Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-11-04 (Neu Edition)

Nooo, not Northeastern University, not neuroglioblastoma cell line, not the influential German electronic group from the 70s either, and no, I didn’t fuckin’ misspell the English word, “new.” Can you fuckin’ imagine? I’d have to be waaaaay too fucked up beyond repair to actually misspell the intended name of one of my podcasts. No, this… is the Neu Edition! What does fuckin’, “neu,” mean? It means, “new,” but in German! Why did I choose such a fuckin’ obvious and one-word name for this edition? I don’t fuckin’ know. I didn’t feel like being clever or moderately insightful this week. Eat a dick if you don’t like it. Start your own fuckin’ podcast so you can do better than me, bitch.


Soooo, you’ve no doubt noticed by now that I’m coming to you once AGAIN un-robotized. I don’t know if/when I’ll return to the “robotic,” voice. Maybe if someone (almost anyone, I suppose) requests it, and I would guess that the chances are greater that Donald Trump will poke his head out of my asshole and say, “I knew I shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque.”


Anyway, back to why I named this edition, “Neu.” Well, this edition has allll new shit on it. Over 30 artists whose music I’d never even heard before this past week, along with some new discoveries from artists who I have played. Again, not tryin’ to brag, just tryin’ to demonstrate how fuckin’ easy it is to branch out with your fuckin’ tastes. How many times do I gotta fuckin’ say that shit, hmm? IT’S. FUCKIN’. EMBARASSING!


…Anyway, as far as why, “neu,” instead of simply, “new,” I just enjoy the different vowel sounds. I know, I can be pretty fuckin’ easily amused sometimes. Can’t we all? In case you haven’t noticed, I sometimes shake things up that don’t need to be shaken up just for the fucking sake of shaking things up.


Case in point, I sometimes say emoclew because at some point, I decided I was tired of saying, “welcome.” I’ve said, “doof,” when I got tired of saying food, and I’ve said, “yojne,” in the intro of just about every podcast I’ve done since 2012 or so, which (as only the most rockety of rocket scientists can decipher) is, “enjoy,” but BACKWARDSSSSS! I know, fucking mindgasm, right?


I don’t know, man. A lot of life can feel like the days blur together in a seamless fucking drag, even if you’re not depressed through it all. That’s likely why people clamor over the fuckin’ weekend all the time, aside from the fact they made shitty fuckin’ life decisions and ended up in a job they loathe (which, if I just described you, maybe try adjusting things a little or a lot so that you’re happier with your fuckin’ day-to-day). I say, go ahead and use backwards fuckin’ words. Shake things the fuck up, even if only a little bit. Why the fuck not? Who gives a fuck if people think you’re weird? It’s a fuckton better than trying to squeeze into whatever fuckin’ nimrod’s definition of normal could be. Teenage wisdom, I know, but it’s still fuckin’ valid. Plus, even though that revelation’s got fuckin’ cobwebs on it from how old it is, a lot of so-called adults could use a lesson or two on it. Probably live considerably more fulfilling fuckin’ lives.


That sounds like a good place to wrap it up, and no, I don’t mean use a condom. Fucking ew, and no, that doesn’t mean what you think it means. Just that I hate the utter lack of fucking sensation, literally. Makes fucking fucking pointless, pretty much. I’d much rather just get tested semi-regularly with someone I trust, which pphhhhh, fucking good luck with that one. Y’all go ahead and have yourselves a fuckin’ blasty blast; I’ll be over here holding my breath ’til I fuckin’ asphyxiate. But shit, I’ve been wrong plenty of times in my life, fuck. Maybe the universe will someday prove to me yet fucking again how full of shit I am.


Aww, see? Look at me and my fuckin’ feely-weelings. There I fuckin’ go, havin’ myself a grand ol’ fuckin’ pity party, and unwrapping shit when I said I’d wrap shit the fuck up. Cheese’n’Rice, self, go to H E double hockey sticks and shut the front door, because it. is time. to yojneeeeee!







