Monday WTF Aural Sex: 2016-02-22 (Alphabet Shuffle Edition)

What the fuck is up?!  Me, I suppose.  Probably one of the few people on the East Coast awake and doing shit at 4 in the fucking morning on a Monday/Tuesday.  Any-fuckin’-way, this week we have the Alphabet Shuffle Edition.  This one’s pretty much exactly like the regular Shuffle Edition that I posted a while ago.  I just added, “Alphabet,” to the title because of how I add a song or two or three from artists representing each letter of the alphabet.  I have it all organized in alphabetical folders because at some point, I ran out of clever names for my music folders somewhere around Euphonious Maelstrom or something.  It was getting pretty goddamn difficult to find specific albums/artists, lemme tell ya.  Also, don’t go thinking that I cherry-picked these tracks… OK, I did cherry-pick some of them.  Fuck you, ok?  The Shuffle function doesn’t always yield gold, even to the most curious and dedicated of perverts.  Anyway, for the most part, I did just load up a playlist for each letter and hit shuffle once.  You can find some pretty awesome stuff in your collection that you didn’t even know (or remember) you had when you do that.  Give it a whirl sometime if you haven’t or don’t already.  Aaaaand with that, it is now time…

for yojne.

01 The Agonist - Everybody Wants You (Dead) (from Prisoners) [00:00:51]

02 Mushroomhead - 12 Hundred (from Savior Sorrow) [00:05:46]

03 Pendulum - Propane Nightmares (from In Silico) [00:09:04]

04 Grendel - Dirty (Urkom Remix) (from Harsh Generation) [00:14:14]

05 K7 - Come Baby Come (from Swing Batta Swing) [00:18:22]

06 Yahel - Anoni (from Xport) [00:22:15]

07 Henry Rollins - Sermonizing From The Mount (from Talk Is Cheap, Vol. 4) [00:28:35]

08 Van Halen - Eruption (from Van Halen) [00:33:51]

09 Frédéric Chopin - Ballade No.4 in F Minor Op. 52 (Performed by Vladimir Ashkenazy) (from The Piano Works Box Set (Disc 2)) [00:35:31]

10 I Got Shot In The Face - If We Won’t Burn Together, I’ll Burn Alone (from How Am I Not Myself) [00:46:47]

11 Richard Cheese - Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme (from Dick At Nite) [00:51:53]

12 Xerox & Illumination - No Way Out (from The Beast Within) [00:53:38]

13 The Orb - The Truth Is… (from The Dream) [01:00:53]

14 Aesop Rock - Freeze (Crunk and Bug Bites Remix) (from Bazooka Tooth: Crunk and Bug Bites Mixes) [01:07:35]

15 Bong-Ra - 666mph (Bong-Ra vs. Lolita Storm Remix) (from Breakcore A Go-Go! 12”) [01:12:15]

16 Faith & Disease - To See Her In This Light (from Beneath The Trees) [01:17:27]

17 Samiam - Get Out (from Billy) [01:20:34]

18 John Coltrane - Tippin’ (take 3) (from The Bethlehem Years (Disc 2)) [01:23:22]

19 Napalm Death - Upwards and Uninterested (from Noise For Musiks Sake (Disc 2)) [01:29:37]

20 LEIF (kolt) - Run Don’t Work (feat. Griefshare, Philmeeh & Kahlil) (from 8===D) [01:31:59]

21 Ed Rush - G-Force Jesus (from Travel The Galaxy) [01:37:53]

22 Zeromancer - Plasmatic (from Zeromancer) [01:44:11]

23 Uyama Hiroto - Fly Love Song (feat. Pase Rock) (from A Son Of The Sun) [01:49:24]

24 Wu-Tang Clan - Starter (feat. Sunny Valentine & Tashmahogany) (from 8 Diagrams) [01:53:14]

25 Dave Brockie Experience - March Of The Faggot Soldiers (from Songs For The Wrong) [01:57:27]

26 Otto Von Schirach - Educating The Sound Barrier 2 (from Escalo Frio) [02:00:28]

27 Queens of the Stone Age - The Fun Machine Took A Shit And Died (from Era Vulgaris) [02:04:46]

28 Natalie Merchant - When They Ring The Golden Bells (from Ophelia) [02:11:40/02:15:45]

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