Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-02-24 (Lo-Fi Beats to Study, Game, Chill, Hop Hiply, Loaf, Slice Loaves and Cure Cancer To Edition)

I just came to kick ass and slice loaves, and I’m all outta loaves to slice, muthafucka. Already cured cancer, too. Not really. Someone should, though. Shit fuckin’ sucks. Anyway, hi again! Emo-fuckin’-clew to the Lo-Fi Beats to Study, Game, Chill, Hop Hiply, Loaf, Slice Loaves and Cure Cancer To Edition! So, naturally by that obnoxiously long title, you can tell we’re in for several full hours of Zimbabwean surfgrindducksteppolkacore. Yojne!


No, wait, don’t yojne yet. I have more shit to say. Not MUCH more as I usually do though, so calm your fuckin’ tits. 5 of these tracks are making a return from the last lo-fi edition I did back in August, but I won’t tell you which ones ‘cause I’m a fuckhead. Nah, I just want you to be curious. If that makes me a fuckhead, then a fuckhead be I. Aside from those 5, these are ALL new tracks making their debuts on this podcast. As may have been clear by the title, this isn’t strictly just a lo-fi beats playlist. We’ve also got some lounge, chillhop, jazzhop, world, and breadcore to look forward to. Not really breadcore, as only demonic butter elves are privy to that. It’s crazy. It’s actually outside the humanly audible frequency spectrum. Damn fuckin’ butter elves, man, I swear…


Couple things I wanna mention:


1. I had some fun organizing the tracks this week. Take a gander (or a goose, if you prefer to keep fuckin’ toiling under the oppressive regime of the brutal goose patriarchy or some shit) at the track list and you’ll see what I mean. Honestly, I do that as much as I can each week, although I’m downright 100% fuckin’ certain that I’m the only one who gives 4/23rds of an ostrich turd about that shit. Hah! See what I did there? I’m a humorous person.


2. Please, PLEASE keep your ears wide open and peeled like fuckin’ grapes for toddlers for the Shinichi Osawa track called One Us. That one is fuckin’ magical to me.


3. Those of you perverts who may have listened to (maybe even… yojned) my other lo-fi beats edition may have noticed a number of tracks by an artist called Berry Weight. Listen, motherfuckers… I’ve been trying repeatedly since 20-fuckin’-10 to get someone to appreciate Berry Weight like I do. Please go check them out if you like the tracks you hear on this podcast. Leames and Inqiteka are also side-projects of theirs. I think they’re fuckin’ wonderful. When I got their album, “Music for Imaginary Movies,” back in 2010, I listened to that fucker on repeat at least fuckin’ 10 times. That never happens… let me repeat that: That. Never. Happens. Seriously, I fuckin’ love their stuff, and I know someone out there besides me does too. I’ll keep tryin’ ’til that someone emerges.


4. The track by Prophet & Architect may be a bit of a departure from the overall theme, but I think it fit well enough, and it’s my podcast, and you should listen to it and appreciate it like I do, bitch. I’m actually friends with one of the guys behind the project. I forget if he’s the Prophet or the Architect, but it’s pretty sweet stuff, and I think you’ll dig it.


All that said, let us commence with the starting of the beginning of the yojne!



01 Engelwood - Good Evening (from Boardwalk Bumps 3) [00:02:34]


02 Oatmello - Sunday Afternoon (from Imperfections) [00:04:34]


03 less.people - aural sex (from respect.her) [00:06:04]


04 chief. - sorry (from late nights) [00:09:17]


05 BKNAPP - Select Screen (from SNES BEATS) [00:10:33]


06 Kiks - No Worries (from No Worries) [00:12:07]


07 Sebastian Kamae, freshgoodies - No Worries (from No Worries) [00:16:08]


08 B-Side - When Streets Are Empty (from When Streets Are Empty) [00:18:31]


09 Shinichi Osawa, RHYME - One Us (from Opus ∞) [00:21:20]


10 j'san - Alone by Your Side (from Alone by Your Side) [00:25:11]


11 Seasons' End - Listen (feat. SmooVth) (from Moments in life) [00:26:32]


12 Ekoh - Peace (feat. Ember) (from Peace) [00:30:16]


13 Berry Weight - Hollow Earth B (from Unreleased) [00:33:05]


14 Prophet & Architect - Synthia (from We Are) [00:36:17]


15 Moose Dawa - Bravo (from Reflekt) [00:41:40]


16 Yung Lean - Silver Arrows (from Stranger) [00:44:18]


17 ticofaces, Loafy Building - Down Here (from Down Here) [00:47:18]


