Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2014-05-12 (Massively Monstrous Metal Mother’s Day Edition)

Mwahahaha!!!!!1!!!!11!!! Welcome, motherfuckers and motherfuckerettes, to the Massively Monstrous Metal Mother’s Day Edition of Monday Morning Aural Fuckin’ Sex! First of all, let me apologize once again that this edition is coming to you late. There were several pressing matters to which I had to attend, but goddammit, I still made it and got it out to you all. I sincerely hope some of you are still enjoying this podcast as much as you were when I first started putting it out, and as much as I still enjoy it. I’ve spent (and continue to spend) countless hours scouring my massive music collection for fucktacularity to share with you perverts. I know I’ve replayed a lot of tracks now, but that’ll happen when you put out a weekly podcast that’s usually over 2-3 hours long. Anyway, enough of all that shit. This podcast is 66 fuckin’ tracks of purest osmium and over 4 hours long, topping my previous all metal edition by 15 minutes or so. 66 tracks, and it’s being released on May 12th, 2014, which, if you take all the numbers of the date and add them together until you get a single digit number, you get a fuckin’ 6. I was hoping I could find another 6 in this equation somewhere, hehe.

Also, just as I said on my previous all metal edition, I’m sure some of you might be glancing over this track listing and saying something to the effect of, “Mehh, those bands suck. They’re not metal. I know metal ‘cause I’m like, king (or queen) shit of all things metal, and my opinion is superior to yours just because.” To which I would respond with a full strength slap across your bitch-ass face, because you’re a fucking nimrod. Grow up; people like different shit. Get over it. Anyway, countdown to yojne in 3…2…1… Yojne!

01 Limp Bizkit - Intro (from Three Dollar Bill, Y’All) [00:01:51]

02 Behemoth - Ov Fire and the Void (from Evangelion) [00:02:40]

03 Fear Factory - 0-0 {Where Evil Dwells} (from Obsolete) [00:07:05]

04 iwrestledabearonce - See You In Shell (from It’s All Happening) [00:11:56]

