2020-11-30 (Flashback Edition: 2012-08-27 (The Profound Significance Of Moo Edition))

• November 30th, 2020

MOO!!!! Moo Moo Moo Mooday Moorning Mooural Moox! Moo Moo, Moo Moo Moo, Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo.  Moo Moo Moo? Moo! Moo Moo Moo, Moo Moo Moo? Moo Moo Moo Moo! Moo Moo Moo, Moo Moo Moo Moo; Moo Moo Moo Moo, Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo! Moo, Moo Moo Moo Moo, Moo Moo Moo Moo! Moo MOO... Moo Moo... Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo.  Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo, Moo Moo.

01 Green Jello - Obey The Cowgod (from Cereal Killer Soundtrack)

02 Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes (from Proud Like A God)

03 30 Seconds To Mars - Oblivion (from 30 Seconds To Mars)

04 Muse - Sing For Absolution (from Absolution)

05 MC Hammer - Too Legit To Quit (from Too Legit To Quit)

06 House Of Pain - Back From The Dead (from Same As It Ever Was)

07 2Pac - I Ain't Mad At Cha (from All Eyez On Me (Disc 1))

08 George Carlin - I Like People (from It's Bad For Ya)

09 George Carlin - Stupid Bullshit (from It's Bad For Ya)

10 George Carlin - Stupid Bullshit On The Phone (from It's Bad For Ya)

11 George Carlin - What A Phone Call Should Be (from It's Bad For Ya)

12 Powerman 5000 - Assess The Mess (from Transform)

13 Powerman 5000 - Free (from Transform)

14 All That Remains - Some Of The People, All Of The Time (from For We Are Many)

15 DevilDriver - Clouds Over California (from The Last Kind Words)

16 At The Gates - Blinded By Fear (from Slaughter Of The Soul)

17 Fear Factory - Securitron (Police State 2000) (from Obsolete)

18 Slayer - Cult (from Christ Illusion)

19 Dirty Vegas - Days Go By (from Dirty Vegas)

20 Super 8 vs. DJ Tab - Helsinki Scorchin (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) (from ThriveMix Presents Trance Anthems Vol. 1 (Disc 2))

21 Kirsty Hawkshaw - Just Be Me (from Nip/Tuck OST)

22 The Who - The Seeker (from American Beauty OST)

23 Royal Crown Revue - I Love The Life I Live (from Mugzy's Move)

24 The White Stripes - Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground (from White Blood Cells)

25 George Carlin - The Planet Is Fine (from Jammin' In New York)

26 12 Rounds - Something's Burning (from My Big Hero)

27 Lovage - Book Of The Month (from Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By)

28 The Martinis - Free (from Empire Records OST)

29 Against Me! - Borne On The FM Waves Of The Heart (from New Wave)

30 Radiohead - Karma Police (from OK Computer)

31 A Perfect Circle - The Outsider (from Thirteenth Step)

32 Marilyn Manson - Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis) (from Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death))

33 Trent Reznor - Driver Down (from Lost Highway OST)

34 The Living End - Uncle Harry (from Roll On)

35 The Gigglin Dildas - Bitchfight (from Breakcore Gives Me Wood)

36 Otto Von Schirach - Spine Serpents From Sperm Island (from Spine Serpents From Sperm Island)

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2020-11-23 (Osmium 11: Osmium Out Your Anus Into Outer Space Edition)

• November 23rd, 2020

Deep within the indifferent void of outer space, what the humans had pitifully come to think of as the “universe” suddenly shook in sheer terror. Osmium had finished crushing every hapless inhabitant of the sad little dirt ball known as “Earth.” With no lifeforms left on the planet left to obliterate into dust, the Osmium lifted off into the sky and beyond the atmosphere, irreparably tearing the ozone apart as it left our meager remnants behind. Life would no longer be possible on this planet. No tales would be told of so-called civilizations, none of the pathetic strides and bounds of progress would ever be reported to anyone. Humanity and all the life upon which it inflicted itself were erased forever until the end of time. Now, the Osmium set off to roam hundreds of thousands of galaxies in search of more life to snuff out of any and all memory. 

Fuckermothers! Welcome one and all to the Osmium 11: Osmium Out Your Anus Into Outer Space Edition! Be sure to wear some super sensitive headphones for this because this edition has just a snail’s testicular fibre over 5 hours worth of gentle jams to ease you through your stressful, 1st-world Mondays. Be sure to rotate the gain knob to 11 for maximum yojnement, too. You might be deaf at the end, but are functional ears even worthwhile when you have such fervent enthusiasm for these extraordinary musical stylings? Make sure also to keep a hanky nearby to wipe up the blood dripping from your ears. This is some seriously hardcore relaxation, futhermuckers.

So, why are we in space this time? Well, naturally. Whenever a series gets to the tenth installment or more, going to space is pretty much a requirement. Why? Because reasons, that’s why. Fuck you and your questions. Oh, and if you’re wondering why this is the 11th and not the 12th installment (as if you’d even fuckin’ notice that I’ve done 12 of these bitches now… that’d be fuckin’ hilarious), it’s because Osmium-20: The Mutation was from the future. Don’t ask me how. Some fuckhead cyborg that kind of looked like me showed up one day, handed me a flash drive, and that’s what was on it. It was a warning about a virus that will eventually annihilate all life on Earth, starting with this nightmarish red, white & blue pisspot called America. Apparently, it killed all the blithering fucking imbeciles, the moronic troglodytes who didn’t take it seriously, didn’t wear protective face coverings, and they paid the ultimate price. Those who were left could only enjoy the peace and quiet for a short time before they too fell like the perpetual fuckin’ victims they had always been.

Any-fuckin’-way, I’m gonna stop yammering all this fuckin’ nonsense now so we can get this shit underway. First though, I ought to mention that this edition is mostly made up of tracks from earlier Osmium editions. Sort of a greatest hits, I suppose, but there are a handful of newer finds from this year and the last as well. Also, I decided to include some classic gabber, hardcore, and dubstep tracks because they’re equally as osmiumic as all the rest of the osmium. If you disagree, don’t tell me about it. Just take a nailgun and punch as many holes into your head with it as you can before you pass out and/or die. You’re wrong, they do belong on this playlist, and you and your ever-so-valuable opinion can choke on a dead elephant’s flaccid cock and die. Sound good? I figured you’d like that. 

With all that said… good morning… Sunday morning… you don’t get that reference, and YOJNE!!!!!!

01 Devin Townsend - ZTO (from Ziltoid The Omniscient) [00:03:10]

02 Slipknot - Surfacing (from Slipknot) [00:04:27]

03 White Zombie - Feed The Gods (from Airheads OST) [00:08:04]

04 Erra - Eye of God (from Eye of God) [00:11:54]

05 Arch Enemy - Dead Eyes See No Future (from Anthems of Rebellion) [00:15:23]

06 Bad Acid Trip - Beware Of The Little People With Terrible Visions (from Lynch The Weirdo) [00:19:35]

07 Slipknot - Eyeless (from Slipknot) [00:19:47]

08 Walls of Jericho - The American Dream (from The American Dream) [00:23:42]

09 Mushroomhead - Qwerty (from The Righteous & The Butterfly) [00:26:55]

10 Hatebreed - Doomsayer (feat. Gir) (from The Rise of Brutality) [00:30:19]

11 Atari Teenage Riot - Too Dead For Me (from 60 Second Wipe Out) [00:33:37]

12 Gut - Embalmed In Pig Sperm (from Odour Of Torture) [00:37:33]

13 Fear Factory - Slave Labor (from Archetype) [00:37:47]

14 The Dillinger Escape Plan - When Good Dogs Do Bad Things (feat. Mike Patton) (from Irony Is A Dead Scene EP) [00:41:40]

15 Sullivan King - Reckless (from Show Some Teeth) [00:47:38]

16 Cradle of Filth - From the Cradle to Enslave (from From the Cradle to Enslave EP) [00:50:55]

17 Spineshank - The Height Of Callousness (from The Height Of Callousness) [00:57:29]

18 Evil Activities - Back On Track (feat. Neophyte) (from Army Of Hardcore Vol. 3 (Disc 2)) [01:00:26]

19 Tenacious D - The Metal (from The Pick Of Destiny) [01:05:35]

20 Pantera - War Nerve (from The Great Southern Trendkill) [01:08:15]

21 In Flames - Disconnected (from A Sense Of Purpose) [01:13:07]

22 KoЯn - Twist (from Life Is Peachy) [01:16:29]

23 KoЯn - Good God (from Life Is Peachy) [01:17:28]

24 Temper Tantrum - Still The Hardest (from Industrial Fucking Strength 2: Unleash The Brutality (Disc 1)) [01:20:48]

25 IWRESTLEDABEARONCE - Alaskan Flounder Basket (from IWRESTLEDABEARONCE EP) [01:24:59]

26 Ministry - Let's Go (from The Last Sucker) [01:27:34]

27 Snails - Crank Bass (feat. Liam Cormier) (from SLIMEAGEDDON) [01:32:25]

28 Daniel Tidwell - Knee-Deep in the Dead [At Doom's Gate E1M1] (DooM) (from Versus Video Games 3) [01:36:48]

29 I Got Shot In The Face - You. Dead. (from How Am I Not Myself) [01:40:01]

30 GWAR - Sick Of You (from Scumdogs of the Universe) [01:42:49]

31 After The Burial - A Vicious Reforming Of Features (from Rareform) [01:45:56]

32 Between the Buried and Me - All Bodies (from Alaska) [01:51:38]

33 Dubloadz - Break The Rail (feat. Sullivan King) (from Dubloadz and the 9000 Ghosts) [01:57:49]

34 E-Town Concrete - Time 2 Shine (from Time 2 Shine) [02:01:51]

35 BIGdumbFACE - Burgalveist (from Duke Lion Fights The Terror!!) [02:05:15]

36 Interruptvector vs. DJ Plague - Ahh Das Ist Musik (from Speedcore.ca) [02:08:01]

37 PainKiller - Purgatory Of Fiery Vulvas (from Guts Of A Virgin) [02:12:40]

38 Kittie - Brackish (from Spit) [02:13:02]

39 Daughters - Fur Beach (from Canada Songs) [02:16:03]

40 American Head Charge - Americunt Evolving Into Useless Psychic Garbage (from The War Of Art) [02:16:42]

41 The Gerogerigegege - Gynecologist (from Yellow Trash Bazooka 7" EP) [02:19:15]

42 The Fall Of Troy - We Better Learn To Hotwire A Uterus (from Doppleganger) [02:19:19]

43 Cycle Sluts From Hell - I Wish You Were A Beer (from Cycle Sluts From Hell) [02:21:28]

44 The Locust - Twenty-Three Lubed Up Schizophrenics With Delusions Of Grandeur (from Plague Soundscapes) [02:23:44]

45 Buckethead - The Hand (feat. Maximum Bob & Ani Maldjian) (from Enter The Chicken) [02:24:34]

46 Daughters - The Fuck Whisperer (from Hell Songs) [02:28:55]

47 System of a Down - Cigaro (from Mezmerize) [02:30:40]

48 Excision, Downlink - Resistance (from Resistance) [02:32:52]

49 Meshuggah - obZen (from obZen) [02:37:24]

50 Devin Townsend - Ziltoidia Attaxx!!! (from Ziltoid The Omniscient) [02:41:47]

51 DJ Narotic Vs. U.V.C. - Step Into The Pit (from Industrial Fucking Strength 2: Unleash The Brutality (Disc 1)) [02:45:29]

