2021-10-18 (Flashback Edition: 2012-09-24 (Roll The World Up In A Big Fuçking Ball Edition))

• October 18th, 2021

Roll the world up in a big fucking ball! Roll the world up in a big fucking ball! Roll the world up in a big fucking ball! Roll the world up in a big fucking ball!


01 Namco Sound Team - Sasasan Katamari (from Katamari Damacy - Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy OST)


02 Namco Sound Team - Dan Don Fuga (from Katamari Damacy - Minna Daisuki Katamari Damacy OST)


03 Deftones - Around The Fur (from Around The Fur)


04 Incubus - Redefine (from S.C.I.E.N.C.E.)


05 (hed)p.e. - Firsty (from (hed)p.e.)


06 Infected Mushroom vs. Liran Ran - Double Click (Piano Version) (from Double Click EP)


07 Infected Mushroom - None Of This Is Real (from Classical Mushroom)


08 Infected Mushroom - Riders On The Storm (from Infected Mushroom Presents The Doors Remixed (Unreleased LP))


09 Killswitch Engage - Life To Lifeless (from Alive Or Just Breathing (CD1))


10 Killswitch Engage - Soilborn (from Killswitch Engage)


11 Killswitch Engage - My Curse (from As Daylight Dies)


12 Silvertear - So Deep (Perfect Sphere Mix) (from So Deep Single)


13 nc feat. NRG Factory - Innocence Of Silence (Cube::Hard's Not So Innocent Mix) (from Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA and Ultramix 4 Limited Edition Music Sampler)


14 NM feat. Alison Wade - Beautiful Inside (Cube::Hard Mix) (Full-length) (from Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party Limited Edition Music Sampler)


15 Klayton (Celldweller) - Beginning Of The End (Full-length) (from Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2 Limited Edition Music Sampler)


16 Freezepop - Less Talk More Rokk (from Guitar Hero II)


17 Dethklok - Thunderhorse (from Guitar Hero II)


18 The Reverend Horton Heat - Psychobilly Freakout (from Guitar Hero II)


19 Yohihito Yano, Saki Kabata - Lonely Rolling Star (from Katamari Damacy OST "Katamari Fortissimo Damacy")


20 Asuka Sakai, Ado Mizumori - A Crimson Rose And A Gin Tonic (from Katamari Damacy OST "Katamari Fortissimo Damacy")


21 Yu Miyake - Jesus Island (from Katamari Damacy - Me And My Katamari (Disc 1))


22 The Main Drag - A Jagged Gorgeous Winter (from Rock Band 2)


23 Dream Theater - Panic Attack (from Rock Band 2)


24 That Handsome Devil - Rob The Prez-O-Dent (from Rock Band 2)


25 DJ Sharpnel - Poison Air Wave (from S.E.X. - Sound Of Extreme)


26 DJ Sharpnel - Da Manco (from Endless Summer)


27 DJ Sharpnel - Solitude Sun (from Mad Breaks)


28 Shiki - Air (from Cris Tears)


29 Walter Carlos - Title Music From A Clockwork Orange (from A Clockwork Orange OST)


30 Hans Zimmer - This Is Going To Hurt (from The Ring & The Ring Two OST)


31 Nellee Hooper - Tybalt Arrives (feat. Butthole Surfers & The Dust Brothers) (from Romeo + Juliet OST Vol. 2)


32 Nellee Hooper - Fight Scene (from Romeo + Juliet OST Vol. 2)


33 Nellee Hooper - Mercutio's Death (from Romeo + Juliet OST Vol. 2)


34 Nellee Hooper - Drive Of Death (from Romeo + Juliet OST Vol. 2)


35 Jocelyn Pook And The Jocelyn Pook Ensemble - Migrations (from Eyes Wide Shut OST)


36 Dev/Null - I'd Rather Mainline Preparation H Than Listen To Your Shitty, Shitty Music (from Lazer Thrash)


37 Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Beatle Bones N' Smokin' Stones (from I May Be Hungry But I Sure Ain't Weird: The Alternate Captain Beefheart)


38 Descendents - I Wanna Be A Bear (from Two Things At Once)


39 Descendents - Weinerschnitzel (from Two Things At Once)


40 Liberace - Ciao! (from Cecil B. Demented OST)

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2021-10-11 (Liquid Makes Me Wet Edition Vol. 6)

• October 11th, 2021

IIIIIIIIIIIII’m goddamn exhausted!

And IIIIIII wanna go to fuckin’ beeeeed!


I thought I’d treat y’all to another rendition of the song with which I started the last volume of this shit. Yes, I am muthafuckin’ and goddamn exhausted all in one glorious fuckin’ ball of pluh, but we have a muthafuckin’ podcast to do here! Emo-goddamn-sonofabitch-nun-cunt-Jesus-jizz-on-a-camel’s-elbow-clew to the 6th volume of the Liquid Makes Me Wet Edition of Monday Mornin’ Aural muth-a-fuck-in’ Sex! This is gonna be a short intro similar to last week’s because just like I said in volume 5, I did not sing that fuckin’ song for no reason. Couple things first, though:


1. Apparently, I did know the Jason Ross & Blanke song called One More Day already. I played it on the Send Newds Vol. 3 Edition, and I guess Con and/or Alex just found that one independent of me and it ended up on our Blend playlist. Ah well. Not like anyone would ever have noticed that shit unless I’d pointed it out like the hopeless fuckin’ music geek I am.


2. For whomever may yet still be un-fuckin’-awares, liquid is another form of drum’n’bass with more melodic elements at the forefront of the mix. It’s short for liquid funk, and I’m not 100% sure, but I think there’s some crossover tracks between liquid and drumstep. There are similar elements between the two subgenres, so you’ll hear a lot of both of those because I think to some degree they’re interchangeable.


2.5. If you don’t like liquid or drumstep for whatever reason, that’s perfectly fine. You have every right to be wrong.


3. This fuckin’ shit is damn near 5 hours because I’m too much. You know this, I know this, we’re movin’ on.


4. Much like other themed editions I make, 2/3rds of this edition are entirely new finds, while the remaining 3rd is comprised of tracks from older editions because they deserve multiple appearances on this podcast, dammit.


5. Nope, no more goddamn numbered list bullshit for now. I’m wrappin’ this shit right here so we can all. fuckin’. yojne!



01 Krakota - Take Me There (from Take Me There) [00:01:24]


02 Aktive - Higher (from Higher) [00:05:48]


03 Camo & Krooked - Watch It Burn (feat. Ayah Marar) (from Cross The Line) [00:09:02]


04 Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At (1991 Remix) (from Where's Your Head At (1991 Remix)) [00:12:23]


05 Zardonic - Superhot (Hyperhot Mix) (from Superhot: Mind Control Delete Soundtrack) [00:15:56]


06 Alcemist - Us (from Us) [00:20:47]


07 Muzzy - Crescendo (feat. MYLK) (from Crescendo (feat. MYLK)) [00:25:21]


08 Delta Heavy - White Flag VIP (from White Flag) [00:30:13]


09 Blanke - Alchemy (ShockOne Remix) (from Alchemy (ShockOne Remix)) [00:34:38]


10 Hallucinator - Control VIP (feat. Kiara) (from Rejects LP) [00:38:18]


11 DRS - Raindrops (feat. Lenzman & Pete Simpson) (from I Don’t Usually Like MC’s but…) [00:44:13]


12 Alison Wonderland - Bad Things (ShockOne Remix) (from Bad Things (ShockOne Remix)) [00:50:04]


13 Satl, DRS - Beautiful Struggle (from Beautiful Struggle) [00:54:33]


14 Sub Focus, Wilkinson - Freedom (feat. Empara Mi) (Sub Focus x Wilkinson x High Contrast Remix) (from Freedom (Sub Focus x Wilkinson x High Contrast Remix)) [00:59:08]


15 Dexcell, LaMeduza - Freefall (from Freefall) [01:03:14]


16 Dimension - Lord's Prayer (feat. Liam Bailey) (from Organ) [01:08:02]


17 Metrik, Grafix - Parallel VIP (from Overdrive / Parallel VIP) [01:13:11]


18 B-complex - Girl With Flower (from Girl With Flower) [01:19:05]


19 Kanine - Tell Me (from Tell Me) [01:25:29]


20 Maduk, Jelvin - Transformations (from Transformations) [01:29:31]


21 Fourward, The Arcturians - Alien (from Alien [UKF10]) [01:33:12]


22 Blitz Union - Plastic (Zardonic Remix) (from Plastic (Zardonic Remix)) [01:37:12]


23 Blanke - Mystery (from Mystery) [01:41:15]


24 ShockOne - Hardwired (feat. Reija Lee) (from Hardwired) [01:45:19]


25 Data 3 - Atomic (from Atomic) [01:49:42]


26 Maduk - Poison (feat. Gid Sedgwick) (from Poison / Bringing Me Down) [01:54:58]


27 Wilkinson - Sweet Lies (feat. Karen Harding) (from Hypnotic) [01:59:22]


28 The Prototypes, Kudu Blue - Oxygen (from Ten Thousand Feet & Rising) [02:02:41]


29 BCee, Charlotte Haining, Tempza - In the Moment (Monrroe Remix) (from In the Moment) [02:06:42]


30 Adibanti, Jackson Mathod, Maddy - Out of Time (from Out of Time) [02:12:30]


31 Muzzy, MVE - Out There (from Out There) [02:17:34]


32 Nelver - Time Forward (from Time Forward) [02:23:00]


33 Dimension - Black Church (from Black Church) [02:28:09]


34 S.P.Y - Darkmttr (from Darkmttr EP) [02:31:51]


35 Aperio, Mindfield - Seasons Changing (from Nostalgia / Seasons Changing) [02:37:00]


36 Styke - Lunar (from Lunar EP) [02:41:45]


37 Aktive - Sunchaser (from Sunchaser EP) [02:46:54]


38 L.A.O.S - Bright Lights (from Bright Lights / Give Me) [02:52:05]


39 Polar Youth, Georgie Allen - All Night (Metrik Remix) (from All Night (Metrik Remix)) [02:56:13]


40 Odd Mob, Pooks - Disappear (feat. Hayley Trinca) [ShockOne Remix] (from Disappear (feat. Hayley Trinca) [ShockOne Remix]) [03:00:17]


41 Artsea - Path to Never (from Finding Solace/Path to Never) [03:03:13]


42 Feint, Veela - Vagrant (from Vagrant) [03:07:58]


43 Pola & Bryson, Hugh Hardie - Vetur (from Beneath the Surface) [03:12:23]


44 Reach - The Law (Zardonic Remix) (from The Law (Zardonic Remix)) [03:16:39]


45 Sub Focus - Airplane (Culture Shock Remix) (from Airplane (Culture Shock Remix)) [03:20:23]


46 Riya, Villem, Mcleod, DRS - Ships (from Hurt Heals EP) [03:24:43]


47 V O E - Giants (from Giants) [03:29:53]


48 Pendulum, Hybrid Minds - Louder Than Words (from Elemental) [03:33:23]


49 Satl, T.R.A.C. - Limin' (from Bedroom Producer with a Dream) [03:37:05]


50 Enei, Charli Brix - Homeworld (from Drum & Bass Arena 2016) [03:41:41]


51 Koven - Worlds Collide (Grafix Remix) (from Numb / Worlds Collide (Grafix Remix)) [03:46:55]


52 Prospa - WANT NEED LOVE (Dimension Remix) (from WANT NEED LOVE (Remixes)) [03:50:24]


53 Dimension - Sensory Division (from Organ) [03:54:30]


54 Rosie Charles - Lonely (Yves Jones Remix) (from Lonely (Yves Jones Remix)) [03:59:25]


55 Sub:liminal, Resurgence - Just A Waste (from Just A Waste) [04:03:29]


56 Wilkinson - In The Dark (feat. Livvi Franc) (from Hypnotic) [04:08:09]


57 Delta Heavy - End of Days (from Down the Rabbit Hole EP) [04:12:11]


58 Valiant Emcee, Cyber Posix - Never Too Late (Winslow Remix) (from Never Too Late [The Remixes] EP) [04:16:41]


59 Safire - Holding On (feat. DRS) (from Holding On) [04:21:28]


60 Polygon, Martin Jasper - Coming Home (from Coming Home) [04:27:22]


61 Smote, Aleya Mae - I Feel Alive (from I Feel Alive EP) [04:32:10]


62 Muzzy - Start Again (from Start Again) [04:36:57]

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2021-10-04 (Robot PrØn v11.0)

• October 4th, 2021

Robot Pr0n v11.0! Robot Pr0n is dubstep! Not in the mood for my usual long intro this week. I’m tired as fuck, frustrated as fuck, and depressed as fuck, but hopefully shit will improve as the week goes on. Hey, the week’s starting wiiiiith this fuckin’ podcast, so let’s get on with the yojne right fuckin’ nao!



