Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2012-12-25 (Saturnalia Fuckfest Edition Part 2)

Edit: 02-11-2013 - Removed this podcast to make room for new one.  Message me if you'd like to hear this podcast.

Ohhhh… fuck.  Welcome, you gorgeous mother and father fuckers, to part 2 of the Saturnalia Fuckfest Edition of the greatest podcast in the podworld, Monday Morning Aural Sex.  I hope those of you who checked out part 1 enjoyed every last exquisite drop of living fuck out of it, and I hope you enjoy this one just as much, if not more.  I also hope you've got plenty of bodily fluids left to expel upon yourself or your other, however significant or insignificant they may be.  Uhhh… mmmm… ohhh…. blort!  Ohhh… romance is alive!  If that doesn't convince you, maybe this especially romantic first track by Jenna Marbles will warm your Winter-chilled little hearts.  Enjoy, you phenomenal fuckwads!  Ohhhh!

01 Jenna Marbles - Bounce That Dick (from YouTube)

02 Revolting Cocks - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? (from Linger Ficken' Good …And Other Barnyard Oddities)

03 Kidneythieves - Dyskrasia (from Zerøspace)

04 Combichrist - This Shit Will Fuck You Up (from Everybody Hates You (Disc 1))

05 12 Rounds - Something's Burning (from My Big Hero)

06 Nine Inch Nails - Underneath The Skin (from March Of The Pigs)

07 Ministry - Psalm 69 (from Psalm 69)

08 Tool - Prison Sex (from Undertow)

09 Filter & The Crystal Method - (Can't You) Trip Like I Do (from Spawn OST)

10 Hybrid - Visible Noise (from Morning Sci-Fi)

11 PT Grimm - Enter, Prize Lolita (from Entropy's Sideshow)

12 Lil' Kim - She Don't Love You (from The Notorious K.I.M.)

13 DMX - Don't Gotta Go Home (feat. Monica) (from Grand Champ)

14 Jay Gordon - Slept So Long (from Queen Of The Damned OST)

15 Lords Of Acid - You Belong To Me (Theme) (from Our Little Secret)

16 ††† - Bermuda Locke† (from EP †)

17 Razed In Black - I Worship You (from Sacrificed)

18 Genitorturers - Touch Myself (Remix) (from Machine Love)

19 Einstürzende Neubauten - Seele Brennt (from Halber Mensch)

20 Stubborn Ahole - FREAKz VIP3 (feat. Nae Joy Gizzy) (from

21 White Zombie - Electric Head: The Ecstasy (Pt. 2) (from Astro-Creep: 2000)

22 Cradle Of Filth - Nymphetamine Fix (from Nymphetamine)

23 The Berzerker - Forever (from Berzerker)

24 Dark Lotus - Bitch, I'm Sexy (from Tales From The Lotus Pod)

25 The Doors - Love Me Two Times (from Strange Days)

26 Dog Fashion Disco - Sweet Insanity (from Adultery)

27 Mr. Bungle - The Girls Of Porn (from Mr. Bungle)

28 Shat - Sex With Your Pets (from The Best Of Shat: The Cunt Chronicles)

29 Lunachicks - Makin' It (With Other Species) (from Babysitters On Acid)

30 GWAR - I'm Fucking An Animal (Twisted Fuck Edit) (from We Kill Everything)


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