2022-01-17 (Through Niflheim to Valhalla Edition Vol. 5)

• January 17th, 2022

To Valhalla, motherfuckers! Emo-son-of-a-cunt-clew to the 5th volume of the Through Niflheim to Valhalla Edition of Monday Morning Aural fornicatin’ Sex! Firstly, allow me to apologize to your over-caffeinated nipple faces for this edition arriving so late. In case you’re somehow unaware of who I am, procrastination has been a motherfucking silverback on my back for ages now, and it took a little while for my skull to re-inflate after being pummeled to paint by said silverback on my back. I have no good excuses for why I procrastinated to such a degree that I temporarily deprived you all of such delectable aural delicacies; I suppose you’ll just have to learn to endure the unknown a little in your life from time to time. So yeah, I was actually still picking tracks up until 4:30 AM, which is terrible since this edition is 3 hours and 40 minutes long, but I chose to nap while I waited. Y’all know how naps go when your body’s craving sleep: they get longer and longer despite you knowing you should get your ass up and shakin’.


Secondly, this is all new shit yet again! Still no new Heilung, but there is some news on that front. They’re coming through this area in early September, and I’m fuckin’ going! I, along with like 8 other friends, will be seeing Heilung, and it’s no doubt going to be fuckin’ amazing just like the last time. I can’t wait to see if they do anything new in their performance, ‘cause I’m 100% here for it. Anyway, yeah, all new shit (except for two tracks, but you’ll never figure out which ones they are, mwahaha). I was toying with the idea of making this 5th volume a retrospective since I had already procrastinated to such a degree, and retrospectives seem oddly appropriate to me at 5 & 10 milestones for whatever reason. Re-fuckin’-gardless, I muscled through mountains and mires of medi-fuckin’-ocrity to compile this for y’all’s eager-ass fuckin’ earholes. Not to put down viking folk/metal as genres, but good lord is there a lot of fuckin’ filler out there. That applies to most every genre, in my opinion. That’s why I take it upon myself week after week to put myself through the discomfort of sifting through the blahhhh to give you the ahhhh! Or something…


As usual, the more frequently you see an artist’s name on these editions, the more heavily I recommend them. In this case, that goes for Brothers of Metal (although they’ve got a lot of silliness in their catalog), Ensiferum, Eluveitie, Amon Amarth, Theodor Bastard, Danheim, Fuimadane and so fuckin’ on. One track in particular that got my nipples in an uproar is the cover of Röyksopp’s classic track, “What Else Is There,” by Enslaved. The original is one of my favorite tracks ever sprung from the mind of mankind, and this cover does so excellently pay tribute to it. You’ll be hearing that one around the end, so be sure to stick a-fuckin’-round.


All that garbage doo-doo trash stuff nonsense done did and said, let us resume this seemingly endless quest through the frozen wasteland of Niflheim to the warrior’s paradise of Valhalla!...


Which is to say: yojne.



01 Adam Skorupa, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz - Hear Our Call (Main Theme) (from Ancestors Legacy OST) [00:02:20]


02 Brothers of Metal - Ride of the Valkyries (from Emblas Saga) [00:04:57]


03 Miracle Of Sound - Valhalla Calling (Metal Version) (from Valhalla Calling (Metal Version)) [00:08:20]


04 AURORA - Running with the Wolves (from All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend (Deluxe)) [00:12:02]


05 Fuimadane - Thor (from Thor) [00:15:09]


06 Ensiferum - Axe of Judgement (from One Man Army) [00:19:14]


07 Turisas - Stand Up and Fight (from Stand Up and Fight) [00:23:45]


08 Varien - Blood Hunter (from Blood Hunter) [00:29:06]


09 Amon Amarth - Blood Eagle (from Deceiver of the Gods) [00:32:52]


10 John Lunn, Eivør - Blood Moon (from The Last Kingdom OST) [00:36:03]


11 Månegarm - Nattsjäl, drömsjäl (from Nattväsen) [00:42:27]


12 Samuel Kim - Ezio's Family (Valhalla Version) (from Ezio's Family (Valhalla Version)) [00:48:14]


13 Dzivia - Dzikaje Palavańnie (from Rujnuj) [00:50:30]


14 Korpiklaani - Vodka (from Karkelo) [00:57:29]


15 Nordheim - Beer, Metal, Trolls and Vomit! (from Lost in the North) [01:00:27]


16 Cellar Darling - Avalanche (from This Is the Sound) [01:03:55]


17 Ensiferum - One Man Army (from One Man Army) [01:07:55]


18 Andrei Krylov - Lament of the Knight (from Fantasy On Medieval Music of England, France, Italy, Spain for Early Renaissance Lute) [01:12:17]


19 Æther Realm - The Fool (from Tarot) [01:14:29]


20 Eluveitie - Quoth the Raven (from Everything Remains (As It Never Was)) [01:22:22]


21 CLANN - Once Again (from Seelie) [01:26:59]


22 Týr - Against the Gods (from Hel) [01:32:48]


23 Throne - Viking Ships (from Blvck Ceiling) [01:38:29]


24 Peter Gundry - Víðbláinn (from Víðbláinn) [01:43:49]


25 Amon Amarth - Destroyer of the Universe (from Surtur Rising) [01:48:13]


26 Nytt Land - Ragnarök (from Odal) [01:51:49]


27 Ensiferum - In My Sword I Trust (from Unsung Heroes) [01:58:22]


28 Songleikr - Vinda (from Godtfolk) [02:03:39]


29 Eivør - Trøllabundin (from Slør + Bridges) [02:06:11]


30 Månegarm - Hemfärd (from Vredens tid) [02:10:38]


31 Guilhem Desq - Le château magique (from Visions) [02:19:01]


32 Skálmöld - Kvadning (from Baldur) [02:23:06]


33 Fuimadane - Fuimadane (from Vegleitir) [02:30:58]


34 Brothers of Metal - Kaunaz Dagaz (from Emblas Saga) [02:35:34]


35 Theodor Bastard - Kukushka (from Vetvi) [02:39:41]


36 Equilibrium - Himmelsrand (from Waldschrein) [02:45:00]


37 Danheim - Ímar (from Mannavegr) [02:47:30]


38 Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik - Rop Fra Røynda / Mælt Fra Minne (from Skuggsjá) [02:50:27]


39 Heldom - Myrkr (from Myrkr) [02:56:07]


40 Wardruna - Raido (from Raido) [02:59:55]


41 Gealdýr - Sær (from Sær) [03:04:29]


42 Enslaved - What Else Is There (Bonus Version) (from E) [03:07:59]


43 Theodor Bastard - Requiem (from Volch’ya Yagoda) [03:12:33]


44 Finntroll - Can You Forgive Her? (from Nifelvind) [03:15:04]


45 Danheim - Lifa & Daudr (from Hringrás) [03:19:21]


46 Eluveitie - Rebirth (from Rebirth) [03:25:22]


47 Orden Ogan - Come with Me to the Other Side (feat. Liv Kristine) (from Gunmen) [03:30:15]


48 SKÁLD - Ó Valhalla (from Vikings Chant (Alfar Fagrahvél Edition)) [03:36:26]

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2022-01-10 (Flashback Edition: 2012-12-31 (New Year’s Edition))

• January 10th, 2022

Hooooow's it goin', perverts?!  Welcome to the New Year's Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex!  This one's pretty special to me, 'cause all this aural sex you're about to hear is stuff that I hadn't heard until I put this particular edition together.  Some of you might hear a track you know real well and go, "What the fuck, Paul?!  You didn't know that one?!"  To which I'd heartily reply, "Nope!"  Hey, I've got over 270,000 fuckin' tracks in my arsenal. 


You know what that means?  That means that my collection could play uninterrupted without a single track repeating for about 2 years or so.  That said, I hope you can appreciate how much time I spent selecting these tracks.  Of course, I could've just picked tracks I didn't know from bands I do know pretty well, and even though I did do that for a few of these tracks, I felt like that would've been kinda uninspired cheating. 


Anyway, enough of all that shit.  Much like the past few editions, I won't be interrupting the track's flow with all my silly back announcements.  To be honest, I kinda prefer it that way.  If any of you perverts like my silly anecdotes and back announcements, do me a fuckin' favor and let me know for fuck's sake!  I won't bite, I promise.  Unless you want me to.  Aaaand that's a whole other edition. 


Anyway, I sincerely hope all you perverts have an orgasmic DUI and death-free New Year's.  If you're a smart pervert, I don't even need to hope, I know you'll be alright and I know you'll enjoy every drop of sweet, purest fuck out of this fucktacular pack of Aural fuckin' Sex just like you'll be enjoyin' that honesty sauce a little later on tonight.  Sooooo, Happy fuckin' Monday and Happy fuckin' New Years!



