Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-06-10 (Witch-rowave Trap-House Edition)

oooOOOooOoOOOoOooOoooo!!!! Hallo, dearest perverts! WelcomemocleW to yet another installment of Monday Morning Aural muthafuckin’, giraffin’, pumpkin’n, toothpastin’ Sex! This week, we have the Witch-rowave Trap-House Edition, as you may have already fuckin’ guessed by the logo, the title of the post, or maybe you had a fuckin’ carrier fox deliver the fuckin’ message. I don’t goddamn know what chicanery you’re up to over there. Any-fuckin’-way, I’m sure you’re all just DYING for me to tell you why this edition is named thusly. Well, there’s a genre of music called Witch House… Don’t fuckin’ ask me, ‘cause I have no goddamn idea why.


There’s also Witch Trap, there’s Retrowave, Futurewave, Synthwave, Fuckyourgrandpaintheasswithasandpaperfrogfisteddildowave, and Outrun. For the sake of some semblance of brevity, and due to the fact that the second one from the end on that list was one I just fuckin’ made up (*shock* *gasp*, I know, right? I’m just so fuckin’ clever), I decided to only use Retrowave in my orgiastic portmanteau name for this edition.


Couple things:


1. I first heard about Witch House because someone said the group †††(Crosses) was of that genre. After listening to a lot of other Witch House for this podcast, I’m not so sure about that assessment, but I’m including tracks of theirs anyway because Chino’s the fuckin’ shit, and y’all betta wreck-o-nize.


2. †††(Crosses) has a song called ††† on their album (also called †††), and my car stereo display can’t read that character for whatever reason, so all the fields are blank whenever I play that song. This amuses me because I’m a giant dork. Fuck you if you’re not also amused. I didn’t ask you anyway. My stereo display also can’t read Japanese characters, and it’ll probably have issues with the Russian characters in that IC3PEAK song as well. There, more information you didn’t need to know, but which amuses me. Your time, your life is miiiiiiiinnnneeee!!! Mwahahahahah!!!  And also…


3. I’ve heard that Power Glove song, “Boss Fight,” more times than I care to remember because it played during one of the most god-awfully difficult levels of Trials of the Blood Dragon, but I passed that shit after a few hours of practice. Like whuuuuut?! Anyway, yeah, got a little nostalgic for that one.


4. How fuckin’ awesome is that picture I used for this edition, hmm? I just typed “Neon Witch,” into Google images, and I found a treasure trove. You’ll have to forgive me as I butcher the absolute fuck out of these names, but the photographer is a guy named Sergey “Aku” Shetukhin, and the model’s name is Alena German. They’re both on Instagram @akunohako & @redfox0666_, respectively. Check them the fuck out, support them, do whatever you can do, because talent deserves support, goddammit.



One final thing before we commenzzzzz ze hol-eeeest of hol-eeee yojneeeees, I don’t think the birds heard my message to them last week, because they’re still out there chirping the fuck away just like they were last week. So, let’s try this again…



Aaaaaand, with that, we yojne!



01 ††† - †HIS IS A †RICK (from †††) [00:02:27]


02 Com Truise - VHS Sex (from Galactic Melt) [00:05:27]


03 IC3PEAK - Грустная Сука (from Сладкая Жизнь) [00:09:50]


04 Metrik - Electric Echo (feat. Gunship) (from LIFE/THRILLS) [00:13:02]


05 BITWVLF - Black Peach (Sidewalks and Skeletons Remix) (from River) [00:17:08]


06 VHS Dreams - A.M. Eternal (from Trans AM) [00:19:41]


07 Astral Planes - Only (from Only) [00:21:41]


08 Dance With the Dead - Become Wrath (from Loved to Death) [00:25:46]


09 CASHFORGOLD - i could be your goddess (from i could be your goddess) [00:29:15]


10 Gunship - Fly for Your Life (from GUNSHIP) [00:32:24]


11 Brothel, Sidewalks and Skeletons - Dissolution (from Dissolution) [00:36:53]


12 The Midnight - Vampires (from Endless Summer) [00:39:15]


13 ††† - BERMUDA LOCKE† (from †††) [00:44:24]


14 Envotion - Robots (from Robots) [00:48:00]


15 ∆aimon - Amen (from Amen) [00:53:11]


16 KRISTINE - The Danger (from Kristine) [00:57:23]


17 Verasect - Stitch (from Stitch) [01:01:00]


18 Power Glove - Boss Fight (from Trials of the Blood Dragon OST) [01:05:20]


19 oOoOO - 3; 51 A.M. (from Without Your Love) [01:07:19]


20 Le Matos - Playtime is Over (from Chronicles of the Wasteland / Turbo Kid OST) [01:09:02]


21 CHVRN - Control (from Fall) [01:15:28]


22 NINA - Beyond Memory (from Beyond Memory) [01:19:42]


23 foxwedding - Fortunes (from Fortunes) [01:23:12]


24 Carpenter Brut - Disco Zombi Italia (from TRILOGY) [01:26:10]


25 ††† - †ROPHY (from †††) [01:31:23]


26 F.O.O.L. - SaharA (from Visions) [01:35:12]


27 White Ring - Leprosy (from Gate of Grief) [01:39:37]


28 Tonebox - Celestial Breakdown (from Nocturn) [01:42:05]


29 ∆aimon - Flatliner (from Flatliner) [01:45:33]


30 MNYNMS - Beset (from Rite of Passage) [01:50:30]


31 bow church - Prophecies (from bow church) [01:53:53]


32 The Midnight - Days of Thunder (from Days of Thunder) [01:58:00]


33 Mimosa - Enzo (from EQUiLiBRiUM) [02:03:20]


34 Douglas Holmquist - Zero Dark Hundred (feat. Susan Lundgren) (from PinOut OST) [02:06:39]


35 OBESØN - Night Shift (from Night Shift) [02:10:06]


36 VHS Dreams - Highway Lovers (from Trans AM) [02:14:06]


37 Sidewalks and Skeletons - Angeldust (from Future Ghosts) [02:17:58]


38 Perturbator - Humans Are Such Easy Prey (from Dangerous Days) [02:21:58]


39 oOoOO - Burnout Eyess (from oOoOO EP) [02:26:14]


40 Waveshaper - 66 MHz (from 66 MHz) [02:30:04]


41 Power Glove - Reckoning (from Trials of the Blood Dragon OST) [02:33:56]


42 Sidewalks and Skeletons - Dead Idols (feat. Goo Munday) (from Entity) [02:36:22]


43 VHS Dreams - A Midday Summer’s Dream (from Lost World) [02:39:43]


44 PYLOT - A Race Against Time (from A Race Against Time) [02:45:41]


45 Salem - Frost (from Frost) [02:49:46]


46 Scandroid - Salvation Code (from Scandroid (Deluxe Edition)) [02:53:06]


47 Sidewalks and Skeletons - This Is Your Escape (from This Is Your Escape) [02:58:53]


48 Straplocked - Everlasting (feat. MandiMae & Thunder Porpoise) (from Leecher) [03:02:09]


49 Resonata - Remnants of a Time Long Gone (from Forever Isn’t for Everyone) [03:06:08]


50 Gunship - Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper cover) (from Dark All Day) [03:10:54]


51 foxwedding - Too Little, Too Late (from Too Little, Too Late) [03:14:48]


52 VHS Dreams - Holon (The 4th Dimension) (from Lost World) [03:18:33]

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