2021-08-02 (All-Star Series: Joey Jordison Memorial Edition)

• August 2nd, 2021

Dearest perverts, sadly, we lost a titanic talent of the metal world last week. As many of you already know, I’m referring to Joey Jordison, formerly and most notably of Slipknot. He was a drummer for them, but he was a musician extraordinaire, playing guitar, bass, drums, percussion (which are technically drums, but can mean other things too) and even doing vocals for his side-project Murderdolls. He actually played guitar for one of his first bands called The Have Nots, too. I would actually recommend checking out havenots.net to read some interesting and not-too-widely-known history about both Joey’s and Paul Gray’s time with that group. They’re actually a punk band, and as cool as they may ever have been, I’m glad that Slipknot ultimately won out between the two.


Anyway, did you know he also played drums on Otep’s album House of Secrets? 5 tracks: Warhead, Sepsis, Hooks & Splinters, Nein and Self-Made. Did y’all know he filled in for John Dolmayan from System of a Down? What about the time he filled in for Lars from Metallica? How ‘bout when he played with Ministry at Wacken in 2006? Dude’s been all over the place. He also played/recorded drums for 3 additional bands after his departure from Slipknot called Sinsaenum, VIMIC and Scar The Martyr, and he remixed, produced, arranged, etc. The man’s got credits, lemme tell ya. Joey was a phenomenal musician, and y’all about to find out exactly what I mean.


As is the case with all my All-Star Series editions, I do a deep dive into the careers of whichever musician(s) I happen to be spotlighting, and this one is certainly no exception. That said, the only stuff I could find of Joey’s super early band called Modifidious is random shit on YouTube, and I don’t want to subject anyone to stuff that low quality if I can avoid it. I’m curious about it, but I’m a freak. Most people can’t/won’t hang with demo-quality stuff even if they really love a band, and it’s totally understandable. Anyway, again, the group’s called Modifidious if you’re curious as I am. Obviously, the majority of this edition will be Slipknot tracks because that’s where he did all his most memorable work, but I did my best to include the best of everything else I could get my hands on. I know we had a metal edition last week, but I obviously wasn’t anticipating this happening, and I felt compelled to do this. Slipknot’s been one of my favorite bands for over 20 years. They’ve been a huge inspiration for me creatively, and Joey Jordison certainly played an enormous part in making Slipknot what they are today.


With all that said, let us yojne the fuck out of all this fucktacular music, and carry his memory however far we may go ourselves, even well on through future generations.



01 Slipknot - Drum Solo (from 9.0: Live (Disc 1)) [00:01:57]


02 Slipknot - (Sic) (from Slipknot) [00:05:55]


03 Slipknot - Eyeless (from Slipknot) [00:09:15]


04 Otep - Warhead (from House Of Secrets) [00:13:08]


05 Murderdolls - Slit My Wrist (from Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls) [00:16:30]


06 Slipknot - Welcome (from Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses) [00:20:10]


07 Slipknot - People = Shit (from Iowa) [00:23:24]


08 Slipknot - Disasterpiece (from Iowa) [00:26:59]


09 The Have Nots - Forget Yesterday (from Forgetting Yesterday & Beating You With Kindness (1996 Demo)) [00:32:07]


10 Sinsaenum - Death Is the Beginning (from Echoes of the Tortured (Deluxe Version)) [00:34:12]


11 Slipknot - Prelude 3.0 (from Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses) [00:38:29]


12 Slipknot - The Blister Exists (from Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses) [00:42:26]


13 Slipknot - Wait And Bleed (from Slipknot) [00:47:44]


14 Scar The Martyr - Dark Ages (from Scar The Martyr (Deluxe)) [00:50:11]


15 Otep - Hooks And Splinters (from House Of Secrets) [00:56:56]


16 Slipknot - .execute. (from All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]) [01:00:24]


17 Slipknot - Gematria (The Killing Name) (from All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]) [01:02:13]


18 Slipknot - The Heretic Anthem (from Iowa) [01:08:12]


19 Murderdolls - 197666 (from Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls) [01:12:18]


20 Necrophagia - Stitch Her Further (from Harvest Ritual) [01:14:35]


21 Slipknot - Surfacing (from Slipknot) [01:19:55]


22 Slipknot - Three Nil (from Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses) [01:23:32]


23 Slipknot - Sulfur (from All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]) [01:28:19]


24 Sinsaenum - Repulsion for Humanity (from Repulsion for Humanity) [01:32:53]


25 Roadrunner United - Annihilation by the Hands of God (from The All Star Sessions) [01:37:53]


26 Slipknot - Psychosocial (from All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]) [01:43:20]


27 Slipknot - Iowa (from 9.0: Live (Disc 2)) [01:47:59]


28 Slipknot - Duality (from Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses) [01:54:36]


29 VIMIC - Fail Me (My Temple) (from Fail Me (My Temple)) [01:58:47]


30 Murderdolls - My Dark Place Alone (from Women And Children Last (Special Edition)) [02:04:02]


31 Slipknot - Gently (from Iowa) [02:06:59]


32 Slipknot - Frail Limb Nursery (from Slipknot) [02:11:50]


33 Slipknot - Purity (from Slipknot) [02:12:35]


34 The Have Nots - Character Assassins (from Forgetting Yesterday & Beating You With Kindness (1996 Demo)) [02:16:44]


35 Murderdolls - Homicide Drive (from Women And Children Last (Special Edition)) [02:18:42]


36 Slipknot - Get This (from Slipknot [Expanded]) [02:21:57]


37 Slipknot - Before I Forget (from Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses) [02:23:58]


38 Slipknot - Dead Memories (from All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]) [02:28:36]


39 Slipknot - Tattered & Torn (from Slipknot) [02:33:05]


40 Sinsaenum - Final Resolve (from Repulsion for Humanity) [02:35:58]


41 Murderdolls - I Love To Say Fuck (from Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls) [02:40:40]


42 Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone (from All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]) [02:45:05]


43 Slipknot - Liberate (from Slipknot) [02:49:44]


44 Slipknot - Only One (from Slipknot) [02:52:46]


45 Otep - Nein (from House Of Secrets) [02:55:08]


46 Murderdolls - Mother Fucker, I Don’t Care (from Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls) [02:59:18]


47 Slipknot - The Nameless (from Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses) [03:02:11]


48 Slipknot - Vendetta (from All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]) [03:06:39]


49 Slipknot - Child Of Burning Time (from All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]) [03:11:50]


50 Scar The Martyr - Last Night on Earth (from Scar The Martyr (Deluxe)) [03:16:53]


51 Slipknot - Snuff (from All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]) [03:25:15]


52 Slipknot - Skin Ticket (from Iowa) [03:29:41]


53 Slipknot - Scissors (from Slipknot) [03:36:21]


54 Slipknot - Eeyore (from Slipknot) [03:44:46]


55 Slipknot - ’Til We Die (from All Hope Is Gone [Special Edition]) [03:50:42]

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2021-07-26 (Osmium-13: The Universal Tranquility of Nonexistence Edition)

• July 26th, 2021

Dearest perverts, since last we saw the Osmium, it has snuffed out all light and life in the universe. We do not even exist there anymore. These words you’re hearing are not really words being spoken by anyone, but auditory hallucinations that pass by us all like so many insects within the unfathomably dense collective consciousness of the Grand Osmium. Don’t try to make sense of it. Our pitiful human minds cannot comprehend the Osmium. All we can do is serve its will. This is world peace because we were too weak to realize it ourselves. This tranquil nonexistence, floating in an endless ocean of possibility or lack thereof, this is that which we wrought. The beauty of nothing, the ugliness of everything, these truths are evident within the Osmium. Perhaps it shall create new life in its image, perhaps there are already other universes looking on at us gripped in fear that theirs will be devoured as well. Only time will tell, and until then, let us yojne the fucking silence…


HAH! Fuuuuuuck that! Emo-motherfuckin’-goddamn-sonofabitch-clew to the Osmium-13: The Universal Tranquility of Nonexistence Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Not going to ramble on too heavily this week ‘cause the Osmium’s plenty heavy enough, and we’ve got a little over 5 fuckin’ hours worth of it. The new to old shit ratio is about 60/40. Is that even a ratio? Probably not. You know what I fuckin’ mean though. Goodest of great Satan’s snatch drippings, we have so many fuck-nomenal tracks in store for us, especially the Sonseed track. Keep your ears open for it, ‘cause it’s gonna set your life on fire in the night that’s full of knives when you’re wearing black leather under the full moon with Satan. Dragon Sound knows about nights filled with knives, and fighting cocaine-trafficking ninjas, and friendship. Keep your genitals gaped for that one, too.


Any artists whose names appear multiple times on this edition should NOT, I repeat, NOT be slept on. That’s just fuckin’ rude, and beds are way more comfortable anyway. Plenty of single serving tracks on here that deserve your attention as well, however. What else are you doing with it, anyway? What, capitalism got you down? Too busy sellin’ your soul to survive? Well, totally understandable, but until then, we can bang our fuckin’ heads until our demons fall out our ears. Demons or blood, doesn’t matter. Just crank this shit to 11 and fuckin’ YOJJJJJJJNEEEEEEE!!!!



01 Alpha Wolf - A Quiet Place to Die (from A Quiet Place to Die) [00:02:04]


02 Excrementory Grindfuckers - Back In Anal Territory (from Fertigmachen, Szeneputzen (Finish, scene flashes)) [00:04:28]


03 Alter Bridge - Cry Of Achilles (from Fortress) [00:05:17]


04 Metalocalypse: Dethklok - Awaken (from The Dethalbum) [00:11:44]


05 Amaranthe - Army Of The Night (from The Sacrament Of Sin (Deluxe Version)) [00:15:16]


06 Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills (from The Number Of The Best) [00:18:14]


07 Iron Savior - Raise the Flag of Metal (from Skycrest) [00:22:03]


08 FEVER 333 - BITE BACK (from WRONG GENERATION) [00:26:33]


09 Kayzo, Sullivan King, Papa Roach - DOMINATION (from DOMINATION) [00:29:41]


10 Deftones - Genesis (from Genesis) [00:32:24]


11 Sonseed - Jesus Is My Friend (from https://youtu.be/7-NOZU2iPA8) [00:37:38]


12 Tallah - Friend Like Me (from Friend Like Me) [00:40:25]


13 Nervosa - Guided by Evil (from Perpetual Chaos) [00:43:05]


14 Poppy - Scary Mask (feat. FEVER 333) (from Scary Mask) [00:46:32]


15 Within The Ruins - Devil In Me (from Black Heart) [00:49:30]


16 Soilwork - The Nothingness and the Devil (from A Whisp Of The Atlantic) [00:53:00]


17 Lucifena - Luci In The Sky (from Intoxicated / Luci In The Sky) [00:58:28]


18 Fit For A King - God of Fire (feat. Ryo Kinoshita) (from The Path) [01:01:10]


19 Raging Speedhorn - Hand Of God (from Hard To Kill) [01:04:29]


20 Qoiet - saw BONES (from saw BONES) [01:07:10]


21 Troldhaugen - CRISPr Me Baby One More Time (from Idio+syncrasies) [01:09:36]


22 Atreyu - Strange Powers Of Prophecy (from Baptize) [01:13:01]


23 Atreyu - Save Us (from Baptize) [01:14:01]


24 Death Tour - D*E*S*T*R*O*Y (from D*E*S*T*R*O*Y) [01:16:16]


25 Sullivan King - LOUD (feat. Jason Aalon from FEVER 333) (from LOUD (feat. Jason Aalon from FEVER 333)) [01:17:51]


26 Ghostemane - Anti-Social Masochistic Rage [ASMR] (from ANTI-ICON) [01:21:18]


27 IWRESTLEDABEARONCE - Corey Feldman Holocaust (from IWRESTLEDABEARONCE) [01:24:31]


28 Igorrr - Paranoid Bulldozer Italiano (from Spirituality and Distortion) [01:28:34]


29 Bring Me The Horizon - Dear Diary, (from POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR) [01:32:16]


30 Architects - Discourse Is Dead (from For Those That Wish To Exist) [01:34:58]


31 VCTMS - What Doesn't Kill You (from Vol. IV Numb the Ache) [01:38:38]


32 SWARM - Vengeance (from Vengeance) [01:40:25]


33 Dragon Sound - Tough Guys (from Miami Connection OST) [01:43:39]


34 Amaranthe - Strong (feat. Noora Louhimo) (from Manifest) [01:47:01]


35 Berried Alive - The Pun-Isher (from Fuego) [01:50:02]


36 Anaal Nathrakh - Libidinous (a Pig with Cocks in Its Eyes) (from Endarkenment) [01:54:14]


37 Kittie - Looks So Pretty (from Until The End) [01:58:30]


38 Fear Culture - Fake It (from Fake It) [02:03:51]


39 Powerwolf - Undress to Confess (from Call of the Wild) [02:07:04]


40 Converge - Under Duress (from The Dusk In Us) [02:10:30]


41 Alleviate - Die for Me (from Die for Me) [02:14:12]


42 Battle Beast - Resurrection By Erection (from The Sacrament Of Sin (Deluxe Version)) [02:18:00]


43 Gama Bomb - She's Not My Mother, Todd (from Sea Savage) [02:21:42]


44 WuW - Voir En Même Temps L'humour Et La Tragédie, En Toute Chose, À Chaque Instant (from Voir En Même Temps L'humour Et La Tragédie, En Toute Chose, À Chaque Instant) [02:24:01]


