Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2013-06-17 (Random as a Really Random Thing Edition)

Perrrrverrrrts!  Welcome to a new day, a new week and a new installment of your and my favorite podcast, Monday Morning Aural Sex.  This is the Random as a Really Random Thing Edition, which basically means I didn't feel like adhering to any particular theme this week either.  I've got plenty of themes in mind for future editions, but these random ones are especially yojneable to me.  Even though I often love to sit and listen to a full album by a band or artist, I also equally love hitting shuffle on my iPod or my Winamp player on my computer and just seeing what comes up.  I imagine I'm not alone on that, but hey, it wouldn't be the first time my imagination fooled me.  Anyway, I've got lots of awesome shit in store for us this morning, so let's get to it!

01 Uraken - Welcome (from beatmania IIDX 14th style GOLD CS Lineouts) [00:00:42]

02 Strapping Young Lad - S.Y.L. (from Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing) [00:02:42]

03 Bill Hicks - Rush Limbaugh (from Rant in E-Minor) [00:07:29]

04 NaS - NY State of Mind Pt. II (from I Am…) [00:09:47]

05 iwrestledabearonce - This Head Music Makes My Eyes Rain (from Ruining It For Everybody) [00:13:22]

06 dj TAKA vs. DJ YOSHITAKA - quell ~the seventh slave~ (from beatmania IIDX 17th style SIRIUS OST (Disc 2)) [00:16:44]

07 Venetian Snares - We Are Cesspools (from 237 0894) [00:18:43]

08 Jon Lajoie - WTF Collective 2 (from I Kill People) [00:21:51]

09 Godspeed You! Black Emperor - The Dead Flag Blues (from F#A#∞) [00:26:21]

10 VAST - Falling From The Sky (from Turquoise) [00:42:33]

11 Velvet Acid Christ - Dial 8 (from Twisted Thought Generator) [00:45:36]

12 The Jerky Boys - Lawn Equipment Debate (from The Jerky Boys 3) [00:51:16]

13 The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - I Don't Mean To Impose, But I Am The Ocean (from Danza II: The Electric Boogaloo) [00:53:35]

14 Mr. Bungle - Carry Stress In The Jaw (from Disco Volante) [00:55:51]

15 The Jerky Boys - Fava Beans (from The Best of the Jerky Boys) [01:04:50]

16 Dropkick Murphys - The Spicy Mchaggis Jig (from Sing Loud, Sing Proud) [01:06:23]

17 Louis C.K. - Unhealthy Father (from Word - Live at Carnegie Hall) [01:09:18]

18 Doug Stanhope - Suicidal Species (from From Across the Street) [01:17:03]

19 Meshuggah - obZen (from obZen) [01:19:26]

20 The Jerky Boys - Bad Ass Massage (from The Jerky Boys 3) [01:23:48]

21 Berry Weight - Walking By Your Side (from Music For Imaginary Movies) [01:26:25]

22 The Nightwatchman - Save The Hammer For The Man (feat. Ben Harper) (from World Wide Rebel Songs) [01:31:03]

23 Jello Biafra - Ban Everything (from Beyond the Valley of the Gift Police) [01:36:13]

24 Bim - Promises (from Scatterheart) [01:50:33]

25 Eyedea & Abilities - Exhausted Love (from E & A) [01:54:36]

26 George Carlin - Their Kids! (from It's Bad For Ya) [01:59:55]

27 George Carlin - They Want To Show You The Pictures (from It's Bad For Ya) [02:01:04]

28 Between the Buried and Me - Sun of Nothing (from Colors) [02:05:33]

29 Lamb - Gabriel (from What Sound) [02:16:32]

30 dj TAKA - snow storm -original mix- (from milestone (Disc 1)) [02:20:41]

31 Non-Prophets - The Cure (from Hope) [02:25:00]

32 Melt-Banana - Mouse Is A Biscuit (from Speak Squeak Creak) [02:30:06]

33 Balloonsex - My SOUL Will Go On, Celine. Not Heart, SOUL. Get It Right Bitch! (from TIC TAC DRAGONFORCE) [02:31:10]

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