Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-12-09 (Rap Vs. Hip-Hop Edition Vol. 5)

Eeeeeemmmmmooooooccccclllllleeeeewwwww srekcufrehtom to the 5th volume of the Rap vs. Hip-Hop Edition of Monday Fuckin’ Morning Fuckin’ Aural Fuckin’ Sex! All sorts of fuckin’ up in this bitch today, but (surprisingly) nut a (w)hole lot of oral sex abutt fucking! (Yes, if you’re reading this instead of (or in addition to) listening to it, all that was said in fucking context. You’re welcome.) It’s all good though, ‘cause there are 19 fucktacular artists making their debut appearances on this podcast this week, 12 of whom I only just discovered myself this week; unless you count all the guests too, in which case it’s actually more like 41. Also, I was adamant about not using any tracks from past Rap Vs. Hip-Hop editions, because I meant what I said in the intro to the Collection edition that I put out a few months ago. That collection was meant as a retrospective to further appreciate the discoveries going forward. I did, however, include a handful of tracks from previous non-Rap vs. Hip-Hop editions I did this year and from years before. There IS actually ONE, uno fuckin’ track from one of the previous Rap vs. Hip-Hop Editions, but I’llllll neeeeverrrr tellll… aaaannnd you won’t find ouuuuuuut, becaaaaause you don’t give a fuuuuuuck. Ah well.


Believe me, perverts, I know how tempting it is to listen to shit you already know and love. I do it all the fucking time, but there’s SO, SO fucking much cool shit out there! Don’t you ever go thinking fuckin’ otherwise. Doesn’t matter how extensive your knowledge of music is, you can always learn and find some new shit to love. Doesn’t just apply to music, either. No matter how much of an expert you might consider yourself, you can always improve. ‘Cause ya know, everybody’s a fuckin’ expert nowadays. Must be fuckin’ nice. I just watched an interesting video on Youtube about that, actually, and here’s the link if you’d like to check it out: It’s about a thing called the Dunning-Kruger Effect, and it goes into why stupid people go around thinking they’re smart. I can certainly think of a few people like that. Sounds worthy of a couple minutes of your precious fuckin’ time, right? I thought so. You’re fuckin’ welcome.


So yeah, the question of rap versus hip-hop has been debated in bedrooms thick with weed smoke across the nation for decades now. According to KRS-One, “Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live.” The lyrics to Dead Prez’s song Hip-Hop are all about that distinction. Countless other artists have discussed their perspectives on the issue, no doubt. It seems like my long-standing perspective of hip-hop being more about poetry and rap more about mainstream stuff and bobbin’ your head is more commonly held than my friend’s perspective which is vice versa. Not that he’s wrong or anything, and besides, we’re only talking about arbitrary names people came up with to identify sounds. Sounds and symbols to identify other sounds and symbols. You ever thought about that shit? Hmm? The whole idea of language? Fuck, I’m digressing again. My bad.


Anyway, yeah, doesn’t mean one view is superior and/or the other inferior, right and wrong, etc.; they’re just different, and both rap and hip-hop have value in certain contexts. I would say that rap grew out of hip-hop when record labels saw the buzz around it, and rap became a mutated sort of hydra because of all the money injected into it. Even though the argument could be made that rap spawned from hip-hop, they’ve both themselves spawned countless sub-genres, and people all around the world (note that I said, “around,” the world, and not, “a-flat” the world. Sorry, not sorry, B.o.B. Shit, speaking of that motherfucker, who the fuck gets into a beef with an astrophysicist? How is that even a thing? I know beefing is a staple of rap (don’t see it too much in hip-hop, likely due to the more modest egos), but seriously? FUCK! THERE I GO DIGRESSING AGAIN! MY BAD!) have embraced and are producing both of those greater genres all the time.


I feel compelled to add that if you’re unfamiliar with or unwilling to delve into music from other countries simply because you can’t understand the lyrics, I really must ask you if lyrics are so paramount to you, because I honestly have never met anyone like that. I’m a writer/poet, which means that words have been my main creative medium for decades now, and even I don’t go around looking up ALL the lyrics to EVERY song. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I understand that. After all, it’s not like we all have pocket-sized, touch-screen computers on us all the time. You know, devices that are capable of accessing virtually all human knowledge spanning the entire timeline of recorded history or anything. Oh shit! Wait! We actually do. But that’s right, you get bored easily. You can’t get down with lyrics you don’t understand, because they’re impossible to translate, and they should’ve been speaking English anyway, right? The world should adjust to you and your life because you crave convenience like junkies crave their drug of choice, right? Totally reasonable in Cheeto’s America. Are we great again, by the way? Asking for a gay, black friend of mine.


You poor, poor souls. You hopelessly, mentally-poverty-stricken, bereft-, destitute- and bankrupt-ass mother-fuckin’-fuckers. I’ll pray for you, hehe.


