2022-09-12 (Liquid Makes Me Wet Edition Vol. 7)

Fuck the stuff go how and things, motherfuckarinos and -litties?! It is I, the magnificent fuckhead extraordinaire Double-O here yet again, emoclewing you to the 7th volume of the Liquid Makes Me Wet Edition of Monday Morning Aural (insert present participle expletive here) Sex! What could liquid possibly be in the aural sense? *gasp* How can you not know by now? Liquid is basically a more melodic, chilled out subgenre of drum’n’bass. Now, I’ve included a number of not-so-tender ballads in this mix, but ya know, sometimes ya need some thumbtacks and shards of glass in your liquid. Is that not how everyone drinks their OJ in the evening? I rest my caseless face in outer space. Not like anyone would ever scrutinize this flapdoodle anyhow, and besides, you titless owl scrotum, I’m fuckin’ joking.


Somethin’ actually struck me as I was poring over the 292 tracks that comprised the past 6 Liquid editions: there have only been 12 tracks that have been used in multiple editions. Probably my favorite is one by an exceptionally obscure artist named Arizon called Meet You There, and I used that thrice. I was SO fucking tempted to include Camo & Krooked’s epic Watch It Burn, but fuck (giggity), I put that on both volumes 5 & 6; I can’t put it on 7, too. That’s just against the rules. I do emphatically encourage you to listen to some of my past Liquid editions to hear those for yourselves, or ya know, just look ‘em up individually. Watch It Burn actually has a fucking awesome video, too; just discovered that shit like last night, even though the track’s a decade old.


Holy.fucking.Jesus.jism.on.a.Jewish.Jeep, I just realized that I’ve never included Metrik’s fantastic track called Hi!, or Feint’s amazing We Won’t Be Alone (which was featured on the awesome fuckin’ game Aaero which Al still needs to fuckin’ play, goddamn it), ORRRR, OR OR OR the motherfucking phenomenal Pendulum original version of Witchcraft… I’m so ashamed of how egregiously I’ve failed you all, I shall now commit seppuku with my dick. Anyway, fuckin’ hell, those horrendous personal failures have been rectum-fied with this edition.


Anyway, yeah, pretty proud of the fact that I’ve managed to keep shit nearly 96% fresh on these editions, ‘cause SO, SO many of these tracks deserve repeated inclusions. Also, somewhat related, I actually finally maxed out my “Recent Likes,” playlist on Spotify. Took me around 4 years, and for anyone actually fuckin’ curious, the max you can make any playlist on Spotify is 10K tracks. Of course I’d find a limitation like that, right? Your “library,” is limited to 10K tracks as well. Mind you, I have something like 300K tracks total on my various hard drives, and that number would be exponentially bigger had I not stepped away from torrenting. I do miss it, but even if I never go back to it, I’m grateful beyond words for all the phenomenal shit I found through it. Mainly, I just kept running out of space on my drives, and drives are expensive. Plus, my preferred trackers got into some hot water, so I took the opportunity to exit stage left, ya know? Ç’est la muthafuckin’ vie.


Any-fuckin’-way, many of the usual suspects here: Zardonic, Pendulum, Camo & Krooked, Rameses B (just wait until you hear his version of Robert Miles’ early naughts trance classic Children. I laughed immediately upon hearing the first echoey piano note, ‘cause I knew exactly what Rameses was going to do with the track, and I was pleasantly vindicated), Sigma, and shit, even a liquidy remix of deadmau5’s hit Ghosts ’n’ Stuff. Not even a huge fan of deadmau5, but I do respect the image and his more modest approach to EDM production. Then again, you’re probably much freer to explore said modest approaches when you’re a bigger artist like him. I imagine lots of newer artists get caught up in the loudness wars that have been persisting for decades simply to be competitive; either that, or they just genuinely love their shit super compressed.


An-fuckin’-yway, that’s enough audio nerd talk for one intro. What the fuck do ya say we get down to the serious biznass of yojne?!



