Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-12-16 (Liquid Makes Me Wet Edition Vol. 3)

Awww yeah, bitch! Liquid Makes Me Wet as a motherfucker… who’s wet because of well, liquid, but ESPECIALLY on monday mornings, and when I’m gettin’ aural sex too?! Daaaaamn, yo. Shit be wet as fuck over here, just like liquid itself, because liquid is both wet and can wet things, because some words are just so fuckin’ cool that they can be adjectives, verbs AND nouns, and still be spelled the same… because reasons. The English language is fucking dead anyway, so do you really give 43/64ths of a fuck or 567/928ths of a shit? I didn’t think so. Fuck that fuckin’ debate alto-fuckin’-gether, and EMOCLEEEEEWWWWW!


That is fuckin’ right! Emo-fuckin’-clew to the 3rd installment of the Liquid Makes Me Wet Edition of Monday Morning Aural Fuckin’ Sex! I figured 6 months was plenty of time to allow for a new installment without mass rioting, looting, economic catastrophe, etc. going down. You know, the usual stuff that happens when you perverts are dissatisfied with my decisions regarding this podcast.


I should mention though, and calm your fuckin’ chaotic-ass tits before you hear this, I did include a couple tracks from previous editions. I KNOW! I know, I’m always ranting ad fucking infinitum and ad fucking extreme nauseam about discovering new shit, expanding your horizons and want not, but these tracks have only been played a time or two before this. In my humble fuckin’ opinion, they fuckin’ deserved spots on this edition, so there they are and there you go. You’re fuckin’ welcome.


Also, much of this podcast was compiled by going back through the artists on the previous Liquid Makes Me Wet Edition and hitting Shuffle Play on their entire catalog so I could expand my knowledge on these motherfuckers. I’m not trying to be unadventurous in doing that as opposed to finding new artists; fucking nay! Verily I say unto you (or some Shakespearean shit like that), there are quite a few artists being played for the very first time on this podcast. I just also wanted to deepen both your and my (mostly my own, let’s be fuckin’ honest adults about this) appreciation for artists on whom I’m still scarcely conversant. Nothing wrong with that, and if you think there is, you can freely consume a satchel of Richards at your leisure, you cock-eyed fellow!


Couple things I want to mention before the gloriously inevitable yojnement:


1. I threw all these little bitches into Mixed In Key so that I could arrange them harmonically, and I’m absolutely fucking euphoric (haha, not really) to say that there are ZERO fucking inharmonic departures. Actually, I suppose it would be a harmonic departure, as an inharmonic departure is sort of a double negative that implies a return to harmony. Maybe I’m thinking too much about this. Maybe I’m too much. May-fucking-be, right?! Right.


2. Track 26 is by an artist named Woody (Giggity). No, not Woody Giggity; I’m referencing Family Guy, you fucktwit. Anyway, this artist named Woody… Holy fuck, what an unexpected adventure I had down that particular rabbit hole (Giggity again). You see, because Woody is (apparently) such a common artist name, Spotify has mistakenly clusterfucked together at least 7 or 8 different artists also named Woody into the same profile.  YET! FUCKING YET, if you search for Woody, it comes at you hard. (Giggi-fuckin’-ty!) Sorry, I had to. I mean, try it sometime. Countless fuckin’ artists either named Woody (and that’s it), or Woody this, or Woody that, or Woody McFuckin’Woodenstein the 24th. Anyway, that one profile with the 7 or 8 different artists had Russian hip-hop, Brazilian hip-hop, American (as far as I could tell) hip-hop, Korean adult contemporary, Liquid Drum’n’Bass (fucking obviously), Rock, Country, House, Hard Techno… like, fuck! All that fuckin’ shit behind just one name! Granted, it’s too common a fuckin’ name, and artists ought to try to be as unique as possible, but fucking wow.  Maybe I’m a total music nerd freak fuckhead idiot dorkface poophead, and I’m the only one amused by such shit, but fuck you if you don’t like it. I thought it was both amusing and interesting, so I shared.


3. The tracks called Zeros & Ones, and the placement of the track Unspoken before the track Questions are not fucking there by accident. Those things are kinda sorta fuckin’ significant to me, that is, if you’ve been paying at least a modicum of attention to my life and what I share on social media over the past decade or so. So yeah, yojne that shit good and hard for me. Or don’t. Go ahead and be a vaginacock. No explanation for that. Fucking live with it, bitch.


4. Lastly (and somewhat coincidentally), track 49 is a track called Meant to Be, and I almost didn’t include it simply because I fucking loooooooathe that phrase. If you want me to lose interest in some shit you’re saying, calling something, “meant to (or not meant to) be,” is a pretty fuckin’ direct route. That phrase implies determinism, which in turn implies moral irresponsibility (or, at least unaccountability) due to the non-existence of free will, and obviously (or, at least it should be), the existence of a conscious creator who set in motion such lovely events as your getting that promotion at your job, your finding your soulmate, and also the Holocaust, child rape and sex trafficking across the world, animal torture, systematic misery inflicted ceaselessly upon the bruised, broken and bleeding fucking backs of the destitute and just downright fucking innocent. You can’t fucking cherry pick when it comes to determinism like you silly fuckers do with your religious texts. Well, you can, because fuck me and my opinions, but you can’t do it around me and expect to hold my interest! So there! Take that! That’ll show ‘em! Anyway, yeah, it’s a great track regardless of my psychotic thoughts on the matter, so yojne the tits offa that one there.


