Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-03-30 (Quarantine’n'Chill: Day 14 Edition)

(Note: Because I uploaded 5 podcasts this month, I had only about 250MB left of my 2.5GB monthly data allowance on this site, so I had to make this podcast 160kbps instead of the usual 320kbps. If you think the quality sucks, just let me know and I'll put the full quality version up on Dropbox for you or some shit.)


Day 14. What does it mean? We’ll discuss in just a bit, but first… HI! Welcome motherfuckers one and all to the Quarantine’n’Chill: Day 14 Edition. So, day 14… We’re supposed to be voluntarily quarantining ourselves for at least 14 days, right? What happens after that? We just go back to work and pretend that there isn’t a rapidly escalating pandemic going on outside? Nahhh. See, that voluntary 14 day quarantine was only about flattening the curve. Basically their polite way of saying, “Look, pussy, you’re probably gonna get it, but we can’t go crashing the economy, and you’re fucking expendable.” Yeah, it was only about flattening the curve so that medical services wouldn’t be overwhelmed. Solid course of action, indeed. Still doesn’t address the actual fucking pandemic, for which we are fucking SHAMEFULLY underprepared.


I don’t know about y’all, but I’m really not trying to catch this fuckin’ shit. It’s notoriously worse for older people, and I live with my 71-year-old mother, but I’ve also heard people under 30 are dying from it too. I don’t know what their medical history was, but considering I’ve indulged in a fair amount of smokeage in my time on this planet, I’m not really tryin’ to roll the fuckin’ dice on whether or not I live through it. Not gonna lie though, the thought of dying and thus no longer having to pay off my debts isn’t entirely unappealing. Wish there was a fucking middle ground, but sometimes shit just be like that when your country is overrun by old, greedy white people.


It’d be lovely if we were allowed to live, especially considering how fucking, “eSsEnTiAl,” we all are all of a fucking sudden. This is one of the reasons why I’ve been paying such close attention to politics lately. If I’m gonna die of something preventable, I want to know the reason why. Speaking of which, I just got the bill for that hospital visit I had a few weeks ago. $3,000 fucking dollars just to find out I was fine. I’m gonna try and get it taken care of via Medicaid or some shit, but I mean, wow… You see what the fuck I’m talking about when I say I’d kinda just rather die than receive treatment? If treatment is going to bankrupt me, I’d rather just fuckin’ die than have to be further trapped in my so-called life. Life isn’t always worth living, despite what anyone might say. I can think of numerous circumstances where death would be far more compassionate.


I’m sorry if that’s fuckin’ depressing, but fuck, it should be. Maybe instead of ignoring the shit that twists our lives into unrecognizable dumpster fires, we ought to actually get involved in these “boring” (wah-fucking-wah) processes like politics. Speaking of that, I hope at least some of you have heard about the accusation of sexual assault against Joe Biden from a former senate staffer of his named Tara Reade. If not, look it the fuck up. This should piss you the fuck off. If it doesn’t, I truly question your humanity. It should piss you off further that you haven’t heard about it yet because mainstream media outlets refuse to cover anything so egregiously injurious to a current presidential candidate, especially when he’s the only one protecting the delicate fucking Democratic establishment from the big, bad Bernie.


If you think Bernie supporters criticism of Biden is harsh, just you fucking wait until after the primary. If he actually becomes the nominee, he’s going to be torn to fucking shreds. I promise you that the Tara Reade thing will be covered in full then. I promise you that Kult 45 will be shining a bright fucking spotlight on Joe Biden’s gaffes all the way through the general election. Biden will be obliterated in a debate against Trump, and we’ll piss away four more years with this fuckwad. Four more precious years that we absolutely do not have to piss away for the sake of our health, and the planet’s ability to sustain us. Just you fuckin’ wait until the food riots start. Just you fuckin’ wait until we have refugees from coastal states with nowhere to go. Just you fuckin’ wait, and only after it’s far, far too fucking late, only then will you realize what an absolutely abysmal mistake you made by throwing all your support behind this mealy-mouthed fucking centrist who promised, “results,” over revolution.


Revolution will come one way or another, I promise you. More and more, it’s looking like my predictions of it coming violently are being set in motion. You’ve gotta understand that I’m not trying to be alarmist here, and if I am, it’s for a goddamn good reason. I don’t want to see this country descend into such utter chaos with people dying needlessly in greater numbers than ever before, but if you want something more solid as a basis for my predictions, take a look at how Cheetonius has handled this pandemic. Look at how absent Biden has been through it all too, as Bernie fought for us in the $2 trillion economic recovery bill that just passed. Bernie made it so that we actually get something out of it. I’m pretty sure Biden had nothing to fucking do with it.