01 NOFX - Thank God It's Monday (from Pump Up The Valuum)


02 Diablo Swing Orchestra - A Tap Dancer's Dilemma (from Sing-Along Songs For The Damned & Delirious)


03 Darren Korb - Build That Wall (Zia's Theme) (from Bastion OST)


04 Dizzy Wright - Independent Living (feat. Hopsin & SwizZz) (from Free Smokeout Conversations Mixtape)


05 With Dead Hands Rising - Hell Of The Upside-Down Sinners (from Behind Inquisition)


06 Nile - Kaffir (from Oriental Metal Compilation)


07 Yung Humma - Fried Or Fertilized (feat. Flynt Flossy & Whatchyamacallit) (from Turquoise Jeep Records: Keep The Jeep Ridin')


08 Circus Of Dead Squirrels - 8-Bit Piece Of Shit (from Indoor Recess)


09 Dev/Null - Alien Washcloth Tumor (from Lazer Thrash)


10 Curtis Chip - Cars Are Awesome (from Eating Paste)


11 Ani DiFranco - Hypnotized (from Reprieve)


12 iwrestledabearonce - This Head Music Makes My Eyes Rain (from Ruining It For Everybody)


13 Shitmat - UK Swampcore Sucks In Comparison To Techstep New Wave Psy-Jungle (from Full English Breakfast)


14 The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - God Ain't Got NO Use For A 180 lbs. Bag Of Sugar (from The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza)


15 Taylor Mali - How To Write A Political Poem (from Conviction)


16 Basement Jaxx - Feels Like Home (feat. Meshell Ndegeocello) (from Kish Kash)


17 Deftones - What Happened To You? (from Koi No Yokan)


18 Rammstein - B******** (from Liebe Ist Für Alle Da)


19 Worm Is Green - My Left Red Eye (from Push Play)


20 Bitter:Sweet - Our Remains (from The Mating Game)


21 Hemophiliac - Mood Swing (from Hemophiliac [Disc 1])


22 Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization (from Lunar Civilization 12")


23 Gnarls Barkley - Necromancer (from St. Elsewhere)


24 Lamb Of God - We Die Alone (Bonus Track) (from Wrath)


25 Daughters - Pants, Meet Shit (from Canada Songs)


26 Handsome Boy Modeling School - Megaton B-Boy 2000 (feat. Alec Empire & EL-P) (from So How's Your Girl…)


27 Fantômas - She's A Puker (from Millennium Monsterwork)


28 Pain Killer - Guts Of A Virgin (from Metal: A Headbanger's Companion, Vol. 2 (Disc 6))


29 BLÆRG - Peak Experience (from Id.Entity)


30 Venetian Snares - Aaperture (from Meathole)

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2022-01-03 (What’s New in ’22 Edition)

• January 3rd, 2022

Hell-muthafuckin’-o and emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the What’s New in ’22 Edition! Clearly, the most staggeringly clever name I’ve ever thought up. So clever, in fact, that I’m perfectly willing to take suggestions for anything better than that. I won’t yammer the fuck on here like I usually do, mainly ‘cause I’m fuckin’ tired (as usual), and my back is sore as a motherfucker whose back is sore, or something. Real quick, though, let’s run through what’s in store for us this week:


1. Big muthafuckin’ Dumb Face! I have been slackin’ so hard on listening to their 2017 album, but my attention was called back to them ‘cause of a Christmas album they released. In case y’all don’t know, Big Dumb Face is Wes Borland’s other (far more interesting and amusing) band apart from Limp Bizkit. Maybe they’re an acquired taste, but I think they’re fuckin’ awesome and hilarious.


2. So, Teminite put out something that can best be described as “pirate-step,” and it’s fuckin’ great. I’m 100% here for it, and hopefully you will be as well.


3. A Crosses cover of Goodbye Horses?! Yes! My good buddy Vega sent me that one a day or two ago, and I was giddy ‘cause I’d fuck me… I’d fuck me so hard…


4. We got some tracks from artists who’ve passed on, both Aaliyah and DMX, and they’re both sweet as fuck. Keep your fuckin’ ears peeled if you can hang.


5. t+pazolite with one of the goofiest track titles ever. Goofy as fuck though it may be, it’s just as brain-meltingly awesome as pretty much every single one of his tracks.


6. A new Dog Fashion Disco single?! Apparent-fuckin’-ly! I’ve missed these motherfuckers, and I’m so very glad to be including this newest jam of theirs on this podcast. Someone once described Dog Fashion Disco as “circus metal,” and I agree to an extent. Either way, it’s fuckin’ cool, so I hope y’all think so too.


7. New SWARM EP, and two tracks from it featured on this list. If y’all don’t already know and love SWARM, man, I don’t even know what you’re doin’ with your life. SWARM’s music is like dark dubstep; not to be confused with deathstep (although that’s badass too). I dunno. I think if you have any capacity for emotion, you ought to dig it.


8. Quite a few Merkules tracks on this edition. He’s hip-hop, and I’ve played a number of his jams before. His flow is tight as fuck, and I’ve loved almost every beat I’ve heard of his. Definitely give him a shot.


9. There are actually 4 tracks lurking in this edition that aren’t new. *gasp* What ever shall we do, right? Honestly, after I exhausted my Release Radar and my Discover Weekly, I just started browsing random playlists. By random playlists, I mean one in particular: the Breakcore playlist. At least, one of them. Doesn’t really matter, ‘cause breakcore’s one hell of an acquired taste, so I doubt any of y’all will notice which tracks I’ve played in previous editions. I just hope ya yojne.


All that said, let us do just that…


What’s that?


Why, yojne, of cooooooourse!



01 Big Dumb Face - Warning (from Where is Duke Lion? He’s Dead…) [00:02:20]


02 Big Dumb Face - He Rides the Skies (from Where is Duke Lion? He’s Dead…) [00:03:10]


03 Teminite - Sesh The Seven Seas (feat. Jonah Hitchens) (from Raise The Black Flag) [00:07:31]


04 Dubscribe - Next Level (from Next Level) [00:10:34]


05 SWARM - The Oncoming Storm (from Fight For Your Life) [00:13:42]


06 Chris Webby - We Up (feat. DMX) (from We Up (feat. DMX)) [00:18:10]


07 ††† - Goodbye Horses (from Goodbye Horses) [00:21:06]


08 Igorrr - Scarlatti 2.0 (from Hallelujah) [00:24:18]


09 t+pazolite, Nanahira - Is there no way I'm defeated by OTOGE-BOSS-KYOKU-CHAN is strongly provoking????? (from Screamin’ Showcase) [00:27:56]


10 PhaseOne - Enemy VIP (w/ Shane Told of Silverstein) (from Enemy VIP (w/ Shane Told of Silverstein)) [00:31:00]


11 Young Roddy, Killer Mike, Iceberg Black - Amen (from Amen) [00:34:17]


12 Tetravoid - Always (from Fractals) [00:37:42]


13 Myro, Dread MC, Rider Shafique - Who Dem (VIP) (from Who Dem (VIP)) [00:41:26]


14 I Broke My Robot - What You Heard (from What You Heard / Killa) [00:43:45]


15 Aaliyah - Poison (feat. The Weeknd) (from Poison (feat. The Weeknd)) [00:47:08]


16 RZA, Flatbush Zombies - Quentin Tarantino (from Quentin Tarantino) [00:49:48]


17 REDALiCE - Crimson Emperor (from Crimson Emperor) [00:54:52]


18 Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Future Fantasy (from Future Fantasy) [00:57:13]


19 Aaron Spectre - Create the Future (from Create the Future) [01:00:48]


20 Vestascension - The Weight of Nostalgia (from The Weight of Nostalgia) [01:03:43]


21 Truth - Crushed (Widow Remix) (from Crushed (Widow Remix)) [01:06:47]


22 Will Gates - Aftermath (feat. Sticky Fingaz & Onyx) (from Aftermath (feat. Sticky Fingaz & Onyx)) [01:10:41]


23 Andrew Huang - Monster (from Monster) [01:13:39]


24 Machine Girl - Sad Claps (from ...Because I'm Young Arrogant and Hate Everything You Stand For) [01:15:52]


25 Barely Alive - Flak Jacket (from Flak Jacket) [01:16:55]


26 Big Dumb Face - Your Grandma Got You Khaki Slacks (from Christmas in the Cave of Dagoth) [01:19:37]


27 Astrix - Sahara (from Sahara) [01:23:35]


28 Dibyo, Alan Watts - bryanna's interlude (from bryanna's interlude) [01:32:19]


29 Counterparts, Mik - Wings of Nightmares - Lo-Fi (from Wings of Nightmares - Lo-Fi) [01:33:53]


30 Counterparts - Wings of Nightmares (from Nothing Left to Love) [01:37:17]


31 Dog Fashion Disco - Grand Experiment (from Grand Experiment) [01:40:10]


32 Limewax, Diesel Boy, Switch Technique, Thrasher - Spicy Boiz (from HouJeKKMuil EP) [01:44:56]


33 Rav - Ass Backwards (feat. Open Mike Eagle) (from Ass Backwards (feat. Open Mike Eagle)) [01:50:05]


34 Bainbridge, Virus Syndicate - Around Here (from Around Here) [01:53:13]


35 Truth - Soldier (feat. T-Man) (Hypho Remix) (from Soldier (Hypho Remix)) [01:57:05]


36 Kayou. - Star Destroyer (from State of the Art) [02:02:09]


37 Subtronics - Spacetime (feat. NEVVE) (from Spacetime (feat. NEVVE)) [02:05:29]


38 Volant, Punker - Godwave (from One) [02:08:12]


39 foxwedding - A Viper in a Sacred Place (from FOXWEDDING LOST WORKS 2016-2020) [02:13:09]


40 IC3PEAK - VAMPIR (feat. Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon) (from VAMPIR) [02:16:56]


41 Meydän - Complex Decisions (from Complex Decisions) [02:19:14]


42 Phil Gonzo - Fear (from Fear) [02:22:04]


43 Haarper - Evol (from Evol) [02:25:23]


44 Laura Brehm - For No One (Tree Dimension Remix) (from The Dawn Is Still Dark (Remixes)) [02:29:17]


45 SWARM, SOUNDR - Anyone But Me (from Fight For Your Life) [02:32:36]


46 Merkules - Life's A Bitch (from The Man, The Myth, The Legend.) [02:38:16]


47 Airmow - Like This (from RUPTURE) [02:41:15]


48 Stazma the Junglechrist, Akira - Beyond Help (from 15 Years Of PRSPCT) [02:43:36]


49 Ekoh - Save Yourself (from Save Yourself) [02:48:34]


50 Dubscribe - Everybody Dies (from Everybody Dies) [02:51:47]


51 C!erra My$t - AL I VV E (from Witness of Another World) [02:55:23]


52 Clown Core - Google Your Own Death (from Toilet) [02:58:22]


53 Vestascension - Everything Ends (from Everything Ends) [02:59:32]


54 Complete - Close The Curtains (feat. Merkules) (from Close The Curtains (feat. Merkules)) [03:03:48]


55 York - Golden Hour (feat. Au/Ra) (Acoustic) (from Golden Hour (Remixes)) [03:07:26]

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2021-12-28 (Best Of 2021 Edition Pt. 2)

• December 28th, 2021

This is part 2! No need for any painfully long intro here. I mean, what, am I just some dancing, podcasting bear or something? You may say an argument could be made, but dancing and podcasting simultaneously is just… unfathomable. So spread some peanut butter on your nipples, lay amongst a flock of NYC pigeons, and fuckin’ yojne!



