Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2019-05-27 (Curiosity Is Fucktacular Edition)

Hallo, perverts, my dearest! It is I, Xtian “Double-O” Silver, back with another delicious fuckin’ edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex! This week, we have the Curiosity Is Fucktacular Edition. Why?




Also, because curiosity is what drives podcasts like this forward! You perverts truly have no idea the amount of effort I put into this. I sometimes surprise myself with the amounts of caffeine I ingest just to make my brain kind of work for long enough to put this shit together, especially when I’m exhausted like I currently am. I’m not looking for accolades or a fucking medal for this; I’m simply illustrating a point. It’s astonishing even to me the lengths to which I go sometimes, and my Fuck, I hope you perverts push your own boundaries similarly in some way(s), shape(s) or another(s).


Do you have any fuckin’ idea how much cool shit there is out there to discover and explore? It’s goddamn mind-boggling, and no human being could ever live long enough to experience it all. It’s beyond me, beyond words that anyone could find themselves bored these days.


Additionally, I named this podcast edition in reference to an article I read recently about how people tend to stop looking for new music after they hit their early 30s. My fucking Fuck, I can’t even wrap my mind around that imbecilic nonsense. WHYYYYY?!!! WHY IN THE HOLIEST NAME OF ALL FUCK WOULD YOU ALLOW YOUR CURIOSITY TO JUST WITHER AND DIE LIKE THAT?!


Then again, I’m all too aware of how depression and various other mental illnesses can wreak havoc on such things. I really hope that’s not the case. Kinda funny & sad in equal measure how I’m hoping it’s just laziness instead of depression that causes people to get stuck in a musical curiosity rut for the majority of their lives.


Dear Fuck, perverts, please don’t let that happen to you. It’s so easy to take safe, little fuckin’ vacations from your comfort zone in order to discover new shit, not just in music. To further illustrate my point, this edition was made up from tracks new and old, from my personal playlists and ones I found on Spotify, from long-time YouTube favorites, recent random releases and discoveries, music game and TV soundtracks, and the first 6 tracks are actually ones I neglected to add to last week’s Veronica Tarlitz edition. I have so many different avenues through which I discover new music (obviously because I’m insane), and you have all the same avenues available to you. All you need is to care enough to explore them.


Truly, I fucking cherish the memories I have of getting into in-depth discussions about music, and I wish I could make more of them more often. I don’t know, perverts. I feel like even more of a freak than I usually do when I think about how passionate I often am with music, video games, etc., and I don’t ever mean to intimidate anyone with all this shit. (If that sounds odd, cool. It sounds odd to me, too. I’ve been told I’m intimidating, and… I’m not altogether sure why, but eh. I could think of some plausible reasons, but they all suck.)


In the end, bottom line, finally as we near a point where music is actually played on this fucking music podcast, all I want to do is inspire people. I want to have a positive effect on people, as hippie-ish as that might fuckin’ sound. I want people to go further with their curiosity, with their passions, assuming of course they don’t hurt anyone else but Nazis or something. After all, that’s what the whole .?. is about: omitted questions. Things we think about, but don’t fuckin’ ask for whatever reason.


As far as any of us know, we’ve only got this one life to live, so we should do whatever possible to make it a really fuckin’ cool one. Anyway, yeah, end rant.





01 Björk - Army of Me (feat. Skunk Anansie) (from Sucker Punch OST) [00:02:21]


02 Devo - Girl U Want (from Tank Girl OST) [00:08:44]


03 L7 - Shove (from Tank Girl OST) [00:12:32]


04 Ice-T - Big Gun (from Tank Girl OST) [00:15:32]


05 Stonebank - Be Alright (feat. EMEL) (from Be Alright (feat. EMEL)) [00:19:16]


06 Oliver Hart - Here For You (from The Many Faces of Oliver Hart) [00:24:10]


07 Sonseed - Jesus Is My Friend (from YouTube. Look this one up, seriously. It’s fucking hilarious. Or don’t. Leave me to do all the fuckin’ work… Bastards: [00:29:16]


08 Igorrr - Viande (from Savage Sinusoid) [00:32:02]


09 ChainLynx - Like This (from Like This) [00:33:50]




11 Dr. Steel - Back and Forth (from People of Earth) [00:40:57]


12 Ark Patrol - Sober Touch (from Ghost Forest) [00:43:49]


13 Slipknot - Unsainted (from Unsainted) [00:45:53]


14 Rezz - Relax (from Mass Manipulation) [00:50:10]


15 Raleigh Ritchie - Time in a Tree (from Time in a Tree) [00:53:36]


16 Death Grips - You Might Think He Loves You for Your Money but I Know What He Really Loves You for It’s Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat (from Government Plates) [00:57:17]