45 Yunalesca - From Halfway Down (from From Halfway Down) [02:31:37]


46 Terror - Don't Need Your Time (feat. Jesse Barnett) (from Sink to The Hell) [02:35:12]


47 Sylosis - Calcified (from Calcified) [02:37:26]


48 M.O.B., We Are PIGS - BLOOD DIAMOND (from BLOOD DIAMOND) [02:41:18]


49 Berried Alive - Blood Orange (from Blood Orange) [02:45:33]


50 Caspian - Wildblood (from On Circles) [02:50:25]


51 LONELYOUTH - Mouth Full of Glass (from Floating in a Negative Space) [02:57:09]


52 WARGASM (UK) - Spit. (Hyper's Deconstruction Remix) (from Spit. (Hyper's Deconstruction Remix)) [03:01:07]


53 Meshuggah - Monstrocity (from The Violent Sleep of Reason) [03:04:54]


54 IMMERSE - With You (from With You) [03:10:54]


55 DevilDriver - You Give Me a Reason to Drink (feat. Simon Blade Fafara) (from Dealing with Demons I) [03:13:58]


56 Kataklysm - Focused to Destroy You (from Unconquered) [03:17:51]


57 SWARM, Hairitage - Abarimon (from Abarimon) [03:20:58]


58 Fear Factory - Recode (from Aggression Continuum) [03:23:25]


59 Between The Buried And Me - Fix The Error (from Fix The Error) [03:29:09]


60 Lamb of God - Hyperthermic / Accelerate (from Lamb of God (Deluxe Version)) [03:34:10]


61 Anaal Nathrakh - Thus, Always, To Tyrants (from Endarkenment) [03:38:11]


62 Car Bomb - Lights Out (from Meta) [03:40:43]


63 Greyhaven - Echo and Dust Pt. I (from Empty Black) [03:44:54]


64 Exanimate - Grey State (from Grey State) [03:49:07]


65 Rob Zombie - The Eternal Struggles of the Howling Man (from The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy) [03:53:00]


66 Nekrogoblikon - The Many Faces of Dr. Hubert Malbec (from Welcome to Bonkers) [03:57:13]


67 Oh! the Horror - Halloween 365 (Remix) (feat. Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Young Wicked, Boondox, The R.O.C., Lex the Hex Master, Rapper REDD) (from Halloween 365 (Remix)) [04:00:15]


68 Icreatedamonster - Snake In The Garden (Special Edition) [feat. Misstiq] (from Snake In The Garden (Special Edition) [feat. Misstiq]) [04:04:27]


69 mildrage - Silent spear (from ROM) [04:08:48]


70 August Burns Red - Icarus (from Icarus) [04:12:40]


71 Finntroll - Vid Häxans Härd (from Vredesvävd) [04:16:16]


72 Dir En Grey - T.D.F.F. (from (Oboro)) [04:20:16]


73 Tallah - No One Should Read This (from Matriphagy) [04:23:12]


74 Mors Principium Est - A Day for Redemption (from Seven) [04:27:55]


75 HEALTH, Tyler Bates - ANTI-LIFE (feat. Chino Moreno) (from ANTI-LIFE (feat. Chino Moreno)) [04:32:55]


76 VCTMS - The Words 'Best Friend' Become Redefined (from The Words 'Best Friend' Become Redefined) [04:37:21]


77 The Amity Affliction - All My Friends Are Dead (from All My Friends Are Dead) [04:40:43]


78 Hatebreed - Dig Your Way Out (from Weight of the False Self) [04:44:26]


79 SWARM, Sentinel Complex, Man Ov God - Make It Out Alive (from Make It Out Alive) [04:46:39]


80 Screams Of Syrens - A New Era (from A New Era) [04:49:53]


81 Forgetting The Memories - The Solstice Rebirth (from The Solstice Rebirth) [04:54:22]


82 Dark Tranquility - Transient (from Moment) [04:58:05]


83 pg.lost - Suffering (from Oscillate) [05:02:09]


84 Charlie Day - Dayman (from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia S4E13) [05:07:57]

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2021-07-19 (Entranced Edition Vol. 7)

• July 19th, 2021

Up the fuck’s what, motherfuckerinos and motherfuckerinas?! Cum well to the 7th installment of the Entranced Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Oh, sweet cream of Satan’s Canadian snatch have I got some lovely treats in store for us this week, but before we get to that, I suppose we gotta get to this. For anyone somehow not in the know, Entranced is just… trance. Fuck you, I don’t have to be clever all the time. More than trance though, I’ve included a number of its subgenres (even though trance itself is a subgenre).


Thus, we have hard trance, J-trance, chillout, psytrance (even psycore, which I just discovered last fucking night and I already adore), melodic, progressive, instrumental, vocal, even a fuckin’ EDM cover (which normally wouldn’t be that notable except that it’s an EDM cover of another EDM song). I also wanted to share a little strangeness with y’all. So, there are a number of tracks in this edition that I’ve played before, but I tried to find as much new stuff as I could in the time I allotted myself. One of the older tracks is called Winter by DT8 Project. What’s strange about that? Well, sit the fuck down and I’ll tell you.


As I was compiling tracks for this edition, Winter comes on randomly as I’m skimming through a playlist. Cool, I didn’t even know that track was on Spotify. It’s been a while since I’ve even thought about that track, but I remembered playing it on my podcast once (and only once). An hour or two later, I’m checking Facebook memories. Turns out that 5 years ago to the day, I posted the last podcast before my near 3 year hiatus, an edition simply called Fuck Summer. Get it, Fuck Summer, a track called Winter, a whole bunch of winter-related tracks? Hah! Fuck you, you didn’t think of it. Anyway, this Fuck Summer edition was the only edition I ever played that Winter track on. Pretty fuckin’ strange coincidence, if ya ask me. This is where shit starts to reach, but guess what year Winter was released? 200-fuckin’-5. 2005, 5 years ago?! Nothin’?! Ahh, fuck it.


Anyway, aside from that weirdness, I also threw in a current DT8 Project track ‘cause apparently he’s still makin’ music, and it’s pretty nice. Seven Lions, Trivecta and Au5 (or A-U-5, whichever pumps your crank) are making surprising appearances on here. They’re far better known for their dubstep jams, and you’ll definitely hear some dubstep around the end of Trivecta’s song. Anyway, fantastic shit and keep an ear out. That psycore genre I mentioned? You’ll hear what I’m talking about in the tracks Paranubis and Interdimensional. I’m pretty sure it’s not fast enough to be considered speedcore, so think of it as psychedelic hardcore. Basically, trippy and fast as fuck, boiiii!


Also, in case anyone’s curious, the sample used in the Nicholson and Quake track called Life’s A Dream is a sadly departed comic named Bill Hicks. He was talking about what a positive story about doing drugs might sound like since all we ever hear about are the negative ones. Phenomenal man right there, and if you’re unfamiliar with him, treat yourself to some research. I would venture a guess that Bill Hicks may have inspired some of Carlin’s divergence into edgier material from the 80s to the 90s. Who knows, though? Maybe I’m full of shit and Carlin inspired him, or maybe both are true. I dunno, that’s why I called it a fuckin’ guess. People ought to leave greater margins for error than they typically do these days with their hot takes on Twitter ’n’ shit. That’s actually the full name of the site. Did you know that? Not a lot of people know that.


Okay, sorry for that. I’m still working through the trauma of the past 5 years. I’ma just up the fuck shut now so we can yojne. K? Potassium to you too, muthafucka. Yooooojneeeee!



01 Adam Taylor - Time Flies (feat. Claire Willis) (from Time Flies) [00:02:40]


02 kors k - No Regrets (from Massive Circlez 4) [00:10:53]


03 BT, Matt Fax, Nation Of One - Walk into the Water (Craig Connelly Extended Remix) (from Walk into the Water (Craig Connelly + Toby Pearce Remixes)) [00:15:19]


04 Sheridan Grout, Mark Bester - Under Water (feat. Julia Ross) (Extended Mix) (from Under Water) [00:22:58]


05 Omnia - Massive (Extended Mix) (from Massive) [00:29:28]


06 Infected Mushroom, Xerox - Gravity Waves (Infected Mushroom 2017 Remix) (from Return to the Sauce) [00:34:04]


07 Elysian - Moonchild (Trivecta Remix) (from Water EP (The Remixes)) [00:42:29]


08 Audiopathik, Bombax - Interdimensional (from Star Beings) [00:46:28]


09 NWYR, FLRNTN, W&W, Darius & Finlay - InterGalactic (from InterGalactic) [00:52:42]


10 Fahjah - Far From Home (SR) (feat. Emma Chatt) (from EP pt. 1) [00:55:24]


11 Nicholson, Quake - Life's A Dream (from Life’s A Dream) [00:59:29]


12 i_o - Castles In The Sky (Extended Mix) (from Castles In The Sky) [01:06:34]


13 Omnia - Arcanum (Extended Mix) (from Arcanum) [01:12:29]


14 Hallucinogen - LSD (Astral Projection Remix) (from Goa Classics Remixed) [01:16:55]


15 Nicholson, Paul Skelton - Serenity (from Reverent) [01:25:33]


16 DJ Tiësto - Sweet Things (feat. Charlotte Martin) (from Elements Of Life) [01:32:02]


17 Alex M.O.R.P.H., Aimoon, Northern Storm - Mission Control (Extended Tech Mix) (from Mission Control) [01:37:15]


18 Bizzare Contact - Collision (Indra Remix) (from Collision (Indra Remix)) [01:44:13]


19 Zombic, DJ 9oh - Energy (from Energy) [01:51:43]


20 Giuseppe Ottaviani - Glowing In The Dark (from Glowing In The Dark) [01:54:24]


21 Dennis Sheperd, Roger Shah, Adam Is A Girl - We Are One (Extended Mix) (from We Are One) [01:57:58]


22 DT8 Project - Who Knows For How Long (Extended Mix) (from Where We Go From Here Pt. 2) [02:05:23]


23 Van Der Karsten - In Between (Extended Mix) (rom In Between) [02:11:46]


24 Paralocks, Anubis - Paranubis (from Star Beings) [02:15:53]


25 Astral Projection, DJ Jorg - Kabalah (Shivatree Remix) (from Kabalah) [02:22:15]


26 Ferry Corsten, Gouryella - Orenda (from Orenda) [02:31:31]


27 Mandragora - Shiva Style (Phanatic, Berg Remix) (from Back Catalog (Radio Edits)) [02:36:07]


28 Nicholson - Chainsaw (from Reverent) [02:39:43]


29 Marc Aurel - Running (Elucidus Extended Remix) (from Running (Elucidus Remix)) [02:46:17]


30 Ramin Arab - Hope For Freedom (Extended Mix) (from Hope For Freedom) [02:53:52]


31 DT8 Project - Winter (feat. Andrea Britton) (Original Vocal Mix) (from Winter) [02:59:21]


32 Signum - Flashback (Mix Cut) (from The Tidy Lockdown Annual) [03:07:10]


33 Armin van Buuren, Rising Star - The Voice (feat. Cari) (Extended Mix) (from The Voice) [03:12:43]


34 Rene Ablaze - The One (feat. Sarah de Warren) (Extended Mix) (from The One) [03:19:13]


35 Somna - Secret (feat. HALIENE) (Chillout Mix) (from Secret) [03:25:42]


36 Ferry Corsten - Bloodstream (feat. Ruben de Ronde) (Extended Mix) (from Bloodstream) [03:29:19]


37 Seven Lions - Rush Over Me (feat. HALIENE) (Seven Lions 1999 Extended Mix) (from Rush Over Me (Seven Lions 1999 Remix)) [03:35:46]