5. Also lastly, because I clearly don’t know how, when, why, where or what to up the shut fuck, I am fucking EXHAUSTED right now. Like, eyelids pried open with toothpicks fuckin’ exhausted. I have had one of the longest fucking days in recent memory, and instead of submitting to sleep like any relatively fucking sane person might do, here I fucking am doing this podcast. I hope at least one of you perverted-ass ass-fuckers out there appreciates that to some degree.




AAAAAAND NOW, now that I can’t think of anything else to add, so I won’t…


We yojne!



01 Sigma - Good Times (feat. Ella Eyre) (from Life (Deluxe)) [00:05:20]


02 Voicians - Wasteland (from Wasteland (Deluxe Edition)) [00:08:59]


03 Champion - Crystallise (from Crystallise) [00:13:03]


04 Makoto - Wind Of Change (feat. Karina Ramage) (from Salvation) [00:17:17]


05 Monrroe - Everywhere I Go (from Everywhere I Go) [00:21:08]


06 Metrik - Cadence (feat. Reija Lee) (from LIFE/THRILLS) [00:25:39]


07 DRS, LSB - The View (feat. Tyler Daley) (from Mid Mic Crisis) [00:28:57]


08 Camo & Krooked - Broken Pieces (feat. Nihils) (Culture Shock Remix) (from Mosaik (Remixes)) [00:35:12]


09 Dawn Wall - I See You (from Ember) [00:39:15]


10 Aether - Save Me from You (feat. Veela) (from Same Me from You) [00:45:08]


11 Wilkinson - Machina (from Machina [UKF10]) [00:49:00]


12 Fred V & Grafix - Bladerunner (from Recognise) [00:53:02]


13 Ryan Oliphant - Unspoken (feat. Elle Exxe) (Muzzy & Oliverse Remix) (from Unspoken (Muzzy & Oliverse Remix)) [00:58:35]


14 High Contrast - Questions (feat. Boy Matthews) (from Night Gallery) [01:01:31]


15 ShockOne - A Dark Machine (feat. Reija Lee) (from A Dark Machine) [01:05:24]


16 Ekko & Sidetrack - Let The Light In (feat. Reija Lee) (from Let The Light In / Melt) [01:09:07]


17 Metrik - Solar (from Metrik EP) [01:12:54]


18 Sub Focus - Eclipse (from Andy C Nightlife 6) [01:16:57]


19 Etherwood - See The Sky (feat. Thomas Oliver) (from See The Sky (feat. Thomas Oliver)) [01:21:22]


20 L.A.O.S - Hush Now (from Finally) [01:26:09]


21 Pendulum - Witchcraft (John B Remix) (from Witchcraft) [01:30:48]


22 Telomic - Lies (from Compelled EP) [01:37:08]


23 Philth - Condensation (feat. Sense MC) (from Moments in Time - Part 1) [01:42:39]


24 Maduk, Diamond Eyes - Colours (from Colours / Still In Love [UKF10 x Liquicity]) [01:47:27]


25 Moleman - Blood Pressure (feat. Pipistrelle) (from Blood Pressure) [01:51:51]


26 Woody - Revelate (from Galaxy Of Dreams (Liquicity Presents)) [01:55:56]


27 Low:r - Other Side (feat. Anna Pancaldi) (from Spearhead 100) [02:01:05]


28 L.A.O.S, Riggz - Zeros & Ones (from Finally) [02:06:15]


29 Arctic Lake - Heal Me (SpectraSoul Remix) (from Heal Me (SpectraSoul Remix)) [02:13:12]


30 Delta Heavy, Muzzy - Revenge (from Only In Dreams) [02:16:33]


31 Netsky - Get Away from Here (feat. Selah Sue) (from 2) [02:20:54]


32 Chase & Status - All Goes Wrong (feat. Tom Grennan) (from Tribe) [02:24:58]


33 Fred V & Grafix, Etherwood - Forest Fires (from Recognise) [02:28:19]


34 Netsky vs. Marilyn Manson vs. Narcotic Thrust vs. Pink - Narcotic Pink Shit Heart (CjR Mix) (from Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Vol. 43) [02:31:38]


35 Pola & Bryson - Whisper To Me (feat. Sammie Bella) (Telomic Remix) (from Whisper To Me (Telomic Remix)) [02:36:56]


36 Aether, Sizzle Bird, Veela - Raccoon City (from Raccoon City) [02:42:09]


37 Feint - Signs (from Cloudheaded Vol. 1) [02:45:47]


38 Metrik - Electric Echo (feat. GUNSHIP) (from LIFE/THRILLS) [02:50:41]


39 Dossa & Locuzzed - My Love (feat. Misses U) (from Resonate) [02:54:43]


40 High Contrast - The Agony & The Ecstasy (feat. Selah Corbin) (from The Agony & The Ecstasy) [02:59:50]


41 Dawn Wall - Devil's Night (from Devil’s Night EP) [03:05:56]


42 Andreya Triana - Lullaby (Logistics Remix) (from Lullaby (Logistics Remix)) [03:10:19]


43 Hybrid Minds - Wasted (feat. Grimm) (from Wasted) [03:14:44]


44 Klute - Flesh Eaters (from Whatever It Takes) [03:19:08]


45 Muzzy - Worth the Lie (from Worth the Lie) [03:23:58]


46 Nelver, Indivision - Explain (from Explain) [03:28:46]


47 Silence Groove - Angelic (from Angelic EP) [03:34:34]


48 Walk:r - Blue Soul (Particle Remix) (from Skankandbass 50) [03:40:27]


49 Hybrid Minds - Meant to Be (feat. Grimm) (from Mountains) [03:45:12]


50 Camo & Krooked - Without You (from Can’t Get Enough & Without You) [03:50:14]


51 Metrik - Break Of Dawn (from Metrik EP) [03:55:43]

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