01 Sullivan King, Subtronics - Take Flight (from Take Flight) [00:00:00]


02 Teminite - Raise The Black Flag (from Raise The Black Flag) [00:04:31]


03 SWARM - Alpha & Omega (from Alpha & Omega) [00:09:06]


04 Herobust - Lose Your Shit (from Lose Your Shit) [00:13:32]


05 Blunts & Blondes, Badrapper - Bring It Back (from Bring It Back) [00:16:38]


06 Deathpact - SONG SIX (from SPLIT // PERSONALITY) [00:19:01]


07 Pegboard Nerds, Ragga Twins - Computa Hakka (from Heart of the Universe) [00:23:51]


08 Computa - Mind Control (from Mind Control) [00:27:07]


09 KATFYR - Lose Control (feat. Maruja Retana) (from Lose Control) [00:29:34]


10 Dillon Francis - Lost My Mind (feat. Alison Wonderland) (NGHTMRE Remix) (from Lost My Mind (NGHTMRE Remix)) [00:33:48]


11 Liquid Stranger - Psychonaut (12th Planet Remix) (from Psychonaut (12th Planet Remix)) [00:37:26]


12 Ahee, Defunk - I Feel It (from I Feel It) [00:40:23]


13 GRiZ - Juicy (feat. Blunts & Blondes) (from Bangers[6].Zip) [00:44:09]


14 Excision, Kai Wachi - Demisaur (from Demisaur) [00:47:14]


15 Kayzo, Sullivan King, Papa Roach - DOMINATION (from DOMINATION) [00:50:42]


16 Jantsen, Mersiv - Get Crazy (from Get Crazy) [00:53:28]


17 Dubscribe - Get Wicked (from Absolute) [00:57:58]


18 Oliverse - Get High (from Dimension EP) [01:00:52]


19 Bear Grillz, SHARPS - Gawdam (from Gawdam) [01:04:42]


20 Riot Ten, Dogma - Ready For War (feat. Joe Buras of Born Of Osiris) (from Ready For War (feat. Joe Buras of Born Of Osiris)) [01:07:07]


21 Apashe - Work (feat. Vo Williams) (SWARM Remix) (from Work (SWARM Remix)) [01:10:06]


22 Herobust - BRUH?! (from BRUH?!) [01:14:07]


23 ATLiens, Blanke - Contact (from Contact) [01:17:51]


24 Dabin, Apashe, Madi - Lilith (Sullivan King Remix) (from Lilith (Sullivan King Remix)) [01:21:40]


25 MATT DOE, Fools Of Wisdom - ANUBIS (from ANUBIS) [01:25:54]


26 Pixel Terror, ESPER, Isaiah Brown - Medusa (from Medusa) [01:29:41]


27 Chime, Doctor P - The Minotaur (from The Minotaur) [01:33:44]


28 Kotori - Lunar Tear (from Lunar Tear) [01:37:12]


29 BLVK JVCK - THE SHOOTV (from THE SHOOTV) [01:40:19]


30 BLACK NEON - Midnight In LA (Champagne Drip Remix) (from Midnight In LA (Champagne Drip Remix)) [01:43:20]


31 Kai Wachi - Better Off Alone (feat. RUNN) (from Better Off Alone) [01:47:29]


32 Bandlez, Barely Alive - Meme Graveyard (from Meme Graveyard) [01:52:14]


33 Figure, MDK - Zombies Ate My Ravers (from Zombies Ate My Ravers) [01:54:47]


34 NGHTMRE, Subtronics, Boogie T - Nuclear Bass Face (from Nuclear Bass Face) [01:58:16]


35 Snails, Kompany, Virus Syndicate - System Overload (Bossfight Remix) (from World of Slime (Remixes)) [02:01:20]


36 Kayzo, SYN, Zero 9:36 - Breakdown (from Breakdown) [02:05:03]


37 ASCA - カルペディエム (Chime Remix) - Sakura Chill Beats Singles (from カルペディエム (Chime Remix) - Sakura Chill Beats Singles) [02:09:09]


38 Sullivan King - LOUD (feat. Jason Aalon from FEVER 333) (from LOUD (feat. Jason Aalon from FEVER 333)) [02:13:04]


39 Vodenik - Bad Dream (feat. Kelsey Ray) (Deathlynioz Remix) (from Bad Dream (Remixes)) [02:16:31]


40 SWARM - Fury (from Fury) [02:20:08]


41 Dr. Ozi, Chime, Trinergy - Motion (from Motion) [02:24:30]




43 Millennial Trash, Ace Aura - Noddin' (Asteroid Afterparty Remix) (from The Noddin’ Remixes No One Asked For) [02:32:43]


44 Kompany, Effin - Chunky (from Chunky) [02:35:31]


45 GRiZ - Astro Funk (from Astro Funk) [02:39:02]


46 Doctor P, FuntCase - Arcade Fire (from Arcade Fire) [02:42:14]


47 Figure - Pixel Riddim (from Pixel Riddim) [02:46:07]


48 Whales - Atlantis Super Rave (from Atlantis Super Rave) [02:48:39]


49 HIGHSOCIETY - Rave Ting (DATAMOSH Massive) (from Rave Ting (DATAMOSH Massive)) [02:52:23]


50 Kompany, Staysick - Thermos (from Untouchable EP) [02:55:57]


51 UBUR, Subtronics - Electric Noodle Soup (from Electric Noodle Soup) [02:59:36]


52 Droptek - Invoke (Clockvice Remix) (from Invoke (Clockvice Remix) / Devoid (Levala Remix)) [03:03:25]


53 Pegboard Nerds, More Plastic - Manifest (from Manifest / Together) [03:06:37]


54 Ace Aura - Destiny (from Destiny) [03:09:49]


55 PsoGnar - Traitor (from Traitor) [03:14:13]


56 Killin' Void, Glitch Gum - DUMB DUB (from DUMB DUB) [03:18:53]


57 Gladez - Let You Go (from Boss Level EP) [03:21:09]


58 Virtual Riot - Preset Junkies VIP (from Preset Junkies EP) [03:24:50]


59 Naeleck, Hige Driver - Virtual Gaming (from Virtual Gaming) [03:28:17]


60 Nurko, Devon Baldwin - Blindspot (Ace Aura Remix) (from Blindspot (Remixes)) [03:32:01]


61 Re:um - Existence (from Existence) [03:36:38]


62 Pixel Terror, Josh Rubin - Crush VIP (from Crush VIP) [03:40:10]


63 Ray Volpe - Programmed to Love VIP (from Programmed to Love VIP) [03:44:35]


64 RIOT - Down With Your Love (from Down With Your Love) [03:48:20]


65 SWARM, Social Kid - Black Hole (from I’ll Never See The World) [03:53:08]


66 Pixel Terror, Chime, Teminite - Sleepless (from Sleepless) [03:56:43]


67 Kayzo, Our Last Night - Alone (Sullivan King Remix) (from Alone (Sullivan King Remix)) [04:00:25]


68 Sikdope - Follow (ATRIP Remix) (from Follow (ATRIP Remix)) [04:04:41]


69 Notixx - I Need You (from Entity) [04:08:07]


70 Whales - Too Weird (feat. Kini Solana) (from Pelagios) [04:11:27]


71 Amidy - Satellite (feat. Outwild) (from Satellite) [04:14:26]


72 MitiS - Try (feat. RØRY) (from Try (feat. RØRY) [04:17:57]


73 Dabin, Lowell - Holding On (Kompany Remix) (from Drown/Holding On (Remixes)) [04:22:06]


74 TriS - Last Stand (from Last Stand) [04:25:12]


75 ShockOne - It's All Over (from It’s All Over) [04:29:35]

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2021-09-27 (Send Newds Edition Vol. 9)

• September 27th, 2021

O-M-M-F-G! It’s been 3 entire fuckin’ weeks since our last foray into the universe of the new! The new-niverse, if you will. If you won’t, then go eat a fuckin’ apple or some shit. Fuckin’ pervert! Any-fuckin’-way, emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the 9th installment of the Send Newds Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Goodness gracious do we have a nipple-hardening podcast in store for us this week, dearest perverinos. 69 fuckin’ tracks (because of course, and Giggity), damn near 4 1/2 hrs of stuff that’s entirely new to this podcast, some of which is entirely new to me as well. Some of this stuff I only just found a few hours prior to putting this podcast out, so it’s really kind of a little music present from me to you. It’s up to you whether you want to indulge in sheer fucktacularity or twiddle your ass hairs doing whatever else but listening to this podcast. Surgery? Fuck you, listen to this podcast. Space travel? Eat a dick. I’m sure you could figure out a way to listen to this podcast on the ISS or whatever shit.


Any-fuckin’-way, let me say some things about stuff:


1. My roommate recently showed me Black Swan for the first time. In case you’re wondering why, shit, some things just fly under the radar and out of memory. Anyway, there’s a club scene around 2/3rds of the way in, and the song that plays is fuckin’ fire. Come to find out, it’s called Don’t Think, and it’s a fuckin’ Chemical Brothers track! Whaaaat?! Why was I not informed of such a fuckin’ bop? Good lord. You know what it is? I was just discussing this with my buddy Vega. I’ve written off a number of artists simply due to their music being used for commercials, and I’ve realized numerous times how shortsighted it is to do that. It’s purist, elitist, and I don’t want to be either one. I just loathe commercialism and invasive marketing & advertisements so completely that sometimes otherwise talented artists can get mired in the rest of that fuckin’ miserable, capitalistic muck. Anyway, yeah, stay tuned for that one ‘cause it’s pretty fuckin’ hot. Black Swan was definitely an interesting watch, too.


2. I came across an Argentinian symphonic metal band called Slania. Turns out they did a cover of Rammstein’s, “Mutter,” which will no doubt delight my lovie Alex who just got a Mutter tattoo on her back. I have little doubt it’ll delight fans of the original. I think the orchestra is mixed a tad too hot in some places, but it’s still an excellent cover overall. I also went ahead and threw in an original of theirs called Limbo ‘cause Limbo’s one of my all-time favorite games. I know they’re unrelated except in name. Fuck you, I don’t have to be clever 24/7.


