2022-08-29 (Pervert Appreciation Series: Cat DeCuir)

Mutha-fuckaaaas! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to Monday Morning Aural Sex and another installment of the Pervert Appreciation Series! This one’s for my dear friend Cat DeCuir, aka Cat Ravyn. It’s funny, but even after 12 years of friendship, I still don’t know her actual age or legal last name. She’s just a woman of mystery like that, and I respect it. I certainly should considering my binary moniker of OO111111 (which translates via ASCII text into “?”). On the off chance you’re unaware, that’s what my shorter nickname Double-O is a reference to.


Anyway, I met Cat through a mutual love of ours named Sunny Rae. Waaay back in 2010, although I knew of Cat for a year or so prior through various posts on social media, even including fuckin’ Myspace. Feels like a motherfucking eternity ago that Myspace was remotely relevant. So, after I graduated college in FL, I moved out west to try and find a career in the audio/entertainment industry in LA. Sunny and I hung out a time or two with Cat and her boyfriend at the time, Chris. They both seemed like real good people, especially good friends to her. I had no idea then how important they would become to me soon after that. Don’t worry, I’m not going to dwell too long on all that in this intro; just need to emphasize the point.


After Sunny… did what she did, I was left feeling completely lost, completely alone in the world. At the first memorial her friends held for her, I was sitting by myself, not really knowing what to say or do, and suddenly Cat and Chris came up to me and hugged me… Dearest perverts, I have seldom ever felt greater gratitude in my life than in that moment. After that, we all grew much closer, going to concerts, movies, Bar Sinister, or simply just chilling and playing Left 4 Dead. Cat even semi-regularly co-hosted in the super early days of this podcast, which is where a great number of these tracks come from. We all have a lot in common, and I really appreciated the warm companionship from these people who were mourning the same person I was. Unfortunately, my dad fell ill in spring/summer of 2012, so I had to move back east. Who helped me pack my mountain of shit into a moving truck? Yup, Cat and Chris (among a few others).


They’ve since parted ways, but we’re all still good friends. I’ve visited twice since I moved, but it’s difficult when there’s an entire continent between ya. Gets kinda expensive, ya know? Still though, there’s not an ounce of love lost. I’ll always love the both of them for being there for me in that unprecedented darkness, and just for who they are as people. We can effortlessly pick up wherever we leave off, and I feel like that’s far too rare in relationships these days. I dunno. Anyway, although I’m sure I’ll eventually do a podcast like this for Chris, this one’s about Cat. Why now? Well, glad you asked.


Ya see, this fantastic lady is currently fundraising via Gofundme for a special eye surgery that she needs, for fear of fuckin’ blindness. I might as well just recite the description that another dear friend of ours, Jenna, wrote for her campaign:


My name is Jenna and I have created this account to raise money for an eye surgery that my dearest friend Cat requires to save her vision. She is an amazing artist, craftsman, and designer whose work and ingenuity are truly an inspiration to me. To lose her vision would be a loss for us all. Here is her story:


In her early childhood, Cat incurred a severe injury to her eyes. The injury resulted in scar tissue on her cornea and a fatty lipid growth that would worsen her vision over time.


In the last few years, her eyesight has gotten so bad that it significantly impedes her ability to create art, do renovations and restorations as well as daily tasks such as driving, seeing safely in low light, and work functions.


She was recently advised that a type of Lasix eye surgery might be able to improve her vision. However, she was not a candidate as the damage was to serve for simple Lasix. She will now require surgery under general anesthesia with an ophthalmologist to save her vision. Due to complications from the original injury, both eyes will require surgery.


This surgery isn't covered by any insurance, and only a handful of doctors can even perform it, making it rare and more expensive to treat. The very base amount for the surgery, not pending any additional complications is $16,000. This doesn't include the money she will have to pay out of pocket for gas, time off work, loss of commissions, etc.


I can honestly tell you that she is the type of person who would just soldier on, still kicking as much ass as possible, even if she was completely blind. She is just that tough and determined to live her life no matter what comes her way. But now there is a solution that will save and improve her vision. Ensuring that her ability to work, create art and be independent will be saved.


The surgery is currently set for the end of September, so I need your help in raising these funds as soon as possible. All funds will go directly to her to pay for the surgery itself. Any funding over our goal will be used for related out-of-pocket expenses. Thank you so much for taking the time to read her story. We are so grateful for any donations and if you cannot donate we ask that you please share the link far and wide.”


