Guys Named Todd (from Complaints & Grievances)

14 Doug Stanhope - Abortion Is Green (from Oslo: Burning The Bridge To Nowhere)

15 Doug Stanhope - Stomping Kittens (from Oslo: Burning The Bridge To Nowhere)

16 Richard Jeni - Marriage: Ointment Or Suppositories (from Greatest Bits)

17 Roy Zimmerman - Defenders Of Marriage (from Faulty Intelligence)

18 Henry Rollins - First On The List (from Talk Is Cheap, Vol. 4)

19 George Carlin - Little Things We Share (from Jammin' In New York)

20 Berkeley Systems - Tap Water (from You Don't Hear Jack!)

21 Juan Schwartz & The South Park Children's Choir - Dead, Dead, Dead (from Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics)

22 Chris Rock - Taxes (from Bigger & Blacker)

23 Tom Green - I Like Hooters (from Prepare For Impact)

24 King Missile III - The Little Sandwich That Got A Guilt Complex Because He Was The Sole Survivor Of A Horrible Bus Crash (from Failure)

25 Doug Stanhope - Live For Your Sins (from No Refunds)

26 Henry Rollins - Mandelaism (from Provoked)

27 Berkeley Systems - Black Market Baby Roadshow (from You Don't Hear Jack!)

28 Bill Hicks - Time To Evolve (from Philosophy: The Best Of Bill Hicks)

29 Richard Jeni - I Love Condoms (from Greatest Bits)

30 George Carlin - Stupid Bullshit (from It's Bad For Ya)

31 Mitch Hedberg - The Dufrenes (from Strategic Grill Locations)

32 Adam Sandler - At A Medium Pace (from They're All Gonna Laugh At You)

33 Ren & Stimpy - Don't Whiz On The Electric Fence (from You Eediot!)

34 Chris Rock - Rap Standup (from Never Scared)

35 Doug Stanhope - Marriage Is Gay (from Deadbeat Hero)

36 Roy Zimmerman - Creation Science 101 (from Faulty Intelligence)

37 George Carlin - The Planet Is Fine (from Jammin' In New York)

38 Richard Jeni - Porno: Stuff That Never Happens To You (from Greatest Bits)

39 Eric Cartman - Kyle's Mom's A Bitch (from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut)

40 Henry Rollins - New Age Blues (from Big Ugly Mouth)

41 Doug Stanhope - Blort (from Oslo: Burning The Bridge To Nowhere)

42 Adam Sandler - Ode To My Car (Love) (from What The Hell Happened To Me?)

43 Henry Rollins - Maturity (from A Rollins In The Wry)

44 Bill Hicks - The Sanctity Of Life (from Relentless)

45 George Carlin - Dumb Americans (from Life Is Worth Losing)

46 Richard Jeni - Masturbation "I'm The Best I've Ever Had" (from Greatest Bits)

47 Unknown - Cowboy Dick (from Misc. WAVs)

48 Ren & Stimpy - Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen (from You Eediot!)

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2022-10-31 (Ooo… Ooooo… Boo! Emo-fookin’-clew to the New Spoopity-Doopity-Doo µ(sic) to Screw Sue ’n’ Two Blue Statues To (on Halloween) in ’22 (Phew!) Edition)

• October 31st, 2022

Perverrrrts… Ooo… Ooooo… Boo! Emo-fookin’-clew to the New Spoopity-Doopity-Doo µ(sic) to Screw Sue ’n’ Two Blue Statues To (on Halloween) in ’22 (Phew!) Edition of Monday Morning Aural muthafuckin’ Sex! Yes, that entire asininity is the actual title. What the fuck, it’s muthafuckin’ Halloween, and you got a problem with that? I didn’t fuckin’ think so. As any of you weirdo-ass fucks like me who’ve been following me and my nonsense bullshit horsehocky foofaraw for the past year will know, these absurdly-named editions are just collections of new jams that I found. This one’s super spiffily specialface though, ‘cause it’s muthafuckin’ Halloween! This is the very first of my Halloween editions published precisely on October 31st.


In 10 years (on and off), I never did that shit. I coulda done it in 2016, but I started that lil 3 year hiatus in the summer of that year. I was way, way too mired in my fuckin’ darkness to give a fuck about sharing any music, let alone putting in the work of assembling a podcast. So hey, at least I’m righting that wrong now. By the way, fuck all the people who made that darkness even more profoundly viscous and vast than it already was/is. I hope I live long enough to spit on your graves, but I have far more significant hopes than that. Even as generally hopeless as shit tends to feel in this hideous, late-stage capitalistic hellscape with the looming threat of climate change, I still have hope there’s something better beyond the mountain of shit through which most of us are crawling. Present perspective is nothing if not pathetically limited, and often exacerbated by horrid mutations and distortions from the past, making the future typically seem miserably bleak at best. Or maybe that’s just me because I’m a psycho stupidface doo-doo brain. Ah well.


Have I mentioned that it’s Halloween?! Yes, and we have nearly 5 fuckin’ hours of new fucktacularity ahead of us this week. How-fuckin’-ever, there is a mighty asterisk beside that word, “new…” Ya see, I was selecting tracks all the way up ’til around 5 AM because I decided to stretch the definition of new a little bit. No doubt you astoundingly observant perverts have already noticed that there are quite a number of older songs on this list. Surely to fuck those can’t be new to me, right? Righty-o indeed you are. Those older tracks are either new to my Halloween editions, or new to the podcast entirely, but NOT new to my earballs. My sincerest apologies to either of the 1 or 2 listeners who may now be feeling bitterly deceived, but these older jams were just too fucktacular to exclude.


I should also mention that there’s no fuckin’ way in fuckin’ hell that I could have possibly included everything I would have liked to for this most fucktacular of Halloween editions. Any potentially glaring exclusions were most likely left out only because of the late hour at which this is (as fucking always) being produced, and/or the fact that I saw I had nearly 5 hours and decided to cut myself off. Very fitting for Halloween, ya know? I’ll spare you all (and myself) the usual seemingly endless fuckin’ yammering about this, that and the other track because it’s fuckin’ Halloween, and all these tracks ought to speak plenty well for themselves given that theme.


I will say, however, that whoever cut the tracks for the Mr. Nightmare stories on Spotify did one of the most nauseatingly atrocious editing jobs I’ve ever had the misfortune of experiencing. I can’t even excuse it by imagining that whoever did it was inexperienced, because even people who are completely new to audio editing would never cut tracks in the middle of words. Absolutely preposterous, especially since all the other aspects of the stories are perfectly fine, even rather well done down to the soundscapes and stingers they use to enhance the stories. Ah fuckin’ well, I fixed it so y’all won’t even notice a thing.


Aside from that, if you actually have any questions about any of the tracks (you won’t), feel free to ask (but again, you won’t). If you encounter a track you don’t like, fuckin’ skip that shit. The only fuckin’ weirdo freak maniac who can actually hang with every single one of these tracks (as far as I know) is me, so skip away, ya silly-ass muthafuckas. Should go without saying, but the more tracks I’ve included by XYZ artist here, the more highly I recommend them to you for further listenage. That is, if you can extract your head from the thrumming soundtrack in your anus long enough to take a suggestion or 40 from yours truly. I know, I know, I’m too fuckin’ much.


Anyway, Happy muthafuckin’ Halloween, and onward to this most gloriously spooptastic yojne!