52 Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - Yippie-Kay-Yay Mother Fucker (from Danza III: The Series Of Unfortunate Events) [02:50:01]

53 Lamb Of God - 11th Hour (from As The Palaces Burn) [02:53:23]

54 Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man (from Brave New World) [02:57:05]

55 Dir en Grey - Obscure (from Vulgar) [03:01:35]

56 Strapping Young Lad - S.Y.L.R.M.H.A. (from City) [03:05:32]

57 Strapping Young Lad - Zen (from Alien) [03:05:35]

58 Soilwork - Grand Failure Anthem (from A Predator’s Portrait) [03:10:37]

59 Shadows Fall - Failure Of The Devout (from Threads Of Life) [03:15:55]

60 Damageplan - Fuck You (from New Found Power) [03:21:18]

61 Beneath The Massacre - Symptoms (from Incongruous) [03:24:25]

62 The Devil Wears Prada - Dez Moines (from With Roots Above and Branches Below) [03:27:27]

63 Dissonant - Charles Bronson Was Great In Death Wish 5 (from Copy Burn Distribute Repeat) [03:31:28]

64 System of a Down - P.L.U.C.K. (from System of a Down) [03:35:46]

65 DevilDriver - These Fighting Words (from The Last Kind Words) [03:39:12]

66 Mod Flanders Conspiracy - Just Because I Got My Arms And Legs Surgically Lengthened Doesn't Make Me A Sell-Out Midget (from The Tragic Urn Spill) [03:43:05]

67 The Berzerker - Eye For An Eye (from Animosity (Disc 1)) [03:47:07]

68 At The Gates - Blinded By Fear (from Slaughter of the Soul) [03:49:23]

69 Sawtooth Grin - A 2 Minute Lecture On The Finer Points Of Instability (from Cuddlemonster) [03:52:18]

70 Skrape - What You Say (from New Killer America) [03:54:22]

71 Slipknot - Birth Of The Cruel (from We Are Not Your Kind) [03:57:41]

72 Deftones - Phantom Bride (from Gore) [04:02:16]

73 All That Remains - Two Weeks (from Overcome) [04:07:09]

74 Converge - The Broken Vow (from Jane Doe) [04:11:21]

75 All Shall Perish - Never…Again (from Awaken The Dreamers) [04:13:30]

76 Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache (from The End of Heartache) [04:16:40]

77 Dog Fashion Disco - The Darkest Days (from Adultery) [04:21:37]

78 Metallica - Dyers Eve (from ...And Justice For All) [04:25:57]

79 Dream Theater - Panic Attack (from Octavarium) [04:31:11]

80 Rollins Band - Volume 4 (from Weight) [04:39:23]

81 Mudvayne - Severed (from L.D. 50) [04:43:57]

82 Five Pointe O - Sympathetic Climate Control (from Untitled) [04:50:20]

83 VCTMS - Sick // Tired (feat. Devin MacGillivray) (from Vol. II Inside the Mind) [04:55:25]

84 SWARM - Void (from Void) [04:57:46]

85 The Amity Affliction - Forever (from Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them) [05:01:36]

86 Excrementory Grindfuckers - H.T.L.T.P.T.M.G.T.CoooolW. (from Bitte Nicht Vor Den Gaesten (Do Not Ask Before The Guest)) [05:04:42]

87 Hatebeak - Birdseeds of Vengeance (from https://youtu.be/8h5xS_xFUZg) [05:06:55]

88 Excrementory Grindfuckers - For Whom The Shit Rolls (from Fertigmachen Szeneputzen!) [05:08:49]

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2020-11-16 (Entranced Edition Vol. 6)

• November 16th, 2020

What’s up, muthafuckaaaaaas?!!?saaaaaakcufahtum ,pu s’tahW Welcome to the 6th volume of the Entranced Edition of Monday Morning Aural Fuckin’ Sex! Naturally, as with all the previous Entranced editions, you can expect 3 straight hours of just utter, ear-obliterating noise. Just actual Noise groups cramming your delicate ear sphincters with the sperm of destruction, except no and not at all, but that sounds fuckin’ hilarious. Imagine having pregnant ears, giving birth to evil noise babies, which are coincidentally quite similar to actual babies. But nah, this is… trance music. Yup, I admit it. The name “Entranced,” could’ve been thought out a little better, but I’m 6 volumes deep already, so I’m not going to go changing shit at this point.

If somehow you’re unfamiliar with trance music, yet you find yourself listening to this 6th installment of a random fuckhead’s podcast instead of starting at the 1st like a noooooormal person, trance is a big subgenre of the overall EDM soundscape. Trance is some of the best music to dance to, in my opinion. I know you didn’t ask, but it’s my podcast, so you’re gonna take my opinion whether ya like it or not, unless you’re fuckin’ lame and already hit skip on the intro ‘cause you hate me or something. Anyway, yeah, most of this edition is melodic trance (which kind of goes without saying, but not entirely), and psytrance. I’ve got a J-Trance track hiding in there somewhere, too. Not bigly significant, but it is noticeably different to seasoned listeners such as myself, and mrah mrah mrah. Psytrance is… can ya guess? Yup, psychedelic trance. So, lots of pulsing bass, lots of room for the melody to frolic up and down the scales, often some sci-fi and/or cyberpunk sort of samples incorporated. 

Definitely fantastic shit right there, especially from one of the all-time greatest groups to emerge from the genre, Infected Mushroom. Their roots are in psytrance, but they’re now more electronic rock with hints of psytrance sprinkled around. Their live shows are usually lots of fun too, unless you encounter some shitty manager of a shitty venue/bowling alley who makes you take your mask off for whatever stupid fuckin’ reason… Anyway, yeah, if we ever get to go to shows again, if we as Americans actually ever get through this fucking pandemic and they come through your town, get you a ticket or three and have yourself a jolly good time. Aside from that, melodic trance is just that. I only specify it being, “melodic,” because some trance can be rather minimalistic with its melodies. This ain’t that. 

Also also, you may notice that I used the extended mixes of many of these tracks. That’s because I strongly feel that trance is one of those genres that’s best enjoyed with an attention span at least moderately greater than that of a fucking goldfish. Not much of a trance to be experienced if you’re in and out of it in 3 minutes, in my opinion. Not impossible, and there are some tracks here that are around that length, but I prefer the longer ones. 1,000% giggity. Also also also, all these tracks are new finds that I spent around 8 hours looking for, so yojne this shit good and hard for me, will ya?

Also also also also, I found a few video-game-related jams for the hopelessly childish nerds that actually play video games. Mrahhhh, so immature, right? We ought to be doing adult things with our lives so we can be as miserable as possible and never wonder why. Yup, that’s how we do in this red, white & blue pile of smiling corpses called America, or whatever. I will say though that I have a couple faint glimmers of hope now. I vaguely remember what hope feels like, and it’s kinda nice, but we’ve still got a lot to do to expunge the virus that’s infected this country for the past four years. Speaking of which, before we yojne, I’ve got a lil’ secret for ya… Come closer…

(tells secret)



(mirth-ter, or something)

AND WITH THAT, we yojne.

01 Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Monday Morning Madness (feat. Shannon Hurley) (Original Mix) (from Monday Morning Madness) [00:03:31]

02 Vini Vici, Pixel - Anything & Everything (Infected Mushroom Remix) (from Anything & Everything (Infected Mushroom Remix)) [00:09:41]

03 DJ Space Raven, DJ Dean - Nobody Ever Knows Any More (from Nobody Ever Knows Any More) [00:15:12]

04 Abraxis, Seven Lions, Dimibo - Half Of It (from Half Of It) [00:21:46]

05 Mercurius FM, Stux.io - Prelude (Final Fantasy VII) (from Remako (Final Fantasy 7)) [00:26:27]

06 Witness45 - Lightspeed (feat. Jess Morgan) (Skyline Remix) (from Lightspeed (The Remixes)) [00:29:34]

07 Alessandra Roncone - What Makes You Feel Alive (Extended Mix) (from What Makes You Feel Alive) [00:35:32]

08 Tenishia - Never Let You Down (feat. Susana) (Cold Rush Remix) (from Never Let You Down (Cold Rush Remix)) [00:41:56]

09 Gareth Emery - Laserface 03 (Leaving You) (Extended Mix) (from Laserface 03 (Leaving You)) [00:48:24]

10 Eaglewing - Bullseye (Tycoos Remix) (from Bullseye (Tycoos Remix)) [00:53:43]

11 NG Rezonance - Syndicate (Original Mix) (from Syndicate) [00:56:31]

12 bLiNd - Put Em Up (Punch-Out!!) (from NESteryears) [01:02:30]

13 DRYM, AMTM - Zeus (Extended Mix) (from Zeus) [01:08:48]

14 Dimatik - War of the Gods (from War of the Gods) [01:14:47]

15 Bruce Cullen - Skyscraper (from Skyscraper) [01:17:39]

16 Davey Asprey - The Road So Far (from The Road So Far) [01:23:28]

17 Tomena - Moonlight Sonata (Original Mix) (from Trancemaster 6001) [01:26:40]

18 Juno Reactor - Dakota (Undercover Extended Mix) (from Dakota) [01:34:03]

19 Gaudium - Fragments of Insanity (from Fragments of Insanity) [01:41:49]

20 _ensnare_ - I Drop Gems (from Tech Switch) [01:49:14]