01 meganeko - that’s some spooky stuff (from that’s some spooky stuff) [00:03:27]


02 Purity Ring - Fineshrine (from Shrines) [00:07:44]


03 Akosmo - First Steps (From “Celeste”) (from First Steps (From “Celeste”)) [00:11:13]


04 Alias & Doseone - The Deadener (from Less Is Orchestra) [00:15:49]


05 Joker - G Shit (from XXIV Bit EP) [00:20:05]


06 Crystal Lake - Aeon (from Helix) [00:24:17]


07 SYN - Cyberpunk (from Cyberpunk) [00:27:30]


08 SWARM - The Nothing (from The Nothing) [00:31:07]


09 El Tigr3 - She Swallowed Burning Coals (from ¡Roar!) [00:36:28]


10 Kai Wachi, Code:Pandorum - Paimon (from Paimon) [00:41:01]


11 Wildstylez, Sound Rush - Untamable (feat. Ruby Prophet) (from Untamable (feat. Ruby Prophet)) [00:43:34]


12 Hopes Die Last - Alphawolves (from Alphawolves) [00:46:41]


13 Michael St. Laurent - Know You Well (feat. Laura Hahn) (from Know You Well (feat. Laura Hahn)) [00:51:52]


14 Grimecraft - Chemical Plant (From “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”) - Remix (from Spindash 2) [00:56:18]


15 After The Burial - Exit, Exist (from Evergreen) [00:59:30]


16 Black Tiger Sex Machine - Hell Motel (from Hell Motel) [01:03:22]


17 Dirtyphonics, Bossfight - Evil Inside (from Evil Inside) [01:07:46]


18 Dance With The Dead - Get Out (from B-Sides: Vol. 1) [01:10:50]


19 Alias & Doseone - T.L.R. (from Less Is Orchestra) [01:13:20]


20 Lox Chatterbox - Hourglass (feat. Monsters With Tiny Mustaches) (from Hourglass (feat. Monsters With Tiny Mustaches)) [01:17:00]


21 ASTN - Flowers (from Flowers) [01:21:14]


22 Slushii - I Don’t Need You (from Watch Yo Back) [01:24:10]


23 Little Cecil - 1982 (from 1982) [01:27:31]


24 bLind - Two Step (The Veldt) [Final Fantasy VI Remix] (from Two Step (The Veldt) [Final Fantasy VI Remix]) [01:32:41]


25 Gunship - Cthulhu (feat. Corin Hardy) (from Fangoria Presents: Hollydoom OMST) [01:37:26]


26 Sidewalks and Skeletons - Sleep Paralysis (from White Light) [01:43:19]


27 Rous - Recensere (from MAE) [01:46:40]


28 Electus - Your World (from Your World) [01:50:42]


29 Conquer Divide - Nightmares (from Conquer Divide) [01:55:39]


30 Kognitif - Strange Day (from My Space World) [02:00:53]


31 A_rival - Ryu’s Theme (Street Fighter Remix) (from HeadBangers) [02:03:53]


32 S.P.Y - Dreaming (from Alone In The Dark: EP 3) [02:07:35]


33 Trye - By Your Side (from By Your Side) [02:12:11]


34 El Tigr3 - Infanticide (from Man-Eater) [02:15:09]


35 GHOST DATA - Arc Star (feat. Altruist) (from Void Walker) [02:20:03]


36 Razakel - Cock Block (feat. Ruby, Molly Gruesome & Lil V) (from Muerta REUP Another Dose Of Death) [02:23:45]


37 HEALTH - CRUSHER (from DISCO3) [02:30:01]


38 Lully - Wow Esme (from Wow Esme) [02:33:20]


39 meganeko - Delete (Bossfight Remix) (from Delete (Bossfight Remix)) [02:36:32]


40 Nana The Shrimp - Speedball (feat. DZA) (from Speedball) [02:40:35]


41 A_rival - Juri (From “Street Fighter”) (from Juri (From “Street Fighter”)) [02:44:09]


42 Biqram - Slip Into Darkness (from Slip Into Darkness) [02:47:25]


43 Azedia - Something (from Something) [02:49:22]


44 Goth Babe - Sunnnn (from Pacific II) [02:55:46]


45 The Amity Affliction - Shine On (from Shine On) [03:00:04]

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