Monday WTF Aural Sex: 2015-02-16 (MFXX / 1,001 Albums: Album 0029: Muddy Waters - At Newport

What’s up, perverts?!  Happy Presidents Day… or something.  Does anyone give a shit?  I mean, about the actual holiday, not that they get a day off from their job they hate.  We might as well have Rock Day where we celebrate the existence of rocks, along with Tree Day, Petroleum Jelly Day, Marital Aid Day, and so on, and so on.

Anyway, today we have the 20th installment of Miscellaneous Fucktacularity and an awesome live blues album by Muddy Waters.  Anyone who doesn’t know much about blues would likely do well to start learning about it from this album.  Stevie Ray Vaughan was the guy who really got me into blues, and now I enjoy pretty much any blues music I hear.

Apart from this podcast and the Muddy Waters album, I’ve got the 29th album on my personal 1,001 list, Portishead’s self-titled album.  This one was the first album I bought by them, although the first song I heard, “Roads,” is on their debut album, “Dummy.”  I heard it on the movie Tank Girl.  Awesome flick for those of you who don’t know already.

Anyway, here are the blogs for both albums:

You know what the fuck to do now, so I’m not even gonna say it…

01 DJ Rainbow Ejaculation - Midi Chin Chin2 (from Midi_sai Hit Parade) [00:00:41]

02 The Locust - The Perils Of Believing In Round Squares (from The Locust) [00:01:47]

03 Acting Damage - Bathsheba (from Bathsheba EP) [00:02:40]

04 The Berzerker - Eye For An Eye (from Animosity (Disc 1)) [00:06:21]

05 Tom Waits - Children’s Story (from Oprhans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards) [00:08:36]

06 A Black Rose Burial - A Baleful Aura… (from An Awakening Of Revenants) [00:10:17]

07 Skkatter - Please Take My Head Out Of This Bucket Of Ice (from Ministry Of Shit: The 2003 Anus) [00:16:03]

08 Serj Tankian - Money (from Elect The Dead) [00:19:33]

09 Ludovico Einaudi - Limbo (from Echoes - The Einaudi Collection) [00:23:24]

10 Maruosa - Muscle Spark (from Exercise and Hell) [00:27:39]

11 The Agonist - Predator and Prayer (from Prisoners) [00:28:44]

12 Tom Waits - What Keeps Mankind Alive (from Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards) [00:33:45]

13 Abelcain - Danse Macabre (from The Garden) [00:35:54]

14 OVe-NaXx - U Like Monkey Karkalush (from Midi_sai Hit Parade) [00:43:32]

15 Neil Young - Harvest Moon (from Harvest Moon) [00:48:12]

16 Tool - 10,000 Days (Wings Part 2) (from 10,000 Days) [00:53:07]

17 Hatebreed - Last Breath (from Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire) [01:04:12]

18 Kittie - Never Again (from Funeral For Yesterday) [01:05:44]

19 Kittie - Sweet Destruction [Interlude] (from Funeral For Yesterday) [01:09:26]

20 Emancipator - Anthem (from Soon It Will Be Cold Enough) [01:11:49]

21 Astronaut - Apollo (DKS Remix) (from Destination: Apollo) [01:17:19]

22 Tom Waits - The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me (from Bone Machine) [01:21:48]

23 Agalloch - To Drown (from Marrow of the Spirit) [01:23:34]

24 After The Burial - Berzerker (from Rareform) [01:33:50]

25 Tool - Pushit (Live) (from Salival) [01:39:23]

26 Muddy Waters - I Got My Brand On You (from At Newport) [01:57:10]

27 Muddy Waters - (I’m Your) Hoochie Coochie Man (from At Newport) [02:02:00]

28 Muddy Waters - Baby, Please Don’t Go (from At Newport) [02:04:58]

29 Muddy Waters - Soon Forgotten (from At Newport) [02:08:03]

30 Muddy Waters - Tiger In Your Tank (from At Newport) [02:12:21]

31 Muddy Waters - I Feel So Good (from At Newport) [02:16:53]

32 Muddy Waters - I’ve Got My Mojo Working (from At Newport) [02:19:55]

33 Muddy Waters - I’ve Got My Mojo Working Part 2 (from At Newport) [02:24:23]

34 Muddy Waters - Goodbye Newport Blues (from At Newport) [02:27:18]

35 Muddy Waters - I Got My Brand On You (Mono) (from At Newport) [02:32:07]

36 Muddy Waters - Soon Forgotten (Mono) (from At Newport) [02:34:25]

37 Muddy Waters - Tiger In Your Tank (Mono) (from At Newport) [02:37:02]

38 Muddy Waters - Meanest Woman (Mono) (from At Newport) [02:39:15]

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