21 Steve Brian, Patrik Humann - Eivissa Ultima (DJ Version) (from Eivissa Ultima) [01:53:56]

22 Electric Universe - Bansuri (from Bansuri) [01:58:55]

23 Solarstone, Future Disciple - Monkey Mia (David Forbes Extended Remix) (from One+) [02:06:22]

24 Shiki - Rose Quartz (Ver.Cristierra) (from Cristierra) [02:12:22]

25 Sideform - Quantum Flux (from Quantum Flux) [02:16:42]

26 Costa Pantazis - Navigator (Original Mix) (from Navigator) [02:24:42]

27 RYDEX - Beyond Infinity (Extended Mix) (from Beyond Infinity) [02:31:47]

28 Ferry Corsten - Your Face (feat. Eric Lumiere) (Extended Mix) (from Blueprint The Extendeds) [02:37:35]

29 RAM, Susana, Tales Of Life - You Are Enough (Extended Mix) (from You Are Enough) [02:43:44]

30 GXD - Sail (feat. Elle Vee) (Extended Mix) (from Sail) [02:51:10]

31 Giuseppe Ottaviani - Empty World (Extended Mix) (from Evolver (The Extended Mixes)) [02:57:35]

32 Susana - A Million Memories (Extended Mix) (from A Million Memories) [03:04:27]

33 Giuseppe Ottaviani - Till We Meet Again (from Till We Meet Again) [03:11:05]

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Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-11-09 (Out With The Old, In With The New Edition)

• November 9th, 2020

Out with the old, in with the new, muthafuckaaaaaaaaa… s! Welcome all to the edition so named! Why is it so named? We shall discuss. Actually, we won’t. You’re gonna sit there while I talk at your silly faces with the flesh and the human stuff. So, obviously this country had some phenomenally good news this weekend. You mighta seen a couple posts on my socials about it. Somethin’ about an overgrown, racist Oompa Loompa or something, I dunno. I don’t follow politics all like that. Ha… If only. 

So, that’s cause for celebration or whatever, BUTTTTTTT, we also have the next-gen gaming consoles arriving soon! My Xbox Series X (which I maintain is moronic and yet also confusing fuckin’ nomenclature) should be delivered tomorrow, actually. I’ve seen a couple videos demonstrating what it can do, and I’m pretty fuckin’ excited. I will say though that Microsoft makes it hard to love them. It’s like dating someone that just maniacally applies makeup when they were perfectly fine before. Girls, don’t you hate it when dudes do that shit? I know, right?!

Anyway, this edition is chock the fuck full of new stuff to celebrate the other new shit happening. I went a little HAMer, or HerAM, than I usually do for these editions, ‘cause I was just really, really in the mood to celebrate new stuff. Can’t imagine why, but I do want ham now, dammit… RUM HAAAAMMMM! In the interest of transparency though, I ought to say that I had half of this edition compiled since the week before Halloween, but I didn’t want to do one of these random new shit editions since we had Halloween and election day ahead of us. Speaking of which, that’s why you’ll notice a few Halloween- and election-day-related tracks on here. So, technically, only 2 hours or so is brand-spank-that-ass-like-whut-uh-uh-uh new, and the other half is, well, if it was bananas, you’d have thrown them out by now. But it’s not bananas! Well, it is bananas, but not in a nom nom way; in a WOOOOO! THAT’S BANANAS, MUTHAFUCKAAAA way. Now I want bananas, dammit. Mmmm, banana bread too. Banana ham, maybe? Wait, banana rum ham? Could that be a thing? What about water burgers? Hmm… The world may never know…

Also, completely switching gears for a moment, I just thought about something and I feel like sharing. I’ve mentioned to a number of people that this podcast is a piece of my legacy. Obviously, it’s not original works of my own, just compilations. The thing is that compilations can be works of art as well. Certain movie soundtracks leap to mind. Plus, I do put a lot of thought into these intros far more often than not. Case in point, this paragraph and the subsequent one were just added a few hours after I figured I’d finished writing the intro. But yeah, not just the intros either, the cover art (as much as I reasonably can with my photo editing skills being limited as they are), and definitely the track order, as well as the track selections themselves. Like I said last week, I tweaked that track order for 2 fuckin’ hours trying to get it as awesome as possible, to make it flow as perfectly as possible. Never even mind how long I spend searching for new stuff that’s good enough to share. Honestly, there are some nights that for every 1 song I select, I sift through like 6-8 mediocre ones. I mean like 3.5-4 stars. I wouldn’t bother sharing anything less. 

Anyway, yeah, this podcast is a part of my legacy. A legacy I’m pretty sure I felt compelled to expand upon since two extremely important people in my life aren’t here anymore, and I wish they’d had more of a chance to expand their respective legacies. I feel more compelled to live passionately because they’re not here anymore to do the same. That’s one of the best ways I can think of to honor anyone’s memory. I wish they’d left more recordings of their voices, honestly, but it’s nice to know that if someone misses me whenever I’m gone, all they have to do is press play on any of these editions, and there I am for as long as there are fingers willing to do so. I know we’re all on our own musical discovery adventures, though it seems like a lotta motherfuckers are AFK as they get older. With this podcast though, people who might miss me can experience part of my world (or my journey or whatever hippie ass shit that was before) that perhaps they didn’t notice or fully appreciate before. They can see the world through my eyes for a little while, or if not my eyes specifically, an enormous collection of sunglasses I liked or some shit. My ever so crass verbiage aside, that seems poetic to me. Like, satisfactory as far as this whole life thing goes, ya know? I dunno, maybe I’m full of shit.

Anyway, all that said… wait for it… wait longer for it… keep waiting… By the way, there are some older tracks heading things off here to usher in the new stuff. Trust me, they’re appropriate as fuck, which is also very, very appropriate, baby. 

And now, we yojne!

01 Queen - We Are The Champions (Remastered 2011) [00:04:00]

02 Sigma - Good Times (feat. Ella Eyre) (from Life (Deluxe)) [00:06:57]

03 Ehrling - I Feel Good (from I Feel Good) [00:10:36]

04 Noisestorm - This Feeling (from This Feeling) [00:13:50]

05 David Guetta - Let's Love (feat. Sia) (Robin Schulz Remix) (from Let’s Love (Robin Schulz Remix)) [00:18:03]

06 Marc Rebillet - Quarantine Fucking Tonight (from Loop Daddy III) [00:20:52]

07 Ace of Base - Happy Nation (Fred & Mykos Radio Remix) (from Happy Nation (Fred & Mykos Radio Remix)) [00:24:14]

08 Mechanical Vein - New Blood (Zardonic Remix) (from New Blood (Zardonic Remix)) [00:27:09]


10 Maduk, Lachi - Taking Control (from Taking Control) [00:33:54]

11 Teminite, The Arcturians - Promises (Nero cover) (from Promises) [00:36:48]

12 The Gregory Brothers - Trump vs. Ramp (Songify 2020) (from https://youtu.be/ign_vZupjno) [00:39:55]

13 Little Big - Suck My Dick 2020 (from Suck My Dick 2020) [00:43:27]

14 Mangoo, Raaban, IZKO - I Don't Give A Fuck (from I Don’t Give A Fuck) [00:45:47]

15 Snow Tha Product - No Really, Im Good (from No Really, Im Good) [00:48:21]

16 Ghostemane - Hydrochloride (from ANTI-ICON) [00:51:06]

17 TYNAN - Something In The Water (from Something In The Water) [00:53:33]

18 Busta Rhymes - E.L.E. 2 Intro (feat. Chris Rock, Rakim & Pete Rock) (from Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God) [00:56:34]

19 Busta Rhymes - The Purge (from Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God) [01:03:45]

20 MC Frontalot, Mega Ran, Coolzey - Apocalypse Bards (from Apocalypse Bards) [01:04:56]

21 Mr. Bungle - Hypocrites / Habla Español O Muere (from The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo) [01:08:15]

22 Endymion, Evil Activities - Vengeance (MYST Remix) (from Vengeance (MYST Remix)) [01:11:55]

23 clipping. - Chapter 319 (from Chapter 319) [01:15:37]

24 Architects - Animals (from Animals) [01:18:46]

25 KOU, SYN - RIOT (from RIOT) [01:22:46]

26 VCTMS - Hell Is Empty (from Misery in Death) [01:26:46]

27 Figure, 2FAC3D - Welcome to your Death (from XI Monstrum) [01:29:28]

28 Black Tiger Sex Machine, LeKtriQue - Death (Teminite Remix) (from Death (Teminite Remix)) [01:33:19]

29 Chime, HelaSex - Anger MGMT (from Anger MGMT) [01:38:08]

30 Alla Xul Elu - Mask Made Me Do It (from Mauxuleum) [01:41:48]

31 Ashnikko - Halloweenie III: Seven Days (from Halloweenie III: Seven Days) [01:45:03]

32 Moontricks - Bones (feat. Jade Sol) (An-Ten-Nae Remix) (from Bones (An-Ten-Nae Remix)) [01:47:32]

33 Arcade High - Doppelgänger (from Doppelgänger) [01:51:06]

34 CORPSE - Cat Girls Are Ruining My Life! (from Cat Girls Are Ruining My Life!) [01:54:43]

35 Shirobon - Just Shovels & Knights - La Danse Macabre (Shirobon Remix) (from Just Shovels & Knights - La Danse Macabre (Shirobon Remix)) [01:56:19]

36 Josh A - Anxiety II (Interlude) (from You’re Not Alone) [01:58:14]

37 VCTMS - The Nameless (Slipknot cover) (from The Nameless) [01:59:12]

38 Ekoh - Wrong Side of The Bed (from Wrong Side of The Bed) [02:04:06]

39 Slug † Christ, foxwedding - Teach You How to Disappear (from Teach You How to Disappear) [02:08:16]

40 Nymano, j'san - Mirage (from Mirage) [02:12:09]

41 Netsky - Let Me Hold You (feat. Hybrid Minds) (from Second Nature) [02:14:03]

42 Distinct Mind, Snoup - Stop Thinking (feat. Alan Watts) (from Stop Thinking) [02:17:20]

43 Gunship - Eleanor Rigby (Beatles cover) (from Eleanor Rigby) [02:20:25]

44 12th Planet - Follow (feat. Katie Sky) (from Follow) [02:23:15]

