2022-06-20 (All-Star Series: Ferry Corsten Edition)

What the fuck is up, perverts?! Emo-muthafuckin’-clew to another installment of the All-Star Series, the Ferry Corsten Edition! “Ferry who?” To which I say, get out of my fuckin’ house. Ferry Corsten is a legendary Dutch DJ/EDM artist - primarily focused on trance, but he’s flirted with a bunch of different styles over the years - with over 25 years worth of releases, 33 known aliases, 35 side projects, a phenomenal encyclopedia of mixes, remixes, albums, remix albums, EPs, singles, compilations, even a movie soundtrack and his own record label. Even having been a fan of his for over 2 decades now, I was astonished to see how much else I didn’t know about in putting this edition together. Honestly though, you’d probably have to be obsessed with the dude to keep track of all his releases. Seriously, check him out on Wikipedia, it’s fuckin’ bananas.


Anyway, I think this is the first DJ/EDM artist in the All-Star Series (or ASS, because of course) with the exception of The Prodigy and Infected Mushroom. I didn’t explicitly label the Infected Mushroom one as ASS, but it most definitely is an ASS edition. But yeah, those are groups, and Ferry’s mostly a solo artist. I will say though that Veracocha had some excellent potential. Veracocha is a group made up of Ferry Corsten and Vincent De Moor, and to the best of my knowledge, they’ve only ever released 2 tracks: Drafting and Carte Blanche. Drafting’s okay, but Carte Blanche? Holy hell, I still rock the fuck out of that jam 20 years later. Definitely have that one to look forward to in the near future if you keep listening. In fact, I’m pretty sure that song was my introduction to Ferry in the first place, a few years prior to his releasing anything under the name Ferry Corsten. That’s actually kinda wild to me; I don’t know how I got so lucky to have had his music in my life for so long, but it’s been the soundtrack to some of my favorite moments in life.


One was the song We Belong which I used for a slideshow of Sunny and Gacy after they were reuinted. Another was at a show of his in ’04 or ’06 in NYC. I danced all fuckin’ night ’til the very last song slowed to a halt, and if I recall correctly, that song was Carte Blanche. I think the show wrapped around 5 or something. Fuck, I miss dancing all night like that so much, perverts. Anyway, aside from all that, there was this girl in the crowd who was so beautifully enveloped in her own world as she sang the lyrics to Ferry Corsten’s song (appropriately titled) “Beautiful.” I don’t know exactly what it is, I just love to see people lost in their own little worlds, just lettin’ the music flow through them like that. Yet another of my favorite moments was seeing Ferry with my friend Shy, although I really wish we were there under better circumstances. We had to leave early, the club had a rigid dress code (thus forcing me to wear fuckin’ dress shoes), the drinks were expensive as 10 fucks in a glass made for 1, and just… yeah, wish it’d been better circumstances. Yet another of my favorite moments involving a Ferry Corsten song is when I used a clip of “Forever,” for a mock radio ad I did in college. It’s just a silly ad for a fictional local club, but it sounds legit as fuck, and it’s one of the best things I did in my years there, AND it was during the very first month.


I’ll also mention that every time I’ve seen Ferry, there’s been ample room to dance. Can’t fuckin’ say that about fuckin’ Tiësto, lemme tell ya. Gouryella be damned, I love the music, but Tiësto’s crowds get crammed in like fuckin’ sardines. B-to-tha-T-to-tha-muthafuckin’-Dubs, Gouryella is the group Ferry formed with Tiësto, just in case y’all missed that memo. Speaking of all that, perhaps I should say a bit about the actual music, hmm? So, considering this motherfucker’s massive fuckin’ catalog, I may very well do a second volume for him at some point in the future. There’s just so fuckin’ much, perverts, I already put myself waaaay behind the comfortable production schedule I’d carved out for myself with the last two editions. Rest fuckin’ assured, however, these are some of my all-time favorite tracks spanning his entire career. I can’t fuckin’ count the number of times I blasted his remix of Oceanlab’s “Clear Blue Water” while driving through the night with all the windows down. Never even fuckin’ mind the Ferry’s Flashover mix of “Fire…” Holy shit on an Egyptian frog, I’ve danced my ass off to that jam.