01 The Bouncing Souls - Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight? (from Violent World: A Tribute To The Misfits) [00:03:31]


02 Dead Kennedys - Halloween (from Plastic Surgery Disasters/In God We Trust, Inc.) [00:05:26]


03 Harley Poe - Ima Killer (from Satan, Sex and No Regrets) [00:09:00]


04 Shinra Knives - keep the fuck away from me (from you will never see heaven) [00:12:52]


05 Architects - be very afraid (from the classic symptoms of a broken spirit) [00:16:17]


06 Ghastly - This Song Scares People (from This Song Scares People) [00:20:31]


07 Metallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Remastered) (from Master Of Puppets (Remastered Deluxe Box Set)) [00:22:30]


08 SWARM - The Nothing (from The Nothing) [00:28:54]


09 Ov Sulfur - Stained In Rot (from Stained In Rot) [00:34:13]


10 BANKS - And I Drove You Crazy (from Goddess (Deluxe)) [00:38:25]


11 Psyclon Nine - Behind A Serrated Grin (from INRI) [00:42:52]


12 Sons of Perdition - The Summoning (from Heathen Hof) [00:47:38]


13 Terra Genesis - Cult of the Damned (from Cult of the Damned) [00:50:22]


14 Eartha Kitt - I Want to Be Evil (from That Bad Eartha) [00:55:11]


15 Iron Maiden - The Evil That Men Do (2015 Remaster) (from Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (2015 Remaster)) [00:58:39]


16 Metallica - Jump In The Fire (Remastered) (from Kill ‘Em All (Deluxe Remaster)) [01:03:11]


17 SWARM - Take Me to Hell (from Take Me to Hell) [01:07:48]


18 Zardonic - Raise Hell (from Antihero) [01:12:48]


19 Ozzy Osbourne - Hellraiser (feat. Lemmy) (30th Anniversary Edition) (from No More Tears (30th Anniversary Expanded Edition)) [01:17:23]


20 Figure - The Cenobites (from Monsters 13) [01:22:15]


21 HIGHSOCIETY - Burn (feat. Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate) (from Burn (feat. Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate)) [01:25:37]


22 Graeme Revell - Inferno (from The Crow Original Score) [01:28:53]


23 Mr. Nightmare - 8 True Halloween Horror Stories (Pts. 3 & 4) (from 8 True Halloween Horror Stories) [01:33:53]


24 Zeds Dead - Fugue in D minor (from Spotify Singles) [01:37:12]


25 KoRn - My Gift to You (from Follow The Leader) [01:41:50]


26 Shinra Knives - Girl Missing (from Girl Missing) [01:48:56]


27 Cannibal Corpse - Entrails Ripped From a Virgin's Cunt (from Tomb Of The Mutilated) [01:53:08]


28 Creature Feature - A Gorey Demise (from The Greatest Show Unearthed) [01:57:21]


29 The Horrors - Against The Blade (from Against The Blade) [02:00:14]


30 Tokyo Machine - SLASH (from SLASH) [02:03:32]


31 Chimaira - Severed (from Pass Out Of Existence (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)) [02:07:38]


32 Sons of Perdition - Hallowed Blood from Hollow Beasts (from Heathen Hof) [02:10:53]


33 $uicideboy$ - Fuck Boy Blood Bath (from YUNGDEATHLILLIFE) [02:15:24]


34 Nighted - Bleed (from Absence) [02:17:22]


35 Dog Fashion Disco - Covered in Blood (from Ad Nauseam) [02:24:52]


36 Sons of Perdition - Cold Blood Congealing in a Dead Sparrow's Heart (from Heathen Hof) [02:29:25]


37 KoRn - Kill You (from Life Is Peachy) [02:31:36]


38 Clark - Strangled To Death In A Public Toilet (from The Last Panthers) [02:36:35]


39 Lorna Shore - Cursed to Die (from Pain Remains) [02:39:48]


40 The Berzerker - Death Reveals (from Dissimulate) [02:44:25]


41 Drumcorps - Dead to Me (from For the Living) [02:46:21]


42 iamjakehill, Josh A - Back From the Dead (from Back From the Dead) [02:50:28]


43 Acid Bath - New Death Sensation (from Paegan Terrorism Tactics) [02:52:45]


44 Dog Fashion Disco - A Corpse Is a Corpse (from Erotic Massage) [02:59:15]


45 The Berzerker - Massacre (from The Berzerker) [03:04:05]


46 KoRn - Dead Bodies Everywhere (from Follow The Leader) [03:07:32]


47 Derek Fiechter, Brandon Fiechter - Pumpkin Carnival (from Pumpkin Carnival) [03:12:17]


48 Mr. Nightmare - Trick-or-Treating Horror Stories (Pts. 3 & 4) (from 3 True Trick-or-Treating Horror Stories) [03:15:55]


49 Type O Negative - Haunted (from October Rust) [03:20:34]


50 Metallica - All Nightmare Long (from Death Magnetic) [03:30:42]


51 Paul Wiley - Terrifier 2022 (from Terrifier 2 OST) [03:38:36]


52 Figure, Contakt - Camp Terror (from Monsters 13) [03:40:44]


53 Ozzy Osbourne - Shot in the Dark (from The Ultimate Sin) [03:44:03]


54 Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark (2015 Remaster) (from Fear of the Dark (2015 Remaster)) [03:48:11]


55 Allen Mock, Chow Chow - Phantom (Haunted Version) (feat. Tokyo's Revenge) (from Phantom (Haunted Version) (feat. Tokyo's Revenge)) [03:55:22]


56 Metallica - Phantom Lord (Remastered) (from Kill ‘Em All (Deluxe Remaster)) [03:58:00]


57 Sons of Perdition - The Shadow of the Undertaker (from The Dissolution Orphans) [04:02:57]


58 SIPPY - Ghosts (from Ghosts) [04:06:25]


59 Shinra Knives - spook knowledge (from you will never see heaven) [04:08:43]


60 Metallica - Of Wolf And Man (from Metallica) [04:10:45]


61 Nita Strauss - The Wolf You Feed (feat. Alissa White-Gluz) (from The Wolf You Feed (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)) [04:14:59]


62 Psyclon Nine - Parasitic (from Crwn Thy Frnicatr) [04:18:51]


63 Polkadot Cadaver - Bloodsucker (from Sex Offender) [04:23:37]


64 Basil Rathbone - The Raven (from Basil Rathbone & Vincent Price Read Edgar Allan Poe Stories & Poems) [04:27:34]


65 Lorna Shore - ...And I Return to Nothingness (from ...And I Return to Nothingness - EP) [04:35:51]

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2022-10-24 (Horrorcore Edition)

• October 24th, 2022

Mwahahaha! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the inaugural Horrorcore Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! That’s right, the very first of its name, although the Psychopathic Family editions I’ve done in years previous were certainly crammed to the fuckin’ brim with horrorcore shit. Mind you, there were also a bunch of rock & metal tracks, more political hip-hop, stuff that’s significantly outside the defining characteristics of the horrorcore genre. So, what the everloving fuck is horrorcore, you might ask? Well, it’s hip-hop (or rap, depending who you’re talking to) that has some sort of horror element to it. Thus, you can have artists who don’t brand themselves explicitly as horrorcore who sometimes make horrorcore tracks. You also have horrorcore artists who don’t conform to that genre’s definition 100% of the time because, well, artists are allowed to evolve and experiment. If you disagree, that’s fine; you have every right to be a myopic, boring-ass fuckin’ imbecile. I don’t think the ILL Bill track I included is 100% horrorcore either, but it’s close enough because it’s absolute lava, and it features Max Cavalera & Immortal Technique, so…


So, I looked up horrorcore on Wikipedia for the first time ever, and I found a number of artists referenced about whom I’d never even heard. I knew about Insane Poetry & Brotha Lynch Hung, but I had no idea that they were pioneers in the genre. Esham, of course, Gravediggaz, I knew them fairly well. Never heard of Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde outside of the novel, movie, musical, etc. Never heard of Ganksta Nip either, and I’d never considered that Geto Boys had actually done a bit of pioneering for horrorcore as well. I knew that ICP covered their epic track, Assassins, and we’ll be hearing the two versions back to back a little later on. All in all, this edition was really fun and enlightening to put together. Also, I ought to mention that it seems quite a number of people on Spotify think of Ghostemane and artists similar to him as horrorcore… Not so sure about that, but I’m not against it either, so I threw in a number of tracks in that style. Neo-horrorcore, maybe? I don’t fuckin’ know. Genres can certainly evolve along with the artists who catalyze it with their experimentation, or it could simply be a more passive, collective redefinition that happens over whatever amount of time.


