Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-10-21 (A Story Worth Telling Edition)

Gninrom Doog, perverts, pervettes and everything between, beyond, backwards and fuckin’ upside-down! Emoclew to another installment of Monday Morning Aural Sex: A Story Worth Telling Edition. You’ll notice I’m coming to you once again un-robotized, because I guess some people out there like my voice or something. *shrugs* I dunno. Anyway, I’ll bet your nipples are just throbbing with antici-pation waiting for me to explain why I chose that title. Well, I would bet, but I’m fairly certain I’d lose, and I can’t imagine how one would bet on such a thing anyway.


I’m gonna sound like a weak-ass fuckin’ hippie here, but it does happen to be something in which I believe strongly: your life story should be one worth telling. I know, fucking thank you, Captain Obvious. Listen though, even if nobody ever fucking listens, you could still write it down and reflect in later years. Definitely your life story, but beyond that too. Love stories, crazy experiences, times your fuckin’ mind was blown by something you learned way too late or some shit; you get the idea. Don’t let yourself get slowly drained away in a mire of mediocrity, never exploring outside your comfort zone. Human life is literally too short to absorb and process all the fucking awesome shit that’s going on around you all the time, and yet, you somehow find time to be bored. Fucking how?!


Let me touch again on something I brought up on a previous edition: that article I read about people not seeking out new music past a certain age. I know as well as anyone how easily statistical data can be manipulated, falsified, etc. to support agendas and/or desired outcomes, but I can’t see anything to be gained for anyone from twisting those findings. My Fuck, even if you never listen to a single one of my podcasts, even if you hate literally every single fucking song I’ve ever played (which, wow, maybe relax a little), I really hope no one I know allows that shit to happen to themselves. It’s so fuckin’ easy to branch out and discover new musicians, artists, new films, video games, books, etc. and all it takes is just a little curiosity. In fact, this edition contains 18 fuckin’ artists I just discovered this week. Not even tryin’ to brag (‘cause fucking why?); I’m just tryin’ to let you know how easy it is.


That’s one aspect of the ubiquitous convenience provided to us via the digital age about which I’m very enthusiastic, indeed. I mean, fucking duh. I’ve only been sayin’ pretty much the same goddamn fuckin’ shit for 2 decades or so. Y’all motherfuckers don’t really think this podcast is my first foray into exploring and sharing music, do you? Shiiiiit, I’ve been making mixtapes since I was 5 or 6 and I was still rockin’ out to Vanilla Ice & Michael Jackson. Case in point, I’ve also always taken pride in confounding any who might criticize my so-called bad taste by balancing it with something they too enjoy. Anytime someone claimed something was bad, I looked for what they considered good and tried to see if it was actually they who had/have bad taste. I’ve often been disappointed by examinations like those, but whatever. Taste is subjective like so much else in life.


Anyway, I’m grateful beyond words to those who’ve actually listened to me, to you who’s listening to me now, even if it’s just myself. I love you, future me. Yojne as often as fucking possible, even ’til your last breath. No one knows when that’ll happen, so what the fuck are any of us waiting for?! Life is passing us by as we speak! Me, I hope I’ll use my last breath of my story to laugh. All that fuckin’ said, let us yojneeeeeeeeee!



01 Metrik - Hi! (from LIFE/THRILLS) [00:03:01]


02 Spineshank - Dead To Me (from Self-Destructive Pattern) [00:06:40]


03 Labrinth - Still Don’t Know My Name (from Euphoria (Original Score from the HBO Series)) [00:10:11]


04 Flux Pavilion - Daydreamer (feat. Example) (from Daydreamer (feat. Example)) [00:12:42]


05 Nothing More - Do You Really Want It (from The Stories We Tell Ourselves) [00:16:26]


06 Merkules - Bass (feat. Tech N9ne & Hopsin) (from Bass (feat. Tech N9ne & Hopsin)) [00:20:18]


07 VCTMS - Devil’s // Door (feat. Aiden Versteegh) (from Vol. III Halfway Happy) [00:24:09]


08 Savoy - Cata (feat. Lobounce) (from Self Predator) [00:27:36]


09 Insane Clown Posse - Cuss Words - Dr. Punch (feat. Ouija Macc) (from Cuss Words) [00:31:09]


10 Sullivan King - Reckless (from Show Some Teeth) [00:37:27]


11 Govinda - Alien Sex Magick (from Alien Sex Magick) [00:40:45]


12 Alaclair Ensemble - 0 à 120 (from Le sens des paroles) [00:44:12]


13 3TEETH - Degrade (from <shutdown.exe>) [00:47:16]


