Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2013-11-25 (All-Star Series: George Carlin Edition)

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Good morning, perverts! Welcome to another installment of the All-Star Series of Monday Morning Aural Sex: the George Carlin Edition! This one is another obvious one that was bound to happen sooner or later, that is, if you know me at all and thus know how highly I regard this man and his career. By the way, I don’t really ever care all that much when famous people die; no more than I care about any random stranger dying. They’re just people like you and me, but with varying degrees of talent. Anyway, this one’s gonna be a little bit of a longer one because of the sheer volume of material he’s done, and the fact that comedy albums tend to have longer tracks than music albums. I hope you’re willing to listen to the end, ‘cause this is chock full of fantastic shit that’ll surely make you love this guy if you don’t already. So, dearest perverts, let the yojne commence!

01 George Carlin - Oh, Beautiful (from (insert album title here) [00:00:53]

02 George Carlin - Hello-Goodbye (from Playin’ With Your Head) [00:01:16]

03 George Carlin - Love and Regards (from Playin’ With Your Head) [00:05:30]

04 George Carlin - Reagan’s Gang, Church People and American Values (from What Am I Doin’ In New Jersey?) [00:11:06]

05 George Carlin - Feminist Blowjob (from Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics) [00:22:13]

06 George Carlin - You & Me (Things That Come Off Of Your Body) (from Complaints & Grievances) [00:29:23]

07 George Carlin - A Place For My Stuff (from A Place For My Stuff) [00:40:00]

08 George Carlin - Losing Things (from Playin’ With Your Head) [00:44:31]

09 George Carlin - Keeping People Alert (from What Am I Doin’ In New Jersey?) [00:52:25]

10 George Carlin - Abortion (from Back In Town) [01:03:30]

11 George Carlin - Sanctity Of Life (from Back In Town) [01:11:34]

12 George Carlin - Three Little Words (from Life Is Worth Losing) [01:15:24]

13 George Carlin - Values (from Class Clown) [01:19:12]

14 George Carlin - People Who Want To Know The Time (from More Napalm & Silly Putty (Disc 1)) [01:24:26]

15 George Carlin - Some People Are Stupid (from Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics) [01:31:55]

16 George Carlin - Dumb Americans (from Life Is Worth Losing) [01:34:25]

17 George Carlin - He’s Smiling Down (from It’s Bad For Ya) [01:45:22]

18 George Carlin - People Refuse To Be Realistic (from It’s Bad For Ya) [01:47:33]

19 George Carlin - Golf Courses For The Homeless (from Jammin’ In New York) [01:48:43]

20 George Carlin - Have A Nice Day (from A Place For My Stuff) [01:59:47]

21 George Carlin - Baseball-Football (from An Evening With Wally Lando) [02:03:00]

22 George Carlin - Cigars (from You Are All Diseased) [02:05:47]

23 George Carlin - Birth Control (from AM & FM) [02:07:27]

24 George Carlin - For Names’ Sake (from An Evening With Wally Lando) [02:12:35]

25 George Carlin - God (from Toledo Window Box) [02:19:30]

26 George Carlin - Heavy Mysteries (from Class Clown) [02:26:10]

27 George Carlin - Free-Floating Hostility (from Back In Town) [02:28:06]

28 George Carlin - Guys Named Todd (from Complaints & Grievances) [02:47:00]

29 George Carlin - Answering Machines (from Complaints & Grievances) [02:48:29]

30 George Carlin - Advertising Lullaby (from You Are All Diseased) [02:49:21]

31 George Carlin - American Bullshit (from You Are All Diseased) [02:51:59]

32 George Carlin - They’re Only Words (from Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics) [02:54:36]

33 George Carlin - Euphemisms (from Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics) [02:56:25]

34 George Carlin - You Have No Rights (from It’s Bad For Ya) [03:05:43]

35 George Carlin - Religion (from You Are All Diseased) [03:10:35]

36 George Carlin - There Is No God (from You Are All Diseased) [03:12:41]

37 George Carlin - The Planet Is Fine (from Jammin’ In New York) [03:20:34]

38 George Carlin - Coast-to-Coast Emergency (from Life Is Worth Losing) [03:33:33]

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