Monday WTF Aural Sex: 2015-10-19 (All-Star Series: Michael Hovsepian Edition)

This should’ve been put out last week!  I dropped the motherfucking ball; I’m sorry.  My apology doesn’t even fall on deaf ears.  It falls on zero ears.  Eaaaaaarrrrrs of zeeeeerooooooooo…  Anyway, yeah, this should’ve been put out last week, because it’s another installment of the motherfuckin’ ALL-STAR SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!  Like Atari Teenage Riot up in this bitch, you know, with all the exclamation points an’ shit.  This one is for my dear friend Michael Hovsepian.  I can scarcely imagine you perverts fathoming how profoundly awesome it is being friends with one of your favorite musicians, but that’s not saying much.  My imagination is a masturbating cripple who wonders why his own cum tastes so damn good.  Truly, this one has been a long time “cumming,”… haha, see what I did there?!  I’m so fuckin’ clever.  Tyler would be proud.  Not really.  Anyway, Michael Hovsepian (aka PT Grimm) is someone who has greatly inspired me throughout the past decade and a half.  Without consciously doing so, he taught me to embrace chaos.  He helped me find humor in potentially fatal circumstances.  The laughter we’ve shared over the years has kept me delightfully insane, and I can’t adequately express my gratitude for it.  One thing I can do, however, is make a silly little podcast like this to honor him on his birthday (which was last week… shut up).  

Motherfuckers and motherfuckerettes, there truly is nothing you can do to prepare yourselves for the aural fucktacularity that is about to penetrate your tender earholes.  All I can say is…


01 Paul X. Silver - 73 (from Floccinaucinihilipilification) [00:02:19]

02 PT Grimm - Delusion Equals Happiness (from Songs To Amputate Your Face By) [00:03:40]

03 Dead Felcher - Track 06 (from Album Zero) [00:07:28]

04 PT Grimm - Watch Me Ruin Everything (from Entropy’s Sideshow) [00:07:52]

05 PT Grimm - People Are Strange (from Entropy’s Sideshow v.2) [00:09:32]

06 Dead Felcher - Track 05 (from Album Zero) [00:11:43]

07 PT Grimm - Seance (from The Exile) [00:13:18]

08 PT Grimm - My Rotten Twin (from PT Grimm - New Demos) [00:16:23]

09 PT Grimm - The Praxis Factor (from Post-Mortem Blues) [00:19:54]

10 PT Grimm - Atelia (from PT Grimm Misc.) [00:22:54]

11 PT Grimm - I Love Satan (from PT Grimm Samples) [00:26:33]

12 PT Grimm - Black Seed (from Entropy’s Sideshow) [00:26:48]

13 PT Grimm - Fangry (from Songs To Amputate Your Face By) [00:29:22]

14 PT Grimm - The Freak Of Unbridled Ridicule (from Post-Mortem Blues) [00:31:15]

15 PT Grimm - Korobeiniki (from PT Grimm Misc.) [00:35:28]

16 PT Grimm - Go To Sleep (from The Exile) [00:37:34]

17 Mirrorhead - In A Hotel (from Mirrorhead Demos) [00:38:58]

18 PT Grimm - Whoracle (from PT Grimm - New Demos) [00:42:11]

19 PT Grimm - Operation Mindfuck (from Entropy’s Sideshow) [00:46:27]

20 PT Grimm - Crystal Baby (from Songs To Amputate Your Face By) [00:49:08]

21 Mannequin Porn - Do The Math (feat. PT Grimm) (from One Plus One) [00:51:45]

22 PT Grimm - 7 Pussies (from PT Grimm Misc.) [00:54:26]

23 PT Grimm - Golden Age of Grotesque (Marilyn Manson cover) (from PT Grimm Misc.) [00:57:32]

24 Lusavor - Voriget Sharje (from Dzedz Bid Udes) [01:00:39]

25 PT Grimm - Faggot (Mindless Self Indulgence cover/remix/whatthefuckever) (from PT Grimm - Bonus CD (because we suck and your orders were all 9 years late.)) [01:03:55]

26 Mirrorhead - The Ballerina’s Puffy Areolas (from Mirrorhead Demos) [01:07:17]

27 PT Grimm - I Smell Bad (from Songs To Amputate Your Face By) [01:08:23]

28 PT Grimm - People Are Strange (from Songs To Amputate Your Face By) [01:09:01]

29 PT Grimm - Semen Is A Demon (from PT Grimm - New Demos) [01:11:32]

30 PT Grimm - Inky Shades Of Outercourse (from PT Grimm - Bonus CD (because we suck and your orders were all 9 years late.)) [01:15:06]

31 PT Grimm - Entropy’s Sideshow (from Entropy’s Sideshow) [01:18:13]

32 PT Grimm - Kewpie Dull (Mr. Bitch Edit) (from Entropy’s Sideshow) [01:21:27]

33 PT Grimm - Deformation Struck (from PT Grimm - New Demos) [01:25:04]

34 PT Grimm - Die Rusted Poltergeist (from Post-Mortem Blues) [01:28:49]

35 PT Grimm - Deformorama (from PT Grimm - New Demos) [01:34:55]

36 PT Grimm - A Pig In A Fez (from The Exile) [01:37:43]

37 PT Grimm - Chaste Makes Waste (from Songs To Amputate Your Face By) [01:40:52]

38 PT Grimm - Hush (from The Exile) [01:44:14]

39 PT Grimm - Pep Rally (from Songs To Amputate Your Face By) [01:48:20]

40 PT Grimm - The Red Cradle (from The Exile) [01:50:37]

41 PT Grimm - Pre-Occupational Hazards (from Post-Mortem Blues) [01:52:10]

42 PT Grimm - Kill Your Parents (from PT Grimm Samples) [01:53:47]

43 PT Grimm - Emily (from Songs To Amputate Your Face By) [01:54:11]

44 PT Grimm - Fuck Everything (from Songs To Amputate Your Face By) [01:55:32]

45 PT Grimm - Twenty-three Nineteen (from The Exile) [01:56:14]

46 PT Grimm - So, How Does The Floor Taste? (from Entropy’s Sideshow) [02:00:30]

47 PT Grimm - The Man With The Sapphire Skin? (from Post-Mortem Blues) [02:01:29]

48 Dead Felcher - Track 11 (from Album Zero) [02:05:22]

49 PT Grimm - Piss Upon Your Smile (from Entropy’s Sideshow) [02:06:29]

50 Eat The Day - Dada (feat. PT Grimm) (from PT Grimm Misc.) [02:10:21]

51 PT Grimm - Animorph Bastard (from Songs To Amputate Your Face By) [02:11:57]

52 PT Grimm - Clown Dirge (from Songs To Amputate Your Face By) [02:14:50]

53 PT Grimm - Die-Oh-Niceez (from Songs To Amputate Your Face By) [02:18:10]

54 PT Grimm - A Perfect Stranger (from PT Grimm - New Demos) [02:22:46]

55 PT Grimm - Epitaph (from The Exile) [02:26:22]

56 PT Grimm - Resserection… (from Post-Mortem Blues) [02:30:52]

57 Dead Felcher - Track 16 (from Album Zero) [02:37:18]

58 PT Grimm - Panophobia… (from Entropy’s Sideshow) [02:51:06]

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