Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2013-10-14 (Flashback Edition: 2012-02-06)

Ok, so… those of you astoundingly astute and/or borderline obsessive perverts out there might remember me saying back in July that I didn't want to just re-release a podcast even if I was tired as sweet Mary motherfuck. If I re-released a podcast, I wanted it to be because I genuinely wanted to give it more attention. Well, this is one I genuinely want to give more attention because it's the second podcast I ever made, and it's a fuckin' good one! The spoken portions sound like I recorded them through a heavy blanket because I was using a cheap, shitty dynamic mic that I got with a podcasting kit when my dumb ass could've been using the much better condenser I'd had for years before that, and that I still use to this day.

Never mind all that shit, though. There's another reason why I'm re-releasing a podcast today instead of putting out a new one, and no, it's not because I was up all night fingerfucking a zebra and didn't bother to pick out some music. I had hoped to be releasing my new song, Worlds Burn Alive, at the head of this week's edition, but after spending all fucking night mixing the damn thing, it's still just not ready yet. HOWEVER, it will, it will, it WILL be released on my Soundcloud either later tonight, tomorrow, or sometime this week, AND you can bet your sweet candy nipples that it'll be at the head of next week's edition.

Without any further inane batshit craziness from yours truly, I now grant you permission to commence the yojne.

01 Revolting Cocks - Gila Copter (from Linger Ficken' Good) [00:00:00]
02 Fear Factory - Big God_Raped Souls (from Soul Of A New Machine) [00:05:52]
03 Jon Lajoie - 2 Girls 1 Cup Song (from You Want Some Of This) [00:08:24]
04 .?. - 005 (from Floccinaucinihilipilification) [00:12:53]
05 Cobra Killer - Merry-Go Round (from Cobra Killer) [00:13:59]
06 Lolita Storm - Suzy (Straight Version) (from Sick Slits EP) [00:16:17]
07 Tuareg Geeks - Angry Geek (from Introduction To Global Stupidity) [00:18:11]
08 The Thompson Twins - Play With Me (Remix) (from Cool World OST) [00:24:12]
09 Photophob - !!§!! (from Music For Spaceports EP) [00:28:06]
10 Marilyn Manson - Diamonds & Pollen (from Disposable Teens UK CD1) [00:31:08]
11 BLÆRG - Hermaphrodite Android's Cumshot Infinity (from Dysphoric Sonorites) [00:35:01]
12 Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (from Bad) [00:41:21]
13 Darkest Hour - Demon(s) (from Deliver Us) [00:45:52]
14 White Zombie - I Am Hell (from Beavis & Butthead Experience) [00:49:36]
15 George Carlin - Dumb Americans (from Life Is Worth Losing) [00:56:27]
16 Paul Sivertsen - Doom'n'Bass (from the album that doesn't exist yet) [01:07:23]
17 Bloodhound Gang - A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying (from Hooray For Boobies) [01:10:47]
18 Otep - Kisses & Kerosene (from Smash The Control Machine) [01:17:30]
19 DANGO N FRIENDS - JIGME MENJOR KUCHOG (from some Bhutanese website that offered free song downloads) [01:21:28]
20 .?. - 010 (from Floccinaucinihilipilification) [01:24:31]
21 Jello Biafra - Pledge of Allegiance (live 1990) (from In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up VHS Rip) [01:26:59]
22 Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor (from Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables) [01:29:42]
23 Ministry - The Land of Rape and Honey (from Greatest Fits) [01:32:44]
24 Ministry - LiesLiesLies (from Rio Grande Blood) [01:37:44]
25 Doug Stanhope - Rubber Fuck My Face/Terrified of Poop (from ACID Bootleg) [01:44:29]

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