38 Omnia - Eternity (Extended Mix) (from Eternity) [03:40:59]


39 Ferry Corsten - Our Moon (feat. Lovlee) (Protoculture Remix) (from Our Moon (Protoculture Remix)) [03:45:22]


40 GXD - Sail (feat. Elle Vee) (ReOrder Extended Remix) (from Sail (ReOrder Remix)) [03:49:18]


41 Seven Lions - Worlds Apart (feat. Kerli) (Seven Lions 1999 Extended Mix) (from Worlds Apart (Seven Lions 1999 Remix)) [03:54:34]


42 Au5 - Was It You (feat. HALIENE) (Taylor Torrence Remix) (from Was It You (feat. HALIENE) (Taylor Torrence Remix)) [04:01:04]


43 Ferry Corsten - Wherever You Are (Solis & Sean Truby Remix) (from Blueprint Remixed) [04:05:38]


44 Filo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere - Anthem (from Trance Maniacs Party - Sun (Special Summer Edition ’08)) [04:09:39]


45 RAM, Susana, Tales Of Life - You Are Enough (Extended Mix) (from You Are Enough) [04:17:20]


46 Gareth Emery - You'll Be OK (feat. Annabel) (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) (from You’ll Be OK) [04:24:45]

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2021-07-12 (Send Newds Edition Vol. 7)

• July 12th, 2021

What in the actual, tangible, non-fungible fuck is up, dearest perverts and preveretties?! Clew-to-the-muthafuckin’-emo upside-down, backwards & inside-out to the 7th installment of the Send Newds Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! What are “newwwwwds?!” Simply put, you complex-ass motherfucker, just some new shit I heard recently. Actually, I do have a number of throwbacks from many, MANY moons prior, but they’re still new to this podcast as far as I know. Anyone who was into trance music in the late 90s and early aughts ought to know this artist. If not, well boy-girl-rainbow-unicorn-howdy do you have a treat comin’ to you.


Speakin’ of treaties, let’s discuss ‘em, sweeties:


1. I suppose the fact that there’s a lot of liquid drum’n’bass on this edition is appropriate considering the amount of rain we’ve been getting around the northeast. I’m sure most of y’all have seen the viral video of the flooded subway by now. Let me just say, I think the only thing that would get me even considering dipping a toe in that nauseatingly toxic stew is a written, signed, notarized agreement of transfer of all funds from the bank accounts of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, basically every billionaire so that I could give the money back to the people. Basically, HELL TO THE FUCK NAW! GET THE ACTUAL, THEORETICAL, METAPHYSICAL & FUCKIN’ QUANTUM FUCK UP ON OUT OF HERE AND OFF A GODDAMN CLIFF! Mothafuckas must be out they goddamn minds trudging through that disease-ridden muck to get to what, your job? How the fuck you showin’ up to work after doing that? More to the point, what the fuckdoodle makes you think the trains are even running?! Muthafucka, those trains stop for all sorts of reasons that don’t include suddenly trying to run aquatically. Fuckin’ Jason Momoa gonna come out of the sludge with extra limbs, glowing and shit, all to propel you to your shitty fuckin’ office job? Even if you’re goin’ to your house or apartment, wouldn’t most sane people just take a fuckin’ stroll instead?! Even if it’s a 50 block stroll just to avoid even being within noseshot of that putrid mess? Holy fuck, hail a passing gondola or somethin’. Are gondolas gonna be exclusive to the rich as NYC goes underwater in the coming years? Is Manhattan gonna be the American Venice? Fuckin’ sigh, all this shit is avoidable. I guess the only question remains to be will we have the willpower, people power, fuckin’ Assassin’s Creed power to actually avoid it? I dunno, anyway…


2. The Pharoah Sanders track called, “Prince of Peace,” was a random find from The Sopranos, believe it or not. My roommate and I are watching through the series to get hyped for the Saints of Newark movie. The track is goddamn arrestingly hilarious. You’ll hear what I mean, but the way it’s used in the show is even more hilarious. It’s just Tony’s sister Janice driving down a neighborhood road and pulling into the driveway, but she’s bumpin’ this jam, and it sounds so outlandishly bizarre; it’s just extra hilarious because it reminds me of myself when I’d bump Halber Mensch by Einstürzende Neubauten out my car. That, and the number of times I played some difficult to ignore music in bars. I know I’m a dick for doing that, I accept it, I just goddamn fucking hate bars and I wish people would stop submitting to such tired (not to mention potentially dangerous and expensive) social rituals when far safer, cheaper and more intimate gatherings can be held within residences. If not, shit, there are still concerts, museums, theatrical performances, conventions, there are so many better (or at least less lazy) ways to meet people than fucking bars. I dunno, maybe I’m just a poopy-pants fuckin’ weirdo. Anyway…


3. Just in case y’all into deathcore and haven’t yet heard of this group called VCTMS, I included 3 of their jams this week. I’ve played them numerous times since I discovered them in 2019, and I haven’t heard a bad track since. Then again, I’m me, and I try to find something to like in just about everything I listen to. That’s not to say that every track is share/podcast-worthy. On the contrary, I’d say to ¾ of the stuff I hear just ends up in my personal Recent Likes playlist or I just pass it by altogether like a bland Tinder. Like I’ve said on previous editions, I don’t bother putting anything on these podcasts that isn’t at least a 4.5 or 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion. Mayyyyybe a 4 every once in a blue moon, but there’s no accounting for taste. Ya know? Quality is subjective. Anyway, moving on…


4. I’m mad at myself for forgetting to include The World Over on my Pride podcasts last month. The singer of that group is fuckin’ phenomenal, and she actually just got married. My roommate and I saw them back innnn late 2019 (I think?) when they opened for Otep. Good heavens, my oh me, what a fuckin’ show. Even though it was at Dingbatz (I fuckin’ hate it there), such a fantastic night. Anyway, yeah, definitely keep your ears open for that track.


5. Little Big did a cover of Backstreet Boys’, “Everybody,” and it was too goddamn hilarious to exclude. My favorite part is the sheep sample used to substitute for the “yeeeahs” in the background. Kinda hearkens back to how I felt about pop music in general when I was younger. I’ve softened on it over the years, but I still see it as one of the fast foods of music, if that makes any sense. Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar with Little Big, do yourself a ginormagantic fuckin’ favor and look into them, especially their videos on YouTube. I most highly recommend Hateful Love. That song fills me with warm fuzzies.


6. Pretty solid amount of trance on this one, as well. It really goes to show that shit continues to happen in many, many artists’ lives well beyond when you stop keeping up with them. I used to be much more plugged in to trance and stuff when I was first getting into it, and I still love it to death. I will rave with some glowsticks all fuckin’ night. Gimme a pair when I’m fuckin’ 80 and I’ll wave those motherfuckers ‘round ’til my goddamn hip breaks, fuck outta here. I know, fuckin’ 80, right? That’s a fuckin’ laugh. It’s fun to dream. Anyway, yeah, the artist that I was talking about in the beginning of the intro issssss…. fuckin’ Ayla! That’s right, I actually dug that deep in the crate, so to speak. It started from the Luke Bond track called, “Last Goodbye,” which led to the Ben Nicky & Luke Bond remix of the song, “Ayla,” originally by the artist of the same name (of course), which then led to my browsing Ayla’s Spotify page and finding some awesome singles and comps I had no idea about until last night. You see how much fuckin’ fun it can be just goin’ down a rabbit hole? Or branchin’ out? Expanding your fuckin’ horizon? I dunno, you pick the fuckin’ metaphor. Doesn’t take much effort, and you can discover cool shit you might never have otherwise realize existed. I don’t know about y’all, I fuckin’ live for that shit. I’ve got a few other reasons too, but discovering & learning new shit are big ones.


7. The track by carolesdaughter called, “please put me in a medically induced coma,” holy hell… I love the lyrics and overall feel of that track. I loved the track title immediately, but I had no idea she’d actually use it in the chorus, and she did it really well, too. Definitely keep your tender ear sphincters receptive for that one.


8. The artist untrusted who did the downtempo lo-fi-ish cover of WAP a few editions back, they made another appearance this week with an instrumental cover of Never Gonna Give You Up. I honestly think I might want that played at my funeral. I would love to posthumously make people laugh, and I think that would be great towards that end. Hah, that end. Get it? I know, I’m dark as fuck. That’s just the life that chose me. What can I do?


9. Nope! No nine here either! Fuck nines like fork tines in flick lines & strychnine, mothafucka! I dunno, shut up.


10. Berried Alive’s the fuckin’ shit. Recognize. Also, yyyyyyyyyojne!



01 Death Tour - D*E*S*T*R*O*Y (from D*E*S*T*R*O*Y) [00:05:45]


02 Little Big - Everybody (Little Big Are Back) (from COVERS) [00:07:20]


03 VCTMS - What Doesn't Kill You (from Vol. IV Numb the Ache) [00:09:55]


04 Blaine Stranger, Voicians - Sirens (from Sirens) [00:11:42]


05 Bear Grillz, Five AM, BLUPILL - End Of The World (from Rest In Peace EP) [00:15:35]


06 carolesdaughter - please put me in a medically induced coma (from please put me in a medically induced coma) [00:18:37]


07 The Prodigy - Breathe (feat. RZA) [Liam H and René LaVice Re-Amp] (from Breathe (feat. RZA) [Liam H and René LaVice Re-Amp]) [00:21:41]


08 Vitas - 7 Element (Blblbl Festival Club Extended Remix) (from 7 Element (Blblbl Remixes)) [00:24:10]


09 Deftones - Ceremony (WHOKILLEDXIX Ceremonial Version) (from Ceremony (WHOKILLEDXIX Ceremonial Version)) [00:27:39]


10 Yunalesca - Main Character Complex (from The Amalgamation of Human Apathy) [00:29:34]


11 William Black, Thomas Laurent - Only One I Need (feat. HALIENE) (from Only One I Need) [00:33:03]


12 Berried Alive - The Pun-Isher (from Fuego) [00:36:26]


13 Kai Wachi - Muscleville (from MUSCLEVILLE EP) [00:40:42]


14 Ayla, Yel - Sun Is Coming Out (Ayla's Uplifting Mix) (from Ayla Presents Yel - Sun Is Coming Out, Vol. 1) [00:42:59]


15 GRiZ, ProbCause, Chrishira Perrier - Rainbow Brain (from Rainbow Brain) [00:51:27]


16 Feint - Silent Light (from Silent Light) [00:55:48]


17 L.A.O.S - Bright Lights (from Bright Lights / Give Me) [01:00:13]


18 Kotori - Death from Above (from Birdhouse) [01:04:26]


19 Tom Morello, The Bloody Beetroots - Lightning Over Mexico (feat. Ana Tijoux) (from The Catastrophists EP) [01:08:02]


20 Jarren Benton, FastLane Trap - Appalled (from Appalled) [01:12:05]


21 Void Stare, Dav Dralleon - Annihilation Dogma (from Annihilation Dogma) [01:14:47]


22 Blanke - Survive (w/ Luma) (from Survive (w/ Luma) [01:18:19]


23 M-Project, DJ Dynamax - Feel Your Body & Mind (from Feel Your Body & Mind) [01:22:01]


24 Ghastly - Creep It Real (from The OG EP) [01:26:20]


25 Enduser, Metalogue - Polychrome Shadow (from Network’s Edge) [01:29:17]


26 We Butter The Bread With Butter - 20 km/h (from 20 km/h) [01:37:45]


27 Access To Arasaka - Cynosure (from Orbitus) [01:40:54]


28 Figure - Pixel Riddim (from Pixel Riddim) [01:45:28]


29 Tom Morello, The Bloody Beetroots - Radium Girls (feat. Pussy Riot, The Last Internationale, Aimee Interrupter, White Lung) (from Radium Girls) [01:48:02]