So, ya see, Cat is adored far and wide, and she needs a little help from us all right now. I intend to help her however I can, and despite this podcast only being a small platform, every little bit helps. She was there for me multiple times in my times of great need, so best believe I’m gonna be there for her in hers. Shit, she deserves a dedicated podcast at the very least, even if it only gets one additional person to donate something or share the link (which I’ll be including in the story posts and here as well: https://gofund.me/b19709fa). Also also, I compiled as many of these tracks as I could find onto a playlist on Spotify, so if you prefer to listen there, it’s available: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6mQss6LRh6nmsING0Jf8hY?si=cb5a65a229554372


All that said, please consider helping out in some way, and of course, yojne the fuck out of this podcast. Love you, Cat!



01 Cat DeCuir - Dicking Around On The Piano At The Spooky House (from http://www.facebook.com/catravyn) [00:04:48]


02 The Bridge City Sinners - Pussy Cat (from Bridge City Sinners) [00:07:26]


03 Xtian Silver - Talk 07 (feat. Cat Ravyn) (from Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2012-04-09 (The Mr. Squeaky Fuzzybottom Meets The Cat Edition)) [00:09:26]


04 Fantômas - Rosemary's Baby (from The Director's Cut) [00:09:59]


05 Puscifer - Polar Bear (from 'C' Is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here) [00:13:14]


06 Rasputina - Gingerbread Coffin (from Cabin Fever) [00:17:14]


07 Rocky Horror Picture Show - Rose Tint My World (from Rocky Horror Picture Show Audience Par-tici-pation Album) [00:20:54]


08 Xtian Silver - Talk 08 (feat. Cat Ravyn) (from Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2012-04-09 (The Mr. Squeaky Fuzzybottom Meets The Cat Edition)) [00:29:47]


09 ††† - The Years (from Batman: Arkham City OST) [00:30:38]


10 Otto Von Schirach - The UFO is Waiting (from Draculo) [00:34:38]


11 Tom Waits - Pasties And A G-String (At The Two O'Clock Club) (from Small Change (Remastered)) [00:37:43]


12 Mr. Bungle - Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz (from Disco Volante) [00:40:08]


13 Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song (from Nothing’s Shocking) [00:46:11]


14 3TEETH - Lights Out (feat. Ho99o9) (from Lights Out) [00:50:05]


15 Xtian Silver - Talk 04 (feat. Cat Ravyn) (from Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2012-04-16 (The !!!!!!! Edition)) [00:54:15]


16 Killing Joke - The Beautiful Dead (from Extremities, Dirt And Various Repressed Emotions) [00:54:50]


17 Mindless Self Indulgence - Stupid MF (from You'll Rebel To Anything) [01:00:49]


18 Tom Waits - Rain Dogs (from Rain Dogs) [01:03:13]


19 The Tiger Lillies - Hamsters (from... Cat's too drunk to care… but I’m not! After first including this track on an edition we did 10 fuckin’ years ago, I finally looked ‘em up, and this track is off the album Farmyard Filth) [01:06:04]


20 Xtian Silver - Talk 06 (feat. Cat Ravyn) (from Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2012-04-16 (The !!!!!!! Edition)) [01:08:17]


21 Skinny Puppy - Jahya (from The Process) [01:08:39]


22 Widow - The Labyrinth (from Hoia Baciu) [01:12:11]


23 Leonard Cohen - Waiting For The Miracle (from Natural Born Killers OST) [01:15:23]


24 Chinese Grandpa - Witchy Witch (from https://soundcloud.com/chinese-grandpa) [01:19:06]


25 Nostalghia - God Be You (from God Be You) [01:22:11]


26 Tom Waits - The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me) (An Evening with Pete King) (from Small Change) [01:26:51]


27 Xtian Silver - Talk 03 (feat. Cat Ravyn) (from Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2012-05-07 (The Edition That's Very Editioney feat. Cat Ravyn)) [01:30:20]


28 Pigface - Nutopia (from The Best Of Pigface: Preaching To The Perverted (Disc 1)) [01:30:43]


29 Alien Sex Fiend - My Brain is in the Cupboard Above the Kitchen (from Here Cum Germs) [01:35:33]


30 The Stooges - The Weirdness (from The Weirdness) [01:39:08]


31 Queen - I'm Going Slightly Mad (from Classic Queen) [01:42:49]


32 Xtian Silver - Talk 04 (feat. Cat Ravyn) (from Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2012-05-07 (The Edition That's Very Editioney feat. Cat Ravyn)) [01:47:09]


