2022-06-06 (Ooh, The New Blue Gnu & Ewe Flew Through To Do Kangaroo Screw Goo Tattoos in ’22 Edition)

What fuck up is the, perverinos and pervalitties? It’s been a minute since we’ve conversified, hasn’t it? Hey, what better time to re-post a Memorial Day Edition than 10 years later literally on Memorial Day? Anyway, emo-mutha-booty-lickin’-clew to the Ooh, The New Blue Gnu & Ewe Flew Through To Do Kangaroo Screw Goo Tattoos in '22 Edition of Monday Morning Aural fuckin’ Sex! Yup, another new shit edition, because literally every time I go looking for awesome new music, guess what? I fuckin’ find it. Not ‘cause I’m some awesome music finder or some shit, just ‘cause I keep a wide open mind and I take advantage of the curated playlists on Spotify. Ain’t even about Spotify or any one service, though. You can find awesome new shit all over the place. One of my favorite breakcore artists to this day is a dude named BLÆRG, and all I did to find him was type, “breakcore,” into the search field of Amazon.


One of my highest hopes is that, even if y’all don’t bother with this lil podcast of mine, that you remain curious to discover, to explore & learn about new music, and shit, pretty much whatever interests you for that matter. Personally, I think curiosity is a fountain of youth. You manage to retain or reawaken that childlike curiosity that adulthood tends to diminish? Life can feel like a buffet, even if the outside world feels like an onslaught of bullshit & nonsense.


Any-fuckin’-way, I’ve got what some might find to be a treat in store for y’all. Instead of rambling over a bunch of random tracks & artists in this intro, I’m just gonna skip it. I was thinking of doing all that rambling between tracks, but honestly, it’s a fuckton of work writing, recording and editing opinions on 4 hours worth of music, and I personally prefer the uninterrupted flow from track to track. Also, I’d love to be able to get to sleep this week sometime before the fuckin’ afternoon for a change. However, if by some magical like, monkeys flying out my ass chance you’re curious why I chose this or that track, where I found them, what I had for fuckin’ dinner or some shit, feel free to fuckin’ ask.


Anyway, kicking things off right, we’ve got a SWARM track called The End of All Things. According to a post on his IG story, this track went through something like 40+ iterations before he settled on this one. No idea to what extents the iterations significantly differed from the others, but that still sounds like quite a process.


All that done did & said, let us commence, ze muthafuckin’ yojne!



01 SWARM - The End of All Things (from The End of All Things) [00:01:45]


02 Arch Enemy - Sunset over the Empire (from Sunset over the Empire) [00:07:02]


03 Ashen - Crying City (from This world is not ours) [00:11:00]


04 Benjamin Adair Murphy - Stupid Followed Evil (from Let’s Make a King) [00:12:00]


05 Death Blooms, WARGASM (UK) - Shut Up (from Shut Up) [00:14:45]


06 Delta Heavy - Ascend (from Ascend) [00:18:06]


07 Dropout Kings, (hed) p.e., Crazy Town, Twiztid - GlitchGang (Remix) (from GlitchGang (Remix)) [00:22:38]


08 Dirtyphonics, Ecraze, Graphyt, Ivory, SampliFire - Le Club (from Le Club) [00:25:01]


09 David Garrett, David Foster - Chopin Nocturne (from Music) [00:29:42]


10 ENOX - Blame Shift (from Euphoria) [00:32:46]


11 Trivecta - Empty Oceans (feat. Matluck) (from The Way Back Up) [00:35:48]


12 Arizona White, Blue, Rcycld.Matrls - Passing Me By (from Passing Me By) [00:40:00]


13 Riot Ten, SHARPS - G.T.F.O.T.W. (feat. Hashu) (from AD INFINITUM) [00:44:02]


14 t+pazolite - BIG HEAD BANGING (from BIG HEAD BANGING) [00:47:21]


