Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-01-27 (Vantablack & Neon Edition Vol. 2 feat. Vega Sanchez)

The blackness shall consume us alllllll!!!! We’re all dewmed!!! Emoclew perverts new and old, unicorn and banana puddle folk, to Volume 2 of the Vantablack & Neon Edition (feat. Vega Sanchez)! What the purple cockadoodle is a “Vega Sanchez,” you may ask? What the holiest of holy fucking fucks is Vantablack & Neon about?! Glad you fuckin’ asked! Vega has been a dear friend of mine for… fuck, a really fuckin’ long time. Unfortunately, the details regarding when & how we met have shuffled their way off the top of my head, but I know it’s been over a decade now. He’s the only person I’ve ever known to ask me for a copy of my music collection, and actually put the wheels in motion to get it.


In case you’re a new listener here, I have over 2.5 TB of music, and that’s actually not even that much anymore. One of my Lyft passengers had, like, 8 or something. I slowed down on my music acquisition quite significantly between 2007 and 2018ish due to myriad horrendous circumstances, but yeah, he’s the only one with a copy of most of it. To be frank, I applaud curiosity like that, and I’m far more willing to do that for others than most people might realize. It requires minimal effort, after all. Not that my library is so much better than anyone else’s or any shit like that, it’s just really fuckin’ expansive, and you’re likely to find some really cool shit in there no matter what kind of stuff you listen to.


Anyway, back to Vega. If you had to conjure up an image of him, I would say to imagine a goth philosophy professor with excellently discerning taste in music, movies, media in general, and you’d pretty much have him down. Mind you, goth as in adorned in all black, not donned in full makeup and Hot Topic-style regalia. I could tell you I went through that, “phase,” and that I don’t dress that way anymore, but I’d only be telling half the story. I just don’t care to put that kind of effort into my appearance right now with the exception of concerts for a variety of personal reasons, but I’ve never lost my taste for the aesthetic. I have kinda lost my taste for the subculture, but it’s mostly just bad memories that I’ll get over eventually. I do respect those who still rock the style into their 30s, 40s and beyond. They’re certainly a rare breed.


Anyway, yeah, that’s Vega. A living manifestation of darkness itself. As far as the podcast goes, this is a juxtaposition of synthwave, 80s style stuff next to goth/industrial rock & metal. Random facts: synthwave is (or may) also be called retrowave and/or Outrun (because of the style of music on the game). If someone knows of a clear distinction between those three that I’m overlooking, please inform me! I like being informed. Information is good. Yum. I am a hoo-man.


More random facts: within the broader genres of goth/industrial, there exists a harder style with similar tonality called EBM, or Electro-Body Music, as I’ve heard it called. I’ve included a few examples I felt would represent the theme of Vantablack especially well. I have no doubt there are better tracks from their catalogues that I could have picked, but I picked these, so fucking deal. Hope you yojne them. The Neon tracks are mostly groups I only recently discovered. I tried including as many newish tracks as I could. Incidentally, this whole edition is damn near 5 hours long again. What can I fuckin’ say? I’m too much, and I happen to like this theme a lot.


So, you’ll notice a few tracks off of Nine Inch Nails’ classic masterpiece, The Downward Spiral. I chose March of the Pigs because that was the track that introduced them to me, and Heresy because that’s one great example - amongst numerous others - of how fuckin’ awesome deep tracks can get when you venture beyond the singles. That one was used right at the beginning of Gregg Araki’s Doom Generation movie, actually. That whole soundtrack is pretty sweet, and the guys from Skinny Puppy get in a fight with the protagonist, so that’s always fun.


Also, I’m sure some of these tracks struggle to squeeze into the genre classifications for this theme, but I suppose you’re gonna just have to put on your big people pants and listen anyway. Maybe you’ll expand your horizons a bit. Also also, you’ll notice a few other random classic goth & industrial 80s & 90s jams on the tracklist. Nosferatu’s, “Farewell My Little Earth,” Orgy’s, “Dissention,” :Wumpscut:’s, “Black Death - French Concept,” and Marilyn Manson’s, “The Reflecting God,” specifically, but there are a number of others as well. Those are little nods to my teenhood. Nosferatu was one of the first goth bands that appealed to me, and I first heard that track from a Hot Topic compilation called Songs to Wake the Dead. Of course, right? Why wouldn’t it be called something like that? But yeah, I can’t speak for Vega’s classic track picks and why he chose them. I can’t really speak for him at all because he’s darkness incarnate.


Hmm? Ummm… Vega?


What are you doing with that knife, man?



Yojne, motherfuckers.



