Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-07-27 (Prepostlolicoffeebreakspeedbananapolkarepublicrataliennipple to the MAXiMUM gOurmET EXTrEME reaCHaround-CORE Edition)

Merry fuckin’ Monday, and a very merry birthday eve to all, and to all a goodnight! The end…


No, seriously.


No podcast this week. Go home…



HAH!1 You fell for it. I got you! Heh, acting. So, welemoclewcome to the Prepostlolicoffeebreakspeedbananapolkarepublicrataliennipple to the MAXiMUM gOurmET EXTrEME reaCHaround-CORE Edition! Want to know how I know that title is obnoxious besides the fucking obvious? I had to copy and paste it into this text document that I’m typing up now which I’ll later be recording, however, if you’re hearing it now, then I’m saying it now, which means you didn’t read this, and if you’re only reading it, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU BEING A CUNT LIKE THAT?! HMM?! This is a fuckin’ podcast! What are you doing fuckin’ reading? Be a good little American and stop reading altogether.


Anyway, I mentioned a merry birthday eve. That goes out to all whose birthdays happen to be on the muthafuckin’ 28th, and since I don’t know any other fuckin’ weirdos like that, I guess I’m wishing future me a merry birthday eve and another (at least) moderately orgasmic trip around the sun! On Earth, that is. If we lived on a colony on Pluto, nobody born there would ever live to see their first birthday. True story, muthafuckas. Look it up. Soooo, I’m gonna be 36 tomorrow. Well, tomorrow in 4 minutes. I’m sure it’ll take me more than 4 minutes to finish typing this, and by the time you hear this, it’ll already be tomorrow, which’ll make it today, which means the statement is true, sort of. Fuckin’ time ’n’ shit, right?


We all know the sayings, “You’re only as old as you feel,” “Age is a state of mind,” yadda yadda. It’s funny, because in some ways I feel fuckin’ 1,000, and in others I feel like, 5 or some shit. Fuckin’ time, right?! Anytime anyone starts spoutin’ some shit about, “nobody older than x should do y,” I wanna tell them to go to a Richard buffet, and get the all-you-can-eat special. Shit, take some home for later. Those fuckin’ articles are hilarious to me. Like, past a certain age, you shouldn’t have your media collection on display anywhere, you shouldn’t have posters up that aren’t in frames, you shouldn’t have a fuckin’ mattress w/o a box spring (which I actually agree with, but purely because I imagine that shit is uncomfortable as fuck, and most people deserve at least a little fuckin’ comfort in their lives). Meanwhile, not only do I have my media on display, I’ve got toys & figures, posters and magazine clippings plastered all over the walls, I play video games and consume media in general to a far greater degree than most, and I have slim to fucking nil interest whatsoever in doing, “adult,” things (unless you’re talkin’ porn ’n’ shit).


I see people getting married, having kids, buying domiciles, etc. I kinda think, wow, so that’s it, huh? I’m not mocking anyone’s depth of commitment or anything. I just think life is so much richer than the bullshit routine we’re sold from an early age. It’s like when you clear off a cluttered surface and you get that feeling of relief. Most people just clutter it back up with various shit, or their significant other does it for them. I’ve learned to prolong that feeling of relief, just taking solace in the emptiness, in the potential. I clutter my surfaces plenty, but it’s my fuckin’ clutter. It’s my responsibility to clear and clutter as I please, and so I have no need to stress over wishing anyone else’s behavior would include at least a modicum of basic human consideration. Not to mention the stress of trying to fuckin’ read minds due to the rampant, vexatious cowardice that tends to grow in people as they coincidentally become vulnerable. So many people are just fuckin’ damage reports and little else, and fuck does that shit get exhausting as well. I wish so much that people could actually afford to seek the help they need, but unfortunately, we live in fucking America. Jesus, and the stress of simply trying to have honest, respectful communication? Fuckin’ Christ, perverts. That shit’s like pulling teeth sometimes.


Maybe I’m some sort of psycho freak, but I don’t think that’s all that difficult. It’s probably only due to my myriad miserable experiences, but obviously, all that shit heavily interferes with my peace and happiness. I’m not fuckin’ dealing with that chaotic trash anymore, so unless I encounter someone as feverishly committed to peace, happiness, curiosity and growth as I am (which doesn’t seem particularly fuckin’ likely), I’ma just be over here doin’ my thing. Y’all can try to catch up if you want, but I’m not gonna settle for some boring-ass bullshit, some sort of 10/90 compromise just because I can’t think of anything better to do. I have no interest in fuckin’ treading water until my strength gives out, and I fuckin’ drown in the abyss of awful fuckin’ decisions. Again, only speaking from my experience, which admittedly has been a fuckin’ epically terrible one. Happy birthday to me, eh?