3. Shout the fuck out to my lovie Alex for providing me with the following tracks: Ghost Town’s, “You’re so Creepy,” Irving Force’s, “Touch the Corpse,” Russkaja’s, “Love Revolution,” Goldfinger’s, “Wallflower,” and Emigrate’s, “YOU CAN’T RUN AWAY.” Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the excellent recommendations, and I hope you enjoy hearing them in this edition if ya listen to it. Shout the fuck out to my homies Constance and her boyfriend Alex for TELYKast’s, “Somebody New,” Gaullin’s,” Moonlight,” ppcocaine’s, “DDLG,” (which is a fuckin’ hilarious track that sounds like punk porno trap or some shit), CORPSE & Savage Ga$p’s, “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!,” Okaeri & Dill’s, “Hitori,” Jason Ross & Blanke’s, “One More Day (with Chandler Leighton),” and finally, she’s, “Music Like This.” Good muthafuckin’ lord, this edition is beginning to feel less like somethin’ I did and more like somethin’ we all did together. All that sharing of awesome shit with each other, that feeling of life enhancement is what I aim for with every edition of this shit. Thank you to all of y’all for making Blend playlists with me on Spotify. I’ll definitely be revisiting those playlists periodically. Little shoutout to my buddy Vega for showing me the Container Park track by Chemical Brothers. I had no idea they’d scored a movie! Definitely wanna look for that one. Finally, one last little shoutout to my buddy Aloysius for the Burn The Ballroom track, “Esmeralda.” I snagged that one from our Blend playlist, too. As much as I hate Spotify for their business practices, I do love some of the features of that damn app. I should probably cancel and join Tidal, but good lord, I have so many Spotify playlists already. Any-fuckin’-way, 3 has gone on for way, way too fucking long.


4. For all who don’t yet know, Sigur Rós is some of the most beautiful music ever made. This track was used at the end of the 13th season of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia for the dance scene at the end. It’s been a while since I’ve thought about Sigur Rós, but I’ve never lost any love for ‘em and what I’ve heard thus far. I’ll have to listen to a full album sometime and hopefully not fall into a blissful slumber.


5. Two Metallica covers in this edition from The Blacklist. The Blacklist is a charity effort on behalf of Metallica and all the artists who contributed. Apparently, “all profits will be donated to the numerous charities of each contributing artist’s choice along with Metallica’s own foundation called All Within My Hands.” Not sure exactly what that foundation does or what the other charities are, but I certainly hope they’re doing good work. Lot of corrupt charities out there. Anyway, yeah, I heard a chilling cover of Nothing Else Matters from there, and I just… Couldn’t hang with that one. These two are perfectly fine to me. Definitely different, but different can be awesome. Up to you, up to all of us.


6. Alla Xul Elu is one of my favorite groups on Twiztid’s Majik Ninja Entertainment label, and they don’t disappoint on Six Feet Deep. They’re fuckin’ awesome, in my opinion. I think they’re considerably darker than most horrorcore out there, but they also have senses of humor. I can’t wait to see ‘em live whenever concerts can actually fucking happen safely again.


7. That group called Vended? That’s Corey Taylor’s son and Shawn Crahan’s son in a band together. Pretty fuckin’ awesome, if ya ask me! Speaking of sons of awesome metal musicians, if y’all haven’t heard Dez Fafara’s son Simon, you really ought to look him up. Kid’s got quite a growl just like Corey’s son.


8. Apparently The Agonist is still puttin’ out fire! Haven’t delved into them in a while, but I’ve played a number of their tracks on this podcast over the years. Any of my melodic metal fans out there ought to really enjoy that one. Moving on, Twiztid put out another rock track?! Yup! It’s called Parasite, and it’s comin’ up soon. I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve always thought Twiztid put forth solid efforts in their forays into the rock genre. Anyway, Parasite’s pretty fuckin’ cool to me. Hopefully y’all feel similarly. An acoustic piano version of Still Alive by Lisa Miskovsky?! Ummm, yesss!!! Are you fuckin’ kidding me, man? What a gorgeous fuckin’ song. Always makes me want to go back to finish the Mirror’s Edge games. Anyway, yojne the fuck outta that one, ‘cause I damn sure will. Another banger from Josh A, eh? You goddamn right, apparently. Dude’s got hits for days and days. Check him the fuck out. Oh look! Another fuckin’ Death Tour track! This time with Bob Vylan! How the fuck could that be anything but fuckin’ awesome?! Another chapter in the seemingly never-ending saga of my enthusiasm for Death Tour. Finally, if y’all haven’t been paying attention to the Algorithm tracks I’ve been playing over the past few years, y’all been fuckin’ up. I have yet to hear a bad track by The Algorithm (which I concede sounds like some bizarrely dystopian thing), and Decompilation is certainly no exception to that rule. I mean, fuck, why would I include an exception to that rule? That doesn’t make any fuckin’ sense, ya caulk gobbler. Then again, I suppose gobbling caulk doesn’t make much sense either. Ah well.


9. Nein! Niet! Non! No nine for bovine clotheslines on borrowed time!


10. Shit, man, I mean… just fuckin’ yojne, alright?



01 Tom Morello - Let's Get The Party Started (feat. Bring Me The Horizon) (from Let's Get The Party Started (feat. Bring Me The Horizon)) [00:05:29]


02 Giuseppe Ottaviani - Till The Sunrise (Mixed) (from A State Of Trance FOREVER Spotlight: Giuseppe Ottaviani) [00:09:00]


03 Blu - Because The Sky Is Blu(e) (from The Color Blu(e)) [00:14:07]


04 Black Tiger Sex Machine - Wild Kids (feat. Youngr) (from Wild Kids) [00:18:06]


05 We Are PIGS - Kids (feat. Brian "Head" Welch & JR BAREIS) (from Kids) [00:21:48]


06 The Chemical Brothers - Don't Think (from Further) [00:25:34]


07 Blanke - Breathe (from Breathe) [00:33:11]


08 The Algorithm - Decompilation (from Decompilation) [00:37:17]


09 Chase & Status - Wherever I May Roam (feat. BackRoad Gee) (Metallica cover) (from Wherever I May Roam) [00:40:44]


10 ppcocaine - DDLG (from DDLG) [00:43:43]


11 Goldfinger - Wallflower (from Never Look Back) [00:46:15]


12 Ghost Town - You're so Creepy (from Party In The Graveyard) [00:48:34]


13 Emigrate - YOU CAN'T RUN AWAY (from YOU CAN’T RUN AWAY) [00:52:06]


14 Russkaja - Love Revolution (from No One is Illegal) [00:56:11]


15 Fracus - Need Your Love (from Need Your Love) [00:59:56]


16 Prospa - WANT NEED LOVE (Dimension Remix) (from WANT NEED LOVE (Remixes)) [01:05:50]


17 Wevlth - UR LUV (from UR LUV) [01:09:57]


18 TELYKast - Somebody New (from Somebody New) [01:12:32]


19 AG, Jinxes - Girls Will Be Girls (from Girls Will Be Girls) [01:14:53]




21 Irving Force - Touch the Corpse (from Touch the Corpse) [01:19:37]


22 Arcade High - DGYK (feat. Jei-laya) (from DGYK) [01:22:23]


23 Deficit - Death Prize (from Death Prize) [01:27:16]


24 Alla Xul Elu - Six Feet Deep (from Six Feet Deep) [01:30:25]


25 Death Tour - Rebirth (feat. Bob Vylan) (from Rebirth) [01:34:21]


26 Slania - Mutter (from https://youtu.be/aw7SDb3F26A) [01:36:49]


27 Figure, MDK - Zombies Ate My Ravers (from Zombies Ate My Ravers) [01:40:52]


28 Maduk, Jelvin - Transformations (from Transformations) [01:44:21]


29 she - Music Like This (from Aspire) [01:48:02]


30 Vended - Asylum (from Asylum) [01:50:39]


31 Abraxis - Black Rainbow (from Black Rainbow) [01:53:28]


32 SLAY-52s - Raining Lobsters (from https://youtu.be/mnrfqPoX4WU) [01:59:22]


33 M-Project - Fire To The Roof (from Fire To The Roof) [02:02:38]


34 pÈRez, Tony, Drugzilla - GONE WITH THE WIND (from GONE WITH THE WIND) [02:06:47]


35 Gaullin - Moonlight (from Moonlight) [02:10:22]


36 Psychostick - Galaxy Song (from Galaxy Song) [02:13:12]


37 Burn The Ballroom - Esmeralda (from Kiss Me You Animal) [02:15:05]


38 Craig Connelly - Golden Gate (Extended Mix) (from Golden Gate) [02:18:10]


39 Extra Terra, Matteo Tura - The Oracle (from The Oracle) [02:25:22]


40 Corey Taylor - Holier Than Thou (Metallica cover) (from Holier Than Thou) [02:29:50]


41 Josh A - NO MERCY (from NO MERCY) [02:33:56]


42 Borgore - I Don't Care (from I Don’t Care) [02:36:11]


43 CRASHFACE - ultraplasticplanetkiller (from HEAVY INFECTIOUS) [02:40:04]


44 Twiztid - Parasite (from Unlikely Prescription) [02:42:34]


45 12th Planet - Habitat (Ace Aura Remix) (from Habitat (Ace Aura Remix)) [02:45:27]


46 ZABO, BADVOID - Asylum (from Asylum) [02:47:49]


47 Chon, Lagosh - Missionnaire (from Missionnaire) [02:51:01]


48 Aephanemer - Panta Rhei (from Panta Rhei) [02:53:06]


49 Virtual Riot - REDLINE (from Simulation) [02:58:24]


50 Spiritbox - Yellowjacket (feat. Sam Carter) (from Eternal Blue) [03:01:13]


51 The Chemical Brothers - Container Park (from Hanna OST) [03:04:31]


52 Face To Face - Blanked Out (from No Way out but Through) [03:08:13]


53 The Agonist - Remnants in Time (from Remnants in Time) [03:11:20]


54 Odd Mob, Pooks - Disappear (feat. Hayley Trinca) [ShockOne Remix] (from Disappear (feat. Hayley Trinca) [ShockOne Remix]) [03:16:08]


55 Slania - Limbo (from Limbo) [03:19:04]


56 Perturbator, HEALTH - Excess (from Excess) [03:23:35]


57 SeeYouSpaceCowboy... - Misinterpreting Constellations (from Misinterpreting Constellations) [03:28:06]


58 Rolo Lyrics, Blame - Strange Plug Beats (from Strange Plug Beats) [03:31:57]


59 Poppy - As Strange As It Seems (from Flux) [03:35:04]


60 Andrew Rayel, Robbie Seed - Blue Roses (feat. Maryjo Lilac) (from Blue Roses) [03:39:08]


61 Wooli, Codeko - Crazy (feat. Casey Cook) (from Crazy (feat. Casey Cook)) [03:42:42]


62 Flux Pavilion - Symphony (feat. Layna) (Helsloot Remix) (from Symphony (Helsloot Remix)) [03:46:09]


63 Okaeri, Dill - Hitori (from Hitori) [03:52:59]


64 The Amity Affliction - Like Love (from Like Love) [03:55:28]


65 DT8 Project - Hold Me Till The End (Ferry Corsten Remix) (from Hold Me Till The End (Ferry Corsten Remix)) [03:59:15]


66 Jason Ross, Blanke - One More Day (w/ Chandler Leighton) (from One More Day (w/ Chandler Leighton)) [04:02:55]


67 Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive (Idun Sessions) (from Still Alive (Idun Sessions)) [04:07:24]


68 Kayou. - lost in a world that doesn't exist (from lost in a world that doesn't exist) [04:11:27]


69 Sigur Rós - Varúð (from Valtari) [04:14:35]

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2021-09-20 (All-Star Series: The Lander Sisters Edition)

• September 20th, 2021

Wwwwhhhhat the actual, factual, metaphysical quantum fuck is up, perverts? Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to another installment of the All-Star Series: the Lander Sisters Edition! Clearly, we’ll be hearing lots of Brad Paisley, Michael Bublé, Yanni and other such marshmallow soft jams, except fuck no and not at all. The Lander Sisters, for those not in the know, are the women who formed Kittie! They’re actually the only two entirely consistent members of the band over the years. They had lineup changes with almost every new album. Not sure why, but I’ve been a huge fan of theirs pretty much from the beginning. Never got my hands on a copy of their demo tape called Sex Iz Hell, but my introduction to them was plenty powerful as it was and continues to be. It was actually the music video for Brackish, and I saw it on MTV. Crazy, right? MTV actually used to play music videos. Guess they figured out they could make fucktons more money doing other things with their broadcasting. Ç’est la fuckin’ capitalism and all, ya know?


