Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-02-10 (My Favorite Ladies Edition Vol. 2)

What’s up, motherfuckerettes and motherfuckers?! Emo-fuckin’-clew to the second volume of the My Favorite Ladies Edition of (to the best of my knowledge) the only fuckin’ music podcast out there that keeps ya guessin’ from week to week, Monday Morning Aural Fuckin’ Sex! I felt like the second volume of this one would be appropriate considering Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while I’m obviously not skirting military orders to marry any of these particular ladies, I would still like to honor them in this ongoing, journalistic little podcast of mine. I think it’s pretty awesome anyone ever did that. Skirt military orders, I mean. Most people don’t give a fuck about podcasts at all, but it’s whatever. I’m just sayin’ it’s awesome that anyone ever felt so in love that they were willing to defy direct orders, probably deeply held vows, to marry the one they loved.


That’s assuming the story is historically accurate. Who even fuckin’ knows? Maybe it’s all bullshit and I’m misinformed. Still a pretty cool story though, bro. That love shit? I fucks wit it. Not so much these days, ‘cause it done been fuckin’ wit me a little too much over the past couple decades. Nah, I definitely appreciate and congratulate anyone in a monogamous, committed relationship. Mainly ‘cause I clearly have no idea how anyone does that anymore. The idea just seems like some phenomenally advanced scientific theory that will forever be out of my comprehension. I know relationships aren’t beds of roses either, fucking believe me.


I think it largely comes down to communication, the differences and/or the lack of, specifically. Seldom have I ever seen people willing to put in the effort to make sure they’re understood, to make sure they say what needs to be said. I imagine it’s too frightening to be that vulnerable for a lot of people. I don’t know. Maybe I’m overanalyzing monogamy itself. It seems like the longest, happiest relationships are the most simplistic. Not to say they’re boring, just more grounded, more pragmatic. I’m sure the answer lies somewhere in the grey, like so much else in life.


Any-fuckin’-way, I’m gonna stop rambling like a fish-banana now so we can get underway this yojne!



01 KnowSleep - ElectroDub (feat. Taylor Maiden Space) (from KnowSleep) [00:01:42]


02 Björk - Army of Me (feat. Skunk Anansie) (from Sucker Punch OST) [00:07:06]


03 Lady Gaga - Marry The Night (from Born This Way) [00:13:52]


04 Pigface - Mind Your Own Business (feat. Fallon Bowman) (from Easy Listening…) [00:18:16]


05 Lamb - What Sound (from What Sound) [00:21:31]


06 DJ Rap - Fuck With Your Head (from Learning Curve) [00:25:11]


07 Hanin Elias - Untouchable (from Future Noir) [00:31:41]


08 The Bastard Fairies - We’re All Going To Hell (from Memento Mori) [00:35:18]


09 MDFMK - Get Out Of My Head (from MDFMK) [00:38:06]


10 Ashley O - On A Roll (from On A Roll) [00:42:57]


11 Ella Fitzgerald - All Through The Night (from Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Cole Porter Songbook) [00:45:18]


12 worm is green - The Darkness (from glow) [00:48:32]


13 Alexys Forrest - The Tale of The Girl and The Monsters (from [00:53:42]


14 kors k - Horizon (feat. LIA) (from Ways For Liberation) [00:56:27]


15 Arch Enemy - Never Forgive, Never Forget (from War Eternal) [01:01:30]


16 Stubborn Ahole - Special (feat. Nae Joy Gizzy) (from [01:05:08]


17 Lolita Storm - Suzy (Straight Version) (from Sick Slits EP) [01:09:16]


18 Nightwish - Sacrament Of Wilderness (from Oceanborn) [01:11:11]


19 Veronica Tarlitz - Simple Pleasures (from Facebook) [01:15:18]


20 Snake River Conspiracy - Oh Well (from Sonic Jihad) [01:18:26]


21 kidneythieves - Pretty (from Trickster) [01:21:59]


22 Alexys Forrest - Love Song (The Cure cover) (from [01:27:13]


23 Genitorturers - Flesh Is The Law (from Flesh Is The Law) [01:30:34]


24 Molly Gruesome - Deadbeat (from [01:34:21]


25 Little Big - Hateful Love (from Funeral Rave) [01:37:56]


26 Stonebank - Ripped to Pieces (feat. EMEL) (from Ripped to Pieces) [01:41:15]


27 Night Vision - Runaway (from Runaway) [01:45:38]


28 Grimes - Realiti (from Art Angels) [01:49:17]


29 Rezz, 1788-L - H E X (from Certain Kind of Magic) [01:54:16]


30 Chrysta Bell - Polish Poem (from INLAND EMPIRE OST) [01:57:36]


31 OceanLab - Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten’s Remix) (from Clear Blue Water) [02:03:27]


32 Heilung - Fylgija Futhorck (from Lifa) [02:10:40]


33 The Agonist - Swan Lake, Op. 20 (from Lullabies Of The Dormant Mind) [02:23:18]


34 Atomica - Delorian (from Metropolitan) [02:26:08]


35 Stonebank, Darren Styles - Sky Is Falling (feat. EMEL) (from Sky Is Falling) [02:29:29]


36 Bond - Time (feat. Grant Black & Stuart Crichton) (from Remixed) [02:33:10]


37 Imogen Heap - Headlock (from Speak for Yourself) [02:37:29]


38 Veronica Tarlitz - Song For Mom (from Facebook) [02:40:58]


39 t.A.T.u. - Stars (from 200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane) [02:45:27]


40 Echostream - Just Kill Me (from Identity) [02:49:29]


41 NAVVI - Sol (from Omni) [02:54:11]


42 Sarah Brightman - Beautiful (from Harem) [02:57:33]


43 Furkan & Jelbrim - Where You Go (feat. LÏDYA & Alex Ammons) (from Where You Go) [03:02:05]


44 The Captains Intangible - Any Other Way (from George A. Romero’s Diary Of The Dead OST) [03:05:09]


45 Ferry Corsten - Piece Of You (feat. HALIENE) (from Blueprint) [03:09:15]


46 Billie Holiday - I’ll Be Seeing You (from The Complete Commodore Recordings - Disc 1: 1944) [03:13:39]


47 Excision - Die For You (feat. Akylla) (from Apex) [03:17:07]


48 Max Richter - This Bitter Earth / On The Nature Of Daylight (feat. Dinah Washington) (from Shutter Island OST) [03:21:01]


49 Akira Yamaoka - Waiting For You (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) (Live at Heaven’s Night) (from Silent Hill 4: The Room OST (Disc 1)) [03:27:10]


50 Akira Yamaoka - Acceptance (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn) (from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories OST) [03:33:25]


51 Cœur de Pirate - Off to Sleep (from Child of Light OST) [03:37:19]

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