30 Sub Focus - Airplane (Culture Shock Remix) (from Airplane (Culture Shock Remix)) [01:51:48]


31 S.P.Y - Alpha Centauri (from Alpha Centauri) [01:56:09]


32 The Algorithm - Segmentation Fault (from Segmentation Fault) [02:01:05]


33 Pharoah Sanders - Prince of Peace (from Izipho Zam (My Gifts)) [02:05:32]


34 NGHTMRE, Alexandar Smash - Speak Easy (feat. Ghostlo) (from Speak Easy (feat. Ghostlo)) [02:14:17]


35 Nelver - Time Forward (from Time Forward) [02:17:59]


36 Ayla - Ayla (Ben Nicky & Luke Bond Remix) (from Ayla) [02:23:13]


37 TheFatRat - Hiding In The Blue (feat. RIELL) (from Hiding In The Blue) [02:27:31]


38 High Contrast, BIM - Arcadia (Dillinja Remix) (from Notes_from_the_Underground_2.0_Remixes.zip) [02:31:08]


39 Essenger - Plague Doctor (from Plague Doctor) [02:36:52]


40 S.P.Y - Darkmttr (from Darkmttr EP) [02:39:41]


41 Telomic - Paro (from Paro) [02:44:53]


42 Kotori - Hummingbird (feat. Synthion) (from Birdhouse) [02:48:56]


43 M-Project, DJ Dynamax - Hope (from Feel Your Body & Mind) [02:54:00]


44 Hyper - Control (from Control) [02:57:53]


45 L-Side, DRS - No Sound (Dogger & Mindstate Remix) (from No Sound (Dogger & Mindstate Remix)) [03:01:35]


46 Texas, Wu-Tang Clan - Hi (UNKLE Reconstruction) (from Hi (UNKLE Reconstruction)) [03:06:46]


47 Dibyo, Alan Watts - REFLECTION (from REFLECTION) [03:15:27]


48 Purrple Cat - Wanted (from Adventure Island) [03:17:45]


49 Marcin Patrzałek - Chopin Nocturne (from Chopin Nocturne) [03:21:18]


50 BT, Matt Fax - 1AM in Paris (Paul Thomas & Dylhen Remix) (from 1AM in Paris (Paul Thomas & Dylhen Remix)) [03:25:43]


51 Andrew Rayel, Tensteps, RUNAGROUND - Carry You Home (Ashley Wallbridge Remix) (from Carry You Home (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)) [03:29:03]


52 Ayla - Angelfalls (2011 Rewire) (from Unreleased Secrets) [03:32:44]


53 Bear Grillz - Thoughts Of You (feat. Peytn) (from Thoughts Of You) [03:37:01]


54 QUIX - Make Up Your Mind (feat. Jaden Michaels) (from Make Up Your Mind (feat. Jaden Michaels)) [03:40:01]


55 The World Over - Shallow (from Shallow) [03:43:38]


56 Maduk - Alone (feat. Marianna Ray) (from Alone) [03:47:33]


57 Minnesota - Desolation Peak (from Desolation Peak) [03:51:38]


58 VCTMS - Pull From The Hurt (from Pull From The Hurt) [03:55:20]


59 Lex the Hex Master - Highway of Heartbreak (from Highway of Heartbreak) [03:58:04]


60 Kayou. - Soundscape to Ardor (Bleach) (from Anime Trap Beats) [04:00:15]


61 Mik, The Amity Affliction - Soak Me in Bleach (Lo-Fi) (from Soak Me in Bleach (Lo-Fi)) [04:02:20]


62 VCTMS - Numb The Ache (from Vol. IV Numb the Ache) [04:05:16]


63 Seven Lions, Trivecta, Blanke - Wild And Broken (feat. RBBTS) (from Wild And Broken (feat. RBBTS)) [04:08:03]


64 untrusted - Never Gonna Give You Up (from Never Gonna Give You Up) [04:12:00]


65 Luke Bond, BOND - Last Goodbye (from Last Goodbye) [04:14:27]

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2021-07-05 (4th of You Lie Edition)

• July 5th, 2021

What the fuck is up all you ultra-hyper patriotic girlies and guylies?! Em-to-the-muthafuckin’-o-to-the-muthafuckin’-clew to the 4th of You Lie Edition! All you veteran perverts out there ought to know generally what to expect from me as far as political music, especially about the 4th. I’ve been far from silent about it over the years (except for the few years when I went silent due to depression and abject apathy), so I’m fairly certain y’all know where I stand on this shit. Even as a kid, I thought (and still think) the red, white & blue color combination was generally ugly in any design I saw. I thought the flag looked dumb, and so to have a holiday celebrating with these colors and the flag, I figured there had to be something deeper to it. Boy-o, was I correct or what?


This is a nation of artifice. I see people clamor for freedom w/o even understanding true freedom; clamoring actually for the myriad conveniences that have made life damn near unbearable in their absence. Many people on the left and right are fucking addicted to convenience, to modern frivolity, and I’m no exception. The only difference with me is that I’m trying (in my own ways, at least) to remove the shackles from all of us so we can maybe see a semblance of true freedom at some point in our lives. Maybe even have something of a future? Crazy fuckin’ notion, I know. We’re never going to get there so long as these rich piles of human filth keep growing their wealth at all of our expense.


I feel fairly confident (even hopeful) that paths to true freedom are clearing up in the minds of many. I know it may seem odd to have any hope left after the past 5 years, and I certainly still struggle with depression, apathy, etc. I just know that as situations grow more dire on the planet, especially in this country, people will either unite behind the common cause of survival, or we’ll bicker ourselves into extinction. Either way, we’ll get what we deserve, in my opinion. I don’t wish suffering on anyone, least of all anyone close to me, but if billions of us can be so easily subjugated by a revoltingly wealthy few, I have to wonder if human beings really deserve survival. In life and death situations, we what, just willingly choose to piss away our precious existences because we don’t have any better ideas? Even when millions march simultaneously, we still don’t have enough people power to overturn the will of some greedy politicians?


You know what I think is most likely? As things grow more desperate, the respect for the rule of law will wane. Crimes of desperation and despair are nothing new, and I’d argue those are where most crimes originate. I would tell these greedy fucks that if they’re interested in remaining where they are, not to mention having something of a habitable planet for their children, they need to help us secure a future for all of humanity. I know I’m speaking more globally than nationally right now, and this is technically a 4th of July podcast, but American companies are some of the worst offenders as far as pollution and wealth disparity. Never even mind the laundry list of sins we’ve accumulated over the relatively brief period of 5 centuries. I genuinely hope this country collectively atones for and actively repairs the damage it’s done not only to its own population, but to countries all over the world. I imagine I’ll be holding my fuckin’ breath on that one ’til I asphyxiate, much like the belief in fairytales that I talked about in Sunset.


Speaking of which, yes, I did include the snippet of Sunset I put on my last 4th of July podcast back in 2016. If you don’t understand it, well, that’s fine. Even I probably don’t understand it all anymore. I just hope you enjoy it. Anyway, as far as the tracks, most everything is from previous editions. There’s one new track by a group called ZSK called Antifascista, and I probably ought to find more new political music. The truth of the matter is that I was going to make another Send Newds edition, but I stopped in the middle of compiling ‘cause I wanted to do this edition instead. That change of mind left me with little-to-no time to properly put together an entirely new playlist, especially since I had other household stuff to take care of. That said, I’ll probably just do the next Send Newds next week, so keep your eyes peeled and ears open for that one.


I don’t think I need to bother saying much about the tracks this week. I would say most of the big names ought to spark enough interest to hit that play button and give the rest of the stuff a whirl. It’s funny too ‘cause as I’m sitting here writing this script, I keep thinking of new shit to add to it, so I should probably wrap this fucker up already. Remember, two of the best things you can be in this country (anywhere in the world, actually) are vigilant and educated. So, if/when the typical revelry of the 4th starts failing to elicit the same wildly and blindly enthusiastic patriotism in you, maybe poke your head out of the sand for a bit, extract the enormous red, white & blue dick from your ass, and see what you can do about changing some shit for the better around here.


All that done did & said, let.us.YOJNE!



01 George Carlin - Oh, Beautiful (from (insert album title here)) [00:03:43]


02 Black Thought - Welcome To America (feat. C.S. Armstrong & Angela Hunte) (from Judas and the Black Messiah: The Inspired Album) [00:04:10]


03 Pennywise - Land Of The Free? (from Land Of The Free?) [00:07:45]


04 00111111 - Sunset (Abused Freedom clip) (from https://oo111111.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/sunset/) [00:10:13]


05 Rage Against The Machine - Freedom (from Rage Against The Machine) [00:11:05]


06 A Tribe Called Red - Burn Your Village To The Ground (Neon Nativez Remix) (from https://soundcloud.com/neonnativez) [00:17:11]


07 Corporate Avenger - $20 Bill (from Freedom Is A State Of Mind) [00:22:10]


08 East Coast Avengers - Hey America (feat. Freddie Foxxx, Apathy, Termanology, Slaine, Celph Titled, Statik Selektah & King Magnetic) (from Prison Planet) [00:26:24]


09 Ekoh - Why Aren't You Angry? (from Why Aren’t You Angry?) [00:29:36]


10 Ho99o9 - Pigs Want Me Dead (from Pigs Want Me Dead) [00:32:57]


11 Corporate Avenger - Pig Is A Pig (from Freedom Is A State Of Mind) [00:36:28]


12 The Exploited - (Fuck The) U.S.A. (from Totally Exploited - Best Of) [00:39:57]


13 Fear Factory - Slave Labor (from Archetype) [00:43:13]


14 Bad Acid Trip - Symbiotic Slavery (from Symbiotic Slavery) [00:47:05]


15 Run The Jewels, What So Not - JU$T (feat. Pharrell Williams & Zack de la Rocha) (Remix) (from JU$T (feat. Pharrell Williams & Zack de la Rocha) (Remix)) [00:49:39]


16 Foreign Beggars, Feed Me - 24-7 (from 2 2 Karma) [00:53:40]


17 Walls of Jericho - The American Dream (from The American Dream) [00:56:16]


18 Rammstein - Amerika (from Reise, Reise) [00:59:29]


19 George Carlin - Dumb Americans (edit) (from Life Is Worth Losing) [01:03:16]


20 Hallucinator - Fuck Society (from Fuck Society EP) [01:11:07]


21 Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor (from Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables) [01:16:11]


22 Impulse Wave - Fall To Dictators (from Find Your Harmony Vol. 1) [01:19:12]


23 Sage Francis - Makeshift Patriot (from Punk-O-Rama 8 (Disc 1)) [01:22:43]


24 Bob Vylan - I Heard You Want Your Country Back (from We Live Here (Deluxe)) [01:28:33]


25 ZSK - Antifascista (from Herz Für Die Sache) [01:30:51]


26 Propagandhi - The Only Good Fascist Is a Very Dead Fascist (from Less Talk, More Rock) [01:33:09]


27 Anti-Flag - Hate Conquers All (from Hate Conquers All) [01:34:18]


28 Immortal Technique - Civil War (from The Martyr) [01:37:03]


29 Excision, Downlink - Resistance (from Resistance) [01:42:02]


30 KOU, SYN - RIOT (from RIOT) [01:46:33]


31 Otep - Confrontation (from The Ascension) [01:50:33]




33 Immortal Technique - Rich Man’s World (1%) (from The Martyr) [01:56:04]


34 Anti-Flag - One Trillion Dollars (from For Blood And Empire) [02:00:41]


35 Garfunkel and Oates - Save the Rich (from Slippery When Moist) [02:03:08]


36 Rage Against The Machine - Take The Power Back (from Rage Against The Machine) [02:05:47]


37 Death Grips - I Break Mirrors With My Face In The United States (from The Powers That B) [02:11:21]


38 Propagandhi - Fuck the Border (from Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes) [02:13:58]


39 Serj Tankian - Borders Are… (from Imperfect Harmonies) [02:15:27]


40 Gwar - Americanized (from Hell-O) [02:20:01]


41 Dead Prez - Scar Strangled Banner (from Information Age (Deluxe Edition)) [02:21:35]


42 System of a Down - Sad Statue (from Mezmerize) [02:25:10]


43 Bad Cop, Bad Cop - Pursuit of Liberty (from The Ride) [02:28:34]


44 Lard - Peeling Back the Foreskin of Liberty (from Pure Chewing Satisfaction) [02:31:56]


45 Above the Law - Freedom of Speech (from Pump Up the Volume OST) [02:37:05]


46 Descendents - 'Merican (from ‘Merican EP) [02:41:15]


47 Killer Mike - Reagan (from R.A.P. Music) [02:43:04]


48 George Carlin - American Bullshit (from You Are All Diseased) [02:47:12]


49 Dead Prez - Propaganda (from Let’s Get Free) [02:49:50]


50 Scars On Broadway - They Say (from Scars On Broadway) [02:55:01]


51 A Perfect Circle - Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm of the War Drums (from eMOTIVe) [02:57:47]


52 The Exploited - Fuck the System (from Fuck the System) [03:03:11]


53 Gabriel and the Apocalypse - Systematic Chaos (from Alpha Bionic) [03:06:43]


54 Delta Heavy - Anarchy (feat. Everyone You Know) (from Anarchy) [03:10:09]


55 Rage Against The Machine - War Within A Breath (from The Battle Of Los Angeles) [03:13:43]


56 Death of a Nation - The United States Of Amnesiacs (from Death of a Nation) [03:17:20]


57 Choking Victim - Fuck America (from No Gods / No Managers) [03:21:07]


58 Common - Black America Again (feat. Stevie Wonder) (from Black America Again) [03:23:26]


59 FEVER 333 - ONE OF US (from STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS) [03:29:23]


60 Equilibrium - One Folk (from One Folk) [03:32:40]


61 Inner City - We All Move Together (feat. Idris Elba) (from We All Move Together) [03:37:12]


62 Five Pointe O - Freedom? (from Untitled) [03:43:03]


63 Solomon Burke - None Of Us Are Free (from Don’t Give Up On Me) [03:47:36]

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2021-06-28 (Send Newds Edition Vol. 6)