Nah, I’m actually pretty happy these days. I’ve learned to be content with what I have rather than lament all the things I don’t. When I look back, when I look around me at the world outside, and/or when I look to the future, it may be a fuckin’ horror show of bitter frustration, egregious deceit and bleak uncertainty, but in spite of it all, I do have plenty of reasons to smile and laugh most every day. I suppose that says something about me. Probably multiple things, although I’m not entirely sure what they all are.


Any-fuckin’-way, I could fuckin’ yammer on ’til the fuckin’ cows come home, but it’s past 7 in the goddamn morning now (yes, I really spend that much time on these fuckin’ podcasts every week), and I’m pretty sure I can hear fuckin’ mooing in the distance. I should probably talk about this fuckin’ podcast at some point, eh?


1. I haven’t made one of these editions since fuckin’ 2016, and this is only the 5th in the 8 years I’ve been doing this podcast (or 6 if you don’t count 2017 & 2018 when I was on hiatus but still paying for the hosting). If any of you especially fuckin’ observant perverts remember, I did something similar for my birthday back in 2014. I actually put out 2 editions on my birthday that year to make up for the previous week. They were one of these (which was the 3rd volume overall), and the 4th volume of the Psychopathic Family Edition. So, see? Last week’s Psychopathic Family flashback edition was pertinent! Albeit to only myself and perhaps one or two other extremely observant perverts, but still.


2. The reason I did this on my birthday then, and am doing this on the eve of my birthday now, is because I fucking LOVE this music. It’s definitely an acquired taste, the likes of which only one or two people I know have acquired, but goddamn is this music fascinating to me. Honestly, I know some of these artists’ styles well enough that I could probably pick them out just by hearing random tracks of theirs. Breakcore can often be strangely meditative to me. It puts me in mind of my own often erratic thought processes. There’s probably a neurological explanation behind my enthusiasm for breakcore, but I don’t know enough about neurology yet to talk about it here and now. I do know that it’s like an aggressive, electronic form of jazz to me, and that is A-O-fuckin’-kay. Plus, the humor in it is right up my alley. There’s plenty of sadness too, to which unfortunately I can indeed relate. Overall, it’s one of those genres that’s thoroughly fascinating to me in terms of the process through which it’s created, the erratic rhythms, the vastly diverse instrumentation, and the fact that only precious few people on the planet can appreciate it makes it even more special to me. Breakcore is about as far as you could possibly go from the nauseatingly mediocre turds that float through the mainstream. The only things I could see going farther are Noise and Vaporwave or something. You really want to go down a fuckin’ strange rabbit hole? Spend some time looking into those genres. I don’t know if I could ever justify doing a full edition of either of those, much to your delight, no doubt.


3. Much like the other editions, you’ll notice several names appearing numerous times on the list. If you can hang with this stuff, check those artists out! t+pazolite, especially. I have yet to hear even one mediocre track of his. That’s extremely fuckin’ rare, although to be fai-uh… I’ve only heard a handful of his tracks so far. Also, that’s not to say you shouldn’t look into the artists who only appear once, just that the ones who appear multiple times are especially fuckin’ awesome. One in particular that only appears once on this edition is I Broke My Robot. I’ve played him (or them, I’m not sure) a couple times on this podcast over the years, and yeah, great shit right there. Also also, because it’s been so fuckin’ long since I made one of these editions, and because I’ve spent the last year searching for and celebrating new music discovery in general, 51 out of the 85 tracks are totally new! The rest are remnants from podcasts past that deserve more love.


4. At long last, let me say something about the stuff we’ll be hearing besides breakcore. Well, pretty much just J-core and some UK hardcore. Maybe even chipcore, if that’s a thing. As long as it has the fuckin’ -core suffix, right? Some of the tracks are little interludes, some of the artists blur the boundaries of those 3 aforementioned genres like Igorrr, Little Big and Defrag. The last of which is one of my all-time favorite artists, and has been pretty much since I discovered him back in 2000 or 2001. The only reason I discovered him, by the way, is because he put out an album on Invisible Records owned by Martin Atkins of Pigface, and being as big a Pigface admirer as I am, I knew that it would be hard to go wrong. Interestingly (at least, to me), he was known then as Defragmentation, but at some point shortened it to Defrag. I suppose it was pretty fuckin’ difficult to find info on him on the internet under the name, “Defragmentation,” much like it’s goddamn near impossible to find info on artists like Download and CDr.