Anyway, I was hooked within mere seconds of Brackish beginning. It’s an absolute classic of the nü-metal genre. It may be that nü-metal goes mostly forgotten in the future, or just misunderstood. Perhaps you had to be there, but as some of you may know, Kittie evolved well beyond their nü-metal roots as early as their sophomore album, Oracle. From then on, they fused more traditional metal with gorgeous melodies that were captivating to me from album to album. As far as I’m concerned, they don’t have any bad tracks. The worst any of them ever are is a little less memorable than the others.


Here on this All-Star Series edition, I’ve compiled all the most memorable tracks (in my opinion), along with some lesser-known features and side-projects. In the cases of Karkaos and The White Swan, those are the main projects for Morgan and Mercedes these days, and they’re both fuckin’ intense. I wish so much that I’d been able to go see Morgan perform with Karkaos, but alas, I have yet to obtain a fuckin’ passport. Didn’t used to need a passport to go to Canadia, but wtf/e. I’d love to see White Swan perform too, but COVID is still fuckin’ everything because of idiots doing idiotic shit.


Anyway, let me say a few things before we commence this epic, osmiumic yojnement:


1. Kittie’s cover of David Bowie’s, “Space Oddity,” makes a return for this podcast, because of coooouuuurse! How could it not? I mean, I think it’s pretty fuckin’ cool. I think they did an excellent job with it, and I think David Bowie would be proud.


2. I’m pretty sure the (hed)p.e. song called Feel Good was one of both Morgan Lander’s and Serj Tankian’s first features ever. That album released in 2001, I’m pretty sure, and both System and Kittie were just starting to make waves around that time. Obviously, System was catapulted to stadium-level fame due to their album Toxicity, but Kittie always remained just as close to my heart.


3. The two tracks, Buried Dreams and Snap Your Fingers/Snap Your Neck, they don’t have any official band name, but just the list of artists who did them. I’m not sure if Buried Dreams is a cover, but Snap Your Fingers… is by a group called Prong. Check them out if ya can spare a fuck or a shit. Also, Jeff Phillips stood in for Fallon when Kittie toured for Oracle, and he later played guitar for Thine Eyes Bleed, one of the bands in this edition who featured Morgan on one of their albums.


4. The Adam Wendler song called Follow Me Down is pretty much the greatest departure from the rest of this edition. I’m honestly surprised I even found it, ‘cause to the best of my knowledge, it’s a feature that was barely publicized at all. It’s supposed to be like, country folk, or indie pop or something. It’s not my favorite track by far, but I included it to show how versatile a vocalist/musician Morgan is and can be.


5. So, the legendary band called Green Jelly put out an album earlier this year that had a bunch of features on it, including Morgan Lander. Unfortunately, I had to dig deep to figure out exactly which track she was featured on because none of the album tracklistings I could find show the names of the features. I ended up figuring it out from reading a random comment on a review for the album on YouTube. It’s called Back Alley Dentist, and while it’s far from the most prominent showcase of Morgan’s vocal abilities, it’s still a solid track.


6. I know basically fuck all about Blackguard, Kataklysm, Team Cybergeist, We Are PIGS, Trilateral, Thine Eyes Bleed and Rocky Gray, but they’re all artists with whom Morgan has been featured, and they’re all awesome. Check ‘em out if any of ‘em hit you hard enough, ‘cause no doubt they could use all the support they can get. I’ve played other Kataklysm and We Are PIGS tracks on other editions, but I still know very little about any of those artists.


7. In case you’re curious, Mercedes does the vocals for The White Swan. Not just the vocals, but guitar, keyboards and... drumroll… drums. Of coooourse! That band is fantastic much like all the other bands on this edition, and they’re unique in that they’re kind of stoner metal, or sludge rock (according to their website). Dreamy-ass vocals indeed. I’d even say their stuff is downright meditative. Mayhaps you’ll agree once that stuff comes up.


8. So, the Kittie album called Until The End has a fifth track called Pussy Sugar. On Spotify, however, it’s just called Sugar. Why? Goodness gracious, is PUSSY somehow a bad word? Why on any planet between Earth and Pluto would anyone censor the word PUSSY?! PUSSY is a fantastic word, not to mention a fantastic genitalia. Also, partially related, a clean version of a Common song called The 6th Sense snuck onto last week’s Punk-Hop podcast. So to make up for all the so-called profanity that was censored in that song, fuck, fuck, fuck, shit, fuck, bitch, fuck-shit-ass-bitch-cunt-shooba-dee-doo-wop.


9. Two of my all-time favorite Kittie tracks are Safe and Time Never Heals. Keep your ears peeled for those, ‘cause they’re worth your fuckin’ attention. Another of my all-time favorites is a semi-rare cover of a song by a 90s hip-hop artist named Da Brat. I’m fairly certain that they’re somewhat ashamed at ever having covered this song called Da Shit Ya Can’t Fuc Wit, but I think it’s fun and amusing. We’re all our own worst critics, of course.


10. Eh, nothing else particularly notable to mention. I hope y’all enjoy this celebratory tribute to these awesome metal women. Not to say they’re robots, at least not to the best of my knowledge. Maybe they are… Oh n00000ez! Ah well, we’re long overdue for the robot revolution. Bring it on, muthafuckas! Bring that on, and also bring on the yoooojneeeeee!



01 Kittie - Spit (from Spit) [00:04:39]


02 (hed)p.e. - Feel Good (feat. Morgan Lander & Serj Tankian) (from Broke) [00:06:56]


03 Kittie - Oracle (from Oracle) [00:11:06]


04 Kittie - Da Shit Ya Can’t Fuc Wit (Da Brat cover) (from Brackish (Limited Edition)) [00:13:07]


05 Kittie - Funeral For Yesterday (from Funeral For Yesterday) [00:15:18]


06 We Are PIGS - Moot (feat. Morgan Lander) (from Moot) [00:18:36]


07 Kittie - Looks So Pretty (from Until The End) [00:22:39]


08 The White Swan - Touch Taste Destroy (from Touch Taste Destroy) [00:28:00]


09 Kittie - I’ve Failed You (from I’ve Failed You) [00:33:12]


10 Kittie - Charlotte (Tom Lord-Alge Remix) (from Charlotte EP) [00:35:21]


11 Kittie - Mouthful Of Poison (from Oracle) [00:39:10]


12 Karkaos - Kolossòs (feat. Morgan Lander) (from Children of the Void) [00:43:44]


13 Kittie - Career Suicide (from Until The End) [00:47:57]


14 Kittie - We Are The Lamb (from I’ve Failed You) [00:51:48]


15 Kittie - Suck (from Spit) [00:54:37]


16 Team Cybergeist - The End Of All We Know (feat. Morgan Lander) (from How to Destroy Something Beautiful) [00:58:04]


17 Kittie - Everything That Could Have Been (from Funeral For Yesterday) [01:01:45]


18 Kittie - Cut Throat (from In The Black) [01:06:21]


19 Kittie - Until The End (from Until The End) [01:09:14]


20 The White Swan - Illuminate (from Anubis) [01:13:22]


21 Kittie - Do You Think I’m A Whore? (from Spit) [01:17:57]


22 Kittie - Paperdoll (Remix) (from Paperdoll EP) [01:20:55]


23 Kittie - What Have I Done? (from I’ve Failed You) [01:24:01]


24 Jeff Phillips, Morgan Lander, Michael Sage - Snap Your Fingers/Snap Your Neck (from Snap Your Fingers/Snap Your Neck) [01:29:23]


25 Kittie - Die My Darling (from In The Black) [01:33:35]


26 Kittie - Brackish (from Spit) [01:36:19]


27 Kittie - PUSSY Sugar (from Until The End) [01:39:18]


28 Kataklysm - It Turns To Rust (feat. Morgan Lander) (from In the Arms of Devastation) [01:43:29]


29 Kittie - Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd cover) (from Oracle) [01:47:27]


30 Kittie - Will To Live (from Funeral For Yesterday) [01:51:35]


31 Blackguard - By My Hand (feat. Morgan Lander) (from Storm) [01:54:41]


32 Kittie - Empires (Part 1) (from I’ve Failed You) [01:59:23]


33 Kittie - Empires (Part 2) (from I’ve Failed You) [02:01:37]


34 Kittie - Safe (KMFDM Inc. Remix) (from Safe EP) [02:05:15]


35 The White Swan - Nocturnal Transmission (from Nocturnal Transmission) [02:09:12]


36 Kittie - Jonny (from Spit) [02:14:24]


37 Kittie - Pain (from Oracle) [02:16:45]


38 Kittie - Never Again (from Funeral For Yesterday) [02:20:29]


39 Green Jelly - Back Alley Dentist (feat. Morgan Lander) (from Garbage Band Kids) [02:24:10]


40 Kittie - Sweet Destruction [Interlude] (from Funeral For Yesterday) [02:26:17]


41 Kittie - Raven (from Spit) [02:28:37]


42 Kittie - Into The Darkness (from Until The End) [02:31:58]


43 Thine Eyes Bleed - Darkwhite (feat. Morgan Lander) (from Thine Eyes Bleed) [02:35:36]


44 Kittie - What I Always Wanted (from Oracle) [02:39:06]


45 Kittie - Never Come Home (from I’ve Failed You) [02:42:46]


46 Kittie - Get Off (You Can Eat A Dick) (from Spit) [02:45:57]


47 Rocky Gray, Lindsay Schoolcraft, Morgan Lander - Fear to Rage (from 10/31) [02:48:41]


48 Kittie - Loveless (from Until The End) [02:52:48]


49 Kittie - Safe (from Oracle) [02:54:54]


50 Kittie - Sleepwalking (from In The Black) [02:59:05]


51 Jeff Phillips, Morgan Lander, Michael Sage, Marc Rizzo - Buried Dreams (from Buried Dreams) [03:02:15]


52 Kittie - Choke (from Spit) [03:06:18]


53 Kittie - Daughters Down (from Until The End) [03:10:21]


54 Kittie - No Name (from Oracle) [03:13:24]


55 The White Swan - Jet (from Anubis) [03:15:37]


56 Kittie - Paperdoll (from Spit) [03:19:59]


57 Kittie - Pink Lemonade (from Oracle) [03:23:13]


58 Adam Wendler - Follow Me Down (feat. Morgan Lander) (from Never Go Unknown) [03:33:46]


59 Kittie - This Too Shall Pass (from Funeral For Yesterday) [03:37:28]


60 Kittie - Immortal (from Spit) [03:40:32]


61 Trilateral - Whalefall (feat. Morgan Lander) (from Elliptic Orbits) [03:43:21]


62 Kittie - Last Goodbye (from Funeral For Yesterday) [03:49:05]


63 Kittie - The Truth (feat. Justin Wolfe) (from In The Black) [03:51:38]


64 The White Swan - The White (from The White) [03:58:00]


65 Kittie - Time Never Heals (from I’ve Failed You) [04:05:11]


66 Kittie - Space Oddity (David Bowie cover) (from A Salute to the Thin White Duke - the Songs of David Bowie) [04:09:36]

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2021-09-13 (Punk-Hop Edition Vol. 3)

• September 13th, 2021

Hhhhhhholy fuck, I went and made a third one… That’s right, muthafucka! Welcome to the 3rd installment of the Punk-Hop Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Oh my muthafuckin’ me, do we have a fuckin’ podcast in store for us this week, ladies and gentlemen. Topping the other Punk-Hop editions by 16 tracks, and most definitely the longest one by something like 40 min. to an hour, I really sank my teeth into this one this week, hehe-fuckin’-he. This one goes on across 100 tracks for 5 hours and 10 minutes. Honestly, and not like I’d ever lie about such a thing, I could have kept on compiling for even longer. Y’all know me by now, don’t ya? I am too fuckin’ much; a downright addict of excess.