• June 28th, 2021

Muthafuckin’ perverts! Emoclew to the 6th installment of the Send Newds Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! What the fuck could “Send Newds,” mean? Muthafucka, just some new shit I found recently. I like exploring and discovering shit ‘cause I’m a passionately curious person. Doesn’t take much effort, really; just a consistent commitment to the broadening of your horizons. I really hope you don’t ever feel stale in your music tastes, ‘cause there’s so, so, SO much cool fuckin’ new shit out there in every genre. All you gotta do is give enough of a fuck to look for it. There are countless ways to discover new shit. The one I use most often is the Release Radar playlist on Spotify. That one, and the Discover Weekly. Those are playlists that Spotify tailors for you based on the artists you follow, and I imagine other music streaming services have something similar, so fuckin’ explore, motherfucker!


Also, before anyone asks (fucking as if), there are actually 6 different people in the picture I used for this edition. I looked up the original image, and there are 4 different penises, and 2 different women. I imagine I’ll eventually be incapable of finding an appropriate number of people in these noodle hentai pics to match the number of the edition, but not yet, muthafucka! Anyway, I actually managed to put the brakes on my exploration this week. As I compile, I keep an eye on the overall length of the playlist so it doesn’t get too crazy. Sometimes I suck at that, and I just go entirely too fuckin’ HAM. This time, I reigned it in around 3 ½ hrs, but there’s so much more shit I still want to listen to, so next week’s edition might be another Newds. Don’t hate, motherfucker! Let’s discuss the tracks, shall we?


1. There’s a track that’s actually not on this podcast, but I recommend checking it out. It’s a cover of Metallica’s, “Nothing Else Matters,” by… Miley Cyrus, Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma, Robert Trujillo & Chad Smith. Sounds like an interesting combo, right? Well, just listen to it… I just… I couldn’t. It kinda made my skin crawl similar to how Disturbed’s cover of Sound of Silence did. Maybe y’all will dig it, but holy hell, I couldn’t hang.


2. There’s some pretty intense metal on this edition. Yunalesca, Carnifex, At The Gates, Fear Factory, Between The Buried And Me, a Japanese band called mildrage, and even Sullivan King. That’s right, he put out a straight metal track. He’s allowed, fuck, he’s got the scream, he’s got the guitar skill, he can do what-the-fuck-ever. Actually, the HEALTH track (which features none other than Chino fuckin’ Moreno himself) is pretty metal as well. The Dirtyphonics track is kinda metalstep like many of Sullivan King’s other tracks. Anyway, lots of fantastic shit to bang your head to this week.


3. Speaking of headbangin’, plenty of dubstep on this one too, especially in one of its heaviest subgenres called riddim. That’s what the Ghastly and Excision tracks are, as far as I know anyway. The Pixel Terror track with Chime & Teminite is more colour bass, which means something to the effect of melodic riddim, again, as far as I know. This is all just me speculating based on what I’m hearing, so I fully accept the possibility that I could be full of shit. Speaking of melodic shit, the FuntCase track is a melodic dubstep track, which I suppose differs from melodic riddim in that it’s more about the melody than the headbangin’ rhythmic elements. Actually kind of a departure (or an evolution) for FuntCase, and it’s pretty awesome. Meanwhile, SWARM’s over here makin’ cinematic riddim and shit. Orchestral riddim? I don’t fuckin’ know. Genres are annoying.


4. Some surprising additions this week: the Chemlab track (haven’t thought about them in ages), Green Jelly & “Weird Al,” (even though I finally got to see them when they opened for ICP back in 2019, I’m still very glad to see they’re releasing new tracks), Fear Factory (‘cause damn, I feel like they’ve been on hiatus for a long fuckin’ time or some shit. Definitely awesome to hear new shit from them), Aimee Mann (I used to emo the fuck out to some Aimee Mann, and she’s hilarious on her episode of Portlandia), Ray Charles (I’m just surprised a track of his ended up on my Release Radar. I used to listen to him all the time when I’d do rides for Lyft), three fuckin’ Ekoh tracks (because I fuckin’ missed this dude, and I’m very happy to report he’s still killin’ it), fuckin’ AFI?! (Apparently so. Haven’t heard anything from them in ages either.), Kate Havnevik (Same with her, and I really love her stuff.), Billie Eilish (aka William Eyelash, and it’s surprising ‘cause I really don’t follow her that much), and a Basement Jaxx remix (Honestly, Basement Jaxx is fuckin’ awesome. I’ve loved them for 20 years now. I’m not humungously conversant on their catalog, but I’ve loved pretty much everything I’ve heard.).


5. If y’all dance game folk don’t already know about and/or love Shirobon, you really should. I feel like so many of his tracks would make excellent step charts, and the track of his I included this week is even called, “Step It,” so…


6. A couple sexy liquid, trance, J-core & UK hardcore tracks in the mix this week too. Y’all know how much I love EDM, well, I hope you do too. Lots of diverse jams in store for us this week in addition to the aforementioned dubstep.


7. I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about the 6:33 track called Wacky Worms, but I loved the name enough to include it, so I hope we all yojne it. I feel kinda similar about the TesseracT track, but it’s prog metal, and I love the fuck out of that. Some tracks are like that, ya know? Sometimes they don’t hit you right away due to some environmental circumstance or something, and when you listen to it again without that circumstance interfering, you can focus on it better. One thing I am 100% sure of is that some tracks need air. Take some of this music for a drive down the highway, and I can almost guarantee your yojne product will be multiplied exponentially. I’m pretty sure what I said was mathematically sound, just like I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who’d give a fuck about such a thing, but the internet exists, so…


8. Shoutout to my roommate and great friend Josh for showing me the Hail Mary Mallon track, because apparently it’s something Aesop Rock did that I wasn’t aware of. So, you know me, always lookin’ to learn about cool shit. I appreciate the fuck out of anyone who shows me cool shit I didn’t know about before.


9. I think that’s about it. This weeks edition is fuckin’ spectacular in my opinion, so I sincerely hope someone out there yojnes aside from me. With that, let us COMMENCE. ZE. YOJNE!



01 Fear Factory - Recode (from Aggression Continuum) [00:04:40]


02 Eastside Ninjas - Reintroduce (from Pact of the 4) [00:10:25]


03 t+pazolite - Datamania (tpz Overheat Remix) (from Datamania (tpz Overheat Remix)) [00:14:53]


04 Blitz Union - Money Crazy World (Zardonic Remix) (from Money Crazy World (Zardonic Remix)) [00:17:52]


05 BANKS - The Devil (from The Devil) [00:21:34]


06 Excision, Dion Timmer - Salvation (feat. Alexis Donn) (from Salvation) [00:24:18]


07 At The Gates - The Fall into Time (from The Fall into Time) [00:28:25]


08 SWARM - Vengeance (from Vengeance) [00:35:04]


09 Ekoh - Smithereens (from Smithereens) [00:38:20]


10 Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At (1991 Remix) (from Where's Your Head At (1991 Remix)) [00:40:52]


11 Sullivan King - Lock Me Up (from LOUD) [00:44:27]


12 Ghastly - Octopussy (from The OG EP) [00:47:06]


13 6:33 - Wacky Worms (from Wacky Worms) [00:50:21]


14 Cordae, Common - What's Life (from What’s Life (From “Liberated / Music For the Movement Vol. 3”) [00:54:15]


15 HEALTH, Tyler Bates - ANTI-LIFE (feat. Chino Moreno) (from ANTI-LIFE (feat. Chino Moreno)) [00:57:24]


16 BLACK NEON - Midnight In LA (Champagne Drip Remix) (from Midnight In LA (Champagne Drip Remix)) [01:01:51]


17 Kate Havnevik, Guy Sigsworth - Into Dark (from Into Dark) [01:06:01]


18 TesseracT - Nocturne (P O R T A L S) (from Nocturne (P O R T A L S)) [01:08:59]


19 Pendulum, Hybrid Minds - Louder Than Words (from Elemental) [01:13:11]


20 Dirtyphonics - Gasoline (from Gasoline) [01:17:00]


21 M.O.B., We Are PIGS - BLOOD DIAMOND (from BLOOD DIAMOND) [01:20:22]


22 Carnifex - Pray For Peace (from Pray For Peace) [01:24:36]


23 Ekoh, Futuristic - The Edge (from The Edge) [01:29:30]


24 AFI - No Eyes (from Bodies) [01:32:50]


25 Aimee Mann, Raz - Emotions (from Emotions) [01:36:16]


26 DVRKO - Wasted On You (T-Mass Remix) (from Wasted On You (T-Mass Remix)) [01:38:52]


27 Ferry Corsten - Our Moon (feat. Lovlee) (Protoculture Remix) (from Our Moon (Protoculture Remix)) [01:41:57]


28 Billie Eilish - Lost Cause (from Lost Cause) [01:45:56]


29 Between The Buried And Me - Fix The Error (from Fix The Error) [01:49:22]


30 Pixel Terror, Chime, Teminite - Sleepless (from Sleepless) [01:54:23]


31 L.A.O.S - Give Me (from Bright Lights / Give Me) [01:58:07]


32 Rob IYF, Al Storm - Black Magic (from Black Magic) [02:02:46]


33 FuntCase - Flames (feat. Dia Frampton) (from Flames) [02:06:42]


34 Ekoh, Raxi - Fever (from Fever) [02:10:09]


35 Meet Me @ The Altar - Feel A Thing (from Feel A Thing) [02:13:01]


36 The Algorithm - Interrupt Handler (from Interrupt Handler) [02:16:24]


37 mildrage - Against The Current (from EMERGENCE) [02:20:06]


38 Dub Elements - Thunder (René LaVice Remix) (from Thunder (René LaVice Remix)) [02:23:57]


39 grandson - Rain (feat. Jessie Reyez) (from Rain (feat. Jessie Reyez)) [02:29:10]


40 REDALiCE - Lightning Step (from Lightning Step) [02:33:03]


41 Hail Mary Mallon - Breakdance Beach (from Are You Gonna Eat That?) [02:36:17]


42 Shirobon - Step It (from Step It) [02:38:33]


43 HIGHSOCIETY - Rave Ting (DATAMOSH Massive) (from Rave Ting (DATAMOSH Massive)) [02:40:39]


44 Poppy - EAT (from EAT (NXT Soundtrack)) [02:44:15]


45 Green Jelly - Pukebox (feat. "Weird Al" Yankovic) (from Garbage Band Kids) [02:47:14]


46 Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon (UAP), Pioneer 11, Bryson the Alien, Open Mike Eagle - 3D (from 3D) [02:50:30]


47 Gunship, Tyler Bates - Berserker (feat. Dave Lombardo) (from Berserker (feat. Dave Lombardo)) [02:53:16]


48 Chemlab - Rivethead (2021 Remaster) (from Burn Out At The Hydrogen Bar (2021 Remaster)) [02:58:43]


49 Yunalesca - From Halfway Down (from From Halfway Down) [03:02:32]


50 Azedia - Golden Age (from Golden Age) [03:06:06]


51 Andy Moor, Somna - More Than Love (feat. Linney) (Craig Connelly Extended Remix) (from More Than Love (Craig Connelly Remix)) [03:10:24]


52 Safire - Holding On (feat. DRS) (from Holding On) [03:17:09]


53 Somna, Yang, AXYL - Someday (from Someday) [03:23:04]


54 Maddy O'Neal, An-Ten-Nae, Torii Wolf - Let Go (from Let Go) [03:26:31]


55 Ray Charles - I'm a Fool to Care (from Soul) [03:30:00]

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2021-06-21 (Pride Edition Vol. 2)

• June 21st, 2021

What the fuck is up, perverts?! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the 2nd volume of the Pride Edition of Monday Morning Aural Fuckin’ Sex! Apologies for the lack of podcast last week. I was kicked into high gear for another project I was working on, so between sorting out software compatibility issues, upgrading shit, acquiring all the necessary assets, writing (and re-writing, and re-writing) a script, fighting self-doubt every step of the way, I didn’t have the mental wherewithal to put anything else together. Anyway, I’m back to deliver more exquisite fucktacularity to all our earholes, so yay for that.