Right of Way is his first album, and there are lots of great tracks on there, but L.E.F. is the album that really caught my attention. Just banger after banger after fuckin’ banger. The title track is lava as fuck, too. I’d also pick Junk over Punk any day, just ‘cause the hip-hop vocals make it so much hotter. Nothin’ wrong with Punk (which is one of his first and most well-known singles), that’s just how I feel. Also, the track “Whatever!” actually has some sociopolitical commentary, which is quite a rarity in trance music; EDM in general, honestly. As if all that wasn’t enough, Ferry’s concept album called Blueprint… Y’all, I was brought to tears, multiple times, actually. Specifically, Piece of You and Wherever You Are. Those tracks are dropkicks to the heart for me, and I feel so fortunate to be so affected by the wiggly air in them. That album is so awesome, Ferry released four fuckin’ versions of it: 1 with narration, 1 without, 1 with all extended mixes, and 1 with a bunch of remixes of the original tracks. Perverts, I cannot emphatically recommend enough the album Blueprint. That is, if you’re still capable of emotion. If not, I have no idea why you’re even listening to this, or to music in general.


So, all that said, and I’m sure I’ll have more to say whenever I make the second volume of his stuff, and I’ll most definitely be making ASS editions for BT, Venetian Snares, Otto, Doormouse, et-fuckin’-cetera. So, all THAT said, I believe it is now time for the -ment of yojne.



01 Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Original Mix) (from Carte Blanche) [00:04:17]


