Monday WTF Aural Sex: 2015-01-19 (MFXVI / 1,001 Albums: Album 0009: Count Basie - The Complete Atomic Basie)

Alright goddamit… It seems pretty clear that I have some sort of mental block against actually getting these fucking podcasts out on Monday Morning.  Either that, or Mondays are just always occupied by various shit.  I used to put this out in the morning so people would have something to make the beginning of their work weeks suck a little less, but frankly, since I haven’t dealt with that in over half a year, and I’ve never had anyone say, “Dude, your podcast totally made my Monday suck a whole lot less,” my motivation to release these in the mornings has waned.  Maybe I’ll get back to it, maybe I won’t.  Until then, I’m just going to call it Monday Whenever-The-Fuck Aural Sex, or Monday WTF Aural Sex for short… -er, not by much.  Any-fuckin’-way, this week we’ll be hearing an album that I’d be willing to bet money that almost no one on my friends list has heard of: Count Basie’s album, “The Complete Atomic Basie.”  

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, I hope you’re willing to give it a listen.  That’s how you most likely found out about 9/10ths of the music you love now anyway, so why the fuck not?  I think the more music you love, the more you love music (or the other way around).  Anyway, it’s a jazz album, and I looooove me some jazz.  I had to grow up a bit to really appreciate it, but if you can manage it, I think you’ll all really dig it.  Here’s the blog I wrote about the album:

Now, hurry up and yojne before the fucking world ends, or you get trampled by a stampede of ostriches, or your asshole implodes and takes the rest of you with it… that would be pretty fucking awful.

01 The Death Set - Too Much Fun For Regrets (from Michel Poiccard) [00:01:04]

02 Dabin - Embers (Kai Wachi Remix) (from Bloodless EP) [00:02:30]

03 Machine Gun Kelly - Warning Shot (feat. Cassie) (from Saints Row IV - K-Rhyme 95.4) [00:06:22]

04 Doormouse - Puddy Tairs (from Addict 004) [00:09:41]

05 Moth - Antichrist (from Genesis) [00:12:34]

06 Fei-Fei - All Day I Dream (Getter Remix) (from Firepower Records #BeatportDecade Dubstep) [00:16:26]

07 In This Moment - Beautiful Tragedy (from Beautiful Tragedy) [00:20:35]

08 Clockwork - Titan (Coyote Kisses Remix) (from Titan Remix EP) [00:24:33]

09 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Gold (from Saints Row IV - K-Rhyme 95.4) [00:27:08]

10 Gridlock - Pallid (from Formless) [00:31:11]

11 Yellow Claw - W.O.L.F. (from Saints Row IV - Mad Decent 106.9) [00:35:37]

12 Moth, 1.8.7. Deathstep - Shotgun Addiction (from Genesis) [00:38:36]

13 Infected Mushroom - Rise Up (feat. Savant) (from Friends On Mushrooms (Deluxe Edition)) [00:42:23]

14 Toadally Krossed Out - Cray (feat. RiFF RAFF) (from Saints Row IV - Mad Decent 106.9) [00:47:41]

15 Bear Grillz - Demons (from Firepower Records #BeatportDecade Dubstep) [00:51:48]

16 Daughters - Pants, Meet Shit (from Canada Songs) [00:55:22]

17 Adventure Club - Spiritus Sancti (Boondock Saints Tribute) (from Adventure Club Dubstep) [00:56:11]

18 Cookie Monsta - Come Find Me (feat. Flux Pavilion) (from Circus Reloaded, Vol. 1) [01:00:42]

19 ETC!ETC!, Brillz, Diplo - Bueller (feat. Whiskey Pete) (from Saints Row IV - Mad Decent 106.9) [01:04:57]

20 ETC!ETC! & Brillz - Swoop (from Saints Row IV - Mad Decent 106.9) [01:08:37]

21 Isis - Wills Dissolve (from Panopticon) [01:12:17]

22 Count Basie - The Kid From Red Bank (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [01:19:02]

23 Count Basie - Duet (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [01:21:39]

24 Count Basie - After Supper (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [01:25:47]

25 Count Basie - Flight Of The Foo Birds (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [01:29:08]

26 Count Basie - Double-O (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [01:32:28]

27 Count Basie - Teddy The Toad (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [01:35:10]

28 Count Basie - Whirly-Bird (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [01:38:24]

29 Count Basie - Midnite Blue (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [01:42:11]

30 Count Basie - Splanky (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [01:46:35]

31 Count Basie - Fantail (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [01:50:08]

32 Count Basie - Li’l Darlin’ (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [01:53:00]

33 Count Basie - Silks And Satins (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [01:57:47]

34 Count Basie - Sleepwalker’s Serenade [Alternate Take] (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [02:01:48]

35 Count Basie - Sleepwalker’s Serenade (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [02:05:20]

36 Count Basie - The Late Late Show (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [02:08:54]

37 Count Basie - The Late Late Show (Vocal Version) (from The Complete Atomic Basie) [02:11:41]

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