Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-06-03 (Mershed Perderders Edition)

Allo out der, all you fresh-nippled maniacs! Good milk from the dirt backwards into outer space! Welcomemoclew to the Mershed Perderders Edition! I’m a little surprised that I haven’t done an edition like this yet, but this one is aaaalllll mash-ups… with the exception of like, 3 tracks or something. To be frank, I’m not biblically conversant on the mash-up and/or turntablist genre/style/what-the-fuck-ever, but I’ve definitely enjoyed a great number of tracks over the years. You’ll notice that a LOT of the tracks come from the Mash-Up Your Bootz Party compilations and/or DJ Hero soundtracks, and you’ll also see the name Wax Audio fairly frequently, and that’s because that’s basically the extent of my knowledge of this whole thing. If/When I decide to delve deeper into this particular realm, I may make another installment of this kind of edition. Even though I had to sift through a LOT of shtinky dew-dew to find these tracks, I believe the journey was worth the effort. Some of these tracks are especially especiál to me, and some are included purely for humor. Any-goddamn-motherfuckin’-son-of-a-shit-bitch-cunt-nun-Jesus-jizzmopping-way, before we yojne, I have a quick lil’ message to play for all the fucking asshole piece of shit birds in my fucking neighborhood.






01 Wax Audio - The People (from Mashopolos III - Mashups For The People) [00:01:09]


02 Wax Audio - Europe vs. Nirvana: The Final Teen Spirit (from Mashopolos III - Mashups For The People) [00:02:40]


03 FreeStyleGames - Rihanna vs. Kid Sister: Disturbia vs. Control (from DJ Hero OST) [00:07:36]


04 The Kleptones - The Prodigy & Pendulum vs. Beastie Boys: Voodoo Sabotage (from Mash-Up Your Bootz Party (hereafter referred to as, “MUYBP,” because I don’t feel like fucking typing all that shit every goddamn time) Vol. 30) [00:10:49]


05 DJ Tripp - M.I.A. vs. Wreckz-N-Effect: Paper Rump (from MUYBP Vol. 28) [00:15:17]


06 Wax Audio - Iron Maiden vs. Public Enemy: Hallowed Be Thy Enemy (from MUYBP 13) [00:19:04]


07 Bass211 - Nine Inch Nails vs. Ace of Base: She Wants Animals (from MUYBP 15) [00:22:32]


08 DJ Morgoth - Pendulum vs. Kansas: Carry On My Wayward Island (from MUYBP Best of 2010) [00:27:32]


09 DJ Topcat - Boston vs. House of Pain: More Than On Point (from MUYBP 9) [00:34:38]


10 CjR Mix - Netsky vs. Marilyn Manson vs. Narcotic Thrust vs. P!NK: Narcotic Pink Shit Heart (from MUYBP 43) [00:39:18]


11 Bass211 - Benny Benassi vs. Sir Mix-A-Lot: Benny Got Back (from MUYBP 3) [00:44:36]


12 Colatron - Angelo Badalamenti vs. Kylie Minogue: Twin Hearts (from Mashed In Plastic: The David Lynch Mashup Album) [00:49:05]


13 Wax Audio - Metallica vs. Stevie Wonder: Sad But Superstitious (from Mashopolos II - The Mashening) [00:52:42]


14 DJ Morgoth - Rammstein vs. Fettes Brot: Schwule Sonne (from MUYBP 12) [00:57:32]


15 The Scratch Perverts - Noisia: Groundhog (Beat Juggle) (from DJ Hero OST) [01:01:57]


16 Wax Audio - Immortal Technique vs. Led Zeppelin: The 4th Branch (Kashmiri Mix) (from Cut, Paste and Run) [01:06:13]


17 Cheekyboy - Kriss Kross vs. House of Pain vs. Busta Rhymes: Touch (Jumpin’ Mix) (from MUYBP 8) [01:12:33]


18 Wax Audio - The Beatles vs. Massive Attack: Golden Teardrops (from Mashopolos III - Mashups For The People) [01:16:10]


19 FreeStyleGames - Ludacris feat. Shawnna vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Ludakiss (from DJ Hero OST (not actually on the game, so ya gotta find it elsewhere)) [01:19:51]


20 DJ Morgoth - Dr. Dre vs. Smith & Smart: Still Beides (from MUYBP Best of 2010) [01:21:46]


21 FreeStyleGames - 2Pac vs. The Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra: All Eyez on Me vs. Bittersweet Symphony (from DJ Hero OST) [01:25:18]


22 Wax Audio - David Bowie vs. Tori Amos: Tori’s Deranged (from Mashed In Plastic: The David Lynch Mashup Album) [01:29:18]