With all that happy ostrich shit said, I declare the quest of yojne commenceth!



01 Charlie Day - Rock, Flag and Eagle (from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) [00:06:44]


02 Camellia, Bang Riot - Banger A.F., Broooo!!! (from Xronial Xero) [00:07:04]


03 Catnapp - Full Nelson (from Full Nelson) [00:11:19]


04 t+pazolite - (The Title Is) Too Long To Write Here. (from Bright Colors) [00:14:28]


05 Xanadu Kudzu - Who Run It (Acrnym vs Three 6 Mafia vs XK) (from Your Least Favorite Melodies) [00:18:52]


06 Loffciamcore & Imil - At Least Speedcore Artists Aren't In It For The Money (from 3 Way Shit) [00:20:17]


07 I Broke My Robot - What You Heard (from What You Heard / Killa) [00:22:35]


08 Acrnym - Knife (from Flowers) [00:25:50]


09 Rotator - Shock Fight Fist (from Curses On Your Ghettoblaster) [00:30:52]


10 Venetian Snares - Dance Like You're Selling Nails (from Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972-2006) [00:36:05]


11 Doormouse - Parental Approval Warning (from Major Changes) [00:42:23]


12 Otto Von Schirach & Doormouse - In the Name of Breakcore (from Breakcore Beefcakes) [00:42:47]


13 Ladyscraper - My Gums Bleed For This Type Of Shit (from Cunt Kicker) [00:45:09]


14 Igorrr - Very Noise (from Very Noise) [00:47:59]


15 Mochipet - Polka Electronic Death Country (Otto Von Schirach Remix) (from Uzumaki) [00:49:43]


16 Ruby My Dear - Katchoo (feat. MC Noia) (from Strangers In Paradise) [00:53:42]


17 Paradeigma - Breakcore vs. Jazz (Raimond Paul’s Mix) (from [noiseworx 086]) [00:57:30]


18 DJ Scotch Egg - Scotch Jazzzzz (from Drumized) [00:58:37]


19 Otto Von Schirach - Mycelium (from Mycelium) [01:00:26]


20 Sickboy - The Surprise Remedy (from Shake Hands With A Clenched Fist) [01:03:19]


21 Tuareg Geeks - Introduction To Global Stupidity (from Introduction To Global Stupidity) [01:05:31]


22 Ruby My Dear - Croque Monsieur Á Disneyland (from Brame) [01:07:04]


23 t+pazolite - Drunk Crunk Franken (from Hardcore Syndrome 8) [01:12:04]


24 Stazma the Junglechrist, Akira - Beyond Help (from 15 Years of PRSPCT) [01:16:44]


25 DJ Noriken - Signal (from Hardcore Syndrome 7) [01:21:39]


26 Otto Von Schirach - Portal Prayer (from Supermeng) [01:26:37]


27 Otto Von Schirach - The UFO is Waiting (from Draculo) [01:28:20]


28 Camellia - Exit This Earth's Atmosphere (from PLANET//SHAPER) [01:31:25]


29 Techno Kitten Adventure - Intergalactical High (from Intergalactical High) [01:36:53]


30 I Killed Techno! - A Thousand Ghosts In The Midst Of Dawn (from Get Naked) [01:40:45]


31 µ-Ziq - Hasty Boom Alert (from Lunatic Harness) [01:42:04]


32 kors k - Incomplete (feat. Maya & Luschel) (from Xenna EP2 -Dark One-) [01:47:14]


33 Access To Arasaka - Talitha (from Geosynchron) [01:53:09]


34 Kobaryo - Naughty & Anarchy (from Bright Colors 2) [01:57:09]


35 Defrag - The Stones (from Lament Element) [02:00:48]


36 Sasha Grey - Lets Play (from Talk Dirty To Me - Featuring Sasha Grey) [02:04:05]


37 Defrag vs. Pigface - MYOB (Super Fast Fast Fast) (from 8-Bit Head) [02:04:22]


38 Catnapp - Rattle Snake (feat. Otto Von Schirach) (from Rattle Snake) [02:04:25]


39 Loffciamcore - Poke Her Face Again (from… I don’t fuckin’ know, honestly. The album field of the ID3 tag is empty, and I couldn’t ever find it on Discogs whenever I looked for it. Sooo, I guess it’s from here on this podcast. Good enough for ya, muthafucka?! Lay off, it’s fuckin’ 8:09 AM right now and I’m fuckin’ tired.) [02:07:00]