33 My Ruin - Beauty Fiend (from A Prayer Under Pressure Of Violent Anguish) [01:48:10]


34 Puscifer - Rev 22:20 (from Underworld OST) [01:51:49]


35 Deftones - Hearts / Wires (from Gore) [01:56:21]


36 Genitorturers - Flesh Is The Law (from Flesh Is The Law) [02:01:39]


37 Timur and the Dime Museum - Closer (from The Collection: Songs from the Operatic Underworld) [02:05:32]


38 Björk - Where Is The Line? (from Medúlla) [02:10:24]


39 Tom Waits - I Don’t Wanna Grow Up (from Bone Machine) [02:15:02]


40 Xtian Silver - Talk 05 (feat. Cat Ravyn) (from Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2013-01-21 (50th Edition)) [02:17:26]


41 Nine Inch Nails - Lights In The Sky (from The Slip) [02:18:06]


42 Puscifer - Tiny Monsters (from Conditions Of My Parole) [02:21:36]


43 Queen - The Show Must Go On (from Platinum Collection (Disc 2)) [02:26:16]


44 Lovage - Book Of The Month (from Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By) [02:30:21]


45 Die Robot - Beautiful Skin (from Technopunk) [02:34:47]


46 Snake River Conspiracy - Lovesong (from Sonic Jihad) [02:40:07]


47 Hanin Elias - Untouchable (from Future Noir) [02:44:05]


48 Lard - Volcanus 2000 (We Wipe The World) (from 70’s Rock Must Die) [02:47:41]


49 Atari Teenage Riot - Into The Death (from Burn, Berlin, Burn!) [02:53:49]


50 Xtian Silver - Talk 08 (feat. Cat Ravyn) (from Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2012-05-07 (The Edition That's Very Editioney feat. Cat Ravyn)) [02:57:12]


51 Chopin, Frédéric - Piano Concerto No.2 in F minor, Op.21: 2. Larghetto (from Romantic Piano Adagios (Disc 1)) [02:58:42]


52 Tool - Schism (Lustmord Remix) (from Schism DVD Single) [03:07:42]


53 Xtian Silver - Talk 09 (feat. Cat Ravyn) (from Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2012-05-07 (The Edition That's Very Editioney feat. Cat Ravyn)) [03:27:53]


54 Stone Sour - The Frozen (from Come What(ever) May) [03:29:20]


55 The Nightwatchman - Alone Without You (From 'Sicko') (from One Man Revolution) [03:32:25]


56 Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now In The Fire (from The Battle Of Los Angeles) [03:35:27]


57 Xtian Silver - Talk 10 (feat. Cat Ravyn) (from Monday Morning Aural Sex: 2012-05-07 (The Edition That's Very Editioney feat. Cat Ravyn)) [03:38:49]


58 Miss Kittin - Frank Sinatra (from First Album (with The Hacker)) [03:41:50]


59 One-Way Mirror - Fuck You (Lily Allen cover) (from Rest In Peace - Covers Vol. 5) [03:45:38]


60 Mr. Bungle - Violenza Domestica (from Disco Volante) [03:49:17]


61 Vanilla Ice - Havin' A Roni (from To The Extreme) [03:54:24]


62 Marcin Patrzałek - Moonlight Sonata (from Moonlight Sonata) [03:55:32]


63 The Red Paintings - Mad World (from Walls) [04:00:55]


Sooo, these last two tracks require a bit of a preface. A year after Sunny ventured to another plane of existence (or something), I wrote a memorial poetry piece called Sunset. I published it on one of my blogs along with a recitation, and Cat loved it. I was on the fence about including this both because it’s so long and ‘cause it’s so emotional, but I figured it’s easy enough to just shut this shit off if you’re not interested or don’t feel like getting sad. Perfectly understandable in either case, but if you do stick around, I highly recommend reading along on the blog, because just listening is only half the experience. Also, make sure to read it on a desktop or laptop, or request a desktop version of the site from your mobile browser settings. The mobile version of the site ignores all the formatting, and all the white text simply disappears into the white background. Without any further ado, this is Sunset…


64 OO111111 - Sunset (from https://oo111111.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/sunset/) [04:06:32]


65 Sunny Rae - 11-09-08: Thank you for loving me (from https://on.soundcloud.com/hmLK) [04:30:36]

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