Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2014-02-18 (Holidays and/or Tragedies Edition)

Howdy, perverts?! I know, I know. “Who says ‘howdy?’” My dad did and I used to poke fun at him for it. I loved it though, ‘cause it made him unique. Anyway, welcome to the Holidays and/or Tragedies Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex! I know you might be wondering about the title, so lemme break it down. Basically, I’ve been saying for years that it shouldn’t take tragedies to get people to care about each other.

Same goes for holidays, obviously. Kinda funny how holidays and tragedies evoke (or are supposed to evoke) such opposite emotions, yet they both (or at least, they’re supposed to) bring us closer together. I say that’s fine, but in order to make those occasions truly extraordinary, we should already be close. Then, holidays like Valentine’s Day won’t be such a nauseating, consumeristic waste so much as a reminder to put in a little extra effort for your loved one(s).

However, I know many of us have loved ones we don’t talk to as often as perhaps we’d like or we should. I know there are lots of people with whom we’d like to be close, but something about them or us keeps us from it. As far as that goes, I think the best that can be done is to as unequivocally as possible tell them how you feel, and see what they do with the information. Anyway, I could go on and on, but let’s get this shit rollin’, eh? The majority of the music has nothing to do with the title of this edition, by the way. I just happened to have this shit on my mind and felt like talking about it, so there. Yojne!

01 Mantis - Hood Shit (from [00:01:28]

02 Suicide Silence - Bludgeoned To Death (from The Cleansing) [00:06:04]

03 Jedi Mind Tricks - Delerium (feat. Rich Medina) [00:08:36]

04 Infected Mushroom - Sa’eed (from Legend of the Black Shawarma) [00:11:29]

05 The Locust - Halfway to a Worthless Ideal Arrangement (An Interlude to a Discontinued Sarcastic Harmony...Yea Whatever) (from The Locust EP) [00:18:29]

06 Dead Kennedys - Insight (from Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death) [00:19:13]

07 Sage Francis - Sun Vs. Moon (from A Healthy Distrust) [00:20:52]

08 Suicide Silence - Slaves to Substance (Mantis Deathstep Remix) (from [00:24:19]

09 Taylor Mali - Silver Lined Heart (from Conviction) [00:28:50]

10 As I Lay Dying - The Sound of Truth (from An Ocean Between Us) [00:32:23]

11 Ute Lemper - Chuck Out the Men! (from Berlin Cabaret Songs) [00:36:38]

12 朱雀 - CONTRACT (from beatmania IIDX 13th style DistorteD: CARDINAL GATE conclusion) [00:39:08]

13 USAO - ZED (Extended Mix) (from beatmania IIDX 20th style tricoro OST Vol. 1 (Disc 2)) [00:43:29]

14 t+pazolite - chipscape (from Gotta Maze ~ゴタマゼ~) [00:48:39]

15 DJ SHARPNEL - WE LUV LAMA (from Techno a la carte -Intersect Fractional. Vol. 2-) [00:52:44]

16 Storm & Euphony - First Kontakt (from That’s What I Call Hardcore (Disc 1)) [00:58:07]

17 The Offspring - Staring At The Sun (from Americana) [01:02:08]

18 Bad Acid Trip - Strange Humans (from Lynch the Weirdo) [01:04:20]

19 Variable Unit - Hologram Network (from Handbook for the Apocalypse) [01:05:57]

20 Benny Carter - These Foolish Things (from 100 Jazz Greats Vol. 3) [01:10:04]

21 ††† - †rophy (from EP †† and ††† (The Album)) [01:13:05]

22 Die Form - Cantique 1 (from Vicious Circles - The Best of Die Form) [01:16:54]

23 Switchblade Symphony - Dissolve (from Serpentine Gallery) [01:23:27]

24 Metallica - The Call of Ktulu (from Ride The Lightning) [01:27:54]

25 Beneath The Massacre - Unheard (from Incongruous) [01:36:44]

26 One Dead Three Wounded - My Life as a Typo (from Paint the Town) [01:39:37]

27 The Azoic - Conflict (from Illuminate) [01:43:24]

28 Subhumans - Reason For Existence (from EP-LP) [01:48:13]

29 Marc et Claude - It’s All For Love (Noemi Remix) (from Love 2 Trance (Disc 3: Headliner)) [01:50:42]

30 Astor Piazzolla - Noche de Amor (from Historia del Tango, Vol. 2) [01:58:45]

31 Vestascension - L’Arrivée (from [02:01:38]

32 Virkato - Scorpion Fire (PF Concerto No. 1 Anti-Ares) (long version) (from beatmania IIDX 11th style OST (Disc 2)) [02:06:51]

33 Ugly Kid Joe - Cats In The Cradle (Harry Chapin cover) (from America’s Least Wanted) [02:14:45]

34 Gene Kelly - Singin’ In The Rain (from A Clockwork Orange OST) [02:18:44]

35 Berry Weight - Sky Below (feat. Astrid Engberg) (from Music For Imaginary Movies) [02:21:20]

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