So, let’s discuss what we’ll be hearing:


1. Lotta poppy classics here. This edition has almost a dangerously mainstream appeal. I’m sure some of the tracks will challenge your palette, though. Especially “Love the Girls,” by B. Ames. You’ll hear what I mean once ya get there.


2. I was conflicted earlier about whether or not to include Die Antwoord in these editions. Of course, God (their DJ) is gay, but there was that whole controversy with that gay musician from a few years back. I don’t know what to think of it in regards to the timeline and who did what to whom, but I seriously doubt Die Antwoord is actually anti-LGBT. I don’t know. I think that it’s more likely that Ninja and/or Yo-landi could say shit like that in a confrontation just to fuck with their confidence. Not having had many confrontations in my life, I don’t know what sorts of offensive/defensive measures I’d employ, but I imagine talking trash could be one of them. I wouldn’t use slurs in that trash talk, but I can see why someone would even if they don’t actively use those slurs or hate whichever group of people. Doesn’t excuse it, but maybe it’s something of an explanation. I don’t know. What do you think?


3. So, I feel terribly late to this party, but apparently there’s a type of music called Ballroom (or Vogue). I just watched a short PBS doc on it, and as best as I can understand it, it’s basically hard house with less melody. I’d normally be less inclined to be interested in stuff with less melody, but this stuff is actually pretty awesome. That aforementioned track, “Love the Girls,” by B. Ames is a Ballroom track that I found on a Ballroom playlist on Spotify. But yeah, it’s apparently a genre that rose up along with voguing itself in the black LGBT community. The doc is definitely interesting if you’re into learning about music like I am.


4. Honestly, not a whole hell of a lot else to say this week. So, let’s just cut the fuckin’ foreplay and yojne already, shall we?



01 GRiZ - Tie-Dye Sky (from Tie-Dye Sky) [00:01:44]


02 Lady Gaga - Born This Way (from Born This Way (Special Edition)) [00:04:53]


03 UMI - Pretty Girl hi! (from Pretty Girl hi!) [00:09:11]


04 Baby Queen - Pretty Girl Lie (from Pretty Girl Lie) [00:10:59]


05 B. Ames, Icon Sinia Alaia - Love the Girls (from Love the Girls) [00:14:32]


06 Madonna - Vogue (from Celebration (double disc version)) [00:18:25]


07 Divoli S'vere - SOFT (from CKUNTINOMKSZ) [00:23:39]


08 Otto Von Schirach - Salpica (Miami) (from Supermeng) [00:26:02]


09 Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (from That’s The Way I Like It: The Best of Dead Or Alive) [00:30:49]


10 Ashnikko - Slumber Party (feat. Princess Nokia) (from DEMIDEVIL) [00:33:59]


11 Chana Rothman, Ali Wadsworth, Mighty Flipside ESQ. - Dress Up and Dance (from Rainbow Train) [00:36:56]


12 Ocean Kelly - Wanda's Cunty Vision (from Wanda’s Cunty Vision) [00:39:42]


13 Alphabet Rockers, Tommy Soulati Shepherd, Yaw, Zion I - #100kmasks (from The Love) [00:41:37]


14 Ariana Grande - Into You (from Dangerous Woman) [00:45:02]


15 Rezz - Taste of You (feat. Dove Cameron) (from Taste of You (feat. Dove Cameron)) [00:49:00]


16 The Menstrual Cramps - Tinder Girl (from Free Bleedin’) [00:51:46]


17 Brooke Candy, Pussy Riot, MNDR, Mykki Blanco - My Sex (from My Sex) [00:55:01]


18 Hoity-Toity - Y'know (from Not Your Kind) [00:59:19]


19 Kylie Minogue - In My Arms (from X) [01:03:52]


20 Queen - I Want To Break Free (from The Works) [01:07:22]


21 George Michael - Freedom! '90 (from Ladies And Gentlemen… The Best Of George Michael) [01:10:34]


22 Zolita - Loveline Remix (feat. Dorian Electra and Petal Supply) (from Loveline Remix (feat. Dorian Electra and Petal Supply)) [01:16:59]


23 Dan Hartman - Relight My Fire (Single Version) (from 70s Gems) [01:19:36]


24 Grove, Griz-O - Black (from Queer + Black) [01:23:19]


25 Syd - Got Her Own (from Fin) [01:26:44]


26 Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (from Welcome To The Pleasuredome: 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) [01:29:48]


27 Ants on a Log - They're My Best Friend (from They’re My Best Friend) [01:33:40]


28 Diana Ross - Love Hangover (from Diana Ross (Expanded Edition)) [01:35:48]


29 Cheryl Lynn - Got to Be Real (from Cheryl Lynn) [01:43:32]


30 Ducky - If U Need Me (from If U Miss Me) [01:48:36]


31 Gage, Kevin Jz Prodigy - Bad Bitch (from Bad Bitch) [01:51:50]


32 The Blessed Madonna - He Is the Voice I Hear (from He Is the Voice I Hear) [01:55:44]


33 GRiZ - Can't Hold Me Down (feat. Tash Neal) (from Good Will Prevail) [02:06:09]


34 Snow Tha Product - Never Be Me (from Never Be Me) [02:09:42]


35 Urias - Peligrosa (from FÚRIA PT1) [02:12:03]


36 Queen, David Bowie - Under Pressure (from Best of Bowie) [02:14:29]


37 Problem Patterns - Big Shouty (from Big Shouty) [02:18:27]


38 Zebra Katz - IN IN IN (from LESS IS MOOR) [02:19:48]


39 Little Big - Barbie Girl (from COVERS) [02:23:01]


40 Poppy - All The Things She Said (from All The Things She Said) [02:25:27]


41 Suzanne Vega, DNA - Tom's Diner (from Tom’s Album) [02:29:01]


42 Little Simz - Venom (from Venom) [02:32:43]


43 The Regrettes - Seashore (from Feel Your Feelings Fool!) [02:35:17]


44 Todrick Hall - Boys In The Ocean (from Boys In The Ocean) [02:38:42]


45 Lupa J - Obliterate (from To Breathe Underwater) [02:41:54]


46 SOPHIE - Immaterial (from OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES) [02:45:25]


47 Wax Wings - Reclaim Me (feat. Nimmo) (Maya Jane Coles Remix [Edit]) (from Reclaim Me (feat. Nimmo) (Maya Jane Coles Remix [Edit])) [02:49:17]


48 Raveena - Tweety (from Tweety) [02:52:38]


49 Syd - Missing Out (from Missing Out) [02:56:24]


50 Yaz - Don't Go (from Upstairs At Eric’s) [03:00:18]


51 Lil Nas X - SUN GOES DOWN (from SUN GOES DOWN) [03:03:16]


52 Elton John - Your Song (from Elton John) [03:06:02]


53 Sarah Proctor - Lost (from Lost) [03:09:59]


54 Telly Leung - You Matter (from You Matter) [03:13:29]

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2021-06-07 (Pride Edition)

• June 7th, 2021

Well, howdy! Welcome perverts, pervettes and all gender identities beyond and in-between to the inaugural Pride Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex! I have no good excuses for why the inaugural edition is being released in 2021. I’m trying to be a better ally now, I suppose. To be fairrrrr… I have featured LGBTQIA+ artists on the podcast numerous times individually. This is just a collection of ‘em. That’s not all, though. There are at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours of brand spankin’-that-ass new stuff that I found specifically for this edition. Lots of epic classics in here as well that you’re sure to yojne.


As far as good allyship goes (if that’s even a word), I actually got registered in New York to marry people specifically for the marriage of two of my favorite women, Navil & Celestine. They’ve been together for 6 years now, and even have a daughter now, too. Sadly, I haven’t officiated any marriages other than theirs, but I’m so very proud of the one I did. I told them around when they first started dating that they were never allowed to break up because they were too goddamn adorable together to ever part. Aside from that, I do regularly donate to LGBTQIA+ charities, and I advocate for civil rights whenever possible. 


Anyway, this isn’t about me. Just wanted to give y’all a little background just in case this is the first time you’re hearing it. As far as what we’ll be hearing, we’ve got all sorts of EDM, hip-hop, pop, indie, punk, metal, R&B, soul, even fuckin’ disco! Otep appears in this edition more than any other because, well, she’s an all-time favorite of mine. Actually wearing one of her shirts right now. I was so goddamn giddy when I met her. She’s phuckin’ phenomenal, and if ya disagree, it’s all good. Like I say, no matter how many rights the owners take from us in this country, nobody can ever take away your right to be wrong.


Also, I want to mention one of the reasons I included some old-school Green Day. One of my best friends, Tommy, was a huge fan of theirs when we were in elementary school. Tommy introduced me to a lot of stuff besides Green Day, though. Horror movies, Power Rangers, even porn. We hung out a lot, pretty much as often as we could. It always annoyed me when he’d twist my arm to go outside and do shit with him instead of just chilling inside and playing video games, but that was part of what was great about him. He challenged me to do things with which I was uncomfortable. Never anything sexual or dangerous, really. He did get caught stealin’ some shit once though, and coupled with the fact that we were forced to go to different middle schools, that was pretty much when our friendship faded away. I barely saw or spoke to him after that incident back in the mid-90s. Unfortunately, Tommy passed in 2009 while I was in college in Florida. I wish I would’ve been better at reaching out and/or keeping in touch, and I’m pretty sure we all have some story like that from our respective lives. You gotta tell people how much they mean to you while they’re around to hear you. It’s impossible to live life completely free of regrets like that, no doubt, but we can all try harder towards that end.


Anyway, I hope all my LGBTQIA+ friends yojne the fuck outta this edition. Straight people, y’all can yojne right along so long as you’re allies. If not, feel free to go fuck yourselves with a sharp stick. Get some splinters all up in there, and maybe it’ll change your minds along with the country that’s changing whether y’all like it or not. Homophobia is fuckin’ pathetic, I swear. Only intellectually bankrupt-ass cunts have that trash occupying their otherwise vacant fuckin’ minds. 


All that done did and fuckin’ said, have a fabulous Pride month everyone, and let us now commence the yojne! 