But yeah, look at how badly this fuckwad bungled our response to this pandemic. This NEVER would have happened had anyone believed in Bernie in 2016, if the DNC hadn’t fucking torpedoed him then as they’re doing now. To be fair, Hillary probably would have done something to prepare. Biden, too. Cheetonius, however? Shiiiiiit. He has been so desperately trying to downplay it all ever since he first caught wind of it because he knows it’d hurt his chances for re-election. Not sure why though, ‘cause his cult is so hopelessly devoted to him that even if he stabbed them in the throats one-by-one, they’d use their last breaths to murmur something to the effect of, “OMG, he touched me!” *sigh* That is a beautiful image, though.


I’m sorry if you think it’s monstrous or whatever, but the image of hopeless fucking morons being executed one-by-one is fun to me, especially if they’re racist to boot. I know it might sound dangerously close to eugenics, but man, these are people who have been an anchor on progress for so fucking long. I generally pride myself as having a great amount of patience, but holy fucking fuck, I have had it with tolerating these pieces of garbage for the sake of tolerance. There’s a thing called the paradox of tolerance, and you should look it up just in case you think I’m being too harsh. These are people who actively encourage and/or cause the suffering of people of color simply because their skin is a different color to their own. These people and their backwards perspectives go far beyond politics, and actually, I think white nationalists have mostly abandoned Cheetonius Maximus for not being divisive enough.


Remember how the surviving Nazis fled Germany after World War II? When did that ever cease becoming a viable option in this country? Why can’t we do that here? Because we’re a fucking, “free,” country? That’s a fucking loophole and you know it. They thrive on freedom of speech with no accountability, and I’m all for holding them thoroughly fucking accountable. Maybe go as far as they did in Inglourious Basterds. Actually, there’s a real danger of those fuckwads gaining ample enough numbers at some point to do some real damage to this country. Just because they haven’t yet doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Always punch a Nazi is basically what I’m saying. I’d go beyond punching if I knew I could get away with it, but that’s me, and I’m not running for political office or anything with a great amount of influence. I just have this little fuckin’ podcast, and speaking of which, what’d’ya say I shut the fuck up already so we can get to the fucking music already? Hmm?!


Not just yet, motherfuckers. I want to talk a little bit about what I have in store for your eager ear cavities this week.


1. As with last week, a good amount of these tracks are from podcasts past. However, there are more new tracks this time. I would guess somewhere around 20, but the old tracks are ones that I felt deserved some more exposure, so here they are.


2. The tracks by iSorin… Fuuuuuck. Those tracks are like a fucking warm blanket, man. I played Sentient on a past podcast, but Embrace is new for this edition. Embrace is basically a rearrangement of the classic trance track, “As The Rush Comes,” by Motorcycle. That original and a number of remixes of it are extremely near and dear to my heart, perverts. The iSorin track actually got added not only to this podcast and my Recent Likes playlist on Spotify, but also my All-Time Favorites playlist. Yeah, it’s seriously that fuckin’ awesome. Keep your ears peeled for that one.


3. The Ed Gein track, “A Way to Kill Old People,” is just a reference to some people calling Covid-19 the, “boomer remover,” virus. I can’t completely advocate for the removal of all boomers considering my mom is one, but boy-oh-boy would it be great to remove some of these fucks who are selling our futures out from under us on both the Democrat and the Republican sides.


4. The Equilibrium track called, “Final Tear,” samples a speech by Greta Thunberg, and the lyrics are particularly relevant to our ongoing and escalating climate crisis. Look ‘em up if you can spare 4/15ths of a fuck or 7/23rds of a shit.


5. The track, “L Is for Love,” samples a speech given by noted philosopher Alan Watts. If you’re unfamiliar with his work, look into him. He makes a lot of excellent points, and actually, I played a track called, “Something,” by an artist named Azedia which samples him as well. Both fantastic tracks, check them out, and check Alan Watts out too.


6. The artist SWARM is someone I’ve been reeeeally getting into lately. I’m not entirely sure how to classify his stuff, but it’d probably be somewhere between industrial and dubstep or even deathstep. Excellent work by him, and I hope you agree if you notice it. I think he stands out from the rest pretty well.


7. Die Antwoord has a new album called HOUSE OF ZEF. I haven’t heard all of it yet, but yeah. Any of you perverts who’re fans of theirs ought to give it a listen. I know there’s been controversy around them lately due to some shit that happened with Yolandi calling a guy a faggot, but I don’t know. I saw the video, and I know they’re not homophobic or anti-gay, especially considering DJ HI-TEK is gay. I think it’s just some shit that was said ‘cause she was out for blood after being harassed by this guy in the bathroom.


8. Defrag is one of my all-time favorite electronic musicians. I know breakcore is an acquired taste and all, but if any artists would be gateways to the genre, Defrag and BLÆRG would be two I’d point to if I were recommending any. There are plenty of drums for the breakcore purists, but there are lots of other instruments there to keep things interesting, too.