23 FreeStyleGames - Beastie Boys vs. Blondie: Intergalactic vs. Rapture (from DJ Hero OST) [01:33:31]


24 Wax Audio - Ray Parker Jr. vs. AC/DC: ThunderBusters (from MUYBP 6) [01:36:14]


25 Dr. Waumiau - The Prodigy vs. Akon & Eminem vs. Rihanna: Smack That Firestarter And Don’t Stop The Music (from MUYBP 20) [01:39:44]


26 The Scratch Perverts - The Prodigy vs. Orbital: Omen vs. The Box (DJ Battle vs. Tiësto) (from DJ Hero 2 OST) [01:44:22]


27 G3RSt - Barry Adamson vs. Garbage: Something Stupid This Way Comes (from Mashed In Plastic: The David Lynch Mashup Album) [01:48:38]


28 FreeStyleGames - Snoop Dogg vs. Tweet feat. Missy Elliott: Who Am I (What’s My Name)? vs. Oops (Oh My) (from DJ Hero 2 OST) [01:53:24]


29 FreeStyle Games - Gorillaz vs. Blondie: Feel Good Inc. vs. Atomic (from DJ Hero OST) [01:57:05]


30 Loo & Placido - Dr. Dre vs. Depeche Mode: Still Losing Myself (from MUYBP 19) [01:59:42]


31 DJ Shadow - Young Jeezy feat. Kanye West vs. DJ Shadow feat. Q-Tip & Lateef: Put On vs. Enuff (DJ Fresh Remix) (from DJ Hero 2 OST) [02:02:57]


32 DJ M.i.F. - Metallica vs. Run DMC: Tricky Sandman (from MUYBP 2) [02:06:17]


33 DJ M.i.F. - The Prodigy vs. Ini Kamoze: Smack My Hotstepper Up (from MUYBP 4) [02:10:20]


34 The Reborn Identity - Angelo Badalamenti & Kinny Landrum vs. Nine Inch Nails vs. Julee Cruise: Violent At Heart (from Mashed In Plastic: The David Lynch Mashup Album) [02:15:40]


35 iPunx - Beastie Boys vs. Daft Punk: Daft Boys (from MUYBP 1) [02:20:37]


36 Leebuzz - Rage Against The Machine vs. Blackstreet: Fistful Of Diggity (from MUYBP 17) [02:25:16]


37 ToToM - The Prodigy vs. Nine Inch Nails: Pigs Must March (from MUYBP 22) [02:29:52]


38 The Scratch Perverts - Beats and Pieces (from DJ Hero OST) [02:33:17]


39 DJ Fac - Ginuwine vs. Paramore: Crushed Pony (from MUYBP 27) [02:37:42]


40 Dr. Waumiau - Die Ärzte vs. Nelly: Country Grammar Chipmunk Theme (from MUYBP 22) [02:41:33]


41 FreeStyleGames - The Black Eyed Peas vs. Benny Benassi: Boom Boom Pow vs. Satisfaction (from DJ Hero OST) [02:43:34]


42 Phil RetroSpector - Julee Cruise vs. The Beatles: In My Twin Life (from Mashed In Plastic: The David Lynch Mashup Album) [02:46:57]


43 BushNo10 - Harold Faltermeyer vs. Eminem: Without Axel (from MUYBP 10) [02:50:29]


44 FreeStyleGames - Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden vs. The Prodigy: Bonkers vs. Omen (from DJ Hero 2 OST) [02:54:29]


45 DJ Gauffie - Robert Miles vs. Linkin Park: Children Divide (from MUYBP 26) [02:58:25]


46 FreeStyleGames - DJ Shadow feat. Mos Def vs. D-Code: Six Days (Remix) vs. Annie’s Horn (from DJ Hero OST) [03:02:46]


47 Phil RetroSpector - David Lynch vs. Angelo Badalamenti vs. Miranda Sex Garden vs. Diamanda Galas: Heaven’s Drive-In (from Mashed In Plastic: The David Lynch Mashup Album) [03:06:25]


48 FreeStyleGames - Street Sweeper Social Club vs. Beastie Boys: Fight! Smash! Win! vs. Intergalactic (from DJ Hero OST) [03:12:28]


49 Wax Audio - AC/DC vs. Van Halen: The Devil’s Highway (from Mashopolos II - The Mashening) [03:14:47]


50 DJ Payroll - The Prodigy vs. 2 Unlimited: Smack My Limit (from MUYBP 9) [03:18:02]


51 Fissunix & Colatron - Beethoven & Sterling Barnes vs. Phoenix vs. Mickey Rourke: Moonlight Sonata Mashed (from MUYBP 49) [03:22:25]


52 Neiltomo - David Lynch vs. Angelo Badalamenti: This Is David Lynch (from Mashed In Plastic: The David Lynch Mashup Album) [03:27:12]


53 The Kleptones - George Michael vs. Bon Jovi: Careless Or Dead (from MUYBP 2) (CRINGE LEVEL FUCKING 9000, and pretty goddamn hilarious, too) [03:29:49]

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