18 Inqiteka - La Dance Du Paradisier (from Inqiteka) [00:48:52]


19 Avocuddle, Weegie, Koosen - Safety (from Safety) [00:52:54]


20 Nuages - Closer (from Closer) [00:55:44]


21 Epidemic - Universall (from Somethin’ for Tha Listeners) [01:00:46]


22 Clément Matrat - Lonely (from Lonely) [01:07:49]


23 cucu, Shiloh - I Don't Trust Nobody (from I Don't Trust Nobody) [01:09:56]


24 moow - Bad Mood (from I Can’t Tell You How Much It Hurts) [01:11:04]


25 Nujabes - Spiral (from Spiritual State) [01:12:24]


26 Kydd Jones - Back to the Future (feat. Croupdawg, Muneshine & Elmnt) (from Back to the Future) [01:15:55]


27 Inqiteka - Gwezenn Ha Telenn (from Inqiteka) [01:20:05]


28 Kendall Miles, Somar - Light Year Love (from Light Year Love) [01:23:47]


29 Alex Hine - snow (from Winter) [01:25:40]


30 Cold - Existence (from Existence) [01:27:39]


31 Cuco - Winter's Ballad (from Songs4u) [01:29:53]


32 j'san - cozy winter (from Chillhop Essentials Winter 2017) [01:34:29]


33 WYS - Snowman (from 1 Am. Study Session) [01:36:54]


34 Funky DL - Thief in the Night (from Life After Dennison) [01:40:05]


35 mt. fujitive - Waffle Break (from Winter Weibs) [01:43:19]


36 Leames - Sous L'Ombre Du Chene (from Dreams Under Trees) [01:44:44]


37 Kam Robinson, DJ Grumble - Lay Low (from MOOD SWINGS) [01:53:14]


38 PRGMAT - Lucid Dream (from SENTIMENT LP: THE POSTSCRIPTUM) [01:55:51]


39 Weedthief, Maadrhino - Float Through Forever (from Float Through Forever) [01:59:04]


40 Ol' Burger Beats - Set It (from Out of Sight, Out of Mind) [02:01:02]


41 Yellow Days - The Tree I Climb (feat. Nick Walters) (from Is Everything Okay In Your World?) [02:03:12]


42 Sebastian Kamae - Cerveza (from Cerveza) [02:06:46]


43 Syndrome - Cocktails (from Idolz) [02:09:35]


44 Jeru The Damaja - Me Or The Papes (from Wrath Of The Math) [02:11:13]


45 Walker Higgins - Pulses (from Pulses) [02:15:38]


46 Inqiteka - Quirishari (from Inqiteka) [02:18:03]


47 Nujabes - Waiting For The Clouds (feat. Substantial) (from Spiritual State) [02:22:36]


48 Slacker - Plswaveback (from OP-1) [02:26:23]


49 Jerk, Truthcity - Persistence (from Pressing On) [02:29:07]


50 Stan Forebee - Cargo Rhodes (from Cargo Rhodes / Deliverance) [02:33:18]


51 Epidemic - Past the margin (feat. Tragic Allies) (from Monochrome Skies) [02:35:44]


52 furino - 6 (from from the i miss you department) [02:40:23]


53 less.people - faceless woman (from respect.her) [02:42:14]


54 Epektase, Pandrezz, j'san - Quiet Nights (from Quiet Nights) [02:45:24]


55 SoulChef - Next to Nothing (Instrumental) (from Next to Nothing (Instrumental)) [02:47:30]


56 Idealism - a moment of silence (from hiraeth ep) [02:49:20]


57 Tenno - Memories (from Memories) [02:51:30]


58 Sorryvera - Only the Stars Know (from Cosmic Dreams) [02:55:00]


59 j'san - i feel serene (from i feel serene) [02:56:42]


60 twuan - SERENADE (from SERENADE) [02:57:58]


61 Exile - Love Line (feat. Blu) (from Radio - AM/FM) [02:59:48]


62 Jazzinuf - Soul Mates (from Soul Mates) [03:02:55]


63 j'san - her eyes (from her) [03:04:29]


64 j'san, Pandrezz - sunny (from sunny) [03:06:37]


65 fluff - /i love you_/ (from /i love you_/) [03:08:53]


66 Tundra Beats - I Wish We Stayed in Touch (from I Wish We Stayed in Touch) [03:10:32]


67 H.1 - Nothing changes: everything is different (from Nothing changes: everything is different) [03:12:20]


68 Kupla - I will wait for you to come home (from I will wait for you to come home) [03:15:08]


69 Jordan Maxwell - Waiting (feat. Shiloh) (from Waiting (feat. Shiloh)) [03:17:14]


70 Jobii - Thank You Come Again (from Water Lily) [03:19:42]

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