01 VCTMS - What Doesn't Kill You (from Vol. IV Numb the Ache) [00:16:27]


02 Once Human - Cold Arrival (from Cold Arrival) [00:01:57]


03 Jasiah - Art of War (feat. Denzel Curry & Rico Nasty) (from Art of War (feat. Denzel Curry & Rico Nasty)) [00:05:58]


04 Yunalesca - From Halfway Down (from From Halfway Down) [00:09:03]


05 Urbanstep, Misfit, Peter Piffen - Blowin' Smoke (Extra Terra - Cyberpunk Remix) (from Blowin' Smoke (Extra Terra - Cyberpunk Remix)) [00:12:37]


06 Death Tour - D*E*S*T*R*O*Y (from D*E*S*T*R*O*Y) [00:15:57]


07 Sullivan King - LOUD (feat. Jason Aalon from FEVER 333) (from LOUD (feat. Jason Aalon from FEVER 333)) [00:17:32]


08 t+pazolite - HARDEST RENAISSANCE (from HARDEST RENAISSANCE) [00:20:59]


09 Herobust - BRUH?! (from BRUH?!) [00:24:09]


10 Troldhaugen - CRISPr Me Baby One More Time (from Idio+syncrasies) [00:27:53]


11 Jadakiss, Styles P - We Gonna Make It (from Kiss Tha Game Goodbye) [00:31:20]


12 S3RL - To Your Beat (feat. Hannah Fortune) (from To Your Beat) [00:34:50]


13 ΔXIUS LIИK x ножевые ранения ‎– NНΞЙ (from NНΞЙ) [00:38:09]


14 Chime, Doctor P - The Minotaur (from The Minotaur) [00:42:15]


15 Icreatedamonster - Snake In The Garden (Special Edition) [feat. Misstiq] (from Snake In The Garden (Special Edition) [feat. Misstiq]) [00:45:43]


16 The Budos Band - Black Venom (from The Budos Band III) [00:50:04]


17 Meet Me @ The Altar - Feel A Thing (from Feel A Thing) [00:53:30]


18 Ho99o9, Mike IX - Firefly Family (from Blurr (Mixtape)) [00:56:53]


19 Oh! the Horror - Halloween 365 (Remix) (feat. Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Young Wicked, Boondox, The R.O.C., Lex the Hex Master, Rapper REDD) (from Halloween 365 (Remix)) [01:00:43]


20 Tokyo Machine - Spooky (from Spooky) [01:04:55]


21 Deftones - Knife Prty (Purity Ring Remix) (from Knife Prty (Purity Ring Remix)) [01:08:42]


22 Pixel Terror, Chime, Teminite - Sleepless (from Sleepless) [01:13:08]


23 Rifti Beats - Gohan Angers (from DRAGON BALL LOFI) [01:16:50]


24 Slania - Mutter (from https://youtu.be/aw7SDb3F26A) [01:20:27]


25 Mors Principium Est - God Has Fallen (from Dawn of the 5TH Era) [01:24:30]


26 HEALTH, Nine Inch Nails - ISN'T EVERYONE (from ISN’T EVERYONE) [01:28:55]


27 Sikdope - Follow (ATRIP Remix) (from Follow (ATRIP Remix)) [01:34:08]


28 Soilwork - The Nothingness and the Devil (from A Whisp Of The Atlantic) [01:37:34]


29 Amigo the Devil - Shadow (from Born Against) [01:43:03]


30 JUICEBX, WES WAX - Vantablack (from Satori) [01:47:01]


31 Whales - Too Weird (feat. Kini Solana) (from Pelagios) [01:50:39]


32 PsoGnar - Traitor (from Traitor) [01:53:41]


33 MitiS - Without Me (feat. Danni Carra) (from Lost) [01:58:22]


34 Fousheé - single af (from single af) [02:02:44]


35 The Amity Affliction - Like Love (from Like Love) [02:05:45]


36 Alpha Wolf - A Quiet Place to Die (from A Quiet Place to Die) [02:09:31]


37 Mazzy Star - Look On Down From The Bridge (from Among My Swan) [02:11:54]


38 Mik, The Amity Affliction - Soak Me in Bleach (Lo-Fi) (from Soak Me in Bleach (Lo-Fi)) [02:16:37]


39 GXD - Sail (feat. Elle Vee) (ReOrder Extended Remix) (from Sail (ReOrder Remix)) [02:19:33]


40 Beowülf - We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve (from We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve) [02:24:52]


41 YOUTH 83, Tima - Unfold (from Unfold) [02:27:15]


42 Powfu, Rxseboy, Sarcastic Sounds - the way that you see me (feat. Ayleen Valentine) (from the way that you see me (feat. Ayleen Valentine)) [02:31:02]


43 Jalen Santoy - Foreplay (from Charlie Eastern) [02:33:59]


44 Champagne Drip - Kaleidoscope (feat. Crystalline) (from Starman) [02:36:47]


45 Annie - In Heaven (from Dark Hearts) [02:40:16]


46 CLANN - I Hold You (from Seelie) [02:43:53]


47 Yinyues - Everything (feat. Mimi Page) (from Everything) [02:52:57]


48 Crywolf - The Home We Made Pt. II (from Ghosts EP) [02:57:14]


49 Lofi Fruits Music, Orange Stick - Wish You Were Here (from Wish You Were Here) [03:02:33]


50 One Million Flowers - and in the end, we never went to the beach (from and in the end, we never went to the beach) [03:04:28]


51 MitiS - Try (feat. RØRY) (from Try (feat. RØRY)) [03:06:18]


52 Iya Terra - Take Control (feat. Alborosie & Bobby Lee of SOJA) (Ganja White Night Remix) (from Take Control (feat. Alborosie & Bobby Lee of SOJA) (Ganja White Night Remix)) [03:10:27]


53 Telly Leung - You Matter (from You Matter) [03:13:41]


54 RAM, Susana, Tales Of Life - You Are Enough (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Extended Remix) (from You Are Enough (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)) [03:17:45]


55 DT8 Project - Hold Me Till The End (Ferry Corsten Remix) (from Hold Me Till The End (Ferry Corsten Remix)) [03:25:53]

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2021-12-27 (Best Of 2021 Edition Pt. 1)

• December 27th, 2021

The perverts what fuck up is?! Emo-son-of-an-ejaculating-Jesus-clown-clew to the Best of 2021 Edition! With such a cryptic title, y’all must be pickin’ your brain matter off the walls after it got blown out your ears from daring to attempt deciphering such a phenomenally complicated code as that. Yes, this is clearly all the songs I hated the most this year. This is also opposite day, at least until I finish this sentence. Apologies, I happen to be exhausted on a quantum level. I’m basically Schrödinger’s Double-O right now. Also must apologize that this is coming to y’all so much later than usual, but that shit actually isn’t my fault, but it is shit’s fault. Yes, due to an extraordinary ailment from the depths of Satan’s botched polyp surgery, I have been frequently and infuriatingly interrupted through the course of my compiling this edition.


Clearly though, I didn’t let it stop me altogether. I even worked last night and made over $200, which is pretty great even though it was uncomfortable as 10,000 fucks in a fuckin’ child-sized kayak. But yeah, definitely slowed me down. I mean hey, I wanted to do this podcast, but my body had other plans for my evening. What can I do, just abandon it while it’s in motion like a rental car at an airport? I can’t do that. Not ‘cause I don’t want to, but mainly because I’m not dead yet, and this isn’t fucking Driver: San Francisco. If you don’t understand that reference, well, there’s a handy little thingamajiggy called Google. Feel free to either use it to understand my reference, or don’t and thus essentially tell me to go fuck myself forever and ever amen.


Anyway, y’all want to hear a funny-ass fuckin’ story? I started compiling these tracks around 4 fuckin’ AM. I actually thought to myself, “Eh, it won’t take me that long. Besides, I want to lay down for a bit to try and get this intestinal maelstrom under control.” I actually thought that. Perverts… anyone who’s been paying the slightest amount of attention to these editions would know that I have metric fucktons of tracks that could easily qualify for inclusion on this Best Of 2021 edition. Mayhaps I forgot to brain somewhere along this dumb-ass and weirdly fuckin’ fortunate journey of mine the past few days, ‘cause I only finished compiling it around 11 AM or so. It’s actually 1:08 right now and I’m still writing this stupid fuckin’ intro script, so let me wrap this trash up so I can get some motherfucking sleep in this bitch.


Not much else specifically to mention, really. I will say that this edition must be split into 2 parts, both for my health and due to maximum file size limitations. So, expect part 2 sometime tomorrow morning. Frankly, once I got to 75-80 and I still had like 10 folders to sift through for stuff to include, I just had to make that executive fuckin’ decision to split it like the fuckin’ executive I am in this motherfucker. Y’all ought to notice some creative and appropriate track groupings and organization if you’re more perceptive than a snail, ‘cause fuck snails or something. Lastly, despite this being the “Best Of 2021,” this is by no means an exhaustive list. There would be 7 fuckin’ parts or some shit. Y’all have no idea how much awesome shit I’ve been sharin’ all this time, and y’all just home eatin’ your boogers and shit. Nasty-ass motherfuckers, I swear. Love y’all, but cut that booger-eatin’ out.


