Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-04-06 (Quarantine’n'Chill: Decembuary 33rd Edition)

What’s up, perverts?! Welcome to the Quarantine’n’Chill: Decembuary 33rd Edition! Naturally, by that title and by the previous two podcasts, you can expect another random fuckin’ conglomeration of awesome fuckin’ shit that you should listen to if you’re smart. How y’all doing with this motherfucking quarantine shit, eh? I’m still anxiety-ridden as 10 fucks in a 1 fuck capacity lunar excursion module. Looking at the fuckin’ news these days has me shook pretty much 24/7. We’re livin’ in fuckin’ Wackyland, perverts, and it’s no goddamn fun.


Know what, though? I’m gonna refrain from going too much farther into it. I’ve been noticing a lot of people on my social media posting lots of other kinds of stuff other than current events, almost to points where I wonder if they’re aware of what’s going on at all, but I see the merit in it. There’s a lot of understandable despair going around the world, especially in this country, and there’s not a lot any of us can do about our current circumstances with the exception of volunteering or something. That, or continuing to work from home. I genuinely hope you’re all paying at least some attention to news and/or social media outlets so you can get some sort of accurate information about this virus. By that, I mean cross-reference your shit before calling it accurate. That’s one of the worst viruses of our time, too: fuckin’ mis- and disinformation. Everyone’s fuckin’ credibility is questionable nowadays.


To be fair… It’s been largely questionable for many decades now. Likely millenia, but there’s a far greater global population now, and it’s really fuckin’ hard to sift through the noise to get to some sort of truth. Also, I don’t blame any of you for not listening to my podcasts right now. In the interest of full disclosure, I haven’t listened to the entirety of any of my editions that I’ve posted since I stopped working on March 13th. I usually listen to them when I’m driving, and what with all the news, Netflix, the Michael Moore podcast, the Office Ladies podcast, and various other shit I’ve been steadily going through, I’ve either been forgetting and/or not utilizing my time as efficiently as I should be. Anyway, this podcast has a few tracks I want to talk about:


1. The track by Lindemann called Knebel, oh my fucking god, that uncensored video is an experience. The song is an experience too, but if you’re feeling brave, look up the fuckin’ uncensored video on Pornhub. The track is half Americana and half standard Rammstein industrial-metal fare. Holy fuck, the transition between the two genres is explosive. You’ll notice it even if you’re listening to this in the background.


2. The Die Antwoord song is another track off their new album HOUSE OF ZEF. It’s got a very different feel to it than 9/10ths of their catalog. Very interesting, and I hope y’all motherfuckers agree.


3. I included the Animal Crossing song for all my friends using this time to delve into that new installment. I’m not into it myself, but the song is pretty cool. I’ve played a couple remixes from the game on previous podcasts, actually.


4. The Mega Ran track called Wily’s Revenge, if y’all don’t know Mega Ran, he’s a nerdcore artist and he put out an entire album of hip-hop based on the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack and story. This one’s about Mega Man, which ought to be fuckin’ obvious. Pretty awesome shit, so keep your ears peeled.


5. The Red Paintings is an Australian rock band that paints people during their live show. I’ve seen them twice, and they were fuckin’ phenomenal both times. They did by far the best version of Tears for Fears highly emotional song, “Mad World,” that I’ve ever heard. The Gary Jules version at the end of Donnie Darko is great and all, but The Red Paintings version is even more beautiful. You owe it to yourself to look it up and love it like I do.


6. Skrape is a nü-metal band that barely performed anywhere during the brief duration of their career. Their album cover for New Killer America was actually something that grossed out a number of people for just being a close-up of an extremely filthy thumbnail or something. Understandable, of course. Pretty cool music for what’s basically a very tired (not to mention retired) genre, in my opinion.


7. Erra and Veil of Maya are new discoveries of mine, and pretty damn awesome metal, if you ask me. Also, the Rob Scallon track is delightfully bizarre in that it’s sort of a metal/swing-jazz hybrid. Keep your ears wide open for that stuff if you can dig it.


8. Astral Projection is a psytrance group, short for psychedelic trance. Hopefully you perverts already knew that. I’m not sure if there are any significant distinctions, but I’ve heard the word Goa used to describe the same stuff. I dunno. Anyway, Astral Projection was the first psytrance artist I discovered, and some of my all-time favorite tracks in the genre are theirs, especially the 13-minute long Dancing Galaxy (Ambient Mix). That shit is fantastic if you’re lookin’ to drift the fuck away. This People Can Fly track, (first of all, it’s a remix I hadn’t heard before) the  samples in it are David Duchovny of X-Files and Californication fame. It’s from a (probably) lesser known movie he did with Brad Pitt called Kalifornia. The movie was interesting enough, I suppose, but it wasn’t hugely memorable. Maybe I need to give it another watch.


9. The rest are mostly just random finds, some from past podcasts, some from soundtracks of games and movies I haven’t seen or played in ages that’ll fuck with you hard if those games/movies are nostalgic for you, too. As usual, I’m saving the more somber stuff for the end, so nobody starts off their fuckin’ Mondays depressed as fuck. It’s all fucktacularly magnificent Aural Sex though, and should be appreciated as such.


All that said and done did, there’s a yojne coming…


It’s not here yet…


It’s almost here.


It’s HERE!


No, wait…


Yes, now! Fuckin’ yojne!!!



