Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2014-01-02 (New Year’s Edition Vol. 2)

Happy New Year, perverts!… Well, to be honest, I don’t place all that much significance on the rolling over of a few digits on the calendar. Nobody does, really, it’s just that people typically use this occasion to make grand declarations about shit they’re going to change. All well and good, but just like most other holidays, the meaning is something you should carry with you always. You should always feel capable of change. You should always feel capable of wishing both strangers and loved ones well and giving them gifts without being perceived as strange. You should always feel thankful for the good things you have in your life. You should always feel comfortable letting your significant other know how much they mean to you without using cards, teddy bears, flowers and chocolates. Anyway, you get the idea. This edition, just like last year, is filled with lots of music that is all varying degrees of new: some of it’s just new to this podcast, most of it’s new to me entirely, but as always, it’s all exquisitely fucktacular. I hope you all had a good time celebrating, and again, as always, I hope above all that you fucking yojne!

01 Marilyn Manson - This Is The New Shit (from The Golden Age of Grotesque) [00:01:00]

02 Aiden - Knife Blood Nightmare (from A Split of Nightmares) [00:05:19]

03 PixlCrushr - Launch Day (from Flamethrower EP) [00:08:47]

04 The Wakz - Upon Landing (from Guitar Center Fresh Cuts Vol. 7) [00:10:41]

05 DJ Shadow - Building Steam With a Grain of Salt (from Endtroducing… [Deluxe Edition] (Disc 1))

06 Dr. Acula - Fire Crotch (The Venereal Van Ride) (from Slander) [00:20:19]

07 A.pod - My Little Penis (from Babyeater Recordings) [00:22:57]

08 Taylor Mali - Voice of America V/O (from Conviction) [00:23:28]

09 Baxter - I Can’t See Why (from Rock Is Dead (Single)) [00:26:44]

10 La Vérité - A Shared Silence (from Elephant) [00:31:31]

11 Miles Davis - Blue In Green (from Kind Of Blue) [00:37:16]

12 Brooke Burgess - Broken Saints - Chapter 7 (from Broken Saints Podcasts) [00:42:46]

13 The Bunny The Bear - It’s A Long Way From The Esophagus To The Ovaries (from If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say) [00:55:56]

14 Devine Machine - Dreams of Reality (from Diginations Vol. 2) [00:59:12]

15 The Knife - Marble House (from Silent Shout) [01:07:11]

16 Clavia - Horizon (Feel Loneliness X-tended) (from Genesis Express -Tribute For kors k-) [01:12:22]

17 Twiztid - Falling Down (from A New Nightmare) [01:20:03]

18 UNKLE - Lonely Soul (from DJ Shadow - One To Grow On) [01:24:23]

19 A.pod - Soup In A Can (from Babyeater Recordings) [01:30:23]

20 Ove-Naxx - Rag! Zag! Vig! Zag! (from The Road Warriors) [01:30:27]

21 Matduke - Reload (feat. None Like Joshua) (from [01:32:27]

22 Opeth - Patterns In The Ivy (from Blackwater Park) [01:37:05]

23 Duke Ellington - Solitude (from 100 Jazz Greats Vol. 3) [01:38:52]

24 Bob Dylan - What Good Am I (from Oh Mercy) [01:42:16]

25 The Agonist - Lonely Solipsist (from Prisoners) [01:46:54]

26 Pale - Monster [Dusk Terminal Edit] (from Crimson Compilation) [01:50:37]

27 Stalins War - This World Has No Heartbeat (from A Split of Nightmares) [01:55:43]

28 Ove-Naxx - Osakan Bash Riddim (from Murder Channel Compilation Vol. 1) [02:00:17]

29 Vibrasphere - Ice Flow (Vocal Version) (from Selected Downbeats Vol. 1) [02:03:25]

30 The Flashbulb - Floating Through Time (from Soundtrack to a Vacant Life) [02:11:18]

31 Air - Suicide Underground (from The Virgin Suicides) [02:13:04]

32 BT - 13 Angels On My Broken Windowsill (from If The Stars Are Eternal, So Are You And I) [02:18:26]

33 Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Sleep (from Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven (Disc 2)) [02:32:16]

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