The rest of you gloriously curious and perverted-ass motherfuckers? You know what goddamn time it is.  Oh, you know. You don’t? Well, I’ma tell ya…









01 Diabolic - Stand By (from Liar & a Thief) [00:04:24]


02 CES Cru - Time Is Now (from 13) [00:08:41]


03 Josh A - Right Now (from Self Entitled) [00:12:13]


04 Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Waiting on You (from Waiting on You) [00:15:24]


05 Onyx - Throw Ya Gunz (from Bacdafucup) [00:18:34]


06 Krizz Kaliko - Follow The Drip (feat. Tech N9ne) (from Immortal) [00:21:48]


07 The Killjoy Club - Surprize (from Reindeer Games) [00:25:15]


08 Tyler, The Creator - Trashwang (feat. Na' kel, Jasper Dolphin, Lucas., L-Boy, TACO, Left Brain & Lee Spielman) (from Wolf) [00:29:55]


09 Twiztid - Follow Me (feat. Hyro The Hero) (from Follow Me) [00:34:37]


10 Ashnikko - No Brainer (from Unlikeable) [00:38:08]


11 Alaclair Ensemble - Ça que c'tait (from Les Frères Cueilleurs) [00:40:50]


12 Immortal Technique - Obnoxious (from Revolutionary Vol. 2) [00:44:30]


13 Mac Lethal - You’re vs. Your (from You’re vs. Your) [00:49:15]


14 Tom MacDonald - Fake Fans (from Fake Fans) [00:51:25]


15 Artifacts - C’Mon Wit Da Git Down (from Between A Rock And A Hard Place) [00:55:28]


16 Kung Fu Vampire - Turnt Up (feat. Hopsin) (from Re-Animated) [00:59:31]


17 Token - Code Red (from Code Red) [01:03:01]


18 Lex the Hex Master - Chill Mode (from Chill Mode) [01:06:39]


19 Lester Nowhere, Saito, Lé Real - Tokyo Tower Lounge (from Groove Marauders) [01:10:39]


20 Headie One - 18HUNNA (feat. Dave) (Four Tet Remix) (from 18HUNNA (feat. Dave) (Four Tet Remix)) [01:13:07]


21 Mike Jones - My 64 (feat. Bun B & Snoop Dogg) (from My 64) [01:17:18]


22 Lords Of The Underground - Funky Child (from Here Come The Lords) [01:22:27]


23 Snow Tha Product - "Holy Sh!t" (from "Holy Sh!t" - Single) [01:26:52]


24 ASM (A State of Mind) - Righteous Swords (from Platypus Funk) [01:28:25]


25 Pastor & Mrs. Jim Colerick - Jesus Christ Is My Nigga (from [01:31:34]


26 Alla Xul Elu - Praise No Name (from Sci Co, Vol. 1) [01:34:06]


27 Artifacts - Wrong Side of Da Tracks (from Between A Rock And A Hard Place) [01:36:23]


28 Dark Lotus - Villainous (from The Mud, Water, Air and Blood) [01:40:35]


29 The Underground Avengers - The Six (feat. Alla Xul Elu) (from Apollyon Edition) [01:44:21]


30 Blaze Ya Dead Homie - Ghost (feat. Kung Fu Vampire) (from The Casket Factory) [01:50:19]


31 Big L - Da Graveyard (from Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous) [01:54:09]


32 G-Mo Skee - Bring Em to Life (from Bring Em to Life) [01:59:29]


33 Mac Lethal - Alphabet Insanity (from Alphabet Insanity) [02:02:15]


34 Public Enemy - He Got Game (feat. Stephen Stills) (from He Got Game OST) [02:04:07]


35 Whitney Peyton - I Got It (from I Got It) [02:08:49]


36 MC Lyte - Druglord Superstar (from Gangsta Rap Classics) [02:11:39]


37 Westside Connection - Bow Down (from Bow Down) [02:15:41]


38 Mobb Deep - Shook Ones, Pt. II (from The Infamous) [02:19:07]


39 Raekwon - Guillotine (Swordz) (feat. Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck & GZA (Genius)) (from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx) [02:24:30]


40 Three 6 Mafia - Just Anotha Crazy Clique (feat. Insane Clown Posse & Twiztid) (from When The Smoke Clears) [02:28:53]


41 BEAM - 95 (from 95) [02:32:46]


42 Nas - Nas Is Like (from I Am…) [02:34:44]


43 Open Mike Eagle - The Edge of New Clothes (from The Edge of New Clothes) [02:38:39]


44 Mos Def - Body Rock (feat. Q-Tip & Tash) (from Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1) [02:41:45]


45 OutKast - ATLiens (from ATLiens) [02:46:56]


46 EPMD - Symphony 2000 (feat. Redman, Method Man & Lady Luck) (from Out Of Business (Deluxe Edition)) [02:50:35]


47 Slick Rick - Children’s Story (from The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick) [02:54:38]


48 Fort Minor - Kenji (from The Rising Tied) [02:58:34]


49 Da Youngsta’s - Backstabbers (from Gangsta Rap Classics) [03:02:21]


50 Josh A - Lone Wolf Squad (from Disgrace) [03:06:08]


51 Mac Lethal - Angel of Death (feat. Tech N9ne) (from Congratulations) [03:08:22]


52 Lox Chatterbox - Way Gone (from Loxed in Space) [03:11:30]


53 Mike Shinoda - Lift Off (feat. Chino Moreno & Machine Gun Kelly) (from Post Traumatic (Deluxe Version)) [03:15:28]


54 Epik High - 싸워 We Fight Ourselves (from EPIK HIGH - SHOEBOX) [03:19:23]


55 Ekoh - Westside (from Westside) [03:23:30]


56 Immortal Technique - You Never Know (feat. Jean Grae) (from Revolutionary Vol. 2) [03:26:58]


57 Eyedea & Abilities - Infrared Roses (from The Many Faces of Oliver Hart) [03:34:45]


58 The Underground Avengers - Exit Wounds (feat. Ajax, F-Dux, GrewSum, Jason Porter, Kidcrusher, Kung Fu Vampire, Liquid Assassin, Mars, Psycho Jesus, Ronnie Blaze, Scum, Sutter Kain, The R.O.C. & Whitney Peyton) (from Apollyon Edition) [03:36:59]


59 CES Cru - It’s Over (feat. Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko) (from 13) [03:45:55]

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