First of all, apologies that this is being posted later than usual. I screwed up and didn’t finish compiling the tracks before Sunday, so procrastination and various circumstances delayed the process a bit. I’m sure y’all understand. Anyway, no doubt your minds must be burning with questions regarding my older Rap vs. Hip-Hop and Punk as Fuck editions. Well, quell your chaotic fuckin’ nipples, ‘cause I can certainly make more of those whenever I bloody well feel like it. This Punk-Hop thing started last year around the George Floyd protests, ‘cause I wanted to show how a lot of punk and hip-hop are alike in spirit. I wanted to show how easy and awesome it can be to unify very different genres (not to mention the fans of them) into the same edition (behind the same causes). Frankly, one of the best examples of such a fusion in my opinion is the group Ho99o9. I’ve been discovering a number of groups similar to them under the genres Extreme Trap and Trap Metal. Sure, I suppose, but it could also be called Punk-Hop in my opinion.


I was just discussing the group Days N Daze the other day with my lovie Alex who introduced me to them, and I said they’re kind of like acoustic ska. Apparently they’re “folk punk,” but I dunno. I don’t really ever think of a horn section when I think of folk. As I’ve said countless times, and as I’m pretty sure I said yet again last week, genres are a fine way to gain a superficial understanding of music, but there’s so much more to it all than the mere labels used to organize it. In my opinion, genres are to music what trailers are to movies. They’re little previews of what to expect when you listen to something, but the really great music out there surprises and challenges you to expand your horizons, to expand your understandings of the genres you think you know so well.


By the way, if you think talking to me about music would be like talking to Charlie Day about Pepe Silvia, you’d be as correct as I am tired, which is to say extremely fuckin’ correct. Before we dive into this abyss of audio awesomeness, let me say a few things and stuff about some stuff and things:


1. Yo, I’m so upset that Death of a Nation only has this one EP. I fuckin’ love every track on it. Apparently that group was made up of members of other bands called Verse and Defeater, about whom I’m only just hearing this evening. I played their other two tracks to fuckin’ death on this podcast. Truly, I feel like I’d be killing those tracks for myself if I include them on anything else this year. But yeah, Death of a Nation is goddamn awesome, and if you’re anything like me, I think you’ll agree.


2. Two new discoveries of mine from Bad Cop, Bad Cop on this edition. The track Nightmare reminded me of my roommate and someone who once erroneously called him that. I’m really diggin’ the fuck out of them. If you do too, look ‘em up on Spotify ‘cause talent deserves support, goddammit! Obviously, Spotify is hardly the best way to support artists these days, but it’s a great way to learn about whichever ones you think deserve support.


3. There are 26 tracks from previous podcasts; mostly from the Send Newds editions, because those tracks deserve far greater exposure than my silly little podcast, but I do what I can. I’m really not sure how appealing those Send Newds editions are to anyone but me, but there’s a metric fuckton of fucktacularity in all of ‘em, in my opinion. The others are from older Punk As Fuck editions, and I added those to keep consistent to the alternating order. So what if they’re technically afterthoughts? They’re still excellent fuckin’ jams, and you’re about to find that out for ya damn self.


4. No idea why, but there’s been an extraordinary amount of fuckery happening to me during the recording of these tracks this week. A couple random volume drop-outs, a couple tracks that refuse to play for whatever reason on my laptop… I dunno what the universe is doing, but hey, fuckin’ stop it, jerkface.


5. This version of The Exploited’s “Fuck The System,” is one I hadn’t heard until yesterday. It begins with someone screaming for like 40 seconds, which I thought was fuckin’ hilarious, so I figured I’d share. Yojne the fuck outta that one.


6. Lots more Death Tour in this edition, because I’ve been loving every fuckin’ thing I’ve been hearing from them. I even included two tracks from only last week because I fuckin’ love ‘em so much. Listening to them makes me miss moshpits so goddamn fuckin’ badly, and I really need to get in better shape for the next occasion. Better shape, and better fuckin’ health insurance, right? If fuckin’ only…


7. Eh, nothin’ else particularly pressing to mention, I suppose. No seven, but do yojne sevenfold, motherfuckers!



01 Jasiah - Art of War (feat. Denzel Curry & Rico Nasty) (from Art of War (feat. Denzel Curry & Rico Nasty)) [00:03:31]


02 The Exploited - Fuck The System (from Fuck the System) [00:06:37]


03 Micah Scale - Get 'em Started (feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) (from Get ‘em Started) [00:10:50]


04 zebrahead - We're Not Alright (from Brain Invaders) [00:16:06]


05 Pete Rock, Deda - I Originate (from The Original Baby Pa) [00:18:58]


06 The Death Set - Lite The Fuse (from King Babies EP) [00:23:02]


07 Bizarrap - Snow Tha Product: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 39 (from Snow Tha Product: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 39) [00:24:54]


08 Fear No Empire - Super Spreader (from Super Spreader) [00:27:48]


09 Alla Xul Elu - Smoke (from Smoke) [00:30:33]


10 Death Tour - D*E*S*T*R*O*Y (from D*E*S*T*R*O*Y) [00:34:34]


11 Twiztid - Kill Somebody (from The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?’s) [00:36:08]


12 Rise Against - The Eco-Terrorist In Me (from The Black Market) [00:41:29]


13 Run The Jewels, What So Not - JU$T (feat. Pharrell Williams & Zack de la Rocha) (Remix) (from JU$T (feat. Pharrell Williams & Zack de la Rocha) (Remix)) [00:44:08]


14 Every Time I Die - A Colossal Wreck (from A Colossal Wreck // Desperate Pleasures) [00:48:10]


15 Brother Ali - Uncle Sam Goddamn (from The Undisputed Truth) [00:50:38]


16 Anti-Flag - No Allegiance To A Flag (from 20/20 Division) [00:55:33]


17 Rebel Diaz - Revolution Has Come (from Radical Dilemma) [00:57:23]


18 The Unseen - Children of the Revolution (from Lower Class Crucifixion) [01:01:06]


19 Onyx, Cappadonna - Ha Ha Ha (from Onyx 4 Life) [01:04:08]


20 Dwarves - Motherfucker (from Blood Guts & Pussy) [01:07:37]


21 Ho99o9 - Moneymachine (from United States of Horror) [01:08:55]


22 Gwar - Fuck This Place (Acoustic) (from Fuck This Place (Acoustic)) [01:12:10]


23 Bop Alloy, Substantial, Marcus D - Let the Flakes Fall Where They May (from Winter Breaks) [01:14:58]


24 Bad Cop, Bad Cop - Nightmare (from Not Sorry) [01:17:52]


25 Classik - Moonlight Metropolis (from Jazz Hop #4) [01:20:06]


26 Death Tour, nascar aloe, apolloislame - Risk (from Risk) [01:24:43]


27 BROCKHAMPTON - BUZZCUT (feat. Danny Brown) (from BUZZCUT (feat. Danny Brown)) [01:25:35]


28 ONE'S TRUTH - ゆびきり (from ALL FOR ONE’S) [01:28:55]


29 Blue Scholars - Proletariat Blues (from The Long March EP) [01:32:05]


30 Scythe Gang 666 - AK-47 (from AK-47) [01:35:57]


31 Bambu - I Scream (from …i scream bars for the children…) [01:38:16]


32 Death of a Nation - Don't Speak For Me (from Death of a Nation) [01:40:24]


33 L'Entourloop, Gavlyn - Time to Grow (from Chickens in Your Town) [01:43:23]


34 3TEETH, Ho99o9 - Time's Up (from Time’s Up) [01:46:23]


35 Pat D, Melodiq - Relax Your Mind (from Take A Little Time) [01:50:20]


36 The Oozes - Bitchboy (from Bitchboy) [01:54:50]


37 The High & Mighty - The Meaning (from Home Field Advantage) [01:56:32]


38 Death By Stereo - California Addiction (from California Addiction) [02:00:38]


39 Freddie Dredd, Soudiere, NxxxxxS - Doomset (from Doomset) [02:03:15]


40 Nasty Noona - D.I.E. (from D.I.E.) [02:05:48]


41 Depth Strida - Fuck Soundcloud (from Fuck Soundcloud) [02:07:13]


42 Bad Religion - What Are We Standing For (from What Are We Standing For) [02:09:22]


43 Makaveli - Political Soldiers (from This is Hip Hop) [02:12:07]


44 Rise Against - State Of The Union (from Siren Song Of The Counter-Culture) [02:15:45]


45 Zack De La Rocha, KRS-One, The Last Emperor - C.I.A. (Criminals In Action) (from Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1) [02:18:04]