40 Otto Von Schirach - Astronomical (from Draculo) [02:09:21]


41 Cat-Grrl - Grrlvert (from Distorted Mind) [02:12:16]


42 M1DY - m1dy is Sexy (from SPEED BALL EVOLUTION) [02:14:54]


43 Venetian Snares - My Love Is A Bulldozer (from My Love Is A Bulldozer) [02:17:53]


44 Goreshit - Fake Ass Bitches (from Copyright Infringement EP) [02:22:58]


45 Little Big - Hateful Love (from Funeral Rave) [02:26:32]


46 Catnapp - Damage (from Damage EP) [02:29:51]


47 Shirobon - Regain Control (Dougal & Gammer Remix) (from Regain Control - The Remixes) [02:31:53]


48 Venetian Snares - Your Face When I Finally (from Your Face) [02:38:00]


49 Coakira - Wayward Princess (from Windows 666) [02:44:31]


50 BLÆRG - Unmitigated Verbosity (from Dysphoric Sonorities) [02:47:13]


51 Defrag - Color My Dreams (from Lament Element) [02:51:23]


52 Ruby My Dear - Dédaism (from Phlegm) [02:55:52]


53 Lauren Bousfield - Two Swans Duct Taped to the Side of the Coke Machine (from Locked Into Phantasy) [03:00:05]


54 Miklós - Squirrel Staring at a Beetle (from Trade & Distribution Almanac Vol. 3) [03:03:05]


55 Renard - You're Dumb (from High Moral Fibre Album (Trimmed)) [03:05:50]


56 t+pazolite, P*Light - IZANA (from IZANA) [03:06:29]


57 Nightmare - Epileptic Crisis (from Stepmania - Mungyodance 3) [03:08:30]


58 Styles & Breeze - You're Shining (from Hardcore Til I Die - The Best of HTID) [03:10:27]


59 DJ Sharpnel - Black Chocolates (from 危ないベースライン) [03:16:43]


60 Emotional Joystick - Muddy and Sloppy (from Bellicose Pacific) [03:20:44]


61 Lil Kevo 303 - Calculon (from Nightmare Tundra) [03:23:33]


62 DJ Genki - 3NCRYP710N (from HARDCORE SYNDROME 11) [03:25:18]


63 Limewax, Diesel Boy, Switch Technique, Thrasher - Spicy Boiz (from HouJeKKMuil EP) [03:29:52]


64 Seiryu - Ultramarine (Bd Mix) (from Blue Dragon) [03:34:59]


65 dgoHn - Dolorous Dick'ead (from dgoHn) [03:38:33]


66 Coakira - Mother Hacker (DJKurara Remix) (from School of Death) [03:43:40]


67 Kobaryo - Glitched Character (from HARDCORE SYNDROME 12) [03:49:00]


68 Stazma the Junglechrist - Infected Brain Cell (from Acid Bleed) [03:53:43]


69 Emotional Joystick - Eight (from Ep01) [03:58:06]


70 Coakira - Windows 666 (from Windows 666) [04:01:23]


71 DJKurara - Architecture666 (from IMMORTAL HARDCORE!!!! VOL.4 -Ghost In The Hell-) [04:05:00]


72 DJ Noriken - Hellraiser (from HARDCORE SYNDROME 12) [04:10:36]


73 Hrvatski, Blitter - Nuclear Cats Get New Home (from Constant Friction - Collaborations 2) [04:14:53]


74 The Flashbulb - Passage D (from Kirlian Selections) [04:21:01]


75 kenta-v.ez. - You Are Never Alone On The Dancefloor (REDALiCE Remix) (from Tano*C Remixes 2) [04:22:58]


76 Stonebank - Who's Got Your Love (from Who’s Got Your Love) [04:27:03]


77 Lauren Bousfield - Constantly Watching the Way the World Treats Us I Love You Pull My Hair (from Fire Songs) [04:30:24]


78 Xanopticon - Constant (from Liminal Space) [04:31:54]


79 t+pazolite - Ofcourse I Need and Need and Need and Need and Need You. (from Hardcore Syndrome X) [04:39:20]


80 Venetian Snares - Everything About You Is Special (from Traditional Synthesizer Music) [04:43:23]


81 Vorpal - Gymnopedie v1.01 (from An Incomplete Guide to VORPAL Music) [04:47:02]


82 Ibakusha - µt∑d_sun (from Antifunk) [04:50:18]


83 Goreshit - Her Eyes Roll Way Back (from Loather) [04:54:03]


84 Love Potion - Let Go (Of Your Soul) (feat. DJ Camgirl) (from Scared of the Dark) [04:58:19]


85 Goreshit - Game Over. (from Rituals) [05:00:59]

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