2022-06-13 (Witch-rowave Trap-House Edition Vol. 5)

Aaayyyy! What the fuck is up, my spooperts and spoopalitties?! That’s a combination of spoopy & perverts/pervalitties. Yojne that little addition to your psyche. Emo-sun-of-a-cunting-clew to the 5th volume of the Witch-rowave Trap-House Edition of Monday Mornin’ Aural mutha.fuckin’ Sex! So fuckin’ excited to share this stuff this week. For those who are somehow unaware of Witch-rowave Trap-House and yet are listening to the 5th installment of it, it’s just an orgiastic portmanteau I came up with for these editions which are centered around Witch House, Witch Trap, & Retrowave/Synthwave/Yourdaddonkeypunchedyourmomwave and so on. Some of these tunes legit make me horny as fuck, and fuck is pretty fuckin’ horny, like Black Philip livin’ deliciously in this bitch. Specifically, the first two tracks by Elon Dust & Megan McDuffee respectively, and the ∆aimon track called Amen. All sorts of sexiness presents itself in my head during those tracks.


The Elon Dust track, between the silky fuckin’ vocals affectionately caressing your ear drums and that powerful sawtooth bass synth that sends chills through my veins… I’ve played this one a number of times before ‘cause I really can’t get enough of it. That was another random Instagram find, bee-tee-fuckin’-dubs. When I first heard Megan McDuffee’s cover of Muse’s, “Time Is Running Out,” I was a little hesitant, but good lord did she do a great job with it. A thousand times sexier than the original, even though the original was never meant to be that way. Finally, Amen sounds like the soundtrack to some freaky-ass dungeon fuckin’, and I’m 100% here for it.


I’m also here for ∆XIUS LIИK’s cover of t.A.T.u.’s Nas Ne Degonyat (probably butchered that spelling, but yeah). That cover is fire, and you’re about to hear for yourselves. Plus, ∆XIUS LIИK and the utterly bananas way they stylize their name, album & track titles. Can’t wait to see how my car stereo attempts to read those characters.  Nothing like ††† by ††† off the ††† album, though. That’s just literally blank in every field. I’ve mentioned that before, no doubt. Fuck you, okay? It’s difficult enough to be amused in this late-stage capitalist hellscape; let me have some shit to laugh about. Speaking of †††, one of their new tracks to look forward to here. If you haven’t seen the videos to their new singles, I highly recommend you extract your thumb from your anus and look ‘em up. Anyway, moving on, I’ma go ahead and say that Sidewalks and Skeletons are clearly kings and/or queens of the witch house genre. Pretty sure it’d be fucking impossible to delve into witch house in any decent measure without encountering their stuff, even if just a collaboration.


Just in case you might be skeptical of that claim (which would be maniacally hilarious to me), there are 9 fuckin’ tracks that bear the name Sidewalks and Skeletons on this podcast. I chose 30 witch house and 30 retrowave tracks, so S&S comprises almost a third of the whole thing in some degree or another. With good reason though, I mean, they’re fuckin’ awesome. It’s just amusing how many times I encounter their name whenever I delve into witch house for these editions. Clearly prolific as fuck, or procreation, I guess. Anyway, movin’ on… I was also pretty skeptical of that For Whom The Bell Tolls cover at first, but wow, I was pleasantly surprised. Hope you will be too.


That version of Moonlight $onata, btw? Actually has brostep breakdowns in it. I almost didn’t include it, but it’s still a pretty tasty synthwave version of that classic tune. Apparently, synthstep is kind of a thing. Not much of one, but definitely a thing. Yet another thing I’m here for. Anyway, I could go on for-fuckin’-ever if I let myself. I’ma just say again that the more tracks I’ve included from particular artists, the more emphatically I recommend you delve into their material for yourselves. With the exception of †††, because you all should already be avid fans of †††, and if you’re not, alas, I have failed you. Shit, I’ve only been playing them for nearly the entire fuckin’ span of this podcast. If you don’t like †††, I think you might be against the idea of pleasure altogether, and I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. No one does.


Anyway, as y’all can see, I used another of Akunohako’s Neon Witch pictures for this edition. Seriously, you all should check out his stuff on Artstation. He’s phenomenally talented in my opinion, and deserves support wherever possible. All that done did and fuckin’ said, we have now reached the point of the podcast where we ascend to the holiest realms of purest yojne.



