2022-09-26 (Blue Pazuzu Blew Kazoo Zoo Ballyhoo! Woo! Who Knew Hullabaloo Hitherto New Untrue Ragu Kung Fu… Achoo! In ’22 Edition)

Fuck what the up is, motherfuckers?! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to the Blue Pazuzu Blew Kazoo Zoo Ballyhoo! Woo! Who Knew Hullabaloo Hitherto New Untrue Ragu Kung Fu… Achoo! In ’22 Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Hey, ya know what? It’s gotta be morning somewhere on Earth. Yes, this edition is coming to y’all later than usual. Know why? After I was through recording the tracks from my playlist as I usually do, I was just too fuckin’ exhausted to press on through an entire podcast. So, I decided to prioritize my mental & physical health, get some fucking sleep, and just do this whenever I woke up. I know, I’m a total loserface shitstain for attempting to mildly improve my dwindling health, but what-the-fuck-ever. Literally nobody has ever bemoaned any of these editions being released later than usual, or not being released at all. I had a person or two wonder why I stopped between mid-2016 to spring of 2019, but by and large, no one gives a fuck about all the effort, expense, content, etc. Totally fine by me, ‘cause for myself and the handful of people who actually do listen from time to time, it’s all worthwhile. Just, ya know, sometimes I need to fuckin’ sleep before I do it instead of the typical way I limp to bed after doing this shit for the hours I normally do.


So, any of y’all who’ve seen one of these preposterously bizarre editions saunter through your feeds have probably gathered by now that this is merely an assortment of new(ish) shit that was either recently released, recently discovered by me, or recently listened to and is new to the podcast (in the case of Queen’s epic anthem “I Want It All,”). I’m sure most people doing editions like these would just settle for “New in ’22” volumes 1 through whatever, but fuck you, I enjoy getting silly with this shit. Life’s too fuckin’ short and inherently absurd to be pissing away your time and potential wrapped up in being fuckin’ serious all the time. I’m sure your distaste for everything keeps you cozy at night, surely it’s not indicative of deeper and darker issues of yours, but some people enjoy shit. Some people enjoy being fuckin’ silly (not to mentioned being fucked silly), and I’m one of ‘em.


Any-fuckin’-way, lemme do a couple shoutouts to folks and specific tracks to watch out for here, and we’ll be on our way to Yojnetown. Before I do that, I feel I ought to let y’all know how fuckin’ ridiculous I am on my search for new shit. In the middle of writing this intro, I realized I forgot to add a track. So, I went back to add said track and realized, eh, it’s good but not particularly worth sharing. However, how-fuckin’-ever, I did throw in an additional 6 tracks. Whatever, right? I went back to typing this shit out, and realized, “Oh shit! I forgot about my recent YouTube finds!” Just like that, an additional four tracks were added. Fine, okay, whatever. THEN, my roommate was listening to music as he was folding laundry, and I heard a far superior version of Dave Brubeck’s well-known elevator classic, “Take Five,” coming out of his room, so I go in to find out what it is, and that TOO ends up on the podcast. I might have a fuckin’ problem, perverts.


Alrighty then, SO, shout-the-fuck-out to Renee for The Seed by AURORA. Very nice recommendation there, and the lyrics are sadly pertinent to this moment of suicidal greed under which we’re all suffering. I believe she’s the one who introduced me to Royal & the Serpent, so thank you again, lovie, for that. Shoutout to Josh too for the George Benson cover of Take Five that I just mentioned in the previous paragraph. Even though it wasn’t a direct recommendation, I still appreciates it. Shoutout to Al for his bringing the band Destrage to my attention back in May when we did the last semi-trilogy of Osmium editions together, ‘cause I found another awesome track by them called, “A Commercial Break that Lasts Forever.” With a title like that, how can ya go wrong? Shoutout to Malcolm for exposing me to the Trailer Park Boys, without which I might not have appreciated the Liquor & Whores track nearly as much. Also, Malcolm’s gamertag on Xbox happens to be I am da Liquor, which is a reference to that show.


That’s all for personal shoutouts; now for track shoutouts. A new Bile track in the mix this week?! Shit, yeah, apparently so. I haven’t heard much from these guys in decades, so very nice to see they’re still doin’ shit. Same goes for Psyclon Nine, they just released a full album, and the videos have been pretty awesome so far. Fantastic music to bump uglies to, b-t-fuckin’-dubs. A handful of classical tracks in the mix this week as well. I guess my liking Balmorhea and various classical composers yielded some lovely results in my release radar playlist. Certainly not opposed to including more classical music, although it does have an inherently classist history. I think it’s incumbent upon all in the lower classes who can hang with it to listen to it and enjoy it proudly so we make the worlds of the ruling class as small as possible, but maybe that’s just me. Another new jam from metal band Railgun this week. Only the second track I’ve heard from them thus far, but pretty sweet, and I’m eager to hear what else they release.