01 Josh A, Iamjakehill - Wash Your Hands (from Wash Your Hands) [00:04:29]


02 Lindemann - Knebel (from F & M (Deluxe)) [00:06:12]


03 Royal Crown Revue - Hey Pachuco (from The Mask OST) [00:09:58]


04 Helynt - Animal Crossing (from Animal Crossing) [00:13:02]


05 Orphic - Nautical Nonsense (from Fractal Beach B-Sides) [00:15:56]


06 Techno Kitten Adventure - Intergalactical High (from Intergalactical High) [00:20:40]


07 MC Hammer - This Is What We Do (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles OST) [00:24:31]


08 Blvkstn - High Key Low Key (feat. Lox Chatterbox) (from High Key Low Key) [00:29:20]


09 MISHO - Introvert (Call Me Crazy) (feat. Sebu & Serj Tankian) (from Introvert (Call Me Crazy)) [00:32:26]


10 30 Seconds To Mars - Oblivion (from 30 Seconds To Mars) [00:35:44]


11 Netsky - Eyes Closed (from Eyes Closed / Smile) [00:39:10]


12 Mickey Avalon - Waiting To Die (from Mickey Avalon) [00:45:25]


13 Gwar - S.F.W. (from S.F.W. OST) [00:49:18]


14 Chester Bennington - System (from Queen of the Damned OST) [00:51:33]


15 The Red Paintings - They Don't Care About Us (from They Don't Care About Us) [00:56:28]


16 Zero 7 - When it Falls (from When it Falls) [00:59:54]


17 Toby Emerson & Christoph Maitland - Fall Silently (feat. Veela) (from ReRave OST) [01:05:19]


18 Erra - Breach (from Neon) [01:06:49]


19 The Glitch Mob - Take Control (from Chemicals EP) [01:11:27]


20 The Haunted - Brute Force (from Strength In Numbers) [01:14:37]


21 Spunkadelic - 9.95 (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles OST) [01:17:24]


22 Camellia, Bang Riot - Banger A.F., Broooo!!! (from Xronial Xero) [01:21:16]


23 Oliver - Fast Forward (from Light Years Away) [01:25:30]


24 Tykwer, Klimek & Heil - Running One (from Run Lola Run OST) [01:30:11]


25 Atacama, Jakaan - Complete Awakening (from Complete Awakening) [01:35:40]


26 Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose (from S.F.W. OST) [01:43:12]


27 Neoh - Belive In (sic) (from Out Of Control) [01:49:01]


28 Wayne Static - Not Meant For Me (from Queen of the Damned OST) [01:52:58]


29 Butthole Surfers - Whatever (I Had A Dream) (from Romeo + Juliet OST) [01:57:04]


30 Astral Projection - People Can Fly (Outsiders Remix) (from People Can Fly (Outsiders Remix)) [02:01:02]


31 Entity & Darwin - Your Own Destiny (from ReRave OST) [02:09:55]


32 Jim Carrey - Cuban Pete (Arkin Movie Mix) (from The Mask OST) [02:11:29]


33 にしかわっち - 大魔司教サ○ケアウツ (from にしかわっちの一夜漬けトラックス) [02:13:38]


34 Operatica - Vocalise, song for voice & piano, Op. 34/14 (from O: Volume 1) [02:14:43]


35 Dan Balan - Chica Bomb (from ReRave OST) [02:19:49]


36 Techno Kitten Adventure - Taste of Heavin (sic) (feat. R-KADE) (from Taste of Heavin (sic) (feat. R-KADE)) [02:21:24]


37 Ian Urbina, VHS Dreams - True Marvel (from Final Frontier (Inspired by “The Outlaw Ocean” a Book by Ian Urbina) [02:24:52]


38 Erra - Eye of God (from Eye of God) [02:29:36]


39 Fixions - Black Racers (from Mother Russia Bleeds) [02:33:05]


40 Entity & Darwin - Hookie Mammoth (from ReRave OST) [02:36:37]


41 Skrape - What You Say (from New Killer America) [02:38:08]


42 Mega Ran - Wily's Revenge (feat. JohnFetus) (from Wily's Revenge) [02:41:28]


43 Veil Of Maya - Members Only (from Members Only) [02:45:06]


44 Ian Urbina, Idealism - Blue Skies, Blue Seas (from Distant, Quiet Waters (Inspired by “The Outlaw Ocean” a Book by Ian Urbina) [02:48:55]


45 Milo - Prince Abakaliki of Nigeria needs your help (from Milo takes Baths) [02:52:05]


46 Rob Scallon - Djazz (from Djazz) [02:55:05]


47 Fixions - Asaka Trance (from Dark Days) [02:57:47]


48 Veil Of Maya - Mikasa (from Matriarch) [03:01:58]


49 Styles, Mark Breeze - You're Shining (Audiojunkie & Stylus Remix) (from You're Shining) [03:05:03]


50 Re-Con, Demand - Like A Rainbow (feat. Mandy Edge) (from Like A Rainbow) [03:10:27]


51 Netsky - I See The Future In Your Eyes (from I See The Future In Your Eyes) [03:16:28]


52 Thievery Corporation - Passing Stars (feat. Elin Melgarejo) (Symphonik Version) (from Symphonik) [03:20:38]


53 Karrin Alyson - Everytime We Say Goodbye (from Jazz Love Songs After Dark (Playboy Jazz Series)) [03:23:15]


54 Emily Kinney & Lauren Cohan - The Parting Glass (from The Walking Dead OST Vol. 1) [03:29:08]


55 Nellee Hooper - Mercutio’s Death (from Romeo + Juliet Vol. 2) [03:32:00]


56 Rollins Band - A Life Denied (from A Nicer Shade Of Red) [03:35:34]


57 Radiohead - Talk Show Host (from Romeo + Juliet OST) [03:40:08]


58 Die Antwoord - No 1 (from HOUSE OF ZEF) [03:44:17]


59 Maggie Siff - Lullaby for a Soldier (Arms of the Angels) (from Songs of Anarchy: Vol. 3) [03:48:43]


60 The White Buffalo & The Forest Rangers - Come Join The Murder (from Songs of Anarchy: Vol. 4) [03:51:44]

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