46 Los Muertos de Cristo - Resistiré (from Bienvenidos al Infierno (En Directo)) [02:23:24]


47 Sad Night Dynamite - Psychedelic Views (feat. IDK) (from Psychedelic Views (feat. IDK)) [02:27:08]


48 Death Tour, WARGASM (UK) - The Cycle (from The Cycle) [02:31:45]


49 Anti Lilly & Phoniks - Descension (from Stories From the Brass Section) [02:33:40]


50 Ho99o9 - Punk Police (unknown virus 5.) (feat. N8NOFACE) (from Cyber Cop [Unauthorized MP3.]) [02:37:28]


51 Eloquent, Wun Two - Jazz auf gleich (from Jazz auf gleich) [02:38:56]


52 Hands Off Gretel - She Thinks She's Punk Rock n Roll (from The Angry EP) [02:41:42]


53 Gang Starr, M.O.P. - 1/2 & 1/2 (from Full Clip: A Decade Of Gang Starr) [02:43:44]


54 HEY-SMITH - Be The One (from Be The One) [02:47:56]


55 Killer Mike - Reagan (from R.A.P. Music) [02:51:02]


56 Bad Cop, Bad Cop - Perpetual Motion Machine (from The Ride) [02:55:10]


57 Common - The 6th Sense (from Like Water For Chocolate) [02:57:56]


58 LustSickPuppy - Goatmeal (from Goatmeal) [03:03:14]


59 KRS-One - MC's Act Like They Don't Know (from KRS-One) [03:04:55]


60 Clarkkent - The Gray Area (from The Gray Area) [03:09:50]


61 Artifacts - The Inteview (from That’s Them) [03:12:54]


62 Meet Me @ The Altar - Feel A Thing (from Feel A Thing) [03:16:32]


63 Nas - Stay (feat. Large Professor) (from Life Is Good) [03:19:55]


64 Massendefekt - Wellenreiter (from Tangodiesel) [03:23:35]


65 Mos Def - Hip Hop (from Black On Both Sides) [03:26:43]


66 Death Tour - Howl (from Blood Pact) [03:29:58]


67 El Da Sensei - So Easily (from Relax Relate Release) [03:31:46]


68 ZSK - Antifascista (from Herz Für Die Sache) [03:35:16]


69 Rasco - Hip Hop Essentials (from Time Waits For No Man) [03:37:35]


70 War On Women - White Lies (from White Lies) [03:41:44]


71 Benaddict, Awfer - Stay Up! (from A New Leaf) [03:45:10]


72 Death of a Nation - No Love From Above (from Death of a Nation) [03:48:29]


73 Paris - Panther Power (from The Devil Made Me Do It (The Deluxe Edition)) [03:52:04]


74 Bad Religion - Do The Paranoid Style (from Age Of Unreason) [03:56:02]


75 Lord Gasp - Sudo (from Sudo) [03:57:45]


76 Breakout - No Master Race (from Nothing in Sight) [03:59:38]


77 Lady Paradox, Pat D, Logan - Hip-Hop Quotables (from Kind Of Peace) [04:01:30]


78 Uncurbed - Kill the Government (from Punks on Parole) [04:05:04]


79 FEVER 333 - SUPREMACY (from WRONG GENERATION) [04:07:06]


80 The Exploited - Beat the Bastards (from Beat the Bastards) [04:09:59]


81 Death Tour, nascar aloe - Fucked Up (from Blood Pact) [04:14:18]


82 The Death Set - Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap (from Michel Poiccard) [04:15:44]


83 Pete Philly & Perquisite - Mindstate (Arts the Beatdoctor Remix) (from Remindstate) [04:17:39]


84 All - She Broke My Dick (from Punk-O-Rama 6) [04:22:21]


85 Slakah The Beatchild, Ian Kamau, Spek Won - Miscommunication (from Soul Movement Vol. 2) [04:23:05]


86 Lunachicks - Cumming Into My Own (from Luxury Problem) [04:27:44]


87 Specifics - Take Me Back (dirty) (from Lonely City) [04:29:40]


88 Leftover Crack - Baby-Punchers (from Deadline Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish) [04:34:27]


89 Kxllswxtch - EXORCIST (from KILL!) [04:37:56]


90 Against All Authority - Hard As Fuck (from Nothing New For Trash Like You) [04:39:19]


91 J. Rawls, John Robinson - It's Jay Are (from The 1960’s Jazz Revolution Again) [04:41:25]


92 Fear - I Love Living In The City (from SLC Punk OST) [04:44:50]


93 Jeru The Damaja - Ya Playin' Yaself (from Wrath Of The Math) [04:46:51]


94 Mad - I Hate Music (from Bloodstains Across Superpunk Vol. 2) [04:50:38]


95 O.C. - Word...Life (from Word…Life (Deluxe Edition)) [04:52:49]


96 Half-Witted Dogs - Go Fuck Yourself (from Half-Witted Dogs) [04:57:13]


97 Descendents - I Like Food (from Two Things At Once) [04:59:47]


98 DJ Okawari, Talib Kweli - Bounce (from Compass) [05:00:01]


99 Anti-Flag - Unbreakable (from Unbreakable) [05:02:13]


100 Living Legends - Never Fallin' (from Classic) [05:05:20]

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2021-09-06 (Send Newds Edition Vol. 8)

• September 6th, 2021

Did you know that according to the Institute of Unfinished Research, 6 out of 10 people… Wel-to-tha-muthafuckin’-cum to the 8th installment of the Send Newds Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Y’all know the drill. Y’all know the whole fuckin’ toolbox, no doubt. This is just some new shit I found, and boy fuckin’ howdy, we’ve got some fucktacularity in store for us this week. I know, I probably say that every week. You know why? ‘CAUSE LITERALLY EVERY WEEK, we have more epic fucktacularity than any stick-shaker could shake sticks at. Never really understood that expression, but I do understand awesome fuckin’ music when I hear it, and I’ve heard it, so now we’re all about to hear it together. Unless you distrust my taste or think I’m a fuckhead in a bad way. In either of those cases, I must ask you who told you to stop licking my testicles. Who, hmm? Who told you to stop? Nah, if you distrust my taste, then clearly you ought to be on scrotum spit-shine detail. I’m talkin’ iron out the wrinkles with your tastebuds. I want to see my reflection in those motherfuckers by the time you’re through.


All that silliness aside, we really do have an outstanding fuckin’ podcast in store for us. If you can’t hang with it now, I hope you find a way to do so in the future, perhaps with things that challenge you considerably less than this seemingly erratic assortment of musical jewels. Everyone has their own trails to blaze on their way to new ka-nowledge, so I’m grateful as fuck if part of your trail includes mine. Honestly, as verbose as I frequently am, I still lack the linguistic capacity to describe some of these tracks. I have no idea what genre some of these would fall under, but as I’ve said countless times in myriad ways, genres are a fine way to superficially understand music. Beyond that, you just need to trust your tastes, trust what sounds good to you.


Lemme say a few things here before Mission: Yojne commences:


1. There’s this group called Death Tour that I discovered recently who seem to be similar to Ho99o9, sort of hip-hop electro-punk I suppose. Well, I listened to Death Tour Radio on Spotify to hear more similar stuff, and thus we have Depth Stride, Lord Gasp, Strange Bones and WARGASM (UK). I was vaguely aware of that last one before, and I still possess only a basic understanding of these groups, but I definitely yojne the fuck out of what I’ve heard so far. Hopefully you will too, ‘cause it’s fuckin’ badass and it makes me miss moshpits so fuckin’ much.


2. There’s a new thing on Spotify called Blend where you can create a playlist with your friends. I’ve done three so far, and I’ve heard lots of cool shit in the process. The August Burns Red track, the Hydelic track from Tetris Effect and the Bella Poarch are directly from those Blend playlists. So far, it’s been just my friends Al, Vega, and my lovie Alex. I’m happy to make Blend playlists with pretty much anyone though, so feel free to hit me up if you’re curious how our tastes mesh together.


3. Additional shoutouts must be made to my boy Speleo for the Supersillyus jam, my friend Shy for the Ferry Corsten track (although I do keep track of his stuff fairly well either way), my friend Al again for showing me Animals As Leaders so they appeared again this week in my Release Radar, and my lovie Alex for the Days N Daze track. In showing me these tracks, they’ve all participated in the making of this podcast, and I most certainly appreciate the fuck out of that. Seriously, there’s no fuck left in it; I checked. Can someone cum put some fuck back in it, please? I need to appreciate it more, and more, and mmmmore… Okay, enough silliness! Time to get serious!



…Dog food lid backwards is dildo of God…



4. Ughhhh, alright. You really want some genres before we get into this? Let’s see… We’ve got synthwave, synthstep, dubstep, melodic dubstep, orchestral dubstep, colour bass, that aforementioned hip-hop electro-punk stuff, minimalist electro (I guess? I don’t fuckin’ know what Mux Mool does, but I yojne it), rock, hip-hop, lo-fi beats, acoustic punk (shit, even acoustic fuckin’ dubstep), liquid drum’n’bass, solid drum’n’bass, gaseous drum’n’bass comin’ at you through the speakers like “poof, motherfucker!,” jazz, classical, hardcore, j-core, breakcore, ALLTHEFUCKIN’COOOOOOOOOORES!!!!1!!1!!!!, TRANCE (I mean, *ahem*) trance, goa, prog metal, regular metal, industrial metal hip-hop? Yeah, bitch! Apparently so! pop, 90s dance pop, bedroom pop, fuckin’ kitchen pop? Who knows? Maybe someday! R&B, complextro (can’t even believe that I didn’t just make up that goofy-ass name, and I’m not even 100% what it means). Is that good enough for ya? Enough for a little listen? A tiny little browse through the tracklist?! Hmm?!


5. Near the end is a classical track by a composer I love named Erik Satie that was supposedly recorded using a binaural microphone. To the best of my knowledge (and my knowledge of such things is above average), that means it was recorded using a stereo miking technique meant to give you the feeling you’re in the room as you’re listening to it. There’s even a stereo microphone built in to a mannequin head that some engineers use to create that effect even more… effectively. Hah! That’s what they used in Hellblade for the voices that Senua hears throughout the game. That’s why it’s so heavily recommended that you play that game with a good set of headphones or a good home stereo, ideally with 5.1 surround sound capability.


6. Well, actually there ain’t no six this time. No six, no seven, eight or nine. See, ever since seven ate nine, six and eight just peaced the fuck out. I mean, what the fuck are number users like me expected to do? Are we just expected to yojne as if that’s not a serious situation and I’m just being a silly fuckhead? Maybe… The world may never know, but there is hope! There is hope that the world may someday yojne, and maybe it ought to start here and now.



01 HIGHSOCIETY - Decoded (from Decoded) [00:04:25]


02 Blanke - Boom (from Boom) [00:08:21]


03 Depth Stride - Welcome to My Heart (from Welcome to My Heart) [00:12:05]


04 Death Tour, nascar aloe - Fucked Up (from Blood Pact) [00:14:39]


05 Mux Mool - Boom Boom Boom Yeah (from Boom Boom Boom Yeah) [00:16:06]


06 grandson, Vic Mensa, Masked Wolf - Oh No!!! (from The Suicide Squad) (from Oh No!!! (from The Suicide Squad)) [00:19:55]


07 Jyay, Futuristic, Decay - Heart So Cold (Remix) (from Heart So Cold (Remix)) [00:23:28]


08 Days N Daze - Fuck It! (from Rogue Taxidermy) [00:26:04]


09 L.A.O.S - Begin Again (from Begin Again) [00:29:09]


10 Ducky - Rise (from Rise) [00:33:18]


11 Hydelic - City Lights (from Tetris Effect OST) [00:37:13]


12 Lord Gasp - Sudo (from Sudo) [00:39:35]


13 12th Planet, Virus Syndicate - Supernova (from Supernova) [00:41:28]


14 3TEETH - Paralyze (feat. Ho99o9) (from Paralyze (feat. Ho99o9)) [00:43:50]


15 Drumcorps - Monuments to a Poison Logic (from For the Living) [00:47:23]


16 Ferry Corsten - Poison (feat. Lovlee) (from Poison) [00:49:23]


17 Animals As Leaders - Monomyth (from Monomyth) [00:53:42]


18 Bella Poarch - Build a Bitch (from Build a Bitch) [00:57:05]


19 DJ Rap - Love Is Savage (from Love Is Savage) [00:59:07]


20 Elle Vee, IamCROW, Pop Mage - Bitch (from Bitch) [01:04:42]


21 Ghostemane - Convoluted (from Fear Network II) [01:07:13]


22 Whales - Atlantis Super Rave (from Atlantis Super Rave) [01:10:16]


23 Steve Kroeger, Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (from Gypsy Woman) [01:14:00]


24 BANKS - Skinnydipped (from Skinnydipped) [01:16:30]


25 Mr. Bill - Pleasure Seeker (from Pleasure Seeker) [01:19:23]


26 HighDro, Ekoh - Tap In (from Tap In) [01:21:58]


27 Coffee Date - Aria of the Soul (from Aria of the Soul) [01:25:03]


28 Death Tour - P.I.S.S./U.S. (from P.I.S.S./U.S.) [01:27:40]


29 Tom Morello - Driving to Texas (feat. Phantogram) (from Driving to Texas (feat. Phantogram)) [01:28:42]


30 Strange Bones - England Screams (from England Screams) [01:34:05]


31 Rick and Morty - The Battle of Blood Ridge (feat. Thomas Edinger & Ryan Elder) (from The Battle of Blood Ridge (feat. Thomas Edinger & Ryan Elder) [From Rick & Morty Season 5]) [01:37:14]


32 WARGASM (UK) - Rage All Over (from Rage All Over) [01:39:25]


33 Iron Maiden - Stratego (from Stratego) [01:42:53]


34 TheFatRat, Everen Maxwell, Lindsey Stirling - Warbringer (from Warbringer) [01:47:51]


35 August Burns Red - Internal Cannon (feat. Matthew K Heafy) (from Leveler: 10th Anniversary Edition) [01:51:26]


36 Death Tour, WARGASM (UK) - The Cycle (from The Cycle) [01:55:09]


37 ASCA - カルペディエム (Chime Remix) - Sakura Chill Beats Singles (from カルペディエム (Chime Remix) - Sakura Chill Beats Singles) [01:57:04]


