Monday WTF Aural Sex: 2016-05-02 (Pieces of Strange Edition)

Jesus cunt-trumpeting Christ, I’m tired to the point of hallucinations.  I would’ve done this sooner, but for a variety of reasons (including simple procrastination and an unexpected series of events), I’m doing this now.  My sleep schedule has been so fucking wackybonkers lately.  Yes, wackybonkers is a new word I just made.  You might notice that it fuses the two pre-made words, “wacky,” and, “bonkers.”  You see, the beauty of wackybonkers is that it’s not just wacky, and it’s not just bonkers.  It’s fucking both, which makes it twice as wacky and bonkers.  Wrap your fucking craniums around that.  Anyway, enjoy the new word.  It’s certainly better than fucking, “bae.”  Apart from all my silly bananashit details of life, how are all you fuckers out there in the digital void?  Welcome to the Pieces of Strange Edition.  This one is all stuff that I’ve never played on this podcast before, except for one particular song that I haven’t played in over 3 years.  I just wanted to hear that song again, because I miss the person it reminds me of.  Anyway, lots of fucktacular awesomeness to look forward to, so now let us commence the epic journey of yojnement!

01 Twenty One Pilots - Car Radio (from Vessel) [00:00:54]

02 Borgore & G-Eazy - Forbes (from Forbes Single) [00:05:20]

03 Savant, Razihel - Light Years (from Light Years Single) [00:08:40]

04 Florence and the Machine - Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix) (from Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix) Single) [00:13:00]

05 August Burns Red - The Truth of a Liar (from Messengers) [00:17:35]

06 Borgore - Ratchet (from #NEWGOREORDERLUXE) [00:21:44]

07 Cold - Rain Song (from Year of the Spider) [00:24:28]

08 Shulman - A Magnificent Void (from In Search of a Meaningful Moment) [00:28:00]

09 Dabin & Kai Wachi - You (from Bloodless EP) [00:38:53]

10 Creature Feature - Buried Alive (from The Greatest Show Unearthed) [00:41:59]

11 Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out (from Blurryface) [00:45:53]

12 Astronaut - Rain (from Quantum EP) [00:49:11]

13 Between the Buried and Me - More of Myself to Kill (from Between the Buried and Me) [00:54:23]

14 OceanLab - Breaking Ties (Flow Mix) (from Sirens of the Sea) [01:01:09]

15 OceanLab - Skys Fall Down (Above & Beyond Club Mix) (from Sirens of the Sea (Disc 2)) [01:07:05]

16 August Burns Red - The Escape Artist (from Constellations) [01:14:10]

17 Borgore - Wild Out (feat. Waka Flocka Flame & Paige) (from Wild Out EP) [01:18:06]

18 Flaw - Reliance (from Through The Eyes) [01:22:11]

19 Chevelle - Comfortable Liar (from Wonder What’s Next) [01:25:31]

20 Daiquiri - We Are In Brandon Walsh (from Babies Making Babies) [01:29:13]

21 Shpongle - No Turn-Unstoned (from Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland) [01:30:02]

22 Ferry Corsten - Feel You (from Twice in a Blue Moon) [01:37:58]

23 CunninLynguists - Brain Cell (from A Piece of Strange) [01:43:11]

24 Twelve Foot Ninja - Coming For You (from Silent Machine) [01:47:33]

25 Savant - Butterfly (from Cult) [01:50:34]

26 Silversun Pickups - Currency of Love (from Swoon) [01:54:32]

27 Sage Francis - Hell of a Year (from Human The Death Dance) [02:00:01]

28 Shapeshifter - Sleepless (from The System is a Vampire) [02:04:12]

29 Seabound - Breathe (from Double-Crosser) [02:09:20]

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