Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2012-12-24 (Saturnalia Fuckfest Edition Part 1)

Edit: 02-11-2013 - Removed this podcast to make room for new one.  Message me if you'd like to hear this podcast.

Mmmmm… welcome, my dearest perverts, to Part 1 of the Saturnalia Fuckfest Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex.  This one's gonna be a lot like the Valentine's Day Fuckfest Edition.  I won't be interrupting the flow of the tracks with my silly back announcements and shit.  I'll just be thrusting a few samples in between the tracks like anal beads in a tight, pink little bunny nose asshole.  Don't worry, sweetie baby dearies, you'll love it.  Anyway, for those who don't know, Saturnalia is a time to celebrate public nudity, master/slave role reversal, and pure orgiastic revelry.  Sounds like fun, eh?  Sounds way better than the hopelessly consumeristic imitation holiday that Christmas is.  So, next time anyone tells you that they want to keep Christ in Christmas, expose your genitals and wish them a merry Saturnalia.  In fact, expose your genitals and play with them right fuckin' now!  If you've got a significant (or not so significant) other, let 'em join in!  Now, without any further ado, enjoy you fucktacular freaks!

01 Dave Brockie Experience - Should The Ugly Girl Blow Me? (from Songs For The Wrong)

02 Psyclon Nine - Better Than Suicide (from Crwn Thy Frnicatr)

03 Velvet Acid Christ - Pretty Toy (from Hex Angel - Utopia/Dystopia)

04 She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart (from She Wants Revenge)

05 Rammstein - Bück Dich (from Sehnsucht)

06 Insane Clown Posse - Cotton Candy (from Tunnel Of Love)

07 Die Antwoord - U Make A Ninja Wanna Fuck (from Ten$ion)

08 Otep - Sweet Tooth (from Smash The Control Machine)

09 Molly Gruesome - Nothin' But Bad (Born Bad Edit) (from

10 30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie (from A Beautiful Lie)

11 Marilyn Manson - User Friendly (from Mechanical Animals)

12 Nostalghia - Cool For Chaos (from Cool For Chaos EP)

13 Deftones - Entombed (from Koi No Yokan)

14 Bush - Bomb (Minus the Moodkiller Edit) (from Sixteen Stone)

15 Rob Dougan - Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Variation) (from Furious Angels)

16 Supreme Beings Of Leisure - Swallow (from 11i)

17 Kidneythieves - Lick U Clean (from Trypt0fanatic)

18 Snake River Conspiracy - Lovesong (Cure cover) (from Sonic Jihad)

19 Portishead - Machine Gun (from Third)

20 Nirvana - Rape Me (from In Utero)

21 Rollins Band - Raped (from A Nicer Shade Of Red)

22 Jon Lajoie - Show Me Your Genitals 2: E=MC Vagina (from You Want Some Of This?)

23 Adam Sandler - At A Medium Pace (from They're All Gonna Laugh At You)

24 Michael Jackson - Give In To Me (Schoolboy Edit) (from Dangerous)

25 Trina - B R Right (feat. Ludacris) (from Diamond Princess)

26 Dr. Dre - Fuck You (feat. Tray-Dee & Snoop Dogg) (from 2001)

27 Eminem - Superman (from The Eminem Show)

28 Pantera - Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills (Psycho Edit) (from Far Beyond Driven)

29 Mirrorhead - In A Hotel (from Mirrorhead Demos)

30 Twiztid - Dirty Lil' Girl (from Mirror, Mirror)


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