Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-08-05 (Boredom is Indefensible Edition)

That’s right, assholes and assholettes: Boredom is fucking Indefensible. By the way, welcome to the edition so named. Might I add, pretty much anytime you see me putting out an edition with a relatively ambiguous title like Shuffle’n’Chill, Curiosity is Fucktacular, etcetera et-fucking-cetera, it’s basically just all over the place in regards to genres. The only difference between my old Miscellaneous Fucktacularity and Random as Fuck editions is that a good portion of that stuff was tracks I already knew about. These 2019 editions have been almost all completely new stuff. See, I could easily just dig through my music collection and put together these podcasts as I have before, and likely will continue to, but I have so much time to find new stuff while I’m out driving for Lyft.


Considering the generally tedious nature of driving the same old highways over and over again, I take it upon myself to explore the unimaginably vast libraries of the numerous streaming services we all have available to us. Hintity-fucking-hint-hint. That brings me back to the title of this edition: Boredom is Indefensible. It has pretty much always been indefensible so long as you have at least a moderately functional imagination. Even if you were stranded at some insurance seminar, even if you were waiting at the doctor’s or dentist’s office for your appointment, even if you were traipsing aimlessly through a fucking desert, boredom is still goddamn indefensible.


In this day and age, when an extremely large portion of the population is walking around with tiny computers in their pockets, computers that have near instantaneous access to a staggering, overwhelming amount of information, boredom is indefensible. What kind of bland, passionless, pathetic sack of shit actually allows themselves to get bored anymore? Seriously, how is it even fucking possible to be bored? I don’t fucking get it. I understand being welded to your comfort zone. I don’t respect it, and I encourage the living fuck out of you to venture outside of it, but I do understand it. But holiest of holy fucks, don’t be fucking bored.


Anyway, I think I’ve made myself clear. Before we yojne, we have a brief message from the UnaBooBoo.






01 Snails - Crank Bass (feat. Liam Cormier) (from SLIMEAGEDDON) [00:02:05]


02 Once Human - Eye of Chaos (from Evolution) [00:06:27]


03 The Bridge City Sinners - Pussy Cat (from Bridge City Sinners) [00:11:07]


04 Drunkformer - Drunky Bot (from [00:13:08]


05 Twiztid - Boogieman (Skit) (from The Darkness) [00:16:46]


06 Twiztid - Boogieman (from The Darkness) [00:17:50]


07 Caravan Palace - Lone Digger (from <|º_º|>) [00:22:10]


08 Maxim - 808 (feat. Cianna Blaze) (from 808) [00:25:53]


09 Alaclair Ensemble - Ça que c’tait (from Les Frères Cueilleurs) [00:29:29]


10 Tristam - Till It’s Over (from Till It’s Over) [00:33:12]


11 Igorrr - ieuD (from Savage Sinusoid) [00:37:33]


12 Bandlez - Weed Haha (feat. Barely Alive & Rod Azlan) (from Multiplayer EP) [00:41:25]


13 Keys N Krates - Save Me (feat. Katy B) (from Midnite Mass EP) [00:44:49]


14 FantomenK - Cpu Mood (from FantomenK) [00:48:27]


15 Chime - Interdimensional (feat. Ace Aura) (from Interdimensional EP) [00:53:30]


16 Poppy - Voicemail (from Voicemail) [00:56:47]


17 Landon Tewers - Whipits (from Dead Kid) [00:59:27]


18 Pegboard Nerds - Gunslinga (feat. MC Mota) (from Gunslinga) [01:02:50]


19 Groundislava - Dark Planet (from Endless Voyage) [01:05:34]


20 Maxim - Red Dress (from Red Dress) [01:08:47]


21 A Tribe Called Red - Burn Your Village To The Ground (Neon Nativez Remix) (from [01:12:52]


22 Varien - Born of Blood, Risen From Ash (from Born of Blood, Risen From Ash) [01:17:53]


23 Tech N9ne - I Caught Crazy! (4Ever) (from N9NA) [01:21:53]


24 Genetix - Sound The Alarm (feat. Sadhu) (from Sound The Alarm) [01:24:44]


25 Mr Sam - Secret (feat. Rani) (from Lyteo (Platinum Edition)) [01:28:54]


26 Ray Charles - Black Coffee (from The Atlantic Studio Albums in Mono (Remastered)) [01:38:00]


27 Hyper - Clockwork (from Lies) [01:43:25]


28 Caravan Palace - Jolie Coquine (from Caravan Palace) [01:47:59]


29 Panda Eyes - ILY (from Kiko) [01:51:38]


30 Au5 - Eden (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (from Eden) [01:55:14]


31 Rezz, Blanke - Mixed Signals (from Mixed Signals) [02:00:18]


32 Thrown Into Exile - Song for the Lost (feat. Björn “Speed” Strid) (from Safe Inside) [02:04:02]


33 Tom Francis - Lifestyle (feat. Snoop Dogg) (from Lifestyle) [02:09:04]


34 Darktek - Russia Bitch (feat. Little Big) (from Bad Papa) [02:12:33]


35 Maxim - Respect (feat. Lee Gough) (from Respect) [02:16:26]


36 Gost - Cursed (from Skull) [02:19:58]


37 Starcadian - Ultralove (from Saturdaze) [02:23:27]


38 Ruby My Dear - Charade (from Brame) [02:28:37]


39 Tut Tut Child - Plain Sight (feat. Rachel Hirons) (from Ask Your Friends First EP) [02:33:12]


40 The Bridge City Sinners - Kreacher (from Here’s to the Devil) [02:37:47]


41 Chime - Terraform (from Invincible) [02:40:52]


42 FWLR, Twistex - Talk to Me (from Without Borders) [02:45:11]


43 Magic Sword - Sword of Truth (from Volume 1) [02:49:28]


44 Feed Me - High Speed Weekend Survivor (from Feed Me’s Family Reunion) [02:55:24]


45 Danger - 6.24 (from Furi OGST) [03:02:24]


46 Skit - Fractal Tears (from Fractal Tears) [03:06:43]


47 Au5 - Any Longer (feat. Q’aila) (from Any Longer / Hit Rewind (feat. Q’aila)) [03:10:39]


48 Atrey - Dark Prince (Final Cut) (from Dark Prince) [03:15:23]

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