15 OmenXIII - LIVE FAST DIE SLOW (feat. Travis Barker) (from LIVE FAST DIE SLOW (feat. Travis Barker)) [00:49:34]


16 Mega Ran, Zaid Tabani, Ill Al, Lost Perception - YOU DIED (ELDEN RING) (from YOU DIED (ELDEN RING)) [00:51:50]


17 Pussy Riot, Slayyyter - HATEFUCK (from HATEFUCK) [00:56:16]


18 Lo Key, KruX 1, BatiBatt - GODZILLA (from GODZILLA) [00:59:28]


19 A Wake in Providence - Godkiller (from Godkiller) [01:02:54]


20 KALCYFR, MORIS BLAK - A Touch of Malice (from A Touch of Malice) [01:10:20]


21 Xavlegbmaofffassssitimiwoamndutroabcwapwaeiippohfffx - Sell Your Soul (from Gore 2.0) [01:13:36]


22 Chloe Adams - Dirty Thoughts (from Dirty Thoughts) [01:17:15]


23 Chase & Status - Mixed Emotions (from Mixed Emotions) [01:19:24]


24 Beats Antique - Wish (from Wish) [01:23:04]


25 Meredith Bull - mushrooms/deadpeople (from mushrooms/deadpeople) [01:26:15]


26 Fousheé - i'm fine (from i’m fine) [01:28:36]


27 BLÜ EYES - rest in peace (from rest in peace) [01:30:12]


28 LilyPichu - lilypad (from lilypad) [01:33:19]


29 creamy, untrusted - cry me a river but it's even sadder (from Pure Imagination (Female Version)) [01:36:13]


30 GentleBeatz - time (from time) [01:38:39]


31 chaos.sequence - bloodmoonretrograde (from the ties that bind the flesh and mind) [01:41:05]


32 Catnapp - mess it up (from TRUST) [01:44:17]


33 dltzk - movies for guys (from Frailty) [01:46:48]


34 t+pazolite - I still think about ydrf6gy8ghr5wsrfctghujnk (from Ponko2 Girlish) [01:52:31]


35 Bitter Bliss, ten56. - Family // Enemy (from Family // Enemy) [01:56:51]


36 Lock.ner - The Depths (from The Depths) [01:59:32]


37 Bloodywood - Dana-Dan (from Rakshak) [02:02:43]


38 bLiNd, LoFi VGM - Angel's Love (Fear of the Heavens from "Secret of Mana") (Lo-Fi Edit) (from Angel's Love (Fear of the Heavens from "Secret of Mana") (Lo-Fi Edit)) [02:07:34]


39 Nitro Fun - Prism (from Prism) [02:10:14]


40 Chime - Sherwood 2022 (from Sherwood 2022) [02:13:38]


41 meganeko - Violent Purple (from Violent Purple) [02:17:18]


42 Thank You Scientist - Gigglebutton (from Plague Accommodations) [02:20:50]


43 The Moor - Wrath of Vultures (from Wrath of Vultures) [02:22:42]


44 BLVK JVCK - Merk (from Merk) [02:27:24]


45 Living Machines - Genocide (from Genocide) [02:30:54]


46 Worm is Green - Sunday Session 20.0 (from Sunday Session 20.0) [02:35:38]


47 The Toxic Avenger - 87,6% (from Carbone Toxique) [02:40:02]


48 LLLLNNNN - Take Control (from Take Control) [02:46:26]


49 My Own Will - No Justice (from Left to the Flies) [02:49:45]


50 Northern Cold - The Edge of Everything (EverLight Remix) (from The Edge of Everything) [02:52:52]


51 Coffee Date, Dj Cutman - Dance of the Moonlight Jellies (from Stardew & Chill) [03:00:24]


52 Nighted - Aeons (from Aeons) [03:02:55]


53 A.L.I.S.O.N., Hotel Pools - Stellar (from Stellar) [03:09:22]


54 Alyag - Black Yogurt (from Black Yogurt) [03:12:17]


55 chaos.sequence - < X:E:N:O > (from the ties that bind the flesh and mind) [03:17:40]


56 The Algorithm - Data Renaissance (from Data Renaissance) [03:19:39]


57 Endeavor - A Day in the Life (from A Day in the Life) [03:24:24]


58 GHOST DATA, Skye Light - Beyond Eternity (from Symphony of the Shepherdess) [03:28:14]


59 Fox Stevenson - Miss You (Solomon France Remix) (from Miss You (Solomon France Remix)) [03:32:33]


60 ten56. - Diazepam (from Diazepam) [03:35:52]


61 Graey - Dark (from Dark) [03:38:26]


62 Last Night of Solace, Notions - Rainfall (from Rainfall) [03:41:35]


63 Living Machines - Dominion (from Dominion) [03:45:14]


64 Melad - Again (from Hiero) [03:49:49]


65 Meydän - Soir d'Automne (from Soir d’Automne) [03:52:02]


66 Whales - Death of Me (feat. Shiah Maisel) (from Death of Me) [03:53:15]


67 Ed Sheeran - Be Right Now (from =) [03:56:00]

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