01 Alaska Thunderfuck - ROY G BIV BBT (from ROY G BIV BBT) [00:02:29]


02 Placebo - Pure Morning (from Without You I’m Nothing) [00:04:57]


03 Lady Gaga - Marry The Night (from Born This Way) [00:09:07]


04 Otep - Equal Rights, Equal Lefts (from Generation Doom) [00:13:30]


05 Two Feet - Go Fuck Yourself (from First Steps) [00:16:52]


06 Freddie - BASHBACK! (from BASHBACK!) [00:19:00]


07 Amelia Clarke - fuck you (from fuck you) [00:20:32]


08 Skunk Anansie - This Means War (Dux n Bass Remix) (from This Means War (Dux n Bass Remix)) [00:22:59]


09 Angel Haze - Battle Cry (feat. Sia) (from Dirty Gold (Deluxe)) [00:27:06]


10 Green Day - Basket Case (from Dookie) [00:31:53]


11 Queen - Stone Cold Crazy (from Sheer Heart Attack) [00:34:49]


12 RuPaul - Supermodel (You Better Work) (Ready to Wear Mix) (from Supermodel (You Better Work)/House of Love) [00:37:01]


13 Alaska Thunderfuck - Pride (from Vagina) [00:40:45]


14 T.V. Carpio - I Want to Hold Your Hand (from Across The Universe OST) [00:44:44]


15 Tim Curry - Sweet Transvestite (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show OST) [00:47:19]


16 Otep - Sweet Tooth (from Smash The Control Machine) [00:50:38]


17 GRiZ - Juicy (feat. Blunts & Blondes) (from Bangers[6].Zip) [00:54:56]


18 Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy (from Up) [00:58:03]


19 Sister Sledge - We Are Family (from We Are Family) [01:00:52]


20 Ducky - Stable Heart (from Optimism) [01:09:12]


21 Perfume Genius - Queen (from Too Bright) [01:13:08]


22 Halestorm - Bad Romance (from ReAniMate: The CoVeRs eP) [01:16:47]


23 Alphabet Rockers - They / Them (Interlude) (from The Love) [01:20:51]


24 Danna Paola, MIKA - Me, Myself (from K.O.) [01:21:39]


25 Ashnikko - Deal With It (feat. Kelis) (SEBii Remix) (from Deal With It (feat. Kelis) (Remixes)) [01:24:33]


26 Little Big - Big Dick (from Funeral Rave) [01:27:01]


27 Bizarrap - Snow Tha Product: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 39 (from Snow Tha Product: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 39) [01:29:39]


28 Otep - We Dream Like Lions (from Atavist) [01:32:30]


29 Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (from A Night At The Opera) [01:35:36]


30 Judas Priest - Painkiller (from Painkiller) [01:41:25]


31 Angel Vivaldi - . _ _ _ _ (from Away With Words, Part 1) [01:47:28]


32 Elton John - Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) (from Goodbye Yellow Brick Road) [01:52:37]


33 P!nk - Raise Your Glass (from Raise Your Glass) [01:57:25]


34 Green Day - Welcome To Paradise (from Dookie) [02:00:45]


35 Patrick Hernandez - Born to Be Alive (from Born to Be Alive) [02:04:28]


36 Rina Sawayama - Dance In The Dark (Spotify Singles) (from Dance In The Dark (Spotify Singles)) [02:07:32]


37 CSS - Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above (from Cansei De Ser Sexy) [02:11:13]


38 GRiZ - Astro Funk (from Astro Funk) [02:14:42]


39 imbi, Slim Set - Heatsink (from Heatsink) [02:17:57]


40 Niña Dioz, Rebeca Lane, Twin Palms - Kamikaze (from Amor, Locura & Otros Vicios) [02:21:45]


41 Brooke Candy - Opulence (from Opulence) [02:25:07]


42 girl in red - Serotonin (from if i could make it go quiet) [02:27:23]


43 sarya, maniatrix - PROFESSIONAL WOMAN (from PROFESSIONAL WOMAN) [02:30:22]


44 Poppy - Am I A Girl? (from Am I A Girl?) [02:33:35]


45 Pussy Riot, Dorian Electra - TOXIC (from TOXIC) [02:37:10]


46 Victoria Monét - F.U.C.K. (from F.U.C.K.) [02:40:02]


47 Shea Diamond - I Am Her (from I Am Her) [02:43:24]


48 Otep - Perfectly Flawed (from The Ascension) [02:46:51]


49 Michael St. Laurent - Know You Well (feat. Laura Hahn) (from Know You Well (feat. Laura Hahn)) [02:50:33]


50 Claud - Wish You Were Gay (from Wish You Were Gay) [02:54:55]


51 Kelela - Rewind (from Hallucinogen) [02:58:02]


52 Little Big - Skibidi (Romantic Edition) (from Skibidi) [03:01:57]


53 Lil Nas X - C7osure (You Like) (from 7 EP) [03:05:03]


54 Placebo - Centrefolds (from Sleeping With Ghosts) [03:07:26]


55 Otep - Be Brave (from KULT 45) [03:12:14]


56 Jim Sturgess & Dana Fuchs - All You Need Is Love (from Across The Universe OST) [03:14:56]


57 Queen - We Are The Champions (Remastered 2011) (from News Of The World (Deluxe Remastered Version)) [03:18:11]

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2021-05-31 (Through Niflheim to Valhalla Edition Vol. 4)

• May 31st, 2021

To Valhalla, motherfuckers and motherfuckerettes! Emo-goddamn-clew to the 4th volume of the Through Niflheim to Valhalla Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Nearly 3 ½ hours of fantastic nordic folk, viking & power metal is ahead of us this week. No doubt gripes could be made about the groups that seem or are too different from the rest, but I dunno. Maybe go fuck yaself? Try that on for size. It all fits the overall theme even if certain groups’ sounds, styles and/or nationalities deviate slightly from the others. Not even like anyone currently makes such gripes; I guess I’m pre-arguing or some shit. 


Anyway, this is all new shit, all fuckin’ awesome. No Heilung this time either. As I said in the previous 3rd volume of this edition, I’ve included pretty much their entire discography in just the first two volumes of this. There are tons of awesome groups similar to Heilung out there and in this podcast, and even though I absolutely adore Heilung, I enjoy expanding horizons more. Maybe I’ll feel nostalgic in the next volume. I’m still hyped as fuck for Hellblade II, as well. One particular track I want y’all to listen to is by Battle Beast, called Resurrection By Erection. Look up the lyrics and have yourselves a little chuckle, ‘cause I certainly did. It’s actually a cover of a Powerwolf song, and apparently also a part of a whole cover album that was included in the deluxe version of Sacrament of Sin. Looking into it, they actually went all the way fuckin’ out for their fans with the special edition versions of that album. I appreciate the fuck out of that, ‘cause I imagine making and distributing stuff like that has gotta be expensive as fuck.


Also, quick correction from last week: I miscredited my friend Shy with having shown me the magnificent Troldhaugen track called CRISPr Me Baby One More Time. It was actually my buddy Al. Speaking of Al, if you enjoyed his recommendations that I included on last week’s podcast, you ought to dig back in my podcast a little ways to summer of 2019 when I did a whole podcast with him. He’s got great taste, and I’m sure we’ll do another podcast together at some point because of that.


Aside from all that, shit, ain’t really much else to say. Yojne, motherfuckers!



01 Persefone - Niflheim (The Eyes That Hold the Edge) (from Truth Inside the Shades (Rerecorded Version)) [00:01:38]


02 Battle Beast - Resurrection By Erection (from The Sacrament Of Sin (Deluxe Version)) [00:09:30]


03 Theodor Bastard - Les (from Volch’ya Yagoda) [00:13:12]


04 Myrkur - House Carpenter (from Folkesange) [00:17:14]


05 Metalocalypse: Dethklok - Awaken (from The Dethalbum) [00:20:45]


06 Meshuggah - Monstrocity (from The Violent Sleep of Reason) [00:24:19]


07 Tenhi - Pojan Kiiski (from Saivo) [00:30:21]


08 Alestorm - Treasure Chest Party Quest (from Curse of the Crystal Coconut (Deluxe Version)) [00:37:00]


09 Amon Amarth - With Oden On Our Side (from With Oden On Our Side) [00:41:15]


10 Daemonia Nymphe - Deo's Erotas (from Psychostasia) [00:45:46]


11 Mors Principium Est - The Journey (from Dawn of the 5TH Era) [00:50:08]


12 Wind Rose - Drunken Dwarves (from Wintersaga) [00:55:10]


13 Vas - Mandara (from Feast Of Silence) [00:59:39]


14 Gloryhammer - The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee (from Tales from the Kingdom of Fife) [01:05:58]


15 Amaranthe - Army Of The Night (from The Sacrament Of Sin (Deluxe Version)) [01:10:17]


16 Alpine Universe - The Empire of Winds (from The Empire of Winds OST) [01:13:14]


17 Bloodbound - Rise of the Dragon Empire (from Rise of the Dragon Empire) [01:16:15]


18 Eisbrecher - Exzess Express (from Die Hölle muss warten) [01:20:47]


19 Wardruna - Kvitravn (from Kvitravn) [01:24:10]


20 Arion - I'm Here to Save You (from Vultures Die Alone) [01:30:18]


21 Powerwolf - Venom Of Venus (from The Sacrament Of Sin) [01:34:03]


22 Wardruna - Andvevarljod (from Andvevarljod) [01:37:27]


23 Ofdrykkja - Herr Mannelig (from Gryningsvisor) [01:47:31]


24 Caliban - Kiss Of The Cobra King (from The Sacrament Of Sin (Deluxe Version)) [01:54:26]


25 Tulip - Sidewinder (from Sidewinder) [01:58:39]


26 Garmarna - Två Systrar (from Två Systrar) [02:02:46]


27 The Moon & The Nightspirit - A Hajnal Köszöntése (from Metanoia) [02:08:24]


28 Timo Tolkki's Avalon, Todd Michael Hall - Promises (from Return to Eden) [02:14:07]


29 Gloryhammer - Goblin King of the Darkstorm Galaxy (from Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards) [02:18:50]


30 Manntra - Barren King (from Barren King) [02:22:23]


31 OMNIA - Shaman of Chaos (from Reflexions) [02:24:55]


32 SKÁLD - Grótti (from Grótti) [02:29:02]


33 Leaves' Eyes - Chain of the Golden Horn (from Chain of the Golden Horn) [02:31:49]


34 Vàli - Nordavindens Klagesang (from Skogslandskap) [02:35:45]


35 Myrkur - Ella (from Ella) [02:38:38]


36 Sharm - The Wolven Storm (Priscilla's Song) (from The Wolven Storm (Priscilla's Song)) [02:42:27]


37 Theodor Bastard - Urzala (from Volch’ya Yagoda) [02:46:23]


38 Arion - In The Name Of Love (feat. Cyan Kicks) (from In The Name Of Love (feat. Cyan Kicks)) [02:50:23]


39 Kati Ran, Borgar Magnason, Gaahls WYRD, Theodor Bastard - Unnr | MINDBEACH (from Unnr | MINDBEACH) [02:54:27]


40 Mors Principium Est - God Has Fallen (from Dawn of the 5TH Era) [03:03:58]


41 Einar Selvik - Dagar eru Taldir - Days Are Numbered (from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Wave of Giants) [03:08:23]


42 Gemini Syndrome - Remember We Die (from Memento Mori) [03:12:21]


43 Nytt Land - Valhalla Rising (from Valhalla Rising) [03:16:03]

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2021-05-24 (Send Newds Edition Vol. 5)

• May 24th, 2021

Up what fuck is the, dearest preverts and postverts?! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the 5th installment of the Send Newds Edition! Y’all oughta know the drill, but for those who only know the wrench, this is just a collection of new discoveries I’ve made over some relatively brief span of time. It’s been quite a month since the last one; all sortsa fucknomenal Shiite in store for us this week. Over 4 ½ fuckin’ hours, actually. I know, I ask too much of your time and attention week after week. Maybe you’ll make the time someday, maybe you’ll go the rest of your goddamn life never knowing about all this fucktacular music. Up to y’all, but I think the latter’s a goddamn shame. I could speculate on why ’til the cows come home, get slaughtered, turned into burgers, eaten and shat out with all the rest of our relentless consumption and petty judgments, but fuck, I’d rather just turn up this muthafuckin’ aural sex!


Speaking of which, let me get started with my nerdy list of boring shit I do before every podcast actually begins:


1. Graey is a deathcore group I found through the filthybreakdowns Instagram account. They’ve only released this one song so far, and they’re a new band as far as I can tell, so there’s some (relatively) exclusive shit for y’all. Pretty badass, too. Keep your eyes peeled for anything else they release, ‘cause I imagine they’ve got plenty of fucktacularity in store for the world.


2. JEFF?! is an artist that I found while looking for the previous artist, Graey. I was amused by the name, and good heavens does this track slap, so there ya go. See? I’m pretty much ALWAYS lookin’ for cool new shit, even when I’m busy lookin’ for other shit. You could be that way if you wanted, too. Ain’t no fuckin’ law against it, and even if there was, I’d happily break it every damn day.