I was initially dismissive of stuff like $uicideboy$ because of the short track lengths and my generally longer attention span, but I’ve found some stuff I like. I used to lament short attention spans more than I do now; I just have much more important shit to lament. I guess that’s growing up, or something. Anyway, as I mentioned earlier about the Psychopathic Family editions, we’ll be hearing a ton of tracks from those. Insane Clown Posse, ICP, they were my introduction to horrorcore back in ’98. My love for them drove me to discover all sorts of awesome shit, so I’m definitely including a bunch of their stuff in here. Same goes for Twiztid, although I wasn’t as into them initially; I’m actually more into them now than ICP, but it’s still all love on both sides for me. Also, I don’t usually include the more popular tracks from artists, but since this is the inaugural Horrorcore Edition, I had to throw in ICP’s epic track, “Chicken Huntin’,” for how massively that one track expanded their fanbase. That’s a bonafide juggalo classic right there, and the skit that precedes it is still funny as fuck.


Anyway, not a whole hell of a lot that’s brand new in this, but this is just the first of hopefully many additional volumes. I will say that there are a number of tracks on here that you can’t find on Spotify, or much of anywhere these days. That definitely goes for the Molly Gruesome jams. Haven’t talked to her in almost 10 years, but I still love and miss her a lot. She was/is really talented, and I hope wherever she is that she’s enjoying her life retired from music. Also, the track by Esham & ICP called Migraine Headache is a bit of a rare one now because the album it’s from isn’t on Spotify. Such a shame ‘cause that track is an absolute head banger, as well one should expect it to be with such a name.


Don’t have a whole fuckin’ ton of other shit to say that needs sayin’ at this point, so without further muthafuckin’ ado, let us commence… ze yojne.



01 Oh! the Horror - Halloween 365 (Remix) (feat. Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Young Wicked, Boondox, The R.O.C., Lex the Hex Master, Rapper REDD) (from Halloween 365 (Remix)) [00:02:42]


02 Molly Gruesome - Kill Bill (from reverbnation.com/mollygruesome) [00:06:54]


03 Princess Nokia - Welcome to the Circus (from Everything Sucks) [00:09:57]


04 Insane Clown Posse - The Show Must Go On (from Riddle Box) [00:11:47]


05 Insane Clown Posse - Chicken Huntin’ (Slaughter House Mix) (from Riddle Box) [00:16:54]


06 The Killjoy Club - Surprize (from Reindeer Games) [00:20:36]


07 Twiztid - Kill Somebody (from The Continuous Evilution of Life's ?’s) [00:25:17]


08 Ho99o9 - BITE MY FACE (FEAT. COREY TAYLOR) (from SKIN) [00:30:37]


09 Alla Xul Elu - Mask Made Me Do It (from Mauxuleum) [00:33:43]


10 Twiztid - Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (from W.I.C.K.E.D.) [00:36:45]


11 Insane Clown Posse - I Don’t Care (feat. Twiztid) (from The Pendulum) [00:41:08]


12 ILL Bill - War Is My Destiny (feat. Max Cavalera & Immortal Technique) (from The Hour Of Reprisal) [00:44:53]


13 Smallz One - Process of Elimination (from Process of Elimination) [00:47:58]


14 Twiztid - They Told Me (from W.I.C.K.E.D.) [00:50:22]


15 Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde - Transformation (7" Single Version) (from Profile Singles) [00:53:24]


16 Brotha Lynch Hung - Locc 2 Da Brain (from Season of Da Siccness: The Resurrection) [00:58:05]


17 Princess Nokia - Crazy House (from Everything Sucks) [01:03:29]


18 Ganksta Nip - Psycho (from The South Park Psycho) [01:06:17]


19 Twiztid - Unstoppable (from Abominationz (Monoxide)) [01:10:36]


20 Insane Clown Posse - Scatter Brain (from Eye Of The Storm) [01:15:09]


21 Esham - Migraine Headache (feat. Insane Clown Posse) (from Acid Rain) [01:18:13]


22 Kung Fu Vampire - Duality (feat. Twiztid) (from Look Alive) [01:21:10]


23 Gravediggaz - Diary of a Madman (from 6 Feet Deep) [01:25:31]


24 Maggie Lindemann, Siiickbrain - GASLIGHT! (from PARANOIA) [01:30:04]


25 Ashnikko - Halloweenie IV: Innards (from Halloweenie IV: Innards) [01:32:32]


26 7xvn - BOOGEYMAN (from BOOGEYMAN) [01:35:17]


27 Insane Clown Posse - Wretched (from Wretched) [01:38:10]


28 Josh A, Iamjakehill - Pennywise (from Better off Dead) [01:41:31]




30 Dark Lotus - Villainous (from The Mud, Water, Air and Blood) [01:45:45]


31 Twiztid - Neon Vamp (feat. Dani Filth) (from Neon Vamp) [01:49:31]


32 Boondox - Monster (from Abaddon) [01:52:38]


33 Lo Key, KruX 1, BatiBatt - GODZILLA (from GODZILLA) [01:56:20]


34 G-Mo Skee - Bring Em to Life (from Bring Em to Life) [01:59:48]


35 Lucifena - Luci In The Sky (from Intoxicated / Luci In The Sky) [02:02:34]


36 Twiztid - In Hell (from The Darkness) [02:05:15]


37 Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Blaze Up (from Clockwork Gray) [02:09:46]


38 Dark Lotus - Hallucinations (Bonus Track) (from The Opaque Brotherhood) [02:12:39]


39 Death Tour, nascar aloe - Fucked Up (from Blood Pact) [02:15:51]


40 PRINCESSBRI - Fucked Up! (from Little Baby Bitch) [02:17:18]


41 Dark Lotus - Hurt Myself (from Tales From The Lotus Pod (Original Version)) [02:21:45]


42 Zhariah - Metal, Whips, & Chains (feat. Breezy Supreme) (from Metal, Whips, & Chains) [02:24:36]


43 Twiztid - Barely Surviving (Ride or Die) (from The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?’s) [02:29:29]


44 Insane Clown Posse - Fuck The World (from The Amazing Jeckel Brothers) [02:33:55]


45 IC3PEAK - This World Is Sick (from This World Is Sick) [02:37:38]


46 Madd Maxxx - Decline of Mankind (from Sick Hop) [02:39:26]


47 Dark Lotus - Keep Up (from The Opaque Brotherhood) [02:44:02]


48 Inner City Posse - Ghetto Zone (from Dog Beats) [02:48:01]


49 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - A Nightmare on My Street (from He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper) [02:53:59]