All that done did and said…




Also, yojne.



01 ††† - The Beginning Of The End (from The Beginning Of The End) [00:02:31]


02 Camo & Krooked - Watch It Burn (feat. Ayah Marar) (from Cross The Line) [00:07:00]


03 Riot Ten, CHRMNDRS - Poppin (feat. Krystall Poppin) (from Poppin (feat. Krystall Poppin)) [00:10:24]


04 t+pazolite - Overcome Me!!!!!!! (from Overcome Me!!!!!!!) [00:12:57]


05 Berried Alive - Blood Orange (from Blood Orange) [00:16:18]


06 Celldweller - Into the Void (SWARM Remix) (from Into the Void (SWARM Remix)) [00:21:07]


07 Deftones - Genesis (from Genesis) [00:25:00]


08 untrusted - WAP (from WAP) [00:30:17]


09 ppcocaine - DDLG (from DDLG) [00:32:47]




11 Brooke Candy - Cum (feat. Iggy Azalea) (from SEXORCISM) [00:37:03]


12 Lucille Bogan - Till The Cows Come Home (from Shave ‘Em Dry: The Best Of Lucille Bogan) [00:39:38]


13 Battle Beast - Resurrection By Erection (from The Sacrament Of Sin (Deluxe Version)) [00:42:29]


14 GRiZ - Juicy (feat. Blunts & Blondes) (from Bangers[6].Zip) [00:46:11]


15 Kayzo, Sullivan King, Papa Roach - DOMINATION (from DOMINATION) [00:49:18]


16 Owl Vision - Holy Shit (from Doomster) [00:52:03]


17 Shining - IDGAF (Zardonic Remix) (from IDGAF (Zardonic Remix)) [00:56:30]


18 Death Tour, nascar aloe - Fucked Up (from Blood Pact) [00:59:32]


19 Dragon Sound - Friends (from Miami Connection OST) [01:01:00]


20 Victoria Monét - F.U.C.K. (from F.U.C.K.) [01:03:58]


21 LAUSSE THE CAT - Fuccboi Lullaby (feat. B-ahwe) (from The Girl, the Cat and the Tree) [01:07:21]


22 Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At (1991 Remix) (from Where's Your Head At (1991 Remix)) [01:11:21]


23 The Chemical Brothers - Don't Think (from Further) [01:14:56]


24 Excision, Kai Wachi - Demisaur (from Demisaur) [01:22:32]


25 Run The Jewels, What So Not - JU$T (feat. Pharrell Williams & Zack de la Rocha) (Remix) (from JU$T (feat. Pharrell Williams & Zack de la Rocha) (Remix)) [01:26:03]


26 The Kiffness - Numnum Cat (from Cat Jams) [01:30:05]


27 CRASHFACE - ultraplasticplanetkiller (from HEAVY INFECTIOUS) [01:31:57]


28 BLACK NEON - Midnight In LA (Champagne Drip Remix) (from Midnight In LA (Champagne Drip Remix)) [01:34:27]


29 BLVK JVCK - THE SHOOTV (from THE SHOOTV) [01:38:37]


30 carolesdaughter - please put me in a medically induced coma (from please put me in a medically induced coma) [01:41:39]


31 Giuseppe Ottaviani - Till The Sunrise (Mixed) (from A State Of Trance FOREVER Spotlight: Giuseppe Ottaviani) [01:44:42]


32 Giraffes? Giraffes! - I Am S/H(Im)E[R] As You Am S/H(Im)E[R] As You Are Me and We Am I and I Are All Our Together: Our Collective Consciousness' Psychogenic Fugue (from More Skin With Milk-Mouth) [01:49:52]


33 SKYND - Tyler Hadley (from Chapter II) [01:59:20]


34 The Watchmen, Rob IYF, Al Storm - HGHR LV (from HGHR LV) [02:04:08]


35 Scythe Gang 666 - AK-47 (from AK-47) [02:08:54]


36 Deficit - Death Prize (from Death Prize) [02:11:13]


37 Oh! the Horror, Blaze Ya Dead Homie - D.R.E.A.M. (from Oh! The Horror Meets Blaze) [02:14:23]


38 Slash - We Belong Dead (from Universal Monsters Maze Soundtrack/Halloween Horror Nights 2018) [02:17:04]


39 Figure, MDK - Zombies Ate My Ravers (from Zombies Ate My Ravers) [02:21:48]


40 Lord Gasp - Sudo (from Sudo) [02:25:17]


41 Alaska Thunderfuck - ROY G BIV BBT (from ROY G BIV BBT) [02:27:09]


42 N O W A V E - OBEY (from “XXXX” MANGA) [02:29:38]


43 Sylosis - Immovable Stone (from Immovable Stone) [02:34:21]


44 Omnia, Ira - The Fusion (Blastoyz Remix) (from The Fusion (Blastoyz Remix)) [02:37:50]


45 August Burns Red - Internal Cannon (feat. Matthew K Heafy) (from Leveler: 10th Anniversary Edition) [02:40:36]


46 Twiztid - Corkscrew (from Corkscrew) [02:44:20]


47 Death of a Nation - Don't Speak For Me (from Death of a Nation) [02:46:51]


48 Bob Vylan - I Heard You Want Your Country Back (from We Live Here (Deluxe)) [02:49:51]


49 Bizarrap - Snow Tha Product: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol: 39 (from Snow Tha Product: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol: 39) [02:52:08]


50 KATFYR - Lose Control (feat. Maruja Retana) (from Lose Control) [02:55:01]


51 Hexvessel - Halloween (from Halloween) [02:59:13]


52 SWARM, Sentinel Complex, Man Ov God - Make It Out Alive (from Make It Out Alive) [03:03:09]


53 KLOUD - Exit Alive (from Exit Alive) [03:06:22]


54 Jason Ross, Blanke - One More Day (w/ Chandler Leighton) (from One More Day (w/ Chandler Leighton)) [03:09:26]


55 Alla Xul Elu - Say Goodbye (feat. Rittz) (from Say Goodbye) [03:13:53]

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2021-12-20 (Malcontent in Malcolm‘s Tent Edition)

• December 20th, 2021

Wwwwhat the up is fuck, fuckermothers and abstinent daddies?! Emo-sonofacunt-clew to the Malcontent in Malcom’s Tent Edition of Monday Morning Aural mu-tha-fuck-in’ Sex! What in the stupid-ass world could that mean? Well, it was my modest attempt to come up with a clever title for this collaboration. To be honest, I’m not even sure Malcolm owns a fuckin’ tent, but I’m sure if he ever bought one, we’d be malcontent in it. Malcontents are known for causin’ ruckuses after all… Anyway, my buddy Malcolm is a fellow achievement hunter who I met through the website True Achievements. We ended up in a boosting session at some point, I’m pretty sure it was for the Xbox 360 version of Burnout Paradise, and I kept sending goofy selfies every time someone crashed into me. Mostly ‘cause boosting can be dull as unbuttered fuck, but doing it with friendly folk makes the task not only tolerable, but actually fun. For those who aren’t in the know (which is to say the vast majority of the human race), boosting is basically just for turning otherwise competitive tasks in Xbox games into cooperative efforts.


Malcolm and I have certainly done a lot of that over the 5 years we’ve been friends, and yet only now have we finally collaborated on an edition of my podcast. That’s certainly not to diminish anything about our friendship; I’m just very accustomed to this podcast being mostly a solo thing. Malcolm and I have actually been on two long road trips together with our mutual friend Al (with whom I also did a collaboration edition). One trip was all the fuck around the country; the other was just to a silly little cyber café get-together in Indiana. We’ve been through good times and bad, even once encountering a Karen in the wild, and narrowly evading pointless police interrogation. Many things beyond gaming bind our friendship, including our mutual fondness for the Devil’s lettuce, anime and movies. Music was always there, but kind of more in the background. He definitely had a lot of cool stuff he played during the road trips.


Anyway, as I’ve done with all my collaborations, I’ve alternated our picks one after another. One of mine kicks things off, and one of his wraps it all up. Due to that alternating style, I couldn’t do much creative organizing, but I did what I could to make sure it’s consistently interesting from beginning to end. My picks were chosen from all sorts of past editions, and I’m familiar with some of his picks, but not all of ‘em. Definitely looking forward to hearing his choices, ‘cause one of my picks is one I heard from him last year. That one is the Black Noi$e jam called Mutha Magick. Great shit right there, and you’re about to find out if you don’t already know. All that done did and said, let’s hear what Malcolm has to say about his tracks:



01 Micah Scale - Get 'em Started (feat. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) (from Get ‘em Started) [00:02:52]


02 Skepta - No Security (from No Security) [00:08:07]


03 S3RL - Kamehameha (feat. J0hnny) (OO Edit) (original from Kamehameha) [00:11:45]


04 Danny Brown - Ain't It Funny (from Atrocity Exhibition) [00:15:01]


05 Count Basie - Double-O (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [00:17:55]


06 SAINt JHN - Roses (Imanbek Remix) (from While The World Was Burning) [00:20:38]


07 En Vogue - Free Your Mind (from Funky Divas) [00:23:30]


08 Jadakiss, Styles P - We Gonna Make It (from Kiss Tha Game Goodbye) [00:28:17]


09 Black Noi$e - Mutha Magick (feat. bbymutha) (from OBLIVION) [00:31:46]


10 Azealia Banks, Lazy Jay - 212 (from Broke with Expensive Taste) [00:33:19]


11 BLVK JVCK, Flosstradamus - G.O.D. (GRIND OR DIE) (feat. Leat'eq) (from G.O.D. (GRIND OR DIE) (feat. Leat'eq)) [00:36:39]


