Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2020-01-06 (New Music for a New Decade Edition)

Happy fuckin’ New Year, perverts, pervettes and everything between and beyond, including unicorn folk! Emo-fuckin’-clew to the New Music for a New Decade Edition! Doesn’t get much more obvious than that, does it? Each one of these tracks is new in some way: both the artist and track are new to both me and this podcast, just the track is new to both, or the track is only new to this podcast. There’s only one of those, and that’s the track by Marc Rebillet (not sure how to pronounce that ‘cause I’ve never heard it pronounced and haven’t looked it up yet). It’s a track called Look at That Ass, he has a video for it, and the dude is just such a fuckin’ character. I think those of you with a sense of humor will yojne it. I truly can’t believe I haven’t put him on this podcast yet, but here he finally is.


Also, I would swear I’ve heard the Free The Robots song somewhere before, but I’m almost certain that one is new to this podcast too. If I figure it out, I’ll mention it in the intro to next week’s edition if I remember to do so. Anyway, since the title of this week’s edition is self-explanatory, and also because it’s currently 7:45 A-fucking-M and I’m exhausted, I won’t yammer the fuck on as I usually do. Quick thanks to everyone who watched my video blog I made for New Year’s. I really appreciate the feedback I got on it, and especially the time you all spent listening to me go on and fuckin’ on like that. One last thing before we yojne, however…



01 Morgue - Donald Trump Is A Fucking Cunt (from [00:01:10]


02 Foreign Beggars, Feed Me - 24-7 (from 2 2 Karma) [00:04:33]


03 GRAVEDGR - WARDOGZ (feat. City Morgue) (from WARDOGZ) [00:07:00]


04 Afu-Ra - Rise Up (feat. Lyricson) (from Rise Up) [00:09:25]


05 Virtual Riot - Show Up (feat. Virus Syndicate) (from German Engineering EP) [00:12:54]


06 Chali 2na, The Funk Hunters - Get Involved (feat. Defunk) (from Get Involved (feat. Defunk)) [00:17:08]


07 Reverse Engineering - Heart Juice (feat. Diyala) (from Schemers) [00:20:56]


08 GAWNE - Death to Mumble Rap (feat. Mac Lethal, Futuristic & Crypt) (from Death to Mumble Rap) [00:25:27]


09 Black Sun Empire, State of Mind - Kill That Noise (from The Violent Five) [00:30:21]


10 Blackguard - By My Hand (feat. Morgan Lander) (from Storm) [00:35:03]


11 Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Violator (from Drumsound & Bassline Smith Present: TECH 100, Vol. 2) [00:39:34]


12 Mouthe - Let The Boy Live (from NUVO) [00:44:43]


13 Aero Chord - Burning (feat. Bianca) (from The Sound) [00:47:51]


14 Hadouken! - Oxygen (Gemini Remix) (from Oxygen (EP)) [00:52:08]


15 Truth - Grampian (feat. Stylust & Sgt Pokes) (from Mushrooms) [00:56:44]


16 NGHTMRE - Aftershock (Boombox Cartel VIP) (from Aftershock (Boombox Cartel VIP)) [01:01:17]


17 Alaclair Ensemble - Mets du respect dans ton bac (from Mets du respect dans ton bac) [01:05:22]


18 Extra Terra - Neural Link (from Neural Link) [01:08:47]


19 Onyx - Love of Money 96 (from Cold Case Files 2) [01:12:02]


20 Alex, Tokyo Rose - Beasts (from Akuma II) [01:16:52]


21 Craig Connelly - Spires (from Spires) [01:20:07]


22 Aero Chord - The Sound (from The Sound) [01:27:46]


23 Marc Rebillet - Look at That Ass (from Marc Rebillet) [01:31:17]


24 HIGHSOCIETY - Give You More (from Give You More EP) [01:34:14]


25 Idealism - cold door handles (from nobody else ep) [01:38:25]


26 Lyrics Born - Before and After (from Later That Day…) [01:40:43]


27 Strawberry Girls - Shadown Of The Moon (feat. Sarah Glass, Jenna Fournier & Kathleen Delano) (from Italian Ghosts) [01:45:19]


28 Minnesota - Colors (feat. Jackie Rain) (Xan Griffin Remix) (from Colors (feat. Jackie Rain) (Xan Griffin Remix)) [01:50:18]


29 Zeds Dead, Subtronics - Bumpy Teeth (from Bumpy Teeth) [01:54:14]


30 LICK - DIMENSION (from DIMENSION) [01:58:24]


31 Snareskin - Swiggity (from Swiggity) [02:01:47]


32 Gramatik, Big Gigantic - Better Believe It Now (from Better Believe It Now) [02:05:15]


33 Polyphia - Goose (from The Most Hated) [02:10:13]


34 Kool Keith - Super Hero (feat. MF DOOM & L'Orange) (from Super Hero) [02:14:20]


35 invention_ - Kwerk (from Parables Volume Two) [02:18:47]


36 Deathpact - Suspect (from Cipher Two) [02:22:04]


37 Kvmo, Alias - Control (from Control) [02:24:12]


38 Downlink - Tiger (from Triphekta EP) [02:27:30]


39 Kelpe - Margins (from Margins) [02:33:02]


40 Calvertron - The Grid (from The Grid EP) [02:36:47]


41 Kodak To Graph - Iamanthem (from Isa) [02:40:40]


42 Ruby My Dear - 7C0 (from Ginkgo) [02:45:12]


43 Stonebank - Ripped To Pieces (feat. EMEL) (VIP) (from Ripped To Pieces (feat. EMEL) (VIP)) [02:50:39]


44 Stabbing Westward - Crawl (from Dead and Gone) [02:54:30]


45 Free The Robots - Diary (from Free The Robots EP) [02:58:08]


46 Break Science - Guiding Light (from Grid of Souls) [03:02:04]


47 SPEECHLESS - Keep On Going (from Keep On Going) [03:05:20]


48 Sleeping At Last - Love Is All Around (from Love Is All Around) [03:07:46]

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