50 Kung Fu Vampire - Nightmare Walkin' (feat. Bunny Chiba) (from Love Bites) [02:58:40]


51 Insane Clown Posse - Out (from The Terror Wheel) [03:02:09]


52 Malaria, DurtE, Playboy The Beast - Vocal Distortion (from Virunet) [03:06:34]


53 The Flatlinerz - Live Evil (from U.S.A.) [03:11:05]


54 OmenXIII - LIVE FAST DIE SLOW (feat. Travis Barker) (from LIVE FAST DIE SLOW (feat. Travis Barker)) [03:14:51]


55 Oh! the Horror, Blaze Ya Dead Homie - D.R.E.A.M.) [03:17:07]


56 Boondox - Death of a Hater (feat. Jamie Madrox) (from Krimson Creek) [03:19:48]


57 Insane Clown Posse - Dead Body Man (from Riddle Box) [03:25:21]


58 Twiztid - Diemuthafuckadie! (Uncensored) (from Mostasteless) [03:29:35]


59 The Dayton Family - Kill (from Charges of Indictment) [03:33:32]


60 Anybody Killa - Kill Me (from Hatchet Warrior) [03:36:59]


61 Smallz One - Kill Or Be Killed (feat. Scum) (from The Diary of A Black Widow) [03:39:12]


62 Insane Clown Posse - Piggy Pie (Old School) (from Forgotten Freshness Vol. 2) [03:41:52]


63 Geto Boys - Assassins (from Making Trouble) [03:46:15]


64 Insane Clown Posse - Assassins (from The Amazing Jeckel Brothers) [03:46:15]


65 Esham - Boom! (feat. Violent J) (from Repentance) [03:55:42]


66 Brotha Lynch Hung - Stabbed (feat. Tech N9ne & Hopsin) (from Mannibalector) [03:59:07]


67 Hopsin - Rip Your Heart Out (feat. Tech N9ne) (from Knock Madness) [04:03:09]


68 clipping. - Body & Blood (from CLPPNG) [04:06:58]


69 Twiztid - Murder, Murder, Murder (from Mostasteless) [04:11:26]


70 Insane Clown Posse - Murder Go Round (from Ringmaster) [04:14:43]


71 The Dayton Family - Murder City (from Charges of Indictment) [04:20:21]


72 Insane Poetry - 12 Strokes To Midnight (from History: Rare & Unreleased) [04:23:35]


73 Insane Clown Posse - Night Of The Axe (from Carnival of Carnage) [04:27:42]


74 Insane Clown Posse - The Night Of The 44 (from The Wraith: Hell's Pit) [04:32:42]


75 Mars - Creatures of the Night (feat. Tech N9ne & Twiztid) (from Creatures of the Night (feat. Tech N9ne & Twiztid)) [04:35:42]


76 Scythe Gang 666 - AK-47 (from AK-47) [04:39:37]


77 The Underground Avengers - Exit Wounds (feat. Ajax, F-Dux, GrewSum, Jason Porter, Kidcrusher, Kung Fu Vampire, Liquid Assassin, Mars, Psycho Jesus, Ronnie Blaze, Scum, Sutter Kain, The R.O.C. & Whitney Peyton) (from Apollyon Edition) [04:41:51]


78 Project Born - The Graveyard (feat. Insane Clown Posse) (from Born Dead) [04:50:46]


79 Dark Lotus - Graverobbers (from Psychopathics From Outer Space 2) [04:56:51]


80 Ghostemane, Parv0 - I duckinf hatw you (from HUMAN ERR0R) [05:00:58]


81 Twiztid - 4get U (feat. Ekoh & Young Wicked) (from 4get U) [05:02:55]


82 $uicideboy$, Denzel Curry - Ultimate $Uicide (from Eternal Grey) [05:07:29]


83 Torchfvce, Ghostemane - Suicidal Disciples (from Undergrounds Most Hated) [05:10:17]


84 Josh A, Iamjakehill - Suicidal Thoughts (from Better Off Dead) [05:14:53]


85 Molly Gruesome - I'm A Ghost (from Spitfire) [05:17:51]


86 Alla Xul Elu - L.I.F.E. (from Mauxuleum) [05:21:29]


87 Dopesic - Dark Waves (from Dark Matter) [05:24:25]


88 Parv0, Ghostemane, Zubin - Broken (from S.W.I.M.) [05:26:23]


89 CHVSE - Blackout (from Blackout) [05:29:08]


90 The Flatlinerz - Channel 666 (from 666ix: Chapter 3) [05:32:47]


91 Charlie Day - Dayman (from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) [05:33:22]

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2022-10-17 (Lo-Fi Beats To Which One May Spoop & Devour Souls Edition)

• October 17th, 2022

Hhhhow the stuff go things and fuck, motherfuckers? Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the Lo-Fi Beats To Which One May Spoop & Devour Souls Edition. You may notice that I didn’t end the name with the typical “to,” preposition. Yeah, it’s a pretty common thing to see these days, and I’m not a huge fan of it, but I also can’t be bothered to do much about it. Thus, all 5 or 6 previous Lo-Fi editions of mine ended with it. Doesn’t fuckin’ matter except to word nerds like me, but whatever. It’s also my fuckin’ podcast. Sooo, in continuing with the spoopiness of the month, I went out in search of Halloween Lo-Fi. I had no idea how much of it I’d find. Not nearly enough, in my opinion, but definitely way more than I expected.


Also came to the realization that a lot of old Silent Hill soundtrack favorites of mine could neatly fit in this most spoopiest of lo-fi editions here, despite not exactly conforming to all the typical sounds of the genre. Same goes for the fantastic Teargas & Plateglass tracks. That album, Black Triage, that one’s actually on my personal 1,001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die list. Great, great shit right there. Definitely puts you in a dark headspace. A more foreboding one than would be expected from the drudgery of everyday survival, to be sure. It’s more of a headspace from which one could draw inspiration, in my opinion. Also a couple tracks from the lovely Catherine soundtrack. Really need to play more of that fuckin’ game. Shit’s got like 12 fuckin’ endings, and the achievements are kinda brutal, but I’m up for the likely maddening challenge.


All you Office fans ought to keep your ears peeled for Halloween Office Party. A few great samples plugged into that jam. A fuckin’ Massive Attack track from way fuckin’ back. I’ve loved them since the late 90s, I think. Haven’t played much of them lately, but they’ll always have a special place in my cold, black, little heart. Probably ought to do an All-Star Series for Tricky at some point, too. Saaaame goes for Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. A beautiful cut off his instrumental Ghosts I-IV album, or albums. I wonder if the stems for that album are still lurking out there on the net, ‘cause I’d love to remix them at some point between now and the end of time.


A number of awesome Stranger Things-themed tracks this week as well. I’ve got nothin’ but love for that series. A rare Hocus Pocus track here, too. I have a feeling that might be the only Hocus Pocus lo-fi out there unless one were to scour Soundcloud. Who knows what lurks in that chaotic mire? I’ve found some real great shit there, myself. Also another lo-fi version of Moonlight Sonata here, because why the fuck not. Kind of impossible to get sick of that song, I think. Lastly, I ought to mention that Akira Yamaoka is a huge inspiration to me. Many have been the times that I’ve listened to Silent Hill soundtracks and written my stupid little poetry bullshit. Room of Angel on the Silent Hill 4 soundtrack was one of two tracks that inspired my, “…God, Those Pearly Whites,” piece. The other was a Traci Lords track called Father’s Field that still gives me chills when I listen to it. Anyway, if ever I were to compose music and/or sound effects for a horror game, Akira Yamaoka would certainly be cited as an influence.


All that silly horsehockey out of the way, let’s start this most spoopiest of lo-fi editions with an atmospheric and (frankly) barely lo-fi track from my cousin (not really), 0 0 0 (or Triple-O). Yyyyyojne!