All that fuckin’ said, let us all now go down to the fuckin’ basement with our buddy Catnapp and fuckin’ yojneeeee…



01 Catnapp - Down in the Basement (from Break) [00:08:02]


02 Equilibrium - Final Tear (from Renegades) [00:11:40]


03 Ed Gein - A Way To Kill Old People. (from It’s A Shame…) [00:16:04]


04 SampliFire - Soul (from Soul EP) [00:17:58]


05 Alias & Doseone - The Deadener (from Less Is Orchestra) [00:21:55]


06 BLVK JVCK - GVNG X4 (feat. Comethazine) (from GVNG X4 (feat. Comethazine)) [00:26:10]


07 Protest The Hero - Silent Genocide (from Search For The Truth) [00:29:10]


08 Kai Wachi - SILENCE (from SILENCE) [00:34:01]


09 Caro Emerald - Pack Up The Louie (Caravan Palace Remix) (from The Shocking Miss Emerald (The Remixes)) [00:36:22]


10 Reverse Engineering - Heart Juice (feat. Diyala) (from Schemers) [00:39:47]


11 Åsmund Vivås - L Is for Love (feat. Alan Watts) (from L Is for Love) [00:44:18]


12 Standerwick - Deep End (feat. HALIENE) (Trivecta Extended Remix) (from Deep End (Trivecta Remix)) [00:46:58]


13 iSorin - Embrace (motionxbeats remix) (from Embrace (motionxbeats remix)) [00:51:04]


14 Purity Ring - repetition (from another eternity) [00:55:37]


15 Au5 - Only In A Dream (feat. Nytrix) (from Only In A Dream) [00:59:12]


16 Defrag - Make Them Real (from Drown) [01:05:56]


17 SWARM, I-Exist - In My Dreams (from In My Dreams) [01:08:48]


18 Serj Tankian - Distant Thing (from Jazz-Is-Christ) [01:13:49]


19 ASTN - Flowers (from Flowers) [01:17:26]


20 Dabin - Hope It Hurts (feat. Essenger) (from Hope It Hurts) [01:20:24]


21 SWARM - The Nothing (from The Nothing) [01:24:40]


22 Xerox & Illumination - No Way Out (from The Beast Within) [01:30:01]


23 DILLY DALLY - Know Yourself (from Know Yourself) [01:37:13]


24 Pendulum - Self Vs. Self (feat. In Flames) (from Immersion) [01:40:22]


25 HIGHSOCIETY - Give You More (Haterade Remix) (from Give You More (The Remixes)) [01:45:03]


26 iSorin - Sentient (Yume Collective) (from Sentient (Yume Collective)) [01:48:37]


27 IWRESTLEDABEARONCE - Vlork: Mighty Wielder of Sheep (from IWRESTLEDABEARONCE) [01:51:57]


28 Space Laces - Torque (Gammer Remix) (from Overdrive Remixes) [01:56:46]


29 Lone Catalysts - Renaissance (from The Catalysts Files) [01:59:55]


30 Crystal Lake - Aeon (from Helix) [02:04:39]


31 Maduk - Company (feat. Juul) (from Company) [02:07:52]


32 Riot Ten - Rail Breaker (feat. Rico Act) (from Rail Breaker (feat. Rico Act)) [02:11:54]


33 Defrag - With Insects In My Head (from Lost Lands EP) [02:15:25]


34 Kasbo - Kaleidoscope (from Kasbo) [02:18:27]


35 Savoy - Cata (feat. Lobounce) (from Self Predator) [02:23:23]


36 August Burns Red - Paramount (from Paramount) [02:26:56]


37 SYN - Cyberpunk (from Cyberpunk) [02:31:37]


38 Space Laces - Bugbass (from Bugbass) [02:35:14]


39 Mr. Bill - Earth Glow (feat. Gater) (from Halftime EP) [02:38:06]


40 Strawberry Girls - Shadown Of The Moon (feat. Sarah Glass, Jenna Fournier & Kathleen Delano) (from Italian Ghosts) [02:41:19]


41 Omid - Club Apotheosis (feat. Hymnal) (from Monolith) [02:46:15]


42 Ventana - The Sad History Of The World (from American Survival Guide Vol. 1) [02:52:29]


43 TesseracT - Perfection: Concealing Fate Part Four (from Concealing Fate EP) [02:56:57]


44 Mija - that one time [...] (from time stops OST) [02:59:35]


45 Die Antwoord - WHEN THE SUN GOES OUT (feat. Roger Ballen) (from HOUSE OF ZEF) [03:04:33]


46 Slipknot - All Out Life (from All Out Life) [03:06:51]


47 Noctilucent - Something New (from Something New) [03:12:23]


48 Miles Away, Ronak - Where I'm Going (from Where I’m Going) [03:17:17]


49 Slow Magic - Home (from Home) [03:21:37]


50 EvenS - Where Are We Now (from Helios/Where Are We Now) [03:25:31]

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