38 Mr. Bill, The Widdler - Pasta Masta (from Pasta Masta) [02:01:00]


39 Azedia - Shaman (from Shaman) [02:04:25]


40 Supersillyus - A List of Instructions for When I'm Human (from Charade) [02:10:00]


41 Just A Gent, Xan Griffin - LSD (from LSD) [02:16:49]


42 Danny Elfman, Trent Reznor - True (from True) [02:19:02]


43 Nelver, Nic ZigZag - Prisma (from Prisma) [02:24:17]


44 MDK, Treyx - Colour Cannon (from Colour Cannon) [02:29:29]


45 M-Project, Kamikaze - Chain Reaction (from Planet Hardcore) [02:34:26]


46 Purrple Cat, Strong.AL& - Sky Lake (from Sky Lake) [02:39:48]


47 salute - Want U There (Logistics Remix) (from Want U There (Logistics Remix)) [02:42:24]


48 TheFatRat - Our Song (feat. Cecilia Gault) (from Our Song) [02:46:29]


49 Exquisite Classic, Erik Satie - Gymnopédie - 2. Lent et triste (Binaural 3D Sound - Music Therapy) (from Erik Satie - Gymnopédies et Gnossiennes (Binaural 3D Sound - Music Therapy)) [02:49:37]


50 Seven Lions, Wooli, Amidy - Shadows (Acoustic) (from Shadows (Acoustic)) [02:52:35]


51 Yunalesca - Chasing Phantoms (from The Amalgamation of Human Apathy) [02:56:39]


52 Lisa Miskovsky - Run for Cover (Idun Sessions) (from Run for Cover (Idun Sessions)) [03:01:04]


53 Crywolf - The Home We Made Pt. II (from Ghosts EP) [03:05:15]


54 Flitz&Suppe, JUICEBX - Sunny State (from Peakquilibrium) [03:10:33]

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2021-08-30 (Flashback Edition: 2012-04-02)

• August 30th, 2021

Monday, haha!  Monday, Monday, Monday.  Looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays, right?  Fuuuuuuck that shit, bitch!  Does anyone think of blowjobs when they look at potatoes?  I didn't think so, but some weird Christian guy seems to think that. ENOUGH! LISTEN TO THE FUCKIN' PODCAST TO HEAR WHAT ELSE I HAVE TO SAY ON VARIOUS THINGS! AND MUSIC, TOO! THERE'S MUSIC! LOTS OF REALLY GOOD MUSIC THAT I EVER-SO-AFFECTIONATELY CALL "AURAL SEX!" :) Something new and better this week, and from now on, I've decided to add links to the music videos for certain songs. Sometimes, the visuals enhance the song drastically. Other times, the opposite. So keep your eyes peeled for linked titles, and enjoy, my darling perverts!


01 King Missile - The Miracle of Childbirth (from The Psychopathology of Everyday Life)

02 Doug Stanhope - Shake the Baby (from Something To Take The Edge Off)

03 George Carlin - Kids & Parents (from You Are All Diseased)

04 Lewis Black - Headlines Are Punchlines & Crazy Is Crazy (from The Carnegie Hall Performance)

05 Apartment 26 - Give Me More (from Music For The Massive)

06 Die Antwoord - I Fink U Freeky (from Ten$ion)

07 Nostalghia - Homeostasis, Got My Gun (from Cool For Chaos EP)

08 The Birthday Party - Kathy's Kisses (from Prayers On Fire)

09 Mick Gordon - Voices of Devs

10 L.E.D. - Dawn -The Next Endeavour- (from Denjin K)

11 Adam Ant - Beat My Guest (from Goody Two Shoes)

12 Onyx - Bacdafucup (from Bacdafucup)

13 Onyx - Slam (from Bacdafucup)

14 Macho Man Randy Savage - Intro (from Be A Man)

15 Macho Man Randy Savage - I'm Back (from Be A Man)

16 Kate Havnevik - Unlike Me (from Melankton)

17 Echostream - Creep (Radiohead cover) (from Identity)

18 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Hour of Zero (from The Reincarnation Of Luna)

19 Lydia Lunch - Rollins (from Our Fathers Who Aren't In Heaven (Disc 1))

20 The Red Paintings - Walls (from Walls EP)

21 The Red Paintings - The Streets Fell Into My Window (from Walls EP)

22 The Red Paintings - Mad World (from Walls EP)

23 The Notorious B.I.G. - Who Shot Ya (Serj Tankian Remix) (from Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure OST)

24 Cypress Hill - Hand On The Pump (from Cypress Hill)

25 Immortal Technique - Dance With The Devil + Bonus Track (from Revolutionary Vol. 1)

26 Mindless Self Indulgence - Bring The Pain (from Tight)

27 Bill Hicks - Mandatory Marijuana (from Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1)

28 Twiztid - Bagz (from Freek Show)

29 Linval Thompson - I Love Marijuana (from Eurotrip OST)

30 Defragmentation - Noise Anthology (from Self-Construct)

31 Pigface - Mind Your Own Business (from Easy Listening...)

32 Defrag vs. Pigface - MYOB (Super Fast Fast Fast) (from 8-Bit Head)

33 Pigface - The Horse You Rode In On (from Easy Listening...)

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2021-08-23 (Chill the Fuçk Out Edition Vol. 7)

• August 23rd, 2021

Eeeemo-muthafuckin’-clew to the 7th installment of the Chill the Fuck Out Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Some real river-of-warm-chocolate-type jams for us all to drift along to this week. All you gotta do is be cool. Can ya handle that? As if the name wasn’t obvious e-fuckin’-nough, this is chill music from a variety of genres. We’ve got chillwave, chillstep, jazzy hip-hop (aka chillhop), chillout trance, are ya sensin’ the fuckin’ theme here? It’s mostly electronic sorts of music this time, but there are still a good number of more acoustic, actual instrumental numbers as well.


This one has 29 tracks from previous podcasts and 49 brand spankin’-that-ass-like-it-owes-me-money new tracks for a grand total of 78 tracks, clocking in at around 5 fuckin’ hours and 15 celibate minutes… Okay, okay, maybe those 15 minutes are fuckin’ too. I think they are, but perhaps you’ll need to render your invaluably valuable fuckin’ opinions on the matter yourselves. Also, just because I’m calling them “new” tracks doesn’t mean they’re recent releases. Some are only just new to this podcast, some are tracks I’ve known for years and just never got around to playing, but some are indeed recent releases. That goes for the Vestascension track, which I was especially delighted to find because I fuckin’ love that band. They were seemingly on hiatus for 6 something years after they put out their album, but they just released some singles in the past year or so. They’re dreamy as fuck, and you’re about to find out for yourself.


Also, watch out for the tracks by The Kiffness. I heard his Numnum Cat track on Instagram a week or so ago, and then he put out Alugalug Cat, and I had to find out more about him. Holy hell, that dude is amusing as fuck. Go check him out if you enjoy the tracks I put on this edition ‘cause you’ll probably like a lot more than just these two. Also also, I’m apparently super late to the fuckin’ Tove Lo party, and I’m super pissed about it ‘cause the track I picked for this week is fantastic, and it has almost half a fuckin’ billion streams. I almost never pick tracks that are that popular, and it’s actually a pretty hot song in contrast to many other examples with similar numbers of streams under their belts. I’m definitely gonna delve deeper into her stuff ‘cause I dig her like desert graves. What? Also also ALSO, I’m apparently also late to the Alina Baraz party. Same deal with her having hundreds of millions of streams, although the tracks I picked aren’t as popular as some of her others. I chose an original and a remix of that original ‘cause they’re both great, and it can be fun to compare & contrast.


Anyway, I’ve also been hearing the phrase, “Deep House,” in my travels lately, so I delved into it and included a number of those tracks on here too. I can’t exactly put my finger on why it’s, “deep,” except for maybe a less prominent beat in favor of the more prominent melody. Who knows why or how these genre names come to be, ya know? I’m sure some people know, but even I only know so much. Regardless, it’s pretty awesome stuff, and far more satisfying than regular House music, in my opinion. Lastly, much like many, many other editions of this podcast, there are personal stories of mine loosely woven throughout these tracks. Not all of the tracks, of course, and some stories are more significant than others. Sometimes it’s in the lyrical content, sometimes it’s just the track titles, but I do still go that little extra mile to make these podcasts special.


All that said, even though I could say more, I’ll spare y’all muthafuckas so we can get to the chillin’. So, pour that glass of fuckin’ wine, zip up that gimp suit, feed your mother’s poodle another slice of bacon on the roof and fuckin’ yojne!



01 The Kiffness - Numnum Cat (from Cat Jams) [00:02:57]


02 untrusted - WAP (from WAP) [00:04:50]


03 Alina Baraz, Galimatias - Make You Feel (Ark Patrol Remix) (from Urban Flora (Remixes)) [00:07:20]


04 MitiS - Born (from Born) [00:11:27]


05 Champagne Drip - Kaleidoscope (feat. Crystalline) (from Starman) [00:15:53]


06 Gorillaz - Saturnz Barz (feat. Popcaan) (from Humanz (Deluxe)) [00:19:22]


07 TheFatRat - MAYDAY (feat. Laura Brehm) (from MAYDAY) [00:22:22]


08 YOUTH 83, Tima - Unfold (from Unfold) [00:26:23]


09 Jai Wolf - Starlight (from Starlight) [00:30:11]


10 BLACK NEON - Midnight In LA (Champagne Drip Remix) (from Midnight In LA (Champagne Drip Remix)) [00:33:48]


11 JUICEBX, WES WAX - Vantablack (from Satori) [00:38:00]


12 VIQ - Over The Clouds (from Last Path) [00:41:36]


13 Zane Alexander - Orion's Belt (from Death by Space) [00:45:21]


14 What So Not - Gemini (feat. George Maple) (from Gemini (feat. George Maple)) [00:48:04]


15 Marcin Patrzałek - Chopin Nocturne (from Chopin Nocturne) [00:52:29]


16 Oilix - Nightrider (from Nightrider) [00:56:54]


17 Killigrew - Sweet Solitude (from Sweet Solitude) [00:58:34]


18 Rifti Beats - Chouzetsu Dynamic (DBS Opening 1) (from DRAGON BALL LOFI) [01:03:22]


19 The Kiffness - Alugalug Cat (Funk Mashup) (from Cat Jams) [01:06:03]


20 The Glitch Mob - Bad Wings (from Drink The Sea) [01:07:48]


21 Dibyo, Alan Watts - REFLECTION (from REFLECTION) [01:14:23]


22 Blu - Amnesia (from Her Favorite Colo(u)r) [01:16:40]


23 Victoria Monét - F.U.C.K. (from F.U.C.K.) [01:19:37]


24 Koda, Dabin - The Take Down (from Spotlight Compilation Vol. 1) [01:22:59]


25 Michael St. Laurent - Know You Well (feat. Laura Hahn) (from Know You Well (feat. Laura Hahn)) [01:28:51]


26 Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) (Hippie Sabotage Remix) (from Queen Of The Clouds) [01:33:15]


27 Bim - Stop You (from Two) [01:37:29]


28 A.L.I.S.O.N - Subtract (from Signal Flow) [01:40:39]


29 Tom Bates - Yet another dream (from Just a fool) [01:45:44]


30 Major Lazer - Be Together (feat. Wild Belle) (Vanic Remix) (from Peace is the Mission (Extended)) [01:50:25]


31 Syd - Missing Out (from Missing Out) [01:54:54]


32 Vindata - All I Really Need (feat. Kenzie May) (from For One to Follow) [01:58:45]


33 Clams Casino - Blast (from 32 Levels (Deluxe)) [02:04:32]


34 Blackmill - Spirit of Life (from Miracle) [02:06:38]


35 Неделька - Youth (from Youth) [02:12:42]