The new MitiS track is fire, keep your ears peeled for that one. New Diabolic track with some artist named Lunchboxxx, hot shit right there. Boondox recently released an EP called So Much Blood, and I’ve yojned the fuck out of every track I’ve heard from it so far. Glad to hear he hasn’t lost his touch after so many years. The Jfab track called PRAY is groovy as fuck, love it. The Lo Key track called Burn The Witch… the lyrics are about so-called cancel culture, and like so many other people, I’ve got some thoughts about that. I think cancel culture, to whatever extent it exists, tends to more harshly punish people with minimal power than those with great amounts of it. Those with minimal power might deserve punishment for whatever they said/did, but it ought to be a measured response that leaves room for growth and healing. Our being mired in a society that prioritizes punishment over rehabilitation typically means that any force made up of unaccountable citizenry can easily lead to pitchforks and torches, which certainly isn’t much better than militarized police forces.


At the end of the day, I’d simply advocate for people to chill the fuck out more often. If some shit offends you and isn’t actively causing harm to anyone, maybe just move along. Maybe pick your battles a little more carefully. Our social media algorithms thriving on outrage is no fuckin’ accident, so we need to stop feeding into it, or shit’s only gonna get worse and worse. Anyway, on the track itself, I love the beat and the melody; flows are tight as usual. I’d probably agree more with the lyrics if I could hear them better, but they haven’t been published anywhere yet, as far as I know. Moving on, another nice little ditty from GRiZ this week, more beautifully tragic Alice Glass, and another hilarious jam by Parry Gripp. This time, it’s about electric vehicles, and I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a jingle. So, prepare your brains for that fuckin’ earworm. Very peculiar track by this group called clipping. this week called Part of Dust. It’s all ambience and sound effects until the last two minutes, and then it turns dark and poetic. I left it at the end for those special perverts who can actually hang with all of this, as a treat. I wasn’t gonna include it until I heard those last two minutes, and suddenly I appreciated it, so here it is.


Another fucktacular Zardonic remix in store for us this week, that Fox Stevenson track has some great lyrics, and same goes for the BLÜ EYES track. The latter of which I was a bit on the fence about including ‘cause the sound is very close to too poppy for my taste, but the lyrics saved it. Gorgeous cyberpunk-ish jam by Tokyo Rose here, the Grim Delarosa & Akira Yamaoka track is a hip-hop beat that samples a song from Silent Hill (and I’m surprised I haven’t seen more of that sort of thing. Maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough.), and another phenomenal Slipknot track, “Yen,” off their upcoming album, “The End So Far.” That one has an intense video to it, too. Look that shit the fuck up.


And SO, with all THAT SHIT done DID and fuckin’ SAID, we now commence ze yojne.



01 Elon Dust - ENJOY (from ENJOY) [00:05:26]


02 Figure - Raver Decapitation (from Raver Decapitation) [00:09:27]


03 Sam Fender - Getting Started (Chase & Status Remix) (from Getting Started (Chase & Status Remix)) [00:12:45]


04 Scowl - Fuck Around (from How Flowers Grow) [00:15:53]


05 GRiZ - Keep Bouncin' (from Chasing The Golden Hour, Pt. 4) [00:16:49]


06 Parry Gripp - Charge It Up Up Up Up Up! (from Charge It Up Up Up Up Up!) [00:20:57]


07 DJ Shimamura - Dream Up (feat. Mari*F) (kors k Remix) (from Dream Up (kors k Remix)) [00:22:04]


08 MitiS, Ray Volpe - Don't Look Down (feat. Linney) (from Don't Look Down (feat. Linney)) [00:26:43]


09 Dennis Sheperd, York, Iris - The Fall (from The Fall) [00:30:44]


10 AURORA - The Seed (from A Different Kind Of Human (Step II)) [00:34:30]


11 Balmorhea, Portico Quartet, Morris Kliphuis, Lisa Morgenstern, Clarice Jensen - Rose in Abstract (Portico Quartet Remix) (from Rose in Abstract (Portico Quartet Remix)) [00:38:49]


12 Berried Alive - Go Pluck Yourself (from Go Pluck Yourself) [00:43:31]


13 Istasha, outsiderX - Gene Mods (from Gene Mods) [00:48:01]


14 Markus Schukowski - What It Feels Like (Zardonic Remix) (from What It Feels Like (Zardonic Remix)) [00:50:36]


15 Psyclon Nine - MONEY AND SEX AND DEATH (from Less To Heaven) [00:53:40]


16 Trailer Park Boys, Marc Mysterio, Stephen Lynch - Liquor & Whores (TV Unplugged Version) (from Liquor & Whores (TV Unplugged Version)) [00:57:16]


