Monday Morning Aural Sex 2012-02-13: The Valentine’s Day Fuckfest Edition Part 1

Edit: 03-12-2012 - Removed this podcast to make room for new one.  Message me if you'd like to hear this podcast.

Mmmm... I'm excited about this one, sweet perverts.  Not that I give a flying fuck about Valentine's Day, but I'd love to give a flying fuck on Valentine's Day.  Shit, with all those stupid candy hearts and stuffed teddy bears that end up in a corner somewhere collecting dust (much like the love that inspired the purchase), I really wonder how many bodily fluids - vastly more important, by the way - are exchanged and expelled in the wake of it all.  Not nearly enough, I dare say.  Whether you're alone or you do actually have someone to penetrate (or to penetrate you), as long as you like feeling good, you'll fuckin' love this podcast.  Incidentally, I should mention that this podcast was broken up into two parts (much like many hearts out there, wah wah fucking wahhhh).  Be sure to check 'em both out 'cause I put a lot of love (read as "fuck") into them.  En-fuckin'-joy!

01 GG Allin & The Scumfucs - I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out (from Eat My Fuc)

02 Rammstein - Pussy (from Liebe Ist Für Alle Da)

03 Marilyn Manson - Abuse Pt. 1 (from Smells Like Children Uncut)

04 Nine Inch Nails - Happiness In Slavery (from Broken)

05 Crass - Birth Control 'n' Rock 'n' Roll (from Christ The Album)

06 Deftones - Passenger (from White Pony [Reissue])

07 Buckethead - Coma feat. Azam Ali & Serj Tankian (from Enter The Chicken)

08 Marilyn Manson - I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies (Dead Star Edit) (original found on The High End Of Low)

09 White Zombie - Blood, Milk And Sky (Full Edit) (original from Astro-Creep: 2000)

10 Molly Gruesome - Nothin' But Bad (from Molly Gruesome Misc.)

11 Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk To Fuck (from Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death)

12 Marilyn Manson - Apple of Sodom (Fuck Gomorrah Mix) (originals found on Lost Highway OST & The Dope Show UK CD1 Single)

13 A Perfect Circle - Thinking Of You (from Mer De Noms)

14 Tweet - Oops (Oh My) (from Southern Hummingbird)

15 Fluke - Another Kind Of Blues (from Puppy)

16 Dave Matthews Band - When The World Ends [Oakenfold Remix] (from The Matrix Reloaded OST [Disc 1])

17 Berry Weight - The Lotus feat. Astrid Engberg & ASM (A State Of Mind) (from Music For Imaginary Movies)

18 The Dust Brothers - Jack's Smirking Revenge (from Fight Club OST)

19 Mannequin Porn - Do The Math feat. PT Grimm (from One Plus One)

20 Twiztid - She Ain't Afraid (from Mostasteless)

21 Pantera - Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills (from Far Beyond Driven)

22 Lamb of God - Laid To Rest (from Ashes Of The Wake)

23 Marilyn Manson - Outro (from Dead To The World Live VHS Rip)

24 The Misfits - Die, Die My Darling (from Collection I)


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