01 0 0 0 - LIMBO (from SACRIFICE) [00:02:26]


02 Akira Yamaoka - Maternal Heart (from Silent Hill 3 OST) [00:05:21]


03 Estugarda, BluntOne - Don't look back (from Lava) [00:08:17]


04 Lofi Munk Music, hackhackhaxk - You're Not Alone (from Spooky Beats) [00:10:21]


05 Akira Yamaoka - Walk on Vanity Ruins (from Silent Hill 3 OST) [00:12:44]


06 sftspkn, Esydia - after hours (from City Nights) [00:15:23]


07 Lazy Vibes - Nightfall (from Nightfall) [00:17:17]


08 In Love With a Ghost - I Was Feeling Down, I Found a Nice Witch and We're Friends (from Healing) [00:20:07]


09 Akira Yamaoka - Dance With Night Wind (from Silent Hill 3 OST) [00:23:55]


10 Turtls - Halloween Office Party (from Lofi Halloween Mix) [00:29:14]


11 lofi.tv, lofi.remixes - Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) [lofi vocal remix] (from if Netflix made lofi…) [00:30:38]


12 Howtodie, mariussax - another world (from another world) [00:32:39]


13 Luna Lofi - Silent Hill Theme (Lofi) (from Horror Lofi (Collection I)) [00:34:47]


14 Cornerian Flight Academy - Spooky Lofi (from Ghosty Beats) [00:37:22]


15 Nine Inch Nails - 09 Ghosts I (from Ghosts I-IV) [00:39:23]


16 Closed on Sunday - this is halloween ~ the nightmare before christmas lofi (from this is halloween ~ the nightmare before christmas lofi) [00:42:09]


17 Teargas & Plateglass - One Day Across the Valley (from Black Triage (Bonus Track Version)) [00:43:34]


18 Dosi - Spooky Forest (from Spooky Forest) [00:49:08]


19 Patrick Moon Bird - Moonlight Densetsu (Remix) (from Moonlight Densetsu (Remix)) [00:51:01]


20 Akira Yamaoka - Null Moon (from Silent Hill 2 OST) [00:52:55]


21 LoFiPøwder - Halloween LoFi Nightmares (from Halloween LoFi Nightmares) [00:55:43]


22 Homework Radio - Fear Street (from Fear Street) [00:57:34]


23 Jerry ZZZ - Nightsky (For cats) (from 3 AM) [00:59:58]


24 Turtls - Old Black Magic Lofi (Remix) (from Lofi Halloween Mix) [01:04:35]


25 Luna Lofi - Come, Little Children (Hocus Pocus Lofi) (from Horror Lofi Collection II (Halloween Edition)) [01:06:48]


26 Teargas & Plateglass - L'Hopital de Martyrs (from Black Triage (Bonus Track Version)) [01:09:17]


27 Akira Yamaoka - Into The Depths Of Self Discovery (from Silent Hill 4 -The Room- OST) [01:13:55]


28 Ryuu, Sineg - Moonset (from Moonset) [01:16:46]


29 Soulone Beats - Sunset (from Sunset) [01:18:35]


30 Akiarashi - Spirits (from Akiarashi) [01:20:51]


31 Jake Giddens - Follow the Moonlight (from Lofi Halloween) [01:22:48]


32 Masked Man, G o $ h a, Dyylan - forest lamp spirit (from Lo-Fi Essentials Vol. 1) [01:23:53]


33 WYS - The Mansion (from Halloween Night) [01:26:51]


34 DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World (from Endtroducing…..) [01:29:23]


35 Lucie Cravero, Hokø - Ghost Mansion (from Ghost Mansion) [01:34:14]


36 Massive Attack - Weather Storm (from Protection) [01:36:16]


37 OVXX - why do i exist lol (from you’re overthinking it) [01:41:12]


38 eevee - im lost in a world that doesn't exist (from ep unknown) [01:43:59]


39 RdBeats, nevo. - Insomnia (from A Lofi Chill Halloween) [01:46:07]


40 Akira Yamaoka - Nightmarish Waltz (from Silent Hill 4 -The Room- OST) [01:48:12]


41 Devseb - Her Lips, Her Shape, Her Eyes (from About That Night) [01:51:16]


42 Funcc., Hakaisu - By the Wood Fire (from Equanimity 2020) [01:56:02]


43 Emily Ferrell - That One Nostalgic Halloween Night (from Halloween Lofi Mix) [01:57:40]


44 Jake Giddens - Lofi Halloween (from Lofi Halloween) [02:01:07]


45 Purrple Cat - Midnight Snack (from 2 Am. Study Session) [02:02:00]


46 A.T.P. - The Dark Side (from The Upside Down) [02:05:04]


47 sunday together - evening ghost (from evening ghost) [02:07:12]


48 Plastic Patina - Ghosts With Heartbeats (from Ghosts With Heartbeats) [02:09:55]


49 City Girl - Phantom Embrace (from Somnolent Nova) [02:12:40]


50 L'Indécis - Ghostown (from Bombed in the Blunt Shelter) [02:15:55]


51 アトラスサウンドチーム - Silent Sheep (from Catherine & Catherine Full Body Soundtrack Set) [02:18:44]


52 Louie Zong - Ghost Choir (from Ghost Choir) [02:21:06]


53 DJ Shadow - What Does Your Soul Look Like - Pt. 4 (from Endtroducing…..) [02:22:38]


54 lofi.tv, lofi.remixes - Stranger Things Theme (Lofi Version) (from TV Theme Songs (LoFi Vol. 2)) [02:27:37]


55 Jfbm - Eleven (from The Upside Down) [02:29:12]


56 Luna Lofi - American Horror Story Theme (Lofi) (from Horror Lofi (Collection I)) [02:31:18]


57 My Life, Pursuing - Jack-O'-Lanterns (from Halloween) [02:33:42]


58 Emily Ferrell - Witchy (Halloween Lofi Mix) [02:35:52]


59 My Life, Pursuing - Trick Or Treat (from Halloween) [02:37:51]


60 Pauliq - Revenge Is Not My Girlfriend (from Revenge Is Not My Girlfriend) [02:39:55]


61 アトラスサウンドチーム - On the Lamb, Between and On the Lamb, Between Male and Female (from Catherine & Catherine Full Body Soundtrack Set) [02:43:27]


62 Socrab, 7&Nine - Night Ride (from Night Ride) [02:45:33]


63 steezy prime, Swink - October Nights (from A Lofi Chill Halloween) [02:47:54]


64 A L E X, Kendall Miles, Idealism - Last October (from Hollow Moon) [02:50:02]


65 Lofi Waves - October (from Fall) [02:52:21]


66 w00ds - October (from Fall EP) [02:54:54]


67 sonka - Spirits (from Spirits) [02:57:35]


68 B-Side - When Streets Are Empty (from When Streets Are Empty) [03:00:02]


69 Shierro, Ale Fillman - Trespassing (from Trespassing) [03:02:51]


70 Board-Man - Thriller (from Thriller) [03:05:30]


71 lofi.tv, lofi.remixes - Halloween Main Theme (Lofi Version) (from Halloween Theme Songs (LoFi Vol. 1)) [03:07:47]


72 Calenaur, RetraxBeats - Bloodmoon (from Bloodmoon) [03:10:08]


73 Less Gravity - Still Raining, but More Softly Now (from Part-Time Dreams) [03:12:34]


74 Nicobé - Unsaid (from Eardrops) [03:14:37]


75 Thrupence - How to Be Invisible (from Piano Works) [03:17:49]


76 Melodysheep - A Sound from the Void (from The Music of Sound) [03:20:51]


77 ChilledMage - Moonlight Sonata (LoFi Version) (from Moonlight Sonata (LoFi Version)) [03:23:09]


78 eevee - I wonder if we're dead (from ep seeds) [03:27:23]

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2022-10-10 (Vantablack & Neon Edition Vol. 666)

• October 10th, 2022

Yoooo, what up the fuck is, motherfuckers and fuckermothers?! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to a very special installment of the Vantablack & Neon Edition. That’s right, muthafuckas, I’m talkin’ ‘bout volume six-hundred-sixty-muthafuckin’-six! I mean, not reeeeally. Shit, I haven’t even done 600 fuckin’ editions of this podcast altogether yet. No, no, it’s volume 666 because all of us with functioning genitals and brains are celebrating the muthafuckin’ season of spoop, and who could be fuckin’ spoopier than Satan? He’s pretty much the king of spoop, ya know? Certainly so if you spent most of your life believing the silly bullshit fables of Christianity. Me, I outgrew that a long time ago when I decided to stop feeling guilt for doing shit that felt good. Pretty fuckin’ simple, axe-cially.