12 Bob Marley & The Wailers - Jamming (from Legend - The Best Of Bob Marley And The Wailers) [00:39:16]


13 Deftones - Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) (from Around The Fur) [00:42:42]


14 SEATBELTS - Tank! (from COWBOY BEBOP OST) [00:47:38]


15 Minutemen - Corona (from Double Nickels on the Dime) [00:51:05]


16 The Vandals - Urban Struggle (from Peace Thru Vandalism) [00:53:23]


17 Death Tour, nascar aloe - Fucked Up (from Blood Pact) [00:57:09]


18 The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By (from Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde) [00:58:35]


19 Diabolic - Reasons (from Liar & a Thief) [01:03:36]


20 Queen - Don't Stop Me Now (from Jazz) [01:07:19]


21 Yu Miyake, Yuusama - Sasasan Katamari (from Katamari Damacy OST “Katamari Fortissimo Damacy”) [01:10:43]


22 Billie Eilish - bad guy (from WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?) [01:12:02]


23 Hannibal Buress - I Play Video Games (from My name is Hannibal) [01:15:13]


24 Diddy - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down (feat. Mase) (from No Way Out) [01:18:23]


25 Scatman John - Scatman (Game Over Jazz) (from Scatman’s World) [01:22:08]


26 ScHoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar - Collard Greens (from Oxymoron (Deluxe)) [01:27:09]


27 Death Grips - Beware (from Exmilitary) [01:32:07]


28 SEATBELTS - Cats on Mars (from COWBOY BEBOP Vitaminless) [01:37:59]


29 Big Pig - I Can't Break Away (from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure OST) [01:40:43]


30 Mike Jones - Still Tippin' (feat. Slim Thug and Paul Wall) (from Who Is Mike Jones?) [01:44:18]


31 Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE. (Skrillex Remix) (from HUMBLE. (Skrillex Remix)) [01:48:44]


32 Doja Cat - Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) (from Kiss Me More (feat. SZA)) [01:51:17]


33 Alias & Doseone - The Deadener (from Less Is Orchestra) [01:54:44]


34 Fatboy Slim, Riva Starr - Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (from Mixmag Presents Fatboy Slim: We Are 30) [01:58:59]


35 Truth - Grampian (feat. Stylust & Sgt Pokes) (from Mushrooms) [02:04:45]


36 JAY-Z, Foxy Brown - Ain't No Nigga (from Reasonable Doubt) [02:09:19]


37 Michael Franti - Ganja Baby (from Songs from the Front Porch: An Acoustic Collection) [02:13:15]


38 Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (from Off the Wall) [02:17:28]


39 Lakeside - Fantastic Voyage (Extended) (from The Best of Lakeside) [02:23:27]


40 The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog (from The Stooges) [02:29:31]


41 Lex the Hex Master - Chill Mode (from Chill Mode) [02:32:35]


42 YG - Twist My Fingaz (from Still Brazy (Deluxe)) [02:36:35]


43 Alabama 3 - Woke Up This Morning (Sopranos Theme) (from Exile On Coldharbour Lane) [02:40:42]


44 Jill Scott - Golden (from Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol. 2) [02:45:58]


45 Kool Keith - Super Hero (feat. MF DOOM & L'Orange) (from Super Hero) [02:49:44]


46 Queen - Brighton Rock (Remastered 2011) (from Sheer Heart Attack (Deluxe Remastered Version)) [02:54:10]


47 Reverse Engineering - Heart Juice (feat. Diyala) (from Schemers) [02:59:16]


48 The Gap Band - Outstanding (from The Gap Band IV) [03:03:47]


49 The Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin' (Full Guitar Mix) (from Long Train Runnin’) [03:06:55]


50 Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (from Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Reissue)) [03:12:25]


51 Ho99o9 - Splash (from United States of Horror) [03:16:16]


52 Thundercat - Funny Thing (from It Is What It Is) [03:19:05]


53 Method Man, Redman - Dis Iz 4 All My Smokers (from Blackout! 2) [03:20:57]


54 Kendrick Lamar - Rigamortus (from Section.80) [03:25:12]


55 Ghostpoet - Dial Tones (feat. Lucy Rose) (Fear Club Remix) (from Dubstep Top (December)) [03:27:58]


56 Beanie Sigel, Freeway - Roc The Mic (from State Property) [03:32:28]


57 Yung Humma - Lemme Smang It (feat. Flynt Flossy) (from Turquoise Jeep Records: Keep The Jeep Ridin’) [03:36:44]


58 Pusha T - Numbers On The Boards (from My Name Is My Name) [03:40:08]


59 Cunninlynguists - Embers (from Oneirology) [03:42:49]


60 New Order - Blue Monday (from Substance) [03:45:41]

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2021-12-13 (Lo-Fi Beats to Hibernate & Cornrow Your Pubes to Edition)

• December 13th, 2021

Hhhhow the fuck goes it, perverinos and pervalitties?! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the Lo-Fi Beats to Hibernate & Cornrow Your Pubes to Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! If even in the year 2021 you’re somehow unaware of Lo-Fi, it’s mostly hip-hop style instrumentals with some or all elements deliberately sounding “low fidelity.” Why? Well, listen on and find the fuck out. Most Lo-Fi music can be found on playlists like, “lo-fi music to study to,” because it’s great background music. It’s super chill, and for the most part designed for the purpose of improving upon otherwise entirely silent environments.


This particular edition has plenty of excellent examples of the lo-fi subgenre, but we also have jazz hop, indie hip-hop, stuff like that. It may not all stringently conform with the most notable characteristics of lo-fi, but I think it all blends pretty fuckin’ well. Anyway, this will be a relatively shorter intro than usual. This Monday and last Monday have been extraordinarily busy for me, and I neeeeed fuckin’ sleep. Can’t afford to take time off work right now, so… I will say that I hope y’all check out LAUSSE THE CAT. Everything I heard of theirs in the course of compiling this was awesome and fascinating.


The Jalen Santoy track called Foreplay, I posted a story about it yesterday on Insta but I didn’t specify what the melody of the song is. It’s Bobby Hebb’s classic track, “Sunny.” Should be pretty fuckin’ obvious then why I automatically love the Jalen Santoy track. Two other tracks I chose for essentially the same reason are Rae of Sunshine X 906 in Lex, and Sunny Daze. Perhaps those of you who believe in forces beyond human comprehension might interpret my finding and subsequent inclusion of these tracks as someone wishing to participate in the making of this edition. Perhaps, indeed. I would certainly welcome any such metaphysical and/or paranormal collaborations.


Lastly, I found a fantastic playlist full of lo-fi covers, so you’ll hear lots of those in this edition. This whole edition is 74 tracks, a little under 3 ½ hours, and as far as I know, they’re all new finds. All that done did and said, let us calmly commence this most chillest of yojne…



01 cliffe - alwayswinter (from alwayswinter) [00:01:39]


02 Mocha's Lofi Cafe - When It's Just The Two Of Us (from Kinkalow Latte) [00:03:04]


03 LoFi Waiter - Cold Morning (from Cold Morning) [00:06:15]


04 Lex Amor - Mood (from Mood) [00:08:14]


05 Anti Lilly, Phoniks - It's Nice Outside (from It’s Nice Outside) [00:12:19]


06 Orange Stick - It Was A Good Day (from 90s Oldschool Lofi Hip Hop) [00:14:29]


07 LLusion, Egg - Uh Oh Stinky but It's a Soft Lofi Beat (from Uh Oh Stinky but It's a Soft Lofi Beat) [00:16:36]


08 Rosia! - Chapter One (from Chapter One) [00:18:21]


09 LAUSSE THE CAT - Fuccboi Lullaby (feat. B-ahwe) (from The Girl, the Cat and the Tree) [00:21:09]


10 Avocuddle - Bad Romance (from Bad Romance) [00:25:08]


11 Rnla, Alexa Cirri - In My Dreams (from In My Dreams) [00:27:26]


12 Beat Oven - The Feels (from Kid Tested & Mother Approved) [00:29:36]


13 Ale Fillman - Ambient Sky (from Ambient Sky) [00:31:15]


14 FakeHunters, Bite Size Moments, Millennium Jazz Music - Hint of Blue (from Hint of Blue) [00:33:32]


15 Taylor Bennett - Broad Shoulders (feat. Chance the Rapper) (from Broad Shoulders) [00:36:38]


16 Tempura - Star Wars: Cantina Band (from Lofi Chill Summer) [00:40:15]


17 Dontcry - Redbone (from Redbone) [00:42:02]


18 cliffe, Odelia Rei - cloud9 (from cloud9) [00:43:34]