14 Conform - Eat More Death (from Circa ’94) [00:50:42]


15 Nostalghia - God Be You (from God Be You) [00:54:32]


16 Ho99o9 - Punk Police (unknown virus 5.) (feat. N8NOFACE) (from Cyber Cop [Unauthorized MP3.]) [00:59:13]


17 Shirobon - (◕ヮ◕)*:・゚ (feat. Protodome) (from Infinity) [01:00:41]


18 James Brown - The Boss (from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels OST) [01:03:14]


19 Arkadiusz Reikowski - Steel Rats (feat. Ania Suszek) (from Steel Rats OST) [01:06:23]


20 Dance With The Dead - War (from Loved to Death) [01:09:20]


21 DILLY DALLY - Marijuana (from Heaven) [01:14:10]


22 Wilson Pickett - Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool You (from In Philadelphia) [01:18:16]


23 Venetian Snares - She Runs (from My Love Is A Bulldozer) [01:20:56]


24 BONES (UK) - Pretty Waste (from Pretty Waste) [01:27:52]


25 Insane Clown Posse - You Should Know (from The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost)) [01:30:39]


26 Tom Green - Crack Baby Don’t Come Back (from The Tom Green Show) [01:35:05]


27 Catnapp - Armed (feat. FFX) (from Fear) [01:38:23]


28 Labrinth - Forever (from Euphoria (Original Score from the HBO Series)) [01:41:03]


29 Raleigh Ritchie - Sicko (from Mind the Gap) [01:44:21]


30 VCTMS - Sick // Tired (feat. Devin MacGillivray) (from Vol. II Inside the Mind) [01:47:38]


31 Twiztid - sick mind (from Generation Nightmare) [01:50:00]


32 Adventure Club - Wolfpack (from The Death Or Glory Sessions) [01:54:04]


33 Landon Tewers - Destroy (from Ai640) [01:57:44]


34 Josh A, Iamjakehill - Suicide Forest (from Chaos) [02:01:03]


35 Boxplot - Tramontane (from Tramontane EP) [02:03:52]


36 DILLY DALLY - Believe (from Heaven) [02:08:32]


37 Monsters With Tiny Mustaches - Freedom (Different Heaven Remix) (from Enter Eva) [02:12:51]


38 Shirobon - Cyberstrike (feat. Sabrepulse) (from The Arcade Dream) [02:17:14]


39 Mr. Moods - Instriation (feat. Millennium Jazz Music, The Jazz Jousters & Erik Jackson) (from The Jazz Jousters Series, Vol. 2) [02:20:23]


40 LoneMoon - Miss Understood (from Miss Understood) [02:23:11]


41 Boom Jinx - Forgotten September (feat. Thomas Bergersen) (from No Answers In Luck) [02:26:42]


42 Catnapp - Fade (feat. Dabow) (from Fade) [02:29:23]


43 Ekko & Sidetrack - Let The Light In (feat. Reija Lee) (from Let The Light In / Melt) [02:32:30]


44 CharlesTheFirst - Nightfall (from The Ascent) [02:36:20]


45 Gramatik - Late Night Jazz (from Water 4 The Soul) [02:40:05]


46 Hiromi - Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 8, Pathetique (feat. Anthony Jackson & Simon Phillips) (from Voice) [02:44:34]


47 Fraunhofer Diffraction - Final Fantasy (from Serenity Pt. 1) [02:49:36]


48 Sullivan King - Falling (WhyBeatz Remix) (from Falling (WhyBeatz Remix)) [02:55:20]


49 Orbital - Tiny Foldable Cities (from Tiny Foldable Cities) [02:57:53]


50 The Midnight - Jason (feat. Nikki Flores) (from Endless Summer) [03:03:37]


51 Twiztid - siamese amazement (from Generation Nightmare) [03:09:03]


52 Shakatura - Galactivation (from Galactivation) [03:11:11]


53 Prototyperaptor - Last Sprite Standing (from 3-1) [03:15:47]


54 Sappheiros - Passion (from Passion) [03:20:40]


55 Týr - Cemetery Gates (Bonus Track) (from Valkyrja) [03:24:49]


56 Broods - Taking You There (Live From Spotify London / 2014) (from Spotify Sessions (Live)) [03:32:07]


57 Fiona Apple - Every Single Night (from The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do) [03:35:52]


58 Mike Shinoda - What The Words Meant (from Post Traumatic (Deluxe Version)) [03:39:07]


59 Blanke - Peace In Emptiness (from Change & Decay) [03:42:37]


60 Delta Heavy - Reborn (from Paradise Lost) [03:46:55]

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