01 Bauhaus - Dark Entries (from In The Flat Field) [00:03:47]


02 Perturbator - I Am the Night (from I Am the Night) [00:07:34]


03 Poppy - Metal (from Metal) [00:13:47]


04 :Wumpscut: - Black Death - French Concept (from Dried Blood Of Gomorrha) [00:17:12]


05 The Birthday Massacre - Under the Stairs (from Imagica) [00:22:59]


06 Von Kaiser - Blood Moon (from Landline) [00:26:49]


07 Cults - Being It (from Being It) [00:32:12]


08 Combichrist - Fuck That Shit (from What the F^^k is Wrong With You People?) [00:36:39]


09 Skinny Puppy - Goneja (from The Greater Wrong of the Right) [00:42:16]


10 admo - Paths Unknown (from Paths Unknown) [00:47:37]


11 Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross - Technically, Missing (from Gone Girl OST) [00:50:45]


12 Nine Inch Nails - Heresy (from The Downward Spiral) [00:57:27]


13 Donbor - Grey Sky (from Magnatron 2.0) [01:01:20]


14 Vangelis - Tears In Rain (from Blade Runner OST) [01:05:28]


15 Covenant - Like Tears In Rain (from United States Of Mind) [01:08:23]


16 Rose McGowan - RM486 (from RM486) [01:14:09]


17 Tennis - Diamond Rings (from We Can Die Happy) [01:19:47]


18 barnacle boi - Gossip (from 777) [01:22:31]


19 Clan of Xymox - A Day (from Clan of Xymox) [01:26:04]


20 Mushroomhead - Never Let It Go (from Superbuick) [01:32:40]


21 Desire - Under Your Spell (from Desire) [01:37:19]


22 Berlin - Sex (I’m A…) - Rerecorded (from Transcendance) [01:42:10]


23 Siouxsie and the Banshees - Party’s Fall (from Tinderbox) [01:46:27]


24 Nosferatu - Farewell My Little Earth (from The Prophecy) [01:51:15]


25 Tokyo Rose - Cruis’n (from Chases) [01:57:38]


26 Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross - I’LL WAIT (from Watchmen: Volume 1 (Music from the HBO Series)) [02:00:25]


27 Nine Inch Nails - March Of The Pigs (from The Downward Spiral) [02:03:50]


28 Bauhaus - Double Dare (from In The Flat Field) [02:06:37]


29 Maxthor - Heroes Walk Alone (from Another World) [02:11:29]


30 John 5, Griffin Boice - Three Sisters (from The Lords of Salem OST) [02:16:36]


31 Psyclon Nine - Remains of Eden - Version : Die Sektor (from [Disorder : The Shadow Sessions]) [02:18:38]


32 Arca - Reverie (from Arca) [02:23:54]


33 Carpenter Brut - Hush Sally, Hush! (from Hush Sally, Hush!) [02:26:58]


34 SQÜRL - Funnel of Love (feat. Madeline Follin) (from Only Lovers Left Alive OST) [02:32:57]


35 Switchblade Symphony - Dissolve (from Serpentine Gallery) [02:36:33]


36 Type O Negative - Love You To Death (from October Rust) [02:41:03]


37 Misanthropix - Bionic Within (from Bionic Within) [02:48:12]


38 Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch - Sea Wall (from Blade Runner 2049 OST) [02:51:50]


39 Lindemann - Ich weiß es nicht (from Ich weiß es nicht) [03:01:25]


40 Her’s - Dorothy (from Songs of Her’s) [03:06:06]


41 Von Kaiser - Night Driver (from Landline) [03:10:07]


42 Kayjez - Bad Intentions (from Kayjez) [03:13:55]


43 Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross - HOW THE WEST WAS REALLY WON (from Watchmen: Volume 1 (Music from the HBO Series)) [03:17:27]


44 Marilyn Manson - The Reflecting God (from Antichrist Superstar) [03:21:11]


45 Neon Nox - Nightrider (from Syndicate Shadow) [03:26:47]


46 Volkor X, Dimi Kaye - Beacon (from Beacon) [03:31:48]


47 Siouxsie and the Banshees - Softly (from Superstition (Expanded Edition)) [03:38:14]


48 Bella Morte - Doubt (from Where Shadows Lie) [03:44:05]


49 The Chameleons - Don’t Fall (from Script of the Bridge (Remastered)) [03:49:12]


50 God Module - Round and Round (Ratt cover) (from Does This Stuff Freak You Out?) [03:53:11]


51 Teargas & Plateglass - Book of Black Valentines (from Black Triage (Bonus Track Version)) [03:57:56]


52 Orgy - Dissention (from Candyass) [04:02:33]


53 The Velvet Underground, Nico - Venus In Furs (from The Velvet Underground & Nico 45th Anniversary) [04:06:01]


54 Switchblade Symphony - Naked Birthday (from The Three Calamities) [04:11:06]


55 Roly Porter - 4101 (from Third Law) [04:15:12]


56 Alex, Tokyo Rose - Delete Soul (from Akuma) [04:23:07]


57 Lestat - ? (from Vision of Sorrows) [04:25:59]


58 Home - Tides (from Odyssey) [04:30:58]


59 VHS Dreams - The Long Way Home (from Lost World) [04:34:49]

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