Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2014-02-25 (Become the Media Edition)

Perverts!!! Welcome to the Become the Media Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex!  Why “Become the Media?”  Well, because why the fuck not?  I don’t know about you, but most of what the mainstream media tries to shove in my face or in my tender earholes is either boring, bullshit or both.  I almost never watch commercialized television or listen to Clear Channel Inc. radio.  I control what I watch, read, listen to, etc.  Hey, we have little enough control over our lives as it is; why not exercise some control over our entertainment at least?  Maybe we’ll even get some information that’s helpful in some way, shape or form.  Anyway, the whole reason I started this podcast was in an effort to “become the media,” and as far as I know, it’s been working out all right so far.  I’ve been achieving my goal of informing and/or entertaining, albeit to a small degree, and that makes me happy.  I honestly hope some of you perverts are inspired at some point to start a project like this podcast.  Something that you can put your stamp on and say, “This is mine, and thus it is valuable and worthy of attention.”  Anywho, let’s get to the yojne stuff already.  This one starts out with a spoken word bit from which this edition was named by the man, the myth, the legend: Jello Biafra!

01 Jello Biafra - Become the Media (from Become the Media) [00:01:18]

02 The Death Set - I Wanna Take This Tape and Blow Up Ya Fuckin’ Stereo (from Michel Poiccard) [00:13:37]

03 The Death Set - Too Much Fun For Regrets (from Michel Poiccard) [00:13:42]

04 Innerpartysystem - Don’t Stop (from The Download EP) [00:15:07]

05 Immortal Technique - Rich Man’s World (1%) (from The Martyr) [00:19:46]

06 Diabolic - Modern Day Future (feat. Deadly Hunta) (from Liar & A Thief) [00:24:25]

07 Mantis - Petra (from The Mantis Xmas Special) [00:27:54]

08 The Knife - Silent Shout (from Silent Shout) [00:32:41]

09 Jack Kerouac - Dr. Sax & The Great World Snake - CD1 (01) (from Dr. Sax & The Great World Snake) [00:37:27]

10 Thelonious Monk - Blue Monk (from Live at the 1964 Monterey Jazz Festival) [00:40:37]

11 Dead By Wednesday - Therefore, Is He A Terrorist? (from Democracy Is Dead) [00:51:10]

12 Dead By Wednesday - Deprogram (from Democracy Is Dead) [00:51:22]

13 Twiztid - Get It Right (from Man’s Myth) [00:53:02]

14 The Death Set - Kittens Inspired By Kittens (from Michel Poiccard) [00:56:37]

15 Infected Mushroom - Drop Out (from Deeply Disturbed (CDM)) [00:57:01]

16 Lana Del Rey - Blue Velvet (from Born To Die [Paradise Edition]) [01:02:17]

17 Hope of the States - Black Dollar Bills (from The Lost Riots) [01:04:51]

18 James Chance & the Contortions - Contort Yourself (from Buy) [01:11:41]

19 The Used - Smother Me (from Lies For The Liars) [01:15:57]

20 The Killers - Mr. Brightside (from Hot Fuss) [01:20:09]

21 Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (feat. Hope Sandoval) (from Heligoland) [01:23:50]

22 American Head Charge - Americunt Evolving Into Useless Psychic Garbage (from The War of Art) [01:28:38]

23 Akir - Politricks (from Legacy) [01:31:11]

24 Amen - Piss Virus (from We Have Come For Your Parents) [01:34:49]

25 I Am The Ocean - Wait, What? (from And Your City Needs Swallowing) [01:38:14]

26 Interpol - Mind Over Time (from Our Love To Admire) [01:42:47]

27 Tool - Lateralus (from Lateralus) [01:47:27]

28 Colorpulse - Glorious Dawn (feat. Carl Sagan & Stephen Hawking) (from Colorpulse Misc.) [01:56:46]

29 Infected Mushroom - Dancing With Kadafi (from B.P. Empire) [02:00:14]

30 Dead Kennedys - Stars and Stripes of Corruption (from Frankenchrist) [02:10:32]

31 Immortal Technique - Ultimas Palabras (from The Martyr) [02:17:15]

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