19 Alrahim Wright III, Whize, Shiloh Dynasty - Closing My Eyes (from 2 Whize) [00:46:41]


20 Jazz Liberatorz - When The Clock Ticks (feat. J. Sands) (from Clin D’oeil) [00:48:35]


21 MujjO - Moon Fairy (from Afterglow) [00:53:27]


22 Avocuddle, Fets - Moonlight Sonata (from Moonlight Sonata) [00:56:17]


23 Funky DL - Vague Margins (from Jazz Dust) [00:58:17]


24 Closed on Sunday - animal crossing ~ new horizons lofi (from animal crossing ~ new horizons lofi) [01:00:27]


25 Sarcastic Sounds, Claire Rosinkranz, Clinton Kane - change ur mind (from change ur mind) [01:01:32]


26 Epifania, Anatomy Park - Freefall (from Freefall) [01:04:33]


27 Fets, Avocuddle - Higher Love (from Higher Love) [01:06:46]


28 Kayou. - give me hope (feat. artemis orion) (from give me hope) [01:08:20]


29 Blocktane - Foolish (from Foolish) [01:11:18]


30 Earl Sweatshirt - Chum (from Doris) [01:13:42]


31 Dontcry, Nokiaa, Aylior - Echo Park (from Echo Park) [01:17:40]


32 Kuranes - as time goes by (from bad habits) [01:19:05]


33 SwuM, bbno$ - Viscasity (from Babydrip) [01:20:45]


34 Loyle Carner - Mean It In The Morning (from Yesterday’s Gone) [01:22:33]


35 Café - Falling Stars (from Falling Stars) [01:25:10]


36 Rejjie Snow - D.R.U.G.S. (from D.R.U.G.S.) [01:28:30]


37 LAUSSE THE CAT - Redstripe Rhapsody (from Redstripe Rhapsody) [01:31:44]


38 Kota the Friend - Lazy River (from Lyrics to Go, Vol. 1) [01:39:28]


39 MANIK MC, Purple Cloud, Loyle Carner - Shadows (from Midnight Express EP) [01:40:39]


40 Marlus, jives - These lonely nights (from These lonely nights) [01:44:46]


41 Biig Piig - Perdida (from Big Fan of the Sesh, Vol. 1) [01:47:22]


42 Luke Christopher - Roses (from TMRW) [01:50:16]


43 LAUSSE THE CAT - Belle Bouteille (from The Girl, the Cat and the Tree) [01:53:20]


44 Faded Colors - 4AM (from 4AM) [01:57:05]


45 Tempura, Fets - Location (from Location) [01:58:35]


46 Duane Drew - Mystiqa (from Mystiqa) [02:00:29]


47 Ol' Burger Beats, Vuyo - Do Me That Favor (from Do Me That Favor) [02:02:47]


48 Bokki - Wherewithal (from Wherewithal) [02:05:29]


49 LoFi Waiter - Walking in Ueno (from Coffee Sunrise) [02:08:01]


50 Skyzoo, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - Bed-Stuy is Burning (from Bed-Stuy is Burning) [02:09:32]


51 Joey Bada$$ - Waves (from Waves) [02:14:38]


52 Glimlip - Ebs and Flows (from Cozy Winter) [02:18:11]


53 Westside Gunn, Joey Bada$$, Tyler, The Creator, Billie Essco - 327 (from Pray for Paris) [02:19:48]


54 SoulChef - What Can I Say (from For the Moment) [02:25:32]


55 Brxvs - unique (from we met in july) [02:27:46]


56 Collective Efforts - Try Again (feat. Eli Sweet) (from Freezing World) [02:30:55]


57 Peachypie - Gingerbread (from Gingerbread) [02:34:49]


58 Cordae - More Life (feat. Q-Tip) (from Just Until….) [02:37:38]


59 Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn, Loyle Carner  - Dream Factory (from Breathing Exercises) [02:40:47]


60 Yestalgia, Bad Room Producer - Dreaming About Blue (from Dreaming About Blue) [02:45:10]


61 Jorge Milliano - Noches IntimaXx (from Atlantic Chill Vol. 1) [02:47:47]


62 sftspkn, Esydia - after hours (from City Nights) [02:50:26]


63 Jalen Santoy - Foreplay (from Charlie Eastern) [02:52:25]


64 Powfu, Rxseboy, Sarcastic Sounds - the way that you see me (feat. Ayleen Valentine) (from the way that you see me (feat. Ayleen Valentine)) [02:55:11]


65 SwuM, Idealism - With U (from With U) [02:58:06]


66 Thoreau, RO$KO, Snoozegod - Better Than The Real Thing (from Better Than The Real Thing) [03:01:39]


67 Rakuyou - Came Back to You (from Night Moods) [03:03:59]


68 Dylan Boote - Angel Whispers (from Angel Whispers) [03:06:15]


69 Avocuddle, Fets - Here Comes the Sun (from Here Comes the Sun) [03:08:10]


70 Lord Apex - Sunny Daze (from S.O.I.L.) [03:10:02]


71 Burgetti, goldenchildren, Shiloh Dynasty, Jim, The Spaceman, WoodsUrban - Rae of Sunshine X 906 in Lex (from Darkness Meets World) [03:12:00]


72 MujjO - Acceptance (from Acceptance) [03:15:36]


73 Cigarettes After Sex - Keep On Loving You (from Affection) [03:18:59]


74 Formal Chicken, Snuggles, Weegie - Never Gonna Give You Up (from Never Gonna Give You Up) [03:22:49]

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2021-12-06 (Send Newds Edition Vol. 11)

• December 6th, 2021

Up the fuck is what, fuckermothers?! Whip out your nipples and dip them in warm maple syrup, because it is my ecstatic, orgasmic pleasure to fuckin’ emoclew you to the 11th fuckin’ installment of the Send fuckin’ Newds Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! By the fuckin’ way, in case you’re fuckin’ curious why I employ such naughty, explicit verbiage, it’s because of my seething fuckin’ hatred for the FCC, and every other fuckin’ special interest group who furthers agendas of censorship. You know why network TV sucks fuckin’ wet farts? You know why terrestrial radio sucks moose cock through a 50ft. fuckin’ straw? It’s because virtually everything we enjoy as recorded media enthusiasts has been fuckin’ sanitized, homogenized, fuckin’ safe-for-children-ized.


Parents don’t feel like talking to their stinky little crotch cabbages about the fucked up world we live in, so we all have to settle for whatever bullshit seems vaguely appealing. You’d think that at least streaming services would provide some uncensored content, but you’d be thinking fuckin’ wrong. Shit’s censored without even telling you so. Shit’s preemptively censored before it’s released so that rich cocksmokers can recoup their investments, thus you have organizations like the fuckin’ ESRB, MPAA, RIAA, PMRC and other such initialisms. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure the latter two are even functionally relevant anymore, and I don’t give enough of a fuck to check right now. Moving on…


Guess what, motherfuckers? I remember what it was like being a kid. I saw my first porno at 7 (and it fuckin’ creeped me the fuck out, btw), same year I got into metal, same year I found out how much fun it was to fuckin’ cuss. My point is that kids are even more likely to explore if you forbid them to do so, especially if the only reason you give is, “because I said so.” If that’s somehow a revelation to you, I’m super curious what fuckin’ boulder you’ve been living under all your life. Anyway, what-the-fuck-ever… Ain’t like I’m gonna fuckin’ change any of that stupid fuckin’ shit on my own in a podcast intro; just another excruciatingly asinine fuckin’ aspect of human existence. Maybe I ought to actually talk about the podcast, eh? Whatcha think?


If you’re somehow listening to this 11th installment without having listened to any of the fuckin’ previous ones, the Send Newds editions are just collections of new shit I found recently. By recently, more often than not I just mean yesterday, but sometimes it’s earlier than that. Got a few tracks that were sent to me over the past week from some great friends. Still have no idea how well these editions are being received, but they’re fun as fuck to me. They sure as fuck ought to be, considering it’s my aural taste filters through which all these are sifted. The thing is that all these tracks are 4.5/5 star jams in my opinion; anything less ain’t worth the effort of sharing through this podcast. Anyway, even if no one else can hang with these collections as they are, I do often cherry pick tracks from them for my genre-specific editions. You can definitely expect some of these jams to appear on multiple future editions if they’re memorable enough.


Any-fuckin’-way, let’s see if I got any notable details for y’all:


1. First and fuckin’ foremost, allow me to shoutout my boy Al for the new Sylosis track. Fuckin’ fire-ass metal that will singe your fuckin’ stereocilia. Shoutout to my man Speleo for the Dolphin On Wheels track by Kill The Noise & Dillon Francis. Amusing as fuck, and in this case, fuck is pretty fuckin’ amusing. Shoutout to my girl Renee for the Elton John & Dua Lipa duet remix along with the Cannons track; great shit right there and y’all about to find out for yourselves. Side note, Renee’s a fuckin’ angel among humans. She’s been listening to this podcast pretty much since the beginning, and we even did an edition together back in 2013 before I threw my fuckin’ life in a mountain of elephant shit, and she’s probably listening now. Shout the fuck out to Renee right here and now, I hope you have a magnificent and downright nipple-petrifying day. Last but not least, shout out to my boy Vega for the Sleigh Bells, Only Child Tyrant & Amon Tobin and The Veils tracks. No idea how much he listens anymore, but the dude is darkness incarnate, so no doubt he’s got a busy life.


2. Is that the same Crystal Waters who did 100% Pure Love? Indeedily-fuckin’-do, it is! Check out the track Never Enough for some nostalgic 90s dance vibes. Even made room for an Ace of Base remix this week. I’ve got plenty of love for 90s dance, considering I was kinda raised on it along with a slew of other shit.


3. Cœur De Pirate did the soundtrack for Child of Light, she was prominently featured on one of my all-time favorite romance movies called Comet (one of the only Justin Long performances I really enjoy, actually), and now she’s here with a collabo with someone named Georgio. Really wish I could justify learning French, ‘cause it seems like a fun language to speak. Maybe if I ever end up actually fleeing the divided states of embarrassment to somewhere up north… Anyway…


4. Another lovely jam from Alaska Thunderfuck? Why yes, indeed! So glad they weren’t just another one-hit wonder for me, ‘cause I love that name so much. Something tells me it’s an actual sex act, but anyway…


5. Public Enemy? No, not that Public Enemy. Honestly, I have no idea who this Public Enemy is, but I’m almost 100% certain that Chuck D had nothing to do with this particular jam. It’s called Nandini, and it sounds like something Infected Mushroom would come out with. Very cool stuff, so I hope y’all yojne as I did and do.


