Monday WTF Aura Sex: 2015-11-23 (Entranced Edition Vol. 3)

Good muthafuckin’ evening, perverts!  Welcome to the third installment of the Entranced edition.  Lemme fuckin’ tell ya, it was difficult for me to not put some of the tracks from previous Entranced editions back on this third volume.  Frankly, I dislike when artists put old tracks on new albums when they haven’t been remixed or re-recorded.  It just seems lazy, although I have little doubt that those decisions are made by record companies.  Anyway, tonight is a special night, because I have the Con-Monstah here from Ohio to co-host this here podcast right here.  Or, co-introduce at least.  Shit’s a little different from three and a half years ago when we made a podcast together.  Say hi to all the perverts out in Pervertland, Constance!

Haay there, How’s every one been? Excited? Bored? Paaul, how have you been? 

I have been exquisitely fucktacular, especially with all this aural sex we’re about to yojne.  In fact, fuck being “about to yojne,” it, let’s yojne it right fuckin’ now!

01 The Roc Project - Never (feat. Tina Arena) (DJ Tiësto Remix) (from Kazaa - The Roc Project) [00:00:40]

02 Elles De Graaf - Show You My World (Ferry Corsten Mix) (from Creamfields (Mixed by Ferry Corsten) (Disc 2)) [00:08:22]

03 Ferry Corsten - Let You Go (feat. Sarah Bettens) (from WKND) [00:15:04]

04 dj TAKA - Spiral Galaxy (L.E.D. STYLE SPREADING PARTICLE BEAM MIX) (from milestone (Disc 2)) [00:18:23]

05 Armin Van Buuren - Wall Of Sound (feat. Justine Suissa) (from Shivers) [00:22:45]

06 Delerium - Underwater (Above & Beyond’s 21st Century Mix) (from Odyssey: The Remix Collection (Disc 1)) [00:28:55]

07 DJ Encore feat. Engelina - Open Your Eyes (from Intuition) [00:36:33]

08 Ian Van Dahl - Inspiration (Peter Luts Remix) (from ThriveMix01 (Disc 2)) [00:41:14]

09 Xerox vs. Passenger - Science Is God (Ultravoice Remix) (from Back To Galaxy) [00:45:57]

10 BT - Flaming June (BT and PvD Mix) (from Flaming June) [00:54:07]

11 Kai Tracid - 4 Just 1 Day (from Contemplate The Reason You Exist) [01:02:29]

12 Dirty Vegas - Days Go By (from Dirty Vegas) [01:10:21]

13 Ayumi Hamasaki - Unite! (Airwave Mix) (from Cyber Trance Presents Ayu Trance) [01:17:24]

14 Armin Van Buuren - Shivers (from Shivers) [01:21:25]

15 Aurora - Hear You Calling (from Kazaa - Aurora) [01:28:52]

16 Ferry Corsten - Watch Out (feat. Debra Andrew) (from L.E.F.) [01:32:57]

17 kors k - Programmed World (SF_ Infected Mix) (from Ways For Liberation) [01:36:55]

18 Ayumi Hamasaki - A Song For XX (Ferry Corsten Chilld Mix) (from Cyber Trance Presents Ayu Trance) [01:44:08]

19 G - evergreen (Spore Remix) (from Dear, Mr. kors k) [01:48:32]

20 Rainy - Back Into The Abyss (from Dear, Mr. TAKA) [01:56:44]

21 Art of Trance - Stealth (from Voice of Earth) [02:01:27]

22 White Room - White Room (from Ultra.Trance:04.2) [02:08:35]

23 DJ Tiësto - Into The Dark (feat. Christian Burns) (from Elements of Life) [02:16:24]

24 Ayla - Into The Light (from Nirwana) [02:20:51]

25 BT - Communicate (from Emotional Technology (Special Collector’s Edition) (Disc 1)) [02:27:44]

26 dj TAKA - Frozen Ray (from milestone (Disc 1)) [02:33:41]

27 ACM - Elements of Trance (DJ Kim’s Reload Mix) (from Midnight Club II Original Game Audio (Disc 3)) [02:37:23]

28 DJ Tiësto - Break My Fall (feat. BT) (from Elements of Life) [02:45:08]

29 D-Noiser - Brain 29 “Demon of the Church” mix 1 (from Midnight Club II Original Game Audio (Disc 3)) [02:52:11]

30 Darude - Music (from Rush (Disc 1)) [02:58:50]

31 TaQ - Marine Snow (from ongaq:stromatolite) [03:05:51]

32 Digital Explosion - Summer In Belize (from… somewhere) [03:13:53]

33 Kate Ryan - Desenchantee (from Best of Trance Vol. 4) [03:19:53]

34 Jonathan Morning - Sunny (Radio Cut) (from Old MP3s) [03:23:27]

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