2022-07-04 (Fuçk the Fourth Edition)

*fucking sigh* Well, here we are again: July the stupid fucking 4th. Speaking of which, emo-fuckin’-clew to the Fuck the Fourth Edition of Monday Morning Aural Sex. Anyway, yeah, July 4th. Anytime I see anyone unironically celebrating this moronic fucking holiday, I just cannot. Do you fucking nitwits somehow not realize this holiday is about a bunch of wealthy slaveowners declaring themselves free? Not to mention after their ancestors and they slaughtered, raped and/or exiled Native Americans as well? Oh, I’m sure there are a great many notable nuances that I’m dubiously omitting, but it’s whatever. As if you’d ever hear any of the words spilling from my face chasm anyway. If it’s my fate to perpetually preach to the choir, so be it, I guess.


Obviously, this “holiday,” brings up a lot of venom in me. I look at this miserable fucking country celebrating its freedom, and I’m hopelessly perplexed, because the vast majority of us only know freedom for its most brutally indifferent aspects. First of all, no freedom exists without some degree of responsibility, without even just some minuscule consequence; there is no absolute freedom except death, and even that’s arguable. The myriad cadres of pitifully transparent nincompoops who delusionally proclaim freedom divorced of responsibility, especially freedom of speech, they’ll 180 on a dime to claim victimhood should they ever be “censored,” and especially to censor whatever speech they dislike. Remember, the so-called thought leaders engaging in that foofaraw are only in it to siphon money from the troglodytic nimrods who drink their Kool-Aid to own the libs, or whatever other astoundingly idiotic reason they might conjure up.


Let me be perfectly clear, however, I don’t condemn the gullible, uneducated rubes who waded a little ways into the skeptic pool only to get pulled under by their whirlpools of bullshit. We’re all desperate for truth in a pea soup, palpable fucking haze and maddening cacophony of distractions and outright fuckin’ lies. I don’t blame anyone of good faith, compassion and empathy for being misled, especially considering the deliberately piss poor state of public education. I take no pleasure in insulting them, but so long as they conduct themselves as enemies of progress, obstructing the paths to better lives we could be building together, I just don’t have the patience to attempt communication with them. It’s exceptionally difficult to create with those who seek to destroy, especially when the time we have left in which this planet is still fucking habitable is so goddamn, fucking limited. Like, get the motherfuck out of the mother-cunting way so that we can all just exist on this dirtball spinning through this indifferent universe. Obviously, it’s more complex an issue than that, but it’s whatever.


If I ever actually changed anyone’s mind with rants like these, I’d be fucking astonished. I just want to say fuck the fourth primarily because this is a country of brazenly shameless hypocrisy, callously broken promises of meritocracy, utterly psychotic and suicidal greed, corruption, religious mania, blind devotion to the pursuit of power simply for superiority instead of benevolence and charity, and myriad additional maladies. I see patriotism for the country in this condition as handing out participation trophies. Superficial patriotism, mind you. Actual patriotism includes concern and criticism whenever and wherever fair to do so, and all I see is hopeless Stockholm syndrome from those who drape themselves in red, white & blue every year. No thoughtful acknowledgement, no proposed solutions, just pointless fucking nostalgia for ambiguous notions of better times with no recognition of how times got to be so fucking terrible.


Either that, or they point their fingers wherever their right-wing overlords suggest they should, without any critical thought about whether or not it’s actually accurate. I’ve been saying for years that the real enemy is above us all; we have so much more in common than ways in which we differ, and difference is one of the most consistently interesting and enriching aspects of life. But no, the simpletons must fear whatever they don’t understand! Anything different is a threat, for some reason! Progress is a zero-sum game, right? Those people can’t have equity or equality, because then you’d be somehow inferior. Fear is the name of the game, and boy is it an effective money vacuum. Land of the free, home of the brave… Fucking pathetic.


The extent of the atrocities inflicted upon the global populace under the banner of red, white & blue (and yes, we’re part of that), and then millions of dipshits have the gall to whine about immigrants, as if we have some preposterously misplaced birthright to the land our ancestors stole. I’m not saying every white person needs to pack their shit and move back to Europe (even though that sounds fucking amazing right now); I’m saying that without acknowledgement of our history, our future will just be a hopeless, downward fucking spiral into apathetic and imbecilic oblivion.


Any-fucking-way, I’m done. I said all I care to say for now. Many of these tracks will be familiar to y’all if you listen to my other sociopolitically-charged editions. Same with last week’s Confrontation Edition, only a handful of new jams, because the old stuff is still just far too pertinent to exclude. I kind of hate that, to be frank, despite not being Frank, whomever Frank may be. I hate that all these tracks from so many decades past are still pertinent to fights that continue to this fucking day, because all of our lives could be so much better than this. If we could just stop bickering over this, that and the other thing, we might actually be able to get some shit done around here. I genuinely do love this country, and I despise what a handful of maniacally greedy fuckheads have done to it; never mind what they’ll do to it in the near and distant future if we don’t straighten this shit out via the ballot box or the motherfucking guillotine.


All that said, yojne yourselves as much as you reasonably can today, and yojne the ever-loving fuck out of this edition as well.