6. Once Human making a welcome return to the podcast this week. Their vocalist has a phenomenal growl, and if you don’t believe me, look up the video for Eye of Chaos. Really hope I get a chance to see them live sometime, that is if we can ever fuckin’ get through this fucking cocksmoking pandemic in this stupid fucking country. Little salty about that shit…


7. Nothing else humongously relevant to mention here. All the tracks I didn’t call out in this stupid fuckin’ numbered list format that I do way too often are just as worthy of your love and attention. If you disagree, well, you’re welcome to be a sour cunt, and wrong. You’re welcome to be a wrong, sour cunt; it’s your right. The better news is that it’s also your right to fuckin’ YOOOOJNEEEE!



01 BLVK JVCK - NO LOVE (from NO LOVE) [00:04:34]


02 ZABO - Roll (FOVOS Remix) (from Roll (Remixes)) [00:07:53]


03 Bob Vylan - GDP (from GDP) [00:11:07]


04 Doctor P, KOOLKID - OD (VIP) (from OD (VIP)) [00:14:28]


05 Shining - IDGAF (Zardonic Remix) (from IDGAF (Zardonic Remix)) [00:17:14]


06 Elton John, Dua Lipa - Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) (from Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)) [00:20:17]


07 Once Human - Cold Arrival (from Cold Arrival) [00:23:29]


08 Friction - Set Me Free (from Set Me Free) [00:27:29]


09 Ferry Corsten - For Your Mind (from For Your Mind) [00:31:03]


10 C4C, Idealism - Come Inside (from Come Inside) [00:34:29]


11 Iya Terra - Take Control (feat. Alborosie & Bobby Lee of SOJA) (Ganja White Night Remix) (from Take Control (feat. Alborosie & Bobby Lee of SOJA) (Ganja White Night Remix)) [00:37:05]


12 DJ Zinc, Ruti, DRS - Stand Tall (from Stand Tall) [00:40:17]


13 Coakira - Amen Suicide (from Amen Suicide EP) [00:43:19]


14 Sigma, LOWES, U137 - Faded (from Faded) [00:47:02]


15 Kill The Noise, Dillon Francis - Dolphin On Wheels (from Dolphin On Wheels) [00:50:20]


16 Hi-Rez, KR$NA, Tech N9ne, A-F-R-O, Joell Ortiz, Twista, Bizzy Bone - Overdrive (from Overdrive) [00:53:09]


17 ZITH, Void Stare - Nightmare Drive (from Nightmare Drive) [01:00:13]


18 S.P.Y - Dream Fragments (from Nebula) [01:04:06]


19 Scythe Gang 666 - 808s & Screaming (from 808s & Screaming) [01:08:53]


20 Just A Gent - Out of Order (from Out of Order) [01:11:08]


21 Nekrogoblikon - Right Now (from Right Now) [01:13:59]


22 Alaska Thunderfuck - XOXOY2K (from XOXOY2K / ask me) [01:17:31]


23 Richie Blacker, Crystal Waters - Never Enough (from Never Enough) [01:20:24]


24 InTake - Amends (feat. Tasha Baxter) (from FULL MOON FLEX) [01:24:18]


25 Chime, MDK - Arcade Dwellers (from Arcade Dwellers) [01:28:58]


26 Metrik - Utopia (from Utopia) [01:33:16]


27 Amaranthe - PvP (from PvP) [01:37:25]


28 Jarren Benton, Elz Jenkins - The Mario Brothers (from The Mario Brothers) [01:40:20]


29 Black Tiger Sex Machine, Hairitage - Cheatcode (feat. Hyro The Hero) (from Cheatcode) [01:42:23]


30 Tisoki, Oliverse - New Life (feat. Courtney Drummey) (from New Life) [01:45:27]


31 Depth Strida, Lvst - 1996 (from 1996) [01:48:27]


32 Lex the Hex Master, Jamie Madrox - Closed Minds (from Episode 3: Palace of Illusions) [01:50:09]


33 Sylosis - Immovable Stone (from Immovable Stone) [01:52:49]


34 FuntCase, Chassi - Fear (from Fear) [01:56:19]


35 Converge, Chelsea Wolfe - Lord of Liars (from Bloodmoon: I) [01:59:43]


36 The Veils - Vicious Traditions (from The Runaway Found) [02:03:02]


37 V O E - Chemical (from Chemical EP) [02:07:39]


38 Public Enemy, Raveen Anand - Nandini (from Nandini) [02:12:44]


39 Teminite - Sail Away (from Sail Away) [02:15:21]


40 LukHash, Shirobon - Exile (from Exile) [02:19:30]


41 Only Child Tyrant, Amon Tobin - Monkey Box (from Time To Run) [02:22:54]


42 Ace of Base - Dancer in a Daydream (Trace Adam Remix) (from Dancer in a Daydream (Trace Adam Remix)) [02:25:50]


43 Merkules, Snak The Ripper - Fuck Rap (from Fuck Rap) [02:29:27]


44 Cannons - Bad Dream (from Bad Dream) [02:32:04]


45 S3RL - Otaku Boy (from Otaku Boy) [02:35:18]


46 GRiZ, Subtronics - Griztronics II (Another Level) (from Griztronics II (Another Level)) [02:38:15]


47 Pixel Terror, Spag Heddy - Carbonara (from Carbonara) [02:40:55]


48 Sleigh Bells - Hummingbird Bomb (from Texis) [02:43:43]


49 Georgio, Cœur De Pirate - Concept flou (from Concept flou) [02:46:55]


50 The Amity Affliction - Give up the Ghost (from Give Up The Ghost) [02:50:22]


51 Kompany, Whales - Stand By Me (feat. Elle Vee) (from Stand By Me) [02:54:19]


52 HALIENE, Maratone - Make It To Tomorrow (Atsuni & Manuel Le Saux Remix) (from Make It To Tomorrow (Atsuni & Manuel Le Saux Remix)) [02:58:24]

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2021-11-29 (Vantablack & Neon Edition Vol. 5)

• November 29th, 2021

Fuck the up is what, perverinos and pervalitties?! Welcomemoclew to the 5th installment of the Vantablack & Neon Edition of the podcast that keeps your insatiable buttholes guessin’ week-to-week-to-muthafuckin’-week, Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Get those goddamn pancakes off the roof, grandma, ‘cause we’ve got almost 4 hours and 20 minutes worth of material here to keep our genitals throbbing. Most of it is brand spankin’-that-monkey-like-a-newborn-baby new, which typically also means the artists are new discoveries for me as well. Some are old favorites like defrag. Lemme tell ya, I’ve actually absolutely loved defrag since 2000 or 2001, but they were calling themselves Defragmentation back then. I’m almost certain it’s the same person, but I honestly know little to nothing about them ‘cause there actually ain’t that much fuckin’ info out there that I’ve ever found, at least. Kinda cool, actually.


Any-fuckin-way, for anyone who might not know, Vantablack & Neon is just goth/industrial/EBM/glitch mixed with synthwave/retrowave/yadda-fuckin’-yaddawave (but absolutely no fuckin’ “fasch-wave…” I don’t even care if that’s how it’s spelled or not because it’s supposedly a somehow pro-fascism style of synthwave, so they can go fuck themselves with a rusty reciprocating saw). The two concepts of Vantablack & Neon alternate back and forth throughout the playlist, so it was more difficult to do any especially meaningful track positioning. There’s a little of that, but you’re much more likely to see that sort of thing from me in an edition that’s all one genre, or just random genres altogether. Don’t get me fuckin’ started on genres right now, or I’ll never fuckin’ get to sleep.


I do want to point out a few notable tracks:


1. The group Miss Construction has got some heavy Combichrist vibes, and I love Combichrist, so there ya fuckin’ go. I actually think Miss Construction may have broken up or something, ‘cause their last release was a while ago, if I recall correctly. Anyway, good stuff nonetheless so be sure to yojne your tits off.


2. SIERRA makin’ a return to the podcast with A Matter of Time! I played a SIERRA track called Unbroken a few months ago saying she sounded similar to SWARM, and this track is no exception. Very dark, very heavy, although this track is more somber in tonality. You’ll hear what I mean if ya give enough of a fuck to listen.


3. Apparently there’s an industrial group called Santa Hates You, and I’m totally here for it. That one’s another new discovery of mine, and hopefully you’ll yojne their track Raise The Devil coming up a little later as much as I did and do.


4. Fuckin’ Velvet Acid Christ, tho?! Shit, yeah, apparently! I feel like I haven’t played his stuff in fuckin’ forever. He’s an old favorite of mine, definitely some great stuff in his catalog, especially Pretty Toy. Great memories of that track.


5. SKYND is a group my friend Casey turned me onto a while ago, possibly a year or so. As far as I can tell, all their tracks are named after murderers or other similarly violent people, or people who met violent ends. Their music videos are quite interesting as well, so plug that name into YouTube sometime and you might agree.


6. I found a 45-hour-long synthwave covers playlist on Spotify and ooooo, I found me some great goodies there. Check the fuck out the cover of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song, the Toys R Us Kids track, the cover of the Doctor Who theme, the Mandalorian theme, Ozzy Osbourne’s I Just Want You, I mean, seriously excellent shit comin’ down the pipe.


7. Another Daft Punk jam because I fuckin’ love them. I don’t give a flying fuck about Get Lucky, but I adore pretty much their entire catalog aside from that. Also, they did the score for one of my favorite futuristic films, TRON: Legacy. Clearly, considering this edition ends with that track, but I digress.