36 Douran - Avalanche (Joachim Pastor Remix) (from Avalanche (Joachim Pastor Remix)) [02:15:28]


37 Rifti Beats - Gohan Angers (from DRAGON BALL LOFI) [02:22:17]


38 Sundance, Cardiac P, Ocean Jade, Ozay Moore, Sojourn - Cycles (from Cycles) [02:25:55]


39 Grimes, i_o - Violence (from Miss Anthropocene (Deluxe Edition)) [02:30:04]


40 Lastlings - False Reactions (from First Contact) [02:33:42]


41 Chat One - August (from August) [02:38:47]


42 ZHU - Risky Business (from Risky Business) [02:41:37]


43 Ark Patrol - Tokyo (from Ambition EP) [02:46:55]


44 OSC - Yoru No Kosoku Doro (from Yume No Machi) [02:51:33]


45 Zyphyr - a v a s t h a (from a v a s t h a) [02:56:03]


46 Lydia Baskow Trio - Nuages Creux (from Nuages Creux) [02:59:37]


47 Mr Little Jeans - The Suburbs (from The Suburbs) [03:02:06]


48 Xinobi - Boats (from Boats) [03:07:08]


49 Voyage - Paradise (from Paradise) [03:12:53]


50 Hollow Clouds - Cherry Pie Jam (from Cherry Pie Jam) [03:18:18]


51 Jason Fabus, Brian Ward, Tyler Kreutel, Harry Mack - Mack's Stacks (from Three Ways) [03:21:53]


52 KUČKA - Divinity (Mazde Remix) (from Divinity Remixed) [03:24:16]


53 HawkOne - Blue Casket (from Blue Casket) [03:28:46]


54 keshi - blue (Jai Wolf Remix) (from blue (Jai Wolf Remix)) [03:31:17]


55 Purity Ring - Better Off Alone (from Better Off Alone) [03:34:36]


56 Alina Baraz, Galimatias - Make You Feel (from Urban Flora) [03:38:24]


57 Somna - Secret (feat. HALIENE) (Chillout Mix) (from Secret) [03:42:01]


58 Yoav - Where Is My Mind (feat. Emily Browning) (from Sucker Punch OST) [03:45:38]


59 San Holo, Broods - Honest (from Honest) [03:51:46]


60 Rameses B - I Need You (from Memoirs EP) [03:55:30]


61 Sarah Proctor - Lost (from Lost) [04:00:33]


62 Annie - In Heaven (from Dark Hearts) [04:04:02]


63 Tenishia - Strong (feat. Sue McLaren) (Chill Out Mix) (from Frozen Roads, Vol. 3) [04:07:37]


64 Arctic Lake - Night Cries (from What You May Find) [04:11:34]


65 CLANN - I Hold You (from Seelie) [04:14:21]


66 The Postal Service - This Place Is A Prison (from Give Up) [04:23:24]


67 w00ds, Lokel - Please Don't Go (from Please Don’t Go) [04:27:15]


68 Yinyues - Everything (feat. Mimi Page) (from Everything) [04:29:41]


69 untrusted - Never Gonna Give You Up (from Never Gonna Give You Up) [04:33:56]


70 LukHash, Meredith Bull - Dying Breath (from Dying Breath) [04:36:22]


71 Moonnight - Sunset Kindness (feat. Elles De Graaf) (Chill Out Mix) (from Best of Chill Out Vocal Trance 2017) [04:40:39]


72 Sublab - Last Time I Saw U (from Traces) [04:44:46]


73 Mik, The Amity Affliction - Soak Me in Bleach (Lo-Fi) (from Soak Me in Bleach (Lo-Fi)) [04:49:37]


74 Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge (from Among My Swan) [04:52:33]


75 Lofi Fruits Music, Orange Stick - Wish You Were Here (from Wish You Were Here) [04:57:14]


76 Foals - Spanish Sahara (from Total Life Forever) [04:59:09]


77 Vestascension - Everything Ends (from Everything Ends) [05:05:51]


78 One Million Flowers - and in the end, we never went to the beach (from and in the end, we never went to the beach) [05:10:04]

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2021-08-16 (Witch-rowave Trap-House Edition Vol. 4)

• August 16th, 2021

Wwwwwelcome one and all to the 4th volume of the Witch-rowave Trap-House Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! What in the blue wackadoo fuck is “witch-rowave trap-house,” you may so rightfully be inclined to inquire? It’s an orgiastic portmanteau I came up with in 2019 as I started exploring and noting similarities between the genres of witch house and retrowave, along with all their respective subgenres. Basically, expect lots of electronic music, lots of cyberpunk vibes, lots of fuckin’ cavernous reverb on the vocals of some of the witch house jams. I don’t know why that’s kind of a staple, but it’s definitely noticeable and actually quite lovely so long as you’re not trying to understand and/or write out the lyrics. The thought of virtually anyone doing that these days seems as laughable as, I dunno, any sort of positive future for anyone in the wake of relentless human greed.


This shit is kind of a perfect soundtrack to our ever-declining dystopia, but I wouldn’t say it’s all gloom & doom. A lot of it is instrumental, so you’re left to interpret the tonal tenor on your own. Generally speaking though, anytime you have things in minor keys, people will interpret sadness, negativity of some sort. That’s one of the most fascinating things about music to me: the ways in which so many of us are hardwired to interpret things, subconscious ways most of us don’t even understand or acknowledge. Anyway, I could go on and on, so I’ll spare y’all and stop.


The fourth installment of this edition is appropriately a little over 4 hours long. It’s all new stuff except 7 tracks that have appeared on previous podcasts. Lots of one of my favorite witch house groups called Fraunhofer Diffraction (not 100% sure if I’m pronouncing that correctly, actually). I haven’t heard a bad track from them yet. Also, I’ve included some more synthstep in this mix this time. I’ve flirted with it before in previous editions, mostly coming from an artist named Extra Terra, but it seems like it might be a growing hybrid genre. So, I s’pose I apologize if you’re too fuckin’ rigid to hang with dubstep-ish rhythmic patterns in your synthwave, but maybe removing the enormous stick from your anus would alleviate said rigidity. I dunno, it’s your right to be as wrong as you like.


As with all my previous installments of this edition, I’ve used a photo from Sergey “Aku” Shetukhin’s epic Neon Witch series. You can find him on IG @akunohako, and I’ll credit the model too once I actually figure out which picture I’m using. I typically prepare the edition’s artwork as one of my very last steps in my process, and obviously I’m still at the intro-writing step. I actually fucked up and napped for too long last night, which is why this edition is being released far later than I would’ve liked. Sleep has been something of an elusive stranger to me over the past few weeks, so I definitely needed it. Anyway, yeah, support the photographer, the models, give them likes, follows, buy something from them, ‘cause they’re goddamn awesome and awesome shit deserves support, especially when it’s lesser known awesomeness.


With all that done did and done said, well, we pretty much have nothing left to do but yojne, amiright?



01 Alice Glass - STILLBIRTH (from STILLBIRTH) [00:02:08]


02 LöKii - Smoke (from Smoke) [00:04:53]


03 CASHFORGOLD - Queen (feat. Sidewalks and Skeletons) (from Queen) [00:08:08]


04 Apashe - Work (feat. Vo Williams) (SWARM Remix) (from Work (SWARM Remix)) [00:11:57]


05 Juche - Till We Fall (from Till We Fall) [00:16:00]


06 Thred - Ground Zero (from Ground Zero) [00:19:38]


07 Sidewalks and Skeletons - Pure (from White Light) [00:23:52]


08 BlackGummy - The Machine (from Singularity) [00:28:47]


09 Fraunhofer Diffraction - Exaltation (from Exaltation) [00:31:42]


10 Jake the Kid - Machina (from Clarity) [00:35:53]


11 Mr.Kitty - Hold Me Down (from Time) [00:40:34]


12 Prismo - Breakaway (Totto Remix) (from Breakaway (Remixes)) [00:44:25]


13 KAVERN - On You (from On You) [00:47:58]


14 Fynn's Arcade - Escape (from Escape) [00:52:27]


15 Deadcrow - Lies (from Lies) [00:56:54]


16 Extra Terra - Projekt 2077 (from Projekt 2077) [00:59:56]


17 SecretiveSuicide - Kłamstwa (from #4) [01:04:40]


18 Carbon Killer - Under the Skin (feat. Aya) (2019 Version) (from Divided We Fall) [01:07:47]


19 CASHFORGOLD - i could be your goddess (from i could be your goddess) [01:13:03]


20 VHS Dreams - R.e.d.m (from Trans AM) [01:16:16]


21 Crystal Castles - Baptism (from (II)) [01:19:49]


22 Essenger - After Dark (from Downfall (feat. Lexi Norton)) [01:23:57]


23 Fraunhofer Diffraction - Last Light (from Fading) [01:27:34]


24 Fury Weekend - 12 To Midnight (from Retro Rangers) [01:34:32]


25 Sorsari - Luna (from wave 003) [01:39:58]


26 Neuroc - Dial Me Up (from Dial Me Up) [01:43:14]


27 Kareful - Darker Waters (from Deluge) [01:46:42]


28 VHS Dreams - Nightdrive (from Trans AM) [01:49:27]


29 CHVRN - Find You (from Find You) [01:53:27]


30 New Arcades - Another Night (from Returning Home) [01:56:43]


31 foxwedding - Hell Of A Thing (from wave 001) [02:00:39]


32 Donbor - Chaos (from Chaos) [02:03:14]


33 Memphis., Codxinx., Djedi - Beyond the Waves (from Beyond the Waves) [02:07:16]


34 La Vie Sauvage - I Thrive in Chaos (from I Thrive in Chaos) [02:10:31]


35 Courtesans - Genius (Sidewalks and Skeletons Remix) (from Genius (Sidewalks and Skeletons Remix)) [02:13:32]


36 Extra Terra, Lazerpunk - Neo Wick Mode (from Neo Wick Mode) [02:18:57]


37 Fraunhofer Diffraction - Zero Gravity Dance (from Star Trails) [02:23:00]


38 Sikdope - Follow (ATRIP Remix) (from Follow (ATRIP Remix)) [02:26:30]


39 Mr.Kitty - give/take (from A.I.) [02:29:56]


40 Kalax, Kidburn - Out of Control (from III) [02:33:37]


41 K1llrgvp - Train (from Summer (feat. Spice Mouse) - EP) [02:37:23]


42 SYML - Clean Eyes (The Midnight Remix) (from Clean Eyes (The Midnight Remix)) [02:40:54]


43 Rayless - Tears (from Synesthesia 3.0) [02:44:42]


44 Mark Holiday, Magnus Deus - Retro Synthwave (Trendsetter Remix) (from Retro Synthwave (Trendsetter Remix)) [02:47:57]


45 Summer of Haze - Pussy Juice (from Gospel) [02:51:56]


46 Waveshaper - CRT Days (Droid Bishop Remix) (from CRT Days (Droid Bishop Remix)) [02:55:01]


47 Crystal Castles - Pale Flesh (from (III)) [02:59:08]


48 ZETA - Elysian Fields (from Zeta) [03:02:06]


49 Forxst, Jutro - Aurea (from Aurea) [03:05:35]


50 Vincenzo Salvia - The Pineapple Pizza Slayer (from The Pineapple Pizza Slayer) [03:09:46]


51 Kareful, Deadcrow - Iridescence (from Iridescence) [03:13:10]


52 M.A.D.E.S - Return (from Return) [03:16:24]


53 Lorn - Oxbow B (from The Maze to Nowhere) [03:21:24]


54 ZABO, Social Kid - Ultima (from Ultima) [03:25:48]


55 Skit - Crepuscular (from West London Empath) [03:29:01]


56 Malo - Suffermore (from Suffermore) [03:33:10]


57 OBESØN - Enemy (from Enemy) [03:37:51]


58 Sung - Overizer (Remaster) (from Overizer EP (Remaster)) [03:40:35]


59 MVEJIMV - fatigue (from fatigue) [03:44:35]


60 Von Kaiser - Future Sight (from Animals) [03:49:39]


61 Fraunhofer Diffraction - Time (from Vice) [03:53:02]


62 Essenger - Downfall (feat. Lexi Norton) (from Downfall (feat. Lexi Norton)) [03:58:54]

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