02 Ferry Corsten - Are You Ready (from L.E.F.) [00:11:16]


03 Ferry Corsten - Star Traveller (Hydroid vs Zehavi & Rand Remix) (from Right Of Way (Deluxe Edition)) [00:16:54]


04 Ferry Corsten - Fire (feat. Simon Lebon) (Ferry's Flashover Extended Mix) (from Fire) [00:24:10]


05 Oceanlab - Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten Remix) (from Sirens Of The Sea Remixed) [00:31:30]


06 Ferry Corsten - We Belong (feat. Maria Nayler) (Extended Mix) (from We Belong) [00:38:42]


07 Ferry Corsten - Reborn (from Hello World) [00:46:38]


08 Ferry Corsten - Junk (feat. Guru) (Flashover Remix) (from Junk) [00:50:12]


09 Ferry Corsten - For Your Mind (Extended Mix) (from For Your Mind) [00:57:08]


10 Ferry Corsten - Check It Out (Extended Mix) (from Check It Out) [01:03:39]


11 Public Enemy - Bring The Noise (Ferry Corsten Extended Remix) (from Bring The Noise Remix) [01:10:26]


12 Ferry Corsten - Reception (from Blueprint) [01:16:00]


13 Ferry Corsten - Blueprint (from Blueprint) [01:18:23]


14 System F, Cosmic Gate - The Blue Theme (Ferry Corsten Fix) (from The Blue Theme (Ferry Corsten Fix)) [01:23:43]


15 Ferry Corsten - L.E.F. (from L.E.F.) [01:31:07]


16 Ferry Corsten - WKND (from WKND) [01:34:22]


17 Ferry Corsten - Whatever! (Extended Mix) (from Whatever!) [01:39:34]


18 Ferry Corsten - Feel You (from Twice In A Blue Moon) [01:46:05]


19 Ferry Corsten - In Your Eyes (feat. JES) (from WKND) [01:51:15]


20 Ferry Corsten - Your Face (Duncan La Barre Rendition) (from Blueprint Remixed) [01:56:18]


21 Ferry Corsten - Sublime (from Right Of Way (Deluxe Edition)) [01:59:34]


22 Ferry Corsten - Beautiful (Seven Lions Remix) (from Beautiful) [02:07:02]


23 Ferry Corsten - Black Velvet (from Twice In A Blue Moon) [02:12:58]


24 Ferry Corsten - Waiting (feat. Niels Geusebroek) (DIM3NSION Remix) (from Blueprint Remixed) [02:18:38]


25 FERR - And Then You Came (feat. Maria Marcus) (from As Above So Below (Deluxe Version)) [02:22:06]


26 Ferry Corsten - Watch Out (Extended Mix) (from Watch Out) [02:26:42]


27 Ferry Corsten - Back To Paradise (feat. Haris) (from Hello World) [02:32:50]


28 Ferry Corsten - Here We Are (feat. HALIENE) (Ferry Fix) (from Blueprint Remixed) [02:35:59]


29 Ferry Corsten - Down On Love (from L.E.F.) [02:39:24]


30 Ferry Corsten - I Love You (Extended Mix) (from I Love You) [02:44:17]


31 Ferry Corsten - Made Of Love (Extended Mix) (from Made Of Love) [02:51:49]


32 Ferry Corsten - Trust (Heatbeat Remix) (from Blueprint Remixed) [03:00:42]


33 Ferry Corsten - Shelter Me (Rafael Frost Remix) (from Twice In A Blue Moon (Remixed)) [03:04:01]


34 Ferry Corsten - Beat As One (feat. Angelika Vee) (from Hello World) [03:08:22]


35 Ferry Corsten - Find A Way (from Hello World) [03:11:14]


36 Ferry Corsten - Poison (feat. Lovlee) (Extended Mix) (from Poison) [03:15:16]


37 Ferry Corsten - Possession (from L.E.F.) [03:22:02]


38 Ferry Corsten - Twice In A Blue Moon (DJ Eco Remix) (from Twice In A Blue Moon (Remixed)) [03:27:44]


39 Ferry Corsten - Our Moon (feat. Lovlee) (Protoculture Extended Remix) (from Our Moon (Protoculture Remix)) [03:35:29]


40 Ferry Corsten - Gabriella's Sky (from Twice In A Blue Moon) [03:42:47]


41 Purple Stories - Path to Nowhere (Ferry Corsten Edit) (from Once Upon a Night, Vol. 3 (Spotify Exclusive Edition)) [03:49:50]


42 Ferry Corsten - Into The Dark (feat. Howard Jones) (Ferry Extended Fix) (from Into The Dark) [03:54:46]


43 Ferry Corsten - It's Time (Extended Vocal Mix) (from It’s Time) [04:02:50]


44 Ferry Corsten - Let You Go (feat. Sarah Bettens) (from WKND) [04:09:05]


45 Ferry Corsten - Everything Goes (from Everything Goes) [04:12:25]


46 Ferry Corsten - Lonely Inside (Ferry Fix) (from Blueprint Remixed) [04:15:37]


47 Eon - Pocket Damage (Extended Mix) (from Pocket Damage) [04:18:46]


48 Ferry Corsten, Morgan Page - Wounded (feat. Cara Melín) (from Wounded) [04:26:16]


49 Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz - Stella (from Once Upon a Night, Vol. 3 (Spotify Exclusive Edition)) [04:29:22]


50 Ferry Corsten - Forever (from L.E.F.) [04:36:31]


51 Ferry Corsten - We Belong (feat. Maria Nayler) (Lange Remix) (from Twice In A Blue Moon (Remixed)) [04:39:51]


52 Ferry Corsten - Piece Of You (feat. HALIENE) (from Blueprint) [04:46:15]


53 DT8 Project - Hold Me Till The End (Ferry Corsten Remix) (from Hold Me Till The End (Ferry Corsten Remix)) [04:50:40]


54 Ferry Corsten - Wherever You Are (Solis & Sean Truby Remix) (from Blueprint Remixed) [04:54:21]


55 Ferry Corsten - Back To Paradise (feat. Haris) (Craig Connelly Remix) (from Hello World) [04:58:24]


56 Ferry Corsten - Not Alone (feat. Temperheart) (from Hello World) [05:04:52]


57 Ferry Corsten - Beautiful (Extended Mix) (from Beautiful) [05:09:07]


58 Ferry Corsten - Another Sunrise (feat. Eric Lumiere & HALIENE) (Elevven Remix) (from Blueprint Remixed) [05:17:00]

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