Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2012-05-14 (Embrace The Zombie Monkey Edition feat. Vera Gzxcpyiaqwerpoi)

Edit: 08-02-2012 - Removed this podcast to make room for new one.  Message me if you'd like to hear this podcast.

Sex on Mondays should always be Aural in the mornings, and flangers murskeot Ousterberg kyling fleeblegeeble.  Religion makes a lot of sense to me.  BOPPY FINGLE TOE SHEE QUOVIXISHING!  Making money and achieving socially notable success is the key to happiness.  Wizzovens trimblew optacot rybrex affovoovoo, und sueding briffle gasm-o-pickle.  Welcome to my podcast.  Let me start off here by kicking your monkey, then I'll use your goat.  And we'll smile as our hands AGGRESSIVELY revolt against our genitals.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

If you move your magical arrow-movey device (aka mouse) over some of the text below, and then actually click on it, something astounding will happen!  I won't spoil the surprise, suffice to say, it might make the music a little more exquisitely fucktacular.

Many thanks to the insanely insatiable pervert, Vera Gzasdfo83o4ihasd;;asdfh, for co-hosting this week's podcast with me!

01 Bad Lip Reading - Kicked Your Monkey (Parody of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know") (from YouTube)

02 Lard - Forkboy (from The Last Temptation Of Reid)

03 The Big Bopper - Big Bopper's Wedding Day (from Chantilly Lace)

04 GWAR - S.F.W. (from S.F.W. OST)

05 Slayer - War Ensemble (from Seasons In The Abyss)

06 Slipknot - Eyeless (from Slipknot)

07 Pantera - War Nerve (from The Great Southern Trendkill)

08 Spineshank - The Height Of Callousness (from The Height Of Callousness)

09 Rollins Band - Vol. 4 (from Weight)

10 Cradle of Filth - Satanic Mantra (from Midian)

11 Cradle of Filth - Tearing The Veil From Grace (from Midian)

12 Bad Lip Reading - Mitt Romney (from YouTube)

13 B.B. King - Chains And Things (from King Of The Blues (Disc 3))

14 Acid Bath - New Death Sensation (from Paegan Terrorism Tactics)

15 That Handsome Devil - Elephant Bones (from That Handsome Devil EP)

16 The Doors - A Little Game (Part 3 of The Celebration of the Lizard) (from Absolutely Live)

17 The Doors - The Hill Dwellers (Part 4 of The Celebration of the Lizard) (from Absolutely Live)

18 Otep - Not To Touch The Earth (Part 5 of The Celebration of the Lizard) (from Atavist)

19 System of a Down - Johnny (from Chop Suey! (UK CD Single 1))

20 Mr. Bungle - Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz (from Disco Volante)

21 Venetian Snares - Sporto Fucking Sellout Cocksuckerface (from Pink + Green CDM)

22 Stunt Rock - My Age 16 Girlfriend (from Fuck Canada Fuck America)

23 Beastie Boys - Pass The Mic (from Check Your Head)

24 Beastie Boys - Tough Guy (from Ill Communication)

25 Beastie Boys - Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun (from Paul's Boutique)

26 Beastie Boys - Bodhisattva Vow (from Ill Communication)

27 Beastie Boys - The Sounds Of Science (from Paul's Boutique)

28 Beastie Boys - Cooky Puss (from Some Old Bullshit)

29 AP2 - The End (from Suspension of Disbelief)

30 The Doors - The End (from The Doors)

31 Bad Lip Reading - Michele Bachmann (from YouTube)

32 The Beatles - The End (from Abbey Road)