17 FKA Twigs - Two Weeks (from LP1) [00:59:57]


18 Fraunhofer Diffraction - Two Parts (from A Place to Drown the Dreams) [01:03:57]


19 Allegaeon - The Renewal (from Fragments of Form and Function) [01:08:07]


20 Barely Alive - Bad Thang (feat. Splitbreed) (Bandlez Remix) (from Bad Thang) [01:12:18]


21 Nero’s Day At Disneyland - Child Protective Services Theme Song (from From Rotting Fantasylands) [01:15:35]


22 Ghastly, MOONBOY - Psycho (from Psycho) [01:17:21]


23 BLVCK EY3S - drowning (from APATHY) [01:20:45]


24 Owl Vision - Oblique (from Drownlord) [01:24:35]


25 Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street (from Midnight Mover: The Bobby Womack Story) [01:29:03]


26 Caspa - War (feat. Keith Flint) (Subscape Remix) (from War) [01:32:48]


27 Ho99o9 - War Is Hell (from United States of Horror) [01:37:14]


28 Lil Dicky - Professional Rapper (feat. Snoop Dogg) (from Professional Rapper) [01:40:34]


29 Otis Redding - Love Man (from Love Man) [01:46:28]


30 Juche - Genesis (from Genesis) [01:48:41]


31 Pixel Terror - Maxima (from Maxima) [01:53:28]


32 Wu-Tang Clan - Rules (from Wu-Tang Iron Flag) [01:56:55]


33 Pastor & Mrs. Jim Colerick - Jesus Christ Is My Nigga (from YouTube. Actually looked up the authenticity of this, and there seems to be some speculation about it being fake due to it being so ridiculously fuckin’ outlandish, but it’s cringily hilarious nonetheless: [02:00:48]


34 Faux Tales - Origins (from Origins) [02:03:11]


35 Gang Starr - In This Life… (feat. Uncle Reo & Snoop Dogg) (from The Ownerz) [02:07:05]


36 Sidewalks and Skeletons - Future Ghosts (from Future Ghosts) [02:10:03]


37 PhaseOne, Crystal Lake - Dreamscape (from Dreamscape) [02:13:22]


38 Igorrr - Opus Brain (from Opus Brain) [02:17:46]


39 Kayzo - This Time (from This Time) [02:23:07]


40 Ho99o9 - Splash (from United States of Horror) [02:25:54]


41 Rezz, 1788-L - H E X (from Certain Kind of Magic) [02:28:41]


42 Scandroid - Neo-Tokyo (Dance With The Dead Remix) (from Dreams of Neo-Tokyo) [02:32:01]


43 Rezz - Dark Age (from Dark Age) [02:37:35]


44 Omnia - Hold Me (Extended) (from Hold Me / Ultra) [02:41:13]


45 The DNC - Electric (feat. Miss Amani) (from Unstoppable) [02:45:58]


46 Delta Heavy - Paradise Lost (from Paradise Lost) [02:49:42]


47 Cunninlynguists - Mic Like A Memory (feat. Kory Calico) (from Will Rap for Food) [02:54:18]


48 Illenium - God Damnit (Hex Cougar Remix) (from God Damnit (Hex Cougar Remix)) [02:58:51]


49 Furkan & Jelbrim - Where You Go (feat. LÏDYA & Alux Ammons) (from Where You Go) [03:02:03]


50 Excision - Die For You (feat. Akylla) (from Apex) [03:05:08]


51 Ferry Corsten - Piece Of You (feat. HALIENE) (from Blueprint) [03:09:02]


52 NAVVI - Sol (from Omni) [03:13:27]


53 Greeze - Tears (from Plastician Presents - Wavepool 2) [03:16:51]


54 Shogun - Find Me (feat. Tania Zygar) (from Find Me) [03:19:00]


55 Rammstein - MEIN HERZ BRENNT (PIANO VERSION BY SVEN HELBIG) (from RARITÄTEN (1994-2012)) [03:26:23]


56 Little Big - Life in da Trash (Remix by Dimm) (from With Russia from Love) [03:30:48]


57 Seven Lions, Wooli, Trivecta - Island (feat. Nevve) (Sullivan King Remix) (from Island (feat. Nevve) (Remixes)) [03:34:12]

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