Monday WTF Aural Sex: 2016-02-17 (Postbreakspeedbananavaginapoopcoresurfpolkaindiewaveextremedeluxegourmetstep Edition)

Well, shit in my cereal and call me the Dalai Lama, what a day I’ve had.  If I had known that those were little turds raining down instead of water droplets, I probably would’ve made an executive decision to stay home and juggle my nuts.  Any-fucking-way, what the fuck is up?!  How fucking overdue are we for one of these editions, hmm?!  Welcome, mother-daughter-sister-father-son-brother-cousin-stepcousin and grandparentfuckers to the Postbreakspeedbananavaginapoopcoresurfpolkaindiewaveextremedeluxegourmetstep Edition!  Why am I making another one of these now?  Because both Valentine’s Day and the Grammy’s happened recently, and music like this is both one of the main reasons I’m single and also completely fucking invisible to whomever decides which popular person gets to take home their golden trophy for other peoples’ contributions to their lives (aka, the Grammy’s).  Should I elaborate?  I think I should.  Fuck you.

When I listen to music like this, the thought of a female listening to it with me is hilarious.  Mostly because almost nobody besides me even knows of any of these artists, let alone is actually interested in what they do or actually enjoys it to the point that they’d put it on themselves without me.  Mostly, I’m the one bringing the weirdest shit to the table.  While I do enjoy a kind of didactic pleasure from that, I also get a strong sense of confusion and general irritation, much like that which would come from using the word, “didactic,” around pretty much anyone.  Fortunately, I do know one or two people who are into this kind of shit.  Unfortunately, they live across the fucking country, so hanging out doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like.  But hey, I’m thankful to just know ONE other person who is into shit like this.  I think it’s fucking brilliant, and it sucks that almost nobody else seems to agree.  Boo-hoo.  Poor me.  Ah well.

As far as the Grammy’s aspect goes, man… Why the motherfuck does anyone give a fetid baby squirrel turd about the Grammy’s anymore?  Haven’t we, as at least moderately evolved human beings, figured out that the Grammy’s is just another fucking popularity contest for rich people?  Who the fuck cares who wins a stupid fucking golden trophy for any accomplishment?  The accomplishments themselves are what matter most, and the quality of music is all subjective. Yet, we’re supposed to be enthralled by the vaguely unified opinions of total strangers about their definition of quality music?  Fuck that fucking noise.  The absolutely exquisite fucking aural sex you’ll hear in this podcast will NEVER win any Grammy’s.  Ever.  As far as I’m concerned, the farther away someone is from winning a Grammy, the better their music is likely to be.

Don’t believe me?  Sit and yojne for a while, and if you don’t agree, shove a hot yojne up your piss hole for all I care.  Love ya!