But hey, you didn’t press play to hear a fuckhead extraordinaire such as myself yammer on about religion. You came for fucktacular wiggly air, and fucktacular wiggly air we shall yojne soon. For those uninitiated, the Vantablack & Neon editions are made up of goth & industrial shit (veering liberally beyond genre boundaries, I might add), and synthwave/retrowave/bananawave, you know the shit. Think of the intro music to Stranger Things and you basically got the idea of synthwave. Goth is more like darker and slower punk, and good lord are women vocalists better than the men in that genre. Industrial just uses more pulsating drums, more distorted vocals, typically some sort of driving melody. Honestly though, all of these aforementioned genres have their subgenres, and artists are always evolving in unpredictable directions that bend and break the more typical elements of their genres.


Also, I ought to mention that only a handful of these tracks are from older editions. Some are just classic tracks that I felt like throwing in. I’m not 100% sure right now because I’m not yet done cutting tracks, but I’m pretty sure this shit is going to be around 5 ½ hours. What in the ever-loving fuck can I say? I just get carried the fuck away with certain editions, and some of the tracks that fit the Vantablack theme are ones that I’ve been listening to for damn near 30 fuckin’ years. I was kinda raised on the shit, although neither of my parents could ever hang w/ it. There were some good times with my dad at Manson shows in the late 90s, but I can’t with Manson anymore. On a similar note, I was going to include the fantastic track After Dark by Mr.Kitty on this edition, and then I found out what he did. Sooo yeah, can’t be supporting him either now. Look it up if you’re curious.


All that shit done did and fuckin’ said, let us commence this preciously spoopy fuckin’ yojne!



01 Fixions - Yajna (from Requiem for the Serpents World) [00:01:48]


02 Stabbing Westward - Everyday is Halloween (Ministry cover) (from Hallowed Hymns) [00:06:21]


03 Christine - Death On Wheels Part I (from Death On Wheels) [00:10:42]


04 Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod (feat. Gibby Haynes) (from Psalm 69) [00:16:00]


05 Raydar - Satan (from Evil Squad) [00:20:51]


06 Alice Glass - STILLBIRTH (from STILLBIRTH) [00:26:17]


07 We Are Magonia - Satanic Worship (from Apocalypse) [00:29:02]


08 Mala Sangre - Fear is your Only God (from Fear is your Only God) [00:33:39]


09 Hotcaller, Who's The Killer - The Devil Asked For Acid (from The Devil Asked For Acid) [00:37:53]


10 Mushroomhead - Qwerty (from The Righteous & The Butterfly) [00:42:06]


11 Volkor X - Masked Death (from This Means War) [00:45:31]


12 Poppy - Scary Mask (from Scary Mask) [00:51:32]


13 Fixions - We Are Ghouls (from Genocity) [00:54:30]


14 Deathpact - SPLIT PERSONALITY (from SPLIT // PERSONALITY PT. 02) [00:57:52]


15 Mega Drive - Maniac (from Rewind) [01:02:21]


16 SKYND - Armin Meiwes (from Armin Meiwes) [01:08:11]


17 VHS Glitch - Mind of a Maniac (from They Made Me an Animal) [01:12:19]


18 Gary Numan - My Name Is Ruin (from Savage (Songs from a Broken World)) [01:15:37]


19 Tokyo Rose, Social Kid - Forever (from Forever) [01:21:49]


20 :Wumpscut: - Kill That Little Fuck (from Women and Satan First) [01:26:40]


21 Raydar - Murder Music (from Evil Squad II) [01:32:03]


22 Suicide Commando - Bind, Torture, Kill (from Bind, Torture, Kill) [01:36:22]


23 Daniel Deluxe - Soul Siphon (from Corruptor) [01:42:20]


24 S Y Z Y G Y X - Kill the Pain (from Is That All There Is) [01:46:17]


25 Dance With the Dead - Out of Body (from Out of Body) [01:51:12]


26 Nine Inch Nails - Burn (from Natural Born Killers OST) [01:56:04]


27 Cluster Buster - The Bodycount Continues (from Total Terror) [02:01:03]


28 ZAND - I Spit On Your Grave (from I Spit On Your Grave) [02:05:01]


29 Mega Drive - Acid Spit (from 198XAD) [02:08:39]


30 Icon Of Coil - Dead Enough For Life (from Machines Are Us) [02:13:15]


31 Perturbator - Venger (feat. Greta Link) (from The Uncanny Valley) [02:18:16]


32 MORIS BLAK - Candyman (from Candyman) [02:23:24]


33 Dance With the Dead, Elliot Sloan - Red Moon (from Loved to Death) [02:27:09]


34 Skinny Puppy - KIlling Game (from Last Rights) [02:31:24]


35 Hollywood Burns - Scherzo No. 5 in Death Minor (from Invaders) [02:35:08]


36 Genitorturers - Terrorvision (from Sin City) [02:39:49]


37 Perturbator - Nightmare Interlude (from Terror 404) [02:44:27]


38 Danny Elfman, Trent Reznor - Native Intelligence (Ghostemane Natural Selection Remix) (from Native Intelligence (Ghostemane Natural Selection Remix)) [02:46:42]


39 Raydar - Trick R Treat (from Evil Squad) [02:50:13]


40 Suicide Commando - Hellraiser (Psychopath 01 Version) (from Mindstrip) [02:58:58]


41 Christine, NEUS - Howling Terror (from Echoes from Dawn) [03:03:54]


42 Kill Shelter, Antipole - Buried Deep (from Asylum) [03:07:50]


43 Nightstop - Synthax Terror (from Streetwalker) [03:13:23]


44 Flesh Field - The Collapse (from Strain) [03:17:41]


45 Nightcrawler - Blood Rage (from Beware of the Humans) [03:22:09]


46 ZKULLZ - In the Blood (from In the Blood) [03:26:21]


47 Jeremiah Kane - Streets of NeoAngeles (from Neoangeles) [03:29:58]


48 Code Orange - Out For Blood (from Out For Blood) [03:35:24]


49 VHS Glitch - Carved (from Carved) [03:39:02]


50 Icon Of Coil - Love As Blood (from The Soul Is In The Software) [03:44:16]


51 Orax - Spirit (from Deeper) [03:49:50]


52 Julia Romana - Blood Be Fluid (from Blood Be Fluid) [03:55:14]


53 VHS Glitch - Chainsaw Slasher (from Halloween Strangers) [03:58:54]


54 Mindless Faith - The Thirst (from Just Defy) [04:03:25]


55 Daniel Deluxe - Corruptor (from Corruptor) [04:08:23]


56 Nurzery [Rhymes] - Sick Little Bitch (from Injections) [04:12:34]


57 Sinoia Caves - 1983 (Main Theme) (from Beyond The Black Rainbow OST) [04:15:45]


58 Contracult Collective - WDYT (from A Cult Of Opposition) [04:18:56]


59 Occams Laser - Illumination (from Ascension) [04:22:31]


60 Orgy - Pantomime (from Candyass) [04:27:28]


61 Vandal Moon - Young. Deadly. Beautiful. (from Young. Deadly. Beautiful.) [04:31:53]


62 HEALTH - NEW COKE (from DEATH MAGIC) [04:35:26]


63 Terra Genesis - Crystalmancy (from Aurorium) [04:39:03]


64 Rammstein - Klavier (from Sehnsucht) [04:43:15]


65 Ghost Twin - Saturn Swallows the Sun (from Plastic Heart) [04:47:35]


66 Stabbing Westward - Ghost (from Ghost) [04:51:49]


67 Mercurius FM, Ryanimal - Theme of Laura (Silent Hill 2) (from Theme of Laura (Silent Hill 2)) [04:57:27]


68 Vandal Moon - Dead (Grave Babies Remix) (from Dead (Grave Babies Remix)) [05:01:12]


69 We Are Magonia - La Crypte (from La Crypte) [05:04:06]


70 Gunship - When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies (from When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies) [05:08:12]


