Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2012-11-05 (Laughter Is An Instant Vacation Edition)

Edit: 12-31-2012 - Removed this podcast to make room for new one.  Message me if you'd like to hear this podcast.

Hahahaha!! How's it goin', perverts?!  Welcome to the Laughter Is An Instant Vacation Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex!  This one's gonna be nothin' but comedy from start to finish and I won't bother interrupting the flow with all the silly bullshit I usually talk about like the artist names, track titles and album names and all that.  I'll leave that up to you if you're curious enough to find out.  All that info is right where you found this podcast to listen to anyway, and all the track titles are pertinent enough to make it really easy to figure out what you're listening to, so if you hear somethin' ya like, go further with it!  All these comics and comedic musical tracks are fuckin' fantastic and there's much more where all these came from, believe me.  Without any further ado, let's start this shit off right with one of the all-time comedic giants, George fuckin' Carlin!

01 George Carlin - The Laughter Reflex (from Carlin On Comedy)

02 Ren & Stimpy - Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy (from You Eediot!)

03 Mr. Mackey & The Kids Of South Park - It's Easy, Mmmkay (from South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut)

04 Chris Rock - Busboys, McDonalds and Minimum Wage (from Born Suspect)

05 Louie C.K. - Something Shitty Is Going To Happen (from Louie, Season 1, Episode 1)

06 Henry Rollins - Talk With Heidi May (from Harmony In My Head 2004)

07 George Carlin - Life's Little Moments (from Parental Advisory)

08 Bill Maher - Inky Dinky Don't (from New Rules: Polite Musings From A Timid Observer)

09 Bill Hicks - Fuck Artists Only (from Shock & Awe)

10 Unknown - Yogurt (from Misc. WAVs)

11 King Missile - Martin Scorcese (from Happy Hour)

12 Mitch Hedberg - Pop (from Mitch All Together)

13 George Carlin - Guys Named Todd (from Complaints & Grievances)

14 Doug Stanhope - Abortion Is Green (from Oslo: Burning The Bridge To Nowhere)

15 Doug Stanhope - Stomping Kittens (from Oslo: Burning The Bridge To Nowhere)

16 Richard Jeni - Marriage: Ointment Or Suppositories (from Greatest Bits)

17 Roy Zimmerman - Defenders Of Marriage (from Faulty Intelligence)

18 Henry Rollins - First On The List (from Talk Is Cheap, Vol. 4)

19 George Carlin - Little Things We Share (from Jammin' In New York)

20 Berkeley Systems - Tap Water (from You Don't Hear Jack!)

21 Juan Schwartz & The South Park Children's Choir - Dead, Dead, Dead (from Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics)

22 Chris Rock - Taxes (from Bigger & Blacker)

23 Tom Green - I Like Hooters (from Prepare For Impact)

24 King Missile III - The Little Sandwich That Got A Guilt Complex Because He Was The Sole Survivor Of A Horrible Bus Crash (from Failure)

25 Doug Stanhope - Live For Your Sins (from No Refunds)

26 Henry Rollins - Mandelaism (from Provoked)

27 Berkeley Systems - Black Market Baby Roadshow (from You Don't Hear Jack!)

28 Bill Hicks - Time To Evolve (from Philosophy: The Best Of Bill Hicks)

29 Richard Jeni - I Love Condoms (from Greatest Bits)

30 George Carlin - Stupid Bullshit (from It's Bad For Ya)

31 Mitch Hedberg - The Dufrenes (from Strategic Grill Locations)

32 Adam Sandler - At A Medium Pace (from They're All Gonna Laugh At You)

33 Ren & Stimpy - Don't Whiz On The Electric Fence (from You Eediot!)

34 Chris Rock - Rap Standup (from Never Scared)

35 Doug Stanhope - Marriage Is Gay (from Deadbeat Hero)

36 Roy Zimmerman - Creation Science 101 (from Faulty Intelligence)

37 George Carlin - The Planet Is Fine (from Jammin' In New York)

38 Richard Jeni - Porno: Stuff That Never Happens To You (from Greatest Bits)

39 Eric Cartman - Kyle's Mom's A Bitch (from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut)

40 Henry Rollins - New Age Blues (from Big Ugly Mouth)

41 Doug Stanhope - Blort (from Oslo: Burning The Bridge To Nowhere)

42 Adam Sandler - Ode To My Car (Love) (from What The Hell Happened To Me?)

43 Henry Rollins - Maturity (from A Rollins In The Wry)

44 Bill Hicks - The Sanctity Of Life (from Relentless)

45 George Carlin - Dumb Americans (from Life Is Worth Losing)

46 Richard Jeni - Masturbation "I'm The Best I've Ever Had" (from Greatest Bits)

47 Unknown - Cowboy Dick (from Misc. WAVs)

48 Ren & Stimpy - Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen (from You Eediot!)

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