01 Eminem - White America (from The Eminem Show) [00:04:31]


02 Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name (from Rage Against The Machine) [00:09:55]


03 Atari Teenage Riot - Get Up While You Can (from The Future Of War) [00:15:05]


04 Walls of Jericho - The American Dream (from The American Dream) [00:18:29]


05 Team America: World Police - America, FUCK Yeah (from Team America: World Police OST) [00:21:43]


06 The Exploited - (Fuck The) U.S.A. (from Totally Exploited - Best Of) [00:23:46]


07 Choking Victim - Fuck America (from No Gods / No Managers) [00:27:03]


08 East Coast Avengers - Hey America (feat. Granite State) (Remix) (from See The Bars) [00:29:22]


09 Anti-Flag - No Allegiance To A Flag (from 20/20 Division) [00:33:54]


10 Propagandhi - Stick the Fucking Flag up Your Goddamn Ass, You Sonofabitch (from How to Clean Everything (Reissue)) [00:35:44]


11 Lard - Peeling Back the Foreskin of Liberty (from Pure Chewing Satisfaction) [00:38:30]


12 Diabolic - Modern Day Future (feat. Deadly Hunta) (from Liar & a Thief) [00:43:39]


13 Rage Against The Machine - No Shelter (from Guerrilla Radio (Single)) [00:47:06]


14 Lowkey - Obama Nation (from Soundtrack to the Struggle…) [00:51:08]


15 Pennywise - Land Of The Free? (from Land Of The Free?) [00:54:16]


16 Otep - Warhead (from House Of Secrets) [00:56:45]


17 Immortal Technique - Golpe de Estado (feat. Temperamento Y Veneno) (from The 3rd World) [01:00:11]


18 The Score - Revolution (from ATLAS) [01:05:26]


19 Bad Cop, Bad Cop - Womanarchist (from Womanarchist) [01:09:14]


20 La Coka Nostra - I'm An American (feat. B-Real) (from A Brand You Can Trust) [01:12:04]


21 One-Way Mirror - Fuck You (Lily Allen cover) (from Rest In Peace - Covers Vol. 5) [01:16:00]


22 Ekoh - Why Aren't You Angry? (from Why Aren’t You Angry?) [01:19:39]


23 NOFX - USA-holes (from Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing) [01:23:01]


24 Green Day - American Idiot (from American Idiot) [01:25:14]


25 Descendents - 'Merican (from ‘Merican EP) [01:28:06]


26 Impulse Wave - Fall To Dictators (from Fall To Dictators) [01:29:55]


27 Woody Guthrie - Tear The Fascists Down (from My Dusty Road) [01:36:14]


28 Cookie Monsta - Ruff (feat. Tima Dee) (from Circus Three) [01:38:19]


29 Annisokay - STFU (from STFU) [01:41:45]


30 ZSK - Antifascista (from Herz Für Die Sache) [01:45:13]


31 Little Big - Hateful Love (from Funeral Rave) [01:47:31]


32 Doll Skin - Puncha Nazi (from Manic Pixie Dream Girl) [01:50:51]


33 Anti-Flag - Racists (from American Fall) [01:52:43]


34 Nine Inch Nails - Heresy (from The Downward Spiral) [01:56:01]


35 Fear Factory - Fear Campaign (from Mechanize) [01:59:55]


36 Leonard Cohen - Democracy (Spoken Word Edit) (from... somewhere) [02:04:44]


37 KMFDM - Dogma (from XTORT) [02:07:05]


38 Creation Is Crucifixion - Child Autonomous (from DiY-FEST Compilation Volume 1) [02:11:10]


39 Immortal Technique - Civil War (from The Martyr) [02:15:33]


40 A Tribe Called Red - Burn Your Village To The Ground (Neon Nativez Remix) (from https://soundcloud.com/neonnativez) [02:20:32]


41 Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now In The Fire (from The Battle Of Los Angeles) [02:25:30]


42 T.S.O.L. - Abolish Government / Silent Majority (from T.S.O.L. / Weathered Statues) [02:28:52]


43 Leathermouth - I Am Going To **** The President Of The United States Of America (from XO) [02:30:50]


44 The Casualties - 1312 (from Written in Blood) [02:33:45]


45 Propagandhi - Fuck the Border (from Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes) [02:36:02]


46 Lowkey - Long Live Palestine (from Soundtrack to the Struggle…) [02:37:31]


47 Immortal Technique - Payback (feat. Diabolic & Rass Kass) (from The 3rd World) [02:41:37]


48 Garfunkel and Oates - Save the Rich (from Slippery When Moist) [02:46:02]


49 Serj Tankian - Figure It Out (from Harakiri) [02:48:43]


50 Dead Kennedys - Stars And Stripes Of Corruption (from Frankenchrist) [02:51:35]


51 Immortal Technique - Open Your Eyes (from The 3rd World) [02:57:53]


52 Rage Against The Machine - War Within A Breath (from The Battle Of Los Angeles) [03:03:07]


53 .?. - Sunset (Abused Freedom Clip) (from https://oo111111.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/sunset/) [03:06:44]


54 System of a Down - Sad Statue (from Mezmerize) [03:07:36]


55 East Coast Avengers - Lady Liberty (feat. Slaine) (from Prison Planet) [03:11:00]


56 No Doubt - Just A Girl (from Tragic Kingdom) [03:15:08]


57 Serj Tankian - Harakiri (from Harakiri) [03:18:30]


58 Penelope Scott - American Healthcare (Glitzy) (from Public Void) [03:22:46]


59 P!nk - What About Us (from Beautiful Trauma) [03:27:12]


60 The Red Paintings - They Don't Care About Us (from They Don’t Care About Us) [03:31:38]


61 Death of a Nation - Don't Speak For Me (from Death of a Nation) [03:35:05]


62 Prophets Of Rage - Unfuck The World (from Prophets Of Rage) [03:38:04]


63 Immortal Technique - Ultimas Palabras (from The Martyr) [03:42:03]


64 Lard - I Am Your Clock (from The Last Temptation of Reid) [03:49:38]

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