05 Otep - Eet the Children (from The Ascension) [00:15:12]

06 Bad Acid Trip - Beware of the Little People With Terrible Visions (from Lynch the Weirdo) [00:18:57]

07 A Black Rose Burial - Straight From the Mind of the Modern Day Vigilante (from An Awakening of Revenants) [00:19:09]

08 Pantera - Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills (from Far Beyond Driven) [00:22:12]

09 Ministry - Cuz U R Next (from The Wicked Lake OST) [00:24:57]

10 With Dead Hands Rising - That’s Why You Don’t Pick Up Dead Crows (from Horror Grows Near) [00:28:06]

11 White Zombie - Feed the Gods (from Airheads OST) [00:31:03]

12 Buckethead - Funbus (feat. Dirk Rogers & Keith Aazami) (from Enter the Chicken) [00:34:52]

13 Between the Buried and Me - All Bodies (from Alaska) [00:38:15]

14 Anal Cunt - Song Titles Are Fucking Stupid (from Everyone Should Be Killed) [00:44:25]

15 The Dillinger Escape Plan - When Good Dogs Do Bad Things (from Irony Is A Dead Scene feat. Mike Patton) [00:44:54]

16 Meshuggah - The Exquisite Machinery of Torture (from Chaosphere) [00:50:52]

17 Iron Maiden - The Wicker Man (from Brave New World) [00:54:44]

18 Ministry - Just One Fix (Video Edit) (from Just One Fix Single) [00:59:14]

19 Mushroomhead - 12 Hundred (from Savior Sorrow) [01:03:30]

20 Slipknot - Eyeless (from Slipknot) [01:06:49]

21 Lamb of God - Laid to Rest (from Ashes of the Wake) [01:10:44]

22 Ministry - No “W” (from Houses of the Molé) [01:14:31]

23 KoЯn - Clown (with a Twist) (from KoЯn) [01:17:54]

24 KoЯn - Twist (from Life Is Peachy) [01:18:31]

25 Kittie - Never Come Home (from I’ve Failed You) [01:23:17]

26 Cradle of Filth - From the Cradle to Enslave (from From the Cradle to Enslave EP) [01:26:25]

27 After the Burial - Berzerker (from Rareform) [01:32:58]

28 At the Gates - Blinded By Fear (from Slaughter of the Soul) [01:38:30]

29 Killswitch Engage - Break the Silence (from As Daylight Dies) [01:41:27]

30 Wolf Eyes - Stabbed in the Face (from Burned Mind) [01:45:52]

31 Meshuggah - Rational Gaze (from Nothing) [01:49:31]

32 DragonForce - Through the Fire and Flames (from Inhuman Rampage) [01:54:20]

33 Kittie - Sleepwalking (from In The Black) [02:01:41]

34 Melt-Banana - Cat in Red (from Fantômas/Melt-Banana Split) [02:04:48]

35 Walls of Jericho - A Trigger Full of Promises (from With Devils Amongst Us All) [02:06:44]

36 Machine Head - Davidian (from Burn My Eyes) [02:10:32]

37 BIGdumbFACE - Burgalveist (from Duke Lion Fights The Terror!!) [02:15:20]

38 Deftones - Teething (from The Crow: City of Angels OST) [02:18:06]

39 DevilDriver - Clouds Over California (from The Last Kind Words) [02:21:34]

40 In Flames - Leeches (from Come Clarity) [02:25:39]

41 Arch Enemy - We Will Rise (from Anthems of Rebellion) [02:28:32]

42 Chimaira - Severed (from Pass Out Of Existence) [02:32:34]

43 All That Remains - Some of the People, All of the Time (from For We Are Many) [02:35:48]

44 Metallica - One (from …And Justice For All) [02:39:06]

45 White Zombie - Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks & Cannibal Girls (from Beavis & Butthead Do America OST) [02:46:31]

46 All Shall Perish - The Ones We Left Behind (from Awaken The Dreamers) [02:50:21]

47 All Shall Perish - Awaken The Dreamers (from Awaken The Dreamers) [02:51:26]

48 Dimmu Borgir - IndoctriNation (from Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia) [02:55:59]

49 Kittie - Pussy Sugar (from Until The End) [03:01:56]

50 Mudvayne - Death Blooms (from L.D. 50) [03:06:05]

51 Slipknot - Only One (from Slipknot) [03:10:57]

52 Moonchild - Litany V (feat. John Zorn & Mike Patton) (from Six Litanies for Heliogabalus) [03:13:18]

53 American Head Charge - Seamless (from The War Of Art) [03:17:41]

54 All That Remains - Become The Catalyst (from The Fall Of Ideals) [03:22:09]

55 Mod Flanders Conspiracy - Just Because I Got My Arms And Legs Surgically Lengthened Doesn’t Make Me A Sell-Out Midget (from The Tragic Urn Spill) [03:25:11]

56 A Wilhelm Scream - Get Mad, You Son of a Bitch (from Career Suicide) [03:29:12]

57 As I Lay Dying - The Sound of Truth (from An Ocean Between Us) [03:33:05]

58 Kittie - Brackish (from Spit) [03:37:21]

59 Bad Acid Trip - Join The Circus (from Lynch The Weirdo) [03:40:15]

60 A Life Once Lost - Prepare Yourself for What is About to Come (from The Fourth Plague: Flies) [03:43:15]

61 Metallica - Dyer’s Eve (from …And Justice For All) [03:46:00]

62 Megadeth - Diadems (from Hidden Treasures) [03:51:12]

63 Agalloch - Limbs (from Ashes Against The Grain) [03:55:01]

64 Opeth - Patterns In The Ivy (from Blackwater Park) [04:04:51]

65 Opeth - Blackwater Park (from Blackwater Park) [04:06:36]

66 Tool - Lateralus (from Lateralus) [04:18:36]

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