8. I sort of knew about this subgenre of synthwave (which is already itself a subgenre or revitalization of new wave) called “chipwave,” before, but I forget if I ever mentioned it in previous intros. Chipwave is simply a chiptune and synthwave hybrid… What’s chiptune? Ughhh, get with the fuckin’ program, Doris! Chiptune is basically modern retro-style video game music, so you’ve got the monophonic oscillator synth sounds some of us came to love during the NES & SNES era of gaming. It’s fantastic shit, alright? Take my fuckin’ words for it. Anyway, I included a few chipwave tracks, so keep your ears peeled like fuckin’ bananas that are also peeled for those jams.


9. Nein.





01 defrag - Entering the Abyss (from Drown) [00:03:24]


02 Owl Vision - Holy Shit (from Doomster) [00:08:10]


03 Celldweller - Into the Void (SWARM Remix) (from Into the Void (SWARM Remix)) [00:12:33]


04 Faith7 - An Adventure in Space and Time (The Doctor Who Theme) (from The Signal) [00:16:30]


05 MORIS BLAK - Umbra (Second Phase) (from Umbra (Second Phase)) [00:22:16]


06 Anmeom - Gone (from Gone) [00:26:43]


07 N O W A V E - OBEY (from “XXXX” MANGA) [00:30:52]


08 Kalax - The Ride (Into the Midnight) (from Kalax) [00:35:28]


09 SKYND - Tyler Hadley (from Chapter II) [00:39:45]


10 Elay Arson - Immigrant Song (feat. Becca Starr) (from Borrowed Memories) [00:44:22]


11 Ian Snow - Tektronik (from Tektronik) [00:47:50]


12 3FORCE - In the House, In a Heartbeat (from In the House, In a Heartbeat) [00:51:11]


13 Santa Hates You - Raise The Devil (from Jolly Roger) [00:54:48]


14 Mark Cooper, Ray Casarez - Toys R Us Kids (from Test Drive) [00:59:15]


15 Dope Stars Inc. - Many Thanks (from Terapunk) [01:04:31]


16 Fury Weekend - I Just Want You (feat. Yann Zhanchak) (from I Just Want You (feat. Yann Zhanchak)) [01:08:28]


17 Miss Construction - F**k Me, too (from Kuntsprodukt) [01:13:23]


18 Lyde - Afterlife Avenue (from Augmentation) [01:17:47]


19 Apashe, Black Tiger Sex Machine - The Grave (feat. Gabriella Hook) (from The Grave) [01:21:32]


20 We Are Magonia - The Living Will Envy the Dead (from The Living Will Envy the Dead) [01:27:01]


21 ATLAST - Closer (from Closer) [01:31:29]


22 Carpenter Brut - Le perv (from TRILOGY) [01:35:40]


23 ESC - Eight Thousand Square Feet (from Eight Thousand Square Feet) [01:39:56]


24 Magic Sword - The Curse (The Toxic Avenger Remix) (from Legend EP (Deluxe Edition)) [01:45:18]


25 SIERRA - A Matter of Time (from Gone) [01:54:19]


26 Shades of Thunder - На заре (feat. Daria Danatelli) (from На заре) [01:58:59]


27 Heartlay - Bloodright (No Way to Hide) (MORIS BLAK Remix) (from Bloodright (No Way to Hide) (MORIS BLAK Remix)) [02:03:14]


28 Watch Out For Snakes - Fight Those Invisible Ninjas (from Fight Those Invisible Ninjas) [02:07:23]


29 Velvet Acid Christ - Caustic Disco (The Twilight Garden Remix) (from Caustic Disco) [02:12:33]


30 MASTER BOOT RECORD - ANSI.SYS (from Floppy Disk Overdrive) [02:19:57]


31 God Module - The Source (from Viscera) [02:23:37]


32 Fury Weekend, The Anix - Illumination (NUTRONIC Remix) (from Illumination (NUTRONIC Remix)) [02:28:23]


33 Miss Construction - Kunstprodukt (from Kunstprodukt) [02:32:37]


34 Vincenzo Salvia - The Pineapple Pizza Slayer (from The Pineapple Pizza Slayer) [02:36:29]


35 X-RX - Kein Herz (from Activate the Machinez) [02:39:53]


36 Sung - Neon Artery (from Overizer EP) [02:44:00]


37 Louisahhh - Chaos (from Chaos / A Hard No) [02:47:29]


38 We Are Magonia - Terror (from Terror) [02:51:13]


39 UnterArt - Now Or Never (from Memento) [02:56:06]


40 Voicians - The Evil Dab (from The Evil Dab) [03:00:29]


41 KLOUD - Exit Alive (from Exit Alive) [03:04:00]


42 Home - Hold (from Hold) [03:07:01]


43 Heimataerde - Dark Dance - Maschinenfloor (from Dark Dance) [03:10:23]


44 Oscillian - In the Company of Robots (from Sentient) [03:13:30]


45 Grendel - Harsh Generation (from Harsh Generation) [03:18:32]


46 Lueur Verte - Emerald Rising (from Crystalica EP) [03:22:19]


47 Le Castle Vania - Raise The Dead (feat. Cory Brandan) (from Prophication) [03:27:48]


48 Nitelight - 1000 Eyes (from Nitelight Plays: Death’s Symbolic) [03:31:31]


49 Toutant - AMNHb (from AMNHb) [03:35:17]


50 Lyde - Homeseeker (from Homeseeker) [03:38:40]


51 Processor - Royal Leash (from Royal Leash) [03:44:03]


52 Felix Pallas - Similarities (Klahr Edit) (from Similarities) [03:47:40]


53 Slooze - Desolation (from Desolation) [03:51:12]


54 Sleen Mp - The Mandalorian (from The Mandalorian) [03:55:09]


55 Informatik - The World Belongs to Us (from Re:Vision) [03:58:14]


56 P.T. Adamczyk, Olga Jankowska - Never Fade Away (SAMURAI Cover) (from Cyberpunk 2077 Original Score) [04:03:48]


57 defrag - Drown (from Drown) [04:08:29]


58 Daft Punk - TRON Legacy (End Titles) (from TRON: Legacy) [04:12:47]

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2021-11-22 (Flashback Edition: 2012-11-26 (The Gargiola Edition))

• November 22nd, 2021

Woo!  What's up, perverts?!  Welcome to the Gargiola Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex!  This one's a celebratory podcast dedicated to Miss Vera Giorgini for her 24th birthday.  This one's cram packed full of fucktacularity that's sure to make your ears and buttholes explode.  Enjoy, muthafuckas!


01 Pendulum - Prelude (from Hold Your Colour)

02 Pendulum - Slam (from Hold Your Colour)

03 Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane (from Vicious Delicious)

04 Infected Mushroom - Artillery (from Vicious Delicious)

05 Pendulum - Hold Your Colour (from Hold Your Colour)

06 Infected Mushroom - Suliman (from Vicious Delicious)

07 Caillou - Theme Song (from Caillou)

08 Dizzy Balloon - Carry On (from Dizzy Balloon)

09 The Beatles - Ticket To Ride (from Help)

10 The Knife - Silent Shout (from Silent Shout)

11 The Knife - Neverland (from Silent Shout)

12 The Knife - We Share Our Mothers' Health (from Silent Shout)

13 Acid Bath - Old Skin (from Paegan Terrorism Tactics)

14 Acid Bath - New Death Sensation (from Paegan Terrorism Tactics)

15 Acid Bath - The Bones Of Baby Dolls (from When The Kite String Pops)

16 Cradle Of Filth - Better To Reign In Hell (from Damnation And A Day)

17 DJ Signify - Cup Of Regret (feat. Sage Francis) (from Sleep No More)

18 iwrestledabearonce - Tastes Like Kevin Bacon (from It's All Happening)

19 Optical, Matrix & Ed Rush - Perfect Drug (from Chameleon)

20 Mitch Hedberg - Not Track Five, Not Chainsaw Juggler (from Mitch All Together)

21 Mitch Hedberg - Soda Pop (from Do You Believe In Gosh?)

22 Mitch Hedberg - The Dufrenes (from Strategic Grill Locations)

23 Immortal Technique - Obnoxious (from Revolutionary Vol. 2)

24 Immortal Technique - The 4th Branch (from Revolutionary Vol. 2)

25 Immortal Technique - Rich Man's World (1%) (from The Martyr)

26 Them Crooked Vultures - Dead End Friends (from Them Crooked Vultures)

27 At The Gates - Flames Of The End (from Slaughter Of The Soul)

28 Mimosa - Delivery (feat. Souleye) (from Hostilis EP)

29 Aphex Twin - Window Licker (from Window Licker Single)

30 A Perfect Circle - Pet (from Thirteenth Step)

31 Tool - The Pot (from 10,000 Days)

32 Puscifer - Tumbleweed (from Conditions Of My Parole)

33 Baby, Captain Spaulding, Otis - Tutti Frutti (from The Devil's Reject OST)

34 Rob Zombie - House of 1,000 Corpses (from The Sinister Urge)

35 Michael jackson - Dirty Diana (from Bad)

36 Lil Wayne - Playing With Fire (feat. Betty Wright) (from Tha Carter 3)

37 ZiGZaG - Pandemonium (from In The Groove OST (Arcade Versions))

38 Nina - Pick Me Up And Tango (from In The Groove 2 OST (Extended and Remixed))

39 NO. 9 - End Of The Century (from Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix OST)

40 The Reverend Horton Heat - Psychobilly Freakout (from Guitar Hero II OST)

41 That Handsome Devil - Elephant Bones (from Guitar Hero II OST)

42 Primus - John The Fisherman (from Guitar Hero II OST)

43 Black Moth Super Rainbow - Black Yogurt (feat. Mike Watt) (from Drippers)

44 Rudimentary Peni - Imps Of The Perverse (from Cacophony)

45 Buckethead - The Hand (feat. Maximum Bob & Ani Maldjian) (from Enter The Chicken)

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