Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2012-07-23 (Exquisite Madness Edition, Part 1)

Edit: 10-01-2012 - Removed this podcast to make room for new one.  Message me if you'd like to hear this podcast.

PERVERTS!!!!  Welcome to the Exquisite Madness Edition of Monday Morning Aural Fuckin' Sex!  Can ya believe this is the 25th?  That's a fucktacular fuckton of aural fuckin' sex right fuckin' there!  I mean, don't let me or the number 25 fool you.  26 is an even more fucktacular fuckton, and that's coming up next week.  I have no idea why numbers that are multiples of 5 ever began to be so subconsciously psychologically satisfying that people started using them across the globe and started granting them above average attention, but whatever.  Anyway, now I'm going to say several things that have never been assembled and verbalized in this order before, ever.  Why?

Well, when apple farts utilize Van Gogh's 43rd mistress like a mongoose would masticate polypropylene garden shears in a STAUNCH endeavor to enter Ronald Reagan's decaying colon in search of Montezuma's vengeful 14th world wonder, they would indeedly-do make a squishy llama do the chicken dance upon the backs of the working class.  Further less, OBLONG ELBOWS! Cable peanut Italians eating rabbit souffle Tuesday frooooom beyoooooond the calendar's throbbing rooster.  Gigantic zombie politicians are auctioning off lesbian shoe recipes to the emperor of Kazahkstan.  Ninety-four is a worthless number like a mozzarella enchilada and gorgeous hooker pirate octopi cherries.  Woo!  Piss popcorn multiplied by 213.567 chartreuse t-shirts equals fungal sexual infection nachos and cheese with a side of existentialism sauce.  Chaos, chaos, semper chaos.  Are you cool?  Miles was.  Now he's a stamp.  And dead.  But heeezzz muuusic eezzz alliiiiiive!!!  Are you alive?  You'd better be.  Don't die.  Be cool.

And be a link clicker and subsequent video watcher, or else I'll hunt you down and stick carrots in your rectum!

01 Nostalghia - Cool For Chaos (from Cool For Chaos EP)

02 Naked City - Bonehead (from Grand Guignol)

03 George Carlin - Preface (from Brain Droppings (Disc 1))

04 Colatron - I'll Be There In Twin Peaks (from Mashed In Plastic - The David Lynch Mashup Album)

05 The Decemberists - Won't Want For Love (Margaret In The Taiga) (from The Hazards Of Love)

06 Bobby Darin - Dream Lover (from The Fabulous 50s: My Kind Of Music (Disc 1))

07 Doris Day - Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be) (from The Fabulous 50s: My Kind Of Music (Disc 1))

08 Rosemary Clooney - Mambo Italiano (from The Fabulous 50s: My Kind Of Music (Disc 3))

09 Tech N9ne - Imma Tell (from Absolute Power)

10 The Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight (from 100 Greatest Songs Of R&B And Hip-Hop)

11 Molly Gruesome - Muse (Ambient Chorus) (from

12 The Coup - Get Up (feat. Dead Prez) (from Party Music)

13 The Lost Children Of Babylon - The Venus Project (from Zeitgeist: The Spirit Of The Age)

14 Moby - Next Is The E (from Moby)

15 Moby - Natural Blues (from Play)

16 Moby - Lift Me Up (from Hotel)

17 Shat - I Threw Up On Her Cunt (from The Best Of Shat: The Cunt Chronicles)

18 The Dung Beatles - Saw Her Pubic Hair (from Ass Masters Vol. 1: The Early Smears '63-'64)


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