17 Rob IYF, Al Storm, Vicky Fee - Makin Me Dirty (Radio Mix) (from Makin Me Dirty) [01:00:47]


18 Dmitri Shostakovich, Itzhak Perlman, David Garrett, Franck van der Heijden, Orchestra the Prezent - 3 Duets for 2 Violins & Piano, Op. 97d: I. Prelude (Version 2 for Violins and Orchestra) (from Shostakovich: 3 Duets for 2 Violins & Piano, Op. 97d: I. Prelude (Version 2 for Violins and Orchestra)) [01:03:50]


19 Queen - I Want It All (Remastered 2011) (from The Miracle (Deluxe Remastered Version)) [01:06:03]


20 Railgun - Night Terrors (from Night Terrors) [01:09:58]


21 Depth Strida - BAKI X NUCLEAR WAR (from BAKI X NUCLEAR WAR) [01:14:27]


22 MORIS BLAK, Kofin - Malevolent (from Malevolent) [01:17:12]


23 Electronic Gems, A.L.I.S.O.N. - Before I Go (from Before I Go) [01:21:19]


24 MUST DIE! - U SHOULD KNOW (from U SHOULD KNOW) [01:24:25]


25 Lo Key - Burn The Witch (from Burn The Witch) [01:28:10]


26 Jfab, Desmond Davis, Jason Fabus, Farnell Newton - PRAY (from PRAY) [01:33:16]


27 Starving Insect, Irving Force - Subhuman (from Acid Avengers 023) [01:36:59]


28 Tokyo Rose, Social Kid - Forever (from Forever) [01:43:41]


29 Alice Glass - Lips Apart (from Lips Apart) [01:48:34]


30 Grim Delarosa, Akira Yamaoka - Exist (from Exist) [01:51:52]


31 George Benson - Take Five (from Bad Benson) [01:54:51]


32 Destrage - A Commercial Break that Lasts Forever (from SO MUCH. too much.) [02:01:51]


33 Champagne Drip - Ur War (feat. Cristina Soto) (from Time Warp) [02:05:53]


34 BONES, ghost/\/ghoul - Timbaland (from DreamCard) [02:09:29]


35 Fox Stevenson - Victory Over Truth (from Victory Over Truth) [02:11:26]


36 Boondox - Prey For Me (from So Much Blood) [02:14:37]


37 Digitality, Erik Satie - Satie: 6 Gnossiennes: No. 3, Lent (from Satie: 6 Gnossiennes: No. 3, Lent) [02:18:23]


38 Zeds Dead, Blanke - The Machines (from The Machines) [02:21:26]


39 Bile - Holiday (from Pot Farmer Vol. 2) [02:24:47]


40 SIKKZ, Cold - Adrenaline Rush (from Adrenaline Rush) [02:30:35]


41 JUICEBX, Leavv - Dragon Flight (from FLUX!) [02:35:12]


42 HALIENE, Markus Schulz - Butterfly x Metamorphosis (from Butterfly x Metamorphosis) [02:37:29]


43 Somna, Sarah de Warren - Not Too Late (from Not Too Late) [02:42:03]


44 Lucid Green, Idealism - Lilac (from Lilac) [02:45:51]


45 Synymata, Elle Vee, ANDY KAUTZ - Army Of Angels (from Army Of Angels) [02:48:48]


46 LunchBoxxx, Diabolic - Buggin (from Buggin) [02:53:15]


47 Aibel, Dubba Jonny - Cold (from Cold) [02:56:12]


48 Shirobon, Jason Page - Haunted PS1 - Spectral Mall - Game Version (from Haunted PS1 - Spectral Mall) [03:00:15]


49 Nighted - Sigil (from Sigil) [03:02:57]


50 Boondox - Gravely Ill (from So Much Blood) [03:08:09]


51 Token - Ain't It Funny (from Ain’t It Funny) [03:11:17]


52 Slow Magic - 222 (from 222) [03:13:58]


53 Coffee Shop Jungle, Makoto - Monmouth (from Monmouth) [03:17:25]


54 Merkules, Conway the Machine, C-Lance - DNA (from DNA) [03:20:11]


55 Royal & the Serpent - IM FINE (from IM FINE) [03:24:42]


56 BLÜ EYES - you'd never know (from you’d never know) [03:26:53]


57 Slipknot - Yen (from Yen) [03:29:54]


58 Psyclon Nine - SEE YOU ALL IN HELL (from Less To Heaven) [03:34:35]


59 clipping., Cheryl E. Leonard - Part of Dust (from REMXNG 2.1) [03:38:10]

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