71 Champagne Drip - Ur War (feat. Cristina Soto) (from Time Warp) [05:13:54]


72 Kick Puncher - Resolution (from Magnatron) [05:17:31]


73 Psyclon Nine - SEE YOU ALL IN HELL (from Less To Heaven) [05:20:26]


74 Lost Years - Exit Music (from Black Waves) [05:24:02]

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2022-10-03 (All-Star Series: Rob Zombie Edition)

• October 3rd, 2022

Yeeeah, muthafuckas! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to another installment of the All-Star Series, the mother.fucking.Rob.Zombie Edition! Can you fuckin’ believe I haven’t done one for him yet? Man, I don’t know if I’m just gettin’ senile or what, but fuck, I should’ve made this shit like a decade ago. To the best of my recollection, I never had any particular reason for not doing it. Ah fuckin’ well, at least it’s here now! Speaking of now, now, let me tell y’all that Rob Zombie has been a major influence on me since fucking 3rd grade. Seriously, I was actually recommended for psychiatric evaluation because I would come into school blasting La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1 on my Walkman. Well, that was likely one of a number of reasons, but still. What 3rd grader do you know of who’d even be into shit like that?


Honestly though, it wasn’t so much the lyrical content that drove my enthusiasm as it was just the groove of the music. The rhythm was fuckin’ infectious, and I was helpless against its hypnotic power, haha. You’re gonna be hearing a LOT of that album on this edition. Actually, the entire album save for one little interlude track. Yeah, the entire fuckin’ album is awesome. Same goes for Astro-Creep: 2000 and Hellbilly Deluxe. I’d even throw in Sinister Urge. After that is where the quality wavers, in my opinion. All the releases since then have had some great fuckin’ tracks, don’t get me wrong, but they’re not flawless and instantly memorable from start to finish the way those earlier albums are. Maybe it’s nostalgia bias, but I doubt I’m the only one who thinks that.


I should note that I’m not really including much from the super early albums from the 80s, the remix albums, live stuff, etc. The stuff from before La Sexorcisto is exceptionally challenging, even for me, and I’ve been a fan for 30 fucking years. The production value is much lower, much like you’d expect from demos, and I dunno; maybe I’ve just been spoiled by the more polished material. I’m sure there’s plenty to appreciate in the old stuff, but I haven’t found it yet. Any of you who might be curious can find all that early material on the Let Sleeping Corpses Lie compilation. Hell, maybe having higher quality digital files would make a substantial difference. Certainly wouldn’t be the first time.


The remix albums, well, they’re fine. If I were to rank them, I’d say American Made is 1st, Mondo Sex Head is 2nd, and Supersexy would be 3rd. The thing is though that a lot of the remixes don’t particularly improve on the original tracks. Like, a lot of ‘em are just… there. Again, they’re fine, but I’m far more likely to just opt for the originals. As far as live stuff, same shit, basically. It’s so, so rare that I’ll go for a live version over the studio version. Heilung’s live version of Krigsgaldr is pretty much the only one that comes to mind with the exception of some live Manson tracks, and I can’t listen to Manson anymore.


So, typically what I do for these All-Star editions is I dig deep into the artists’ discography to find rare shit, but there really wasn’t much digging to be done in this case. Rob doesn’t really do guest vocals very often. He did some with Alice Cooper, and I’ve been pretty indifferent towards him since middle school or so. It seems weird to me that I’d be indifferent to Alice Cooper considering how I dress and the other types of music I listen to, but I dunno. Neither here nor there. So yeah, I already knew most of the soundtrack appearances between White Zombie and Rob Zombie, and a good portion of them were just remixes and/or originals that are widely available elsewhere.


I will mention something curious I noticed in compiling this. The first track of American Made is a remix of Dragula called the “Si Non Oscillas, Noli Tintinnare” mix, and it’s identical to the “Hot Rod Herman” mix that appeared on the first Matrix soundtrack and a number of singles prior to its re-release on American Made. No idea why Charlie Clouser decided to change the name, but what-the-fuck-ever. Also, I ought to mention that although I adore Crosses, their remix of Dragula on Mondo Sex Head was… meh. Not terrible or anything, just really underwhelming. Ah well. Actually, funny story about Hellbilly Deluxe. I got that CD for free from some skateboarding shop in a mall by my house ‘cause the guys there weren’t into it, and they said I looked like I’d be into it. Well, golly gee, fellas, you’re fuckin’ right! I was fuckin’ psyched, ‘cause I think the copy they gave me was an advance promo copy. Not sure if I still have it, but yeah.


ALSO also, I ought to mention that it was at my first Rob Zombie show back in 2002 that I first got into mosh pitting. I had some pretty horrid vitriol left in me after an exceptionally bad breakup, and man, between that and the fuckin’ fantastic tunes… Yeah, I had to throw these hands around a bit. That’s where I first discovered the catharsis of moshing, and perverts, I can’t adequately express how grateful I am for that revelation. To be frank, mosh pits have helped me purge some of my deepest darkness, especially Otep pits. I absolutely tear myself open at Otep shows. I’m sure many can understand the cathartic potential of moshing, even if only theoretically. ALSO also also, it was at that Rob Zombie show that I was blessed to see & hear Blood, Milk & Sky performed. Perverts, that might very well be my favorite track Rob Zombie has ever written. We have that one to look forward to around the end.


Motherfuckers, I could yammer the fuck on for another hour at least. I have so many memories and anecdotes tied to so many of these jams, and this edition is absolutely crammed with fucktacularity. Like, overflowing right from the first few notes, and there’s almost 5 hours to keep y’all occupied. What’d’ya say I shut my stupid piehole so we can all yojne already? Sound good?


With that, I wish you all the merriest of yojnes, especially as we kick off this spoopy season with one of the spoopiest motherfuckers in existence. Yojne!



