Monday WTF Aural Sex: 2016-07-04 (Freedom Is A Petrified Little Girl Edition)

Hahaha, fucking July 4th.  Is there really anyone out there batshit enough to think that we have real, actual freedom in this country?  Motherfucker, we have privileges, and they can be taken away without notice.  We don’t have any true freedom; just convenience.  Even worse, we’re so divided on so many petty bullshit issues, and most of you don’t seem to realize that the biggest issue of all is the rich cocksuckers who’re shrinking our lives everyday.  They’re doing it, and they’re convincing you it’s for the best, or the greater good.  You know what I say?  Whatever, motherfuckers.  Just whatever.  Humanity sold out most of its potential greatness for convenience, and vague notions of stability, safety, privacy and (of course) freedom a long goddamn time ago.  Until humanity has nothing left to lose (and holy fuck will it get fucking ugly before that point), the things that need to get done will remain on the back burners.  Anyway, go ahead and yojne now, if you can spare a fuck or a shit.

01 .?. - Sunset (Abused Freedom Clip) (from Sunset @ [00:00:44]

02 Team America: World Police - America, FUCK Yeah (from Team America: World Police OST) [00:01:36]

03 Rage Against The Machine - Freedom (from Rage Against The Machine) [00:03:39]

04 Diabolic - Frontlines (feat. Immortal Technique) (from Liar & a Thief) [00:09:37]

05 George Carlin - Oh, Beautiful (from (insert album title here)) [00:13:53]

06 Fear Factory - Securitron (Police State 2000) (from Obsolete) [00:14:17]

07 Serj Tankian - Harakiri (from Harakiri) [00:20:02]

08 Immortal Technique - The War vs. Us All (feat. Mumia Abu Jamal) (from Bin Laden Remix Single) [00:24:15]

09 Otep - Rise, Rebel, Resist (from Smash The Control Machine) [00:26:51]

10 Jello Biafra w/ D.O.A. - That’s Progress (from Last Scream of the Missing Neighbors) [00:30:48]

11 Rammstein - Amerika (from Reise, Reise) [00:34:01]

12 Otep - Warhead (from House of Secrets) [00:37:48]

13 Walls of Jericho - Another Day, Another Idiot (from With Devils Amongst Us All) [00:41:15]

14 Dead Kennedys - Stars and Stripes of Corruption (from Frankenchrist) [00:43:10]

15 Ministry - Rio Grande Blood (from Rio Grande Blood) [00:49:27]

16 Metallica - …And Justice For All (from …And Justice For All) [00:53:50]

17 Fear Factory - Big God/Raped Souls (from Soul of a New Machine) [01:03:29]

18 A Perfect Circle - Annihilation (from eMOTIVe) [01:06:05]

19 Serj Tankian - Borders Are… (from Imperfect Harmonies) [01:08:13]

20 Team America: World Police - Freedom Isn’t Free (from Team America: World Police OST) [01:12:47]

21 Wax Audio - Sad But Superstitious (from Mashopolous II - The Mashening) [01:15:20]

22 …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Worlds Apart (from Worlds Apart) [01:20:13]

23 Revolting Cocks - I’m Not Gay (Prison Ready Mix) (from Sex-O MiXXX-O) [01:22:36]

24 Bad Acid Trip - Symbiotic Slavery (from Symbiotic Slavery EP) [01:27:44]

25 Serj Tankian - Money (from Elect The Dead) [01:30:16]

26 Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor (from Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables) [01:34:08]

27 Otep - Confrontation (from The Ascension) [01:37:10]

28 Bad Acid Trip - Strange Humans (from Lynch The Weirdo) [01:40:21]

29 Fear Factory - Freedom Or Fire (from Obsolete) [01:41:58]

30 Scars On Broadway - Kill Each Other / Live Forever (from Scars On Broadway) [01:47:07]

31 Serj Tankian - Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition (from Elect The Dead) [01:50:08]

32 Corporate Avenger - Christians Murdered Indians (from Freedom Is A State Of Mind) [01:54:31]

33 Daisy Chainsaw - Love Your Money (from Eleventeen) [01:59:35]

34 System of a Down - P.L.U.C.K. (Politically Lying Unholy Cowardly Killers) (from System of a Down) [02:02:13]

35 Richard Cheese - War Ensemble (from I’d Like A Virgin) [02:05:44]

36 One Day As A Lion - One Day As A Lion (from One Day As A Lion EP) [02:07:33]

37 Leonard Cohen - Democracy (from… somewhere) [02:11:57]

38 The Nightwatchman - Save The Hammer For The Man (feat. Ben Harper) (from World Wide Rebel Songs) [02:14:17]

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