Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2014-11-10 (Paul’s 1001 Albums: Album 0004: Otep - House Of Secrets / Shuffle Edition)

Good evening, fellow music enthusiasts.  Welcome to another enthralling installment of the currently erroneously named podcast, Monday Morning Aural Sex.  This week, we’ll be experiencing the 4th album in my personal 1001 Albums list, the epic Otep album, “House of Secrets.”  I say “experience,” by the way, because it’s rather difficult to do anything else while this album is playing.  This is an album that grabs you by the genitals and commandeers your attention, which to me is well worth a spot on my 1001 Albums list.  If you’d like to read the blog I posted about it, click this link right here:

Anyway, after that, if you’re still alive, we have a new type of edition: the Shuffle Edition.  Why I’ve never done this before, I do not know.  First, let me explain that I have my music organized in alphabetical folders (A, B, #0-9 & symbols, etc.), and I also have compilations and soundtracks in their own folders.  What I did was I created individual playlists for each letter, hit shuffle, and with the exception of a few particularly aurally difficult tracks, I put whatever came up into this edition.  I must say, most of the tracks I came up with are pretty awesome, though a decent amount of them are departures from the typical content found in this podcast.  I hope you’ll all open your minds wide enough to accommodate these aforementioned departures, and of course… 


01 Otep - Requiem (from House of Secrets) [00:01:19]

02 Otep - Warhead (from House of Secrets) [00:04:00]

03 Otep - Buried Alive (from House of Secrets) [00:07:28]

04 Otep - Sepsis (from House of Secrets) [00:11:10]

05 Otep - House of Secrets (from House of Secrets) [00:14:38]

06 Otep - Hooks and Splinters (from House of Secrets) [00:18:40]

07 Otep - Gutter (from House of Secrets) [00:22:10]

08 Otep - Autopsy Song (from House of Secrets) [00:23:11]

09 Otep - Suicide Trees (from House of Secrets) [00:26:46]

10 Otep - Nein (from House of Secrets) [00:33:12]

11 Otep - Self-made (from House of Secrets) [00:37:22]

12 Otep - Shattered Pieces (from House of Secrets) [00:41:01]

13 Younger Brother - Weird On A Monday Night (from A Flock Of Bleeps) [00:44:58]

14 Xilent - For Once (feat. Skyflake) (from Skyward EP) [00:54:34]

15 Psyclon Nine - INRI (from INRI) [00:58:39]

16 Die Antwoord - Ugly Boy (from Donker Mag) [01:04:44]

17 Chimaira - Cleansation (from The Impossibility Of Reason) [01:08:16]

18 2Pac - Fuck All Y’all (from R U Still Down (Remember Me) (Disc 1)) [01:12:22]

19 Vestacension - L’Arrivee (from Breaching The Sound) [01:16:46]

20 Silversun Pickups - Growing Old Is Getting Old (from Swoon) [01:22:00]

21 Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere (from St. Elsewhere) [01:27:50]

22 DJ Cam - No Competition (from DJ Krush - Code4109) [01:30:20]

23 t.A.T.u. - Зачем я (Zachem Ya, lit. Why Am I) (from 200 по встречной [Reissue] (200 Po Vstrechnoy; lit. 200 km/h Against The Traffic)) [01:34:11]

24 Wax Audio - Golden Teardrops (from Mashopolos III - Mashups For The People) [01:38:16]

25 Suicide Silence - No Time To Bleed (from No Time To Bleed) [01:41:57]

26 Sage Francis - Water Line (from Human The Death Dance) [01:44:15]

27 Herbie Hancock - One Finger Snap (Alternative Take) (from Empyrean Isles) [01:46:18]

28 The Infinity Project - Flute Line (from Mystical Experiences) [01:53:48]

29 Nujabes - Another Reflection (from Hydeout Productions (Second Collection)) [01:56:11]

30 Hemophiliac - The Black Radish (from Hemophiliac (Disc 2)) [01:59:48]

31 Secondhand Serenade - Awake (from Awake) [02:01:38]

32 Robin Williams - Technology (from Weapons Of Self Destruction) [02:05:34]

33 Venetian Snares - Bebikukorica Nigiri (from Detrimentalist) [02:13:34]

34 Osamu Kubota - Libération (from Snow In Saigon) [02:17:08]

35 Fat Jon as Maurice Galactica - Exact Space (from Humanoid Erotica) [02:20:03]

36 Jedi Mind Tricks - Exertions Remix (feat. Virtuoso Esoteric & Bahamadia) (from Violent By Design (Deluxe Edition)) [02:23:37]

37 Chris Rock - Tip Your Hat To Whitey (Jamaica) (from Never Scared) [02:26:42]

38 Quantic - Time Is The Enemy (from The 5th Exotic) [02:28:15]

39 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Asylum Disciple (from The Reincarnation Of Luna) [02:31:55]

40 usedtobecool - Only Insert If You Get A Definite Yes (from Only Insert If You Get A Definite Yes) [02:38:47]

41 Kylie Minogue - Stay This Way (from Hits+) [02:42:45]

42 Sarah Brightman - Gloomy Sunday (from La Luna) [02:47:15]

43 Last Laugh - Sit Back (from Ashamed Of It) [02:50:58]

44 Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man (from Edward The Great) [02:54:13]

45 AFI - Who Said You Could Touch Me? (from Very Proud Of Ya) [02:58:45]

46 Billie Holiday - These Foolish Things (from The Complete Billie Holiday 1945-1959 (Disc 1)) [03:00:08]

47 Einstürzende Neubauten - Falschgeld (from Zeichnungen des Patienten O.T.) [03:03:39]

48 Me And Him Call It Us - Sarsaparilla (from Loss) [03:06:19]

49 Sawtooth Grin - Please Shit All Over Me, I Love It (from Cuddlemonster) [03:08:24]

50 Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble - Lenny (from Texas Flood) [03:13:18]

51 Zug Izland - Fly (feat. Insane Clown Posse) (from Cracked Tiles) [03:18:12]

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