01 White Zombie - Feed The Gods (from Airheads OST) [00:04:29]


02 Otis - Dr. Satan (from House of 1000 Corpses OST) [00:08:18]


03 White Zombie - I’m Your Boogieman (from The Crow: City of Angels OST) [00:08:35]


04 White Zombie - Electric Head: The Agony (Pt. 1) (from Astro-Creep: 2000) [00:12:54]


05 Rob Zombie - Call Of The Zombie (from Hellbilly Deluxe) [00:17:48]


06 Rob Zombie - Superbeast (from Hellbilly Deluxe) [00:18:19]


07 Rob Zombie - Sawdust in the Blood (from Educated Horses) [00:21:56]


08 White Zombie - Welcome To Planet Motherfucker/Psychoholic Slag (from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1) [00:23:13]


09 Rob Zombie - Sinners Inc. (from The Sinister Urge) [00:29:27]


10 Rob Zombie - Demon Speeding (from The Sinister Urge) [00:30:31]


11 White Zombie - Super-Charger Heaven (from Astro-Creep: 2000) [00:34:12]


12 Meg Foster - Open Wide The Gates (from The Lords Of Salem OST) [00:37:47]


13 White Zombie - I Am Hell (from Beavis And Butt-Head Experience) [00:37:47]


14 Malcolm McDowell - These Are The Eyes (from Halloween OST) [00:43:13]


15 Rob Zombie & The Ghastly Ones - Halloween (She Gets So Mean) (from Halloween Hootenanny) [00:43:45]


16 White Zombie - Knuckle Duster (Radio 1-A) (from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1) [00:46:34]


17 White Zombie - Thunder Kiss ’65 (from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1) [00:46:58]


18 Rob Zombie - Teenage Nosferatu Pussy (from Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor) [00:50:50]


19 White Zombie - Children Of The Grave (from Nativity In Black - A Tribute To Black Sabbath) [00:55:19]


20 Rob Zombie - Shake Your Ass-Smoke Your Grass (from The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy) [01:01:05]


21 Rob Zombie w/ Howard Stern - The Great American Nightmare (from Private Parts OST) [01:04:14]


22 Rob Zombie - Let It All Bleed Out (Document One Remix) (from Mondo Sex Head (Deluxe)) [01:08:06]


23 White Zombie - Black Sunshine (feat. Iggy Pop) (from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1) [01:12:42]


24 Rob Zombie - Dragula (from Hellbilly Deluxe) [01:17:24]


25 Rob Zombie - Dead Girl Superstar (from The Sinister Urge) [01:21:06]


26 Rob Zombie - Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga (from Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor) [01:23:32]


27 Rob Zombie - The Triumph of King Freak (A Crypt of Preservation and Superstition) (from The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy) [01:26:46]


28 Otis - This Is Insane (from The Devil’s Rejects OST) [01:30:50]


29 Rob Zombie - Scum of the Earth (from The Sinister Urge) [01:31:01]


30 Rob Zombie - The Eternal Struggles of the Howling Man (from The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy) [01:33:55]


31 Rob Zombie - Revelation Revolution (from Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor) [01:38:09]


32 White Zombie - Real Solution #9 (from Astro-Creep: 2000) [01:41:19]


33 White Zombie - Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks & Cannibal Girls (from Beavis And Butt-Head Do America OST) [01:45:54]


34 Rob Zombie - Reload (from The Matrix Reloaded (Disc 1)) [01:49:43]


35 Rob Zombie - Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy) (from The Sinister Urge) [01:54:05]


36 White Zombie - Creature Of The Wheel (from Astro-Creep: 2000) [01:57:12]


37 White Zombie - Soul Crusher (from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1) [02:00:35]


38 Rob Zombie - How To Make A Monster (Kitty's Purrrrformance Mix) (from American Made Music To Strip By) [02:05:38]


39 Rob Zombie - Sick Bubble Gum (from Hellbilly Deluxe 2: Noble Jackals, Penny Dreadfuls and the Systematic Dehumanization of Cool) [02:09:39]


40 White Zombie - The One (from Escape From L.A. OST) [02:13:18]


41 Jeff Phillips - Smash Or Trash (from The Lords of Salem OST) [02:17:12]


42 Griffin Boice - The Lords Theme (from The Lords of Salem OST) [02:17:30]


43 Rob Zombie - House of 1000 Corpses (OO edit) (from The Sinister Urge) [02:18:18]


44 Rob Zombie - Demonoid Phenomenon (from Hellbilly Deluxe) [02:26:03]


45 Rob Zombie - Feel So Numb (from The Sinister Urge) [02:30:05]


46 Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl (Subliminal Seduction Mix) (from American Made Music To Strip By) [02:33:55]


47 Sheri Moon Zombie - Would You Say That Again (from The Devil’s Rejects OST) [02:38:04]


48 Rob Zombie - White Trash Freaks (from Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor) [02:38:25]


49 White Zombie - Electric Head: The Ecstasy (Pt. 2) (from Astro-Creep: 2000) [02:41:36]


50 Rob Zombie - Pussy Liquor (from Past, Present & Future) [02:45:19]


51 Judy Geeson - You Know What I Think? (from The Lords of Salem OST) [02:50:03]


52 Rob Zombie - Virgin Witch (from Hellbilly Deluxe 2: Noble Jackals, Penny Dreadfuls and the Systematic Dehumanization of Cool) [02:50:22]


53 Rob Zombie - Well, Everybody's Fucking In A U.F.O. (from The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser) [02:53:58]


54 Powerman 5000 - Blast Off To Nowhere (feat. Rob Zombie) (from Tonight the Stars Revolt!) [02:56:38]


55 White Zombie - Cosmic Monsters Inc. (from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1) [03:00:19]


56 Rob Zombie - Iron Head (feat. Ozzy Osbourne) (from The Sinister Urge) [03:05:20]


57 Sid Haig - Top Secret Clown Business (from The Devil’s Rejects OST) [03:09:28]


58 White Zombie - Grease Paint And Monkey Brains (from Astro-Creep: 2000) [03:09:47]


59 Rob Zombie - The Satanic Rites of Blacula (from The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy) [03:13:29]


60 Patricia Quinn - Lord Hear Us (from The Lords of Salem OST) [03:15:45]


61 Rob Zombie - Satanic Cyanide ! The Killer Rocks On ! (from The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser) [03:16:20]


62 White Zombie - More Human Than Human (from Astro-Creep: 2000) [03:19:14]


63 Rob Zombie - Let It All Bleed Out (from Educated Horses) [03:23:35]


64 White Zombie - Spiderbaby (Yeah-Yeah-Yeah) (from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1) [03:27:32]


65 Rob Zombie - Spookshow Baby (from Hellbilly Deluxe) [03:32:32]


66 Rob Zombie - Bring Her Down (To Crippletown) (from The Sinister Urge) [03:36:08]


67 Rob Zombie - The Hideous Exhibitions Of A Dedicated Gore Whore (from The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser) [03:40:04]


68 White Zombie - El Phantasmo And The Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama (from Astro-Creep: 2000) [03:42:49]


69 White Zombie - Knuckle Duster (Radio 2-B) (from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1) [03:46:58]


70 White Zombie - Thrust! (from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1) [03:47:23]


71 Malcolm McDowell - Driven By Pure Animal Instinct (from Halloween OST) [03:52:20]


72 Rob Zombie - Meet The Creeper (from Hellbilly Deluxe) [03:52:22]


73 Sid Haig, Sheri Moon Zombie - Tootie Fruitie (from The Devil’s Rejects OST) [03:55:34]


74 Rob Zombie - Trade In Your Guns For A Coffin (from Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor) [03:55:59]


75 White Zombie - Grindhouse (A Go-Go) (from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1) [03:58:08]


76 White Zombie - Blur The Technicolor (from Astro-Creep: 2000) [04:02:11]


77 Rob Zombie - What Lurks on Channel X? (from Hellbilly Deluxe) [04:06:02]


78 White Zombie - Starface (from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1) [04:08:31]


79 White Zombie - Blood, Milk And Sky (Full Edit) (from Astro-Creep: 2000) [04:13:26]


80 White Zombie - I Am Legend (from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1) [04:21:13]


81 White Zombie - More Human Than Human (Meet Bambi In The King’s Harem Mix) (from Supersexy Swingin’ Sounds) [04:26:20]


82 Rob Zombie - The Much Talked Of Metamorphosis (from The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy) [04:30:36]


83 Rob Zombie - Return Of The Phantom Stranger (from Hellbilly Deluxe) [04:32:40]


84 Rob Zombie - Death of It All (from Educated Horses) [04:37:07]


85 White Zombie - Warp Asylum (from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1) [04:41:26]


86 Rob Zombie - Wurdalak (from The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser) [04:48:03]

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