45 Dimension - Remedy (feat. TS Graye) (from Remedy) [02:25:58]

46 Deftones - Pompeji (from Ohms) [02:29:18]

47 Foals - My Number (Paul Woolford Remix) (from Collected Reworks) [02:34:43]

48 RandomBeats, Mega Ran, Rifti Beats - Fall Guys Rap (from Fall Guys Rap) [02:38:52]

49 Mega Ran - You Look SUS (feat. Richie Branson & Kadesh Flow) (from You Look SUS) [02:40:59]

50 Ace of Base - Wheel of Fortune (Singlewave Remix) (from Wheel of Fortune (Singlewave Remix)) [02:43:58]

51 S3RL - Predictable Rave Song (feat. Tamika) (from Predictable Rave Song) [02:47:36]

52 Mac Lethal - Alphabet Insanity 2 (from Alphabet Insanity 2) [02:50:45]

53 DJ Rap, Sense - Rollercoaster (from Rollercoaster) [02:52:50]

54 chibi-tech - Sapient Amphibians on A.T.Vs (from Psycho Somatic Generation) [02:57:49]

55 Loon3 Aka Breez, Mic Uno, Cartoon - Lets Ride (from Lets Ride) [03:03:05]

56 Shirobon - Opia (from Opia) [03:05:57]

57 Keeno - Severn Summers (from Severn Summers) [03:09:05]

58 Extra Terra - Night City (from Night City) [03:13:11]

59 Fracus - Project 87 (from Project 87) [03:18:16]

60 meganeko - The Cyber Grind (from The Cyber Grind) [03:23:02]

61 Anamanaguchi - Pixel Candle (from Pixel Candle) [03:27:43]

62 Shirobon - Pure (from Pure) [03:30:04]

63 Shpongle - Nothing Is Something Worth Doing (Cosmic Trigger Remix) (from Shpongle Remixed (Cosmic Trigger Remix) [03:33:03] (Wow, that timestamp is kinda crazy, eh? Didn’t plan that shit at all.)

64 Deftones - Knife Prty (Purity Ring Remix) (from Knife Prty (Purity Ring Remix)) [03:39:31]

65 GentleBeatz, w00ds - Strings (from Strings) [03:43:57]

66 Annie - In Heaven (from Dark Hearts) [03:46:38]

67 Shirobon - Fracture (from Rebirth) [03:50:14]

68 Craig Connelly, Alex Holmes - Anything Like You (Extended Mix) (from Anything Like You) [03:53:28]

69 Seven Lions, Jason Ross, Crystal Skies - Foolish Of Me (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) (from Foolish Of Me (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)) [04:00:17]

70 Excision, Wooli - Erase You (feat. HALIENE) (from Subsidia Dawn: Vol. 1) [04:03:19]

71 Sleeping At Last - Already Gone (from Covers, Vol. 2) [04:06:59]

72 Sullivan King, Wooli - Don't Forget Me (from Don’t Forget Me) [04:10:52]

73 CocoRosie - End of the Freak Show (feat. Big Freedia, ANOHNI, Brooke Candy & Cakes da Killa) (from End of the Freak Show) [04:15:00]

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2020-11-02 (VOTE, MF Edition)

• November 2nd, 2020

Vote, motherfucker! Do I even need to explain that shit to y’all?! Well, I will anyway if ya give me a second or 4 to welcome you to this shit first. Welcome, motherfuckers, fatherfuckers, fuckin’ androgynous-ass extraterrestrial fuckers, fuckin’ unicorn fairy nipple toothpaste lickers, what the fuck ever pumps your fuckin’ crank, to Monday Morning Aural Fuckin’ Sex, and the VOTE, MF Edition! So, naturally, we’ll be hearing lots of purely instrumental, relaxing-ass ambient jams with zero fuckin’ energy whatsoever. Nawwww, this one is crammed to the fuckin’ 5-hour mark with all sorts of shit to get you up off your goddamn (insert expletive alternative to donkey here), brave the fucking plague that we’re still suffering through, and either hand in your ballot personally or use the fuckin’ voting machines and then sanitize your fuckin’ hands until no solitary germ would even dream of landing on your flesh for decades.

So, why would little ol’ me put together this little ol’ podcast? Or, more specifically, this type of edition? *sigh* Well, in case you’re just waking up from a four-year-long coma, some shit’s been going seriously awry for the past four goddamn-fucking-sonofabitchly-interminable years. I want you to vote, but let me clarify, I want you to vote against the shitbag-in-chief that’s currently occupying the fucking White House. Not like you’re going to listen to my ever so fuckin’ savvy political analysis, and if you’re a Trump supporter, you’ve gotta be hoping the vast majority of us don’t fuckin’ vote. That’s the only fuckin’ way your dumpster fire full of abortions and homeless senior citizen dung would actually win the popular vote, and/or the election. 

In case y’all aren’t aware, the vast majority of the country is sick and fucking tired of this goddamn bullshit, and they’re fuckin’ activated now. Somethin’ like 100 million people didn’t bother voting in 2016, and now they’re turnin’ out in record fucking numbers. It’s not lookin’ too good for Cheetonius Maximus these days. Because of the unforgivable bullshit that happened in 2016, people have realized that being apolitical is a luxury they can now scarcely afford. Because he’s such an egregious fucking shitshow, people who don’t normally follow politics can’t stop hearing about him, and they’re fucking sick of it. This isn’t about Democrat vs. Republican this time. This is about taking out a fatally incompetent, miserable sack of unloved shit. The fucking most darkly hilarious thing about it all is that he could have fucking COASTED to a second term if he had merely properly prepared the country for the pandemic. He had a chance to step up and lead, and he fucking pissed it away for any myriad reasons. 

I’m sure I’ve ruffled the ass hairs of at least one person by now, so before you go runnin’ your stupid fuckin’ mouth, just know that I don’t give a flying, gliding, walking, running, jogging, galloping, fuckin’ tobogganing fuck what you have to say about what I’m saying. “Mehhh, but you’re being close-minded!” I don’t give a fuck. This is my fucking podcast, not a fucking open forum, and I think you’re being too fuckin’ open-minded. There have to be some sort of boundaries when it comes to defining what is and isn’t truth, and those boundaries seem non-fucking-existent these days. One of the largest, most rotund fucking reasons is this pitiful fucking nothing, this supposedly human fucking feedback loop that you goddamn numbskulls would follow off a fucking cliff if he even casually suggested it. You fuckers don’t even have the sense to acknowledge that this isn’t about some preposterously irrational hatred of a rich person. We all would’ve gladly welcomed actual fucking leadership instead of the appalling exacerbation of petty division and utterly shameless favoritism of the already revoltingly wealthy. We might have even been able to look the other way on his truly disturbing comments towards his biological daughter had he not turned out to be such a grossly abominable fucking failure.

So yeah, if you still support him after the four years of heinously callous shit we’ve endured, go fuck yourselves. Seriously, it might even improve your general demeanor, you know, giving yourself pleasure for a change instead of wrapping yourself in fear and hatred. Go ahead and fuckin’ block me if it’ll secure your snowflake-ass lil’ fee-fees, ‘cause I’m not gonna fuckin’ forget who advocated for further division when this fucking country was already falling apart at the motherfucking seams. I have nothing to fuckin’ say to you, because you gave the wrong fuckin’ answers to the questions of whether or not people of color deserve equal rights, justice and welfare. Don’t go thinking that I’m some die-hard fuckin’ Democrat either, because for the most part, that fucking party makes me sick too. We’re takin’ that shameful fuckin’ shit over from the bottom up, and maybe one day we’ll actually all be living our lives free to pursue happiness, fulfillment, economic security, creative expression, what-the-fuck-ever. You might even benefit from it if you can manage to stick around long enough.

Consider me a lost fucking cause if you so desire, ‘cause like I said, I don’t give a fuck what you have to say on these matters. I have spent most of the last year fuckin’ ravenously absorbing information about this intolerable administration, cross-referencing everything as thoroughly as possible. I know how the fuck I feel, I know how the fuck you feel, and if it wasn’t for all the fucking gaslighting, grifting, manipulation and just sheer fucking intellectual bankruptcy, I would happily be doing this introduction with a respectful tone. But no. Now, everything is fucking political, even basic fucking human rights. I have first-hand experience with narcissism, gaslighting, manipulation and such, and that’s what the fuck this country has been through for the past four fucking years: a shitty relationship with a shitty fucking human being who had the unmitigated gall to wish a child-trafficker well on national television. AND, AND FUCKING AND, FUCKING QANON THINKS THIS IRREDEEMABLE SWINE IS TRYING TO TAKE DOWN SECRET, SATANIC CHILD-TRAFFICKING RINGS! Can you fucking believe the maddening imbecility that requires?

Ya see, I was aware of many, many of this serial charlatan’s faults back in 2016. Even before that, I knew how extensive his record of fucking failure was (and fucking continues to be), and yet, a small part of me was hoping for at least something salvageable out of the 2016 election. That small part is so horrendously starved now, but perhaps tomorrow, perhaps later this week, it might finally receive some sort of nourishment. Speaking of which, those of you especially soulless husks who pride themselves on drinking “liberal tears,” well, I’m sure you’ve been feeling very dehydrated over the past four years, my not having given you any tears to drink. I might weep tears of joy if things go the way they’re supposed to this week, but those tears are mine to enjoy. I do have another bodily fluid you’re welcome to drink, though you’ll need to suck it straight from the tip of my tumescent prick. Die mad about it, you miserable wastes of fucking life.

Any-fucking-way, I’m beyond fucking exhausted. Emotionally, intellectually, financially, physically… I need change, and I’m not fuckin’ alone. As far as the actual voting process goes, let me just say that I hear anyone who feels like their vote doesn’t matter. I felt that way for at least a decade and a half. The thing is, if it truly didn’t matter, these fucking assholes wouldn’t be running around trying to make it as difficult as possible. Cheetonius even said it himself, if everyone was able and willing to vote, there’d never be another Republican elected again. At least, not to the presidency. There have been numerous statements made on the subject over the years, but there’s also the practice of gerrymandering where districts are redrawn in such bizarre ways in order to give Republicans an unfair advantage. Never even mind the racist-ass bullshit known as the electoral college. Voting is far from the only thing we can do to make our lives better, but it’s definitely an important one. Like I say, if it wasn’t important, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to prevent us from doing it. This year, their bullshit is on full display. It’s not lurking on some obscure political doc on a streaming platform you’ve never heard of, it’s spread eagle, visible to anyone with eyes.

