Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2013-09-16 (All-Star Series: Henry Rollins Edition)

AAAAHHHHH!!!!!  Welcome, perverts, to another Monday, another Monday Morning Aural Sex, and another installment in the All-Star Series: the motherfucking Henry Rollins Edition!  This one was one I had in mind when I first came up with the idea to do the All-Star Series in the first place.  Lemme tell ya a bit about this guy, in case you're unfamiliar with his work: He's the former singer for one of the biggest American punk bands of the 80s, Black Flag.  He formed his own band, Rollins Band, after Black Flag disbanded.  He now tours the world almost relentlessly doing often comedic spoken word.  He's released, produced and/or performed on well over 100 albums and compilations.  He's written and published (through his own 2.13.61 company) over 50 books.  He's appeared in something like 150 films, live show specials and documentaries, including the recent Napster documentary called Downloaded.  He's had two of his own TV shows (as far as I know), and has been featured on countless other TV shows.  He's had his own weekly radio show called Harmony In My Head since 2004.  He's a columnist for LA Weekly, he delved into photography for one of his most recent books called "Occupants," and has done charity and volunteer work for Drop In The Bucket and the USO.  All the things I've mentioned are a mere snapshot of his career.  The full scope is absolutely staggering.

My introduction to Henry was back in the early 90s when the Rollins Band song, "Liar" came on Beavis & Butthead.  Honestly, Henry scared the shit out of me!  Anyone who's seen that video would probably understand that.  Anyway, I encountered his name through various mediums for the next 10 years or so, but I didn't gain a proper appreciation of his work until around 2007.  Any of you who've known me for a while probably know that the early half of '07 was one of the absolute shittiest times of my life.  I think sometime after my birthday that year was when I started delving into Henry's spoken word and books of poetry.  Let me tell ya, perverts, Henry's got some really dark material, but he's also got a lot of really positive and motivational material as well.  Hearing certain spoken word bits of his felt like a breath of fresh air amidst a tremendously toxic environment.  Anyway, I enjoyed that spoken word and poetry so much that I went back and gave the Rollins Band albums another listen.  My taste in music had matured quite a lot since I first heard it, so pretty much all of it appealed to me instantaneously.  After that, I delved into Black Flag, his radio show, his TV show, and numerous other things he's done.  Now, I admire and respect him on a level that's shared by very, very few of the thousands of people/artists I've encountered and whose work I've enjoyed throughout my 29 years on this planet.  With this edition, my greatest hope is to inspire you, perverts, to delve into this man's work.  If you do, I sincerely hope you yojne it as thoroughly as I do.  Soooo, let's get this shit rollin'!

01 Rollins Band - Burned Beyond Recognition (from Life Time) [00:03:12]

02 Rollins Band - Let That Devil Out (from Nice) [00:06:07]

03 Bad Brains - Kick Out The Jams (feat. Henry Rollins) (from Pump Up The Volume OST) [00:10:24]

04 Rollins Band - Disconnect (from Weight) [00:13:23]

05 Henry Rollins - Romance (from Our Fathers Who Aren't In Heaven (Disc 2)) [00:18:19]

06 Rollins Band - Slip It In (feat. Inger Lorre) (from Rise Above - 24 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three) [00:26:38]

07 Rollins Band - Rise Above (feat. Chuck D.) (from Rise Above - 24 Black Flag Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three) [00:33:13]

08 Wartime - Wartime (feat. Henry Rollins) (from Fast Food For Thought) [00:35:22]

09 Henry Rollins - Johnny Hartman (from Nights Behind the Tree Line) [00:41:03]

10 Rollins Band - Low Self Opinion (from The End of Silence) [00:44:38]

11 Misfits - We Are 138 (feat. Henry Rollins) (from Evilive) [00:50:01]

12 Tony Iommi - Laughing Man (In The Devil Mask) (feat. Henry Rollins) (from Iommi) [00:51:23]

13 Henry Rollins - Maturity (from A Rollins in the Wry) [00:55:01]

14 Rollins Band - Illumination (from Get Some - Go Again) [01:04:38]

15 Rollins Band - One Shot (from Nice) [01:08:42]

16 William Shatner - I Can't Behind That (feat. Henry Rollins) (from Has Been) [01:11:43]

17 Henry Rollins - First On The List (from Talk Is Cheap, Vol. 4) [01:14:43]

18 Rollins Band - Hello (from Nice) [01:19:47]

19 Rollins Band - Blues Jam (from The End of Silence) [01:22:44]

20 Henry Rollins - Talk 11 (from Harmony In My Head 2004: 07/19) [01:34:30]

21 Rollins Band - Volume 4 (from Weight) [01:35:54]

22 Black Flag - In My Head (from In My Head) [01:40:27]

23 Tool - Bottom (feat. Henry Rollins) (from Undertow) [01:45:00]

24 Henry Rollins - Track 1 (from Everything) [01:52:10]

25 Black Flag - My War (from Live '84) [02:04:26]

26 Henry Rollins, Flea, Tom Morello & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - War (Edwin Starr cover) (from Small Soldiers OST) [02:07:59]

27 Goldie / Henry Rollins - T-4 Strain (from Spawn OST) [02:12:55]

28 Rollins Band - We Walk Alone (from Nice) [02:18:10]

29 Henry Rollins - I Know You (from Black Coffee Blues) [02:22:06]

30 Black Flag - TV Party (from Damaged) [02:27:12]

31 Les Claypool & The Holy Mackerel - Delicate Tendrils (feat. Henry Rollins) (from High Ball with the Devil) [02:30:37]

32 Rollins Band - Gun In Mouth Blues (from Do It) [02:35:34]

33 Rollins Band - Earache My Eye (Live) (from Live In Australia 1990) [02:46:33]

34 Henry Rollins - Horses (from Provoked) [02:49:38]

35 Henry Rollins - L.A. Living, L.A. Dating (from Shock & Awe) [02:53:09]

36 Black Flag - Fix Me (from Live '84) [02:59:20]

37 Greg Cohen - Purple Heart (feat. Henry Rollins) [includes "Groovy" from the unpublished sections of Beneath The Underdog] (from Weird Nightmare: Meditations On Mingus) [03:00:14]

38 Rollins Band - A Life Denied (from A Nicer Shade Of Red) [03:02:50]

39 Henry Rollins - New Age Blues (from Big Ugly Mouth) [03:07:24]

40 Black Flag - Damaged I (from Damaged) [03:10:54]

41 Rollins Band - Liar (from Weight) [03:14:58]

42 Rollins Band - Such A Drag (from A Nicer Shade Of Red) [03:21:28]

43 Rollins Band - Shine (from Weight) [03:34:02]

44 Henry Rollins - Inspiration (from Live in London) [03:39:21]

45 Rollins Band - Going Out Strange (from Nice) [03:46:06]

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