Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-01-20 (Through Niflheim to Valhalla Edition Vol. 2)

To Valhalla, perverts! Emo-fuckin’-clew to Volume 2 of the Through Niflheim to Valhalla Edition of Monday Morning Aural Fuckin’ Sex! As if you couldn’t guess by the name and/or cover art I posted for this shit, we’re goin’ deep into nordic folk and viking metal in this one. One of the groups describes themselves as “amplified history…” That group, dearest perverts, is the mighty Heilung, and one of the main reasons I made this edition is to hype myself the fuck up for the show on the 24th. I will most assuredly be taking pics and videos galore, even though I honestly would rather just experience the show, I’m almost certain that the temptation will be fuckin’ overwhelming to capture some of it at least.


So, to any nordic folk & viking metal purists who somehow may have stumbled across my little podcast here, calm your fuckin’ tits right now as you casually glide your fuckin’ eyeballs across the tracklisting. I’m pretty sure a few of these groups aren’t Nordic at all, but they fit the general theme of this edition, so I fuckin’ included them. The Abraxis song right near the beginning? That was put there again after Heilung’s phenomenal fuckin’ anthem, “In Maidjan,” to illustrate similarities between the tribal music of our earliest ancestors and the EDM many people listen to today. Many will tell you also that EDM still has a very tribal feel in the crowds, at least in certain subgenres anyway. It’s all subjective, so what-the-fuck-ever.


Anyway, I did my best to construct a sort of narrative here with the tracklist. I often do that, frankly. I hope someone notices and appreciates it at some point, but it’s enough for me alone if it goes unnoticed forever. Keep in mind too that I’m 31 fuckin’ flavors of exhausted right now. Yes, I’m the Baskin fuckin’ Robbins of exhaustion, and I’m surprised I’m even typing semi-coherently at this point, but this podcast is important to me. It’s a self-discipline thing, and it definitely helps me keep my life somewhat in order. So, no matter how much I procrastinate, or how busy I am, or how poorly I plan this shit out before I’m sitting here assembling it all, I drag myself through to the end. The fucked up thing is that from the time I finish writing, recording and editing this intro, there’s still another hour and a half to two hours worth of stuff to do.


That said, let us all, and by that I mean me, myself, and your cousin George, stoppeth yammeringith soeth weath caneth yojneth!



01 Heilung - Opening Ceremony (from Lifa) [00:01:45]


02 Heilung - In Maidjan (from Lifa) [00:02:36]


03 Abraxis - Old Gods (from Old Gods) [00:14:55]


04 ЛЕДЪ - ЛЕДЪ (Ice) (from Неведомо​,​не страшно (Mysterious Not terrible)) [00:20:41]


05 Eivør - Salt (from Slør) [00:23:12]


06 Equilibrium - Rise Again (from Armageddon) [00:27:34]


07 Heiling - Alfadhirhaiti (from Lifa) [00:31:21]


08 Żywiołak - Bagienna Królowa (from Pieśni Pół/nocy) [00:37:59]


09 Arnica - Dioses Ocultos (from Cabeza de Lobo) [00:40:55]


10 Heilung - Galgaldr (from Futha) [00:45:40]


11 Percival Schuttenbach, Marcin Przybyłowicz - ...Steel For Humans (from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt OST) [00:55:58]


12 Týr - Konning Hans (from The Lay of Thrym) [00:57:22]


13 Cuélebre - En La Niebla (from Anaman) [01:01:37]


14 Fenrir - Morrigane’s Fury (from Echoes of the Wolf) [01:06:02]


15 Eliwagar - Urdarbrunn (from I Vølven's Vev) [01:11:04]


16 Heilung - Norupo (from Futha) [01:13:29]


17 The HU - Wolf Totem (from Wolf Totem) [01:17:39]


18 Einar Selvik, Hilda Örvarsdóttir - Snake Pit Poetry (from Snake Pit Poetry) [01:23:01]


19 Finntroll - Jaktens Tid (from Jaktens Tid) [01:29:58]


20 Ursprung, Nytt Land - I nyväckt Midgård (from URMINNEN) [01:33:30]


21 Drusana - Spiralis Amsteras (from Kaytos Kom) [01:37:49]


22 Heilung - Elivagar (from Futha) [01:42:39]


23 RÁN, Gaahl - Blodbylgje (from Blodbylgje) [01:51:10]


24 Mark Korven - Witch's Coven (from The Witch OST) [02:06:10]


25 Heilung - Svanrand (from Futha) [02:08:21]


26 Shireen - Umai (from Matriarch) [02:11:48]


27 Myrkur - Två Konungabarn (Single) (from Två Konungabarn) [02:18:02]


28 SKÁLD - Ec Man Iötna (from Vikings Chant) [02:21:31]


29 Heilung - Fylgija Ear (from Ofnir) [02:23:24]


30 Unleash The Archers - Northwest Passage (from Northwest Passage) [02:31:58]


31 Wardruna - Odal (from Odal) [02:36:25]


32 Valravn - Farin Uttan At Verđa Vekk (from Koder på snor) [02:41:47]


33 Rúnahild - Heimferd (from Heimferd) [02:48:56]


34 Uinuos - Aamunkoitto (from Walakiat) [02:54:30]


35 Heilung - Afhomon (from Ofnir) [02:57:35]


36 Equilibrium - Renegades - A Lost Generation (from Renegades) [03:11:13]


37 Týr - Valkyrja (from Valkyrja) [03:15:39]


38 Osi And The Jupiter - Fylgja II (To Tread the Path of Fire) (from Nordlige Rúnaskog (Deluxe Version)) [03:22:52]


39 Heilung - Hamrer Hippyer (from Futha) [03:28:07]


40 Brothers of Metal - Yggdrasil (from Yggdrasil) [03:41:57]


41 SKÁLD - Ó Valhalla (from Ó Valhalla) [03:46:26]


42 Korpiklaani - Ievan Polkka (from Manala) [03:49:55]


43 Karkaos - Bound by Stars (from Children of the Void) [03:53:01]


44 Danheim - Call to the Gods (Outro) (from Munarvagr) [03:59:45]


45 David García Díaz, Andy LaPlegua - Dillion (from Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice OST) [04:00:51]

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