Anyway, regarding what we’ll be hearing once I actually calm the fuck down a little and start playing some fucking music, all these tracks speak perfectly well enough for themselves. I spent about 2 fuckin’ hours just tweaking the order of the tracks, let alone the 4 ½ I spent compiling everything, and I’ve been writing this fucking intro for the past fuckin’ hour already. I doubt I’ll influence anyone in particular who wasn’t already planning to vote. My platform is small, and obviously, I’m a radical leftist anarchist who just wants to burn everything to smoldering cinders. Of course, right? 

With all that said, go fucking vote so that our lives can suck a little less for four years, and of course… YOJNEEEEEEE!!!!!

01 Ministry - Git up Get out 'N Vote (from Relapse) [00:07:11]

02 Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby - Vote That Fucker Out (from Vote That Fucker Out) [00:11:03]

03 Impulse Wave - Fall To Dictators (from Find Your Harmony Vol. 1) [00:13:23]

04 The Original Donald Trump - Jeffrey Epstein Was My Friend (from 2 Dumb Sunz) [00:16:54]

05 The Original Donald Trump - I'm Fuckin' Orange (from Donald Trump Is a Piece of Shit) [00:19:03]

06 Otep - To The Gallows (from KULT 45) [00:20:32]

07 Morgue - Donald Trump Is A Fucking Cunt (from https://youtu.be/u4yuitHOfNM) [00:23:35]

08 Lard - Peeling Back the Foreskin of Liberty (from Pure Chewing Satisfaction) [00:26:59]

09 Cypress Hill - Shut ‘Em Down (feat. Tom Morello) (from Rise Up) [00:32:07]

10 Zardonic - Takeover (feat. The Qemists) (Zardonic & Fickle6 VIP Remix) (from The Become Remix Album) [00:35:27]

11 Rage Against The Machine - Take The Power Back (from Rage Against The Machine) [00:39:12]

12 Team America: World Police - America, FUCK Yeah (from Team America: World Police) [00:44:45]

13 Walls of Jericho - The American Dream (from The American Dream) [00:46:48]

14 Hallucinator - Fuck Society (from Fuck Society EP) [00:50:02]

15 Jello Biafra - Pledge of Allegiance (Live 1990) (from In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up (VHS Rip)) [00:55:03]

16 Ministry - The Land of Rape and Honey (Live 1990) (from In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up (VHS Rip)) [00:57:53]

17 East Coast Avengers - Hey America (feat. Freddie Foxxx, Apathy, Termanology, Slaine, Celph Titled, Statik Selektah & King Magnetic) (from Prison Planet) [01:03:17]

18 blink-182 - Generational Divide (from Generational Divide) [01:06:29]

19 Dead Kennedys - Government Flu (from Plastic Surgery Disasters/In God We Trust Inc.) [01:07:17]

20 George Carlin - You Have No Rights (from It's Bad For Ya) [01:09:20]

21 Otep - Equal Rights, Equal Lefts (from Generation Doom) [01:14:18]

22 Akir - Politricks (from Legacy) [01:17:46]

23 Killer Mike - Reagan (from R.A.P. Music) [01:21:25]

24 Rage Against The Machine - The Ghost Of Tom Joad (Bruce Springsteen cover) (from Renegades) [01:25:31]

25 Immortal Technique - Rich Man’s World (1%) (from The Martyr) [01:31:06]

26 Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor (from Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables) [01:35:44]

27 Garfunkel and Oates - Save the Rich (from Slippery When Moist) [01:40:38]

28 Lunachicks - Luxury Problem (from Luxury Problem) [01:41:27]

29 Hatebreed - When the Blade Drops (from When the Blade Drops) [01:44:17]

30 Serj Tankian - Figure It Out (from Harakiri) [01:46:20]

31 The Red Paintings - They Don't Care About Us (Michael Jackson cover) (from They Don’t Care About Us) [01:49:11]

32 Enemy Radio - The Kids Ain't Alright (from Loud Is Not Enough) [01:52:38]

33 Creation Is Crucifixion - Child Autonomous (from DiY-FEST Compilation Volume 1) [01:55:51]

34 Wale - Salary Kaep (from Self Promotion EP) [02:00:17]

35 Sticky Fingaz, Samuel L. Jackson, KRS-One, Mad Lion, Talib Kweli, Brother Jay - I Can't Breathe (from Lost Treasures) [02:02:46]

36 Ho99o9 - Pigs Want Me Dead (from Pigs Want Me Dead) [02:09:02]

37 Dead Prez - Police State (from Let’s Get Free) [02:12:33]

38 The Game - Don't Shoot (feat. Rick Ross, Fabolous, Diddy, 2 Chainz, Wale, DJ Khaled, Swizz Beatz, Yo Gotti, Curren$y, Problem, King Pharaoh & TGT) (from Don’t Shoot) [02:16:13]

39 H.E.R. - I Can't Breathe (from I Can’t Breathe) [02:22:16]

40 Sticky Fingaz - What If I Was White (from (Black Trash) Kirk Jones) [02:26:57]

41 Anti-Flag - Racists (Acoustic) (from American Reckoning) [02:31:39]

42 Ekoh - Why Aren't You Angry? (from Why Aren’t You Angry?) [02:34:54]

43 Heilung - Opening Ceremony (from Lifa) [02:38:13]

44 Equilibrium - One Folk (from One Folk) [02:39:00]

45 FEVER 333 - ONE OF US (from STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS) [02:43:29]

46 Insane Clown Posse - Your Rebel Flag (from Carnival of Carnage) [02:46:49]

47 Otep - Halt Right (from KULT 45) [02:51:12]

48 Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off (ill.Gates x RIP KENNY Remix) (from Nazi Punks Fuck Off (ill.Gates x RIP KENNY Remix)) [02:53:46]

49 Ministry - Antifa (from Amerikkkant) [02:57:12]

50 Propagandhi - The Only Good Fascist Is a Very Dead Fascist (from Less Talk, More Rock) [03:02:04]

51 Hatebreed - Seven Enemies (from The Concrete Confessional) [03:03:08]

52 Death of a Nation - Metaphors For Murderers (from Death of a Nation) [03:05:10]

53 Whyt Rbbt - Revolution (from Revolution) [03:11:23]

54 Otep - Rise, Rebel, Resist (from Smash The Control Machine) [03:15:03]

55 Rage Against The Machine - Township Rebellion (from Rage Against The Machine) [03:19:00]

56 Excision, Downlink - Resistance (from Resistance) [03:24:22]

57 Afu-Ra - Reign on Me (feat. Mann) (from Reign on Me) [03:28:53]

58 The Doors - Five To One (from Waiting For The Sun) [03:32:25]

59 Diabolic - Riot (feat. Deadly Hunta & John Otto) (from Liar & a Thief) [03:36:43]

60 Otep - Molotov (from KULT 45) [03:40:32]

61 Skunk Anansie - This Means War (from This Means War) [03:43:34]

62 Immortal Technique - Civil War (from The Martyr) [03:47:42]

63 GRAVEDGR - WARDOGZ (feat. City Morgue) (from WARDOGZ) [03:52:41]

64 Pharoahe Monch - W.A.R. (feat. Immortal Technique & Vernon Reid) (from W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)) [03:55:05]

65 Ho99o9 - War Is Hell (from United States of Horror) [03:59:29]

66 Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone (from All Hope Is Gone) [04:02:52]

67 Ministry - Thieves (from The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste) [04:07:30]

68 Rage Against The Machine - Guerrilla Radio (from The Battle Of Los Angeles) [04:12:26]

69 Otep - Confrontation (from The Ascension) [04:15:51]

70 Serj Tankian - Uneducated Democracy (from Harakiri) [04:19:02]

71 Dead Kennedys - Stars And Stripes Of Corruption (from Frankenchrist) [04:22:55]

72 System of a Down - Sad Statue (from Mezmerize) [04:29:13]

73 Lard - Can God Fill Teeth? (from The Last Temptation Of Reid) [04:32:37]

74 Death of a Nation - The United States Of Amnesiacs (from Death of a Nation) [04:36:57]

75 Otep - Undefeated (from KULT 45) [04:40:44]

76 Bi Tyrant - Fuck Donald Trump (from Bisexual Tyrant) [04:43:21]

77 D.O.A. - Fucked up Donald (from Treason) [04:44:00]

78 Tamu - Fuck Donald Trump (feat. D.L. Hughley) (from Fuck Donald Trump) [04:45:09]

79 P!nk - Dear Mr President (feat. Indigo Girls) (from I'm Not Dead) [04:48:13]

80 Equilibrium - Final Tear (from Renegades) [04:52:44]

81 Mega Ran, Amanda Lepre - Cries Of The Planet (from Cries Of The Planet) [04:57:08]

82 Prophets Of Rage - Unfuck The World (from Prophets Of Rage) [05:00:18]

83 Scars On Broadway - They Say (from Scars On Broadway) [05:04:18]

84 Immortal Technique - Ultimas Palabras (from The Martyr) [05:07:03]

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2020-10-26 (Maximum Spoop Edition)

• October 26th, 2020

Maximum Spoop, muthafuckaaaaaaa! Emoclewelcome to the Maximum Spoop Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex! Know what “spoop,” is? Perhaps it’s better left unknown… so it’s easier to spoop you, like BOO! See? That’s spoopiness, spoopification, spoopacalifragilisticexpialadocioliciousness and all that. Halloween is coming up, but with COVID being what COVID unfortunately is in this bassackwards, pitiful-ass excuse for a country, we’re gonna need to get a little more creative to properly yojne this holiday this year. This, dearest perverts and pervettes, is part of that! This right here is just a chinchilla’s cunt hair (that is, if chinchilla cunt hairs were 3 minutes long) over 5 hours worth of pure, maximum spoopiness! 

I know, I know, way too much to feasibly listen to in just one sitting. Know what’s cool, though? You can close the Podbean app, go fiddle with your titties all damn day, and then come back to it! Yes, it saves your place, so you can yojne the Maximum Spoop to the greatest amount possible on your particular, individually-calibrated spoopometer. You will no doubt notice that I organized the tracks meticulously for, you guessed it, maximum spoopiness. Among the spoopscape, we have songs about masks, fear, darkness, monsters, demons, clowns, insanity, demonic clowns, insane clowns, insanely monstrous clown demons? (fuckin’ sure, why not?!), aliens, ghosts, vampires, zombies, psycho maniac killa muthafuckas, and of course, MUTHAFUCKIN’ SATAAAAAN!!! 