01 Metrik - Hi! (from LIFE/THRILLS) [00:02:57]


02 Shining - IDGAF (Zardonic Remix) (from IDGAF (Zardonic Remix)) [00:06:36]


03 Brookes Brothers - New Wave (feat. Georgie Allen) (from New Wave) [00:09:33]


04 AMEZ - Next Wave (from Next Wave) [00:12:06]


05 Pendulum - Witchcraft (from Immersion) [00:16:18]


06 Steve Aoki, grandson - KULT (feat. Jasiah) (from KULT (feat. Jasiah)) [00:20:25]


07 The Death Beats, Little Panda - Monsters (Drum & Bass Mix) (from Monsters) [00:23:18]


08 Rameses B - Children (from Children) [00:27:54]


09 London Elektricity - Just One Second (Apex Remix) (from Sick Music) [00:31:07]


10 T & Sugah - Back In Time (feat. Luna Morgenstern) (from Say To Me EP) [00:37:14]


11 Oxime - Waiting So Long (from Nitrogen) [00:41:35]


12 The Luna Sequence - Beside Still Waters (from Underneath) [00:46:26]


13 The Qemists - Run You (from Warrior Sound (Deluxe Edition)) [00:50:08]


14 Zak Meow, Born I - Born To Rise (Zardonic Remix) (from Born To Rise (Zardonic Remix)) [00:54:24]


15 Pola & Bryson - Tell You What I Did (feat. Zitah) (from Tell You What I Did) [00:58:49]


16 DJ Rap - Back & Forth (from Back & Forth) [01:02:15]


17 Krakota, Scrufizzer - Way We Move (from Way We Move) [01:06:39]


18 Feint - We Won't Be Alone (feat. Laura Brehm) (from We Won't Be Alone (feat. Laura Brehm)) [01:10:30]


19 High Contrast - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (from Tough Guys Don’t Dance) [01:14:21]


20 Seba - Addicted (Technimatic Remix) (from Spearhead Presents: The Soundtrack) [01:20:00]


21 DJ Rx - My Serenity (feat. Jolea) (from http://soundcloud.com/finrg-recordings) [01:25:03]


22 Friction - Set Me Free (from Set Me Free) [01:30:37]


23 Delta Heavy - Ascend (from Ascend) [01:34:12]


24 T.R.A.C., Submorphics - Higher Ground (Lenzman Remix) (from Life in Motion) [01:38:37]


25 Dirtyphonics, 12th Planet - Freefall (feat. Julie Hardy) (High Maintenance Remix) (from Write Your Future Remixes) [01:43:53]


26 Mind Vortex - Stand High (feat. Vanela) (from Against The Grain EP) [01:47:55]


27 Sigma - Hi Top (Ed Rush & Optical Remix) (from Acts of Mad Men (Part 3)) [01:52:20]


28 CORRO - Could You Help (Zardonic Remix) (from Could You Help (Zardonic Remix)) [01:58:31]


29 DJ Zinc, Ruti, DRS - Stand Tall (from Stand Tall) [02:02:14]


30 Oddko - Disobey (Zardonic Remix) (from Disobey (Remix)) [02:05:16]


31 Netsky - Barricades (feat. Rita Ora) (Shapes Remix) (from Barricades (feat. Rita Ora) (Shapes Remix)) [02:08:40]


32 Muffler, Cat Knight - Put Me Down (from Put Me Down) [02:11:29]


33 Rage, Zardonic - The Age of Reason (Remix) (from The Age of Reason (Remix)) [02:15:30]


34 Anile, DRS - City Of Injustice (from Perspective) [02:21:34]


35 Wilkinson - Used To This (feat. Issey Cross) (Logistics Remix) (from Used To This (Logistics Remix)) [02:26:21]


36 Metrik - Utopia (from Utopia) [02:30:40]


37 1991 - Odyssey (from Odyssey) [02:34:49]


38 Andreya Triana - Lullaby (Logistics Remix) (from Lullaby (Logistics Remix)) [02:38:30]


39 LSB - Piano Jazz (from LSB) [02:42:58]


40 Pendulum - Driver (from Nothing For Free) [02:48:54]


41 Sigma - All Blue (from Drum&BassArena 20 Years) [02:52:18]


42 Technimatic - Antihero (from Better Perspective (Deluxe Edition)) [02:58:42]


43 Netsky - Iron Heart (from Netsky) [03:03:07]


44 Friction - Believer (from Believer) [03:08:58]


45 Tetravoid - Always (from Fractals) [03:12:28]


46 Edlan - Retroactive (feat. Djah) (from Melancholy City) [03:16:08]


47 V O E - Running Blind (from Running Blind) [03:20:32]


48 Jakwob - Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix) (from Blinding) [03:24:46]


49 hayve - Between the Lines (from Between the Lines) [03:29:52]


50 Hybrid Minds - Inside (feat. Emily Jones) (from Elements) [03:34:21]


51 Rameses B - Dreamscape (from Night Owl) [03:39:15]


52 Stephen J. Kroos - Phenomenology (from Biphasic Response) [03:42:32]


53 deadmau5 - Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Sub Focus Remix) (from Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Sub Focus Remix)) [03:46:08]


54 Pendulum - Watercolour (from Immersion) [03:50:16]


55 Logistics - Hayling (feat. Emer Dineen) (from Hologram) [03:55:14]


56 Yves Jones, meimei. - M50 (from No One in the Six One) [03:59:50]


57 London Elektricity - Meteorites (feat. Elsa Esmeralda) (from Meteorites EP (feat. Elsa Esmeralda)) [04:03:19]


58 V O E - Asking for it (from Asking for it) [04:09:16]


59 Sigma - Stay (from Life (Deluxe)) [04:12:50]


60 Feint, Boxplot - Heartstrings (from Heartstrings) [04:16:42]


61 Sigma, LOWES, U137 - Faded (from Faded) [04:21:28]


62 Jolliffe, GENTRY, Eckoes - Can This Be Real (from Window Panes EP) [04:24:46]


63 Birdy - Deep End (Hybrid Minds Remix) (from Deep End (Hybrid Minds Remix)) [04:29:09]


64 Krakota, Fred V, Tudor - Back To Me (from Back To Me) [04:32:34]


65 Chase & Status - Mixed Emotions (from Mixed Emotions) [04:36:38]


66 V O E - Chemical (from Chemical EP) [04:40:15]


67 Furney - Total Sadness (feat. LADY EMZ) (from Farewell to Ell) [04:45:19]


68 Dermot Kennedy - Something to Someone (High Contrast Remix) (from Something to Someone (High Contrast Remix)) [04:50:23]


69 Wilkinson, Becky Hill - Here For You (from Cognition) [04:53:37]


70 OMSTRB - Home (feat. Tasha Baxter) (Quannum Logic Remix) (from FULL MOON FLEX (Remixes)) [04:57:17]


71 Camo & Krooked - Afterlife (from Cross The Line) [05:01:47]


72 Changer, Leo Wood - Sit & Watch The Sunrise (from Sunrise) [05:04:42]


73 Dualistic, Ella Noël, Subsequent - Sunrise (from Escapism 3 (Liquicity Presents)) [05:10:35]

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