Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2014-09-22 (Paul’s 1,001 Albums/Miscellaneous Fucktacularity Vol. 4 Edition)

How’s it goin’, perverts?!  First of all, let me apologize for there not being a new release last week.  I was sick as a motherfucker that’s really rather sick last week.  Holy fuck.  I hope none of you had to, or are currently having to, endure anything similar.  Anyway, emoclew!  This edition is another miscellaneous fucktacularity, but it’s also the start of what will hopefully be a good new direction for Monday Morning Aural Sex.  Some of you might know about the two blog projects I started years ago surrounding the book “1,001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.” The other one was my own 1,001 album picks.  I only ever got up to 6 of my own, and I only ever wrote reviews for 12 of the ones from the book.  I was rather distracted around that time, but I never really lost interest.  Anyway, I’ve decided to carry that project over into this one since this one has had some strong staying power.

So, this week, we’re starting at the beginning of the 1,001 Albums book, and my own list.  The first album in the book is Frank Sinatra’s “In The Wee Small Hours,” and let me tell ya, if you’re in a good mood and trying to keep it good, don’t listen to it.  It’s a fantastic album, but goddamn is it heart-wrenching.  If you’d like, you can read the review I wrote a while ago here:

The album that kicks off my own 1,001 Albums list is PT Grimm’s “The Exile.”  Just about any of their albums could go on my 1,001 Albums list, frankly, but I chose this one because… well… you can read about it right here:  Anyway, enough of my fuckin’ yammering.  And Paul said, “Let there be yojne!”  And there was yojne.  And it was good.  :)

01 PT Grimm - Seance (from The Exile) [00:02:11]

02 PT Grimm - Give Me Something Sharp (from The Exile) [00:05:16]

03 PT Grimm - A Perfect Stranger (from The Exile) [00:09:25]

04 PT Grimm - Go To Sleep (from The Exile) [00:12:23]

05 PT Grimm - Saint Vartan’s Cathedral (from The Exile) [00:13:47]

06 PT Grimm - A Pig In A Fez (from The Exile) [00:19:36]

07 PT Grimm - Hush (from The Exile) [00:22:46]

08 PT Grimm - The Red Cradle (from The Exile) [00:26:52]

09 PT Grimm - Semen Is A Demon (from The Exile) [00:28:27]

10 PT Grimm - Twenty Three Nineteen (from The Exile) [00:31:27]

11 PT Grimm - Inside Her Crippled Mind (from The Exile) [00:35:43]

12 PT Grimm - Epitaph (from The Exile) [00:39:27]

13 PT Grimm - Past The Con (from The Exile) [00:43:58]

14 Marilyn Manson - Food Pyramid (from Clone High) [00:51:50]

15 Defragmentation - Stop Crashing (from Self Construct) [00:53:14]

16 System Of A Down - Darts (from System Of A Down) [00:55:29]

17 Dog Fashion Disco - Mushroom Cult (from Anarchists Of Good Taste) [00:58:10]

18 Serj Tankian - Ching Chime (from Harakiri) [01:02:40]

19 Viza - Viktor (feat. Serj Tankian) (from Made In Chernobyl) [01:06:43]

20 El-Creepo! - Arabian Rose (from Aloha) [01:11:19]

21 Stiffs, Inc. - Generation Crap (from Nix Naught Nothing) [01:14:58]

22 Marilyn Manson - The Golden Age Of Grotesque (from The Golden Age Of Grotesque) [01:16:38]

23 The Doors - People Are Strange (from Strange Days) [01:20:41]

24 Scars On Broadway - Kill Each Other / Live Forever (from Scars On Broadway) [01:22:49]

25 Vas - Ephémére (Upon The Faded) (from In The Garden Of Souls) [01:25:51]

26 Djivan Gasparyan - Kele Lao (from Heavenly Duduk) [01:32:04]

27 Eager Maniacs - Abortifacient (from Bad / Weird EP) [01:38:04]

28 The Sound Of Animals Fighting - Uzbekistan (from The Ocean And The Sun) [01:40:00]

29 Kultur Shock - How To Fucc Songs & Irritate Musicians (from Fucc The I.N.S.) [01:47:24]

30 A Verbal Equinox - BleüCtipie (from And The Ringmaster Is Pleased To Introduce…) [01:52:03]

31 Khatchadour Tankian - Giligia (from Inchbes Moranank) [01:55:28]

32 Serart - Claustrophobia (from Serart) [01:58:20]

33 Einstürzende Neubauten - Beauty (from Silence Is Sexy) [01:59:56]

34 Faith No More - Ashes To Ashes (from Album Of The Year) [02:01:56]

35 Vanilla Ice - Get Wit’ It (from Cool As Ice OST) [02:05:30]

36 The Lounge Lizards - Yak (from Queen Of All Ears) [02:10:36]

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