01 Renard - You’re Dumb (from High Moral Fibre Album (Trimmed)) [00:02:20]

02 Dev/Null - I’d Rather Mainline Preparation H Than Listen To Your Shitty, Shitty Music (from Lazer Thrash) [00:02:59]

03 The Quick Brown Fox - Holy Macaroni (from SPEEDKORE 4 KIDZ!) [00:06:52]

04 Otto Von Schirach - Banana Trouble (Instrumental) (from El Golpe Avisa EP) [00:08:48]

05 The Stunned Guys - Love Really Sucks (Roger Mix) (from Earthquake III (Disc 2)) [00:11:31]

06 Goreshit - Fake Ass Bitches (from Copyright Infringement) [00:15:34]

07 Venetian Snares - Crashing The Yogurt Truck (from Filth) [00:19:07]

08 Adraen - Sunnyville (from The Beats With Two Backs) [00:24:36]

09 D-MonyK - Track 12 (from The Hardstomp Revolution) [00:27:29]

10 Adroa - Battlefield (from Decimation EP) [00:29:52]

11 Otto Von Schirach - Milk A Cow And Dosey Doe (from Ye Olde Barn Compilation) [00:34:59]

12 DJ Sharpnel - DA MANCO (from Endless Summer) [00:40:20]

13 Cake Builder - Book Of The Dead (which is in mono for some weird reason) (from Decks’n’Demons) [00:44:23]

14 Doormouse - Hey Look, I’m White [The Canadian National Anthem] (from Fractured Hearts) [00:50:03]

15 Paradeigma - Breakcore vs. Jazz (Raimond Pauls Mix) (from [noiseworx 086]) [00:53:39]

16 Otto Von Schirach - Spine Serpents Of Sperm Island (from Spine Serpents From Sperm Island) [00:54:46]

17 Realicide - The Absent Rapist (from Enduring The Viral Hell Pt. 2) [00:56:28]

18 Chaosphere & Datsik - Eradicate (from Eradicate EP) [00:59:07]

19 Adraen - Contact (from Your Roots Aren’t Showing) [01:03:21]

20 Killingscum - LET’S NYANCING (from Otaku Overclocks) [01:06:08]

21 Venetian Snares - Integraation (from My Downfall OST) [01:07:56]

22 Goreshit - L Is For Ice Cream and Cake (from Fainaru 3/Goreshit/Lolishiiit/Japshitfun Split) [01:14:52]

23 Lapfox Trax - The Mega Viper Bros VS The Mother Brain (from ON Trax Vol. 1) [01:17:11]

24 DJ Sharpnel - Escape From Vorkuta (from 危ないベースライン) [01:18:24]

25 Kezwik - Let Go (feat. Mimi Page) (from HD+. Top 100. Best of 2012) [01:23:58]

26 I Killed Techno! - A Thousand Ghosts In The Midst Of Dawn (from Get Naked) [01:27:59]

27 Kitsune² - Whatchall Know About Nintendo (from Star Road) [01:29:18]

28 CJClip - U’can’t Touch This (MC Hammer Breakcore Remix) (from Happy Stories) [01:30:56]

29 Otto Von Schirach - Condom Pancakes (from Magic Triangle) [01:34:22]

30 Doormouse - American Honda Finance Corporation (from Unabomber Ate A Donkey Dick EP) [01:35:26]

31 Annoying Ringtone - Extratone Pirates (from The Crucifiction Of Commerce) [01:40:34]

32 Azrael - Off With Her Head (feat. MC Gunmouth) (from Post-Apocalyptic Porn Groove) [01:42:36]

33 DJ Sharpnel - Black Chocolates (from 危ないベースライン) [01:46:16]

34 Ajapai - Get Down Lay Down (from Detected EP) [01:50:15]

35 Black & White - Music Is A Place Of Home (from Frame By Frame) [01:55:03]

36 Doormouse - Venetian Snares / Delta Nine / Squarepusher / Fear Factory (from The Method Vol. 1: The Streets Of Miami) [02:02:00]

37 Mayhem - Eggs (Furries In A Blender Remix) (from MAG Trax) [02:05:00]

38 Otto Von Schirach - Cantaloupe Syphilis Gravy (from Maxipad Detention) [02:08:22]

39 DJ Sharpnel - Green D (from 危ないベースライン)[02:11:23]

40 CJClip - DrumOrgy (from Happy Stories) [02:14:57]

41 Kitsune² - Giant Enemy Crab (from Squaredance) [02:17:20]

42 Venetian Snares - Bebikukorica Nigiri (from Dentramentalist) [02:19:54]

43 DJ Sharpnel - Solitude Sun (from Mad Breaks) [02:23:26]

44 The Quick Brown Fox - Snort A Lot Of Crack (from The Quick Brown Fox) [02:27:41]

45 DJ Sharpnel - PANTS (from X-Rated) [02:30:22]

46 Doormouse - Full Frontal Face Fire (from Broken) [02:36:17]

47 Getter - Extermination Process (Point.Blank Remix) (from Extermination EP) [02:39:17]

48 Helicopter Showdown - The Terror (from The Wrestler) [02:43:24]

49 Nestrogen - Numerous Reasons To Smite Thee (from Nestrogen) [02:47:05]

50 Goreshit - The Nature Of Dying (from Semantic Compositions On Death And Its Meaning) [02:49:15]

51 Xanadu Kudzu - Who Run It (Acrnym vs. Three 6 Mafia vs. XK) (from Your Least Favorite Melodies) [02:55:13]

52 Realicide - The Shit Punx Hate! (Traits RMX) (from Enduring The Viral Hell Pt. 2) [02:56:38]

53 Sounds Of Horror - Ged Yer Freeek On (from Crossover Markets Are A Bitch) [02:59:17]

54 Radioactive Samurai - Chelovechestvo Ne Perspektivno ([NesCreator] Remix) (from Remix Album) [03:00:17]

55 Otto Von Schirach - Crispy Hexagons (from Escalo Frio) [03:03:12]

56 Venetian Snares - Befriend A Childkiller (from Doll Doll Doll) [03:07:20]

57 Goreshit - Game Over. (from Rituals) [03:13:21]

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