01 Elon Dust - Wish You Were Here (feat. Melissa Heart) [00:03:23]


02 Megan McDuffee - Time Is Running Out (from Barely Covered) [00:06:41]


03 CASHFORGOLD, Sidewalks and Skeletons - all my tears are fucking black (feat. Holly Stell) (from all my tears are fucking black (feat. Holly Stell)) [00:11:14]


04 Dhastron - Re-Born (from Re-Born) [00:14:18]


05 ∆aimon - Amen (from Amen) [00:17:31]


06 Electrokids - Nightcall (from Nightcall) [00:21:43]


07 ∆XIUS LIИK - Нас Нǝ Дøгøня (.a..u. Cover) (from ΞRΛ) [00:25:53]


08 Cyberpunkers - Synthblade (from Synthblade) [00:30:45]


09 ††† - Protection (from Initiation / Protection) [00:34:11]


10 Social Kid - Magick (from Magick) [00:37:54]


11 Alice Glass - Without Love (from Without Love) [00:41:09]


12 Josh Money - Moonlight $onata (from Carve (Deluxe Edition)) [00:45:03]


13 in3briant, Sidewalks and Skeletons - Melt (from Melt) [00:50:50]


14 Introspect - For Whom The Bell Tolls (feat. Sven) (from For Whom The Bell Tolls) [00:55:13]


15 Sidewalks and Skeletons - White Light (from White Light) [01:00:26]


16 Extra Terra, Rogue VHS - RENEGADE (from RENEGADE) [01:04:45]


17 Juche - Liberate (from Liberate) [01:08:32]


18 Earthshifter - Sentient (from 1984) [01:12:42]


19 Fraunhofer Diffraction - Mirror (from Cycle of the Rose) [01:17:15]


20 Lazerpunk - Covenant (Max Brhon Remix) (from Covenant (Max Brhon Remix)) [01:23:07]


21 CHVRN - Inception (from Inception) [01:26:59]


22 Laura Dre - Strangelove (from Strangelove) [01:29:57]


23 Alice Glass - I TRUSTED YOU (from PREY//IV) [01:34:00]


24 Midnight Fury - Xpedition (from Xpedition) [01:36:27]


25 Witch of the Vale - Undressed (from Commemorate) [01:41:23]


26 Re:um - Existence (from Existence) [01:46:10]


27 barnacle boi - Desire (from Desire) [01:49:42]


28 PRIZM - Midnight FM (from Midnight FM) [01:52:57]


29 CASHFORGOLD, Sidewalks and Skeletons - Wear Me Out (feat. Mary Mortem) (from Wear Me Out) [01:56:45]


30 OVERWERK - Know (feat. MARS) (from State) [02:00:29]


31 Sidewalks and Skeletons - Lost In The Fog (from Lament Configurations: From Hell We Rise) [02:05:54]


32 Das Mörtal - The Killing (from Hotline Miami II) [02:08:58]


33 Ferngazer - Ghost (from Weep Not) [02:12:26]


34 Luke Million - Stranger Things Theme (from Stranger Things Theme) [02:15:28]


35 Fraunhofer Diffraction - Greed (from Cycle of the Rose) [02:19:44]


36 Wice - Star Fighter (from Magnatron 2.0) [02:23:47]


37 Da Vosk Docta, MYSTXRIVL - Liminal (from Liminal / Wolfram) [02:28:09]


38 Moonraccoon, Straplocked - Showdown (from Sunset City) [02:31:44]


39 SET, Sidewalks and Skeletons - DAWN (from Where Dreams Come To Pause . . .) [02:36:28]


40 Tokyo Rose, Alex - Dark Sun (from New Era) [02:41:12]


41 plenka - Bound (from Bound) [02:44:42]


42 Dance With the Dead - Banshee (from B-Sides: Vol. 1) [02:47:27]


43 Win32 - Insanity Overdose (from for your car.) [02:52:46]


44 Perturbator - Technoir (feat. Noir Deco) (from I Am the Night) [02:56:03]




46 Tonebox - Frozen Code (from Magnatron 2.0) [03:04:43]


47 CHVRN - Silver Dream (from Silver Dream) [03:10:53]


48 Zombie Hyperdrive - Black Wolf (from Black Wolf) [03:14:43]


49 Klimeks - Odyssey (from Odyssey) [03:17:56]


50 Ionstar - Dune (from Dune) [03:21:48]


51 barnacle boi - Memories (feat. Madi Larson) (from Memories (feat. Madi Larson)) [03:27:06]


52 Power Glove - Power Core (from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon OGST) [03:30:31]


53 Unreality - Fading Strangers (from Fading Strangers) [03:32:36]


54 Rogue VHS - Burnout (from Need For Synth) [03:35:45]


55 Fraunhofer Diffraction - On the Bottom (from A Place to Drown the Dreams) [03:39:34]


56 Lost Years - West Side Lane (from Black Waves) [03:43:37]


57 SelloRekt / LA Dreams - A Dystopian Fixation (from Into the Light) [03:47:23]


58 Lost Outrider, Sidewalks and Skeletons - I Hope It Hurts Like Hell (from Blush) [03:52:17]


59 The Toxic Avenger, Simone - Falling Apart (from Midnight Resistance) [03:55:51]


60 Sidewalks and Skeletons - Forever (from This Is Your Escape) [03:59:19]

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