HOWEVER, I will note that Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, Samhein, etc. isn’t directly mentioned very much at all, beeeeecause for weirdo maniac morons like me, this season is merely an annual widespread celebration of the spoop I live all year long. I don’t mean superficial spoop like donning orange and black, carvin’ pumpkins, eating candy, getting fucked up, or any other such activity engaged in by other participants of the spoopy festivities. Nothin’ wrong with all that, but some of us live the spoop 24/7. If you know anything about me, you know that to be true. It’s a fun way to live, to be honest (even though I wouldn’t lie about such a thing, especially not to y’all).

Aaaaaanyway, with all that muthafuckin’ shit muthafuckin’ done and muthafuckin’ said, let us muthafuckin’ YOJNEEEEEE!!!!

01 Halfbreed - Merry Halloween (from Serial Killaz) [00:01:55]

02 Poppy - Scary Mask (feat. FEVER 333) (from Scary Mask) [00:03:03]

03 Slayer - Dead Skin Mask (from Seasons In The Abyss) [00:06:01]

04 Oh! the Horror - Scream! (feat. Jamie Madrox) (from Scream!) [00:11:13]

05 Helicopter Showdown - The Terror (from The Wrestler) [00:14:57]

06 Ministry - Fear (Is Big Business) (from Rio Grandé Blood) [00:18:36]

07 Cradle of Filth - Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden cover) (from Lovecraft & Witch Hearts (Disc 2)) [00:23:27]

08 3TEETH - Lights Out (feat. Ho99o9) (from Lights Out) [00:30:34]

09 Daniel Deluxe - Darkness (from Darkness) [00:34:43]

10 ShockOne - A Dark Machine (feat. Reija Lee) (from A Dark Machine) [00:38:53]

11 Mushroomhead - Sun Doesn’t Rise (from Freddy Vs. Jason OST) [00:42:38]

12 Killswitch Engage - When Darkness Falls (from Freddy Vs. Jason OST) [00:45:49]

13 Perturbator - I Am the Night (from I Am the Night) [00:49:43]

14 Boondox - Dead of Night (feat. Bukshot & Young Wicked) (from Dead of Night) [00:55:57]

15 Dimmu Borgir - The Invaluable Darkness (from In Sorte Diaboli) [01:00:15]

16 Die Antwoord - WHEN THE SUN GOES OUT (feat. Roger Ballen) (from HOUSE OF ZEF) [01:04:56]

17 Miss May I - Shadows Inside (from Shadows Inside) [01:07:13]

18 Ministry - Paint It Black (Rolling Stones cover) (from Every Day Is Halloween: The Anthology) [01:11:06]

19 CLFRD - In the Dark (from Growth) [01:15:03]

20 Misfits - I Turned Into A Martian (Master Sound) (from Misfits Box Set - Sessions: Disc 3) [01:18:19]

21 Twiztid - Boogieman (Skit) (from The Darkness) [01:20:11]

22 Twiztid - Boogieman (from The Darkness) [01:21:15]

23 Insane Clown Posse - Boogie Woogie Wu (from The Great Milenko) [01:25:35]

24 Rob Zombie - Call of the Zombie (from Hellbilly Deluxe) [01:29:58]

25 Rob Zombie - Scum of the Earth (from The Sinister Urge) [01:30:29]

26 Misfits - Astro Zombies (Master Sound) (from Misfits Box Set - Sessions: Disc 3) [01:33:23]

27 SWARM - Eat Me Alive (feat. Soundr) (from Eat Me Alive EP) [01:35:32]

28 Behemoth - Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel (from The Satanist) [01:40:12]

29 Soundtrack Dialogue - Talking About The Anti-Christ (from Halloween OST) [01:44:34]

30 Slipknot - The Devil In I (from .5: The Gray Chapter) [01:44:35]

31 Dirtyphonics, Bossfight - Evil Inside (from Evil Inside) [01:50:08]

32 Alla Xul Elu - Belial (feat. Insane Poetry) (from The Almighty) [01:53:11]

33 Matt Uelmen - Tristram (from Diablo - The Music of Diablo 1996-2011 - Diablo 15 Year Anniversary) [01:57:14]

34 Moth - 666 (Corruptor Remix) (from 666 Remixes) [02:04:51]

35 Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast (from Best of the Beast (CD2)) [02:07:50]

36 Behemoth - O Father O Satan O Sun! (from The Satanist) [02:12:39]

37 Pantera - By Demons Be Driven (from Vulgar Display Of Power) [02:19:36]

38 Rob Zombie - Demonoid Phenomenon (from Hellbilly Deluxe) [02:24:14]

39 Josh A, Iamjakehill - Pennywise (from Better off Dead) [02:28:17]

40 Perturbator - Humans Are Such Easy Prey (from Dangerous Days) [02:30:57]

41 Dark Lotus - Villainous (from The Mud, Water, Air and Blood) [02:35:13]

42 Tech N9ne - Mind of a Killer (from The Worst 2K Edition) [02:38:59]

43 Tech N9ne - Am I A Psycho (feat. Hopsin & B.o.B.) (from All 6s and 7s) [02:40:02]

44 Ghastly, MOONBOY - Psycho (from Psycho) [02:44:06]

45 The Reborn Identity - Violent At Heart (from Mashed In Plastic - The David Lynch Mashup Album) [02:47:42]

46 Coal Chamber - Rowboat (from Dark Days) [02:52:38]

47 Ghostemane - Bonesaw (from N / O / I / S / E) [02:57:25]

48 Figure, Code:Pandorum - RedRum (from Monsters 7) [02:59:18]

49 White Zombie - Real Solution #9 (from Astro-Creep: 2000) [03:02:57]

50 Venetian Snares - Dollmaker (from Doll Doll Doll) [03:07:25]

51 The Midnight Marionettes - Doll Haus (from They Only Come Out at Night) [03:13:13]

52 Soulfly - Eye For An Eye (from Strangeland OST) [03:17:36]

53 After The Burial - A Vicious Reforming Of Features (from Rareform) [03:21:09]

54 Pantera - Slaughtered (from Far Beyond Driven) [03:26:50]

55 Graeme Revell - We Belong Dead (from Bride of Chucky OST) [03:30:46]

56 The Amity Affliction - All My Friends Are Dead (from All My Friends Are Dead) [03:34:00]

57 Children of Bodom - Are You Dead Yet? (from Are You Dead Yet?) [03:37:42]

58 The Agonist - Everybody Wants You (Dead) (from Prisoners) [03:41:35]

59 eevee - I wonder if we're dead (from ep seeds) [03:46:30]

60 Chester Bennington - System (from Queen of the Damned OST) [03:49:05]

61 Von Kaiser - Blood Moon (from Landline) [03:54:01]

62 clipping. - Body & Blood (from CLPPNG) [03:59:23]

63 Tech N9ne - The Dark Side: Psycho Bitch II (feat. Liquid Assassin) (from Killer (Disc 1)) [04:03:51]

64 Misfits - Dig Up Her Bones (from American Psycho) [04:09:39]

65 Camille Saint-Saëns - Danse Macabre, Op.40, R. 171 (from Danse Macabre) [04:12:30]

66 SKYND - Elisa Lam (from Elisa Lam) [04:19:47]

67 Delta Heavy - Ghost (from BEM Playlist: 004 // JULY 2015) [04:23:43]

68 A Black Rose Burial - An Awakening of Revenants (from An Awakening of Revenants) [04:27:57]

69 The Clay People - Awake (from Strangeland OST) [04:30:59]

70 Trent Reznor - Driver Down (from Lost Highway OST) [04:34:27]

71 Slipknot - Iowa (from Iowa) [04:39:43]

72 Mushroomhead - Destroy The World Around Me (from XIII) [04:54:38]

73 Type O Negative - Untitled (from October Rust) [05:02:59] 

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2020-10-19 (Flashback Edition: 2012-10-29 (The Sky Is Falling On Halloween Edition))

• October 19th, 2020

WHOOOAAA!!! What's up perverts?!  Welcome to the Sky Is Falling On Halloween Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex.  I'm comin' to you straight from Sandy's fuckin' stormy snatch.  This week, in the spirit of the frankenstorm and of Hallo-fuckin'-ween, I've got a fucksquisite bunch of stormy and pumpkiny aural sex comin' straight your way just like this motherfuckin' bitch-ass hurricane.  So let's rock, you fucktacular freaks!


01 The Scorpions - Rock You Like A Hurricane (from Guitar Hero III OST)


02 Insane Clown Posse - The Sky Is Falling (from The Tempest)


03 Strapping Young Lad - Shitstorm (from Alien)


04 30 Seconds To Mars - Hurricane (feat. Kanye West) (from This Is War)


05 Tyler Bates - Halloween 2007 (from Halloween OST (Rob Zombie ver.))


06 Zacherle - Halloween Hootenanny (from Halloween Hootenanny)


07 Rob Zombie - Halloween (She Gets So Mean) (feat. The Ghastly Ones) (from Halloween Hootenanny)


08 The Citizens Of Halloween Town (Danny Elfman) - This Is Halloween (from The Nightmare Before Christmas OST)


09 12 Rounds - Come On In Out Of The Rain (from My Big Hero)


10 The Doors - Riders On The Storm (Fredwreck Remix) (feat. Snoop Dogg) (from Infected Mushroom Presents The Doors: Remixed (Disc 2))


11 Muggs - Rain (from Dust)


12 Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains (from Garbage)


13 Rob Zombie - Spookshow Baby (from Hellbilly Deluxe)


14 Otis - Dr. Satan (from House Of 1,000 Corpses OST)


15 White Zombie - I'm Your Boogieman (from Past, Present & Future)


16 Rob Zombie - House Of 1,000 Corpses (from The Sinister Urge)


17 Tom Waits - Rain Dogs (from Rain Dogs)


18 Tom Waits - Make It Rain (from Real Gone)


19 Tom Waits - Strange Weather (from VH1 Storytellers)


20 Tom Waits - More Than Rain (from Frank's Wild Years)


21 Tom Waits - Rains On Me (from Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards)


22 Tom Waits - Emotional Weather Report (from Nighthawks At The Diner)


23 Tom Waits - A Little Rain (from Bone Machine)


24 The Misfits - Halloween (from Legacy Of Brutality)


25 Akira Yamaoka - Silent Hill (from Silent Hill OST)


26 Ministry - Tonight We Murder (from Demon Knight OST)


27 Slayer - Raining Blood (from Reign In Blood)


28 Gene Kelly - Singin' In The Rain (from A Clockwork Orange OST)


29 Muse - Butterflies & Hurricanes (from Absolution)


30 Tool - Flood (from Undertow)


31 Michael Jackson - Thriller (from Thriller)


32 Pantera - Cemetery Gates (from Cowboys From Hell)


33 Type O Negative - All Hallow's Eve (from World Coming Down)


34 Johnny Cash - Five Feet High And Rising (from Man In Black: The Very Best Of Johnny Cash (Disc 1))


35 Bob Dylan - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (from The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan)


