2022-09-05 (All-Star Series: Daron Malakian Edition)

The how fuck go and stuff things, perverts?! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to another installment of the All-Star Series, the Daron Malakian Edition! Ya know why? ‘Cause I finally caught up on Scars’ catalog, finally listened to Dictator, and it’s also been nearly 9 years since the last All-Star Series edition featuring a member of System. I think we’re about overdue, wouldn’t ya say? I kinda doubt there’ll ever be an edition for Shavo and/or Jon, but who the fuck knows? Maybe I’ll change my mind about that in another 9 years.


So, obviously considering Daron’s main body of work was for System, there’s a ton of System on this podcast. Certainly a healthy amount of Scars stuff, and a few semi-rare tracks from both of ‘em. Shit, wouldn’t be much of an All-Star Series without some rare shit sprinkled in. I included some classics in here like Chop Suey ‘cause I actually have a special love for that one. I even won 3rd place at a karaoke night for my rendition. Only a $50 bar tab, but fuck you, I won something. Anyway, I found a few surprises in doing this, too. Apparently, Linkin Park collaborated with Daron on a track back in 2014 or some shit. Pretty cool stuff, in my opinion. I lost track of Linkin Park back in mid-2000 as I think a lot of people did, but I’d like to hear all the stuff I slept on just to see if I’m missing anything. They actually collaborated with Tom Morello on the same album, but his presence on the track was barely evident.


Also found an EP by some experimental IDM artist named Der on a net label, and supposedly Daron did vocals on one of the tracks. Can’t locate it anywhere on the internet yet, actually. I tried reaching out to the net label on their Wordpress blog (I know, right?), but haven’t heard anything yet. Anyway, aside from random appearances here and there, some miscellaneous production credits and stuff, Daron mostly only has Scars and System material. Perfectly fine by me, ‘cause all that stuff is why he deserves this edition in the first place. I honestly don’t even know that much about Daron, which I’m sure is by design, but I’ll never forget how I felt the first time I heard him say, “SUGAAAAR!” Immediately, I knew this band was going to be a fascinating spectacle, and boy was I correct.


I had no idea how lucky I was seeing System at the shows I saw them at back when they were actually touring. One of my friends spent nearly a grand to fly across the country to see them perform in LA, and I got to see them open for Slipknot back in 2001. I was even right up at the barricade for that one. You motherfuckers realize they only lasted for about 7 years before going on hiatus? Like, I’m grateful as fuck for everything we got, but I can’t help but be curious for everything else we could have had. Ah well, ç’est la fuckin’ vie.


Any-fuckin’-way, no need to ramble any further. If you’re somehow unfamiliar with Daron and his fantastic music, this edition will be a great introduction for you. All that done did and fuckin’ said, mutha-fuckin’-yojne!



01 System of a Down - Sugar (from System of a Down) [00:02:03]


02 System of a Down - Cigaro (from Mezmerize) [00:04:35]


03 Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway - Fucking (from Fucking) [00:06:47]


04 System of a Down - B.Y.O.B. (from Mezmerize) [00:08:48]


05 System of a Down - Prison Song (from Toxicity) [00:13:03]


06 System of a Down / Wu-Tang Clan - Shame (from Loud Rocks) [00:16:23]


07 Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway - Sickening Wars (from Dictator) [00:19:04]


08 System of a Down - Johnny (from Chop Suey! (UK CD1)) [00:21:19]


09 System of a Down - Kill Rock & Roll (from Hypnotize) [00:23:25]


10 Scars On Broadway - Chemicals (from Scars On Broadway) [00:25:53]


11 System of a Down - Suite-Pee (from System of a Down) [00:29:05]


12 System of a Down - Inner Vision (from Steal This Album!) [00:31:35]


13 Linkin Park - Rebellion (feat. Daron Malakian) (from The Hunting Party) [00:34:09]


14 System of a Down - Dreaming (from Hypnotize) [00:37:53]


15 System of a Down - Needles (from Toxicity) [00:41:52]


16 Scars On Broadway - World Long Gone (from Scars On Broadway) [00:45:05]


17 System of a Down - Know (from System of a Down) [00:48:19]


18 System of a Down - Snowblind (from The Osbourne Family Album) [00:51:15]


19 System of a Down - Boom! (from Steal This Album!) [00:55:45]


20 Scars On Broadway - Exploding / Reloading (from Scars On Broadway) [00:57:59]


21 System of a Down - Revenga (from Mezmerize) [01:00:14]


22 System of a Down - Tentative (from Hypnotize) [01:04:01]


23 System of a Down - Toxicity (from Toxicity) [01:07:37]


24 Scars On Broadway - Stoner-Hate (from Scars On Broadway) [01:11:15]


25 System of a Down - Metro (from Dracula 2000 OST) [01:13:14]


26 System of a Down - Soil (from System of a Down) [01:16:11]


27 System of a Down - A.D.D. (American Dream Denial) (from Steal This Album!) [01:19:36]


28 Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway - Lives (from Dictator) [01:22:51]


29 System of a Down - Sad Statue (from Mezmerize) [01:26:51]


30 System of a Down - Holy Mountains (from Hypnotize) [01:30:16]


31 System of a Down - Spiders (from System of a Down) [01:35:44]


32 Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway - Gie Mou "My Son" (from Dictator) [01:39:18]


33 System of a Down - Roulette (from Steal This Album!) [01:41:58]


34 System of a Down - ATWA (from Toxicity) [01:45:16]


35 Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway - Fuck and Kill (from Dictator) [01:48:11]


36 System of a Down - Highway Song (from Steal This Album!) [01:51:42]


37 System of a Down - Mind (from System of a Down) [01:54:55]


38 System of a Down - Marmalade (from Strangeland OST) [02:01:11]


39 Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway - Dictator (from Dictator) [02:04:09]


40 System of a Down - Ego Brain (from Steal This Album!) [02:07:05]


41 System of a Down - Violent Pornography (from Mezmerize) [02:10:23]


42 System of a Down - I-E-A-I-A-I-O (from Steal This Album!) [02:13:54]


43 Scars On Broadway - Enemy (from Scars On Broadway) [02:17:02]


44 System of a Down - Suggestions (from System of a Down) [02:20:05]


45 System of a Down - Thetawaves (from Steal This Album!) [02:22:44]


46 System of a Down - Darts (from System of a Down) [02:25:21]


47 Scars On Broadway - Babylon (from Scars On Broadway) [02:28:02]


48 System of a Down - Vicinity of Obscenity (from Hypnotize) [02:31:56]


49 System of a Down - Streamline (from Steal This Album!) [02:34:47]


50 Daron Malakian and Scars On Broadway - Guns Are Loaded (from Dictator) [02:38:22]


51 System of a Down - Aerials (from Toxicity) [02:42:34]


52 System of a Down - Soldier Side - Intro (from Mezmerize) [02:46:26]


53 System of a Down - Soldier Side (from Hypnotize) [02:47:29]


54 System of a Down - Chop Suey! (from Toxicity) [02:51:06]


55 System of a Down - P.L.U.C.K. (from System of a Down) [02:54:34]


56 System of a Down - Lost In Hollywood (from Mezmerize) [02:58:05]


57 Scars On Broadway - Scars On Broadway (from Scars On Broadway) [03:03:21]


58 System Of A Down - Protect The Land (from Protect The Land / Genocidal Humanoidz) [03:06:05]


59 Scars On Broadway - They Say (from Scars On Broadway) [03:11:09]

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