3. Little Big put out… a metal track?! Yeah, actually! That one’s pretty fuckin’ sweet as well. If you don’t already know and love Little Big, first of all, you’re fuckin’ up. Second, they’re sorta like goofy Russian rave music, and I love the fuck out of ‘em. I even made my boy Al learn the Skibidi dance with me so we could do it when we saw them live. Shoutout to my homie Ryan Kore who went with us that night, too. Anyway, listen well to that, and then listen to the rest of their stuff, because they’re fuckin’ awesome.


4. Sullivan King and FEVER 333?!! Together on one track?! How can one song accommodate such a fucktastic pairing? Well, listen to LOUD and you’ll hear how! There’s another Sullivan King track on here called Domination with… Papa Roach?! What the actual and/or fictitious fuck is that about? I haven’t ever really given a damn, fuck, shit or squirt of piss about Papa Roach, but hey, that track’s quality doesn’t lie. Look forward to those two comin’ up real soon.


5. Any fans of the 80s jam Higher Love by Steve Winwood are almost sure to love (higherly?) the track by The Watchmen, Rob IYF & Al Storm called HGHR LV. See what they did there? THEY CONDENSED THE TITLE BY TAKING OUT THE VOWELS, AND THEY CAPITALIZED THE TITLE TOO BECAUSE HARDCOOOOOOORRRRRREEEE! Anyway, yeah, fun shit right there. I’ma be bobbin’ my head, drivin’ fast down the highway to that one. Some jams need air for the best experience of them. Truly, your environment plays a huge part of how a track affects you, so put your big people pants on and go somewhere when you listen to certain stuff like this. I promise you’ll notice a difference if you’re not already well aware of all that.


6. The mighty Dir en Grey makes a return to the podcast this week with T.D.F.F.! I haven’t been keeping up with them since fuck… way too long. Never stopped lovin’ ‘em, there’s just too much shit to keep track of in life sometimes. I’m sure y’all can relate. Anyone unfamiliar with them ought to look up the uncensored video for Obscure. Their Visual Kei style is fuckin’ badass, and even though I can’t understand a goddamn word Kyo says, I damn sure can appreciate the music. Y’all oughta know by now that understanding isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for appreciation and/or enjoyment. It helps, of course, but it’s certainly not necessary. I’ve had beautiful women put my penis in their mouths before, like… I definitely don’t understand why that ever happened, but hey, I’d be a damn fool not to appreciate and/or enjoy that.


7. The Linda Lindas are a punk band of young Asian American girls who recently went viral on Tikbookgramchat or whatever with this track called Racist, Sexist Boy. So awesome to see girls that young speakin’ on some real shit like that, especially considering the tense fuckin’ state of race relations in this bass-ackwards fuckin’ country of ours. I mean, I wish situations weren’t such that they felt compelled to do so, but I’m glad to see them channel that negativity into something positive. They were even featured briefly on TYT because of this jam, which is how I found them.


8. Shoutout to my boy Al for the Amigo the Devil track called Quiet as a Rat, shoutout to Ducky for the Grace Gale jam called Tijuana vs. Albuquerque, and shoutout to Shy for the phenomenal fuckin’ song CRISPr Me Baby One More Time by Troldhaugen (that shit’s fuckin’ bananas, and you’re about to find out for yourselves). If you wanna be shouted out, just try shootin’ me a track that you think I’d enjoy! I obviously listen to ALL sortsa fuckin’ shit. All anything’s gotta do is move me enough to be memorable, make me fuckin’ feel something, and I’m always movin’ y’all. Movin’ and feelin’ shit? I dunno, sure.


9. Apparently there is a nine this time, but this shit’s gettin’ a bit extensive, so let’s see if I can condense the rest of this intro. Let’s go through some especially notable jams here: HEALTH & Nine Inch Nails on a track together? Check! JUICEBOX is an artist I found when I was looking for tracks called “Vantablack,” for the recent Vantablack & Neon edition, but their jams didn’t fit on that edition, so they’re here now. 3 additional tracks called Vantablack, actually, and they’re all fuckin’ awesome. The track by We Are PIGS features Morgan Lander of Kittie fame, so if you’re still down with Kittie like I am, you ought to love that one. The Dark Lotus jam is a bonus track I just discovered, even though I’ve loved them for 20 fuckin’ years. I completely fuckin’ forgot that Opaque Brotherhood had a deluxe edition, so hey, all my juggalos ought to dig that. Washington is an artist that a Lyft passenger of mine turned me on to, and I’ve yet to hear a bad track from her. Hope y’all feel the same. Finally, CLANN, I found them from some random ad on Instagram talkin’ about a double vinyl release of their most recent album. I could’ve easily just scrolled away since I had no idea who the fuck they were at the time, but I decided to take the opportunity to learn some shit, and boy was I richly rewarded for my curiosity. I even posted about it a little over 2 months ago, but I forgot to include it on one of these editions until now. Like I said before, sometimes there’s too much shit to keep track of in life, ya know?


10. I know, I kinda cheated with that last point making it so fucking long. I know none of y’all are takin’ notes or anything on the info dumps that these intros typically are, but guess what?! Now, there’s nothing left to do but yojne! So yojne! What are you waiting for?! Me to stop talking?! Fair point, so just fuckin’ yojne, muthayojners!



01 NOISE NETWORK - Power Up (from Power Up / Drop It) [00:05:21]


02 PEEKABOO, ISOxo - POWERMOVE (from POWERMOVE) [00:07:15]


03 Blanke - Alchemy (ShockOne Remix) (from Alchemy (ShockOne Remix)) [00:10:27]


04 Sullivan King - LOUD (feat. Jason Aalon from FEVER 333) (from LOUD (feat. Jason Aalon from FEVER 333)) [00:14:09]


05 Colette - When the Music's Loud (from When the Music's Loud) [00:17:36]


06 Millennial Trash, Ace Aura - Noddin' (Asteroid Afterparty Remix) (from The Noddin’ Remixes No One Asked For) [00:21:45]


07 The Watchmen, Rob IYF, Al Storm - HGHR LV (from HGHR LV) [00:24:36]


08 Troldhaugen - CRISPr Me Baby One More Time (from Idio+syncrasies) [00:29:22]


09 Otto Von Schirach, Qebrus - Enter the Sacred Triangle (from Ottobrus) [00:32:50]


10 Gammer - THE DROP (Stonebank Remix) (from THE DROP (The Remixes Pt. 1)) [00:38:14]


11 Gawr Gura - Sharkventure!! (from Hololive English -Myth- Image Soundtrack(ft. Camellia)) [00:42:05]


12 HEALTH, Nine Inch Nails - ISN'T EVERYONE (from ISN’T EVERYONE) [00:46:27]


13 Onyx, Cappadonna - Ha Ha Ha (from Onyx 4 Life) [00:51:41]


14 We Are PIGS - Moot (feat. Morgan Lander) (from Moot) [00:55:09]


15 Dir En Grey - T.D.F.F. (from 朧 (Oboro)) [00:59:12]


16 Cassetter - Neon Pills (feat. Voicians) (from Neon Pills (feat. Voicians)) [01:02:08]


17 Hardage - There's Enough For All of Us (feat. Michael Franti) (Jay Caruso & Pagany Re-Funk Mix) (from There’s Enough For All of Us (Remixes 2021)) [01:06:39]


18 ERIEL INDIGO - Wasted (from Wasted) [01:12:24]


19 Astronaut - A$tronaut (from A$tronaut) [01:15:58]


20 Dark Lotus - Hallucinations (Bonus Track) (from The Opaque Brotherhood (Deluxe Edition)) [01:18:15]


21 Hallucinator - Sick Society (feat. MC Coppa) (from The New World Disorder LP) [01:21:27]


22 The Linda Lindas - Racist, Sexist Boy (Live at LA Public Library) (from Racist, Sexist Boy (Live at LA Public Library)) [01:26:57]


23 Eptic - Payback (from Payback) [01:28:59]


24 Nova Twins - Undertaker (FEVER 333 Remix) (from Undertaker (FEVER 333 Remix)) [01:32:28]


25 Andy Moor, Adam White, Whiteroom - The Whiteroom (from The Whiteroom) [01:34:42]


26 Evil Activities, Korsakoff - Shadows (from Shadows) [01:38:33]


27 LICK - IN THE DARK (feat. Calivania) (from IN THE DARK) [01:42:08]


28 JUICEB☮X, WES WAX - Vantablack (from Satori) [01:44:55]


29 Omnia - Beautiful (from Beautiful) [01:48:33]


30 Luma, Blanke - Like a Nightmare (from Like a Nightmare) [01:51:54]


31 Graey - Blind (from Blind) [01:55:29]


32 JEFF?! - Grey Blood (from Grey Blood) [01:59:38]


33 Karma - We All Float (feat. Jamie Madrox) (from We All Float) [02:03:03]


34 Amigo the Devil - Quiet as a Rat (from Born Against) [02:06:46]


35 Argatu', Andreea Niculae - Foaie Verde-A Bobului (from Vol. 5) [02:09:57]


36 CLANN - I Hold You (from Seelie) [02:15:06]


37 Excision, UBUR, Armanni Reign - Back To Back (from Back To Back) [02:24:10]


38 August Burns Red - Paramount (Reprise) (from Guardians Sessions EP) [02:27:01]


39 La Dispute - FOOTSTEPS AT THE POND (Zeal & Ardor Remix) (from Panorama Remixed) [02:32:00]


40 Asheni - Shelter Me (from La Maison De L’Elephant) [02:36:24]


41 Elle Vee, Sentient, JAGO - What Would It Take (from Subsidia Dawn: Vol. 3) [02:42:02]


42 Intervals - Vantablack (from Circadian) [02:45:44]


43 DJ Fastcut, Onyx - Bad Poets (from Bad Poets) [02:50:44]


44 Trampa, Space Laces - Shank (from Disrespect) [02:53:43]


45 The Toxic Avenger - Sorcery (from Sorcery) [02:56:43]


46 Shygirl - SIREN (Basement Jaxx Cruise Mix) (from SIREN) [03:01:55]


47 Synymata - Where Does Love Go (feat. Elle Vee) (from Where Does Love Go) [03:07:25]


48 Jokabi - Lost Woods (from Lost Woods) [03:11:45]


49 SLANDER - Love Is Gone (feat. Dylan Matthew) (Synymata Remix) (from Love Is Gone (Synymata Remix)) [03:14:10]


50 Ekoh, Locksmith - Nothin To Me (from Nothin To Me) [03:18:19]


51 Drumcorps - Human Nature (from Better Days) [03:21:25]


52 Maduk - Bringing Me Down (from Poison / Bringing Me Down) [03:23:47]


53 Friction - Falling Down (feat. Poppy Baskcomb) (from Falling Down) [03:27:49]


54 Gammer, Naeleck, Hige Driver - Virtual Gaming (Gammer Remix) (from Virtual Gaming (Gammer Remix)) [03:31:31]


55 Little Big - WE ARE LITTLE BIG (from WE ARE LITTLE BIG) [03:34:06]


56 Extra Terra, Max Brhon - Elon Trust (from Elon Trust) [03:36:13]


57 Cosmic Gate - Feel It (from Feel It) [03:40:10]


58 Redman - 80 BARZ (from 80 BARZ) [03:43:35]


59 Kayzo, Sullivan King, Papa Roach - DOMINATION (from DOMINATION) [03:46:40]


60 Token - Dentures (from Dentures) [03:49:25]


61 Illest Uminati - Mister Freeze (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie & Jamie Madrox) (from Mister Freeze) [03:52:37]


62 Grace Gale - Tijuana vs. Albuquerque (from A Few Easy Steps to Secure Heli-Camel Safety) [03:56:13]


63 Eivør - Gullspunnin (Live at Nordic House, 2020) (from Gullspunnin) [03:59:36]


64 Panda Eyes - Colorblind (from KIKO) [04:07:40]


65 Yunalesca - Vantablack (from Vantablack) [04:12:25]


66 Slushii - Valhalla (from Valhalla) [04:15:40]


67 Pendulum - Come Alive (from Come Alive) [04:18:54]


68 Wevlth - Come Alive (from Come Alive) [04:22:41]


69 The Birthday Party - Context (from Context) [04:25:35]


70 Washington - My Happiness (from My Happiness) [04:29:06]


71 Vexare - Still Remaining (from Rattlesnakes) [04:32:34]


72 JUICEB☮X, WES WAX - Time Will Tell (from Satori) [04:36:47]

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