36 Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Texas Flood (from Texas Flood)


37 Twiztid - Zombie (from Cryptic Collection 4)


38 Twiztid - Pimples On Ya Pumpkin (feat. Blaze, ABK & The R.O.C.)


39 Project Born - The Graveyard (feat. Insane Clown Posse) (from Born Dead)


40 Insane Clown Posse - Halloween On Military Street (from Hallowicked Compilation)


41 Insane Clown Posse - Every Halloween (from Hallowicked Compilation)


42 Skinny Puppy - Rain (from Rabies)


43 Krzysztof Penderecki - String Quartet (1960) (from The Exorcist OST)

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2020-10-12 (Through Niflheim to Valhalla Edition Vol. 3)

• October 12th, 2020

To Valhalla, perverts and pervettes! Welcome once again to Monday Morning Aural Sex and volume 3 of the Through Niflheim to Valhalla Edition! Anyone familiar with these editions knows what to expect here. That’s right, nothing but Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, fuckin’ Conway Twitty, you know the drill. Except fuck no on all of that forever and ever, amen. We’ve got nearly 3 and a half hours of Nordic folk and viking metal ahead of us, an epic journey from a frozen, evil wasteland to the paradise for warriors (at least, as far as I understand such things). 

I’ve always found mythology in general (or religious belief, if you’re serious about it) to be fascinating. Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and especially Norse among others. That’s one of the reasons I appreciate the Assassin’s Creed games as much as I do, despite their often repetitive gameplay. I cherish knowledge and curiosity for the most part, and anyone who knows me knows that to be true. That definitely goes for mythology (or religion) as well as music. 

Speaking of which, I was wordulating with a big hole in my face to my friend’s ear holes recently about how music hits differently depending on a number of factors, including time of day and the company you’re in, if any. I think that it’s likely the case that most people only experience music in passing. In stores, parties (or vague fuckin’ memories of parties at this point), and especially in transit. I would go further and guess that people who do listen to music in transit probably appreciate it more if they’re using public transportation and listening to it via headphones. I haven’t used public transportation very often in my life, but I have a profound appreciation for music, and its effects on the human mind whether I’m driving or just chilling at home. I’ve found it to be quite accurate that music feels different amidst the peace of the evening. More than that, though, it requires an openness to those aforementioned effects; it requires listening, not just hearing.

One of my most consistent lamentations over the years has been how much more enriching the experience of music could be for everyone if they’d simply just care a little more about it instead of passively using it as sonic wallpaper, as an escape from silence and the potential introspection that might result from that silence. I think many people aren’t fans of music so much as they hate silence. Maybe they think it’s awkward, maybe that’s because of that introspection, or maybe their minds are otherwise occupied. I don’t know one way or another, it’s all speculation as I’ve been careful to convey, but it’s certainly fascinating to me. 

So, all that said, I will say some more. Fuck you, okay? All that said, a lot of this music has lyrics in other languages besides English. That’s okay! It’s okay if you don’t completely understand some aspect of music, because I would confidently guess that nobody fully understands all the aspects of music, even music they’ve been listening to all their lives. Audio engineers, scientists, etc. many people understand a lot about it, but the vast majority of that knowledge is lost on most people because it’s not commonly taught. Anyway, you know what you can do if you don’t understand the language being used for xyz song? You can use this crazy new thing called Google! Bananas-ass shit, I know, right?! All that really matters is how the music affects you. If some aspect of it leaves you wanting, just dig a little deeper to try and understand it better, or just fuckin’ listen to something else!

Personally, I would never speak impersonally, and I hope you do listen to this stuff, and yojne the everloving fuck & shit out of these beautiful tracks. Also, I want to mention that in the last two editions, I heavily relied on Heilung’s catalog. I’ve actually played almost their entire discography just in the two past volumes of this edition. Well, this one is not only completely new, but totally Heilung-free. Nothing against Heilung whatso-fuckin’-ever, I’ve got nothing but love for them and their music, but it’s time to venture further out. Besides, the very name of this edition evokes ideas of adventure, danger, long journeying, etc. There’s so much stuff to discover out there, all we have to do is care. All we have to do is give at least a little bit of a shit.

NOW, with all THAT said, let the epic quest of yojne commence!

01 Zergananda - The Path to Valhalla (from The Path to Valhalla) [00:03:17]

02 Amon Amarth - Wanderer (from Jomsviking) [00:08:01]

03 Alestorm - Drink (from Sunset On The Golden Age) [00:12:44]

04 Daniel Tidwell - Knee-Deep in the Dead [At Doom's Gate E1M1] (DooM) (from Versus Video Games 3) [00:16:01]

05 Mors Principium Est - I Am War (from Dawn of the 5TH Era) [00:19:14]

06 Valravn - Kelling (feat. Maria Franz) (from Koder på snor) [00:23:44]

07 Kamelot - When the Lights Are Down (from The Black Halo) [00:28:23]

08 Powerwolf - Nighttime Rebel (from The Sacrament Of Sin) [00:32:00]

09 Hagalaz' Runedance - Wake Skadi (from Volven / Urd - That Witch Was) [00:35:56]

10 Eivør - Trøllabundin (from Slør) [00:40:22]

11 Enslaved - Isa (from Isa) [00:44:49]

12 Dark Tranquility - Atoma (from Atoma) [00:48:33]

13 Nytt Land - Gullinkambi (Völuspá 42-44) (from Fimbulvinter) [00:52:45]

14 Eluveitie - Slanias Song (from Slania) [00:58:28]

15 Kalandra - Helvegen (from Helvegen) [01:04:05]

16 Sabaton - Ghost Division (from The Art Of War (Re-Armed)) [01:10:52]

17 Helisir - I Riden Så (from Sårbare) [01:14:40]

18 Suldusk - The Elm (from Lunar Falls) [01:19:50]

19 Mors Principium Est - Apricity (from Dawn of the 5TH Era) [01:23:17]

20 Menhir - Hildebrandslied Teil 1 (from Hildebrandslied) [01:25:50]

21 Týr - The Lay of Our Love (from Valkyrja) [01:34:40]

22 Kalandra - Slow Motion (from Slow Motion) [01:38:14]

23 Korpiklaani - Tapporauta (from Korven Kuningas) [01:43:26]

24 Garmarna - Ramunder (from Ramunder) [01:47:35]

25 Månegarm - Blodöm (from Manegarm) [01:52:27]

26 Forndom - Den grymma hästen (from Dauðra Dura) [02:00:21]

27 Skálmöld - Eldur - Fire / Part 4 of Millennium Songs (from Börn Loka) [02:05:34]

28 Nytt Land - Pusel Ov Aki's Song (from Pusel Ov Aki's Song) [02:12:25]

29 Vėlių Namai - Nordens Vrede (from Kúrir) [02:18:12]

30 Waldkauz - Dimna Juda (from Mythos) [02:21:52]

31 Sowulo - Spatle Ǣghwas (from Spatle Ǣghwas) [02:25:28]

32 The Moon & The Nightspirit - A Hajnal Köszöntése (from Metanoia) [02:29:41]

33 Darkher - Lament (from Realms) [02:35:19]

34 Myrkur - Leaves of Yggdrasil (from Leaves of Yggdrasil) [02:41:32]

35 Nemuer - Yggdrasil Trembles (from Yggdrasil Trembles) [02:45:23]

36 Týr - Ragnarok (from Ragnarok) [02:50:48]

37 Sylvaine - Worlds Collide (from Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone) [02:57:19]

38 Brothers of Metal - Death of the God of Light (from Prophecy of Ragnarök) [03:04:10]

39 Rúnahild - Astralseid (from Astralseid) [03:07:38]

40 Amon Amarth - Embrace The Endless Ocean (from Twilight Of The Thunder God) [03:16:43]

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2020-10-05 (Lo-Fi Beats to Study, Protest, Vote and Smash Capitalism to Edition)

• October 5th, 2020

What’s up, muthafuckas and muthafuckaettes?! Welcome to another Monday in what may be the final season of the trashy reality TV show called America, and of course, another Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! This week, we have more loaves to stuff in our ears! Can you do that for me? Just focus on the loafiness… The extreme gourmet loafiness of the Lo-Fi Beats to Study, Protest, Vote and Smash Capitalism to Edition! 

I’m not gonna explain the title, and you’re just gonna have to deal with it. Maybe develop a sense of humor at some point? I dunno, just a suggestch. Life is a lot more palatable when you can laugh about shit. I know there’s not much to laugh about this year; maybe ya just gotta dig a little. I’m not gonna bother going off on another political tangent, but I will say this: I really don’t care, do you?

Ya know, when ya bash your head against the wall repeatedly, when ya get millions of people to follow suit, when ya ignore friendly advice to, ya know, not do that, it’s kinda difficult to summon up some semblance of sympathy. Never even mind all the other shit that drained that particular well while the “swamp” continues to thrive. I do hope he survives long enough to lose, but I have no doubt he’ll deny having lost anything. Funny how nothing bad is ever his fault, ya know? I’ve known a few people like that in my life. Anyway…

In case you’re somehow unaware of what Lo-Fi Beats are, they’re mostly instrumental hip-hop beats with some element that’s deliberately low fidelity, thus the name, “lo-fi.” I did throw in a few chill hop tracks because they’re definitely complementary, so enjoy the fuck out of those and everything else. Shout out to David the Human who’s a local artist. He actually helped me get wood for a new shed we built recently. Turned out to be quite a talented-ass motherfucker to boot, so keep your ears peeled for his tracks, and check out his Soundcloud if you’re so inclined.

All that done did and said……… yojne!

01 j'san - Awakening (from Awakening) [00:01:26]

02 oh, the joy. - 1am in nyc (from 1am in nyc) [00:05:06]

03 Lunchmoney - Buzz Me In (from Buzz Me In) [00:07:25]

04 Substantial, Malcolm Jackson - Closing (0037) (from Substantial Sundays) [00:09:27]

05 Joe Nora, Sxmniak - Cat Goes Moo (from Cat Goes Moo) [00:12:14]

06 Hazy Year - Quit Asking Me for Sandwiches (from No Txpxs Allowed) [00:14:21]

07 RandomBeats, Rifti Beats - Mother (from Ff7 Lofi) [00:16:32]

08 The 49ers - Picasso (from The World Record) [00:19:07]

09 Pokérus Project - i wanna put one of these long nonesense titles to a lo fi song (Undertale) [from "Undertale"] (from Lo-fi 1UP - Relaxing Video Game Music) [00:22:18]

10 City Girl - Walking in the Rain to a Café to Write Down Private Thoughts in Public (from Loveless Shadows) [00:25:51]

11 Garot Michael Conklin - Apartment (from Apartment) [00:28:55]

12 Hakaisu - Shelter (feat. Alys) (from 001) [00:31:01]

13 Qumu - All-Star Rest Area (From "Super Smash Bros. Melee") (from All-Star Rest Area (From "Super Smash Bros. Melee") [00:32:42]

14 Statistix - Pizza (from Pizza) [00:35:32]

15 Pat D, Sene - Peace (from Take A Little Time) [00:38:59]

16 Uyama Hiroto - Laidback (from Freeform Jazz) [00:41:48]

17 Garot Michael Conklin - Lazy Daze (from Lazy Daze) [00:44:08]

18 invention_ - Levitating (from Chillhop Essentials Spring 2019) [00:46:25]

19 David the Human - Lost In Space (feat. KovuSoul) (from https://soundcloud.com/davidthehuman) [00:49:20]

20 .ihaveaface - Vibes from Another Universe (from Vibes from Another Universe) [00:53:27]

21 Avocuddle, Snuggles, Orange Stick - In the forest thou shalt see (from In the forest thou shalt see) [00:54:55]

22 Epidemic - Rhyme Writers (from Somethin’ for Tha Listeners) [00:56:48]

23 Emancipator - Natural Cause (from Dusk to Dawn) [01:00:07]

24 ToMC Beatz - Revolution (from Revolution) [01:05:13]

25 Cap Kendricks - Yoruba (from Yoruba) [01:08:43]

26 Blazo - Righteous Path (from Alone Journey) [01:10:50]

27 Lofi Lia, Lofi Waifu - Aerith's Theme (From "Final Fantasy VII") (from Aerith's Theme (From "Final Fantasy VII") [01:13:08]

28 Sango, Xavier Omär - Hipster Girl (from Hours Spent Loving You) [01:16:48]

29 Funky Notes - Sweetest Thing (from Sweetest Thing) [01:20:00]

30 Hoopsandhiphop - Unwavering Emotions (From "Pokémon Black and White") (from Pocket Horizons) [01:22:39]

31 Dubtrack - Supercalifragilistic (from Supercalifragilistic) [01:25:47]

32 Single Friend - Lofi Audition For Marriage (from Lofi Audition For Marriage) [01:27:59]

33 Alex Moukala II - Amusement Park (From "NieR Automata") [Lofi Hip Hop Remix] (from Amusement Park (From "NieR Automata") [Lofi Hip Hop Remix]) [01:30:02]

34 .Sinh, Cantsleep, Massaman - Blankets (from Blankets) [01:33:42]

35 BluntOne, A N T I T H E S I S - Timing (from A N T I T H E S I S, Vol. 1, Pt. 2) [01:34:50]

36 coffee? - distance (from distance) [01:36:47]

37 Nokiaa, Dontcry - Love and Fear (from Love and Fear) [01:38:45]

38 Lofi Lia, Lofi Waifu - Melee (From "Super Smash Bros Melee") (from Melee (From "Super Smash Bros Melee") [01:40:51]

39 Old Man Saxon - The Perils (from The Perils) [01:44:06]

40 Granata, Phoniks - You Dont Need Me (from You Dont Need Me) [01:47:51]

41 Kenichiro Nishihara, mabanua - my leaving (from Jazzy Folklore) [01:52:04]

42 mell-ø, Ambulo - Gloom (from Afloat Again) [01:55:57]

43 David the Human - DreamSesh Disaster (from https://soundcloud.com/davidthehuman) [01:58:05]

44 Me Mo - Abandoned Ship (from Poke Lofi, Pt. 2) [02:02:23]

45 MSNGR - Everything's Okay (from Everything’s Okay) [02:05:14]

46 Nas - Purple (from The Lost Tapes) [02:09:29]

47 Musiq Man - Twilight (from Lost in Beats, Vol. 1) [02:13:02]

48 Noflik - Night Shift (from Night Shift) [02:16:58]

49 Soulaced - In the Middle of Nowhere (from It’s Ok) [02:18:36]

50 Shuko - Autumn 96 (from 1996) [02:20:36]

51 Katashi Kaitō - Winter In Lofi Land (from Winter In Lofi Land) [02:24:12]

52 J-Live - Them That's Not (from The Best Part) [02:26:39]

53 eli filosov [ p h i l o ] - artifacts_stbb375 (from 2007) [02:31:49]

54 Otaam - Quetzal (from Quetzal) [02:34:26]

55 Fthmiss - Dahlia (from Dahlia) [02:36:46]

56 Nico.Wav - Lookup (from Lookup) [02:39:02]

57 Dusty Decks - Disque Magique (from Disque Magique) [02:43:42]

58 TooBusy, ILL Bill - Boatman Bill (from Red Tape) [02:46:13]

59 Sidual. - On Peets (from On Peets) [02:48:41]

60 Funky DL - Ode To Nujabes (from Blackcurrent Jazz 2) [02:50:38]

61 G R I Z - Cordon Bleu (from Cordon Bleu) [02:54:12]

62 Garot Michael Conklin - Tarumi (from Tarumi) [02:56:31]

63 Kenichiro Nishihara - Waves Dub (from Rugged Mystic Jazz) [03:00:21]

64 Shag - Zora Hall (from Flyrule: A terrible fate) [03:03:21]

65 Vice Souletric - Father in My Life (from The Reality of All People) [03:06:12]

66 Rajstar, soho - Shh (from Shh) [03:10:36]

67 Uyama Hiroto - One Day (from Freedom of the Son) [03:12:14]

68 Supastition - End of Forever (feat. Audessey & Octavio N. Santos) (from Gold Standard) [03:17:14]

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2020-09-28 (Flashback Edition: 2012-03-12)

• September 28th, 2020
IT'S MONDAY, MOTHERFUCKER! IF YOU'RE READING THIS AND WONDERING WHY I'M SCREAMING (IE. TYPING ALL IN CAPS), IT'S BECAUSE I'M ON MY 4TH LARGE CUP OF COFFEE AND I'M GOING ON ABOUT 2-1/2 HRS OF SLEEP IN THE PAST 24, AAAAND I'M A BIT CRACKED OUT RIGHT NOW. I finished recording this podcast at 4:15 AM, while I had to get up for work around 7ish. I apologize that this is post is a little late. Last night was a long night and something screwed up the bounce that I set into motion while I caught my Zs (the "bounce" being the coalescence of all the various tracks in these podcasts down to a single file). You have no idea how much I adore you, my darling perverts. Maybe one day you'll know. I've got a tremendous batch of eargasms for you this week. Enjoy every magnificent drop of living fuck out of this one, 'cause I did, do and will, too.
1. George Carlin - Oh, Beautiful (from... an earlier album of his. I'm not exactly sure where I got it.)
2. Henry Rollins - Sex Ed (from Provoked)
3. Twiztid - They Told Me (from W.I.C.K.E.D.)
4. Slipknot - Get This (from Slipknot [Expanded])
5. Ministry - Just One Fix (Video Edit) (from Just One Fix Single)
6. Jon Lajoie - Pop Song (from You Want Some Of This?)
7. Daisy Chainsaw - Love Your Money (from Eleventeen)
8. Serj Tankian - Money (from Elect The Dead)
9. CunninLynguists - Nothing To Give (from A Piece Of Strange)
10. Blue Sky Black Death - In The Quiet Absence Of God (from NOIR)
11. George Carlin - Things We Say When People Die (from It's Bad For Ya)
12. George Carlin - He's Smiling Down (from It's Bad For Ya)
13. George Carlin - Parents In Hell (from It's Bad For Ya)
14. George Carlin - People Refuse To Be Realistic (from It's Bad For Ya)
15. Champion (aka DJ Champion) - No Heaven (from Chill 'Em All)
16. Slayer - Disciple (from God Hates Us All)
17. Peggy Lee - A Doodlin' Song (from Weeds Vol. 1 OST)
18. Metallica - So What (Anti-Nowhere League Cover) (from Live Shit: Binge And Purge [Disc 3])
19. Ministry - So What (Live) (from In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up)
20. Arch Enemy - Instinct (from Anthems of Rebellion)
21. Charles Manson - Don't Do Anything Illegal (from LIE: The Love & Terror Cult)
22. Kidneythieves - Dyskrasia (from Zerospace)
23. Free Dominguez - Recurring Dream (from .Unearth.)
24. Solar Fields - Still Alive (feat. Lisa Miskovsky) (Theme From Mirror's Edge) (from... you guessed it: Mirror's Edge OST)
25. Viza - Viktor (feat. Serj Tankian) (from Made In Chernobyl)
26. Silversun Pickups - It's Nice To Know You Work Alone (from Swoon)
27. Between The Buried And Me - Selkies: The Endless Obsession (from Alaska)
28. Jim Lawless - Best Buy Commercial (something I made at Full Sail)
29. Heather Friedman - Flashback [Mastered] (from Session Recording 09/2009)
30. Margot West - Catch Me (from Session Recording 09/2009)
31. DJ Signify - Cup Of Regret (feat. Sage Francis) (from Sleep No More)
32. The Knife - You Make Me Like Charity (from Deep Cuts)
33. The Germs - Manimal (from MIA: The Complete Anthology)
34. Rudimentary Peni - The Dead Loved (from Cacophony)
35. Freestylers - Cracks (feat. Belle Humble) (Flux Pavillion Rmx) (from Cracks Single)
36. Jonathan Coulton - RE: Your Brains (from Thing A Week Two)
37. Cage The Elephant - Ain't No Rest For The Wicked (from Cage The Elephant)
38. Doug Stanhope - The Beautiful People (from Die Laughing)
39. Rollins Band - Going Out Strange (from Nice)
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